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VIDEO: Cop Pulls Gun on Crowd While Beating an Unarmed Mentally Ill Man

Vallejo, CA — Dramatic video of a police beating was uploaded to YouTube this weekend which is the subject of intense controversy as it shows a cop beat a mentally ill man for seemingly no reason.

According to witnesses, on Friday, a man began acting ‘crazy’ in a gas station. When a police officer showed up, the man ran and a foot chase ensued. There was never a struggle, however.

Finally, the man, who looked like he was in the midst of a mental breakdown, stopped, sat down, and appeared to have surrendered. Instead of simply handcuffing the man, however, the officer tackled him.

In the video, we see the Vallejo police officer attack the man who is posing no threat and surrendering. As the blows from the officer’s fists increase so does the discontent from the crowd. Apparently unsatisfied with the use of his fists, the officer pulls out his flashlight and begins bludgeoning the mentally ill man’s face and arms.

This alleged brutality causes witnesses to the situation to become enraged. Onlookers began yelling at the cop, calling the situation “Police Brutality.” This backlash from the crowd caused the officer to think about pulling out his pistol. However, after putting his hand on his weapon, he thought twice and then quickly went back to beating the man with his flashlight.

“The kid surrendered,” said one witness who didn’t want to give his name. “The cop, on the other hand, came up right behind him and he was tired too. But he immediately dove on the kid and started wailing on him.”

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As the officer beats the man, the man repeats, “I am God. I am God,” clearly illustrating that he is in some form of diminished mental state.

When backup arrives, instead of the violence stopping, the cop continued to beat the man. This caused the crowd to become even angrier. However, never did the crowd attempt to step in or physically assault the officer — which makes what happened next entirely unjustified.

As the officers appear to have the man under control, the original officer then pulls his pistol on the crowd and aims it at individuals who are off camera.

According to CBS San Francisco, former Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan agrees the initial contact was fine, but said he’s troubled by the continuous use of force after a backup officer arrived, especially when the officer pulled his gun on the crowd.

“I understand the officer needed to try to keep the people from getting close to him,” said Jordan.”I don’t necessarily agree that’s the best use of force. I does look bad. It does appear inappropriate.”

The suspect is now in jail and facing charges of being “under the influence” and “resisting arrest.”

Vallejo police say they are well aware of the video and note that internal affairs are reviewing it to investigate all aspects of the arrest.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. , Steemit, and now on Facebook.

  • Yvonne Ogden

    Is it a crime to be mentally ill in California ?

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Not just California. Cops all over the country see a mentally ill person and think “freebie.”

      • lawmanjed

        Wait. Who is it that are “mentally ill”? I thought it was those who are a danger to themselves or to others. So I assume you must be talking about the cops, right?

        • The Cat’s Vagina

          You’d think, but a person can be obviously mentally ill without presenting any kind of danger. THESE are the ones that cops recognize as being able to beat on without consequence, because everyone else is only too happy to assume that if you’re arguing with a tree, you’re just one twitch from murdering us all.

          • Forrest Carlton Lackey

            10 years ago I would be skeptical that we were getting the entire story, that maybe it was people who simply hated cops or wanted to sensationalize made a big deal about something that might have been the victim’s fault. But that would be over 10 years ago. Perhaps 15.
            Now the fact that it happens so often and is usually talked about more by the alt media than the mainstream? This kind of story, is, sadly, way too possible. The police are not hiring the right kind of people, and probably aren’t giving the right kind of training and climate in their offices.
            I guess the Rothschilds are done with us and will let the police slowly put down other people. Just do it to the cop apologists last so they can have their support till then.

          • Gordon Klock

            Then later, they kill off most of the dumb cops, & keep the mercenaries “loyal”….
            (Or at least that’s a very old, often effective, game plan)….

          • Zackknowitall

            Well if your childhood was like mine you were raised to believe cops were super heroes that never did wrong. Of course now we know that not to be the truth.

          • Guy

            Thouse are the easy victims Cat ! The rest not so easy, because they might get pissed off and fight back !!!! Or at least know there *Righst* and argue back and not just be a dumb ass sheep, willingly being lead into the gas chamber, to take a shower !

    • Guy

      Hell Yes It is !!!!! At least everyone in the homeless encampment knows that ! That’s why they are homeless in the first place. The sane pay taxes, the insane don’t and cost the Government money. Big differance ! With a welfare recipient, the Government hopes they might get a little back, if the recipient goes back to work someday ! Insane just make baskets, drool, take up space and cost Uncle Sam money, he dosen’t like that ! It’s just the way the Government goes about separating the wheat from the chafe !

    • If not they should make it a misdemeanor. In CA the revenue from fines for mental illness could easily fund the entire State debt…

  • 17

    And as usual, not one of these horrified onlookers thought to draw a weapon of his own and blow this pig’s brains out. What a waste of a good witness pool.

    • Abz B Zbas

      That would be a quick death sentence to everyone in the area who wasn’t wearing blue.

      • 17

        People with your attidude are exactly what the police state counts on. When they come for you – don’t bother asking for help, because you don’t deserve any.

        • Abz B Zbas

          Apparently you misunderstood my comment.

          • 17

            Maybe I did. Your comment seems to imply that people should do nothing out of fear. That’s how the police state has gotten as far along as it has. No, these superheroes need to actually fear for their lives every time they kiss their families goodbye in the morning. THEN we’ll see changes, and justice.

          • Beauford T. Justice

            Actually, the only way we will see change is to hit them where they care the most, their pensions. We need laws set up that penalize them personally anytime they abuse their authority. Or we make them carry liability insurance. The bad ones will become so expensive that they’ll be uninsurable and that = unhirable.

        • Steen

          You tell him, internet tough guy!

          • ct2

            Funny how this guy’s comment causes you to call him an internet tough guy…
            Unlike me, he doesn’t seem to want that gun toting thug in a shallow mass grave.

            Trump saved your butt. He bit pause on the long overdue revolution. Won’t be a single thug with a badge left after that.
            I’m hoping to bag at least a dozen, consequence free, when that day finally comes.

            Before you say it, im not a criminal. Got a job, pay taxes.
            Just know the truth when I see it.

    • ct2

      Dam straight. We don’t have law enforcement officers here, we got thugs with badges.
      Kill em all, let God sort em out. If needed…

      Protect and serve is a lie. Making it worse. That’s an honest slogan for cops.

    • Steen

      The cop did zero wrong. Once again a dindu peep and his dindu community cry “brutality” while commiting a crime and then resisting arrest. Don’t think for one second at mob of dindu savages wouldn’t tried to take that cop on if he didn’t have his gun. Fucking parasites.

  • Gordon Klock

    Folks these days, don’t seem to have much, in the way of “rights”, I get this scary impression, that pretty much, damn near, the entire legal profession, (including judges, attorneys, etc,) secretly, & sadistically get off on, knowingly being, malevolent “Hannibal Lechter” type personalities, behind their professional facades…..
    (As opposed to being ‘guided’ by stupid, stubborn, self-destructive, philosophies, ‘to the death’, which is almost as bad, but much more ‘fixable’)….

  • Richard Stewart


  • LawrenceNeal

    SA looks like a gang member, both arms covered in tattoos. Oh, wait, he IS a gang member.

    • ct2

      Most powerful gang in the us, the so called LEOs.

  • Sadiku

    they should have gave the cops just what they were looking for. COPS ARE PIGS and need to be given a taste of their own medicine. One day there’s going to be a crowd that the cops can’t punk down….

  • Guy

    I understand that the cop has to control the situation for the sake of safety for all, including his own, especially when a hostile crowd is ready to bounce on him. But lets face it, the cop in this instance cause his own problems, when he tackled the suspect, who had given up, and started to beat on him ! So overreaction by cop and then, the backup is forced to deal with pissed off people, as the result of one idiot cop !

    You want to call cops pigs, that’s fine, you should know, the term started with the Beatles in the 60’s from a song on the *White Album” that had nothing to do with cop’s, and then sensationalized by Charles Manson and the media, when he had his little girl followers murder Sharon Tate, and wrote “KILL THE PIG” in her blood, on the walls ! In order to start a race war ! Nice Parroting folks !!!!! Especially You *Sadiku.* You talk a good line, but what are you going to (Do About It) ??????

  • ct2

    This is what’s wrong with America. See something horribly wrong, instead of acting, you pull out a camera.
    Had I been there, steel toe to the head of that badge wearing thug. For the good of the nation, I would of killed him. And slept like a baby that night.

    Protect and serve is a LIE. “Making it worse”, now there’s an honest slogan for cops.

    3 guys get together, using semi auto pistols they murder somebody. Am I describing gang members, or cops???

  • bojimbo26

    Legalised thuggery by thugs with badges .

  • Hearseman

    Again people! When a corrupt justice system covers for an obvious act of police brutality it is upto the people who employ them to extract justice. You seem to forget that they serve at our pleasure , but you let them make their own rules! That officer threatening the citizens with his gun should be removed from society. You should not rule out just hanging him as a bad seed.

  • Lookin down from on high

    I used to teach Arrest classes. definitely excessive. the guy sat own and gave up. youdon’t use flashlight to hit. it is not an impact weapon. and when backup arrived any impact force should not have been needed. and then the second wave of backup officers distracted the cameras from the action.

  • Philip Tomlins
  • Ibcamn

    yep,the man is right,that cop is nothing but a punk pussy…correct,cops are just mentally unstable people themselves..and when you beat a person with a metal flashlight like that,you know this POS cop has/is going to murder people or continue to….criminals,all cops are criminals people,wake up…for this faggot cop to pull his service weapon tells you one thing,one thing only…the god complex in that cop is boiling over,he wants to kill someone and kill them soon,he has all the signs of a pshycopath,all the signs of one…

  • Janko Taxfree Pandza

    when US police started to get their training by Israeli special forces the US is starting to look a lot like Palestine….how many realise in 2017 that cops = human beings with low IQ otherwise you can not even get into the police force…trained to protect what ever their superior says = brain dead human or a robot following orders….and all of that to protect the establishment and largest scam on planet called debt system = monetary market system of slavery where by magic certain groups of people produce money out of tin air and then tax you on that magic move….waking up yet America ?…home of free and brave ? we shall see…we shall see…