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Police Cadet Turns in Cop for Turning Body Cam Off Just Before Pummeling his Victim


Albuquerque, NM — One of Albuquerque’s finest was arrested Friday afternoon after he was caught turning his body camera off to beat a man during a service call.

Officer Cedric Greer, 24, was arrested by New Mexico State Police after video evidence showed him turn his lapel cam off just before beating a man, then turning it back on afterward. According to the report, the video shows his finger reaching for the camera to turn it off.

Witnesses to the assault say that Greer acted without being provoked and that the victim complied with all orders both before and after the attack.

State police issued a statement Friday stating that Greer “battered an individual during a call for service that he was conducting at a local Albuquerque hotel. He struck the individual’s head several times with a closed fist and then delivered several strikes to the individual’s chest causing bruising.  Witnesses claimed the individual was cooperative with Mr. Greer before and after the battery.”

Greer was arrested for misdemeanor aggravated battery because a police cadet turned him in after witnessing the incident.

APD spokesperson Celina Espinoza released the following statement regarding the charges Friday evening:

“The Department received a copy of the New Mexico State Police report late this afternoon and is reviewing the report. APD’s internal investigation concerning this matter is ongoing. The officer involved is currently on Administrative Leave. We also promise a full and thorough investigation into this matter.”

Greer is currently out on a $5,000 bond and enjoying a paid vacation.

This is the second instance this month of a police cadet reporting brutality within the APD. Last week we reported on District Attorney Kari Brandenburg, who tells us that a police cadet turned in an officer and quit the academy after witnessing cops beat a homeless man.

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  • palvadore

    Good job Cadet!

  • KevDris

    WHAT? Someone with an average IQ and heart must of slipped through the hiring process.

    • Scrunch74

      Great job cadet get these bad eggs out of our profession. As far as the above comment most departments at a minimum require an associates degree while quite a few want a bachelor’s or higher . The department I work for is one, we also have 5 or 6 who have a Masters and are Adjunct Professor’s. We want the bad ones out also they make a tough job tougher and more dangerous.

      • David Tyler

        That is not correct. Most departments do not reauire anything above a high school diploma. Not for an officer anyways. On top of that they hire stupid people intentionally. This has already be exposed.

        • William Dinwiddie

          you are wrong on that one. in Oregon all law enforcement agencies do require at least an associates degree because the average applicant for a cop job here has 2.5 years of college. that is a fact that was a fact 30 years ago when I applied and I only had a high scholl diploma never hired so I found work in food processing make more money then a lot of cops do and I don’t put up with the shitthey do from the public. I respect what they do but I would not put up with the shit they put up with form the public and the media at large. but to those that serve on the blue line god bless you.

          • Lloyd Dolan

            William, not necessarily. I checked out the Portland, OR PD website. They will accept 2 years active duty or 4 years Reserves/NG in lieu of the AA/AS degree.

          • Bobby McNamara

            And that is exactly why you did not get the job. The system worked in your case. cops have more responsibility and thus should possess more advanced education. Community Policing works, police anarchy does not.

          • William Dinwiddie

            I actually scored pretty high on the fitness and written exams and I also passed the oral boards however one of the board members took me aside and ask me if I really wanted to put my family through the same things moving around dealing with assholes etc like I did during my 10 years active army service I got to thinking and agreed with him that maybe the law wasn’t the profession for me. in the hiring pool there were 200 higher qualified applicant with more schooling then me so your right. but even with the safeguards in place bad people do get through and get hired. and the Eugene and springfield police deptartments are good examples of community policing working very well.

        • James R List

          most if not all depts in nj require at least an associates degree or military experience

          • Eddie Hicks

            I don’t know about the rest of the New Jersey, but in Atlantic County most of the municipalities you only need a high school diploma or GED. Same for the fire department where I worked for 25 years.

        • Blackcross7

          See above comment for a great example of a truly stupid person who already “exposed” himself with a truly “stupid” comment

          • David Tyler

            Oh boy. Correcting my autocorrected mistakes. While the country goes to shit around you. Typical american jackass focusing on the wrong things. Oh well. Im used to you retards.

        • Scrunch74

          You sir have absolutely no idea what you are talking about,there are hundreds of agencies that require some sort of higher education or military service. As far as your idiotic statement that departments hire stupid people on purpose is the stupidest thing I have read in years. Show me where I can read this in really can’t wait to read it.

      • bmoreicon

        I wish they all required it. In Baltimore you can become a cop with HS diploma. Smh. I agree that the bad ones make your job harder and more dangerous.

      • Kerrie Pruitt

        Misdemeanor? This is a TRAINED officer. That makes him a “deadly weapon” WITH authority that abused his power of authority.
        He should be charged with a felony and NEVER allowed to put on a badge again.

        • Scrunch74

          Where did I write about what charges should be brought against this officer?

      • Joe R Dean

        Scrunch74, too bad you did not back, that up with a link to some facts. A quick google search and you find that the major police department don’t require anything more then a High school degree, or GED. They have minimum age requirements of 18 year old. And by major, I mean NYPD, LAPD, CPD. CPD, does actually require a two year degree.

        • Scrunch74

          I never they did I said many witch doesn’t mean Also my point for the comment I posted on was that every Officer was being lumped together as uneducated racist etc because of a few idiots who don’t deserve to wear the badge Officers who make the rest of us look bad I’m sorry I didn’t list every department who have the standards i wrote about if you like I could list 50 I know of. But some how I don’t think that would matter to your ant Police posistion. I also said i was happy the cadet turned him in so get of your high horse

      • DrumminD21311

        All police agencies in Mississippi only require a high school diploma or GED.

    • Blackcross7

      Aren’t you a special kind of garbage. I bet the genius you fancy yourself to be could do the job if you could only grow some balls

      • bmoreicon

        You replied to a police officer. You can’t even do trolling right lmao

      • KevDris

        What a special kind of dumb arse this cop is or cop sycophant is. That
        must be the reason for all this ignorance, ALL you need is a pair of
        balls to get hired?

  • EllaC

    Good. I’m glad the “good cops” are taking a stand. * God bless them.

  • Kendra

    Paid vacation? Wth

  • Darryl Boyd

    Damn I wish they didn’t quit after turning in the Neanderthals. The Cadets are the future of great community policing. The Community would actually have their Backs.

    • JestersTear

      They have to quit. The rest of the ignorant cops on the force will be out for their ass. It doesn’t matter that the cop was breaking the law, you turned in a fellow cop.

      That’s why our police situation needs to be totally redone, because too many bad apples have gotten in to protect each other even when they’re 100% guilty.

      • Blackcross7

        I know the truly dull such as yourself can’t possibly understand this, but all police officers are former cadets/ trainees and the vast majority would do as this cadet did. But, it’s easier for morons like you to cast aspersions on them all because you’re an intellectually diminished. How about you grow a pair and take the test, put the uniform on and do the job. Though I have no doubt that your bravery ends at the keyboard.

        • dunnetg

          Good grief.

        • HermeticallySealed

          The irony, it burns!

        • Bobby McNamara

          That is entirely untrue and significant sociological data proves that very few people have the spiritual or moral fortitude to stand up against an authoritative figure in situations where they are causing severe trauma to another human being.

        • Debbie Williams

          Then why are cadets the only ones turning them in? Rhetorical

        • Tbone

          Because you show to have the brain of a gnat does not make you right in your assertions. You may want to rely on historical facts and data rather than using the old thumb up your caboose sampling as evidence. BTW, studies have also disproven this as a workable tool but exploding heads, now that’s a scientifically proven aspersion that you can try. Just a suggestion if you’re seeking sound proven theories in order to guide your course of action. Good hunting!

          • Blackcross7

            Tone, anytime you want to compare backgrounds and intelligence, ill gladly educate your dumb ass

          • Blackcross7

            Show me some actual facts and we can talk. You can’t because you’re a dishonest fools.

        • Tracy Brooks

          Actually jester’ s tear is very accurate in most situations where a cadet or a decent cop turns on the brother hood, either they’re fired or labeled a rat and are then forced to work in a hostile environment or resign.
          So he disagrees with your take on this issue and that somehow diminished his intelligence.You sir are an absolute idiot.
          Former US Marine Honorably discharged Oorah! So fuck your sentiment on challenging someone’s bravery.Besides most cops are cowards.I was in fear for my life is a cowards excuse to murder without cause.

          • James R. Olson

            Ah, the voice of reason, and experience. Thank you, Tracy.

        • Misanthropic Humanist

          Fuck you, Blackross, you degenerate retard.

          • Blackcross7

            What I love most about your half wit comments “misanthropic humanist ” is how you fancy yourself one thing as evidenced by your self proclaimed name and yet your doff self wrote what you did.

          • Blackcross7

            You need to change your profile name to pathetically twisted Internet mouth who acts like a 3 year old to make up for his lack of manhood

        • James R. Olson

          The facts, as they are, say you, Blackcross7, are mistaken. See, I can criticize you without insulting you. It does not take any bravery to be a police officer, and if you were as close to LEOs as I am, you would know this. I have never and would never serve as an LEO because my morals and ethics are too high, and my tolerance for illegal activity by the police is too low.Every job I ever did was statistically far more dangerous than police work, but I never once claimed extraordinary bravery. Peddle your trash to stupid people. I’m not buying

          • Blackcross7

            James your a fool if you don’t think it takes bravery to be a police officer and is evidence of either how ignorant you are or foolish. I have absolutely zero doubt that when someone makes such a foolish statement that they both, don’t actually know a bunch of people in law enforcement and that they themselves dont have the fortitude to actually strap on the vest and do the job themselves.

          • James R. Olson

            Hmmm, Somehow my comment got 13 likes immediately, and you get bupkis. Do you think this has any signifigance?Your not even a good troll.Do you know anything about the relative danger of various professions? If you did you would know that my statement is correct.

        • DERP

          lol, Ad Hominem from someone calling out the intelligence of others. By the way, the cadet is f—ed for turning in a fellow cop. You clearly have no idea how the real world works.

          • Blackcross7

            Deep, practice what you preach you fking hypocritical piece of garbage. And just to help you halfwits out, I love that the cadet did what he did, but please like most intellectually dishonest do a d keep making assumptions. Give every cop a week off and you brain trusts figure it all out.

        • Heather Shields

          Then why aren’t they? Why are former cadets not turning each other in for abuse of power? Why are former cadets not admitting there is a problem. I saw a former cadet make a YouTube video about police brutality once, she was suspended the next day. You’re right thou, the rest of the world can’t comprend what’s going on… You genius, you!!

        • [E] Caladus

          Why don’t you? Not everybody can become a cop. Even if you wanted to it may be harder to report your fellow comrades than you think. It would ruin your career. All that time spent for nothing.

          You’re the dull one. Not thinking beyond your words.

          • Blackcross7

            You’re right, you fools steroids typing every cop is why I’m the problem. The dishonesty and hypocrisy from you fools is exactly what is wrong with in this country.

        • JestersTear

          No matter how much you insult me it doesn’t change the facts such as all cops are corrupt and that you have a small dick. If the “vast majority” would do this, why do we never hear of it? Why are so many violent bullies walking the street in a badge and uniform abusing their authority and the public trust? I don’t have to do the job to point out how many incidents of police violence we hear about on a daily basis, little one. Now go back to pretending that you actually matter.

          • Blackcross7

            What are 12? You’re just another half wit on the Internet.

          • JestersTear

            I’d say the 12 year old half-wit is the one that can only hurl insults and provide nothing factual to the conversation, but hey, that’s the opinion of an adult and something that 12-year old half-wits will disagree with as they hurl more insults.

          • Blackcross7

            That’s amusing coining from you fools. It was not I who made blanket comments about any group of people, but you all did. Now you claim that I am I’ve who lacks the facts and hurls insults. Are you seriously that dishonest? You clowns began the insults towards me and some made numerous threatening comments, but I get it, you all hate cops and that bias prevents any type of intellectual honesty. I truly how that when you all need one most, they aren’t anywhere nearby.

        • Terence Reese Washington

          I take it, you’re one of these cowardly bitch ass cops that can’t throw hands because your ass got picked on in school. Awe I’m so sorry that you couldn’t man up without that badge and a gun fucktard.

          • Blackcross7

            Terrence, Internet tough guy, you got me all wrong and I love to throw hands. I have zero doubt that if we were to meet at a local ring, your big mouth would humble itself down real quick

          • Terence Reese Washington

            First off blackcross. Words mean nothing to me. Tough guys like you I’ll make by bitch you know and so do I pussy yum yum. You wouldn’t dare cross my path.

          • Blackcross7

            Terence, I understand that a halfw it like yourself fancies yourself a tough guy, but all you and the other wannabe tough guys on here are mouths. I’m absolutely positive you believe your own Bullshit as morons usually do. You and the other garbage who jeep threatening me do so, because you have zero ability to argue against my original comment. You lack both intelligence and the slightest ability to understand how pathetically over confident you are. If we met, you wouldn’t run your mouth. I’m not threatening you, I’m telling you exactly how it would be.

          • Blackcross7


          • Dido Lumanyika

            This dude should be a comedian.

          • Blackcross7

            Terence, ill take it that your one of those misunderstood criminals that mouths over the Internet because your a punk in person. I have zero doubt that you are all mouth.

          • Robert Apollo Davis LaBare

            Obviously Backcross 7 is a cop

        • DrumminD21311


        • Brandi Marshall B

          Blackcross history has shown us that there are numerous bad officers and the ones who have turned in their fellow officers have been fired. So to call someone else dull maybe you need to polish yourself because you are not looking too bright…have a blessed day!!!

        • butters

          look at this apologist piece of shit. one wonders how far he can wiggle his tongue up cop anus.

          • Blackcross7

            Ahh, another Internet tough guy. You need those same people you hate to protect you as your toughness ends at the keyboard

        • RonRon

          I find it interesting that the ones who respectfully shut you down with facts, you say nothing. Is it because you have nothing to say. I guess hurling insults is easier. And do keep in mind that you’re the one who started hurling insults first, don’t get mad when people return the favor. Also, you act as if LEOs don’t have a “no snitch code” as well.

          • Blackcross7

            Not a single person has uttered an actual fact and not a single one of them have been respectful. Emotions and assumptions aren’t actual facts.

        • Dido Lumanyika

          Where are all the “good cops”? If you saw something very wrong happening at your job would you let it slide? The training and policing of the police has to change. Enough with your blue lives matter hogwash. We all know they are the biggest gang in the world and snitching is shunned when one of their own points out a flaw in the institution. Until i see more “good cops” standing up for their brethren I will never believe your “all police are perfect” BS

        • Aypuesok

          You are calling that person “Intellectually diminished” Yet, you are ranting like a total moron who makes no sense at all. Right!

          • Blackcross7

            Yeah ok, they can’t argue logically and attack me and threaten me, but they are intellectual power houses. Get the fk out of here with your selective b.s.

          • JestersTear

            Threaten you? Yes, I guess if you find someone being smarter than you is “threatening,” I certainly threatened you. I threatened you with facts. Oh, the horror.

            You’re either a cop or a cop wannabe, you certainly have the low intelligence and martyr persona for it.

          • Blackcross7

            I’ll let you know when I see someone smarter then me.

          • JestersTear

            You’re rather short-sighted and in denial, so I don’t expect to hear back from you. Sorry to tell you, but pretty much everyone here is smarter than you, including the crash helmet kid that eats paint chips and stares at the sun all day.

      • NikeCortez

        Same as in the hood, people that tell the truth get harassed, violence, and driven off, it works both ways…stitches and snitches yo.

        • Vincent D’Emidio

          Perhaps, but the difference is that cops believe they have a license to commit murder.

      • Braveheart

        Guys i think it’s blindingly obvious that this “Blackcross” bitch is a cop.

        – he sooo internalized the issue of someone “casting aspersions” on cops.

        – talking about “put the uniform on and do the job” so obviously considering this job as a pride in how difficult it is.

        – and the most obvious: soon as he’s called out and his fragile ego is hurt, he resorts to violence and challenging ppl to “meet him on the streets”, even through a freaking online debate.

        Yupp, i can smell the pathetic insecurities of a cop from miles away. You, sir, are bacon material! Enjoy terrorising defenseless populations.

        • Blackcross7

          Braveheart what is obvious is that your a fking gun piece of shit criminal who has absolutely no value or purpose. You assume anyone who respects law enforcement is the problem when it’s in fact those like you who have not evolved.

          • JestersTear

            Got some sand in your vagina, little man?

          • Braveheart

            hahaha your twisted cop thinking keeps popping up. its just so pathetic you sad sad little bitch… wth is a “gun piece of shit”? or did you mean “gun criminal”? if you did you have no understanding of the very law and constitution in your own country. your retarded assumptions are so transparent even most teenagers and kids here can see through you through simple 2 sentence comments.
            I respect the law, which is why i don’t respect most law enforcement today.

          • Blackcross7

            I love when the truly doff attempt so hard to insult a person, but are as effective as a four year old child. And in agreement with your rambling post, I have no doubt that you are intellectually the equivalent to a teenage kid as you are in addition to being dull in the head, you are also guilty of absolutely everything you accused me of. I know Internet trolls like you and many others on here get some sort of lift in your pathetic lives when ranting as you so dully did, so I won’t waste much time on you.

          • Robert Apollo Davis LaBare

            Fuck the corrupt bad police all them that hide behind their code of silence.

          • Blackcross7

            That’s all you guys have. Making generalizations because you lack any honesty in your opinions. I actually agree with “fuck the corrupt bad police”, it’s the b.s blanket statements that is all of them.

          • Braveheart

            no one’s here trying to insult you kiddo, or really gives a fuck what you think. that is, again, your childhood bully cop insecurities speaking. you keep blaming others of being intellectually inferior or calling them trolls, and yet you’re the only retard on here trying to fight everyone who just happened to have a different opinion than your bacon-sucking fanatic bullshit mind. people like you have existed all throughout history, and have always been weighing their communities and Humanity down.
            you know when you see some clown or idiot on reality tv and think “man he/she’s so stupid! i wonder how it feels to be them.” That is you now, trust me, this is actually mercy: You is how it is to be stupid. Trust me, there are almost a dozen ppl certifying this to you: YOU = THE IDIOT HERE. There is no doubt about that. zero.
            As to your pathetic argument: No cops aren’t superhuman know-it-alls. Generally speaking, most cops are the bottom of the intellectual ladder, they are vane, egotistical, insecure and dumb, and have been statistically more corrupt and more prone to making mistakes than many other “public servants”. All people on here have met cops, they have been living among them as all of us have, they have been policed and you are the only idiot that somehow still regards them as superior by some twisted non-existent logic. Feel free to keep calling me names if it makes you feel better about yourself, it just shows you got no argument of any value or weight to lean on and so you get mad like a fat spoiled little toddler. Enjoy the taste of bacon in your mouth.

          • Kyle

            You are a little goof.

      • Lee Harrison

        Your absolutely right.Those other pigs would have made his life a living hell.That Blue Wall of silence motto is the equivalent to Blood in Blood out with the MM!

      • Vincent D’Emidio

        Hey, did everybody notice that this CREEPY Cop-Lover deleted all of his (her? its?) posts. Like all cop-lovers, he’s a COWARD.

        • JestersTear

          Moderators may have gotten rid of them also. Dude was a major douchenozzle.

    • Karen

      fear of friendly fire possibly

    • Cindy Bott

      they would be tormented and forced out, at least they tried to do the right thing on their way out.

    • M Anthony Dickson

      Please do not give blackcross any power. Cowards find strength in numbers and anonymity animosity. That is why they never have their pictures up. “He” could possibly be a little old white lady who feels power only when she is insulting another. Or a big black man trying to add fuel to fire. Either way, responding is pointless. This creature will not change. So let it be.

      • Blackcross7

        That’s why you and the other scumbags all ganged up to flap your uneducated mouths. I wish the cops would pull out of your neighborhoods and let you show us how you would act

      • JestersTear

        It provides us with fun distraction. It’s like punching a screaming child – satisfying, yes, just not something you want to make a career out of.

    • Aypuesok

      Read what happened to Frank Serpico back in the 70s, the bad cops ambushed him and shot him multiple times to kill him thankfully, he did survived and testified in court against all the corrupt cops in his precinct and all of NYC police force. The corruption in the police goes very deep and very high it isn’t just regular cops it is also detectives and even captains and commissioners.

  • Stew Ped

    Kudos to the cadet but I hope he plans on moving from the area because he will be a target. Cops are just as big on not snitching as the inmates are. He could very well be in danger.

    • bmoreicon

      Isn’t it funny that they hate the stop snitching movement but are the biggest observers of it themselves. Smh

      • Blackcross7

        Isn’t it funny that buffoons like you go online and steroids type others, but are offended when it is done to others

        • bmoreicon

          Lol. I don’t do anything with steroids. I do on the other hand state a fact. The code of silence among police is well documented and therefore a fact. And unfortunately your response doesn’t make me angry or annoyed just amused because it makes no sense and is out of context. You’re clearly a miserable, ignorant, buffoon lol so there’s really no need for me to wish you anything but the help you so clearly need.

        • DERP

          blackcross is a fucking retard. A cop snitching on a other cop is a huge issue.

    • DrumminD21311

      I hope he doesn’t move and continues doing a great job.

  • cybersue

    Is this mug shot a photo of the perpetrator cop or the cadette?

    • Cynthia

      This guy looks like a 24 year old man so I suspect he is the guilty cop.

  • RTMartin

    America! ….. Accountability and Justice

    …. For the BETTERMENT of humanity.

  • Mark Markab Beckford

    That miscreant is on leave with pay, after assaulting a citizen I need a job like this..joking folks as for that cadet he better now watch is back

  • cordelearts

    What’s most interesting in this story is that he had to go to the State Police, not the local police. — Unfortunately, cadet will probably not make the force.

  • justme71

    Thanks for doing what is right.

  • Ellen H.

    Good for him. I have never understood people who willingly beat others. I can totally understand self-defense; however, that was in no way self-defense.

  • Michael O’Donnell

    Unfortunately to many of these police have been glorified by TV shows like cops and this sort of behavior that police have has been going on since the early 80s abuse by the police and no responsibility for there action and they ALWAYS GET THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUT IN COURT due to them being the police there spend all this money in to no leather force why is it more and more people are being shot and beat on by police. It a few shame we use to tell our children that cops are your friends you can go to them if you need help not no more!!!!

    • Blackcross7

      Every 8 year old has a camera, but we see a couple videos a year at best where the officer does or looks like they did the wrong thing. And that’s apparently enough for a holes to pass judgement on all of them.

      • KevDris

        B.S.!!!! There have been dozens, this year alone.

    • 2o2LL

      Lol you’re clearly a product of the liberal media.. talk about over exaggeration… it isn’t as if people being killed by police has multiplied ten folds within the past few years… you’re just told to think that by your master, the liberal media…

      • Michael O’Donnell

        Wow , I don’t know were you live,. But if your telling me that police shooting have not been on the rise in the pass ten years or so against the public you are just blind and have no clue on what has been going on in police dept around the us it happens every day someon is shot by police .

  • abbynormal1

    THANK YOU, Cadet! A glimmer of hope amongst the shadiness that has overshadowed police.

    • Blackcross7

      Yeah a couple a year of the 700000 plus officers show how “rampant ” it is. You people should go a week without the police. The country would burn the first day

      • Safirez

        Poor baby. If you are a cop, with so much anger and bitterness, perhaps it is time you change careers.

      • Danny Maiorani

        Actually the cities who have gotten rid of their police or experiencedo strikes have been shown to have had no increase in crime.

        • Blackcross7

          This country would burn in mere hours. But, if you have data backing your points, I’m very interested in hearing it out. The others commenting like to tell me how smart they are or how though they are. I can truly appreciate someone challenging my comments with what you suggested.

  • MSMediacritic

    If a police officer turns off his body cam and is accused of abuse, the fact that he turned it off should be evidence (not proof) that he is guilty. Just turning off the body cam should be a reason to fire him/her — he/she should have to prove there was a good reason to turn it off.

  • billposer

    Why hasn’t the officer been charged with obstruction of justice for turning off the camera?

  • Nathan Sturdivant

    When white racist posing as police are caught like this, it’s only justice that he is visited at his or her home by 1000s protesters and everyone else who resent a nasty filthy trailer-park white supremacist working as police officers…

  • DERP

    Paid vacation, slap on the wrist, and RIP the cadet. Justice?

  • i2grok

    I hope this cadet becomes an officer, and is not forced out by old timers.
    What he did was exactly what we all should do, report a crime.
    There should be no repercussions on him.

  • Gary Harryman


    Any person authorized by The People to wear a badge and carry a gun should be required by federal law to wear a body camera with a microphone The People have a right to know what is being done under cover of authority in the name of The People. Body cameras provide The People with a reliable, impartial, and credible witness; and the evidence on those body cameras is public property. Any cop who turns off or disables a body camera, or its mike, or his dash camera should be immediately fired and charged with conspiracy to violate every law in The Penal Code. And any prosecutor who refuses to make that evidence available to the public should also be fired and prosecuted for conspiracy.

    • Joe R Dean

      I agree, but I don’t think it will happen. The police union will fight it tooth, and nail.

      I would add it should be an automatic suspension if a police officer fires their weapon, and their body camera is not working. And, was not recording every second of the shooting.

      And, if an officer says they feared, for their live they better be bleeding, after the shooting.

  • DrMJG

    I have often thought that a suspension WITHOUT pay, and full backpay if and when they are found not to have violated protocol, might, just might get some of the not by the book officers to think twice.

  • Terence Reese Washington

    Crooked ass cowardly cop used his imaginary power to beat on a unarmed and compliant citizen. Whether the cop is black or white, I can careless. Tyranny prevails when good men do nothing.

  • Jam Thor

    Well he’s not a cop anymore, he’s a criminal

  • Dido Lumanyika

    Blackcross7 is just a troll people….please keep moving, there’s nothing to look at here.

  • Brian Chaput

    The cadets that quit know the drill for taking a stand against bad cops; the cops who turn a blind eye to aggressive cops and claim they’re good are actually complicit.

  • Bob Helms

    Comments like “all cops are corrupt” are hilarious, considering that when anyone brings up factual statistics, and not made up garbage, they are labeled racist.
    52% of the murders in this country are committed by 7% of the population, black men.
    Police officers are 3.5 times more likely to be shot by a black man than a white man.
    93 percent of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks.
    That being said, it doesn’t matter how many whites are killed by other whites, because white people are NOT OUT THERE PROTESTING about police violence, even though more whites are shot by police than blacks.
    The percentage of blacks arrested is consistent with the same percentage of blacks listed in police reports, as in, if a white person is reported to have committed a crime, they are arrested at the same rate as a black man is. What this means is, that bellyaching about “too many blacks in prison, unfair” is garbage. If you don’t want to be in prison, then don’t commit crimes. If you don’t want to be shot by the police, LISTEN TO WHAT THEY SAY AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!!!

    If things are going to change in our inner cities, it has to come from within, the people who live there have to want to change. No amount of bellyaching or made up garbage about “police violence” is ever going to change what is happening. It starts with better education, better upbringing, fathers being involved with their families, mothers not having children at a young age with multiple men. This goes for EVERYONE, not just one race. At this point in this country, only a fool would believe that throwing more money into our inner cities is the solution. And only a more ignorant fool would continue to blame the police or anyone outside of the inner city, outside of apologist liberal white democrats, for the conditions within the inner city. When you are a victim of your own making, it is your own responsibility to change that.

    As Booker T. Washington predicted, way back in 1911: There are a number of people who make a living off the troubles of others. The media, BLM, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton to name just a few. They have learned they can make a living off of the troubles of others, and grow accustomed to the habit of screaming perception of wrongs to the heavens, partly because they want to keep their group in sympathy, and party because they profit from it. These are the people that don’t want blacks to ever be seen as anything but victims, because they’ve made a career of it.

  • Thomas Ewing

    They should have stayed! Those the kind of police we need! Fair and Honest! Those other ones should be Fired outright!

  • Joseph Wisgirda

    What this cadet did took courage, the kind of real courage we need in our police forces. My heart goes out to this young man. I wish I could figure out some way to extend the support that young people like him need to protect themselves from their corrupt senior officers, and hopefully eventually repopulate the force with the REAL thing.

  • edo


  • Era

    Love this, wish I could tell this young man what an honor it is to have an honest cop on the force, more officers like this is what we need to regain the trust and ability to protect and serve our communities!

  • David Pawson

    Misdemeanor? This man was wearing the uniform of an officer of the law. Such actions warrant felony assault charges.

  • Allan Moss

    Cheers to you Cadet. Glad there is somebody out there with the courage and integrity to stand up and do the right thing. You deserve a medal!

  • C123J45H

    Way to go cadet! This is how it should work.

  • David Rice

    The violent thug is 24 years old? Why the bloody hell are children being hired to be police officers?

    • IceTrey

      They’re more violent.

  • Vincent D’Emidio

    Well, it’s about time that one of these recruits grew a backbone and told the police about themselves. Good for him, he’s a REAL man…not a PIG!

  • heyyawX3

    The Cadet is a hero. Interesting how it takes a rookie to demonstrate some ethics. Once they are on the force the code of silence keeps the good officers silent while the bad cops abuse the public trust and authority given to them.