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Justice Failure — Cop Gets Job Back After Murdering Man on Video for Illegally Camping

Albuquerque, NM — In a matter of two days, former Albuquerque police officer Dominique Perez went from facing a new trial for the murder of James Boyd to getting his job back.

A mistrial was declared by Judge Alisa Hadfield in October when only three of twelve jurors voted to convict the two officers — which, though deplorably typical, seems inexplicable given officer helmet-camera footage and several nasty details in the case.

Instead of holding a second trial, however, Police Chief Gorden Eden issued a statement after the district attorney announced that Perez and former detective Keith Sandy will not be retried, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

Sandy will also continue to collect his $37,000 annual pension — for murdering a man on video.

Not only will the officers not be held accountable for murdering a mentally ill man on video, but Perez will now go back to work in the same department.

Luis Robles, Perez’s attorney, said Friday that his client and the city are completing the terms of his return to the Albuquerque Police Department, according to the journal.

“It’s not a question of if; it’s a question of when,” Robles said.

Only in America’s corrupt police institution can a person needlessly gun down a mentally ill man for camping and face no consequences.

Prior to the fatal shooting, a conversation involving Officer Sandy was captured on tape, revealing not only a lack of compassion or understanding for those with mental health issues, but utter disregard for human life:

Sandy: What do they have you guys doing here?

Ware: I don’t know. The guy asked for state police.

Sandy: Who asked?

Ware: I don’t know.

Sandy: For this fucking lunatic? I’m going to shoot him in the penis with a shotgun here in a second.

Police had been summoned to the rocky hillside location of Boyd’s illegal campsite in March 2014, after receiving calls of someone acting erratically. As footage from an officer’s camera-bedecked helmet subsequently revealed, a small army of 19 cops — some sporting a ridiculous amount of tactical gear — and a K-9 officer responded to the scene.

Boyd begins gathering his belongings and seems to be complying with police demands to leave, when one officer abruptly fires a flash-bang grenade — completely disorienting the man who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, an illness characterized most often by visual and auditory hallucinations.

Video shows Boyd appearing to pull out two knives as an officer with the K-9 approaches, but ineffectually waves them in the air, not making any significant threatening moves toward any of the cops.

When Boyd turns to retrieve his bags from the hillside, officers Sandy and Perez shoot him in the back — killing him, in what many who have seen the footage termed an execution.

Even if the homeless man’s movements prior to being shot could be deemed threatening, at the moment officers fired the fatal rounds, his back was clearly visible.

“What was the crime that prompted this paramilitary response?” Special Prosecutor Randi McGinn said during the original probable cause hearing, adding that shooting someone in the back isn’t something “reasonable people” do. “It was not a terrorist act. It was illegal camping.”

McGinn told ABC News in October she was not surprised by the deadlocked jury in this case, but hoped the trial would broaden the discussion and ‘leave a lasting legacy.’

Apparently, the only legacy left now is further reassurance of the precedent that cops can kill, on video, and keep their jobs.

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  • The Cat’s Vagina

    It’s not going to change until we change. They don’t grow these cops on a farm in Nebraska – they come from our communities, our schools, and our families. So long as we have a mean, stupid, bigoted population, we’re going to have mean, stupid, bigoted cops. After all, why would someone who hates homeless people vote to convict a cop for what they see as “exterminating vermin”?

    • doucyet

      I was with ya there Cat right up to the last sentence. Part of the problem we all have, is we think we know what others are thinking.

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        When a person votes “not guilty” on a crime like this, it’s pretty obvious what they’re thinking.

        • I am from Albuquerque and watched the entire thing from start to finish from the start of the pre trial hearings it was obvious this was nothing more than a kangaroo court by the time they picked the jury it was clear the ‘special’ prosecutor had sold us all out .

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        • doucyet

          Wrong again Cat. “Pretty obvious” is speculation. Where as not guilty was arrived at with facts.

          • IceTrey

            It was a mistrial not a not guilty verdict.

          • doucyet

            “The district attorney announced that Perez and former detective Keith Sandy will not be retried, according to the Albuquerque Journal.”

            Therefor, the nine not guilty vs the three guilty verdict stands. Not guilty. Thanks for playing!

          • IceTrey

            Moron you can’t have a not guilty verdict when no verdict is rendered.

          • doucyet

            Were they found guilty?

          • IceTrey

            What part of no verdict rendered do you not understand?

          • doucyet

            What part of not guilty do you not understand?

          • IceTrey

            The part where they didn’t render a not guilty verdict.

          • doucyet

            Sooooooo that means what?

          • IceTrey

            Not guilty was not arrived at.

          • doucyet

            Was guilty arrived at? You have heard of innocent until proven guilty right?

          • IceTrey

            There was NO VERDICT.

          • doucyet

            So what does that mean?

          • IceTrey

            It means there was a mistrial do to a hung jury jesus.

          • doucyet

            And because the prosecutor said that there will not be another trial…….. that means? Come on, you can do it.

          • IceTrey

            That means charges can be refiled until the statute of limitations runs out.

          • doucyet

            And that means……..come on now it’s not that hard. I know you can figure it out.

          • IceTrey

            That’s it. That’s where the situation stands now.

          • doucyet

            That means he’s innocent until proven guilty. There I answered the question for ya. I guess multiple choice would have been easier for you.

          • they where not found not guilty either.

          • doucyet

            So then, what are they?

          • for most of us that live in the city they are fugitives from justice with target on their back .

          • doucyet

            Then by all means, sight in your rifle! Perhaps you’ll get a hung jury also.

          • I always have my eyes open and my fingers crossed ……..and they would have to go out of the state to find a jury that would convict me .

          • doucyet

            Well there ya go!

          • it was a mistrial charges where dropped with prejudice ………..I was there .just last week our new DA decided not to retry them .

          • doucyet

            Thank you! And therefor, not guilty. Keep in mind kids, innocent until proven guilty applies to everyone.

          • innocent until proven guilty? LOL that has not been true in decades ……..public opinion and the media convict people everyday without trials and 9/10 times that translate to jail terms ………

            bottom line is any sane human that has seen the video knows these pigs are guilty unless you think your eyes lie……….

          • doucyet

            Then change things if you don’t like the way they are.

          • Gordon Klock

            Some folks don’t want to have to sacrifice their entire lives upon the blood stained altar of “social change”, just to get the ‘authorities’ to recognize a homeless person’s right to exist….

          • doucyet

            Well……then how about three four hours a month. Show up at city council meetings, write some letters to supervisors and state reps.

            I do love your “blood stained alter” thing though. Ever considered writing?

          • Gordon Klock

            Your response though seemingly a plea to everyday common sense, is actually a non sequitor, are you saying, that council meetings, & letters to state reps are in order, to acknowledge a homeless persons right to life…..

          • doucyet

            No, to make changes to the way that police are trained, so they will recognize a homeless persons right to life. Unless of course, that homeless person makes advances with a knife, in which case he may find himself shot.

          • jandr0

            [Where as not guilty was arrived at with facts.]

            To quote a know-it-all commenter called doucyet: “Part of the problem we all have, is we think we know what others are thinking.”

            So I wonder how doucyet suddenly “knows” that not guilty was arrived at with “facts.” Because, according to doucyet, doucyet can not know whether the jury actually were thinking “facts” (as opposed to, say maybe, subjective biases).

            So doucyet steps into exactly the same “trap” doucyet suggests just one comment earlier that others shouldn’t do. Wow.

            PS. I am not even going to bother highlighting the other faulty reasoning doucyet demonstrates further below in this thread. This will be the only comment I am making on doucyet’s contradictions and fallacious reasoning in this thread. Any replies from doucyet to bitbucket.

          • doucyet

            Here’s a little fact for ya. Fact is, the trial is over and they are free because the facts (whether they be subjective biases or otherwise) set them free.

            “I am not even going to bother highlighting the other faulty reasoning doucyet demonstrates further below in this thread.”

            Next………….or are you scared?

          • jsmappy

            The facts? U R an troll becuase NOBODY is this ignorant. Do you, well ya, you do, know how many judges, attorneys, & juries are paid off/threatened to protect Government Officials – who are neck deep into murder, blackmail, drug/gun running and sex trafficking ETC!!!! There are well over 1 MILLION AMERICANS who are CIA plants throughout all of government in the USA – especially in law enforcement. You already KNOW this. If you don’t you must be what 16? Well………… LOL You suck at your troll job Douchebagyet – don’t try so hard…..meaning, don’t troll a site for 36 hrs.

          • doucyet

            Now the liberal tactics begin, I was wondering how long it would take you. Bait and switch, name calling, meaningless baseless ranting and banter.

            Have you forgotten the subject? Let me help you out here, these are your words…………

            “I am not even going to bother highlighting the other faulty reasoning doucyet demonstrates further below in this thread.”

            Bring it on………..lets go toe to toe.

    • Forrest Carlton Lackey

      Sure thing, Cat. But I would venture that dark hearts come in more than one form-not just the typical southern racist.
      I’m sure that’s not what you were getting at, to your credit, but you know how people can misread things.
      We live in a society that has trained us to mentally afraid and hateful but at an unconscious level. The war on drugs and war on terror is never mean’t to be won, just mean’t to condition people to hate certain people and give the state more power. It can make a populace very dark hearted, spirited, and minded. It can lead to a sort of narcissism where people don’t forgive and think everything they do is justified just because somebody might be a threat. It’s a point of no return that we have allowed to sneak up on us.
      We need to be more positive. Need to realize how good we have it and how others have it worse. Learn to love your fellow man before we succumb to a new form of feudalism and fascism, almost a high tech but low living conditions neo dark ages. We’re throwing away so much when we’ve been through worse, but we choose to act like everything given to us is the end of the world when things are better and can continue to get better, even if we have to swallow our pride and not always get our own way.
      I wish people would realize this, because this darkness in people’s hearts, I fear is a side effect of being afraid and feeling like they have nothing to lose. It is thanatos.

  • Daniel Adams

    This is soo fucked What a piece of shit

  • Matrix

    What does around comes around. This murderer should remember that.