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BREAKING: Cop Charged in Killing of Philando Castile — Police Admit Castile was NO THREAT

St. Anthony, MN — In the last 16 years, police in Minnesota have killed over 150 people, and not a single officer has ever been charged for one of those deaths — until now. Because his girlfriend pulled out her camera and filmed the horrid murder scene, America stood up and refused to let the police sweep the death of Philando Castile under the rug. Wednesday morning, prosecutors announced Officer Jeronimo Yanez faces three criminal charges for the killing of Philando Castile.

“No reasonable officer would have used deadly force under these circumstances,” Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said in a press conference. “Philando Castile was not a threat.”

Detailing the events that unfolded which led to officer Yanez gunning down Castile in cold blood, Choi laid the ground work as for why Yanez was being charged.

“Philando Castile was not resisting or fleeing. There was absolutely no criminal intent on his behalf,” said Choi.

Choi then detailed how, at no time, did Castile attempt to reach for or otherwise grab his gun that was in his “foot-deep pocket.”

“He emphatically repeated that he was not pulling out the gun, only that he was lawfully carrying,” explained Choi, noting that even after his dead body was examined that the gun was still in the bottom of his pocket — and, his permit for carrying it was in his other pocket.

“His dying words were in protest that he wasn’t reaching for his gun,” noted Choi.

Choi also explained how the other officer on the scene described an entirely different situation than Yanez — specifically a peaceful and non-threatening one.

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“During this entire incident, officer Cowzer did not touch or remove his gun from its holster,” stated Choi. “By his actions, and his own words, officer Cowzer did not see Castile make any sudden movements and was surprised by the gunshots.”

As Yanez fired seven shots into the vehicle, Castile’s girlfriend screamed, “You just killed my boyfriend!”

Choi then explained that Castile uttered his last words, “I wasn’t reaching for it.”

Yanez is now facing charges of second-degree manslaughter and two felony counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm.

“My conscience tells me that it would be wrong for me to ask a grand jury to make this decision when I know what needs to be done,” Choi said.

In July, this shocking video was streamed on Facebook Live. It showed Castile, 32, bleeding to death after officer Yanez shot him through his driver-side car window. His girlfriend, Lavish Reynolds captured the horrific scene on her cell phone, narrating the tragic events as she streamed them live to the social media network.

According to Reynolds and since admitted by prosecutors, police pulled them over for a broken tail light and callously shot her Castile to death after he told the officers that he had a firearm and a conceal-and-carry permit. Reynold’s 4-year-old daughter watched in horror as one of the people responsible for protecting society murdered her mommy’s boyfriend.

Philando Castile was an innocent man, gunned down in cold blood by an officer trained to think the public is his enemy.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit

  • Riley

    I believe that not all cops are bad, and the cop that shot him was definitely remorseful when he shot him. He started to break down, but I’m glad he’s doing himself justice and serving time. When being a cop, you also need to take into consideration that you’re about to take another persons life. I’m glad that justice came through with this case.

    • IceTrey

      All cops enforce immoral laws like drug laws so they are all bad.

      • Riley

        Doesn’t mean all want to enforce it, therefore they are not unless they want to LOSE their job lol.

    • D.j. Price

      what in the world are you talking about? he has only been charged. justice has not been served and from what we have seen EVERY TIME, these LEO scum walk.

      • billdeserthills

        That there is the crazy thing about being indemnified–next best thing to a license to kill

        • D.j. Price

          you should have read the comment i was replying too, he has since deleted it

          • billdeserthills

            You must have shoved his nose in it!

          • D.j. Price

            i have been watching and reading all these cop apologist comments for years, i have now decided to start calling them on all there bullshit, just waiting for idiots like common sense and t to post. i am actually working on a database for tracking info on police apologist. i am hoping that when revolution finally occurs we can lock them in concentration camps to re educate them on basic human decency is and what policing should be about

        • D.j. Price

          he was basically saying that the system works because the officer was convicted

          • billdeserthills

            The FBI says that 3 cops a day are arrested, it’s nice to know a few get convicted

      • dufas_duck

        Yep…I was just thinking about a cop that was recently jailed for dealing in drugs big time, stealing large amounts of cash from the evidence locker, and running a protection racket on other drug dealers while giving the dealers info about planned police actions to those who paid up.

        He got four tears in prison, [Most likely will serve 2 years..], none of his property, bank accounts, or expensive vehicles were confiscated, and no mention of him losing his police certificate……….

        Yet, a citizen will get anywhere from 25 years to life for the same crimes, all their property, bank accounts, and vehicles confiscated.

        Isn’t justice grand???

  • JdL

    This, and other recent incidents of police being charged for the endless stream of murders they commit, represent a very very small step in the right direction. We must not be complacent until ALL the murdering cops are held to account.

    • lissette.lynn

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  • patriot156

    Don’t forget Trump wants to start a National Stop and frisk program!

    • billdeserthills

      Why didn’t you tell me before the election??
      Did you know pres bush jr said he would sign any anti-gun legislation that crossed his desk?

      Don’t forget Trump also wants to use the No Fly list as a No Buy List for gun ownership
      That’s the thing with the shit sandwich vs giant douche for candidates as seen in SouthPark,
      you don’t get to pick and choose

      • patriot156

        I did I tried most told me to stfu I’m just saying he more likely isn’t Christ given as most believe.

        • billdeserthills

          Christ was just a prophet, he didn’t pick the president

          • patriot156

            Christ was Son of God not merely a prophet.

          • billdeserthills

            As a jew, christ will never be more than a prophet to me, much like moses, who served God for over 40 years–
            by comparison, christ got off easy, with the possible exception of the grisly death by crucifiction

            I do not speak for all jews, I know Dorrie would actually agree with you, not that I would refer to Dorrie as jewish exactly

            Cause to me this is the thing, since as a jew, I worship God I don’t need to ask jesus to ‘put in a good word for me’ as I supposedly already have God’s ear, so to speak–Not that I believe in heaven or any of that ‘be good now, so you go to the happy place later’ claptrap either though

            I mean, if you wanna insist that we all observe the same God, how can it be a trinity? My God is One,
            just like the Ten Commandments told me.

  • patriot156

    Good, there must be other or body cam evidence that’s not being released then?
    This is in your face to all the ass hats that said never pull a gun or not to do anything or do as your told crap they were spewing forever when this first came to light.
    It also puts to rest that he was somehow involved in some other armed robbery recently.
    But a charge doesn’t equate conviction it merely means there’s enough evidence to go ahead and charge this guy.
    If pro cops get on this jury though were dead!

    • yvette.arbour

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  • David Hall

    What a low IQ, coward & pussy to shoot a man like he did. He has the nerves of a small school girl. Trigger happy bastards are trying to kill everyone they stop. They are untrained & very uneducated pieces of vermin. They will get some cop suckers on the jury and the killer will walk as always. I don’t know why they bother to charge the POS cops, they never convict them. Just like that POS Ray Tensing that had a deadlocked jury in Ohio!. Even if they try him again he will end up walking free or acquitted.

    • elizabeth.brown

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