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Parents Call Police to Report Teens for Distributing a Banned Book – Cops Show Up


Meridian, ID — In an incident reminiscent of a scene from 1930’s Germany, police were dispatched to a local park because teens were distributing copies of a banned book.

The award-winning novel, entitled The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian, was banned from schools last year after parents became outraged over the book’s alleged ‘anti-Christian’ and ‘sexual’ content.

After the book had been banned, it inspired Junior Mountain View High school student Brady Kissel to start a petition to get the book back into schools. This motivated high schooler managed to get a whopping 350 signatures. Unfortunately, the state remained resolute in their decision to ban free speech.

When a local bookstore became aware of the student’s situation, they decided to take up a donation to buy a book for everyone who had signed the petition. Their efforts were successful and they raised $3,400, enough money for 350 books.

When Kissel showed up Kleiner park in Meridian to pass out copies of the book to those who signed the petition, parents, hellbent on imposing their obstinate views on other people’s children called the police. Instead of telling the parents that it is not illegal to hand out books, officers were dispatched to the park to investigate.

After an hour of handing out the books, Kissel was confronted by police. Fortunately, however, the officers were unable to find any evidence of a crime and allowed the teen to finish distributing the books.

Kissel told KBOI that after the publisher heard about her actions last year, they donated another 350 books. She has since handed them out as well.

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What has to go through a parent’s mind for them to think it is okay to use the force of the state to prevent children from reading a book?

The fact that the book was banned from schools in the first place is bad enough, but when members of society find nothing wrong with using the police to stop other children from reading a book, something must be said.

Brady Kissel is a hero and deserves recognition for standing up to the face of censorship. It is teens like her who give hope to humanity.

  • Those involved in calling the police need a very severe slapping as well as being named and shamed.
    America…the land of the free and home of the brave…..My Arse

  • One of my favorite books in high school. Pains me to see information censorship at any level, but knowing and respecting this book makes me cringe. People need to open their minds or die off and make way for the growth that needs to happen.

  • Daniel Howard Johnson in Meridian.

    • This was a public school policy.
      I want our compulsory Prussian school system that is paid for with theft, slavery and debt using the threat of force to be banned.
      Problem solved.

  • It is up to the parents to decide how a child is to be raised, but to call the cops? Come on.

    • I do agree, though involving the police is disgraceful

    • No literature should ever be banned. This isn’t N.Korea.

    • I totally disagree. No parent should be allowed to inflict abuse or cruelty on a child! Children learn by example so it behoves us to be the best we can be.
      And IMO any kind of indoctrination, especially of the religious kind, constitutes child abuse. If your religion is so wonderful, surely the child will naturally gravitate towards it when they are old enough (teenagers or older) and can make up their own mind!

    • http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_bush19.htm

      You say its not Nazi Germany. I disagree… History is repeating itself in the same order. NWO & its here & now. This is how Germany started with its citizens little by little policing everyone over little things like this…

    • Its up to the parents how to be raised, yes, but educated that is up to the schools…..unless you’re homeschooling. By banning books and ideas you’re banning the growth of knowledge.

  • But, but, but we are keeping the children safe from crazy ideas!!!!! 🙂

  • Let’s have some balance, satanic verses needs to be in schools as well as the Turner diaries.

  • Why is a book banned….oh that’s right we are America and we are not free

  • And this is how we know liberal rights don’t exist

  • From the land of the small brained people.

  • She was clearly invading someone’s safe space. They were right to call the police on her. What was she thinking! You’re not allowed to upset anyone – we all get a trophy!

  • Everyone here is speaking about the freedom of speech thing, but, what is that book about??????? I want to know.

    • Read it then

    • Yeah right, like if it was so easy for me XD I live at méxico

    • Google it

    • Did it already, but seems to be that everyone still wants to discuss what happened but not why…

    • You’re adding nothing to the conversation. Read the book then allow yourself to have an opinion, that’s the whole argument

  • They hate us for our freedoms.

  • to ban any 1 book, then you MUST ban all books, sounds kinda familier, what was that book, oh right fahrenheit 451

  • Geez. If you are afraid of your kids learning something that YOU don’t like, home school them instead of pushing your fears on everybody else, please.

  • They just put this book on the kids best seller list !

  • I think it’s time to ban the Bible it has all kinds of horrible violence and sex in it and it incites people to be halfwit morons. Seriously banning books is unconstitutional. This action violates all but one article of the 1st amendment to the constitution. There would be jail time all around, if the Constitution ( other than the 2nd Amendment)actually meant anything any more.

    • I know sarcasm does not transmit well over writing, so barring that, how can you say “ban the Bible ….” and in the the next sentence say banning any book should be unconstitutional?

    • Super edgy. He wouldn’t dare mention banning the Koran.

    • Joe Piedras; Satire is basically polite sarcasm. The first part of the comment contains elements of both. The second part of the comment is the reality check with a further touch of sarcasm. Meg Lynn, banning the Quran has no validity in this context. It is christian nut jobs behind the banned book and the call to the police. When it’s Muslims calling for a ban we will talk about the Quran.

    • Foolishness lies within the heart of a fool …. and wisdom is far from him …

    • Shanta Fletcher ?

    • I think its time to ban banning.

  • Unfuckingbelievable¡¿

  • What’s wrong with mixing some “1984” and some “Fahrenheit 451”? I mean, gotta control thoughts as well as everything else, don’t they?

  • No literature should be banned. You guys really didn’t read 1984, did you? #fuckcensorship #blackflagmatters

  • What does Banned in School mean? is it illegal to carry it around in school, or are teachers just not allowed to teach about it in school/ make it a topic in school?

    • It was pulled from the curriculum, removed from the reading list. The ban probably got some kids to read it who otherwise wouldn’t have. 🙂

    • I would not exactely call that a ban. in my opinion that’s a normal thing to happen. even if the reasons to do it, in this case are shitty

  • are we really going to allow banning books and information?

  • Somehow, I really want this book now

  • Why? Does it make people think..?

  • A kid to be proud of!

  • We still ban books? What about free speech

    • Wrong country mate go over to one of those European countries

  • sherman alexie is native but he preffered the term indian because he didnt want to be associated with america, learned about him in college, loved smoke signals

  • Good job young lady.

  • What’s the book title?

  • Free speech american style lucky she’s not black they would of shot her

  • I Don’t Care What Book They Ban …
    As Long As They Don’t Touch Humanity’s Road Map To CHRIST/GOD/Heaven …
    The HOLY BIBLE …. !
    The Oldest & Number One Best Seller
    In The Whole Wide World !!!

  • So,… now we’re going to assign police officers at Libraries?

  • Way to stand up to censorship.

  • Hitler approves

  • Your supposed to have 20 %. Of the local population compline befor any investigation is conducted on maters such as this. Your either making stuff up or your city leaders are morons.

  • I’m off to buy it now. Sounds interesting!

  • because of it’s antichrist and sexual imagery? They’re butthurt about that? They think that’s a problem yet they still get up and have their coffee as they normally do. They have no moral entitlement to suppress information unless it turns to bullying, which it didn’t. Overall, I’d give these teachers a 0/10 rating because they need to grow more balls. But seriously, what happens after you get butthurt about shit like that? NOTHING. Literally NOTHING happens, you just carry on with your life.

  • It’s funny how few people even know about the Spokane.
    Imagine that the natives who betrayed their tribes came and took over your area with state sponsored help.
    Imagine getting 1,590 a year. When the people who screwed you over get more than that in a month. Yet you’re the poor one that hears about the rich Indians and their casinos in your town. When in your town, even named for your people. You’re the only tribe who doesn’t get one because you weren’t crooked enough.

    That’s part of the story of the Spokane people.

  • I guess they never saw Fahrenheit 451. South Africa (I believe) did this at one point.

  • Support freedom of speech.
    Banning books is banned in America!

  • it is such a great book; it shuold be a must read for HS

  • Thought police deserve a lobotomy.

  • The parents of those students that were outraged and forced the banning of a book because of the content are pathetic human beings. Books challenge ideas entice creative thinking and bring people to different worlds. Also this isn’t nazi Germany last I checked and we do have free speech and the book the parents hold most dear is not law which the schools unfortunately did not get but thankfully the police officer did. Shame on the idiotic parents for calling the police because of their sheltered bigotry and fucking lunacy.

    • It is Nazi Germany. We need to be all armed tot he teeth and taking officials out int he streets and shooting them at this point. The Kardashians are on though…..

  • I didn’t know we have banned books in 2015?


  • I’m Christian. But, I think I want to read this book.

  • Banning books is like burning books.. Why can’t we learn from them?

  • They don’t gotta burn the books they just remove ’em, while arms warehouses fill as quick as the cells.

  • Who bans books today? Who is that small?

  • Seriously, your country is swirling the drain…

  • They called the police? They want to kill kids for reading now?

  • Just another Kim Davis looking for her 15 min. of fame.

  • Does it say how many children were murdered by the police?

  • Lucky she is still alive that cop could have killed her.

  • Since when is handing out a book a crime. I know she wasn’t arrested because no crime happened. But heres the stupid thing, WHY ARE WE BANNING BOOKS.

    I’m not an avid reader. But I do read, and I believe that all books are important. So by banning books you are therefore banning communication, and knowledge. You’re banning art. You’re banning original thought. NO BOOK SHOULD EVER BE BANNED. This is BS.

  • Why, FTP did you create this write-up about something that happened almost two years ago? I understand you “want to spread the word.” But treating old news as timely is just bad journalism. Also, for future note with your almost daily old news stories, dates are good. If something occured longer ago than the past week, a good news source would give the actual date.
    Sincerely, a long-time reader who is getting fed up with your untimely old news.

  • Ten reasons why you should never call a Police Officer or dial 911 to have one interfere with your private affairs:

    1. They will assume you are the suspect and shoot you.

    2. They will punch you in the face and shoot your dog.

    3. They will kill your mentally ill son over a screw driver.

    4. They will respond to the wrong house and kill your neighbor.

    5. They will kill your mentally ill child over a broomstick.

    6. They will let their K9 maul the subject of your call to death.

    7. They probably won’t show up anyway. The police do not work for us.

    8. They will assault you and take away your God-given or unalienable and imprescriptable rights guaranteed to you by the Bill of Rights.

    9. They will accidentally shoot your neighbor in the neck.

    10. They will respond to the wrong house and kill your neighbors dog.

    As Americans, we must live with the fact that police officers have no obligation to serve and protect the very citizens that are coerced into paying their salaries. Coupled with the fact that modern police institutions are tasked with enforcing immoral laws that lead to unnecessary violence and imprisonment, victimizing a society who believes they are free, leaves very little recourse for change.

    All the reform in the world will not fix the problems that we face with the police. The problem is inherit to the commercial system. When a centralized organization claims a monopoly of force within a given geographical area, the results will always lead to senseless violence and the violation of human rights.

    In the protection services market, we only have one provider to choose from; that being your local police department. This established monopoly on force and deprivation of Rights under color of law, has created an absolute monster of violence where it is beginning to become too risky to call the police, even if you are being victimized.

    There’s not much money in fighting legitimate criminals, so you’re better off clearing your own house and conducting your own investigation if the need ever arises. Don’t even waste your time calling the police.

    This is a very short list of reasons why you should never call the police. There are far more reasons much more valid and serious that the ten mentioned here but most will not grasp the legalese.

    Often times, calling the police will just escalate the situation and leave the suspected party full of resentment. Talk to your neighbors, find a peaceful solution, or remove yourself from the situation until emotions calm, but never call the police. Calling in the American Gestapo is just asking for someone to end up stripped of their natural rights, beaten or ending up dead.

    Please keep in my that you are putting your life in danger by simply calling the police to your residence. A simple breakdown in communication between the caller, the dispatcher and the responding officer could prove to be deadly for you or your pets. Please, do not call the police.

  • Holy shit. We’re all doomed

  • not one book but many books ….. but the most pivotal one was sociology ….. that lead me to many other books ….. the book of sociology I studied … refuted all the sociology modals as fraud and misguided theories and conceptions based on bias and wrong information and data ……. and no .. they don’t teach this kind of stuff in any school, college or university … ever wonder why most sociology professors are male … I know why … but I also found out that there is a section of female sociology authors who write about their experience … and whose great insights are hidden but obtained through their books …

  • Fascism, pure and simple.

  • I love how this Nazi-esque behaviour from the ‘leaders’ of this community, has backfired in their faces. Now many more students have read the book who would probably never have never picked up this book. 🙂