Durham, NC — Bond has been set at 2.5 million dollars for a Durham North Carolina school resource officer accused of kidnapping a child and having sexual relations with her. Deputy Christopher Kelly, 40, was charged with, Statutory Sex Offense with a Child, First Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, Second Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, Indecent Liberties with a Child, Sex Acts with a Student, and Second Degree Kidnapping. He is currently being held for “safe keeping” in prison.

Kelly, who was fired at the end of April as a result of the charges, was the school resource officer at Northern High School in Durham. “I think like anyone else he’s nervous, he’s scared and he’s wanting to have his day in court,” said Daniel Meier attorney for the former officer who was allegedly supposed to have been protecting the students from someone like himself.

The teenage victim’s father said Kelly approached him, and much like an Uncle/niece type of relationship wanted to mentor his daughter. “It seemed appropriate at the time,” the father said discussing the relationship with reporters from Eyewitness News 11.


As The Free Thought Project has reported on numerous occasions, pedophiles will try to befriend the family of their targeted victim in an attempt to gain their trust, only to abuse their children later. According to court documents, the sexual relationship started in July of 2016 and lasted until April of 2017.

Kelly, who’s married and has three children of his own, had been with the Durham Sheriff’s Office for four years, and was considered reliable enough, apparently, to work with high schoolers at both Hillside and Northern. But placing Kelly into the schools has now turned into a scandalous mistake if these allegations against him hold up in court.

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“I really have nothing to say to him (Kelly),” said the father as he seemingly choked back the tears and anguish.

Kelly will return to court on July 19th for his next appearance. However, if the charges against him are true and he’s found guilty, the damage to the 15-year-old’s life has already been done. She now has to live the rest of her life knowing someone, a police officer no less, robbed her of her innocence.

According to the Durham Herald-Sun;

Detectives discovered explicit photos on Kelly’s cellphone of a video “chat session” with a minor in which the girl is completely naked. An arrest warrant states Kelly did “induce and encourage a minor” to engage in sexual activity and take part in video chat sessions “in which the juvenile would perform sexual acts and/or the defendant would take part in sexual acts.”

Sheriff Mike Andrews released the following statement which reads in part;

When one of our own is accused of abusing the trust we work hard to earn, it is both disheartening and devastating to all involved. Our thoughts are with the family at the center of this ongoing investigation. The Sheriff’s Office will continue to work with the Durham County District Attorney’s Office, and we will respect the judicial system in the next phase of this process.

Kelly’s sick relationship with the victim goes back to the 2014-15 school year when he was a school resource officer at Carrington Middle School. It seems his infatuation with the victim led him to follow her to Northern High School where he served as an off-duty school resource officer even though he was permanently assigned to Hillside High.

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Because this police officer served in three different schools, we are asking parents of children at those three schools to speak with their children about Kelly. If there are other victims out there, now’s the time to come forward. If your daughter or son was a student at Carrington Middle, Hillside High, or Northern High School, take a few moments and have that hard talk with your child about pedophiles. As statistics show it is likely that there is more than one victim.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • Damiana

    The teenage victim’s father said Kelly approached him, and much like an Uncle/niece type of relationship wanted to mentor his daughter. “It seemed appropriate at the time,” the father said discussing the relationship with reporters from Eyewitness News 11.

    On what planet is it EVER appropriate for a grown-ass man to form a “relationship” with an unrelated teenage girl? What the hell did Daddy think was going to happen? Now, he’s got to live with the guilt of knowing he gave his blessing to a fucking child molester!

    • Amor Terra

      Particularly a COP, for crying out loud. The only more obvious no-no would be a Catholic priest.

    • Guy

      As a coach to small kids through mid age teenagers. I had to learn to never put my hands on one, or look at em in any particular way, even though it is my nature to be friendly and want to rough house with em or swat em on the fanny, boy or girls, because of not seeing the harm in it. That was then in the late 80’s and 90’s, and could not imagine what it would be like now ! Especially seeing how much more provocative both girl’s and boy’s behave and dress like at all ages, years later.

      It’s sad to me, that we now look at every one who seems to come into contact with kids today as suspicious, and as a potential deviant in some way, with it apparently being to a large degree cops as the main issue of this sort of crap occurring on our school campus. Gone are the days when folks could be trusted, and I blame the priest for the start of it all, when the Catholic Church was doing the cover up and it all came out in the mid 90’s.

      Sexual deviance to young children is as old as sex itself, and a terrible thing to efflict on any child, causing them harm for a lifetime.

      Daddy though he could as least trust a cop, and now must live with it that he was wrong. His daughter is partly to blame for it too, because she was a willing participant, even though lead down the path, this no doubt adding to his grief. I doubt this will ever have some sort happy ending, knowing that the cops family is now destroyed too, because of a sexeual deveot. But hope that the cop in this case, is used as a example of what can happen when they are trusted, learning myself a long time ago never to turn my back on one. There has to be a better way of having peace and security on our school campuses, than to turn it over to the police state, with too many examples of why not, using potential violence and this, as the number one examples of why not !

      • catblanche

        “Sexual deprivation of young children is as old as sex itself, and a
        terrible thing to efflict on any child, causing them harm for a

        I hope you didn’t really mean to say that. Please re-read and correct, because it means: Depriving young children of sex is a terrible thing.

        • Guy

          Thanks for pointing that out, and has been corrected to read properly as it was meant too.

  • Gordon Klock

    This is just one of the totally predictable, ongoing, & unnecessarily tragic, stories that are bound to occur when actual cops work school ‘security’…

  • Mike

    Another great reason to ban cops from schools, they don’t belong in schools, it serves no purpose and is a waste of taxes!!!

  • John C Carleton

    The Law is for the protection of the people

  • catblanche

    Who hires these people?

    • REALConservative

      Other cops.

      His biggest crime in their eyes was not sharing. See: Celeste Guap and five different police departments.

    • Guy

      Your kids school boards of concerned parents do.

  • uKatamitt

    “I really have nothing to say”

    yeah? then why am I writing this now?