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Petraeus, Clinton Allowed to Leak Classified Intel While Whistleblowers Become Enemies of the State

Last Friday, the Pentagon quietly informed the Senate Armed Services Committee that it will not seek any further punishment on retired Army general David Petraeus, who resigned in 2012 after it was discovered that he shared highly classified material with his biographer.

The material contained eight notebooks worth of “code words, war strategy, the names of covert officers and other sensitive information. In addition, they outlined deliberative discussions with the National Security Council and President Obama.” The Justice Department said if this information were disclosed to the wrong people, it would cause “exceptionally grave damage.”

Petraeus also lied to the FBI during the investigation and admitted to having an affair with Paula Broadwell, the biographer who received the classified information. The prosecution’s case included felony charges of lying to the FBI and violating a section of the Espionage Act, both of which could mean years in prison. However, those charges were never filed.

Instead, Petraeus pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified material, which brought a penalty of two years probation and a $100,000 fine. He was still subject to discipline under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. But in a three-sentence letter to Sen. John McCain and Sen. Jack Reed, it was revealed that Defense Secretary Ashton Carter agreed with the Army not to discipline Petraeus at all.

“Given the Army review, Secretary Carter considers this matter closed,” Stephen C. Hedger, assistant secretary of defense for legislative affairs, wrote in the three-sentence letter, obtained by The Washington Post. The letter did not elaborate.”

The Pentagon had options ranging from a nonbinding letter of concern to demoting his rank as a retired four-star general. However, none of this happened. In fact, Petraeus will keep his four stars and will receive a pension in the amount of $220,000 per year.

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Contrast this with the persecution of Edward Snowden, who in 2013 leaked classified information about numerous surveillance programs being carried out against U.S. citizens and across the globe. Snowden did this to expose the abuse of power being carried out by his government, which was violating the constitutional rights of Americans and the rights of foreign nationals.

Snowden was careful not to release information that would jeopardize the safety of individuals, saying, “I carefully evaluated every single document I disclosed to ensure that each was legitimately in the public interest.” NSA director Michael Rogers stated that the damage done was not significant enough to conclude “the sky is falling.”

The only thing that has been jeopardized is the reputation and credibility of the people in power who are engaged in this massive spying program and wanted to do it in the dark,” said Glenn Greenwald, responding to politicians and MSM talking heads who suggested the Snowden revelations would expose us to terrorist attacks.

In December 2013 a federal judge ruled that the NSA’s collection of U.S. phone metadata was likely unconstitutional. U.S. allies that were victimized by NSA’s spy programs were able to confront the U.S. government and take measures to stop the intrusion.

The New York Times praised Snowden as a whistleblower, saying he had “done his country a great service.” Even the Republican party acknowledged that Snowden’s revelations had uncovered “an invasion into the personal lives of American citizens that violates the right of free speech and association afforded by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

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Snowden’s actions initiated a national debate on privacy and warrantless domestic surveillance that continues today. Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers which exposed President Johnson lying to the public and Congress to advance the Vietnam war, said, “Edward Snowden has done more for our Constitution in terms of the Fourth and First Amendment than anyone else I know.

Despite this monumental public service, Snowden is still charged with theft of government property and two counts of violating the Espionage Act. As the U.S. repeatedly requests countries to apprehend and extradite Snowden, it looks for opportunities to kidnap him. In one instance, they had a plane waiting in Denmark to snatch him up.

The cases of David Petraeus and Edward Snowden highlight the fact that status matters much more than the actual “crime” committed. If you are a military general who has long rubbed shoulders with the Washington elite, then sharing highly classified information gets you a slap on the wrist. If you are just a cog in the gigantic wheel of the U.S. intelligence apparatus, then sharing classified information makes you an enemy of the state.

Petraeus committed his act for personal gain, to make for a better biography so he could sell more books. Snowden committed his act for completely selfless reasons, knowing his life would be turned upside down, but taking solace in the fact that people would find out about the abuses of constitutional rights secretly being carried out by government.

Jesselyn Radack, head of National Security and Human Rights at the Government Accountability Project (GAP), said that her organization’s “whistleblower clients lost their careers and spent millions on legal fees while Petraeus was able to retain his security clearance, advise the White House, make lucrative speeches across the globe, and pull in a massive salary as a partner in one of the world’s biggest private-equity firms.

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This is par for the course in Washington. As we reported yesterday, it appears that Hillary Clinton will manage to avoid being indicted because the State Department has decided to withhold 22 emails from scrutiny.

While government issues platitudes about “equal justice for all,” its actions show that this is a myth when their own are involved.

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    • Thomas Jefferson didn’t think slavery was tyranny because he wasn’t a slave.

    • One was enlisted under oath and fucked up, the other flat-out ran, that albino guy we have nothing to do with. Difference between the General and Sec Clinton- at least HE got a trial- not some fart-huffing FB admin’s click-bait bullshit.

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  • Also depends upon what is leaked, what damage potential was and what actual damage was done. The “classified ” info leaked by Petraeus was low level, ie, “confidential” rather than “secret”, “top secret” or higher. Snowdon, Clinton, and Mannings leaks were quite different. Still waiting for them to indict Clinton.

    • From the article: “The (Petraeus) material contained eight notebooks worth of “code words, war strategy, the names of covert officers and other sensitive information. In addition, they outlined deliberative discussions with the National Security Council and President Obama.” The Justice Department said if this information were disclosed to the wrong people, it would cause “exceptionally grave damage.”

    • Justin Price but it never got past broadwell

    • Apologists suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

    • Not that simple. There are governments and corporations impeding the elimination of world hunger

    • Some of which may require a military to defeat.

    • Jake Krzynski Yeah US FED Government

  • Fairness will win

    • Clearly, that’s not the case.

    • Taxes are my part

    • You’re either a troll or a moron. Probably both. I bid you good night. Don’t forget to breathe.

  • Way too much information is classified. Too many people are empowered to designate something classified, with no effective oversight.

  • if i was the us gov’t i would have a few snowdens sprinkled around to try and collect data from my enemies… just saying. you never know. question everything

  • That’s why the World is in a state of turmoil, too much underhanded & dishonest governments being Yanked by Corporate policies infringing on the rights of the FREE… This is the 21st century “Exposed” & they have become the biggest threats to themselves & the welfare of ALL life on the planet.

  • why does this guy have any credibility?….didn’t he ‘kiss and tell’?

  • Hillary need’s to be in jail

  • The war games

  • And where is Hillary pic

  • Snowden and Assange are instruments of the Kremlin. Straight forwardly disclosing state military secrets to an adversary. In the case of Snowden in particular, if you believe something different, then you must believe that the FSB will harbor a foreign intelligence agent in exchange for nothing but a smile. Assange has spent a career spreading disinformatsya and conducting provokatsya as an Info Ops campaign against the U.S. & its interests.

    Criticism of the sentence, or lack thereof, handed down to Patraeus is fair, but he certainly did not give Intel to Moscow, which is what two of the other three have done.

  • And this surprises you how?

  • Well, thats because this is all POLITICAL… has nothing to do with safeguarding secrets truly harmful to America. NO ONE has suggested enemies have gained from these things. Most of our ‘secrets’ are actually openly available on Google!

    Aren’t you SHOCKED how many military strategies and weapons are openly available on the internet???

    I”ll tell you that the GOVT has ALWAYS been pretty lax with most classified documents. They are a dime a dozen. The military classifies EVERYTHING to the point that SECRET is meaningless. And then releases TONS of information on their own websites, and those of their contractors!

    Most secret documents are just to keep our bureaucrats views private from nosy eyes. NOT about enemies or secrets at all. More CYA to protect the bureaucrats themselves! Fact is, the Russians know more than the American PUBLIC knows!

    Don’t get your panties in a wad. We’re not talkin about troop movements against an enemy in BATTLE ITs mostly just nonsense. And Republcians are MASTERS at turning nonsense into MEDIA CONTROVERSIES!

    THis is about POLITICS, not SECRETS. And everyone knows it! Well, we know it on tiny little websites like THIS ONE. The challenge is how to spread this to the MILLIONS who DON’T read tiny little websites like THIS ONE!

  • You cant handle the truth. #ShipOfFools.

  • You forgot Hillary’s pic

  • Like it’s ok for them to lie to us but it’s a crime for us to lie to them.

  • More disinformation..Clinton did NOT leak classified Intel.

  • Your fucking whistleblowers got people killed. Clinton is a liar and traitor. Patraeus is a horney idiot. This site is a pig’s anarchist.

  • So heres the thing. While its true Hilary used a private email server instead of the one provided by the state. So far as i know, nothing on her server has been leaked. The government servers are getting hacked by N. Korea and China every godamn day. Snowden DL’d a “fuckton” of data directly from the CIA and handed it off to pirate hackers. It took an act congress just find out where the fuck Clinton kept her shit. So give it the fuck up.

  • Or rather to fucking say “ENEMIES of the Corporate STATE” enemies of the people are THEM Whistleblowers are Heroes of the People just as their shitty lil corporate Lobbyist are their Heroes lol

  • …..

  • shame i have no secret intel.

  • Tyranny most definitely tyranny. Tyranny also encompasses free thought. That’s scary!

  • would love some EVIDENCE

  • What is TRUTH !! A Proposed Definition of Truth

    In defining truth, it is first helpful to note what truth is not:

    • Truth is not simply whatever works. This is the philosophy of pragmatism – an ends-vs.-means-type approach. In reality, lies can appear to “work,” but they are still lies and not the truth.
    • Truth is not simply what is coherent or understandable. A group of people can get together and form a conspiracy based on a set of falsehoods where they all agree to tell the same false story, but it does not make their presentation true.
    • Truth is not what makes people feel good. Unfortunately, bad news can be true.
    • Truth is not what the majority says is true. Fifty-one percent of a group can reach a wrong conclusion.
    • Truth is not what is comprehensive. A lengthy, detailed presentation can still result in a false conclusion.
    • Truth is not defined by what is intended. Good intentions can still be wrong.
    • Truth is not how we know; truth is what we know.
    • Truth is not simply what is believed. A lie believed is still a lie.
    • Truth is not what is publicly proved. A truth can be privately known (for example, the location of buried treasure).

    The Greek word for “truth” is aletheia, which literally means to “un-hide” or “hiding nothing.” It conveys the thought that truth is always there, always open and available for all to see, with nothing being hidden or obscured. The Hebrew word for “truth” is emeth, which means “firmness,” “constancy” and “duration.” Such a definition implies an everlasting substance and something that can be relied upon.

  • Funny , that same Patraeus contacted me over Skype !

  • We need more minds on our side! Hit the ‘Like’ button, comment (even 2 words) and share this, you are helping us reach more people! (y)

    • Non disclosure agreement

    • The contract you signed

    • No contract is valid if it is not in line with the constitution. That NDA/contract argument is bull honkey.

    • Alan Volante He did it for the people and he woke the rest of the world up about how brainwashed we are in this country.

    • The indoctrinated defend their situation…

    • And the people that didn’t know what Snowden shared are fricking idiots! come on people Wake The F! up!!!!


    • I was for Snowden until he sold us out to China for asylum.

    • Mark Carlos Gui

    • The employers who hired you and every user on the systems you administered! And then you did what was right for hundreds of millions of americans and billions of human beings… so I remain torn!

    • Mark Jamie Brandon my guess is you didn’t keep up with the news in 2014. In may of 2014, the Pentagon was hacked by China. China boasted about it and claimed snowden told them where to look. Two months later, in an interview, he even said he did it so the Chinese government would not deport him back to America. Keep the fuck up dumbass.

    • So what? American government betrayed him first. If your two options are helping China or going to jail for life you would do the same.

    • I didn’t say the reasons he did it weren’t valid. But it doesn’t change the fact that he signed the contract and gave an oath that he wouldn’t release information and he did. So he broke the law.

      Sometimes being a hero has consequences

    • Hillary Clinton,has no respect for rule of law,National Security,is in question right now,then she lied when she said “I did not receive,or sent any classified information”,we know now that’s not true,she to signed a non disclosoure agreement,any country could have hacked into her unsecured email and discovered the names of our agents,find out military secrets,to me she is the traitor.

    • vote for bernie sanders

    • Snowden isn’t a hero what he did is actually cause a panic. Of course our government monitors certain behavior in order to protect us. Do people actually thing that there are thousands of people listening to our phone calls and reading our emails. Its called monitoring because we haver programs that look for certain words and phrases that get put together and these words or phrases get flagged for further review. How do people think that our law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, NSA, CIA amnd so on manage to stop certain bullshit from happening in our country? Do people really think that our law enforcement agencies just get lucky when it comes to these things?

    • And thanks to Snowden, ISIS and the likes know how information in the US is encrypted, stored, and trafficked. So now they can better hide their own and decrypt ours. All because he wanted to be the white knight of the American people. Again, thanks Edward.

    • Pamela Ann Tracy I am so sorry you had to go through that, big hugs

    • Have any of you seen the movie, Enemy of the State? Do you have a smart phone? or tracking system in your car? C’mon people, are they monitoring you right now at this very moment, no, however, if they wanted to they could at any moment any time. And Isis and other groups have that technology and long before Snowden. Actually just saw a program how the Chinese are tapping into anyone’s and everyone’s computer, especially businesses and stealing their technology. If you think our government is really for the people, you have been very misled. Since get go of its conception, which started out as a “revolution” from Britain, was about man controlling what they thought they wanted to control, and that was white males … the only thing that Obama and others now want to do is to have black males control us. Exact same principles, and in the end corrupt hearts/ egos, pride, it is not to help the people. Snowden, a total escape goat … wake up people. Whoever holds the most money and power is who gets the person they want voted in. There is a program, The Men Who Built America, Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, Vanderbilt ….. In that program they show a time where Rockeffeler, Carnegie, Morgan formed an alliance to make sure a Republican president got voted in, there was no VP at that time either … watch it, it is very enlightening. Take away whoever owns the most gold and power, rules us… we just dont know who that is because there is the President that gets paid to be the escape goat

  • Describe Hillary Clinton with ONE word! GO!

  • The way to overcome the predator class is to free ourselves of all obligation to them. Freedom from debt, including taxes, and mortgages, and rent will free us from the need for their jobs and their government. Without the need for jobs for our survival we can focus on creating local food supplies, on instigating local, justice, on free medical care, and on housing everyone. No one will be refused work because it isn’t profitable for some corporate predator’s wealth accumulation, we will work to care for each other. But no one will be forced to work in order to merely survive because the land and resources we need to be self sustaining are the human right of everyone.

  • Petraeus is pissed that he got caught leaking secrets in a “honeypot” foreign spy operation. Nevermind he issued orders contrary to his Cmdr in chief’s orders.

  • Double standards, hypocrisy.

  • WTF!!! just goes to show how corrupt the system is! No wonder why people hate our gov.

  • What exactly did Hillary leak? Please dont bring the bullshit classified email shit. Already been proven the emails on her server were NOT CLASSIFIED until long after they were received on her servers. I am not a Hillary supporter either but jesus this page is getting stupid.

  • Hillary Clinton is a traitor, Snowden did a patriotic act. Let’s kill Hillary and make Snowden president.

  • is it true? just sayin’

  • Just goes to show you, you should lie if in governmental service. It also helps if you’re part of the political establishment but then we already knew that.

  • So the terrorist attack was Hillary Clintons fault? Sad to see FTP fall for the republican manufactured ‘scandals’ and put up this tiresome tripe. There are lots of legitimate reasons to dislike Hillary. Benghazi is not one of them.

    • She denied every single request for security.

    • Saber Lambert that’s absolute horse shit. What right wing cesspool of the internet are you getting your ‘information’ from?

    • Any requests for more security beforehand were denied because CONGRESS slashed the State Dept’s funding. Any requests denied during the attack were futile. There was not enough time to get those people out, unfortunately, plain and simple.

    • Exactly, they did not have significant forces near enough to save our diplomats. Saber probably still believes in death panels and is a birther

    • Not to mention, she clearly has lied about classified information on her private email server.

    • If you believe that she is free and clear of all wrong doing then I have some unicorns I’ll sell you too.

    • Benjamin Bingham well lets see some facts instead of speculation. I’m not a supporter or fan of hers but I can see through the CONservatives attempts to smear any democrat with lies and specious rhetoric, it’s typical of their kind and lacking in substance

    • ok then the terrorist act was failing her duties as a first lady and surrendering the president’s dick to every woman but her. What about the emails or are you a traitor too Michael? her hands are so dirty with the blood of people that had dirt on her…she’s not cut out for government work…except maybe in the kitchen of the woman’s penitentiary.

    • Brent Waller if you could say anything that was fact based that would be a good starting point for a discussion

    • Brent is off his meds.

    • There were forces on standby when it happened, they were “awaiting State Department approval” which never came. And regardless of how futile a rescue attempt may or may not of been, one should of been attempted, because “help is on the way, just hold out as long as you can” is a far better call to get rather than “get screwed, your on your own”.

    • “Fox News” if you still believe anything from Bullshit Mountain ™ you’re a damned fool. Go over to fact check site and see how that claim stacks up. So sad there are tens of millions of people eating up that Faux BS daily, not questioning it, not using their critical thinking skills

    • Thane they wouldn’t have gotten there in time, they were too far away to save the diplomats lives

    • Michael Kittredge Hillary is a traitor and she even lied to the families of the people killed in Benghazi. “Assembling all of the facts, it now appears clear that Secretary Clinton endeavored to misdirect the public to avoid accountability for her own dereliction of duty and engaged in an extensive cover-up which persists to this day. She failed to call on Secretary Panetta to dispatch the military in an immediate defense of the besieged embassy compound, and she failed to heed the repeated calls weeks before from Ambassador Stevens to reinforce the compound in light of a clear and present threat to the compound posed by Ansar al-Sharia terrorists. Instead of admitting the derelictions and taking responsibility for them, she propounded a false narrative, callously, indeed heartlessly, communicating that falsehood even to the families of the brave men who died on September 11, 2012, in Benghazi.”

    • “It is beyond doubt, however, that the claim that the attack was a spontaneous uprising to an anti-Muslim video is a complete fabrication, one that deflected attention away from the real source of the attack, Ansar al-Sharia terrorists fulfilling threats repeatedly made that they would kill Americans in Libya (a fact well known to Ambassador Stevens who called for greater security for weeks prior to the attack). There can be but one motive for the fabrication, to avoid scrutiny of the handling of the affair by government officials and, in particular, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.” Where reality shatters illusion.

    • Where did you get that quote Brent? Intelligence community speculated it was a reaction to the silly video, and some politicians repeated that initially. that’s really the least important part about the whole thing. Avoiding scrutiny? Absurd claim. It’s been investigated about 30 separate times now, Cons in congress have nothing better to do apparently

    • Lol to people that think there is a difference between dem’s and republicans. Left wing / right wing… Same damn bird. Learn voluntarism and learn how to take care of yourself. Humans are not meant to be ruled.

    • Michael, don’t like Fox News? Here’s one from CNN

    • And there was plenty of time to attempt a rescue, Wheelus air base in Tripoli is only an hour and change flight to Benghazi by C-130, plenty of time to drop reinforcements in to hold the compound until an extract could be made.

    • Thane Thornton that’s a 2013 article before all the hearings. here read this it debunks all the lies and speculation you have been reading http://www.snopes.com/politics/military/benghazi.asp

    • “The U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s 15 January 2014 review of the attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi viewed video footage documenting the dispatch of a security team to the Mission compound within 20-25 minutes of the first report of the attack, and they found that no “stand down” orders were issued to the security team at the Annex: “

    • After the Diplomatic Security (DS) agent in the Tactical Operations Center at the Temporary Mission Facility alerted the Annex security team that TMF was under attack at 9:40, the Chief of Base called the [redacted] “who advised that he would immediately deploy a force to provide assistance,” according to a September 19, 2012, cable.

      Two armored vehicles were prepared so the security team could respond from the Annex. Approximately 20-25 minutes after the first call came into the Annex that the Temporary Mission Facility (TMF) was under attack, a security team left the Annex for the Mission compound. In footage taken from the Annex’s security cameras, the security team can be observed departing the CIA Annex at 10:03 p.m. Benghazi time.

      The team drove to the Mission facility and made their way onto the Mission compound in the face of enemy fire, arriving in the vicinity of the compound at approximately 10:10 p.m. Benghazi time. The Committee explored claims that there was a “stand down” order given to the security team at the Annex. Although some members of the security team expressed frustration that they were unable to respond more quickly to the Mission compound, 12 the Committee found no evidence of intentional delay or obstruction by the Chief of Base or any other party.

    • General Ham himself testified before the House Committee on Armed Services in June 2013 that the decision not to deploy close air support during the attack was made by him based on his assessment of the situation at the time, not because he was ordered to “stand down”:
      I will admit to giving a lot of thought about close air support. And in the lead up to September 11th, in the discussions about what forces should we have available, it was my determination, obviously with advice from others, but the responsibility was mine as the commander, was that close air support was not the appropriate tool in this situation.

      And as I look back on the events of that night and say … and think in my own mind would air have made a difference? And in my military judgment, I believe the answer is no. It was a very uncertain situation in an environment which we know we had an unknown surface-to-air threat with the proliferation particularly of shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles, many of which remain unaccounted for. But mostly it was a lack of understanding of the environment, and hence the need for the Predator to try to gain an understanding of what was going on.

      Knowing the intelligence that I had at the time, not obviously what I have now, but the intelligence I had at the time caused me to conclude in my military judgment that attack aircraft would not be the appropriate response tool.

    • Any questions, Faux boys?

    • I am still waiting for you dumbacrats to give any real facts.

    • Faux boy? Haha, you want to say Fox News is an unreliable source of information, your own link sights them as a source! ??? your cut rate website can only be as credible as its sources.

    • Michael, so Hillary had nothing to do with destabilizing Libya? Time to grow up.

    • Arkansas flu

    • Saber Lambert You are wrong.

    • Rob Olson You have gotten plenty of real facts, you just don’t like them.

    • Thane Thornton my link discredits everything you say with actual testimony and quotes from the people involved. Time to grow up and stop believing the right wing lies

    • Jon Beau you don’t need to bend over backwards trying to convince me to dislike her, I already do. Just not over CONservative lies. I’m voting for Bernie U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

    • Oh the link that uses sources like. How did you put it? “Bullshit Mountain”… So is Fox News only credible when you use it? Was there a double standard set before I showed up? And why is it your voting for Bernie? Could it be all the “free” stuff he’s promised you? Or maybe it’s because you’ve never read a book on economic or history… Here’s a revaluation for you, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and socialisms goal is communism…

    • Michael Kittredge Eric Stahl,U.S Air Force Major,he served as Commander and pilot of the C-17 air craft that was used to transport the corpses and 4 casualties from Benghazi,said there was plenty of time to reach them,John Tiegen Mark Geist members of Securty Team,refused to obey the “Stand Down” order went to save the 4 Americans,when asked why they came forward ,their reply was “No One is telling the truth” #1 There was help there,but received Stand Down orders,#2 There was plenty of time to rescue them,#3 the Whitehouse and the Secretary of State,would not respond to calls asking for help,that is the big question which still needs to be answered. I believe the ones that where there frist hand,they are not going to get on T.V. and lie they are the ones that where in combat risking their lives.

    • Preach it Saber?? Both parties are guilty and work together to DESTROY us.

    • Michael I was quite interested in your desire for a good debate and wanting actual sources however you failed by posting a snopes article. They aren’t investigators they are in fact a married couple who googles things and they are quite biased and liberal in their articles. Bottom line, snopes is not a reliable source for anything and you should probably stop using them. ?


    • Perhaps bbc would be a better source for you?


    • Thane Thornton that’s unfortunate they used a Faux source, perhaps it was an affiliate instead of Faux news. As for Bernie, it’s not about free stuff it’s about taking on establishment politics and the oligarchy that is corrupt beyond belief. Who are YOU voting for, Trump? You sound like a trump supporter. Social democracy is not socialism, and it is not communism, I can tell you don’t know what you are talking about. What we have now is crony capitalism and the end goal is complete tyranny by the wealthy where they use politicians as hired goons and puppets to stack the entire system in their favor. And they are well on their way to achieving that. You should actually try reading Bernies policies instead of just the right wing smear and lies about him. It’s not about free stuff it’s about systemic changes to address the issues facing us.

    • Kayla Patchin A linked in article and a blog, that’s what you consider credible? Okay. If you actually dispute the quotes and not the source that would be one thing. Are those quotes fabricated, can you prove that?

  • Truth is treason in an empire of lies


    • You’re*

    • Alan Volante I am american deal with it

    • Alan Volante you dont like it go back to England grammer Nazi

    • Alan Volante you fucking bitches care more about your culture then freedom jewish scum

  • God bless America

  • Lmao, what? Her emails didn’t cause that attack. Free thought my ass. #Bernieftw

  • That meme is incorrect and a lie.

  • Merica

  • It’s the American way, but I see it coming to an end.

  • heeeeeeeeellery

  • Edward Snowden was a disinfo shill. He didn’t release anything that people didn’t already know.

    • Prove it

    • Why didnt he release info that would blow the lid off the 911 cover up, or expose Hillary’s crimes? Everything he released was already known by those paying attention

    • Exactly.

  • Both treasonous

  • hellery

  • I hate Hillary. But she had NOTHING to do with what happened in Benghazi. They were PMCs, not active duty military. Please stop.

  • ‘Murica, land of opportunity…

  • Only if the people are so blind and ignorant to vote for her. If it happens … the whole planet is doomed.

  • SICK!

  • ok, i am calling bullshit on this 1, snowden released classified info. the bengassi bullshit was not the fault of the clinton, the powers that be didnt se it coming so how did she see it, she didnt, so saying the death of the ambassador was her fault is like saying trump is an honest man

  • Hillary has been somewhat been made a scapegoat for Benghazi. And is being attacked by both the Republicans and Democrats, who all want to beat her now. As a neutral observer, I see what’s going on in American media and it astounds me. Really? Trump? A socialist? What’s best for your future America?

    • Yea theres a reason she back peddled and changed her story. She was losing voters due to lies about bernie. So yea bernie over a liar and flip goat any day.

    • From your comment I understood you have no idea about who Hilary Clinton is. Well miss neutral observer check out Sharyl Atkisson’s interviews on Benghazi, Ken Timmerman’s interview on Benghazi and finally look on youtube the video the Clinton chronicles maybe that will help you with your ignorance. Second of all the socialists such as Sweden have free health care and free postsecondary education. As for the media they haven’t released anything against the Obama administration as regards to Benghazi so think twice before posting ignorant comments!

    • Better yet mz neutral go see the movie and ask yourself, what if that was my brother, son, husband or father on the roof that day… I understand how OBAMA got re-elected twice..

    • The socialist.

    • Wow… some people should think before they talk…

      The states is probably the dumbest nation in the world…

      Just look at this new election race, absolute insanity. The runner ups talk bullshit, and know nothing of real world struggles.


    • Matthew McDonald one does its what his whole career is about.

    • Senator Sanders, you can say his name. Lol I love how people say socialist likes its an insult. I’d take Bernie as our president any day over Hillary.

    • Jerry I hate to break it to you, but that movie is as factually accurate as Narnia.

  • Who said that life in the U.S. was fair? You try to inform, and WUAMO, your the bad guy.

  • Wowzers, it’s page is way fucked up, you are not the same as the first time I joined.

  • Democracy Raymond Scooter Houston

  • Not only that, she wants Monsanto to own the worlds food supply

  • Is this meme from a right wing page?

  • all thanks to MSM

  • No. It is not.

  • Sadly, Americans will remain brainwashed, even if you slapped the truth in their faces………now is that fair?

  • Seems fair here in upside down world.

  • It’s funny because all snowden did was tell us what well read people already know.

  • and man that chick has got some serious game when flippin’ coins smh

  • Where money goes corruption follows… A road where they lie, cheat, and steal as a way of life. Scary…

  • and here we have still more BS on Hillary. They really want you to hate Hillary so if she gets the nomination you don’t vote or put in a write in for Bernie effectively splitting the Democratic vote and letting the Republicans take the White House. Ignore this BS and vote in the primaries for who you want…In the general election you better vote for the nominee unless you want to be living in a Totalitarian Society run by the GOP

  • Perks of living in a free society…

  • No, it shows how much ignorance majority of people are in this country.

  • First Mr. Snowden, the mass of information violations are detailed within the Patriot Act and anyone may see it. This was never hidden. So there must be another issue or are we trying to save face? As for Hillary, there is nothing hidden, she allowed the Ambassador to stay. This was not his call, this was a state of war. This had nothing to do with his friends. Obviously the retort should be, “No! get the H$$$ out of there, we need you alive after this undefined-event. We’re risking boots to come and get you. Don’t let them see you die, after they have risked their lives.” Obvious many other ways to define it. No, undefined event, you’re too close to see the forest for the trees. So it’s not hidden in her emails, it was never there! juz say’n

  • Things are fucked up

  • Chet Jackson

  • Life, the world, reality, none of them are fair. seeking “Fairness” is an endeavor for children on the schoolyard. What IS terrifying, is this Republican in Dem clothing has a shot at the presidency.
    Fair or not, she is sloppy when it comes to our security and she carries herself as if she were royally entitled. Please vote for Bernie.

  • guess who has the most money out of these two ?

  • Free thought means I get to call this a pandering lie.

  • Not under my watch if I can help it

  • Where’s the proof she lied?

  • I’m honestly surprised a lot of these people are still “around”, if you’re picking up what I’m laying down.

  • Nope.

  • They both belong behind bars.

  • Layne Jones

  • This is a ridiculous lie, she has been cleared of any wrongdoing so please stop repeating false information

  • Where is your evidence? Prove It! I support what Snowden did, but what you are claiming is something that the a Congressional investigative panel of mostly Republicans, the FBI and the CIA found no evidence of, exactly what did she lie about? Again PROVE IT!

  • Not it is not but neither is false information.

  • American…

  • Sounds like a clear double standard to me.

  • she got da juice ming

  • No.. It’s not fair. #hillaryforprison2016

  • This is ridiculous, actually. “Lied about everything?” What the fuck does that even mean? Fuck this misogynist bullshit and fuck you. Benghazi was a tragedy and Hillary did not cause it. If you want to blame someone, blame the Republicans in Congress who cut the budget for embassy security.

  • Total Horseshit.

  • She’s the chosen one by the Rothschild/ Rockefeller Elites

  • pretty sick….


  • Cynthia Garcia

  • Yet all these dirty but hillbillys are anti Hillary however firmly believe that Snowden is a traitor…

  • That fucking murder needs to be in prison!

  • In full view of the world and more importantly, in full view of the American people. Dear America, you are going to have to end the reign of the real terrorists, the ones that own you.

  • Well no its not fair, or correct

  • #hillaryforprision2016

  • Does anybody else think that The Free Thought Project is full of shit?!?! I started following them because I thought that they were an organization that exposed real truth the media didn’t want to inform us about. But now I’m starting to think that they will just vomit whatever misguided information they think will give them the people’s FB likes!! Someone tell them to get their heads out of their asses!!

  • Nathan Nelson

  • Josh Smith

  • Amazing that huge donations can buy protection

  • Dammitt

  • You forget that Hillary was found with emails on her unsecured private server that contained espionage techniques and identities of spies. That info could have been hacked and obtained by the Chinese and Russians, putting those spies’ lives in danger. Oh, but DNC insiders want to elect Hillary, anyway. #feelthebern

  • This is despicable!!!!!

  • Hillary, Bernie, Obama……They are all of the same persuasion. You all just follow the show.

  • Hmm…

  • Samuel

    • Wtf caused deaths?? I never heard of this?

    • Wtf thats all anyones talked about with her. The Benghazi incident and her emails with indicted her

    • *which

    • Oh shit I didn’t read into that. I’ll check it out

  • Whaaaat da fuhhhhhk⁉⁉⁉

  • and that’s the sad world we live in.

  • Hillary was not the cause of Bengazi deaths. Stephens and the others disregarded warnings. Plus the Embassy was a known fake set up by the CIA.

  • No but thats life

  • Sorry no, goes too far. Not a Hillary supporter but I don’t accept that she permitted or tried to cover up the events in Benghazi.

  • Look, I don’t like Hillary (and I think Snowden is a hero), but, c’mon, man. Hillary didn’t have shit to do with Benghazi. Those people are dead due to funding cuts that originated from, were championed by, and were passed by Republicans. Just because she was Secretary of State doesn’t mean that it was her fault.

  • Someone please explain to me the logic?

  • that does not seem like cricket to me either!!

  • The rule of law is dead. Bankers, government officials and the wealthy have virtual immunity for blatant criminality while the little people are prosecuted for trivial offenses. As Glenn Greenwald wrote “With Liberty and Justice for Some”

    • What Bankers have immunity? The ones you show up for begging for $250,000 to build or buy your home that you don’t have the money for? The one you ask for the loan for that car you don’t have the money for? The ones who you loan money to and keep safe, backed by FDIC should something happen? Investment Bankers who you use to fight inflation against the dollar you make now to be worth more in the future? There are bad people in every aspect of every business; they were called ARM lenders and people were too greedy trying to buy a home they never should have been in to begin with. Stop this Banker crap! The crooks are the every day working man and women who haven’t taught themselves any better. They live beyond their means and try to keep up with Jones’ and expect the government to do it all for them. Just because the wealthy found a way to make money doesn’t make them evil. They are part of the American Dream like the rest of us. Maybe if the everyday person voted and tried to have a say in any issue at all, there would be a difference. Americans like to complain, not repair.

    • Idiot ^^^^

    • Miles Van Veckhoven Bankers who fraudulently marketed securities as investment grade when they were taking short positions against those same securities. Bankers who made loans to obviously unqualified buyers. Bankers who then re-sold those garbage loans as investment-grade securities. Bankers who committed fraud by submitting false affidavits and improperly notarized documents to conduct foreclosures.

      The wealthy aren’t necessarily evil. The wealthy who obtain their wealth through outright fraud and special favors from government are evil incarnate.

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  • Because patriarchy!

    Kidding aside, no this is not fair. But it does show just how much the politicians (and celebrities) can get away with.

  • Snowden for Pres ?

  • Oooh the fucking irony…

  • Who gave the stand down orders, why was it OK to blame a religious video and say Benghazi was a result of of protest to an anti Islam video. She lied then, she will lie again.

  • .

  • I am calling for the arrest of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton for treason

  • Hillary Clinton needs to be executed

  • Caused the death of a US ambassador and 3 other americans? What planet are you from.

  • I think I will write in Snowden come November.

  • As a person who spent time as a Peace Corp Volunteer in Africa just before a coup went down…..the American Ambassador did not want added security and was not worried about it not appearing so he should have been asking right away. He lived in an unsecure place ….I feel bad for him but these Ambassadors need to make sure they and their staff are safe.

  • The world has done a flip flop nothing in the States makes sense . I would vote to get new contenders these bunch will harm the Americans not help . What would happen if Americans chose not to vote on any of these evil candidates . ❤️

  • I am not sure about this scandal business. I thought that there were several findings that showed this wasn’t the case?

  • Yeah… that’s quite in accurate. Mixing stories there….and no, I dont support any candidate for president this cycle

  • SUX

  • Definitively not fair… But she has more money than him, and knows all the creeps… My thoughts and prayers are with him, brave young man, with an heart and a conscience… More that can be said about her…

  • No.

  • No

  • It’s not fair, of course, and yet it most certainly IS an accurate reflection of American society.

  • I promise to stay in power, no matter what!

  • Meanwhile, Snowden is being the butt boy of a Russian dictator who murders journalists who disagree with him. And the “Free Thought Project” gets its info about Benghazi from Fox News.

    • Hey if you were in Snowden’s shoes would you care who your friends with right now? I’d cozy up to a cobra if it meant I wasn’t going to some black sight.

    • Sure, it’s like you criticize your father for being a philanderer then move next door to live with the serial rapist while continuing to criticize your father.

    • No it’s more like moving away from your murderous father because he wants to either kill you or lock you away, but the only person that will take you in is another murderer, just one that doesn’t want to kill you.


  • Piece

  • Give us your evidence. Seven investigations by REPUBLICANS and noting was found. The chairmen of the committees now admit it was all political to tear Hilliary down.

  • I just puked in my mouth a little and it’s hill’s fault

  • Yeah yeah yeah…. I think after spending a few million dollars to find dirt the republicans weren’t able to find any.

    Just a bunch of right wing nut jobs trying to scare people. But then again that’s all the republicans can do anymore because they lack vision and leadership. All they have is fear…

    I’ve got an idea. Instead of slinging mud and blaming all of our problems on gays, Muslims, Jews, and democrats why don’t you propose some ideas and work for the American people, not corporate america, for a change!!!

    It’s shit like this that is making me change party allegiance. >:(

  • False…we are over fake stories like these…

  • Fucking rulers

  • Hillary Clinton is just a criminal, why on earth would people vote for her??

  • I hope, I pray that you won’t elect this witch, it will have a bad consequences no only for U.S. but for all of the world

  • Paul Reilly

  • certainly no double standards to report here…

  • The real scandal in benghazi was all the innocent people killed by hillary and her republican friends.
    Not some fake diplomat/ cia gunrunner being killed.

  • And the politicians on DC lie to us about everything they want to take away from the people who work their butts off for this country and their families.

  • not fair … but happening

  • It’s all about the friends you have that are called Benjamins

  • Joan Neufeld this is exactly what we just spoke about. See we are not alone in this thinking.

  • This statement is not true or factually correct. But people will believe what they want to believe.

  • Liars. Hillary got caught in a Republican witch hunt.

  • Why are you spreading Republican propaganda that has long-sine been debunked?

  • Wow, she looks so goddamn fake.

  • Snowden is a true Patriot and Hillary is not all the republicans want you all to believe. But We already had a clone as a Pres and I see no reason why we can’t have another one.

  • American democracy at it’s best

  • Phoebe Fairhead Sam Lea maybe prison break does have some truth

  • Not just 4 Americans died… thanks Hillary

  • Fair…….. you want a participation trophy for winning the superbowl too…..

  • Ah! ….so The Free Thought Project is really just a front for the Republican party…..now I get it. I wasn’t sure, then I saw the “Lied About Everything” line….then I knew. Some Moderates question Hillary’s handling of Benghazi, but only Republicans try and sell the “Everything she says is a lie” kind of crap.

    • What about her and Bill’s lies about the real estate deals they made millions on and covered it up and lied about…..and other’s…..I am not a democrat I assign not republican…….as far as I’m concerned we need to fire then all and start over they are all liars and as controlled by corporations and the banking system…..it doesn’t matter who gets in office…….

    • Francis J Keller So why are you spewing Republican lies?

    • Allen’s mind is also a slave to the two party paradigm

    • I’m a progressive and I think it’s a fair portrayal

    • I’m not a Hillary supporter but I think it is baseless. Emails were marked classified after they were sent to Secy Clinton Snowden illegally took and disseminated classified information to another country.

    • Jon Beau – Who would that be?

  • Didn’t she bomb Pearl Harbor , kill JFK , steal the Kieshka , she is going to be our next Pres

  • If you are going to do something Illegal, do it from the top. Apparently the law doesn’t generally work at higher political and social altitudes.

  • Can’t bring myself to liking this. it’s just sad

  • Patty

  • What a lie

  • Shes a dirty whore.


  • that’s why i hate politics..!!

  • Snowden for President 2028.

  • Hey Free Thought Project, in ur honest opinion, who’s best suited for the job of POTUS. No answer of getting rid of gov’t cuz currently, America won’t be without one.
    I hardly see any anti-trump or Cruz etc..

  • The acronym if (god help us) she does would not be POTUS, it would be POS.

  • Is Hillary trying to dump her own snafu on Snowden? Seems like it. He fled for doing the right thing and knew he would be persecuted.

  • I want to know what’s happened to all the gold the US say they have, but haven’t

  • nope, not fair.

  • ……….

  • Welcome to America. Here if you have enough money and power the law does not apply to you.

  • Typical wrong-wing thinking 911 not Bushes fault. Doing nothing during Katrina not his fault. Changing the CIA s mind on weapons of mass distraction in order to illegally start a war in Iraq not his fault. But after the republicans passed a bill reducing embassy security worldwide then when an ambassador remained in a hostel area and was later killed it’s Hillary’s fault because she was in charge and should have done more with the less she had to work with!!!!!!!!!

  • And why, when I explain the same to Americans, do they get all ‘hurt’ and offended and start getting abusive!! Are they REALLY that f*&King stupid……I am beginning to think so!!!!

  • Nothing unusual here then..!

  • vote for bernie sanders

  • It’s not what you know it’s who you know, fair isn’t even apart of the equation.

  • She IS the next POTUS. She was tapped to be next after Obama before Obama was even put in office.
    “Presidents are selected, not elected.” ~FDR

  • psychopath.

  • The only scandal regarding Benghazi is that she flat out told the GOP led finance committee she didn’t have enough money for proper security, they denied any increase and they are directly to blame for any lapse in security. Not her. Period. End of GroundHog Day.

  • And that’s why I”m voting for Bernie Sanders!

  • Benghazi was small compared to her releasing of at least 22 top secret programs on an unsecured server in exchange for contributions to the Clinton foundation

  • She was also too incompetent to finish her term as sec of state but somehow is qualified for potus? Oh that’s right potus is only a puppet for the oligarchy anyway.

  • Try and figure that out
    …it’s all a rich mans trick

  • Yet every dipshit conservative seems to want Edward Snowden to hang, mistakenly believing that he caused the France attacks.

  • Yep seems about where America is heading .

  • the pigs in power

  • Of course

  • In the first presidential debate, Clinton was either lying or didn’t know her subject matter when she stated Edward Snowden when she stayed he was eligible for whistle blower protection. The program only handed 3%of complaints and Snowden was a private contractor. Hilary’s former campaign manager of 07-08 is Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who’s relatives own and operate the database at DNC and they attempted to sabotage Sander’s campaign and unlawfully kicked him out of the debates.The debates were held during low viewership. I believe Clinton and Schultz has been hacking Sanders all along because now Clinton calls herself a progressive, which she is not and borrows much of Sanders ideation and his standing on issues for her credit. She was livid a hell in Iowa when she gave her victory speech during a dead heat. She is a poser!

  • Hillary is an uncanny poser!

  • This post should be titled
    ” Welcome to USA”

  • and you think we’re not in decline…

  • Is this accurate?

  • Follow the bodies.

  • I do not believe that any of the statements about Sec. Clinton mentioned in this post have been PROVEN to be accurate. In any case “W” and his buddies lied the country in to a war hysteria and caused the death of thousands of americans, when you people beat your chests and cry tears of rage over the fact that nobody from that administration has yet to face war crimes charges, I’ll listen to what you have to say about Mrs. Clinton.

  • 7 investigations, no proof, snowmen is a traitor

  • Mark Weed your voting for that

  • cunt