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Police Couple Wakes Up and “Accidentally” Fires 27 Rounds at Own Mom – Who Lives with Them


Las Vegas, NV — The mother of a police officer is recovering from her injuries after being shot by her own child and in-law with whom she lives.

North Las Vegas police announced last week that no charges will be filed against the officer and her husband who fired more than two dozen rounds at their mother as she returned home around 11:30 pm.

The officer claimed that the 27 rounds were fired “accidentally” and so the department said there is no need for charges.

Of course, shooting at an intruder in your home is a justified measure. However, what does it say about the trigger-happy nature of this officer who would unleash 27 rounds at her own mom, who had to have been screaming for her life upon hearing the first round being fired?

Those who are familiar with firearms know that it takes, at a minimum, several seconds to unload the magazine of a standard pistol. This scene must have looked like a war zone during the shooting.

Luckily for the mother, however, the cop and her husband are terrible shots. She was reportedly struck only in the leg and sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Last year, the Free Thought Project reported on Deputy Easton McDonald, of Loudoun County, Virginia, who shot his 16-year-old daughter as she attempted to re-enter their home after sneaking out for the evening. The deputy claimed that he thought his daughter was an intruder because she tripped an alarm system and was attempting to sneak back in through the garage.

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McDonald told investigating officers that after hearing the noises in the garage he grabbed his gun and began firing blindly into the dark because he believed that someone was “coming at him.”

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    • yeah and most of what we had was for the benefit of the rich.

  • Las Vegas is way overpopulated as it is.

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  • Americans and their guns. Why will they not join the civilized world?

    • We will never give up our gun’s Our lives depend on them.

    • The world is not civilized.

    • gun control is not disarmament. anyone that says so is an ‘extremist’

    • we don’t have to take guns away from everyone, just those who have no clue on how to properly use them.

    • Doug Gould Untrue the Armenian Genocide did not happen because the armenians had no guns it happened because the turkish army had more weapons and better training. Everyone needs to be trained to fight and kill like a navy Seal or a Ranger. Know how to kill with stealth and precision, instead of with a gun.

    • I love the way Americans want to kill people, regardless. Sheesh.

    • How do some people think being armed (average citizens) is civilized? No other western country feels its populace needs to be armed. What in hell are you all afraid of?

    • Maybe, but they are not allowed to shoot people, even if they break in. Just because someone wants your television does not mean they should be dead. Why are you all so afraid?

    • Prepared for what, excactly? Why are you so paranoid about your mere things? Where I live break-ins virtually always occur during the day when supposedly no one is home, almost never during the night. And they are almost never caught for that reason. Just looking for things to sell for drugs. But that still does not mean they should be dead. You lot are too hung up on what you “earned” and your “rights.”

    • Then why is Canada so much more successful and civilized than the US? We even have universal health care, and no politician would dare touch it. We rock.

    • And it still does not explain why you are all so afraid. We can walk the streets, at night, and we are safe.

    • Then you must live in a very unsafe country. It virtually never happens in Canada where a crazed stranger breaks in and kills a family. The world I live in I did not create in my own head. This is how it is in Canada. Why on earth would we be faced with death at any moment? This seems to me like deranged thinking. Why are you living in fear? What exactly are you afraid of? By the way, nothing senile about me, and I am not considered by my grandchildren to be an old hag. They think I’m rather cool.

    • Michael Schooley I gather you don’t know much about my country, like most Americans, who mostly don’t know other countries exist. We have a drug problem, and we have gangs, and they virtually almost kill each other. The public is not in danger. We are safe on out streets, even at night.

    • Michael Schooley I know it is bad there, and I’m sorry. But did it occur to you that part of the problem is because everybody is armed? No guns, nobody shot for living normal lives. Come up here and visit. You’ll be amazed.

    • Michael Schooley I have actually never seen a handgun. I don’t know anybody who owns one. People who kill animals for fun have long guns (my ex-husband died earlier this year and my daughter found some long guns in his house; she called the police and they came and took them away – he hunted sometimes). But handguns – never have seen one.

    • Michael Schooley We are presently welcoming refugees from Syria. People are turning themselves inside out sponsoring them and donating clothing and household items for them. And you can bet they are not armed. I do not know a single Canadian afraid of refugees. When people have lived in tents in a desert for a couple of years they are going to have problems, but they are carefully vetted and things will be fine. The family of that little boy dead on the beach has arrived in my city. We are so happy for them. Don’t think I’m naive – I know there will be problems, but come on, kindness is everything.

    • Michael Schooley Goodness – you mean you think that awful Trump man is making sense? This frightens me more than anything. He’s such a bumpkin, a buffoon, a laughingstock. And the war on drugs – heavens, just make the damn things legal and put the dealers out of business. People can function on drugs (although why they want to is beyond me) but it’s the illegal-ness of it that is the problem. give them the damn drugs.

    • Then you are in the wrong country!. Come to Canada, the world’s most civilized country. West Coast is the best! We don’t even get snow in the winter here.

    • Michael Schooley Well, I’m going to bed. I think I locked my doors, but sometimes I realize I forget. Nobody comes to get my TV when I’m home.

    • Michael Schooley Well, Canada is bigger than the US, so I have no idea where she was either. We have lots of lakes, and we have Atlantic and Pacific Coasts. British Columbia is the best, though, and I’ve lived in other Provinces. Night.

    • Doug Gould Big question is – the rest of the western world does not have guns (but health care) and there are almost no gun deaths. You have to ask yourselves why unlike other western countries you always feel you are in danger and need to have a gun. There is something really sick in this mentality. Why are the rest of us not afraid and you lot are? Someone please explain this. Why are you such a violent nation?

    • Wendy why do you care about American guns? You don’t live here.

    • Matt Nicklis What an odd comment. Are you saying that as an American no other country in the world matters? Wow. And anyway, senseless death is not nice, in any country of the world. And Canadians travel to the US, as we do to many countries (and as Americans travel to Canada), and it’s not nice to feel unsafe because some “average citizen” might shoot me or that I might get caught in the crossfire of some nutcases firing at each other. In the long run, though, I find it puzzling that you seem to think no other country matters but the US. Jeez you lot are insular.

    • Michael Schooley I think you mean drivel (the US education system again). Stop and think about it: If Trump gets in a) the US will be the laughingstock of the world (seriously), and b) awful things would happen. The man is not only a joke, but a dangerous joke. You should be absolutely terrified – partly because he might get in, and partly because you have a populace who thinks he is fit to run a country. The man is a moron. You want a moron for president? God help you.

  • And did he get off, I’ll bet he did

  • Our police are not being trained properly in the use of firearms. Before you squeeze that trigger, you need to know what it is that you are shooting at and what is behind what you are shooting at. If you don’t know, you don’t shoot. If you die because you did not shoot, then you die. That’s part of the risk you take when you take that job, don’t like it, quit!

  • Sounds like the pharmaceutical industry has new clients.

  • They are cops… How retarded they could be, 27 rounds?? Hey mom you paid for this rounds, here’s some tax return….

  • Yes, one incident proves you gun paranoia. We must ban all guns now because .000000001% of gun owners have accidents and are stupid.

    • the guns need to be taken away from those who do ot know how to use them or have predispositions to violence and or stupidity.

    • The cure is worse than the disease. I know. Let’s take all the automobiles away because a few drive drunk, or worse, while texting. It makes as much sense. All gun control does is cause crime.

    • Gun ownership is stupid. What are you afraid of? Come to Canada – civilized, health care, unarmed, safe and happy.

    • I take it beatings, rapes, robberies, and murders dont happen in Canada? Its not about being afraid, its about being prepared. If you’re going into Grizzly territory you bring bear mace dont you?

    • Funny how quickly people forget history – pick up a book and find out what happens when the government is the only ones with guns.

    • Josh Lawrence So for a bear you use mace but for your own mom it takes 27 rounds? There is no end to the nuttiness of defenders of this stuff.

    • Jason Kowalke I haven’t seen Japan or Canada or Costa Rica enslaved but maybe I’m missing something?

    • Kevin Sissons Enslaved? We Canadians? Just because we are not in danger of being shot because someone doesn’t like the looks of us? In what way are we enslaved? We consider ourselves to be civilized. There is a big difference. Civilized and with universal health care. Wow. How awful for us.

    • Josh Lawrence How would me carrying a gun prevent rapes or robberies? Robberies mostly happen when no one is home so no point there, and rape by strangers is rare (and not when one is carrying a gun). How does a gun help any of that?

  • Karma is a bitch….if she doesnt get you, shell hit someone close to you so that youll feel her wrath either way.

  • Here we go again, Cops’ solution to everything, ya hear a bump in the night.. Grab your gun and empty a couple clips blindly into the dark!.. You can’t make this shit up!.. No charges, of course.. Something’s gotta’ change!…

  • Y’all supposed to identify the target before pulling the trigger. That is just common sense. As for the female officer and her husband they need target practice.

    • Aren’t you as a police officer also supposed to identify yourself before you shoot?

    • I’m less conerned about the police than “average” citizens with guns. What the hell?

  • Ready! Fire! Aim!

  • Oscar Pretorious comes to mind he was convicted.

  • How do you “accidentally” fire off 27 rounds?

    • How does one “accidentally” fire off a gun?

  • So he must have reloaded at least once.

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    • finally after 2 reloads he recognized it was his own mom and not a bear lol …

    • Hopefully she will have the common sense to move out now.

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  • What kind of gun holds 27 rounds? Did he reload?

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  • 1 shot is an accident 27 is attempted murder

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  • Like did he fire his whole clip, reload and fire some more all while shrieking in terror? Who in the flying fuck would believe that shit is an accident?

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  • I believe its called atempted murder.