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US Cops Have Killed Over 1,000 in 2017—Including Pregnant Moms, Innocent Kids, & Disabled...

The number of Americans killed by police in 2017 has surpassed 1,000, and the victims include innocent teenagers, pregnant women, and mentally ill men.

Documentary Just Released Online Blows Lid Off Hollywood Pedophilia: “This is the Tip of...

The documentary delves into the firsthand accounts of former Hollywood child actors to show the systemic grooming that lets pedophilia run rampant.

6 Years Ago Today, the US Helped Murder Gaddafi to Stop the Creation of...

Six years ago today, the US helped successfully overthrow Gaddafi because his gold Dinar-backed pan-African currency threatened Western central banks.

Weinstein Tip of the Iceberg, Former Victims Expose Hollywood’s Organized Pedophilia Ring

The Weinstein scandal is causing a massive response from victims of the elite Hollywood sex abuse ring who are coming forward to expose these monsters.

BREAKING: Police Release Report With Claims the Fmr British PM “Raped an 11-year-old Boy”

On Thursday, British police released the results of a years-long investigation into the alleged pedophilia of the former Prime Minister.

With iPhone’s New FaceID, Cops Can Unlock Your Phone by Pointing at Your Face—While...

With the iPhone X's new face ID, cops can potentially hand cuff you, point your phone at your face and warrantlessly search your phone.

Cops Bragging About Pot Bust on Facebook Get Owned by a Fellow Cop—”What a...

Tennessee cops got a dose of reality by a fellow cop who called them out for wasting their time and resources to bust people for a plant.

It’s Time to Start Imagining a Post-Police World — Why Abolishing the Police is...

Abolishing American police might be our only hope to reform police brutality, violence, and skyrocketing incarceration rate.
opioid addiction

First Of Its Kind Study Shows Undeniable Evidence Cannabis Can Cure Opioid Addiction

Scientists have shown that CBD actually blocks the opioid receptor in the brain, leaving no more doubt that cannabis should be a primary treatment for addiction.

America, Charlottesville Shows We Are Being Led Into a Civil War, Do Not Follow

Charlottesville proves how close we are to civil war in the US — and politicians want it that way.