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Pentagon Just Released Photos of Tortured Prisoners, You Won’t Believe What they Left Out


After nearly 12 years of legal battles, the U.S. Department of Defense finally released 198 photos on Friday depicting prisoner abuse committed by the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Pentagon refuses to release the remaining 1,800 photos due to the fact that the suppressed images of further detainee abuse are even more grotesque and denigrating.

Six months before the initial publication of Abu Ghraib prison photos, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for any records, including photos, related to prisoner abuse taking place in U.S. detention centers overseas. Although the government refused to comply with the FOIA request, a court ordered the Defense Department to release the photos in 2004. While the government appealed the court’s decision, the remaining Abu Ghraib photos were leaked and published online in 2006.

Despite the fact that President Obama promised to release all 2,000 of the prisoner abuse photos, he immediately reversed his decision in 2009 while failing to live up to his false assurances of transparency. On Friday, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter finally decided to release 198 photos depicting mostly contusions and lacerations on the heads, torsos, and extremities of detainees abused by U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq. The most revealing aspect about the decision to only release 10% of the photos is the DoD does not want the public to know how atrocious and degrading the remaining 1,800 pictures are.

“It forces you to ask what might be in the other photos that are still being withheld,” Jameel Jaffer, an ACLU lawyer, told The New York Times. “These ones show individuals with injuries of various severity. What’s in the 1,800 photographs the government still hasn’t released?”

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According to the ACLU, the photos still being withheld include images of a 73-year-old Iraqi woman detained and allegedly sexually abused and assaulted by U.S. soldiers. The Army report of the incident describes soldiers forcing the elderly woman to “crawl around on all-fours as a ‘large man rode’ on her,” striking her with a stick and calling her an animal.

Other suppressed photos include images of U.S. soldiers staging a mock execution of a bound Iraqi teenager and the corpse of a handcuffed Iraqi farmer. Muhamad Husain Kadir had been wearing handcuffs when an American soldier shot him dead at point-blank range. The suppressed photo was taken shortly after his death.

Using the leaked Abu Ghraib photos as a cogent indicator of what the U.S. government does not want released, those macabre images revealed the military’s inhumanity and utter contempt for the Geneva Conventions. The Abu Ghraib photos included images of naked Iraqi detainees covered in blood and feces, as U.S. soldiers forced them to engage in homosexual acts while posing over their battered corpses. A few of the photos included soldiers smiling and posing over the corpse of a detainee named Manadel al-Jamadi.

At the Abu Ghraib prison in 2003, Manadel al-Jamadi died in a shower room under CIA interrogation with his arms tied behind his back. Although former Specialist Charles Graner Jr. was sentenced to 10 years in prison for torturing his prisoners and posing over al-Jamadi’s corpse for a picture, Graner only served six and a half years of his sentence. CIA interrogator Mark Swanner was not charged with al-Jamadi’s death.

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In 2014, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released an executive summary detailing the CIA’s use of torture on detainees. According to the summary and related prisoner abuse trials, enhanced interrogations included waterboarding, forced rectal suppositories, beatings, stabbings, electric shocks, and various other forms of torture. Although President Obama issued an Executive Order ending the use of enhanced interrogations, presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson have vowed to reinstate torture if elected.

“Today’s release illustrates just a small portion of the real-life horror story that was the U.S. government’s practice of torture,” Naureen Shah, director of Amnesty International USA’s Security and Human Rights Program, wrote in a statement on Friday. “Prosecutors should review these and other documents for evidence of torture and other ill-treatment. These photos are not only reminders of torture committed by U.S. personnel, they may provide potential new evidence of criminal wrongdoing.”

Shah continued, “The torture perpetrated by the U.S. was not just the work of ‘a few bad apples’ – it was systemic and ordered by the highest levels of government. Senior U.S. government and military leaders and others who devised, authorized and ordered abusive and unlawful practices deployed by U.S. forces must be held accountable. There must be arrests and there must be prosecutions. The U.S. cannot – and, frankly, will not – be seen as a leader on human rights if it continues to turn a blind eye to its own abuses.”

Because the DoD refuses to release 90% of the photos depicting detainee abuse, the public can only speculate on the severity and grotesqueness of those remaining images based on declassified military reports and the leaked Abu Ghraib pictures. The Pentagon claims that it must suppress the remaining 1,800 photos because the release of those images would endanger the lives of Americans. But American lives were placed in peril the moment the U.S. government decided to construct a legal justification for committing torture on detainees while imprudently taking photographs and videos of their abused victims.

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Andrew Emett is a Los Angeles-based reporter exposing political and corporate corruption. His interests include national security, corporate abuse, and holding government officials accountable. Andrew’s work has appeared on Raw Story, Alternet, Activist Post, and many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @AndrewEmett and on Facebook at Andrew Emett.

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    • John C Buckley Sr. Sounds like something Hitler would say to the Jews

    • with that logic ammon bundy and his brokeback commandos deserved alot worse than what they got

    • Whats with the “Muslim picture” Kinda looks like a terrorist’s prison. Are you associating terrorist’s with muslims?

    • Muslims aren’t the problem. Islam is.

    • let forget about all the burnings and beheadings then shall we. All torture and cruelty is bad. You can’t just say one side is worse than the other when it comes to that.

    • John C Buckley Sr.

    • There are a couple things going on in this thread. .. 1.) we as AMERICANS have the right to have whatever opinion good bad or indifferent that we want. Bashing people for whatever opinions they have goes against everything that this country was founded on. 2.) Its Islamic extremists that are the problem. Not Muslims. And 3.) Our soldiers are over there fighting for our country. …just because a few bad apples did some not so great interrogation tactics doesn’t mean they should be condemned. ..the things they are exposed to would change anyone. Seeing their buddy get blown to bits by an IED….children wearing bombs. ..women killing on the front line. .there are no rules of engagement over there on their end. I couldn’t imagine seeing what they see. Instead of worrying about some extremists boo boos or humiliation we should be worried about the hundreds and thousands of soldiers coming home and committing suicide because of what they see and are FORCED to do over there. Lest we forget. ..they HAVE to follow orders. Many of them aren’t even old enough to be able to enjoy a beer back home. ..let alone be able to handle the grotesque actions of senior officers and Islamic extremists.

    • Btw. ..that picture of the Navy men is from Iran. ..not Iraq or Afghanistan

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    • Dallas Lynn Milo 1) you hav the right to your own opinion, as long as it is not too loud, and pro gov agenda. The problem is not islamic extremism. Thats the result. The problem is elitism and corporate greed feeding the fear or terrorism to reduce liberty. 3) good people fighting for false Political agenda. It comes down to more money more gas more oil. If you think the mess in Syria is to destroy ISIS, you need to look a little further down the rabbit hole…

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    • First, the top half of the picture is actually taken from a totally different article, posted when Obama passed the NDAA on 12/24/2012. This is an American prison with Americans in it. Second, I’m a Patriot. Our counyry needs to secure all borders and stop letting unvetted people into our country. Islam is a religion of hate and suffering. Just look at the online news, everywhere these “refugees” have been allowed in, the people of those countries are losing their rights and living in fear.

  • Walter Soto, it’s funny because they call them savages

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    • Why are u even here with such racist views? There’s only one planet, and one race. Where we have the freedoms to believe what we want (despite gov agenda) and you choose to spread hate. You’re falling for the illusion. There is no us v them. There is 1% v 99%… and 1% is winning.

    • Did you miss the beheadings? I guess so.

    • Actually, I’m paying attention. Remember “Know your enemy?”

    • Don’t care if they’re upset. Where you get that 10%? I’d favor blowing a lot more to hell. As I recall, They are the people going around kidnapping and beheading people. I don’t believe sending them flowers will convince them to stop.

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    • I hope John C Buckley Jn has more compasion for his fellow man! See the bigger picture John, it’s never too late!

    • Andy Johnson Oh really. I’m sure he does have more of what you call compassion. The “bigger picture” I see is obviously different than yours. I believe we never should have been involved and should extricate ourselves immediately. But they did come here and kill our citizens. There is a price to pay for that. The people you see in the pics weren’t shopping at the Walmart when captured. As said, you certainly see a different picture.

    • James Michael Childs – Racist? Cute. This isn’t a racial issue. So don’t try to twist it into one.

  • What’s the quote? Whatever you imagine the government doing, the reality is much much worse..?


  • I am ashamed of my government, torture is never a solution

  • real heros, right there.

  • America boasts diplomacy while torturing captives, this is not surprising because of the different ways free citizens are treated especially minorities, you better not harm any animals or face serious prosecution.

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  • All war criminals should be put on trial just like Nuremberg.

  • I looked at the pictures. ..I’m confused. ..because they just looked like scrapes and bruises. ..these men probably did much worse to land in war prisons…..

    • That’s just it. These men have had no trial and the majority of there supposed crimes will never be reviled. We have committed numerous human rights violations in the war on terror. Our own police kill more Americans every year than Muslim terrorist do. Our own home grown terrorist kill more people every year than Muslim terrorist do. We’ve killed hundreds of thousands of people that had nothing to do with terrorist other than they were to close to one of our bombs.

    • I have no problem with Muslims. All I was saying is when I think torture I think major injuries. ..death. ..grave bodily injury. ..not a few scrapes and bruises.

    • Read the article – it’s not just ‘scrapes and bruises’

  • So hypocritical of others doing such things and then the US goes ahead and commits the same or worse crimes. This constitutes War Crimes and they should be accountable like everyone else on the planet.

  • I had to sit through sexual harassment training. The military just can’t help but torture others.

  • This is the same government that has done experiments on unwilling citizens.

  • How about this torture ?

  • There are some things most people have no need to see or know. This is not a justification. There are far worse things going on in our enemies prisons. When you have the responsibility of protecting a nation there should be no holds barred where info gathering from our enemies are concerned. It’s easy to judge from the security of your home or office where you are nice and safe. There are cultures out there that would have us as a nation destroyed. No matter what.

    • You really have to learn your history ! you have spoken like a true Idiot !!!

    • Wasn’t ever about defending our country, James, it was a war of agression for oil, for drugs, for money. Those we tortured were defending their country. Written from Dalat Vietnam where we killed three million.

    • James Wynne, facepalm . Fuck me, the indoctrination is strong in this one

    • Reminds me of the Nazi war machine. To say the Americans are fighting to defend their Country the biggest lie ever, they are on a major power trip trying to stamp their dominance on the world stage. Like all Empires, their time will come and they will fall, hopefully sooner better than later! These atrocities have no place in a modern society where globally, the normal citizen want a peaceful existance!

    • And who destroyed the Indian culture ?

    • Correct. Thank you.

    • Reyaz Rattan -He’s an idiot?! lol.

    • Andy Johnson – You again. You seem to have a short memory. THEY attacked US.

  • This makes me shake with rage and disgust. I believe it’s all part of the American love of violence, fostered from babyhood by worship of the military. After all, if you’e okay with maiming children via bombs and drones from afar, what’st the problem with torturing grown men?

  • How far weve fallen. Shameful

  • Shit, I’ve imagined worse in 5 seconds.

  • America is the only nation on earth with a standing military? I’ll never seek to justify acts of war. I’ve never served, so I won’t sit in judgement. What I will point out is, this administration has re-seated over 200 top military brass. Could that be why photos got released? As a resort to draw more attention away from the blood trail to the oval office and back onto those the oval office commands. Just an observation is all. There are many tactics of war.

  • The people who did this, ordered it done, wrote the legal justifications and covered it up afterwords must be hunted down and brought to justice. If establishment justice won’t do it, people’s justice must do it. They may not be allowed to live free among us.

  • One day this war will be ended (hopefully) and these sub human psychopaths will be discharged from the armed forces to walk the streets of America. I wonder how that re-integration will go?

    • Don’t wait for the war to end. You already have psychopaths in all your police forces leaving aside those schizophrenic devil worshiping slave politicians who have screwed up and destroyed your lives.Those that are returning have lost their self-esteem and are returning back as zombies. A gift for fighting those unjust wars. They return to kill themselves with the guilt they carry with them every second of their life.

    • What’s your plan?

  • Wasn’t there supposedly some photos of young boys being molested and sodomized in front of their mothers, who were being detained? Or was that a false report?

    • Yes they raped the boys in front of their mothers.

    • Those images are among the ones still to be released if they ever do. The incident was confirmed by US authorities.

    • Muslims, again.

  • By the way, do you believe American servicemen only raped thousands of American servicewomen; and no other women? We don’t have pictures of that.

  • Democratic socialism simply means ‘we the people’ accomplish tasks collectively and effectively respond to economic threats by doing things like raising wages and giving incentives to start co-operatives that abandon and give competition to the predatory corporate establishment model of greedy predator shareholders and their family members inheriting fancy executive titles of unmerited corporate positions that automatically demand unearned and undeserved exorbitant salaries just like the British aristocracy we liberated ourselves from in favor of a business model that truly operates as the constitution states that all people are created equal and our laws should uphold that idea in every significant metric and especially economy rather than just give lip service to it ~ AWA

  • 9/11 was an Inside Job,So Were All the Prisoners Patsies ?

  • Hope this will be enough to finally get the leaders of the Bush regime tried for war crimes. If they aren’t we will never regain the reputation and respect we had in the 20th century.

  • and Donald Trump just said tonight that if he is elected he will do a lot worse.

  • I didn’t want to look but I did. I had to look at what was done in my name as a US citizen.I do not believe that any war has ever moved forward the cause of humanity.

  • Jesus wept

  • We’re winning the war of information, but we need more minds on our side. Please (Y) + Comment + Share this post. Thank you friends.

    • Sounds like you need to move to Iraq

    • Dan Siegel sounds like you need to restart your education from day one.

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    • Look at how far each breed of human has evolved on their own without 1st world technology- that’s the answer right there.

    • Believing islam just got violent when the US bombed them for attacking us, means someone never paid attention in history class.

    • Muzzies? Wow.

    • Hero Williams Does it help though? Would it not cause resentment if a country bombed your town? That is the point of the graphic comment meme

    • The Free Thought Project, It helps to understand the real problem of an issue, it’s the only way to solve the problem. Islam has a long history of invading countries and killing those that oppose them, and they were doing it long before the US was a thought in anyone’s mind. The meme above actually tries to foster shame in Americans, to be ashamed of who they are. There has always been an ISIS and the US did not invent the concept. If the US had never sent troops over there the Islamics would be murdering each other and their neighbors like they always have-they have not evolved since their creation-not ideologically, just technology-wise thanks to 1st world countries (and that was only since the 1940’s). It goes on in Africa as we speak, but the US hasn’t put large ground forces there yet, so no one cares. The memes that show the US as the great satan just causes Americans to falsely and unjustly feel shamed, and then they turn on their own country. That’s how the corporate puppet masters control a nation and infect it with the poison to bring about it’s downfall. You can be gauranteed that when the smoke clears the rich will still be in charge because people refuse to understand what originally made their country great instead of trying to break it down in a manner that will only benefit the super rich.

    • Though if the US ever does send large ground forces to fight all the terrorists and savagery going on there, I’m sure someone will be burning the US flag in protest and somewhow we’ll get blamed for Africans killing each other and enslaving each other….something else that’s been going on for thousands of years before the US was established.

    • This author has no concept on how long Muslims been killing infidels. They been killing for thousands of years. We defend ourselves and now the US are the bad guys.

    • How can i share this?

    • Dan, you literally just described all religions. They’ve been killing each other because their invisible man is just sooooooo much better than that other invisible man, so repent or die! It’s a stupid argument no matter who is making it, and doesn’t justify a goddamn thing.

    • The Iraq war man, that’s where

    • We fucked iraq up so bad. It’s horrible. We basically committed genocide on generations of Iraqi people. I feel bad. Any argument defending the mass murder is wrapped in hypocrisy and any time I meet an Iraq native I try my best to become their friend. I was accepted as air force special forces to direct and control missile attacks near the beginning of the illegal invasion. I’m so glad I backed out. Call me a coward but I’ve been using my body as a friction to stop the machine they call the “USA” ever since. I won’t stop. Every effort counts. The USA I envisioned as a young boy, and to this day still do, was a country that overthrew an oppressive government and in turn granted every man the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom and constitutional justice. I believe there is oppressive corruption in our government. I believe it can be stopped.

    • Why can’t I “share” this?

    • but was 9/11 executed by saudi’s or U.S. gov???

    • Which American caused islam to slaughter millions of Indians in the 14th and 15th century?

    • The same ones that caused Americans to? Lol pointing the finger really doesn’t negate the point.

    • We slaughtered them even sooner in time, 14th and 15th? How about 16th,17th,18th,19th? Colonialism wrecking everything in it’s path, even today, still going strong.

    • How about we take some responsibility, the same thing we tell our kids, “stop pointing the finger”, “take some responsibility.”

    • How about pointing the blame where it belongs, how could the US create their savagery if it didn’t even exist, maybe you should go blame Africa, they’re still doing it along with the Middle East. Endure-

    • Here’s another one Endure, Africans sold blacks to Middle Eastern slave traders, since you’re a descendant of that heritage why don’t you take some blame for slavery? That’s your logic, looks like slavery is your fault.

    • Every culture had slaves, when tribes went into war and captured enemies guess what they were enslaved or sacrifice

    • When the moors invaded Spain you didn’t see them do what the anglos and criollos did to my ancestors

    • The biggest excuse whites use is that people were doing those atrocities to themselves first so it was ok for them to inflict that same pain

    • Nobody said it was ok Ocelot, the point is no one gets shit for it except whites, especially Americans, and we got rid of it faster than any other country ever had. Not to mention no white in the US today has owned slaves, and very few whites had enough money to do it back when it was legal.

    • So you’re Maori Ocelotl? Yeah…your people slaughtered aborigines.

    • A million scapegoats? I guess they need them –

    • No I’m totonac

    • Native american

    • And your people slaughter millions throughout the world Hero Williams thats the difference! And you’re still at it till this very day ?

  • What a fucked up shithole the USA is!

  • Sounds a lot like gas chambers. Do we know how many innocent muslims have been killed by the West throught Afganistan, Iraq, Lybia, Iran, Syria etc…? And how does it compare to the number of jews killed in the holocaust?

  • It’s all about getting caught. And these bastards got caught, do they care? Hell no! But you know when they’ll care? When it’s done to them.

  • demoncrazy rules. garbage-eating voters have spoken. A “terrist” is only a “terrist” if they are inconvenient to the house. actually , nothing will ever get better unless one understands the principles of humility, tolerance and giving respect to others. that should be the new world religion

  • It’s not only people that bore the brunt of the invasion. This guy may be living right next door to you and dating your daughter….https://www.facebook.com/dale.simmons.7921/posts/782022281903583

  • land of the free, home of the brave? bullshit

  • And they come back expecting people to give and fund their lives,,,that is karma,they have to live with the things they did at war.

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  • so much for Human Rights, it’s the victor who decides !!

  • #americanexceptionalism

  • Sorry but this is not the only reason that America should never be considered the “leader” of human rights issues…

  • Uh I didn’t even see anything I’m the pictures that was bad lol

    • stand by. Someone will find a melting iceberg and expect you to buy that.

  • Kalen A Klei Dan Kuntz

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  • This proves to me that the country is over ridding of the Kike ,the Bolsheviks ,the devil.and then they blame it on the families of those who have been here and laid down the foundation of this country. .. I don’t give a fuck what you think … that’s the truth and I will protect my right to speak it … come get and shut me up !!!

  • they are just following orders….thats all.

  • “The Pentagon claims that it must suppress the remaining 1,800 photos because the release of those images would endanger the lives of Americans.”

    Why the f**k do you behave like this then ?

    And all of you deluded Americans who are thanking your army for the service and freedom, this is what your sons and daughters are doing abroad.

    • You seem to have conveniently forgotten about a couple of buildings falling down, killing about 3000 of our citizens, and a few beheadings.

    • The inside job ?

  • It’s incredible while traveling how nice people are to you when you are respectful to them and their lives…

  • I wouldn’t chop off people’s heads and rape children. Stop justifying Islamic terrorism.

    • It’s called terrorism not “Islamic terrorism” Muslims arent terrorists

    • you wouldnt, but your government would. that in a nutshell is the problem here.

    • And so did white cops.

    • Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.

    • Not all christian are KKK….but all KKK are christian.

    • And there’s soooo many kkk members out there

    • Not apologizing for the ridiculous executions performed by ISIS, Saudi Arabia and Iran, but the US allows mormons to rape children on their compounds. What is the difference between lethal injection because someone is colored and a white person fingered them for a crime? How many people has America executed. We need to look inward a little and stop bombing and torturing foreigners.

    • *cough* did you say ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIM? Sorry but….I don’t recall any Muslims shooting up schools or theaters here recently.

    • Why does nobody know about the Christian version of Daesh, aka the Lords Resistance Army. If Daesh is the epitome of Islam, then LRA is the epitome of Christianity. They are literally the exact same thing, and yet you never hear about the LRA because nobody needs you to be scared of Christians as they aren’t the ones being mercilessly butchered by your government.

    • It all start when the petro dollar came into the picture

    • That is exactly what the american invaders did in Iraq. They raped boys in front of their mothers. They watched attentively, one meter away, when shia beheaded sunnis.
      Etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.
      Btw, rape is forbidden in Islam. So keep your fantasies for yourself. They do kill their ennemies though. That’s what every soldier does, regardless of religion.

  • Like this

    • Oww im sorry for you 🙁

      You are either missinformed or deliberately trying to missinform others.

  • Say Protecting our freedoms one more goddamn time

  • It really must suck to be an american citizen, knowing that if 15 nuclear bombs hit US and destroyed all life there, the world would be a much better place.
    [Edit: I am not wishing death to all Americans, the debate below did however open my eyes to at least make sure you all know that I was simply painting a picture of how I felt]

    • Americans are good people, its our out of control government that is the problem.

    • Your tax dollars pay your military, your votes put the government in place, you ignorance is keeping a broken system running = your fault

    • Other countries cannot change your system, we can’t march against your government and politicians, this is YOUR job

    • Our government steals our taxes! we vote them out and they are just replaced with new gangsters. Our government gives us two options for president every election. Our votes don’t even count anyways, the globalists choose our presidents for us. If you had even one braincell left you’d know some of this.

    • ..and still you are all loving the liberal republic method…. don’t you see that putting 600mill people on each their own island will never create a united people?
      Your liberal politics even make you think you’re not to blame…

    • Now you’re not making sense. Americans are pissed off, we do protest in the streets, we do make phone calls and most of us don’t want war. For you to say the world would be better off without millions of American citizens is just evil. Look at the middle east, they have been at war for centuries. But I guess you think all middle easterners are victims of America. Yes, the globalists are stirring shit up over there, but it was already and always has been a big shithole.

    • So, what country are you from, Mike?

    • I got a debate going by being a bit radical..maybe it’s time you Americans try that…

    • I live in Denmark, we have our own problems, but none that include sucking the life and oil out of poor countries.

    • I do see that on some level we actually agree, I have to repeat though, no other country can fix your problems, unless you want bombs to fall. Hence my rad opening statement

    • You got a debate going by basically wishing death on my entire country and my family which just makes you an asshole. If you don’t think there aren’t millions of Americans trying to fight the corruption in our government, you are very wrong.

    • Create self sufficient cities so you don’t have to pay taxes other than the few goods you do need to buy from the “Outside” world. Think about not being to liberal, unite the people instead of every man for themselves. Big changes need done. And please stop the name calling, I am 46 years old and i wont stoop down to your kindergarten level while talking politics

    • Probably, but what you said was sick. Our countries are considered friends yet you wish death on millions of my fellow citizens? That is evil and twisted. There are other ways to start a debate. Maybe you didn’t really mean what you said, but its a pretty horrible way to start a debate.

    • I did not, and do not wish death on all Americans, i simply said that the rest of the world would be a better place if it happened.

    • Mike Fredensborg, I think your country has a different definition of what liberal means. I’m not liberal or conservative, I’m somewhat of a libertarian and a nationalist. More than anything, I’m a freethinking independent. My country, compared to much of the world is fairly conservative but becoming more and more liberal.

    • Stop the name calling? You basically just wished death on my entire country but I can’t call names? Maybe you should rethink what you typed on your post. I don’t call names unless someone says something horrible.

    • That is exactly my point, you are some 600mill citizens, all wanting to be independant. This kills the idea of a united country. I do know not all of you want war, but it needs all of you to push the globalists out (if that is even the reason)

    • Sure then keep calling me names, but know that your comments lose weight for every time you do so 🙂

    • Ah but we know what they do with that tax money and nobody bats an eye. That’s definitely guilty by association, and if you believe in god then when you die you’ll most likely go to hell.

    • The world would not be better without America. We have done alot of good in the world. We are a very young country compared to the rest of the world. Most other countries have had a huge head start. Give us a break and be patient. It takes time to change a country. Revolutions take time. Don’t act like your country and other countries are perfect and don’t act like you guys got to where you are overnight. Most countries go through hundreds or thousands of years of changes before becoming something better. My country is only about 239 years old. It’s going to take time to change things.

    • The thing is Justin Norell, your country is not changing inside itself, you are all hell bent on changing (or “saving) the rest of the world. I know you’re a young country, heck we had vikings in the year 1000, you guys are just now getting to that.

    • Mike Fredensborg, you lost any credibility with me with your original post. I’ll respect you and not call names, but maybe you should watch the kind of stuff you say as well. Respect is a two way street. A man your age should know not to say stuff like that.

    • Sometimes you have to be radical, or say radical things, to paint a picture that even the rednecks and other ignorant people can understand.

    • David Robertson, Nobody bats an eye? Bullshit, 3/4 of our country is pissed but our elections are rigged and our government lies to us all and just do what they want anyways. Your last comment about people going to hell is the dumbest comment I’ve read all week. Go find another place to be retarded

    • Once again, your country and all other countries have spent thousands of years getting to where you are, its a major headstart. America has almost caught up in a couple hundred years. There are many great things about our country, and by the way, socialism isn’t the only answer to everything.

    • So Justin am i understanding you right, that the globalists are behind making it look like US is behind creating ISIS and terrorism in general, and that US is selling weapons to, and financing terrorists. So that the rest of the world will get mad at US and start WWIII?. Is that about right?

    • What you said was not radical, it was disgusting and beyond offensive. I would never say that about a whole country, I don’t even say that about the middle east. There are many ways to be radical and start debates, what you said makes it hard to have a good debate or dialogue. You chose to just be offensive. What goes around comes around. Be careful when you say or wish bad things on others.

      Rednecks aren’t the problem in America, violent, uneducated ghetto people are. Most people you call rednecks are self sufficient people that know how to fix cars, build houses, grow their own food, defend themselves and live off the land.

    • Well apparently liberalism is not the answer either. All I’m saying is, to change things, you can’t keep everything the same. Something needs to go.

    • The sad part. It would only take 8 to destroy this country.

    • Well done, I think you get it now. There is a real new world order movement with a small hand full of rich, powerful elitists that are trying to control the world. Eventually, they would love to put a one world government into place so they can control everything and everyone. It won’t be hard considering they control the money and have technology to better control us, watch us, spy on us and so on. Technocrats will play a big roll in all this. The UN is already in place. Just watch, you’ll see the UN become more powerful and controlling in the years to come

    • Fuck the united nations… Yes im in a country part of it.

    • Personally I don’t think we actually need governments. All they do is splitting up people into the first groups: us and them. We need new ways to live. I have looked into The Venus Project, and/or creating what they call Hybrids of TVP’s methods. Humanity needs to take a step back, instead of monetary systems, we need self sufficient farms and cities.

    • Mike Fredensborg, I agree with your last comment 100%

    • Edited my initial post Justin, I do understand it was too radical 🙂

    • Thank you, sorry about the name calling. We have much more in common than I think we both thought

    • Lol….you think America is the world’s “problem” ? You think we are the only ones hell bent on control ? We are merely a piece of the puzzle. Your country is no different. In order for NWO to come into play corruption/division/unrest must exist in each country. Babylon will fall….it’s inevitable, but don’t celebrate just yet because everyone (worldwide) will feel the pain.

    • Justin Norell he never wished it upon you, don’t get all twisted about it, he just stated an observation of his.

    • I haven’t read ALL the responses to this post, but I am aware that the Fed res./world Bank has orchestrated the demise of the people of Indonesia, Panama, Vietnam Nam, Saudi, Iraq, seria, and Colombia. They have done this over and over to several other countries also.
      I don’t believe the average American person to be a terrible person, just ignorant to the wrong doings of its leader’s handlers

    • We fucked iraq up so bad. It’s horrible. We basically committed genocide on generations of Iraqis. I feel bad. Any argument defending the mass murder is wrapped in hypocrisy. Any time I meet an Iraq native I try my best to become their friend. I was accepted as air force special forces to direct and control missile attacks near the beginning of the illegal invasion. I’m so glad I backed out. Call me a coward but I’ve been using my body as a friction to stop the machine they call the “USA” ever since. I won’t stop. Every effort counts. The USA I envisioned as a young boy and to this day still do was a country that overthrew an oppressive government and in turn granted every man the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom and constitutional justice. I believe there is oppressive corruption in our government. I believe it can be stopped.

    • Well said Carlos, respect !

  • A country can’t run all over the world, bombing and killing, without paying a price for it….America needs to watch it’s ass

  • we should never “police” other countries, unless they attack us…

  • Say what again.

  • Have you forgotten peral harbor or 9/11?

  • Why many small countries are having tifs with the U.S. we’ve done some terrible things to good people all in the name of “Liberty and Justice for all”

  • Love that movie

  • Just pistal aint shit…..

  • Same group behind pearl harbour was behind 9/11…. I’ll give you a hint…. It wasn’t muslims

  • Terrorist.

  • I did not do it…..it is the other guy…

    • I don’t know where you made this Shahid, but it isn’t accurate….if you wanna spread bullshit, make it believable

    • If you have latest accurate figure…please post it here…?

  • Yesenia Morales

  • I just read Trump wants in institute something a little more effective than waterboarding.

    • Waterboarding is very effective if your goal is a false confession

  • Shame. Shame. Shame.

  • It’s another fear tactic. Obviously displaying what a powerful country with weapons and a military more powerful then any other country can do. Remember, you can call it evil or a chemical imbalance in then brain, either way, the wrong people are given jobs in federal, state, and municipal governments.

    • Whoever the right people are, I hope they will also protect us from more attacks.

  • I don’t believe in torture, however, our soldiers have been dragged through the streets and beheaded on live T.V. My solution to war is to let the 2 heads of state duel! May the best man win!

  • Manifest Destiny…. Yeah, we’re jackasses.


  • first response.

  • Both.

  • maybe a third option would be like walking away, let the corrupt politicians have it all, more power to them as had many more of them in the past….

  • Tyrone Haigh Crystal Trew see !

  • The 2nd one

  • They have. That’s why we’re responding the way we do.

  • but where are the pictures?i only see a long article

  • There’s no point in mentioning the objective, rational reality of the situation when nations can only maintain themselves with emotionally infused tribalism.

  • Oliver King

  • Be nice if articles were shared without popups.

  • I know I wouldn’t respond by harming the people of that country who haven’t voted for war in another country. Shame some people can’t distinguish between a government and wider society

  • Bingo! Murica loves to use force and pretends to be innocent small children when in the receiving end. Pathetic.

  • my regards to such minds..thnx for being true

  • Robert John Pesic

    • Pretty sure we have been over this but ignoring the main source of the terrorists that are causeing the conflict and the wars because of them terrorizing there own people thats why its happening !!

  • come out with guns blazing is how i would react and i am ambidextrous so i would have one in either hand and am quite able to use them i was a gunner in my military days lol i am qualified with everything from the T.O.W. missle 50 cal m16 , m203 , m60 , ak 47 and russian pac weapons and all the nato arms like the mp5 and g3 and their versions of m60’s and all the side arms of all those countries including the colt 45 1911 and berretta 9mil lol

  • I’d leave room for forgiveness.

  • So the native Americans Vietnamese, Africans, Palestinians, etc. These Europeans spread the most chaos on earth for centuries but somehow figured a way to blame everyone else

  • be kinda hard for us Americans. since this administration bans our guns and religions

  • would seem pretty obvious what the reaction would be, so to start and continue attacking, must be for a pre planned end game

  • Ask Saddam hussein, he’ll tell ya

  • Regardless of what we have done Islam is on a mission for world domination. It uses any means necessary to achieve this mission. The Instability in the Middle East is created by Islam to flush its people out to resettle in non Islamic countries where they will eventually dominate. It’s working like a charm as Europe is being invaded by millions of them.

  • This is the part that the american people are missing/not being told of. We’re trying to decimate their country for the benefit of our corporate interests. Don’t buy the terrorist bullshit. Oppression causes terrorism and if we look at the definition of terrorism the US fits it very well. How about, and I know that under the current regime this is a pipe dream, we stop trying to steal their shit and help build their country. Notice that the countries that we’re not fucking with don’t mean us any harm?

  • First, the 9/11 conspiracy shit, don’t be stupid, but let’s stick with the topic. My government, our government in the US…we voted them in, or at least you had the opportunity, well most of you, except the ones that the Republicans took that right away from, but I digress…So we are responsible. So when the people we have been oppressing rise up, why are we surprised? I would do the same.
    The fact is we have been shitting on the rest of the world because we never understand the local history, and never fully stop to realize the long term consequences. Our involvement in the middle east has so destabilized it, that global security is worse. We have continued to climb down the same rat hole that George W took us into. Over supported the heavy hand of Isreal, way to cozy with the Saudis, and are always 2 steps behind events as they change. I think the best things we have done have come lately with the Iran nuke deal, and our backing off in Syria in favor of the Russians handling that mess. Our best actions would be as aid workers, not as soldiers. We have killed far too many there already.

  • Bottom

  • Homicide

  • Guy Forster

  • We fucked iraq up so bad. It’s horrible. We basically committed genocide on generations of Iraqis. I feel bad. Any argument defending the mass murder is wrapped in hypocrisy. Any time I meet an Iraq native I try my best to become their friend. I was accepted as air force special forces to direct and control missile attacks near the beginning of the illegal invasion. I’m so glad I backed out. Call me a coward but I’ve been using my body as a friction to stop the machine they call the “USA” ever since. I won’t stop. Every effort counts. The USA I envisioned as a young boy and to this day still do was a country that overthrew an oppressive government and in turn granted every man the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom and constitutional justice. I believe there is oppressive corruption in our government. I believe it can be stopped.