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Cops Fighting Mandatory Drug Tests – Claim it’s ‘Unconstitutional’ to Screen Police Urine

In an unprecedented protest against the routine offenses against due process and bodily integrity carried out in the name of the “war on drugs,” the union representing Pittsburgh police officers has condemned workplace drug and alcohol testing as a violation of the Constitution. Their zeal for the right to privacy only applies to themselves, however, not to the public they supposedly serve.

NBC affiliate WPXI reports that the Pittsburgh Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police “has filed a civil rights grievance against the city, claiming officers have been order to undergo drug and alcohol testing that is in violation of their contract.” Union attorney Bryan Campbell describes the policy as “an illegal search and seizure.”

To which those not protected by Blue Privilege might respond: Welcome to our world, FOP.

Under the contract between the City of Pittsburgh and its paramilitary affiliate, police officers can be subjected to drug or alcohol tests only in three circumstances: When an officer displays signs of impairment on the job, fires a weapon, or is involved in a vehicle crash. The union’s complaint arises from a recent pursuit that ended in a car crash. Two officers who participated in the chase but were not directly involved in the crash were required to undergo testing.

Another blatantly obvious reason for police opposing public scutiny of their urine is that it could reveal the usage of such things as anabolic steroids. Police officers are no stranger to ‘Vitamin S’ as many of them have not only been caught using the rage-inducing hormones, but selling them as well.

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Chief Cameron McLay insists that the terms of the contract allow him to require tests of all officers involved in a pursuit, irrespective of whether they were also involved in a collision. Union attorney Campbell suggests that the city is sacrificing the rights of his clients in order to protect itself in the event of a lawsuit: “They [the officers] don’t forfeit their constitutional rights to protect the city from a civil liability.”

The union complaint may be as much a negotiating tactic as an assertion of Blue Privilege: Since April it has been involved in highly contentious contract arbitration with the Mayor over budget restrictions imposed through the city’s “Act 47 plan,” a financial restricting program for municipalities trying to stave off bankruptcy. The plan called for a pay freeze this year, followed by a one percent raise next year, and raises of two percent in 2017 and 2018. These increases – which would be eagerly and gratefully received by people in the still-struggling productive sector – are disdained by the police union as insufficient.

Police in Pittsburgh have eagerly supplemented the revenue stream through the officially sanctioned theft called “civil asset forfeiture,” seizing more than $700,000 in cash and 11 vehicles in 2013-2014 (albeit much of the haul was collected subsequent to charges that generally resulted in a plea bargain). Special interest lobbyists associated with law enforcement are voluble in opposition to a proposed state bill that would place some restrictions on the practice. During the last legislative session, anti-reform lobbyists denounced the bill – which would reinforce the constitutional principle that punishment should be imposed following an actual conviction – as a “drug dealer’s bill of rights.”

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Residents of Pittsburgh who are found in possession of small amounts of marijuana can still face criminal charges that “can cost [them jobs, housing, and leave them with a criminal record,” pointed out the Post-Gazette on November 17.

Criminal defense lawyer Patrick Nightingale, executive director of the Pittsburgh chapter of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), points out that someone found in possession of a minuscule amount of cannabis will “still have to be fingerprinted, they will still have their offense recorded in a national database. They will still have a rap sheet.”

The City Council is considering a measure that would permit the police to issue a non-traffic citation instead of a misdemeanor summons for possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana or eight grams of hashish. This would result in a city fine of $100 and seizure of the contraband – in other words, it would offer a reduction in prohibition-related penalties while preserving the drug war infrastructure. This helps explain why the proposed city ordinance is supported by the Pittsburgh Police Bureau, whose personnel are seeking to retain their special immunity against the kind of drug war-inspired infringements of personal liberty routinely inflicted by them.

  • Please (Y) + Comment + Share if you think police need to be held accountable for their actions.

    • Hell yes!

    • Weekly ? I don’t know. That’s short. But sure yes.

    • Nope. If a drug addict will rob for his drug. They will kill to feed their family. Supporting an American drug addict I’m okay with it. Supporting illegal immigrants I am not.

    • All public servants , police , bailiffs politicians etc should have mandatory drug test and be held 100% accountable for their actions

    • Dan Siegel ?

    • Yep test them randomly. They need to be accountable Period.

    • Every frickin day

    • Yes, they should be tested.

    • YES!!!!

    • Just to bring this into perspective a little more…..from my personal experience…….I believe there is more drug use in the military that they are supposed to be held at a higher standard.

      So yes I agree 100% every cop should be tested because I know for a fact allot of them will be pissing hot. Just because they are cops doesn’t mean that they do not abuse drugs and does not make them above the law….

    • Then every one everywhere should have too as well, right?

    • Weekly is a little much .. maybe quarterly

    • Definitely!

    • If they have to carry a gun and make choices that involve other people life’s absolutely they need to be drug tested. They are handling guns in public , need I say more.

    • David Weissinger random testing as in the military…

    • Yeah they should, if they are going to enforce the law they better be following it.

    • Nick Sauble there is actually a lot of employment that do random drug test or test period. The truckers have to do random test the oil rig workers have drug test these positions that have to handle machinery and employment where safety is a big risk … so why not cops to when they are the ones that have to make on the spot choices risking peoples life’s?

    • I get randomly drug tested for my job. I probably have a few a year. So I agree. What I’d really like to back is drug testing all people receiving aid from the state and or government.

    • They tried that and had less than a 1% failure rate where it was experimented.

    • Frank Motzkus i agree with you too a point. The millions of dollars that would go into that would be so costly. And unfortunately there is no law that says you have to be sober to recive financial aid. When in reality it is those who have financial aid that dont know how to make proper life choices hench the reason they are on the program. But it does state that you have to be sober to use heavey machinery and to operate a motor vehicle. Most employment will fire you for being intoxicated while at work. And you are are in the eye of the public. Financial aid in this day gives you only enough money to barley make it. So if you cant budget you lose your house hence no longer a canidate for the program.
      The only way to get drug testing for financial aid would be to re write the criteria for the program. And in fact the whole program was designed for those who lack ” living skills”.. or who need a little assistance or assisted living.

    • Just do.hair testing

    • So it won’t have to be so often

    • (Y)

    • Weekly? Drugs stay in your body for months?
      Every 2nd month I can understand

    • As long as we all follow the same rules then yes. We all should!

    • Asbjørn Hersvik Your wrong some drugs only stay in your sytem hours depending on the drug it is. You might want to research what you say before you say it or you make yourself look a little silly. Marijuana stays in your system the longest because it binds to the fat cells in the liver so it can stay in as long as 90 days depending on how much you use. Meth and cocaine can be gone in as little as 4 to 5 days. Heroin also. So for a police officer with a weapon strapped to his side and the number of police killings in the U.S. yes a weekly drug test would be ok in most peoples minds. Most officers would fail miserably for steroid use i know for a fact because i have friends that are officers and he has told me a lot of them use it to strength train. I was also told a lot use Meth and Cocaine to stay awake at night to be alert this came from a FBI agent friend.

    • Ken Johnson I am not pro drugs but it’s fine if they use it but not if the people do huh? They should also be put behind bars!

    • Of course

    • Luis Vazquez Did i say it was fine if they use no i said they should be drug tested. What the hell is wrong with you did you not read or are you stoned while reading my comment? Oh no sorry it shows your a construction worker your drunk sorry buddy

    • And yes they should be prosecuted just as anyone else would be.

    • Good for the goose,…

    • Ken Johnson i take offence,…contrary to popular belief no all construction workers are on something…….

    • Hold them to the standards the DOT holds truckers. Seems fair. Both on the road long hours.

    • i think bankers wall street and congress judges all should be cause they control too much of everybodys life and we see what they do off the leash

    • bankers have screwed up the world make you think they are the devil who has decieved the whole world just like they have

    • Agree. Cops should be required to take mandatory drug tests. After all, they come into direct contact with the drugs they confiscate. I wonder what really happens to those drugs when they end up in the cops possession? Hmmmm…..

  • I wonder? Then I have a Eureka moment and repeat. No shit Sherlock.

  • Unconstitutional my ass:

  • Fair is fair fellas

  • Roid Rage!!!

  • Really????

  • They are fighting it for a reason

  • Test for all drugs and all steroids

  • If I have to take one for a regular job a person thats supposed to be held to a higher moral standard should also.

    • Or maybe its dumb to spend money on them in the first place. You shouldn’t have the mindset of “if my rights are broken yours should be too”. You gotta stand up for your rights. Until we all do, we will all be forced into situations we dont agree with.

    • But its ok for you to tell me what mindset i should or shouldn’t have,, you have no idea where i stand.

  • Haha gee , whatever could the reason be ?

  • LMFAO! Screen them wide eyed hypocritical mother loony f*ckers you’ll soon find out where all your confiscated happiness has gone.

    • best way avoid contact with the LOONEY FUCKERs you speak of is STOP COMMITTING CRIMES…. so strap on a gun belt and go work a crime riddled drug infested neighborhood or SHUT THE HELL UP…..

    • Jeff, this is a good start. There are too many “oops wrong house” or “we called 911 for our mentally ill family member, expecting an ambulance, and the cops showed up and feared for their lives” to say that just complying with the law is enough. Roid rage can be a real thing depending on what someone is on, y’know? I get what you’re saying too- if you haven’t walked the walk, you aren’t qualified to criticize. That’s a hard line too though, because in its extreme application, that would mean no outside accountability. There are enough cops criticizing their counterparts that I’m willing to say, there are looneys in the system.

    • Someone is angry!!! You won’t like him when he’s angry.. Getting upset just by words….I forgot ..no one likes the truth..Jeff that’s your job you applied for??? If you don’t like it.find another job

  • not good

  • They should be tested every few weeks……most are more crooked then the crooks

  • Because they have more drugs and steroids then blood. The answer is obvious.

  • Balls this .. big.

  • I believe all UA’s should be illegal.

  • These guys r not real cops do u see any donuts in there hands

  • Are these not the same individuals that operate no-refusal DUI blood draws? Hypocrisy much…

  • Drug testing is a stupid waste of money no matter who it is suppressing. If employees show up and do their jobs, who cares what they do in their PERSONAL time? Freedom? 😀 Cops need body cameras. Irrefutable evidence that shootings are justified.

  • Lol police what a silly group of gangsters they are

  • try doing the job. try fighting a drug dealer at 2 am…. they need the strength to fight the crime your afraid of…. Cops arnt committing the crimes, CRIMINALS ARE

    • Steroids are still considered illegal…. Therefore making it a crime. But I get what you’re saying.

    • Buuuut steroids do have very dangerous side effects. Such as rage, etc. and I would argue that professional athletes have it tougher than cops so should steroids be legalized for athletes and tough manual labor jobs then?

    • Are YOU a cop? You put on the blue and see how hard it is to avoid being a criminal if you think you can do better. Until then you can never say anything about cops because unless you’re a cop you have no idea, you simply can’t imagine it because the only way to know how to be a cop is to be a cop.

    • Nobody should be fighting drug dealers, drug dealers should be dealing drugs and cops should be fighting crime, people killing, robbing, raping, see the difference? One is pointless, the other vital.

    • Anyone doing drugs is effected in the same way just different means. Yes to testing Cops also.

    • Yes I’m a Cop…. I have never used any steroids, did lift weights… but I have fought drug dealers at 2 am… my point is… don’t criticize people that do a job your scared to do…. if you fear these cops, don’t commit a crime and you will never have to deal with them…. and don’t compare us to athletes that make MILLIONS …..

    • daniel, what do you think drives alot if those robbery, burglary etc….

    • So they should be allowed to take drugs because they are the “good guys” what are they hiding from the tests?

    • Dustin Pousson so your saying your a cop and you need drugs to do your job right? So you think its ok for a drugged up fuck wit to come arrest a citizen at 2 am then are you not a criminal too ? Your the type of cop no one wants leave your resignation at the office cos if you cant do it without drugs the department dnt want you ….shameful man

    • Roids arent stable or good for anyone. U can stay healthy and built without that..cmon man stop justifying that shit. They should be made responsible its illegal…PERIOD

    • It’s disturbing to hear the rationalizing of possible criminal activity by law enforcement, from law enforcement. Public servants should absolutely be drug tested, especially the ones that carry firearms!!!

    • Jeff, criminalization of drugs is what makes them so available, dangerous and destructive, the day you realize this you might join Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

    • Jeff just cos ur a cop doesn’t mean others are afraid to be one …sit fucking dwn super dick

    • Then workout harder! And use groups.

    • Wait a minute here.. You’re saying that because they work til the wee hours into the morning “fighting” crime, In a drug “infested” neighborhood, so they need not to be drug tested for doing their jobs under such conditions as bad area and time,of day… Maybe if you feel the need to be so combative, then the uniform you should be wearing is camouflage…
      Also, don’t think that people are “scared” of those guys/gals that sell drugs. Drug dealers deal drugs, serial killers kill people.. I’d be more afraid of the serial killer because he kills people.. The drug dealer sells what ever they sell. People should fear their product and if they fear it, they won’t buy it, making it harder to sell…
      either way you see it, if you’re using drugs such as steroids as a cop nonetheless, then you are breaking the law just as anyone else would be, and since you hold a position of authority, you should,be held at a higher standard and punished 3 times as harshly at that… Please stop trying to justify using steroids for your job.. It makes you hypocritical.

    • I just retired from the military. I know what a stressful job is. I’ve been piss tested almost on a bi-monthly basis, while conducting door to door searches downrange. Wasn’t a problem to us. Instead of fighting drug dealers we dealt with terrorists…. So I’m by no means to take on the job of a cop if I wanted to be basic….. But I chose a profession where firing my service weapon was pertinent. Your job is to protect and serve…. I noticed the mentality of officers has changed since they became militarized.

    • Lol

    • Lol, you need steroids to take on drug dealers? Rofl! I’m more likely to get injured climbing scaffolding than you are on “your beat” you little bitch, suck it up buttercup. There’s a thing called being a man, maybe if pigs knew what that still means, you little wastes of a good mattress stains wouldn’t cry so fuckin much about how “hard” your pathetic “job” is. Fuck outta here.

    • Jeff Dodson So just because you as a cop you believe that cops should have the right to use drugs that affect the body physically and mentally??? I feel sorry for you if this is how you really feel and pretty sad coming from a law enforcement officer.

      So I guess by your thinking truck drivers that snort crystal or coke should be excusable since they need to stay up long hours driving and not fall asleep correct?

      I am happy to hear that you never have used steroids but if a cop can’t handle doing his job without having some kind of drugs in their system then maybe they should look for another line of work. Having any kind of drug in your system that alters your judgement is how people get killed…

    • No Adrian, I dont. but I also can’t stand people that don’t have the fortitude to do the job, sitting back criticizing what we do….. mind YOUR business and let the dept. handle it….

    • michael…. your just an IDIOT…. and probably has had several run ins….

    • there is a whole lot of IDIOTS….

      TOD, I will not call you an IDIOT because of your military service… but Cops do not have the luxury of knocking on doors and making traffic stops with an AR15 strapped to our chest or pointing it at every person we are dealing with…. we have to react from a resting position…. your job IS HARDER than mine….

      yall totally missed my point but I understand the IGNORANCE when you have never done the job…. try READING my replys rather than just attacking with your IQ…

    • FREE THOUGHT….. that’s a funny title considering the people replying here…..

    • So again Jeff, if you dont use, why are so against the tests? Its like you stated, if you dont do nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear. Thats the mentallity you are preaching about how to stay away from cops correct? So whats the big deal? I have to put my urine in a cup to step onto a job site, because i work with heavy machinery that can cause serious injury. If i have drugs in my system it poses a risk to others, so could you explain to me in your job position how its not possible for an officer to misread a situation due to drug intoxication? Again, why are you against it if youve done nothing wrong. Im sure you have even given this reason when someone has told you that you cant search…

    • I never said I was against it… READ MY REPLYS …… I just can’t stand the INTERNET WARRIORS ganging up on a profession THEY CAN’T OR WON’T DO……

    • funniest thing in the world is a LAW ABIDING COP HATER….. what a fucking joke…..

    • Oh and my profession also has a higher risk than death or injury than policing. I just dont feel the need to run around assert my authority over others.

    • nor do I and I don’t see where your profession was questioned , whatever it is…

    • If you want to be a real criminal you become a COP OR POLITICIAN!!!!!

    • I work 60+ hours a week, net over 6 figures, have one misdemeanor and a few speeding tickets. So fuck your dumbass assumptions, you fucking cum gargling shitbag. Your “job” isn’t hard or dangerous, at least not until your frat boy reject boyfriends started behaving like the same laws you claim to uphold don’t fucking apply to you. Guess what bacon bit, it’s open fucking season and you mother fuckers issued the licenses, so the next time a cop dies, rest assured I’ll be cheering whoever does it on. I for one have too much to lose to go on a capital rampage, but I’m praying someone does soon. You’ve been overstepping your authority for decades like inbred trailer park toddlers and it’s high time some order was restored in the “justice” system. A fucking construction worker has a more dangerous job than you metrosexual douche grenades. So you better toughen that sphincter up princess, it’s gonna take a fuckin pounding eventually.

    • Send the pigs here.

    • Jeff Dodson I understand your point and I also can’t stand keyboard warriors that talk allot of crap behind their keyboards but, again like you stated above that cops need the strength to fight the criminals. If a cop can’t handle the job he is tasked at doing…..then he needs to find another line of work.

      I do give you credit for doing this line of work. I myself served in the US Army but I don’t think I would ever do what you are doing just because like I have stated already and there is too many risks to your line of work.

    • so tell that to all these 80 lb. women that want to be Cops……

    • Adrian, have you ever deal with a METH-HEAD…. try it, it will open your eyes at their strength…. look agree, steroids are wrong and unhealthy, just ask Lyle Alzado, wait, he’s dead…. and they do need to be disciplined for it … but that’s dept . problem…. As I said, the only that pissed me off is the key board warriors sitting back judging a person that may have to help them or a family member someday…. then what, will they change their mind…. how about if they see a Cop fighting with a bad guy on the side of the road at midnight, or anytime , for that matter…. will they stop and help him ir her ????? or will they just drive on by and snap a picture … or laugh… …. it’s easy to criticize a profession when the MSM loves to report only things like Officers using steroids or officer shooting an unarmed black man or a homeless man refusing to leave a location from trespassing. …whether justified of not, there are THOUSANDS of Cops that don’t do any of these things…. but it’s not interesting to read so they turn the page, turn the channel, etc….

      as you can tell, I am very passionate about my profession of 30 years…. the two professions I respect the most are MILITARY and POLICE…. because but are there to PROTECT….. Fire snd EMS are noble as well but the SAVE not PROTECT

    • all these other idiots in here, , well as soon as they open their facebook, they show their ignorant IQ….. the 2 Military personnel are the only ones on here that had a good argument. .. thank you for your service snd you PROFESSIONALISM …

    • Jeff Dodson Well I agree with you 100% and also thank you for your service because I know your line of work is one that I don’t know if I would be able to handle especially with drugged up meth heads like you said.

      Sometimes it might seem with my comments that I have something against cops, being considered a minority in California and because of the color of my skin I did get harassed quite a bit by cops so much that it affected me mentally. These days at my age if I’m driving and a cop gets behind me, I start to get really nervous and almost go into a panic attack even though I know I have not done anything wrong.

      I know a cops job is very stressful and sometimes they only have half a second to make a decision that can end their lives or someone elses and that is one reason I still have respect for law enforcement even after all the media coverage that has been going on lately…

    • Well I have heard all the horror story’s of LAPD… when I lived in California I was young, about 40 years ago…. I’m glad I don’t live there, I could nit stomach California these days…. the hippies have turned into Liberals ….

    • Jeff don’t worry they brought that liberal shit from CA to Austin and we’re having a big problem with that currently…… Just picture 1000’s of Priuses running rampid, thinking they’re entitled to the world over here…

    • I know… I have family that lives in Austin and we usually go to school every year in Austin….

  • But I love Ronnie Coleman! 🙁

  • Sergio Olivea

  • We are to busy drug testing food stamp recipients and cracking down on voter fraud

  • Every 48 hrs ….most all hard drugs are out of system in 72 hrs or less …unless its hair sample

  • Those who support drug testing on law enforcement, just go ahead and start calling for a meth head the next time you in trouble. That way you will free up 911 for law abiding citizens who respect and appreciate our law enforcement.

    • First of all im not stupid enough to call the police. They cause more problems than they solve. By the time a cop gets to the scene, the crime is over. They just take a report and go back to sitting on the side of the road generating revenue. Some of those Meth or pill heads could be inside the dept as well, but how would we know if they werent drug tested?

    • I love this whole “call am addict” thing. It makes no logical sense. My only options are cops or addicts? Someone help me understand…

    • If people are so sure that the cops are under the influence and therefore unable to perform their jobs, then call a drug head. Simple.

    • You’re a fucking idiot, dude.

    • I support drug testing of police. Simply because they have a lot of power and responsibilities and should maintain an incredibly high standard for things that can affect cognitive function.

      We wouldn’t want cops driving around drunk right? Why would we want cops using other substances that can affect behavior negatively?

    • Tell your little bitches in blue.

    • Anji, so if I suspect many (certainly not all) cops are on some drug, I should call someone who is on drugs instead of being pro drug testing? I guess if the drug is steroids I should call an IFBB pro then, right? Ronnie Coleman would fit the bill for both.

    • Wait, I get it now. If I think someone is on drugs, I should call someone who is definitely on drugs. Yeah… not making much sense pal. How about I call someone who isn’t?

    • So it’s ok for cops to hide behind their job? Get away with it?

    • Your logic makes no sense. Just because we aren’t cop worshippers doesn’t make us cop haters – that’s thinking within a false binary. I want cops to be held accountable for their behavior, but that does not mean that I can’t call them when I’m in dire need.

    • I’ve saved countless lives on duty and off. Fuck you haters. I held myself accountable. Cops ain’t all bad. Most aren’t, in my opinion. Yet. I fought with fellow cops all the fucking time in max prison. Foul cops knew I didn’t give a Fuck. I’d step up on them as easily as i would anyone.

    • Oh sorry, I didn’t mean for my personal respect for law enforcement and opinion to hit any raw nerves. But apparently it did to some. And again to those I will say, call someone else if your so hateful and paranoid about law enforcement.

    • Anji Reference Dean Goodlin and Andrew Beachy comments for why this applies to your last comment as well – https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/black-or-white

    • Smh….people can’t grasp the concept of an honest opinion. Oy!

    • You decided that it was your respect that bothers people? That isn’t correct. You also changed your argument and said “again” as though it was the same argument we had been discussing. I haven’t seen your answer any of the last three opposing or partially opposing thoughts, you just went on about people’s raw nerves and honest opinions…

    • Questions are usually followed by answers. But I’m not required to give answers to thoughts either.
      Apparently reading comprehension isn’t the strong point here. So let me take it down an notch or 2 for you.
      I posted my own personal opinion Period!
      If that still blows your mind, then that’s your problem.
      I really don’t have time to waste trying to play chess with a pigeon.

    • Seriously Anji Worley, you literally just through out the dumbest fucking argument ever.
      Your nativity for trusting the police aside, you really believe that the police are above everyone else?
      That they should not be held to the same standards as everyone else?
      I suppose you’re a quoter of “don’t break the law and you won’t wind up dead”.
      Next to the “call a crack/meth head” statement, that has to be the most ignorant, (and I mean that literally as in having no knowledge of) retarded ass statement that has ever been uttered.
      Get your tongue of the boot and do a little research.
      I am 100% against drug testing the police, but I am also against anybody having to take a piss test for a job.
      But only because I choose not to be a hypocrite. By no fucking means is it because they should get some kind of free pass.
      Please stop what you are doing, do some research and some real, open minded thinking and come back when you are ready for a logical discussion.

  • Go cops. Fight illegal drug testing. But until I don’t have to take a drug test to get a job cops should have too take one and then weekly so we the people know that they are clean and less corruptible

    • So then why shouldn’t you take one weekly?

    • Cause I don’t have power over others with a badge! And there are plenty of companies who do random testing all the time. Got a friend who works for Weyerhaeuser and he takes about 3 drug tests a month. I work for a private company not the public. There are so many reason but maybe you should read my first and second sentence again. I am not for drug testing, I don’t think it is right that a company can tell you what you can or can’t do off the clock. Nick Sauble

    • Anything else or did you learn to read?

    • all govt. employees should be tested regularly just like anyone else they should not be exempt

    • Haha well done Brian Bradley

    • Cops are given the means to take life everyday, if their cognitive function is impair by drugs, that makes them a danger everyday.

    • Nick Sauble Dude, Brian has a very serious argument right there…

    • they are drug tested! yall believe a half assed article such as this?

    • Michael F Doughty not all cops are. It is done by jurisdiction and by local law.

    • Michael F Doughty I’m not yet buying into that article but i do agree with the argument being put up.. Here are some more views on the subject, with a pretty good comment placed by an ex cop.. Cheers

    • Personally an interresting take would also be the fact that police officers need to count on their fellow officers and their lives rely on the actions of that partner..

    • And one more argument, for argument’s sake hahah: Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing for cops to feel the warm breath of Big Bother down their necks so some of them would learn to relate a little better with some of us poor mortal souls.. lol.

    • Do you really want cops on steroids that are known to cause anger and rage?

    • And All Wefare recipients……………

    • Michael F Doughty Actually they are not all tested it depends on the department and the state’s rules.

    • If they win, you can use their case in court to fight drug testing at work.

  • steroids wouldn’t make them Dangerously aggressive would they?

  • Maybe we should implement an either all in or all out for drug testing in all jobs no matter the job is and nationwide. We all take one or no one does.

  • because judging by the pic it would not reach the cup…


  • Are you a BIG fat PIG Dodson or a SLIMY ass licker, your sweaty SH*T stinks either way lad. WHIFF!!!

  • They enforce the law they should also live by it.

  • So people were demanding that we drug test the poor before they got food stamps (which I was in favor of mind you) but they are fighting this……does not make sense.

  • I dont think anybody needs to be drug tested unless something happens on the job and could be related to drugs. What people do in their homes shouldn’t hold weight for how they act on a job, if it does then the drug test should be implemented.

    • I will agree with you 100% after they take their guns away. If they carry weapons that can take anyones life in a second then they should be tested simple as that

    • My thing is if I smoked a joint 2 weeks ago it will still be in my system but has zero effect on my current mental state. The problem with urine tests are they aren’t what’s currently effecting you, only what’s currently in your blood. I agree they need some help with the excessive gun and physical violence but is drug testing gonna stop them from beating peoples faces in? I highly doubt that. These peoples drug isnt testable. Its power and that badge on their chest. That gives more of a high than any drug underground or behind a counter

    • Yeah its all situational. Some people can work fine with drugs or alcohol in their system and others do crazy things. But I stand by my statement in saying I believe their drug is power and they need better training on how to use it. See I just think freedom is feedom unless it effects somebody elses freedom negatively. I should have the freedom to do what I want in my own home as long as I dont effect others negatively. And just because joe or bob is a dick after a night of drinking doesnt mean my rights should be taken away

    • Corey Inman Agree with you that the actual drug testing is not going to alleviate the problem because the root cause of the recent media frenzy over abusive cops is the actual drug(the badge).

      Cops have gotten away with abusing the law for so long that they do not technically see it as they are doing something wrong.

      I believe cops need to get tested just like soldiers that are applying for special ops. When you apply to become special ops like rangers, green beret, or navy seals they ask you many questions and test your limits…any negative comment made by you or show any negativity in your tests……you fail

      but drug testing will eliminate the bad apples and help determine if they have to question the cops judgment after taking someones life…

    • I don’t think pot is the issue here.. it’s the use of rage inducing, self control losing, rational thought preventing, think they are better than god power tripping drugs… you know..like steroids.. coke..

    • So you think all the bad cops do drugs like steroids and coke? I doubt it. Im sure one or two have gone crazy and hurt somebody under a steroid rage but the amount of abusive cops supersedes the amount that do drugs. This means drugs aren’t the problem. Its the fact there are no police to police the police, if that makes since. Im not saying drugs haven’t been an issue. I just dont think its the primary issue and instead of wasting time on drug tests we need to find a way to take the police off this pedestal.

  • Since they want to pretend to be military. Let them take a drug test like the military does. Want respect? Walk the walk.

  • Ronnie Coleman picturedon the right was a bodybuilder who supported his lifestyle being a cop. steroids DO NOT make you a piece of shit. being a piece of shit does

  • What, they don’t want the steroids to show up?


  • They are supposed to be public employees. As a “public” servant they should be held to higher standards given their obvious ability to utilize force on the public. Steroids have been linked to violent behavior so they should be screened for this possibility.

  • Yeah especially for that shit. Makes them unstable and the test doesnt help with agression at all. I thnk Texas did ask Ronny Coleman to step down. Undeniable drug use in all 2 pics. I work at a gym for 10 yrs yep….test them. Paranoia,anger.

  • Did cops just say something was unconstitutional? LMFAO!

  • Pumped up on steroids can and does make men more aggressive and that’s the last thing needed from police officers, especially with their current track record. Fit officers is what’s needed, not Mr Universe wannabes.

  • Makes you wonder if these same cops are for drug testing entitlement recipients.

  • Mehh..nah.

  • I think half the cops who go off and do these atrocious things that keep happening are under the influence. Steroids are a big problem, thats okay though they all gonna die young they dont have the money Arnold had to keep him alive. By the way is it not funny that rich people always seem to be at the top of the donor list?

    • Anybody who takes responsibility for the lives of others in their profesion should be tested on hire and randomly, exactly the the military conducts the procedure, so you can’t cheat it. None of this commercial lab stuff too easy to fake it

  • Many years ago I had a single neighbor that worked at the police station, and she told us many stories. That is why I agree with they need to be tested.

  • Cops arent on druga they are on steroids.

  • Why not

  • they all take drugs but the fat ones. they dont have the guts to train like real people. and the drugs they take makes them nutts.

  • Steroids

  • If you carry a gun in public as a public servant you should pass a drug test. Simple principle.

  • Lol suprise!! Whassamatta, above a pee test? Military isn’t.

  • If you have nothing to hide take the test.

  • Steroids and HGH isn’t illegal to use. Only in professional sports…. But if i have to pee test for my job to pay tax dollars so you can get paid for your job go fucking pee and shut the fuck up

  • I’ve never committed a moral crime against anyone& do not, have feared sheeple robotic fund raisers like your kind, but plenty of law abiding peeps do for no reason but bullying pigs psychopathic egos~ mybe the few reasonable decent cops out there should stop shitting on the fence, grow some balls, and speak up for the people you’re suppose to serve. THE PEOPLE, else you get everything you deserve.

  • They don’t wanna go testing, but cuz of weed they’re arresting.

  • I’ve never committed a moral crime against anyone& do not, have feared sheeple robotic fund raisers like your kind, but plenty of law abiding peeps do for no reason but bullying pigs psychopathic egos~ mybe the few reasonable decent cops out there should stop shitting on the fence, grow some balls, and speak up for the people you’re suppose to serve. THE PEOPLE, else you get everything you deserve.

  • If you have nothing to hide there should be no problem with peeing in a cup. I’d like to know that the police officer out there protecting and serving our community’s are drug free at all times. I would also like to make sure none of them are on drugs for a mental illness of any kind, that’s the last thing we need on the police force. A well balanced police force makes for better policing.

  • How much do bluethug’s abuse people do to steroid rage or narcotics use, drug testing would reveal if its a factor.

  • hahahhahahahahaha

  • That’s Ronnie Coleman on the right. He’s a body builder, not a cop.

  • People on welfare shoiuld but people with guns should not, did I get that right?

  • probably becasue they do it them selves

  • Yuchhhhhhhhhhhh! I think a major part of their over-reaction these days is due to these horrible steroid drugs. They should for sure be tested on a regular basis as part of their job requirement. Why not? They are public servants and we all need to know that they are “CLEAN”.

  • As a citizen who has to go thru it occasionally, what is the big deal? I don’t mind, because there is nothing to find. The same applies to gun background checks. Go ahead and search. Of course, if I had something to hide from the gov’t, I would fight it too.

  • Actually, it should be illegal and is unconstitutional to drug test the police.
    But it should be the same for everyone.
    Nobody should be forced to take drug test for any reason.
    The police should remember this goes for civilians as well though.

  • Because most would not be cops . The U.K. Military and police all have random drug tests .

  • If they are not doing drugs why are they opposing being tested. Its up to the employer to test anyone they choose and noone should be exempt from that test at any job PERIOD especially public jobs.

  • Everyone that works anywhere should be drug tested especially if you’re in the business of making drug busts and collecting drug paraphernalia. Being a cop or being in a position of respect does not make you above addiction or drug use.

    • Perfect sheep mentality. Take away my freedom because of something that might happen. My freedom and my right to make my own decisions as long as they don’t infringe upon anybody elses rights. If my decisions negatively effects somebody elses freedoms then the law comes into play. You cant deny people their rights because of something that might happen or has happened from another person. Just because bob and joe hurt people when they drink doesnt mean I will

    • How is it exactly removing your freedom unless your freedom is drug use? Please explain to me what freedoms you’re loosing if you’re clean? Refer to my mentality as sheeplike I’ll refer to yours as fearful because that’s all you insinuate about yourself unless I’ve missed your point and by the way I’m not talking about alcohol I’m talking about dangerous illicit drugs..

    • What if its no ones fucking business what they choose to put in their body as long as no one else is getting hurt…

    • If you’re in the business of public service some of your choices affect others especially if your a user.

  • Everyone is worried about steroids here…. roid rage is a thing, but it’s less likely than a cop that’s on cocaine when it comes to violent response from them.

    Did it ever occur to anyone that a lot of them that use steroids do so to gain size and help their jobs become easier? People are less likely to agrressively confront a giant dude than a fat pig.

    I’m also 100% sure that the 3 dudes pictured could very likely be that size from excessive training and dieting and not steroid use.

  • Check their medicine cabinet. Even if they decide to drug test them it wouldn’t include the dangerous psych drugs and the like.

  • They carry guns and have to make choices on other peoples life. They Absolutely should have to drug test!!!

  • Hippies don’t want drug testing either.




  • Sorry broha welcome to the real world

  • EVERYBODY or NOBODY….No DWI suspect should get tested then, either.

  • Hmmmm… drugs would explain some of the hair-trigger violence…

  • I’m against it for citizens, so I’m against it for cops. #EndTheDrugWar

  • If they have nothing to hide, then they have nothing to fear…

  • They get away with murder. Even if they were tested and came up positive there would be no consequence anyway. Except using more tax dollars to run tests.

  • I truly can’t believe the ignorant and retarded comments that are being left here… plain and simple:

    – Any public servant that carries a deadly weapon and is able to take a life in a second should always be tested.
    – Every cop after any incident where there is property damage or bodily harm should be tested right away just like we have to be tested after any incident at our workplace.
    – Every service member in the military gets drug tested and cops should not be an exception.

    I do not have anything against cops, what I do have a problem with is cops that on purpose instigate or I should say irritate civilians getting them to talk back to the cops just so the cop has a reason to harass them further.

    I have met quite a few cops in my life with freaking shitty attitudes coming to me yelling for no reason just to try and get me to slip a little so they can justify their abuse…

    • Dude anybody can take a life any second of any day. Why should we waste tax money on drug tests? Do you really think all these dick hole cops are on drugs? No way. They’ll pass the test then take their anger out on somebody because they had to take the test lol. Cops are still people. That badge gives them the over powering power and strengthens their ego and they feel about the law

    • Well I do agree with you but if you were to loose a family member to a cop for an unexcusable reason, especially if you know for a fact your family member never broke a law in their life….I’m pretty sure you would want to know if that cop was under the influence during that period…

    • We drive cars that can kill, should we be tested weekly?

    • Stella im drug teated for my employment why shouldnt they be

    • Stella Kalfas

    • Stella Kalfas go vote for Trump then do us all a favor and run in front of a bus…

    • Cops are tested at random as are military members.

  • I respect police officers and yes they have a tough job,but explain to me how a person that literally has the decision to kill or not to kill does not have to test for drugs and a person at Home Depot who helps you find a faucet for your sink does.I’d sure as hell rather that cop be clear of drugs than the associate at Home Depot.I don’t think the wrong faucet is going to have the power to kill me.

  • Because they are stoned?

  • Because we live in a reality of unjustifiable unjustified double standards

  • Roide Rage,Tweaking, Depression Meds….All while in possession of a loaded fierearm?

  • Because drug usage among law enforcement is rampant. Over thirteen years in state corrections. Government thugs Love their drugs.

  • I worked for twenty years for the DoD and was subject to compulsory drug testing, or ‘search & seizure as your union so eloquently puts it. Nothing to hide;therefore, nothing to worry about

  • Does taking a drug test screen for violating constitutional rights, police brutality, or just plain being an ASSHOLE? Just asking. B

  • You’d think with this attitude the public worked for them. Reminder, they work for US!

  • But it is not UNCONSTITUTIONAL to force that or draw blood on Americans at a checkpoint regardless ? If we the people have to do it Then You Badged Accomplices have to do the same PERIOD

  • Because they’re Roid Raging with Guns.

  • Uh. Ronnie Coleman is not a cop.

  • That’s the reason they go round killing innocent people. High on steroids and speed. Test them every shift.

  • I don’t think ANYBODY should be drug tested.

  • They should not be above anyone else. If they say no, then we have something to be worried about. There should be random testing.

  • oh sure its uncontitutional u say uh i say 3/4 of unconstitutional shit u bastaRDS puts us thru JUST so u bastards can get money most of da shit u cops harass of over is pure bullshit an straight up unconstitutional so put that in urpiss test u bunch of sorry ass crooks

  • no shit

  • lets see how does it go? if you have nothing to hide why would you care? I believe thats what we are told about forfeiture of civil liberties

  • Went to a club in AA county lots of AA cops all that I knew were juicing HGH And Roids.

  • F-that get tested like everyone else!

  • Jajaja. They don’t want to get caught.

  • If drug testing is good for miners, pilots and others, it should be mandatory for cops and city hall, state and federal gov., including the President.

  • Does that mean nurse urine is unconstitutional? Where in the Constitution does it say you have a right not to be drug tested?

    • 4th

    • Boom

    • The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
      4th Amendment Annotations
      Search and Seizure
      History and Scope of the Amendment
      Scope of the Amendment
      The Interest Protected
      Arrests and Other Detentions
      Searches and Inspections in Noncriminal Cases
      Searches and Seizures Pursuant to Warrant
      Issuance by Neutral Magistrate
      Probable Cause
      First Amendment Bearing on Probable Cause and Particularity
      Property Subject to Seizure
      Execution of Warrants
      Valid Searches and Seizures Without Warrants
      Detention Short of Arrest: Stop-and-Frisk
      Search Incident to Arrest
      Vehicular Searches
      Vessel Searches
      Consent Searches
      Border Searches
      ”Open Fields”
      ”Plain View”
      Public Schools
      Government Offices
      Prisons and Regulation of Probation
      Drug Testing
      Electronic Surveillance and the Fourth Amendment
      The Olmstead Case
      Federal Communications Act
      Nontelephonic Electronic Surveillance
      The Berger and Katz Cases
      Warrantless ”National Security” Electronic Surveillance
      Enforcing the Fourth Amendment: The Exclusionary Rule
      Alternatives to the Exclusionary Rule
      Development of the Exclusionary Rule
      The Foundations of the Exclusionary Rule
      Narrowing Application of the Exclusionary Rule
      Operation of the Rule: Standing
      – See more at: http://constitution.findlaw.com/amendment4.html#sthash.D3U7wSel.dpuf

    • Which line Billy R. Miller? I see where it says drug testing so that means no one is allowed to do any drug test at all? If so how do they get away with it?

  • They’re right..it is unconstitutional…but not just for them. If everyone else has to have them, so should police.

  • Of course police should be drug tested. not for steroids as the pic would suggest, which are pics of bodybuilders not real police officers.. So should anyone who works with the public sector.

  • Where do think all them confiscated drugs go? Definitely not just to this government agency , but to all of them ??????? Just a thought, Hmmmm!!!

  • Once it is done to cops, the door opens for this to be done to everyone. Since it unfair for this to be just for cops, then it must be for all of us. Another violation of our rights?

    • I dont know what reality you live in but most dangerous jobs require workers to pass random drug screens. And its not a violation of rights, you dont have to take the test, you can go find another job. You silly fo dat

  • Sorry, Regular people submit to random testing!! You are not above the law. Abolish all testing!! WHAT A PERSON DOES ON THEIR OWN TIME IS THEIR BUSINESS!!!

  • I was drug tested before I was given a job as an anesthetist. Fair is fair. I do think that weekly is overkill. How about when hired and random, unannounced testing. Cheaper and just as effective.

  • Why would they not want to be tested? Seriously?? You are basically implying their favorite anti-fourth amendment argument… “If you haven’t done anything wrong, then you have nothing yo hide!”

  • if the cops aren’t doing anything wrong then they have no reason to worry

  • Yes ! By the way I have yet to see a police Officer with muscle like this trio.

  • I went in the Army in 1976, and they have been drug testing the Army the whole time since 1976. Why do the cops think they are better, or more privileged than soldiers.

    • Because the Police are civilians. They may want to dress and pretend to be us, but they don’t walk the walk or sacrifice like the military does.

    • They can arrest people for drugs but don’t want to be tested themselves? That’s beyond hypocritical. What if evidence was missing or a cop was acting weird but couldn’t make them take drug test? I think someone with so much authority should be held to a higher standard and I know they are only human drugs can’t be tolerated and should be given hair follicle test.

    • I have been drug tested on every civilian job since 1991. I’m tested to start the job, and if there is an on the job accident, there is mandatory drug testing then. The cops should be tested. Weekly may be extreme, but they, at least, should be tested when they are hired, random testing, and anytime there is a police-involved accident, shooting, brutality complaint, or any other incident.

    • I cut myself working for a temp service and before I got sewed up I had leave the plant and go all the way to the temp office and piss before I even seen a doc top get sewed up


  • Cops have the best weed.

  • maybe they just like to work-out?

  • Then it’s unconstitutional to arrest somebody with drugs or drug paraphernalia

  • been saying this for at least fifteen years.

  • who cares. they get a paycheck and have an employer that should be asked and made to take a drug screen

  • I agree with the message but I think the image is a bit disingenuous. While many cops may be roided out freaks, I’m pretty sure the cop on the far right is Mister Universe Ronnie Coleman. You don’t need to exaggerate to make an otherwise spot on point.

  • Take the test if you have nothing to hide.

  • If they drug test athletes who entertain us for their job, a cop whose job to protect us should as well. I mean if a cop isn’t drug tested let’s stop drug testing baseball players, cause I’d rather see a Barry Bonds all over again.

  • I oppose drug testing anyone. Except cops for roids.

    But how big of an issue is that? It seems fairly common for them to be out of shape and in poor health. Which is another problem itself.

  • Drug tests are bad for everybody.

  • The office is just a piece of paper. It is not a piece of paper but a man making conscience choices.

  • becvause they are criminals

  • Roid rage freaks.

  • If the govt. won’t give the police piss tests what the fuck gives them the right to piss test citizens on probation? If your going to enforce the law you better follow it otherwise you fall into the category of a hypocritical piece of shit as most officers in this nation are. Note I said most, not all, there are still good cops out there just not very many.

  • God forbid they get called out on their roid rage!

  • Does no drug tests mean they have NO ACCOUNTABILITY ??? Even the welfare recipients are being drug tested, TEST the POLICE.

  • cant pass the test,ha


  • sure dont mind testing you

  • Cops pull unconstitutional shit at all the time.

  • Cau$e they $leep with (the 1%) politician$

  • Steroids arent drugs….

  • But they want to test your children at school.

  • What is good for the gander is good for the goose.

  • Testosterone is not a drug, moron.

  • Must have something to hide…. Hypocrite’s

  • We have a lot of changes to make. ~tm 🙂

  • If I had to take a piss test to work for the IDOC to watch over the offenders, then regular officers on the beat should have to as well

  • Nurses have to be drug tested….ijs

  • hahaha

  • I drove a school bus for 4 years and had to be tested

  • Like the cops are always saying, if you have nothing to hide, what are you afraid of?

  • Honestly I don’t like cops either but its wrong to force a drug test on anyone who isnt having their performance called into question as a result of intoxication. If you can smoke bowls all day and be great at what you do (even if what you do is cop shit) then everyone should mind their own business

  • could they be using steroids?

  • Maybe because I’d have to be on drugs, too, in order to deal with a lot of the idiots running around these streets

  • Why are they fighting so hard are they afraid they won’t pass, policeman should be tasted, if they are not using why worry take the test, way over due.

  • Everyone in the workplace needs to be randomly tested. They need annual phsyc evaluations as well.

  • No wonder they so mad and trigger happy .Their dicks are just little useless flaps of skin.

  • The old saying if your not doing anything wrong what to fear??????

  • Who ever sits at the top, of the police order. Im talking about over the whole order of police system, needs to be made, to make changes and be accountable. Thats the only way, this madness within the police will be stopped. Ijs

  • Why would they be worried they don’t use drugs.

  • Bs they should be tested weekly

  • so pittsburgh cops are fighting drug testing not all cops? fyi, steroids are not usualy tested…in fact theyre legal under doctors care. free thought? nah. #clickbait #urinejournalism

  • They do randoms, which is more than the wellfare low lifes.

  • Due to safety issues such as shooting unarmed kids and megalomaniac behavior, it is time to subject this group to mandatory random drug tests. The worst criminals and druggies in our county are the cops. They do drugs all the time and it shows.If foodstamp recipients have to be tested for drugs, it’s time to do random drug tests on cops. I know a few that steal drugs when they bust others. They need to be tested like IDOT employees for public safety concerns.

  • Interesting.

  • Juiced up dudes make the worst fighters.

  • because their union won’t allow it?

  • I have no issue with cops not requiring drug tests, as long as it is nationwide among ALL citizens. Remembering that to be a cop, one must first be a citizen. So if it’s good for one, it’s good for all.

  • Why not if others have to be tested they are human beings and not always truthful.

  • They are carrying a Gum,and dont need to be on drugs a doing it,that might be why so many people are getting shot.

  • give you one guess !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s unconstitutional to screen anyone’s urine… We don’t arrest people who use alcohol, we arrest people who use alcohol irresponsibly, then do stupid shit…

  • canada is actually going to do this its gonna be great

  • I know for a fact that Gary Ind. cops went through a lot of steroids. I wonder who’s supplying the fuckers now.

  • Test their adrenal glands while you’re at it.

  • Well it’s pretty easy to do roids and be clean a few weeks later for the piss test

  • i had a boil on my arse that big but it burst

  • If you think drugs impair reasoning enough to punish drivers, imagine trying to make a split second decision to shoot or not.

  • well well well , welcome to the club

  • Those guys are huge, I would think they take something to produce such muscle mass. Or do they work out for 7hrs a day?

  • Anyone that collects money from the govt should be drug tested.. workers police politicians and welfare recipents.. of u wanna be fair

  • Blake Adams

  • After all…if you Havnt got anything to hide……

  • Cause they are all pumped up with steroids used to kick Spick and Nigger asses.

  • but it’s constitutional to test mine?? i don’t even carry a gun…

  • If they are arresting people for drugs then they should be tested for drugs end of story.

  • Personally i think it’s ridiculous to test anyone but if I have to test for a crap minimum wage job then i think anyone who carries a gun should definitely have to

  • We’re held by the same standards, why not ?

  • They’re all on steroids f;^^<~%}##}{%%#{pig:

  • LOL cause they couldn’t pass a piss test

  • Quite honestly, the one to the far right is 8 time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman. Being a cop is a hobby for him. His real work is done in the gym and on stage. I can attest that he’s a really good dude. Most bodybuilders have blood work done bi-weekly so that whatever they are taking does not throw off their chemistry…which would lead to some sort of “rage”. I think it’s fair to say that cops that “abuse” steroids are not taking the proper measures to make sure they aren’t compromised physically.
    The bigger issue is the hiring practices, the lack of training, and the fact that they can’t hire anyone that is too smart. 6 months and a GED and you got yourself a badge. They are revenue generators and nothing more. THAT’S what the real issue is.

  • “if I have to take a drug test everyone should.” Whiney 3rd grade behavior. Start questioning why your doing what your doing. Instead of whining stand up for yourself and others. Drug tests are a sham and go against more than one amendment in the bill of rights.

  • Factory workers get it. Why not cops??

  • They are on STEROIDS , that explains so aggressive and mean !!

  • Are steroids illegal outside of some sports? Why are you so negative against police? Just curious. Steroid use is dumb but is it illegal?

  • Cops should be accountable for everything they do and should be tested on a regular basis.

  • Do people really find this attractive? I thinks it’s disgusting.

  • I bet if that lot were tested the meter would go off the dial

  • Drugs should be decriminalized

  • I think they should be tested after all they carry guns and have a lot of authority over people.

  • Putrid, insecure little dick maggots…..

  • Anyone who gets a check from the taxpayers…..right? 😉

  • Didn’t you know their above the law … lol.

  • aaawwwww the rest of us poor bastards have too for every dam job out there so cry us a river!!

  • Lolol unconstitutional, did an officer actually say unconstitutional? Rolling over here

  • Its a no brainer cops around the world should be

  • Oh shut the fuck up

  • Meatheads

  • Yes they should be tested no double standards!

  • If I have to pass a drug test to get them drunk then by all means they should have to pass a drug test to carry a weapon!

  • Is Ronnie Coleman a cop?

  • Steroid bullyboys getting scared ?

  • I’m sure they do like us soldiers do. All politicians should have to take a drug test though.

  • If they don’t have anything to hide it should not be a problem

  • B..cause there crooked

  • Nobody should have to submit to a pre employment drug test, it should be our human right to do what we want with our bodies AF long as it doesn’t affect anyone else in a negative way

  • They should be shot just like they shoot us down mayb we go buy little m16 and shit and go around randomly killing cops how would they feel ………..they would cry like babies

  • Twisted

  • Stop and frisk them. They like that.

  • Cops take the piss so the should piss randomly ,they’ve been judging everyone for to long it’s there turn

  • I so think cops, ambos,firemen,doctors nurses tow truck drivers, train drivers. Oh hell everybody who can have a devastating effect on people because of a “mistake” while on drugs has to be drug and alcohol tested at random times. Too many can by the tests if given enough warning

  • Size Matters!

  • I don’t mind free thinking and creativity. But so many of articles lack important elements of truth, or facts that are conveniently ignored.

    Close inspection of much of your writing leaves one thinking your legitimacy lacks, and your craftsmanship is poor and agenda driven.

  • Ronnie isn’t even a cop. Lol

  • The corrupt Police Union.

  • the funniest thing is, the third one is a professional bodybuilder named Ronnie Coleman and he was more of a volunteer cop, and obviously he did massive steroid ammounts, bad example

  • drug testing in itself should be illegal for everybody, but if they commit a crime like going on a rampage and shooting somebody 15 times then they should be tested

  • Well. Think of all the drugs they confiscate. They are humans too. They need to be tested,just to be safe

  • They should be subjected too

  • Pill poppers

  • Well I am a truck driver and I have to be tested day or night when behind the wheel by cops an they demand it . So the police should have to do the same . As we all know police get drunk and they drink and drive and we all know some do drugs as well plus the police carry guns and so on . So do the bloody test unless you have something to hide .

  • Shit, if I knew they didn’t have to be tested I’d sign up!

  • Italo Mattos Piaggio, Manuel Ortega, what do you.think??

    • Polémica medida, bro, x ahi encuentro algunas nebulosas

    • Jajajaja puta porque son seres humanos pe loco, tb quieren estar en algo. Pero sí es un buen indicador que hagan bien su chamba, por lo menos para que los tengan vigilados en sus horas de trabajo.

  • Is no one going to point out thats ronnie coleman a body builder not a cop

  • i think they should be able to , why not

  • LoL !!!!!

  • Maybe because they take juice?

  • Why would anyone with slightest dignity even think of joining police force???

  • B/C they like to have small dicks

  • Oh, the hypocrisy….

  • politicians should have to take drug tests.

  • Can we say Roid Rage.

  • Because they’re all on the fucking gas that’s why!!! They’re in competition with each other who can be the most masivest shit cunt.

  • Everyone is capable of being corrupted, especially people who think they aren’t. Police departments in nature are a quasi-military organization. In some departments, not meeting high expectations could drastically impact your career or you can get you fired. That’s one reason cops and even firefighters screw up sometimes.

    I think the weekly drug test idea is kind of stupid and unfair. However, periodic, surprise drug tests is a great idea. That’s probably why most departments do that. It’s to bad that steroid tests are expensive. Also, because so many officers get joint and back injuries and are proscribed steroid based anti-inflammatory drugs by doctors, there would be a lot of people fail the drug tests.

    If an officer is using performance enhancing drugs, it’s clearly obvious and they be tested for it so proper punitive actions can take place.

  • Serious real cops would not mind because they have nothing to hide…

  • The one guy in the picture is Ronnie Coleman not a cop

  • Been happening in Australia for years, prisons as well. All workers apart from politicans apparently.

  • Most employers now days do drug screens.

  • Definitely some steroid pumped cops out there… And with the steroid attitude, too.!

  • I think they should be

  • Way overdue. Way overdue.

  • Hell, I had to whenever I worked on any government facility and company per request of the insurance provider.

  • Many of them are drug tested. For the standard stuff. The test for steroids is more expensive and not easily interpreted. Thus departments are less likely to order it.

  • I’m not sure what cops aren’t being tested.. where I work it’s mandatory to get hired and random after that.. btw the pics with the body builders wearing police uniforms is interesting. .if Victoria secret models wore them would you believe they were cops too?

  • Why? Because there is two sets of laws. One for the peons and one for the Kings men.

  • Its pretty much illegal to do drug testing on employees in Canada. The only industry that has been even slightly granted that right is mining due to the intense health and safety standards

  • I wonder if they realize that if they win this in court, it creates precedent for every person to fight the constitutionally of drug screenings at work. I actually hope they win, because I agree that unless there it’s probable cause then an employer has no right to know what I do outside off work.

  • They Tell us nothing to hide then what’s the problem?

  • If they are exempt then they shouldn’t be a to hold the position.

  • Yes they should be tested weekly, so should congress.

  • Cause thy doing it thereself

  • They don’t HAVE to take the test, they could find a different job. If they could find one that didn’t require drug testing already. I needed to take a drug test to scrub toilets for a living. Frankly, if anyone needs drug testing is a cop.

  • Guy on the right is Ronnie Colman, 8 times Mr. Olympia.

  • the arms on the last cop arent even his

  • Because in Australia you would loose 70% of there police force over night

  • If they don’t get tested we don’t get tested! Period if they can’t obey the law why should we?

  • If it’s mandatory in the military, it should be for 5.0

  • thay dope head that why thay doont want drug test

  • Regular drug tests do not test for steroids! There are special highly expensive tests for steroids. You want to waste more taxpayer money? Tests should be done randomly and if there is a reasonable cause to do so. Just because a guy is jacked doesn’t make him on steroids. That is just how weak and fat people think that never dedicated themselves to an ounce of fitness.

  • If i were a politician i would invest in drug screening places and then start pushing for mandatory drug tests all over the place like with pregnant mothers and people on probation and then cops too. No one should be forced to take a drug test for a job without cause what the fuck happened to liberty. I don’t want to hear any shit about “well you don’t have to, but they don’t have to give you a job, hyuck hyuck” either, because every monopolized company out there makes it a requirement. so your options are let them invade your privacy for a slave-wage ass job and be poor or live off the government still be poor and have to deal with other poor people ridiculing you about it.

  • Yeah, drug test it not just for baseball players ya know.

  • I Don ‘recall the word ‘urine in the constitution.

  • They might be too stressed out, so they need to relax a little. Lol

  • if they are drug test than every welfare recipient ought to be drug tested also…………..

  • Cops aren’t drug tested? What? They carry guns and deal with people.

  • Those dudes aren’t cops

  • There needs to be a thrice yearly drug test by an outside consumer agency, along with access to their entire medical records, as well as lie detector screening once a year, and a double penalty for abuse, mandatory as they do us. Also no alcohol at all on or off duty would be good. All elected officials included. They should agree.

  • From what I’ve heard/read most of the cops in big cities are former military.

  • Do not know

  • because they skim the drugs from the dealers many cops are the bigest dealers

  • Thats suspicious. If they had nothing to hide, they wouldnt protest!!! Simple as that.

  • Those muscles aren’t normal, just as there controlled minds are! That’s why!

  • Far right 8 time Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman also an Atlanta cop…

  • Exactly. Absolutely…. should already be n place……

  • The cost of this would be ridiculous and it would be tax payers money. Random hard drug spot checks would not be a bad idea. Particularly in the drug unit.

  • Drug test EVERYONE receiving any form of government assistance as well and I mean college kids who use grants to ebt card holders as well as the police

  • Absolutely. This is a no-brainer. And make sure to check for steroids while you’re testing.

  • Illegal steroids are a felony btw.

  • hell they on drugs too u think they dont smoke some pot and do cocaine and steriods

  • pahahaha

  • …I know what this post is going for but bodybuilders typically have prescriptions. IE Ronnie Coleman lol hence ‘legal’

  • Rois rage is real..

  • When you think you’re above the law you do what you want it’s time for them to be accountable just like us

  • Only in America….

  • Pretty sure the guy on the right is Ronnie Coleman

  • But ok to screen everyone else

  • If they oppose it that means they have something to hide

  • Mandatory drug testing of all police and judges – now!

  • actualy it doesnt say anything in the constitution that drug testing is illeagle but i believe anyone upholding our laws also have to obey our laws dont like the law change it but until then obey it

  • If your job requires you to carry a gun, then you should be drug tested. Any other job should be exempt.

  • Okay. Most jobs today require drug testing before hiring, after an accident at work or as a random check on all employees. Employees who drive police cars and sometimes at a high rate of speed and carry a weapon, might need to be tested periodically. Just a thought…

  • I worked for the states of AL and MS for almost 17 years. Urinalysis testing was MANDATORY. If I had refused, I would have been terminated immediately!

  • Test em all an when they fail throw there ass in jail!!!

  • If other working people are required to take employment related drug tests, then why not the police?

  • yes i sure do, they are public employees and should be drug free

  • They’re not used to being held accountable for their actions.
    See also: butt-hurt

  • These cops are so full of bull steroids that they charge every time they see a red cape

  • Their little tiny steroid dicks probably explain their anger management issues.

  • Steroid abuse is rampant among young officers, we must demand drug resting for the safety of rhe General public

  • Hey I used to think what the hell would they test me for ? I just drive a truck ! But get over it boys pee in da jar. Ha ha ha

  • Right! All public service/government workers should be tested! Including elected and appointed officials.

  • Only people who are responsible for the health and safety of others should be tested. Otherwise it’s no one’s damn business if you choose to relax with a substance that’s far less potentially harmful than alcohol, although possibly illegal, on your own time.

  • No need to drug test anyone if they are doing their job correctly

  • They should take tests daily – including for steroids. A cop with ‘roid rage’ is a dangerous beast.

  • Anonymous

    Every cop should be tested regularly.
    They are SUPPOSE to work for the people.
    If there were no cops, there would be a lot less crime.
    Same goes for politicians.

  • Anonymous


  • If they test Our Military Men/Women Who Are Fighting For Our Country Then Hell Yes Drug Test The Police

  • They should be tested like anybody else!!

  • Thinking Atheist

    fake all the way, citations or it is just fake news like fox

    • Scott Davenport

      Citation copied and pasted from article. It is within the article itself.

      NBC affiliate WPXI reports that the Pittsburgh Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police “has filed a civil rights grievance against the city, claiming officers have been order to undergo drug and alcohol testing that is in violation of their contract.” Union attorney Bryan Campbell describes the policy as “an illegal search and seizure.”

    • J. C.

      I think you mean CNN Corrupt News Network

  • Proud White Christian

    After President trump takes over we’re going to have law & order with his private police force that’ll be even more fantastic then the Gestapo and SS combined

  • David Lewis

    work privately almost anywhere and you can be subject to random drug screening…..why unconstitutional for the police, fire politicians, etc. is beyond me….

  • diamondmask

    I have to do it because I drive a truck. You guys carry guns. Hell yes you should be tested.

  • Wubbsy

    I just had a thought. When they confiscate steroid shipments at the border and such, is this where they end up going?

  • Richard Hoel

    I up for yearly polygraphs for police given by 3rd party unaffiliated companies. If the federal government uses them they must work.