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Cop Who Killed Peaceful Unarmed Man as He Tried to Open His Door, Won’t Be Charged


Deltona, FL — Derek Cruice was a kind and loving young man who was murdered in cold blood by state agents because he allegedly sold a plant that is legal in five states.

In March, a heavily militarized police SWAT team, knowing that Cruice had never been convicted of a crime, descended on his home on Maybrook Drive in Deltona.

Police briefly knocked and then used a battering ram to bust down the door, sending multiple heavily armed storm troopers into the house.

Friends who were inside the home explained that police fired their weapons without hesitation. They described how it was blatantly obvious that Cruice was unarmed, as he was wearing basketball shorts and no shirt.

Cruice was shot in his face and died on scene.

The friends were also quick to point out that there were no weapons. In fact, a police search of the property revealed that there were no weapons at all.

The entire assault on private property and subsequent murder was carried out to “protect” society from a person who had harmed no one, and, in fact, provided a beneficial and life-saving product to the community.

Police, however, were unapologetic in regards to the trespass and the murder. This week, they managed to convince a grand jury that their actions were just.

On Wednesday, a grand jury decided that the peace officer, Deputy Todd Raible, who shot and killed this beloved member of the community, did so because he is an apparent “hero” in the war on drugs, and they decided not to indict him.

“After two days of testimony and in deliberation, the grand jury declined to indict Deputy Raible on a manslaughter by culpable negligence charge,” said State Attorney R.J. Larizza.

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Derek’s mom, Sheila Cruice is left heartbroken after hoping for six months that at least some semblance of justice may be served in this heinous attack.

“I want justice for him because he did not deserve to die so young, and not in this manner. Not in this manner,” said Sheila Cruice.“Why did they use so much force? But it’s just hard. It’s a struggle. There was no history or reason in my son’s background, ever, to go in there with such force.”

Raible is still currently employed and in his taxpayer funded position of official oppressor.

Sheila Cruice has hired Orlando attorney Mark Nejame, who is working on a wrongful death suit against the department, and it will be the taxpayers, not the police, who are held responsible for this murder.

After the grand jury had decided not to indict this killer cop, Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson released a statement attempting to justify the fact that they knocked down the door of a good person and shot him in the face.

“Law enforcement officers have a tremendous responsibility as well as a dangerous job that sometimes requires them to make split-second, life-and-death decisions. That Derek Cruice was unarmed makes the outcome of this incident truly tragic. But it in no way alters the facts and circumstances that caused Investigator Raible and the other deputies in that fateful moment to perceive that their lives were in danger.”

  • This shit has to stop! (Y) + Comment + Share this story. Help us end the senseless violence.

  • There’s a story in The Huffington Post today where the head of the FBI is claiming that the reason that police are becoming more violent is that citizens are filming them.

  • dirty pigs are still the lowest form of life!

    • dirty pigs are the lowest form of life and the exact reason I cheer every time another one of those evil pigs are sent back to hell!! I give 3 cheers to the dirty pigs that take their dirty pig families with them!!

  • Hope could they possibly be in fear for their lives he had no shirt and in shorts nowhere to hide a weapon

  • Do you see the words of the police and even the words of the accountability journalist?
    All I see is an unarmed dead American Citizen of The United States of America.

  • Murder and racketeering, plain and simple.
    The organized crimes of the state.

    • Cops need RULES OF ENGAGEMENT like soldiers have, for example, don’t fire unless having been fired upon. Its a free for all out there and local prosecutors should either not investigate in favor of the feds, or be charged with police-prosecutor racketeering if they fail to file charges to send these cases to the courts. All wrongful deaths should face public preliminary hearings. Not closed door pro prosecutor grand juries.

      Shouldn’t be hard, especially when video is obvious like it was in NYC with that Cigarette vendor murdered on cam. The Justice dept has plenty of time to file federal racketeering charges. These guys are like mobsters for what the Rico laws were written. Nowhere does it say they should be Italian out of the Godfather. Government people can be gangsters as well.

    • Police shouldn’t be executing no knock raids out, playing spec ops, wanna be navy seal, over victimless crimes.
      Our citizenry and their lack of spine, is why the police are nothing but gangland thugs.

  • the war on give sponsored militarized terrorists is common I’m all about it bring the shit on they are in for a rude awakening


    I say, pillory them in the public square and hang them until they are dead, dead, dead! Thereby helping to cleanse the genetic pool of cowardice and idiocy. Same routine for you boot licking cop apologists.

  • Shared

  • They are trained to rush in and fire just like soldiers are….SAME TYPE TRAINING. They consider they”are fighting a war” here in their minds. This is the mindset of all cops. “We are fighting a war”… not protecting and serving. Blame all this on the war on drugs. That brought that term into use for cops.

    • That’s not true. The military doesn’t train immediately shoot anybody in sight and would not have shot a unarmed half naked person. The rest you are right about.

    • So when and where did you serve. Cause they never drop guns and claim enemy, right? How many innocent was killed in Iraq?

    • Loads of innocent people have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, sadly.

    • Now you know why our soldiers commit suicide at high rates.

  • hell thay put tommy chong in jail for a bong if u can have pot in your state and the gov not makeing money u damn right thay will kill u

  • I live in the county where this happened. Their are so many people here including my husband who knew this kid. And many people are pissed about this outcome. This shit needs to end.

  • This is a local story for me. The sheriff was called a moron by the Daytona Beach chief of police a few years ago. Now I know why.

  • Sad. Can anyone say police state.

  • The only reason why he don’t face chargers is because he blow his Sergeants every now and then so his Sergeant can’t lose them good man,,,,,lol

  • nothing new, unfortunately.

  • That cop looked more like a thug than the guy they shot..

  • The fact that they convinced a grand jury means there probably is more to the story than this article says. Maybe he was reaching for something? Not that it’s any justification, if the department admits no weapons were on the property that deputy and department need to face the consequences

  • You know people think they would have been braver then the Germans during WWII. They imagine they would have stood up, or said something as their neighbors where carried away to be slaughtered by their government. But here we are, it’s 2014 – and people just don’t care, or they are too worried they will be placed on a government watch list if they open their mouths. Is there not a single fb friend out there who will chime in that maybe it’s time to stop this nonsense? Do you care if a segment of the population likes to smoke a little wacky weed?

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  • govt sucks…serve and protect….hah….terrorists ….

  • Super sad, a peaceful hippy not harming Fuckin no one

  • And, the cops wonder why they are loosing support. Police MUST be required to carry personal liability insurance; they will pay for the insurance out of their own pockets. Premiums to be set on a jurisdictional base. There is no reason the taxpayers should pay for these criminal acts..

  • sooner or later, pos will pay..

  • As this becomes more and more the norm in America, I wonder when the first instance of a swat team raiding a home is actually a set up to lure them onto the property? Setting up an ambush with multiple IEDs and secondary attacks against respondents is only a matter of time as Americans start to fight back. With millions of counter and insurgency trained veterans constantly being targeted, one has to ask, how much longer is this going to continue before there is blow back?

  • Ay under what flag is it ever justice the police overideing the judgement ov a court and abuseing the rights of justice and order! By the way they work for who? And what order? I thort it was to serve and protect!

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  • When is this I fear for my life going to stop being an excuse for murder

  • I would love to see somebody in that neighborhood take justice into their own hands. I really don’t know what it’s going to take to get cops to stop killing so citizens except possibly citizens killing cops which I don’t condone not even a little but I’ll be damned if they’re going to kill me

  • His family should take revenge, they wouldnt do that to my boy an still be able to go home

  • If this guy has any good friends, avenge him.

  • the courts are full of crooks and I bet the judge is not a real judge!

  • ‘Murica!

  • ⚽️Jason Roy Bieber⚽️

    I think it’s injustice that this cop isn’t behind bars. It shows how fucked up our justice system truly is…