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Pictures of Mutated Japanese Plants Show Extreme Effects of Leaking Fukushima Radiation

The fifth anniversary of the Fukushima disaster was on Friday, March 11. Since that fateful day in 2011, the Japanese government and the United States have continued to deny the lingering effects of this catastrophic event.

However, the 8,000 deaths and the mutated wildlife are proving hard to cover up — thanks to the power of social media.

Last year, Japanese Twitter user @san_kaido posted a photo of mutated daisies near the Fukushima site. Originally thought to be photoshopped, the daisies were confirmed by numerous visitors.

But the daisies are only a portion of the bizarre effects of the nuclear radiation on local wildlife. Thanks to the power of social media, individuals have been using their photos to expose the harmful effects of the disaster, which government claims is nothing to worry about.

Below is a collection of images from Japan that are absolutely mindblowing.

Fukushima Plant Mutations

But it’s not just the plants that are affected by the leaking radiation. Shortly after the earthquake, animals were found with mutations. Video of a mutant bunny with no ears quickly went viral when it originally surfaced.

  • AJ

    Ionizing radiation has three possible effects on the cells of carbon-based life. It can cause mutation, including teratogenic effects in utero. It can cause cellular death, or it can result in no detrimental effects at all. We’re all rolling the dice on a constant basis now.

  • john smith

    so i have issue with this…from research radiation has litte effect on plants and thats why the plants near chernobyl are fine…im doubting my research and believe that there is a big lie somewhere…the fish at chernobyl are all fine the plants are fine and there are healthy animals there…..

    • Giovanni Pincoletti

      First of all, there are many problems around Chernobyl. You have chosen to believe the propaganda put out by all governments that always say there is minimal or no danger at all. They do not want these catastrophic accidents to kill the nuclear industry.

      Are you doubting that five years of radiation spewing 24 hours per day is not causing problems? The radiation has been detected on the west coast of the USA and fish have been caught with very high radiation content. Even the robots being sent in for the cleanup are being fried.

      This article was not meant to tell the entire lurid story nor will it show all the problems. The cry of the deniers is that what is shown or written doesn’t prove the case. What do they expect from a news story that must fit on one page and is limited in scope so as to make it understandable for those who cannot read lengthy paragraphs.

  • Edward Drew

    One rabbit don’t make it the radiation. Show me a hutch of rabbits I may beleive it!

    • Giovanni Pincoletti

      So, I guess nothing happened at Fukishima and the Japanese government is correct when they state there are no problems. Let’s just wait around for a while until all those cancer cases start popping up and the authorities scratch their heads wondering why there is a spike in the disease.