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Pharma Giant Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $72M for Knowingly Causing Cancer With Product

(RT) — A Missouri court has ordered pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson to pay $72 million in damages to the family of a woman who claimed that the company’s talcum powder caused the ovarian cancer that killed her within three years.

Alabama resident Jacqueline Salter Fox filed a lawsuit prior to her death in October 2015. Her complaint was part of a broader claim in Missouri, which involved nearly 60 people.

Following Fox’s death at the age of 62, her son took over as a plaintiff in the case. Fox’s family will now receive $10 million in actual damages and $62 million in punitive damages, a circuit court in St. Louis ruled on Monday.

In her suit, Fox said she had used Baby Powder and Shower to Shower for feminine hygiene for more than 35 years before being diagnosed with ovarian cancer three years ago. Her attorneys argued that Fox’s terminal ovarian cancer was directly caused by the talc inside the personal hygiene products.

They also claimed that the company had known about the risk of cancer for decades, but failed to warn customers in a race for profit.

Speaking at the hearing on February 16, Allen Smith, an attorney for the family, argued that the company “valued profits over human life”.

“Johnson & Johnson was aware of every one of these studies going back 30 to 40 years,” Smith said, referring to a mid-1990’s government study that revealed that talc caused cancer in rats.

While Fox had other health problems that could have played a role in her cancer diagnosis, the attorneys insisted that her use of Johnson & Johnson’s products was key to the fatal disease.

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The company said that it was “disappointed with the outcome of the trial” and was considering appealing the verdict.

“We sympathize with the plaintiff’s family but firmly believe the safety of cosmetic talc is supported by decades of scientific evidence,” said the pharmaceutical giant’s spokeswoman Carol Goodrich.

In the meantime, about 1,000 cases are pending against Johnson & Johnson in Missouri and another 200 have been filed in New Jersey. Fox’s suit is the first to have resulted in monetary compensation.

In 2013, a federal jury in Sioux Falls, South Dakota found that plaintiff Deane Berg’s ovarian cancer had been caused in part by Johnson & Johnson’s body powder, but Berg was not awarded any damages, Reuters reported.

  • Cam Alft

    i use johnson&johnson in my work boots and on my ass after showers….shit!

    • Linda Brown

      Keep up the good work Cam !

    • Tim St John

      Corn starch is MUCH more absorbent and doesn’t cause Cancer. No awful smell either.

  • I’ve seen better day. But I’ve also seen worse. I don’t have everything that I want, but I do have all I need. I woke up with some aches and pains, but I woke up. My life may not be perfect but I am blessed.

  • Jennifer Riley

  • $72Mil? That’s pocket change for those assholes.

    • and they’ll still appeal. greedy turds.

    • David Schultz – Tobacco paid like $ 400 billion . With my states billion dollars share , they send us smokers , tooth picks & candy in the mail .

    • That team of lawyers was probably close to that

  • And nobody goes to jail… must be nice.

  • OMG, BS!

  • Once you feel avoided by someone, never disturb them again. Because the one who think that you are disturbing them, will never know how much you care for them.

  • Ha! I knew there was a reason I never like that stuff near me or my kids.

  • These sickos went for the one spot that mattered to peoples future .. But I can’t get a job working in a fish cannery or a shitty ass job at that …

  • Elii Rincon homie I told you

  • They don’t have to pay anything. They just won a judgement against J&J. Appeal, Appeal, Apeal.
    Exxon still hasn’t paid the court judgements for The Valdez oil spill.

    • Same thing with BP.

    • BP had to put up 20 billion in an escrow account to pay out from. Exxon just bought Sen. Stevens. Then Governor Palin. Both are gone for corruption. Exxon is still there.

    • They probably never will. Especially since they used their last appeal a few years ago.

    • Exxon is waiting out the lives of the recipient’s. They don’t owe the deceased or the children. The Johnson & Johson Family of Companies has the same law firm.
      Pay the judges and the lawyers and you don’t have to pay the plaintiffs.
      Treason by the standards of our founding fathers. Congress passed the backdoor laws that they use. The very reason that corporations buy politicians.

    • Robert Tarver not by your founding fathers but thr Republicans that you voted for.

    • Ann Henderson. The rules that define treason were set forth by our founding fathers. Although you are right about regulations and rules going out the window under Reagan/Bush/Bush (all of whom I voted Against). Yet none of the Democrats voted against corrupt laws and rules. They are also corporate owned property.
      Our current presidential race will cost billions of dollars. All for a job that pays $450,000 a year.
      Bush 43 took office (elected by supreme court) more than 3 million dollars in debt. 8 years later he retired with 2.3 billion (Only a small fraction of what his friends stole) and is still being paid that $450,000 a year AFTER all his lies and treason.

  • Talcum is right next to asbestos, as any geologist knows…….

  • I remember my mum getting upset with my nan for using it on me for this reason. I never liked talc anyway

  • Now you tell me.

  • The way of the world “if your white billionaire and kill people because of your product you just get a slap in the hand” this shows you how this world is run. Jail time is needed

    • Race doesn’t matter Fuck tard

    • Ha maybe not where your from but every time I see something like this it’s always a white billionaire getting some sort of fine and that’s it. If this was other than white would do you think would have happened??????

    • You’re

    • Oops my bad grammar police……lol

    • Any color billionaire can usually. Buy out

    • How many color billionaire do you know of??

  • They sell them self to another j and j before going bankrupt.

  • Whoa

  • Loni Owens

    • I saw this today somewhere else. All the more reason to not use a bunch of junk on or in your body. Stuff for your skin, food like products, or otherwise. I’m glad we’re noticing these things now.

  • Id beleive J&J any day of the week over a corrupt and distorted court of law in the USA.

  • Aunt Lisa Kay Collins does Grandma use this?

  • Lauren Keeney wtf

  • Jasmin Beasley

  • Bout fucking time!!!

  • In the meanwhile it is still available for sale. No warning labels… $$$ = immunity. What a system.

  • Cancer or not, who wants to breathe that stuff in? We never used it. Go with Butt Paste if a rash shows up. Clean diapers pretty much solve the issue.

  • Son of a birch gave us all cancer

  • Always washed and used burt bees.

  • 72 Million? That really is a drop in the bucket for them.

  • Witch got passed and okayed by our government !!! Hhhmmm

  • Angry that J&J did this crap in the first place

  • Good

  • Don’t believe it? Look here. http://bit.ly/1VFtGOc

    • A 2003 meta-analysis involving 11,933 subjects found a 33% relative risk increase of ovarian cancer for regular genital talc use. However since the baseline risk of ovarian cancer is 0.0121%. per year, that results in an increase to 0.0161%, so the absolute risk increase, if real, is tiny (0.004%).

      The authors, however, concluded that this increased risk is likely not real because their data did not show any dose response relationship. Exposure risks generally follow a dose-response curve. The more years you smoke, the greater your increased risk of lung cancer. But this relationship was not seen for genital talc use and ovarian cancer.

  • Oh I do believe it that’s what I’m saying is our government is at fault as we’ll !!

  • Sounds like BS to me.

  • Any person that cares enough to do their research would know just how bad it is… I became a mom at 18 in 2009 I had my son and nothing with talc has EVER been near him. Sometimes you just have to be responsible for your own health and make it a point to look into something before putting it in/on your body

    • That’s right

    • But blaming ignorant parents for not doing research on a product that is marketed exclusively to babies is not helpful. You are lucky enough to be very thoughtful and educated on healthier options for your family, but literally millions are raised to trust corporations and Brands at their word…who the heck would honestly think they would knowingly make this crap for babies if it gave them cancer?? Obviously, corporate greed outweighs human lives…a sadly typical outcome, as we are coming to find. My own grandmother was a daily user of this product, for DECADES…she died swiftly of a uterine cancer that ERUPTED FROM HER BODY, leaving the doctor who discovered it, as my mom put it, “VISIBLY SHAKEN”….I’m sure that her habitual use of this stuff had much to do with her untimely death…she was only 64. She had been a Nurse in a hospital for 25 years, and didn’t know this stuff caused cancer. I didn’t know this stuff caused cancer, until last year I saw a random commercial on local tv for a pending lawsuit against J&J for baby powder being linked to cancer….I researched the claim, and found the info…I posted about it immediately…like you, I am a very conscientious parent, avoiding plastics, parabens, carcinogens, junk food, etc…I didn’t know, with all my research into other areas of my children’s welfare, that baby powder, if all things, was linked with cancer….so please don’t call other parents uncaring or irresponsible for not knowing about this. Companies spend billions of dollars getting us to buy their crap, telling us we have such-and-such problem, then making up things for us to buy to fix said problem, that they told us we had in the first place. It’s classic marketing…they also love to bury the problems the unnecessary products they sell us cause, leaving the unsuspecting public in the dark, schilling out pennies for poison. My children are my world, just like your children are yours…we parents need to support and educate each other, not snark and tear each other down for not realizing simple baby powder was deadly…really, who woulda thought?

    • What research did you do that provided scientific evidence or any evidence for that matter, that talcum powder causes cancer?

    • A lot of products are marketed for babies that I would not want anywhere near my child. Just because something is being shoved in your face with a cute colorful picture/commercial doesn’t mean it’s any good, I’m glad you’re beginning to realize that. I’d like to mention that NOBODY educated me about anything I know now about how huggies and all other diapers are full of chemicals but I did my research and figured out that they’d never touch my baby’s skin I decided on earths best diapers BEFORE he was born. Basically it went like this for me, one day I woke up and realized I was gonna be responsible for another human (I was still only 17) so being Hispanic and growing up in an area that wasn’t exactly rich I noticed how everyone was sick too early in life and overall unhealthy straight out of high school, so I decided that I’d do everything within my power to do something different for me and my family. I made the trip to the other side of town and walked into whole foods and I just took everything in I asked so many questions when I got to the baby section and then made my way through the rest of the store learning more as I went. After that EVERYTHING changed at home because I took the initiative to go for the very best and I’ve always questioned everything around me I’ve never been a follower. I also signed up to KIWI magazine instead of parents magazine and registered at buy buy baby instead of babies r us since they sell the BETTER products that I prefer. I am sorry about your grandmother I don’t know how I would’ve survived in those days where reading science articles and doing research in general wasn’t nearly as easy as it is today where all you have to do is choose to and only a few clicks away. In this day and age I still believe we are responsible for our own health, we can be the sheep that buy it all or we can think and ask more questions and be the survivors 🙂

    • Ezequiel Elizalde

    • Agreed!!

    • There is nothing in that link that says talcum powder causes cancer. I agree with researching for yourself but in this case there is no conclusive evidence to say it does so maybe a bit more in depth research wouldn’t have gone astray and you would of found that it’s not fact, but by all means it’s up to you on whether you use or consume anything.

    • Court case! Plenty of evidence there to find J&J guilty….read the court transcripts….

    • You are wonderful.

    • @chuck cook thanks ?

    • Allison Fisher similar to religion. We are told by someone what is believe who and what God is and he will save us from our sins. We believe it until we do some research and read more than the so called holy text. Then we realize we have been dooped. TV commercials brainwash people the same way. They tell us their products are the best for us while the makers of these products knowly are lying to us.

    • Callum McMillan I suggest people to not buy anything with talc in it. Throw away any you currently have.

  • I love this lawsuit stuff…go for a run during rush hour in some big city and then sue the sun for damaging rays and every car and truck that drives by you. Oh, don’t forget to sue the cities for not having exhaust fans…

  • Tessa

  • talc has arsenic and asbestos in it

  • Chelsea Mullen

  • Been using cornstarch for years because its natural. Smh.

  • Bohdanna Bihun

  • Only 72 million, slap on the wrist.

  • 72 mil seems too low a penalty for killing many people

  • Everything can cause cancer it seems like…

  • Time to
    Boycott johnson and johnson. If we all vote with our wallets we take away the power of the wealthy

  • My Nana said to not use it..

  • then buy plain food grade corn starch. thats what my mom used. right out of the box. argo corn starch. pure and cheap and unscented.

    • True. But too late for lots of people.

    • what the hell did they put in friggin scented corn starch powder that gave everyone cancer? You think it might just be a coincidence and that they’re just suing for the sake of suing like that jackass that spilled McD’s coffee on his lil johnson and sued for millions? I mean, you can NOT like walmart for their cheese, you can not like J&J for their powder and you can not like McD’s for their non-rotting food, but if we sue for no reason or for the wrong reason then doesn’t that make us assholes?

    • Not scented corn starch, straight up talcum powder. Talc particles are found in the ovary itself when it has been removed.

  • Kylie Hossack

  • That’s it.. Just 72 million?!?! What?? Was that like a half an hour’s profits??

  • Josh dad was right…

  • Ugh.

  • Courtney Ward Clark

  • Civil not criminal, far lower burden of proof.

  • I’ve only seen the 100% cornstarch kind.

  • Juliio Alvarez look into the rabbit hole. They are attacking us from every damn direction

  • Rose Krystal Mydonick crazy

  • EVEN though the studies surrounding wether or not talc powder can cause cancer are so under funded and done so terribly that there really isn’t any evidence other than the use of talc powder is the common

    Besides if the cancer it causes is only ovarian cancer then men would still be safe to use it.

    Besides corn starch is WAY better (or chalk)

  • A drop in the bucket to them.

  • Julie Westerberg

  • Katrina Elizabeth another reason to not use baby powder!

  • Era of not giving a fuck about poisoning humans,getting these products approved with fake samples then years later getting busted or sued thankfuly by few smart ones left left on this planet that do their own research and scientific studies and then they basically say opps sorry peeps we didn’t know (as if ) we were killing people and pay these what seems like huge amounts to you and me but to them is like a few shilings what a sick society power of politics have created.

  • Yes I’ve known. I’ve known for over 7 years how horrid this stuff is!

  • Brittany Cordova

  • wow. I did not know. Thanks for sharing

  • John

  • Troy Hazleton

  • !

  • Claudia Saucedo

  • Kenna

  • Wow. 72 million. That’s really gonna show em who’s boss. “One of the wealthiest family in history.” How bout sew them from being able to manufacture it. Take them out of products completely. Don’t let those rich snobs spit on the general public with their cancerous chemicals. Now days it’s nearly everywhere.

    • You keep buying their crap. They keep making it.
      Everything manmade causes cancer. Nothing new under the sun.

    • Lol I’m sure you are but I hope you’re just agreeing with me instead of trying to argue.

  • What was the makeup of the jury? Detroit? Another OJ fiasco?

  • Pozy Dalgleish look into this shit

    • Done some research, inconclusive, but cornstarch appears to be the way forward

  • Witmon Eisenhower David Pickard

  • She was rubbing baby powder on her ovaries?

  • Madison Dawn Klitz

  • Gigi Medina

  • Most of us knew this many yrs ago :p

    • Also, there is NO need for powder on a baby. Never has been.

  • Doesn’t come close to what they made in profit. Profit over lives.

  • So it’s bad to sell talcum powder because it causes ovarian cancer and has killed people, j n j ordered to pay $72 mill. Tabasco kills many many many more and has worse affects yet nothing?????

  • Kalle Lynch

    • This is why I don’t use this brand and only use organic. This is so bad!!

  • Sarah Milburn

  • Stix Topshelfton

  • Pnd Wipani

  • 72 million??? ha thats a joke …. how many of the people who knew about this got criminal charges??? NOT ONE farcical

  • Robbie Samuel

  • Who are they paying? The families?

  • Kristy Davis Kristelle McKinnon

  • Who would’ve thought it?

  • Carmen Avila

  • What is a life worth?

  • Sure, go for the sensational headlines, it makes for more ‘likes’ than actual reporting.
    There is no evidence for this and it will be appealed. Talc on latex condoms is a more likely candidate than baby powder. You do realise that the vagina has evolved over millions of years to keep the dirt out so the chances of something on the surface causing a problem on the ovaries is pretty small.
    This requires science and research, not a knee jerk response from a court. All this proves is that the evidence required to convince a court is not nearly as rigorous as the evidence required by scientists.
    Even the cancer council is skeptical.

  • Kore Eve A

  • Wasn’t it the feminine powder product ONLY?

  • The J & J I have in the house doesn’t list talc as an ingredient. It says pure corn starch. Is the issue that they’re lying or did they change the formula some time ago?

    • JJ does sell pure constarch baby powder, but they still sell the original talc, as do many stores that sell store brand/generic.

  • Not much

  • There’s no solid evidence supporting it causing cancer. None. Correlation doesn’t imply causation… and that applies in everything, everywhere.

  • Greed b4 need

  • I have used this every day for 61 years eight breast lumps and total radical hysterectomy and now you tell me THANKS ❤️

  • …and another reason to ban all Johnson and Johnson products is that they are Halal-even the podwder.

  • I did see this on the news this morning.

  • It’s not enough. Take all of their money, and give them cancer!

  • Kimberly Fielder

  • …doesn’t affect sales at all.

  • The corporations never end up paying – just the victims and their families

  • Terri Patterson Jamie Hollon

  • Too bad 72 million is a tiny drop in their bucket

  • Mary Brokaw

    30 or 40 years ago, the government found that talc caused cancer in rats. I never heard that. Did any consumers ever hear that? How much talc were they subjecting the rats to? This lawsuit makes no sense. I used it on all my kids. My friend uses it everyday. He is 66 and going strong. I never heard of it causing cancer in anyone.

  • Wonder what other products are out there doing the same thing.

  • Jasmeet

  • Fahed Othman Tawarah

  • Seen this Emma Coulson?

  • Sana Tanveer omg stop using this man!!

    • Yeahh i dont use powder anyways cos they say not to use any kind of talcum powder on babies

    • Good!! ✌???

  • Hell you do understand that your own TV’s,microwaves, phones, and virtually everything on this planet has a potential to kill you. They reckon Oranges can give you cancer. Are we going to then sue a farmer? Please and don’t get me wrong this is pretty bad but all because you don’t use baby powder doesn’t really prevent shit.

    • Haha there’s always someone trying to be a smart ass. But ironically they usually end up making themselves sound extremely stupid.

      1) ‘Virtually everything’ on this planet has been forced to use toxic petro-chemicals in its production. That doesn’t take it either right, smart or safe. These chemical engineers/manufacturers are also the ones making the toxic petro-chemical based drugs you like to call ‘traditional medicine’.

      ‘They reckon oranges can give you cancer’ oh really? Oranges are genotoxic? Haha! Please link is to the scientific evidence from the WHO or IARC that supports this? Didn’t think so.

    • Your first argument is about what exactly, how does it contradict me or prove me wrong. It adds to my point because no where did I say anything about ‘traditional medicine’ I said as a whole there’s not a thing that you either consume or use that doesn’t harm your body.

      Secondly the oranges example is a wives tale. It’s to exaggerate my point. So please next time you decide or think you’re being an educated being trying to fact check me don’t just assume that I’m being stupid.

    • Fair argument , hazardous stuff is totally intended result of industrialization I believe

    • The microwave contains an electron tube called a magnetron, which produces electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength a little shorter (“micro”) than that of a normal radio wave. These waves cause the water molecules in food to vibrate, which ultimately produces the heat that cooks the food.

      To dispel some misconceptions, it is important to realize that food cooked in a microwave oven does not become “radioactive”. Nor does any microwave energy remain in the cavity or the food after the microwave oven is switched off. In this respect, microwaves act just like light; when the light bulb is turned off, no light remains.

  • Levent Abu Milo Hameed :OO

  • Good.

  • This is pretty amazing.This stuff is sold everywhere all over and is still on shelves everywhere i go.So obviously they would fight this and say their product is safe so what scientific proof was brought to justify the court verdict against JOHNSTONS PRODUCT????it must have been conclusive surely to arrive at such a far reaching and serious verdict.??????and this is the first i have EVER HEARD ABOUT IT.

  • Oussama CH nta molaha… Mdr

    • Haha le7t lbouhoum tibikha f les produits ?

  • I didn’t think anyone even used that anymore???

  • Alanna McGregor

  • Lynn have u seen this? ?

    • Yup.. Why I only use the powder in Keegan’s shoes.

  • I new that shit caused that about 18 years back,gee where you people’s been,to busy looking out for,sars,swine flu,ebola,not to mention tummy bugs,and fungal toe nail infections,but true,that powder is as bad as the sunblock you rub all over ya bodies,pure poison!!!

    • Don’t foget dat chemikill dihydrogen monoxide yo! Let’s sue the gobernment fer fillin’ our oceans with the stuff

  • Sa’dia

  • Amy Sloane

  • Mmm interesting

  • So if they put the price of Baby talc up be 2c they will recoop there loses within the year….No big deal what was worse was it might have cost alot less had they settled out of the public eye…

  • Lara is this a Sam thing?

    • Yes. First thing I thought too.

  • That’s why I don’t use that shit!

  • ajeeb bakwas ha

  • Stephanie Smith

  • Ali Marangoni

  • Nikki

  • Dawn Smith Marino

  • Michael Bean is this true ?

  • Ti Mi, told you so….that’s how you trust chemicals.

  • Quinn McIntyre

  • Alicia Houchin

  • Kirsty Davies

  • Renata Scheepers

  • I did know and the brand itself has know since the 1970s

  • Oh no I’ve been using this talc for 50 years…

  • Bullshit. Kill all the lawyers.

  • Waz Ahmed

  • If they were a gun manufacturer, they’d be fine.

  • 72 million is a joke. That’s equivalent to a cup of coffee to them

  • Idgaf what this fucking nigger said or who he supports.

  • I learned about the talc problem years ago, and quit using it. Sorry that others weren’t as enlightened. J & J knew what they were doing, but chose not to react.

  • excellent

  • Cindy Cumberbatch-Veira

  • Marie-Hélène Ouellette

  • Donna John

  • Shellie Allman

  • Funny how we have water, baby powder, and food killing people in this country.

    And nobody is in prison for it.

    But man, if I got a weed plant in my backyard, I’m gonna do some time.

    • That’s cos, you smoke a little weed, you’re not interested in all their shit. Xx

    • More than that’s killing us…..

    • Oxygen too. Sue the government when someone drowns too. Damn gbenmmment

    • Something is wrong with that picture.

    • Move to a blue state. Red state are stuck on prohibition and hatred.
      Drunks fighting an abuse war??? While driving.

    • I live in Michigan. The blue are just as dumb as the red.

  • Elisabeth Comacchio no j&j

    • Yeah I know, their products are horrible and this case is so awful! Poor woman 🙁

  • Boycott all their products! Ur vote may not count but where u spend Ur dollar sure does.

  • Susan Patricia

  • j&j is one of the top contributors to the lines of carcinogenic products sold in drugs stores and supermarkets. DUUUUUH!

  • Nawaz نواز Shaikh Noreen Shaikh

  • “Sold more powder than Johnson n Johnson”

  • Dina Meshref
    Maha Hassan
    Lina Abdelsalam
    Yasmine Emad
    If you use it ..

  • This simply shows us how unreliable uneducated (without specific education in specific areas) can be. While there is a limited amount of scientific study that indicates a “possible” connection between baby powder being used directly on genitals and the occurrence of ovarian cancer, there are too many other contributing factors to draw a direct causation between the two. Line findings and awards are made based more on emotion than on science. Anyone who has spent any time with the judicial system can tell you that attorney’s personality, predisposition to litigation or expectation that “big business” will take advantage of consumers in exchange for profits, may tip a the scales. Take the suit against the National Weather Service where the jury found for the plaintiff who said that they were responsible for the deaths of two men who relied on the weather report to provide accurate predictions. Or, how about the woman’s suit against a fast food company because the coffee was too hot. In. Each case the plaintiff won and was awarded unreasonable reparation.
    Consider that this powder has been used to absorb moisture from the epidermis for decades without apparent problems. For the powder to absorb into the blood stream and lymph system it would, presumably have to be applied to the mucosa of the vagina, probably on a regular basis. To my thinking, this is a very poor hygienic choice, as I would consider talc to be for external use only. As I’m not aware of any disclaimers on the product packaging I can’t comment on that dynamic.

  • Glad I never used baby powder. Even the doctors and nurses said it was bad for babies. Prior to this horrible act.

  • i just bet you heard it in mainstream media ,……not ! economic expendable slavery!

  • Hit em where it hurts thats the only way we are going to stop the poisonous onslaught from these corporations.

  • Elise

  • The family company. Clue is in the slogan. They love to flip things around.

  • Oh, but what did they profit!

    • If you read the full article from a less bias source.. this was because of past use of talc, which is no longer in modern powder.

  • Jeff Dudewolf we were just talking about these fuckers

  • It’s Any Powder, not just J&J Baby Powder that causes ovarian cancer, traveling via the female genitalia system.

  • Talc=bad. Cornstarch=ok

  • Amber Sweeting

  • Ewa!!

  • That’s about a day’s profit for them, isn’t it?

  • Dumb bitch. Baby powder is for external use only!

  • sad ther wasn’t more warnings on them

  • I got that stuff in my bathroom now.


  • Daphine.

  • Whats a safe alternative to baby powder that will feel just as good down my pants?

    This is a serious question.

  • Ashley

  • ……

  • Danny Mendoza

  • Scary

  • Aaron Sy I guess we’re not using this anymore?

  • It’s always been a cause of lung complaints…..

  • Chelsea Thompson

  • Does the 72 million change anything…?

  • Talc is also in face powder, blush and eye shadow. What do we do?

  • I believe it! The Johnson name is scarred!!! Read this from 2014!!


  • good to know.

  • And it’s not enough!! Millions of dollars don’t mean much to the wealthy! We need to start seeing Billions being paid out at a time

  • Wow didn’t know

  • Melissa Ann

  • I read about this.

  • Lahana Love D’Arcangelo

  • I do love the smell of it though, never used it on my babies as my Mother said it could be dangerous.

  • Well shit

  • Lupe Morales

    • Oh yeah I know it banned in reno they dont sell it

  • White Collar Crime sure seems to pay, they got off easy!

  • This is legit the tin foil hat page…

  • I powder my satchel every morning before getting dressed. …. now what am i supposed to do after a lifetime of Deez Nutts being powdered in this stuff? 🙁

  • How about shut them the fuck down instead? No amount of money is worth any human being’s life!

  • Catherine Silva

  • Michelle Lilly Pagan

  • Only?

  • Divya Srikanth

  • Only 72 million??? Should be way more, however there is noy enough money to compensate for what these families have gone through..

  • If that was me back in the day peddling my wares.. and I got caught because my product kill people I be going to prison for manslaughter that’s a crock of shit those people should go to prison

  • Kimberly, Elaine

    • The lotion is what I wanted to use on her… It smells amazing and reminded me of when you guys were babies.

    • It has the same toxins lol

    • Whatever your still alive and you smelled amazing as a baby! 😉

  • Y’all need to study up on the cotton tampons you’ve been putting up in your vj’s too.. Not good either.

  • Get a kick of the comments and JnJ’s replies. Peep their FB page. https://www.facebook.com/jnj/

  • There is no rational cause and effect relationship between talcum powder and cancer. There is a lot of irrational nonsense.

  • So true

  • Monica MacGiolla Mhuire

  • What am I going to use now to keep my balls from sticking to my legs?

  • A 2003 meta-analysis involving 11,933 subjects found a 33% relative risk increase of ovarian cancer for regular genital talc use. However since the baseline risk of ovarian cancer is 0.0121%. per year, that results in an increase to 0.0161%, so the absolute risk increase, if real, is tiny (0.004%).

  • FUCK the System.

  • A good alternative, if parents still wanna use baby powder, Honest Co. baby powder. It’s all natural and talc-free.

  • this is an ignorant post. Baby Powder this week, Ibuprofen last week, sugar every day, Coffee………………………..but now all of you continue to take your Pharmaceuticals for the CURE

  • 72 million for one person.

  • Katie Roddy

  • Use plan corn starch

  • 72 million is nothing to them

  • Harlene Farrows I trashed mine last.night

  • That’s all? They should be paying more than that!

  • What I don’t understand is, why don’t companies have to pay back profits from the dangerous product? 72 million is pennies to Johnson&Johnson.

  • Omfg wat next

  • Only 72 million I’d be in prison for the rest of my life I did that.

  • Neha Singh

  • not enough

  • Bananas Junior

  • 72 million is like $7.20 for them…. They’re probably laughing their asses off…..

  • That’s fucked up, I bin seeing this in lawyer commercials here in California

  • That’s it ?…. that’s mass murder .. if a corporation is considered to have citizens rights …( citizens united ).. should they not be prosecuted as such?

  • Rub anything on your genitals for decades and your bound to have side effects. Including cancer. Fucking bullshit lawsuit, bullshit verdict. Typical America!

  • Why don’t we all just seal ourselves in little bubbles so that nothing can ever hurt us again..Oh, I forgot…air.

  • The cornstarch is okay. It’s the talc that is the problem. Talc and asbestos are often mined from the same locations so talc may have asbestis fibres, but even pure medical grade talc can cause cancer (which really sucks, because I prefer the feel of talk to that of cornstarch)

  • John Swiontek

    Some talc is clean. Some talc has a related mineral with it called asbestos. The talc with asbestos is itchy. So Johnson & Johnson didn’t buy the talc with asbestos (this was before the asbestos/cancer link). Then the bean counters took over and decided that it was worth the risk to buy the talc with asbestos and grind it up and filter out the asbestos. Risk management.

    • NomoreliberalBS

      Uh you need to learn about asbestos. asbestos does not cause ovarian cancer, breathing of the fibers does cause a severe lung condition which is not a true cancer (mutation of cells) but the scarring will eventually cause death, If exposed for decades of heavy asbestos fibers.

  • Bloody hell thats scary, used it most of my life, also had cancer!!!

  • Oh know ??? I use to put that in my jock strap?

  • Scumbags.

  • Just don’t use baby powder on your Ovaries, problem solved. Yay!!!

  • This is like a fiver to them is it 72 million per family …. yes… or no… I’m saying no…

  • killling people 72 million they paid of the judge it should have been closer to 72 trillion its premeditated murder and all the exes should be in prison for life

  • So how did it cause cancer?

  • Johnson& Johnson is the Antichrist … their building number is 666

  • the dumb thing is they just fine you……….THEY HAVE ENDLESS MONEY!!!!! fines and fees are just rich punishing rich….. i say if you or your product kills, goodbye.

  • Charlotte Dawson

  • Angie Campbell Forrest

  • Carly Wynne

  • Wtf???

  • NomoreliberalBS

    yeah right, its offcricial the bloodsucking democrat lawyers are now officially out of things to sue for.