Grayson County, TX — Phillip Turner has done it again. The First Amendment speech rights activist has once again exposed police officers’ use of questionable traffic stop practices to highlight the importance of knowing one’s rights under the law.

Still reeling in a landmark court ruling for citizens’ rights to film police officers, Turner was passing through Grayson County, Texas on his way to Oklahoma this week, when he was pulled over by Grayson County Sheriff’s Officers Mark Hanning (10 years on the force) and Kenna Barker, who appears to be in training.

The traffic stop started with the officers approaching Turner on his passenger side and asking if Turner could roll down his window more. Knowing his rights, Turner refused and said if the duo wanted to see his license they’d have to come around to his side of the vehicle where they could feel free to see both items through his window.

“Texas law states I only have to exhibit them, I don’t have to hand them over…I don’t want you to think I’m reaching for something,” he said when asked to reach over his license and registration and hand them through the window to the officers.


One could say the two officers lost control of the situation from that moment, because Mr. Turner, who calls himself the “Battousai,” a reference to an animated assassin known in English as Himura Kenshin, remained in one step ahead from that point on. When the officers walked around to speak with Turner on his side of the vehicle (and on his own terms one might say) they began to question Turner as to what reasons he believed he was pulled over.

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Knowing his rights, Turner refused to answer any leading questions such as, “Do you still live at the same address as your license…Do you want to tell me why you got pulled over or do you want to remain silent?…Did you happen to see me sitting on the side of the road back there a couple miles?…Were you aware you were following that close?…How far away were you from the vehicle you were following?…So you were aware how far away you were from the car you were following?…Do you know how fast you were going when you came by?…When’s the last time you got a ticket?”

Through each and every question, Turner didn’t fall for the fishing expedition of the officers. What most motorists are probably unaware of is that law enforcement asks these questions in order for motorists to incriminate themselves. All Turner would say is, “It’s on my dashcam,” and refused to answer those questions.

Turner then took a moment to address his viewers, and followers alike. He told them, “You don’t have to answer those questions.” And just like Turner, he demonstrated how not to get a traffic ticket.

Officers Hanning and Barker said they’d be right back. Clearly unable to show evidence to issue a citation, the officers then attacked the darkness of his window tint. They went to their police cruiser and retrieved a window tint meter to test to see whether or not the window tint was ‘legal.’ It was, and he was not cited.

After getting both officers’ names and badge numbers, the Battousai passed them his business card, asked if he was free to go, and then rolled up the window as Hanning asked, “Where’s this at?”, referring to his business of educating the public about their constitutional rights.

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“Don’t answer questions, remain silent, and let them do all the work,” Turner advised as he ended the recording. But we had some questions for him. We asked Turner if he was actually following too closely, the precipice for which he was pulled over. Turner said he “didn’t see” what Hanning saw and was referring to when he pulled over the activist. He said what he did notice was how fast the officer was going in order to catch up with him.

Often times, as The Free Thought Project has reported, officers place themselves and the general public at risk when they travel at high rates of speed in order to catch up to a motorist they believe is guilty of breaking laws.

Turner said he purchased his camera system for $299 and installed it himself. We encourage all of our readers to get cameras and film because photography is not a crime and is the best form of self-protection from badge abuse.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • The Cat’s Vagina

    Dashcams rock!

    • David Daisy May Boldock

      Just bought one lass. They cover a multitude of sins. And sinners jumping on your car claiming you hit them haha

  • indecent_thoughts

    what kind of dashcam are you using?

  • Faheem

    My bad, I jumped the gun, and I stand corrected. I thought this was a video that I had seen before.

  • LawrenceNeal

    What are they hiding under their shirts? Pretty big bulges under there. Are bullet proof vests THAT thick?

    • Travis Bowen

      The ones issued to police yes they don’t get the nice new thin military ones cause they are expensive

      • Ryan Collins

        Speaking from personal experience… Military vests are anything BUT thin.

  • Richard Rosario

    Is Jack white? That is the MILLION DOLLAR question. It makes a HUGE difference.

    • Rob Norris

      He ain’t white lol

  • For real

    He’s an asshole for the most part. Lol

    • Justsomeguy151

      No, he’s a man and a brave man because we’ve seen hundreds of videos where pigs murdered people for far less than what this man did here. This guys is a real American, not the brainwashed dumbfucks that stupidly wave flags faking that they’re patriots but when it comes down to it, they bend over for the Gestaopo whenever they get pulled over.

      • Patrick Parry

        I agree… I believe there are hundreds of incidents showing police over-stepping their boundaries and doing harm to innocent people.
        I also believe there are tens-of-thousands of incidents showing police doing the right thing AND putting themselves in harms way to protect people they do not even know. I try to keep things in perspective.

        • My Father

          “ten’s of thousands”? Where? in the US? You mean cops doing the job they are PAID to do right? Still, where are these 10’s of thousands of examples in the last 5 years other than 911 where lots of ppl did heroic things and WEREN’T paid… Where? give us a few.

        • Charlie Robinson

          You believe. Then where’s your proof. Tens of thousands is a lot. Prove it. Putting themselves in harms way. Most police that die in the line of duty die from, car accidents, heart attacks/sickness, and domestic/ambush. The latter is very rare. So you see, policing is actually a very safe occupation. Not even ranked in the top ten of most dangerous jobs. Dum Dum.

    • NeonDisease

      Your comment is an insult to all the soldiers who have fought to defend our Constitutional rights.

      • Ryan Dailey

        Civic liberties are won by those who have bled on US streets; usually at the hands of the government.

      • My Father

        Although I agree with the sentiment of your statement, WHEN were our constitutional rights ever under attack by Anyone other than our own government? Thats just propaganda. The wars had/have Nothing to do with that. Like, Nothing. at All.

      • Charlie Robinson

        We are not talking about soldiers here.

  • joe56

    It’s incredible to what extremes and lengths one has to go through just to stay alive.
    A police stop in the past would have been no big deal, but today it could be the difference between driving away or being put in a box.
    I was actually scared for this guy. I seen cops reach in and open doors. That cop was really trying hard to access the driver, could have gone south quick.

  • PRDiddy

    Holy cow this driver is a douchebag!

    • Justsomeguy151

      ??? Care to explain exactly how??? An intelligent person can see that he was just doing what cowardly pig bootlicking slaves and dumbasses like you should do: learn and exercise your rights. It’s when pussies like you just throw your rights away in fear that pigs are emboldened to further violate our rights and their oaths that they swore to uphold the Constitution.

    • NeonDisease

      Why? For exercising the rights that our soldiers have fought and died to defend???

      Why do we even have rights if using them makes you “a douchebag”???

    • J38

      This is how you comment when you’re a brainwashed obedient slave that’s scared to offend his master

      • DaBadGuyCR

        You are just as brainwashed. Do you not realize this? “My mind is opened because someone else told me to open my mind” aka brainwashed into thinking all cops are bad.

        • J38

          Was the point of your comment to make absolutely no sense? Because if so, you’ve successfully accomplished it

      • Rose Reese

        That’s how you get dead too….

        • J38

          That’s how a coward who’s too scared to stand up for their rights replies

        • Avril Horne

          Because standing up for your rights respectfully, should make a person with a gun, wearing a costume “fear for their lives”. People shouldn’t have to fear for their lives from cops. But commonsense says we should, no matter what our actions/non actions etc.. As most evidence nowadays will show. Police won’t stand up for our rights. Even though they swore & took an oath to uphold them. If fact, they are a big portion of terrorists gangs (gov)state that do the exact opposite. Its refreshing to see some one not taking the bait & the cops not kidnapping or killing some one for a change!

  • SuperDelicate

    At first blush, this driver is an asshole, but if you look deeper, most people who think he was out of line, don’t get pulled over frequently by cops trying to be a hero by racial profiling some black guy, they just know must guilty of something…anything. Had he not had that dash cam, they probably would have escalated this big time.

    • Justsomeguy151

      Seriously??? This guy is is a brave, honorable man…unlike the thug trying to trick him into self incrimination. He’s a dickless, gutless parasite and traitor to America.

      • NeonDisease

        apparently “protect and serve” means “look for any petty excuse to extort someone’s hard-earned money via a ticket”.

        • Patrick Parry

          So, we’re just talking about getting tickets here, right?!? We’re not saying Mr. Turner would be seriously endangering his life if he rolled down his window and showed the office his license?

  • Ann Ralles

    Thank you! Can you say deer in the headlights about these knuckleheads? I think they got a wakeup. DO NOT OBEY!

    • shon

      He obeyed everything. He was under their control the entire time

  • hahaha the last, Best lesson here, when they tell you they’re finished or you are free to go, shut up and leave…

  • Stack Daddy

    When I’m driving behind someone, most of the time you can’t tell what someone’s race is. The driver is an asshole. For the most part Race is a bullshit cop out. I’m gonna start complaining more that I’m short and Jewish/Irish. I’m sure if this cop even sees this guy drive 5 over he will be ticketing him. Not cause of his race, it’s because he’s a dick.

    • Kim Rose Johnson

      Where did he mention race? He’s explaining how to get out of a ticket. The tips could apply to anyone.

      • Patrick Parry

        Someone in this thread asked about race. My guess is that is why Stack Daddy referred to it.

    • BruthaManFrmDa5thFlo

      Who said anything about race? I guess you open your mouth when an officer ask you to suck his dick without question. . . Yes sir officer!

  • Tim Faulkner

    I’d love to hear the officers conversation in the cruiser that day.

    • DaBadGuyCR

      “were gonna troll this guy to make him a good video” I’m from the area. This video is a laughing stock in the area because they fucked with the guy bad.

    • MLP

      They said “don’t worry, we’ll shoot one of those negroes soon enough!”

  • NeonDisease

    If your consent/cooperation didn’t matter so much, the police wouldn’t be acting so desperate to get it!

    Cops are NOT your friends – they didn’t pull you over to give you a hug and ask how your day is going.

    • Patrick Parry

      Just like any profession… there’s good ones and bad ones. in my opinion, there are far more good cops, than bad cops in this country, but most of the conversation is ONLY about the bad ones.

      • Jason

        Bullshit. If they work for an organisation that by its nature is corrupt then they are bad by association. If they were good people they wouldn’t be cops.

        • Wil Marsh

          Jason, does that reasoning apply to our military men and women?

          • Skip Burroughs

            Wil, No it doesn’t. When you join the military you can be jailed for simply not following direct orders. If you’re directed to kill you have no choice. As a cop, you can quit any second of any day.

        • Jason Veloz

          So where are ALL THE GOOD ONES when the bad ones are clearly murdering innocent people?! Don’t be a cocksucker or a hippocrate.

        • Tony Doshier

          This is no different then saying because yhe jail systems are full of black people that all black people are bad. Fucking retarded to say. You are part of the problem!

      • katgal1232

        You really have no idea what you speak of. I have seen several men in my family become that shitty cop, stop and wake up and leave the profession. We have been cops since we came to the US, I do know what I am talking about.

      • Edward Lorenzo Bell

        same thing can be said about blacks…

        • Rhondye Williams

          That goes for any race. But they arent in position of power over you.

      • Donna Mattingly Flynn

        Wish I could agree with you but I worked as a dispatcher for several months, beat cops/detectives/brass all under one roof. It wasn’t pretty and I did not leave with a high opinion of most. My Lieutenant, though, he was in for all the right reasons. He also stopped me from catching a ride home one night with Ted Bundy who was just leaving one of his many questioning sessions……

        • Skip Burroughs

          Nice fiction.

      • Rhondye Williams

        The only good ones are the ones that turn in the bad ones.

      • Little_Caesar

        OH HELL NO! They enforce illegal and unconstitutional laws. That is enough to disqualify them from being good citizens and policemen.

      • James Peters

        A quote by Dr. Robert Higgs: “The whole Good Cop / Bad Cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone’s anecdote about his uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop. We need only consider the following:

        (1) A cop’s job is to enforce the laws, all of them;
        (2) Many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked;
        (3) Therefore every cop has to agree to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked.

        There are no good cops.”

      • RJ O’Guillory

        …your opinion is incorrect. I grew up in…and around a family and friends of corrupt cops. I know the culture. It is not what they show on TV. It is corrupt beyond the definition….you should open your eyes.
        RJ O’Guillory

        • Patrick Parry

          RJ, how can my opinion be “incorrect”? It’s MY opinion… I own it. You can disagree with my opinion, but you cannot tell me it is incorrect.
          I am trying, (and will continue to try), to have meaningful conversations through sites like this… but it gets very difficult, (in my opinion), when people react in a manner that negates someone else’s views and opinions. Also, others that using profanity and name-calling are not going to get you anywhere either.

      • Steve

        It’s not a profession, 20 weeks of school does not make a profession, It takes 12 months at school for a beautician to get licensed to do your nails , a profession is someone who have at least completed an undergraduate degree in higher education but 20 weeks of school

        • Rich Dalton

          any type of work, esp. one that needs a high level of education or a particular skill:
          [ C ] the medical/teaching profession
          [ U ] I’m a writer by profession.
          Cambridge Dictionary.

        • Rich Dalton

          a : a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation
          b : a principal calling, vocation, or employment
          c : the whole body of persons engaged in a calling

        • Rich Dalton

          16 weeks to 24 on average. However the difference is, it’s monday-friday 7-4, at the least. Compared to typical college course, which is on average 1.5 hours long, 2x a week, for approx 16-20 weeks.

          It is definitely a professional.

      • Not pro Israel

        Im a cop (hypothetically) and I work in Department “X”. I know “X” number of officers are dirty and bad. I don’t turn them in because I’m scared of retaliation for crossing the “THICK blue line”, I ignore it. Years go by, he gets awards, so do I.

        I’m guilty of aiding his crimes under color of law.

    • Jennifer Lynn Anderson


  • Kent Carfield
    • jonn

      Either a headlight out, or they spit on the sidewalk!

  • Isak

    That guy is a prick. Cop was a nice person. The guy is just a prick with issues. Cops put their lives every day in danger to help. Sure you can find a rotten apple now and then but the system works to the benefit of society.

    • Ipo Kahulamu

      Youre a fucking retard.

      • Isak

        LOL. Your momma smoke and drunk a way too much days before she went for an abortion but the clinic was closed in your parts of wood so she decided to give a birth instead. And today the society has to deal with you. Do the society a favor, don’t have children. Ok?

        • Ipo Kahulamu

          suck one.

    • Steve Rusk

      Depends on which end of the gun you’re on. They are well trained in the arts of entrapment, they are legally allowed to lie to the public. Suppression of civil rights and revenue extraction are their primary mission these days. They are empowered with special protections, as well as the right to deceive and kill us at will in pursuit of that mission. Our elites have decided that these multi million dollar settlements for the police murders are an acceptable burden on society. After all is said and done the deeds stand, the victims remain dead and you should be very intimidated by how they got that way and the fact that no cops are held responsible.

      • Isak

        Well…. crossing Central Park at 2am I’d rather meet five cops with guns than one black guy with a gun. And I’m definitely not a racist. My brother in law is a black guy.

        • Steve Rusk

          Around here the parks are closed at that hour, chances are that you would at least get Tazered by those cops. Why does a black guy with a gun pose such a threat to you?

          • Isak

            If a park is closed I don’t go there. It’s called trespassing. Central Park in NYC is not closed, ever. And for me is not about the color of the skin. Is about values a person was raised by.

          • Steve Rusk

            Black values are worse than white values? We did make slaves of them and even now they are second class citizens in this country, target practice for the police, etc.

          • Isak

            You’re trying to make it a racist issue. Again, I don’t care about the color of your skin. I’ve lived in NYC for over twenty years. About ten in Harlem. At the bldgs managed by NYCHA. I didn’t have to. I chose to. I know what I’m talking about.

          • Steve Rusk

            You called it about “values”, in reference to the values of the “black guy with a gun”. So how would his differ from those of a white guy with a gun?

          • Isak

            Values are universal. Society puts trust and authority into men in uniform. No matter the color of the man in uniform. Are there pricks among cops? You bet. Plenty of cases every day.
            That’s why we have internal investigation agency independent of police and lawyers on both sides etc.

          • Steve Rusk

            Values sure as hell are not universal, particularly among cops. Sure most of us are brainwashed into believing they are to be trusted. However, just look at Ruby Ridge and Waco, as well as the current ongoing plague of police murders, torture, the framing of innocent people, their willingness to routinely use deceit, extreme violence, etc. The majority of these guys claim to be Christian and as such have Christian values. So what happens? Do these “values” just disappear when they put on the badge? Even those cops not doing the murdering, raping, etc. will protect those who do.

            Those internal investigations only cover up the crimes, subvert justice, protect the perpetrators and status quo. The corruption isn’t just at street level, it goes all the way to the top and is supported by our elected officials, otherwise there would be change. “Universal values”, that’ll keep me laughing for a while.

          • Ryan Rambo

            Probably because of things like what he just said lol. SMH

          • Steve Rusk

            Strangely enough they don’t seem to keep records of crimes committed in Central Park, but their estimates make it look like the safest place in New York.


    • Clarence Dass

      Was thinking the same thing. Just show some cooperation man. The cops showed a lot of patience with this prick

    • 174thandvyse

      Most cops are pigs, and that’s a fact. The name “pig” is very descriptive of their function.

    • My Father

      Oh yea he was saving society w that b.s. ”following too close” line. What a hero! These revenue collection agents you THINK are police hiding behind bushes and poles to write tickets are corporations. and the ”system” works to benefit itself and $$$. has nothing to do w justice.

    • Ray Zell

      Just about every person puts their lives on the line every day with the possibility of being in a car wreck which is what kills most cops. Law enforcement is not even in the top 10 of deadliest occupations.
      No one becomes a policeman against their will and no one should be surprised at what the job is.

      When it comes right down to it, this guy was essentially pulled over for ‘driving while black’ because there were no other charges.

      • Isak

        No. When there is a shooting you run away. They run toward the danger. I saw it multiple times in night clubs in NYC. And guess who was behind​ shootings every time?

    • shon

      The system is there to control You and Your thoughts…it is working great. You believe You are free. Lol.

    • Ralph Byrns

      Why was this man pulled over? The cop was not being “a nice person” when, although no wrongdoing was occurring, he pulled over this driver, who was apparently ‘guilty’ merely of driving while black. Blackness alone appears to have aroused this officer’s concerns. Color as a foundation for a traffic stop is a reflection of bigotry. Selective policing based on racial profiling is a violation of the US Constitution. If any laws were broken in this case, this officer was the perpetrator. My interpretation would be that this cop was the criminal — the lawbreaker — in this instance. This pattern of enforcement should not be permitted. Period.

      • Isak

        Are you a lawyer?

    • Charlie Robinson

      You are a fool and a jackass. What he did, white people do all the time and live. He knew his rights and he exercised them. The cop was a prick. Had no reason to stop him in the first place. The cop stop him because of the tinted windows because drug dealers ride around with tinted windows. That’s why he was stopped and he knew it. Great work dude.

      • Isak

        “The cop stop him because of the tinted windows because drug dealers ride around with tinted windows. ”
        There you go, now you know. He didn’t stop him because the driver was black. He couldn’t see the color of the driver’s skin.
        The guy was disrespectful from the get go. Refusing to roll down the window? Not handing over his license? Cop showed a lot of patience.

        • Charlie Robinson

          Spoken like a true whitey. When you are a black man in America, come back and talk to me. The guy was perfect in his response to cops. When you are black, this is protocol for dealing with law enforcement. And you bastard, don’t question me about why he was stopped because I know what the fuck I’m talking about. When you become a black man in America, come back and talk to me.

          • Isak

            I showed a lot patience and understanding while talking to you. So, you bastard now understand why cops who don’t have patience with disrespectful people treat you the way you deserve. Not every my experience with cops was pleasant. But I still have respect for them, not afraid but respect.

          • Charlie Robinson

            When a white person criticizes the way black person responds to police officers they are not speaking from personal experience because cops don’t target white people and harass and racially profile white people and lock them up for the smallest things. You are not showing any patience or understanding because as a white person you have not live the black experience. What crime has this guy committed to be pulled over anyway. Traffic stops like these quickly escalate into a person getting shot/killed. So speak from experience and yes I use the term bastard because I get tired of white people trying to tell a black person how they should act. After all we are not treated the same under law enforcement and I stand by everything I’ve said.

          • Isak

            You automatically assume that the cop is white. Have you been stopped by a black guy cop?

          • Charlie Robinson

            Did you see the video. They both were white. LOL. They said they stopped him for following too close. Obviously that wasn’t true because he wasn’t cited. So then they went to plan two, the tinted windows which is the real reason they stopped him. No cop stops you for either of those. Have you been stopped for either of those . Hell naw. Black cop. white cop. Stick to this story and don’t try to change the narrative here. You are just like these asshole cops. LOL!!!

          • Isak

            I’m just trying to help you. You’re not answering my question. Have you been stopped by a black guy cop ever? In my eyes the overly tinted windows are good enough reason especially if you can smell marijuana from moving vehicle a quarter mile away. Not in this case but as you mentioned that’s how the drug dealers roll in that part of town.

    • Charlie Robinson

      Has a cop ever stopped you for following too close. So who is the prick here?

    • William Aldridge

      Being a police officer doesn’t even make the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the US. If we had fewer cops we would have fewer cop killings and fewer manufactured false crimes that ruin average American lives. Let these police go find a real dangerous job like the rest of us.

  • Patrick Parry

    I would like to understand this better. Is Mr. Turner saying that if he rolled down his window, and gave the officer his identification, there was a very big possibility that he would be “wronged” in some way?

    • Ryan Dailey

      Texas state law doesn’t require one to hand over a physical ID. He was simply acting on his rights.

  • Mother Earth

    Any discrepancies are recorded these days, cops hate this digital right we have and is much harder for them to take out easy targets.

    • Avril Horne

      But even when this proof is brought to the courts (What a joke by the way. Just like how their own peers are supposed to judge & then act accordingly. Rarely happens. “We investigated ourselves & cleared our selves of any wrong doing” Wow. What a surprise.) They get away with murder. And the rare times that they are found guilty, its at the taxpayers expense.

  • Xolodnyj

    Being s car length and a halt is not too close depending on the speed and there was no way that officer could tell that just by eyeballing.

  • katgal1232

    Love ya Phillip!

  • Nathan king

    Bravo for staying so cool and collected, textbook encounter from this citizen.

    I wonder if this would have been so smooth with a more confrontational pair of officers, but nonetheless, very well done.

  • Neil Robinson

    Let’s see officers who are white, driver who is black. Yeah there was no malicious or ill intent here. You dumb if you believe that one. He wanted this one so bad because being the egomaniac wicked devils they are you have to wise as they devils they are but harmless as doves.

  • My Father

    Good sh% bruh. BUT they coming for you. Now all the white supremacist cops got you on they list. They killing federal judges here in ny. you’re lite work for them so BE Careful. Guidance and protection. Keep up the Great example. One luv!

  • My Father

    Revenue Collection Agents are NOT real Policeman.

  • Jim DuBois

    Pigs being pigs.

  • Jobel Barbosa

    look this dude in the car is a fucking retard! Thats how become a fucking retard! Stop acting like they are there to harass you! They have a job to do enforcing laws that you agree to follow when you get your drivers license that is also a privilege not a right so stop acting like you know anything because your just acting like a lil bitch!! This video just showed how to be a fucking asshole !! Thats it! You are making a video about how not to let the cops give you a hard time by giving them a hard time! Thats the reason cops get the way they do. How would you like it if someone that you had to interact with because its your job to do so, started acting like a dick towards you for no fucking reason just because your doing your job???! would you like it? how many times are you going to take that? Thats what your doing! your being a fucking asshole!! Hope you need them one day. You shouldn’t treat the ones you might need to call on one day that way. Just saying.

    • Brandon Nadeau

      The cops were being fucking assholes…asshole! Uhhhh…you were following too closely….BULLSHIT…if he had been they would have written him a ticket, not some warning!!! The only thing they were enforcing was racial profiling! You’re right, the video showed the COPS being fucking assholes! How would you like it if you got harassed constantly by the law because of the color of your skin, or because of that beard???

      • Jobel Barbosa

        So your saying that when a back person gets pulled over its Harassment. And if I get pulled over its because of my beard or because I’m Puerto Rican and they just want to be assholes right? It would never be because of something I did right? Your fucking telling me that I never went to jail or got put in cuffs or even ever put into the back of a police car it was all because i was just so lucky right? I can’t stand people like you Brandon and the idiot who made this video. Stop acting like they are all out to get you. Not saying that all cops are the best people in the world. But remember that little number you dial (911) when you need help because your hurt or got into an accident. They are the ones you are calling. I’m sure your more helpful to those who treated you with respect than the ones who gave you a fucking hard time. So go ahead and do some dumb shit like this moron and see where this shit gets you. I know If you treat me like shit I’m going to treat you like shit…

    • jonn

      Cops just doing their jobs, right?
      So tell us, was he pulled over for following get too closely?
      Was he pulled over for speeding?
      Was he pulled over for dark tint?
      Seems to me these cops were phishing for any charge, anything they could remotely stick as revenue generators.
      Majority of Americans don’t “need” cops in their lives other than come clean up the mess afterwards and tote off the injured/dead thug/s.
      Let this fact sink in about “needing” uniformed chimps……….Americans own 200 million + firearms, 12 trillion rounds of ammo. If we were violent, you’d know it!

      • Jobel Barbosa

        I will answer in order
        Yes to all 3. But did he give him a ticket for it? No he did not. If he wanted to be a dick about it he could have given the guy a ticket for following too close and maybe he was going a little fast to get through the light. And If I was a cop and seen tint on a vehicle of course I would check it. The guy in the car new his shit was legal. Thats why the guy in the car opened the window.
        Look I understand that everyone sees things in a different way. But when it comes down to it, the cop was doing his job. He didn’t write him a ticket. A warning don’t mean shit and everyone went on there way.
        But what if this guy had just robed the corner store. Got pulled over cause the cop seen this dude driving too close and catches this dude who just robed the corner store after killing the single mom store clerk that just lost her husband last week to a drunk driver that was not stoped by a cop who was to scared to pull this black dude over who was drunk off his ass so that he wouldn’t be classified as a racist, profiling asshole. And the guy ends up killing this woman’s husband while he was crossing the crosswalk. Getting away with it and never being caught. And then you come to find out its your brother who was crossing the cross walk. Would you still think the cop was just being a dick? WTF right?

        • jonn

          That’s a great deal of “maybes”, “what ifs” and “supposes”.

          The law deals with facts…..was he speeding, yes or no?

          Was he following to closely, yes or no?

          Was his window tint too dark, yes or no, ( fact-turns out to be no).

          Cops were phishing, plain and simple……..bad cops!

      • Jobel Barbosa


  • David Rivers

    haha love it!

  • Ruth Skowron Becker


  • Buck Rogers

    They are trained professionals along with being given tips from long term officers on how to . The how to is up to your imagination .

  • James Edwards III

    I think the truth is, just like the citizenry of this country must come together and reapply the countervailing force that will bring our government back into balance between the top 10% and the bottom 90%; so too, does the citizenry of this country need to reapply the countervailing force that will bring balance back to the relationship between the police and the community. This is simply a first step to making that happen; that is that we must know, exercise, and hold the Police accountable to, during every interaction, our rights as citizens of the community. The next step is we need to start making efforts as citizens of the community to bring these neighbors, these fellow community members who put their lives in harms way to protect us from harm, back into the fold of the community; they should not have to exist outside of the community to do their jobs; in fact, if our police officers were more connected to the community they would have better intel, and a greater sense that the community has their back giving them the confidence they need to do their job with limited fear.

    • James Edwards III

      Police actually exist at the will of the people; unfortunately, the people have mostly checked out with regards to holding the people in charge of governing the police. We allow corrupt politicians to siphon money away from the departments that need the funds. We allow the military industrial complex to dump all the un-necessary weapons into the hands of officers who do not need them. Etc.

  • Kerry C Conner

    1st Horse hockey, he had a warrant for himself, responsible citizens take care of that kind of crap right away. How do you just forget pending legal proceedings ? Once they run your plates and see that you are a return customer–you got problems.

  • blksailor

    LOVE IT!

  • Queen Mennon

    it is a shame that this is what it has come down to between the public and law enforcement. I think it has been like this all along. I remember when the police beat the hell out of miles davis as he was smoking a cigarette outside a club between sets. they beat him and his blood got all over his white suit. miles said the cops used to stop him in his jaquar all the time, 2, for no reason.

  • andrea

    It’s because of things like this that we are beginning to see the ugly truth: the culture of abuse that is rampant in our police culture. The completely useless freeloaders we are feeding and housing with our public monies, so that they can go randomly harass people like small children trying to get a rise out of them.


  • Deb

    To me the guy in the car is a total idiot with attitude from the get go. The police remained respectful even though the guy was not to them. They didn’t raise their voices, or ask him things that were unreasonable.

    • Avril Horne

      What “attitude” did this guy show? He didn’t raise his voice. He wasn’t rude. He complied with the laws. And then stated his rights. The cop tried to avoid answering the question of why this person was being detained/pulled over. The cop tried to trick/deceive this guy into rolling down his passenger window further by claiming that “he couldn’t hear him” so that the cop would have more access to the vehicle. Which with all the cops killing people (even while they know they are being recorded & still don’t care & walk) seems kind of suspicious on the cops part & taking safety measures on the guys part. Was his “attitude” recording for the cops accountability & for his safety? Was this “attitude” the guy invoking his rights & refusing to participate oh the cops fishing expedition? Or was it when this guy wouldn’t roll down his window far enough for the cop to be able to put his arm though & violate/kidnap/hurt this guy? We can clearly hear the cop on video. The guy states that he can. The cop is answering this mans questions, so we can deduce/figure that the cop can also hear this man. I know, total idiot right? Wanting to know what reason he was being pulled over for & keeping everyone held accountable by videotaping the interaction! And also since the cop walked over to the passenger side window first & then claimed that he couldn’t hear this man because traffic was on his/that side. (reasoning why he wanted That window rolled further as the cop stated) Then it seemed smart & or common sense on the mans’ part to (follow the law) place his papers on the drivers side window & to also get the cop out from potential harms way.

  • Mark Smith


  • Ibcamn

    nice….cops are criminals,that is their way of doing shit,illegally………we all need to start filming the cops.

  • Steve

    Dude you just got to stop driving when your black ! You know the American police don’t like that ,, and they have 20 weeks of schooling to become experts in it,