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  • Cynthia Morse

    The Third Reich that created concentration camps, the Gestapo, and Nazi Germany, began in targeting and imprisoning people who were deemed likely to commit crimes. The German Constitution stipulation against this was ignored. By the mid-1930s, laws were created and enforced against “propensity ” to behavior deemed criminal without any act having been committed. Constitutional challenge was by then nonexistent; a new constitution was written by and for the new fascist government.

    • Jacob Newton

      The Nazi’s WON WWII, most people do not realize how they did this. Nazi’s are not just the German Government or military from that era, those were sacrificed. They secretly spread out through the world, embedded themselves within intelligence agencies, and most importantly the military industrial complex. People are too caught up on “nationality”…. These people have no allegiance to any nation, country or people. They are evil, they are parasites, and they are winning.

      • Jake Richardson

        You’re a little remissed on who the real Nazis are. Names such as Rockafeller, Rothchild, Bush, Ford, Colgate, Morgan and a number of others; are the real nazis. Who do you think funded Hitler?

        • StevenWayne

          Yeah, that’s what where he is going with that…They won…Just look at the success of the supporters you just named and how they funded the Hitler…

  • mlee952

    How do you do a reverse image search?

    “When in doubt use reverse image search. Take their image and see if it is a real person or not.”

    • Fightingfor Mychild

      Type reverse image on Google.com and you can upload any image to Google, and Google will tellyou where it came cfrom by showing you everywhere it has been used online.

  • Back before modern Americans got the brilliant idea to trade liberty for safety, netizens knew to only use fake names and fake info online., or at least that’s what SWIM tells me…

  • Rex

    I like the “pose as ‘members of the community’ ” part. At least they’re getting the idea that it’s more of a “them” and “us” situation.

    • Betty Anne Emery Rubendall

      IKR! I want to check my friend’s list. I wish there were a quick way. There were days when I didn’t care enough to ask why the request. Most of the one-picture-no-mutuals got deleted, but I know I let a few through.

  • Bob Lake

    “Profile picture seems to good to be true, that hot model added you today! They even messaged you and are interested in you!”
    Haha! That happened to me a couple of days ago. I told her “do you know I’m an old fart?” no reply and i unfriended her immediately 😛

  • I knew this in 1995 after reading up on Danny Casolaro and PROMIS. No mystery why they call it The Net, The Web, and netFramework. —fuckem https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1de0a0cedd1c21caa54138aab18af0cde08c9345d4af9132dca309ced189fe8d.jpg

    NET: a bag or other contrivance of strong thread or cord worked into an open, meshed fabric, for catching fish, birds, or other animals:

    WEB: a network of fine threads constructed by a spider from fluid secreted by its spinnerets, used to catch its prey. a complex system of interconnected elements, especially one perceived as a trap or danger.
    “he found himself caught up in a web of bureaucracy”
    synonyms: network, nexus, complex, set, chain;

    .NET (Framework)

    a : plan, contrive
    b : shape, construct
    c : to give expression to : formulate
    d : to draw up (as a document)
    a : to devise falsely (as a criminal charge)
    b : to contrive the evidence against (an innocent person) so that a verdict of guilty is assured
    c : fix 7b
    : to fit or adjust especially to something or for an end : arrange

  • Bill Kelly

    Is that iSerpico or e-Serpico?

  • Terri Chamness

    you should not be writing about police putting fake profiles on facebook,dont you realizwe they are only doing that to be able to catch people that are trying to plot to kill people.,,obviously you must not care about human lives.

  • BabyGirl

    Duh! Smh! Fake profiles are so obvious!

  • R O M C H O M P A

    The same thing should go for meeting girls on the internet altogether, deny deny deny, that they are female, until you have solid evidence!

  • Lukáš Smička

    Hi my create fake profiles and fiction domain facebook,is problém create profiles lukáš cích standa šuba zdenek hubalek,i am my account messages warring send !!! to and my account,is i am normal people.

  • kaynash

    The only problem with your list is that people who are discussing problems that originate with the government are using messaging more than comments these days….so no comments isn’t a trigger any longer (although no friends is) – it’s just a way for people to move a conversation without being flagged by our government and FB cooperation.

  • Scott D

    I am sure I have few questionable in my friend list. I should post something outlandish about some type major local crime and see who shows up at my door

  • Cali De Chrome

    They don’t need a fake profile, they just directly hack into your account. They would only need a fake account because it is more stimulating for them because the a freakin weirdos get off on spying on people and hurting people anyway they can. They don’t have their own energy so they have to suck it out of other people so they can feel alive, like the vampires they are their appetites are endless. Sad pitiful life of the narcissi police.

  • morningglory

    The 1st three I would disagree with. Those things happen if you’re someone like me, who’s had their previous account deleted, but had a back up profile already made in case something like that happened. Which is pretty common if you use an alias, or are an activist that posts controversial subject matter.

  • John Kisner

    When will people realize that governments need us way more than we need them? I think we would be just fine without any governments religions or corporations telling us we’d never live without them.

  • Boris Smith

    Yeah well judging by my pic my face book page could be judged fake – also I have no personal photos and no personal info – simply because I don’t like the facebook platform much. Occasionally there is a group I either wish to join or have a look at and I need a page to do it – but as I said I use it in a limited fashion but it ain’t fake! Just short on personal detail (call me old fashioned I don’t mind what you choose to think).

  • Amigi

    I while back, I took my 15 year old daughter to a pool party. Half of the parents were drinking which I thought was rather inappropriate, not because they were drinking, but that they eventually had to drive their kids home. After 4 hours, one dad was clearly inebriated and about to drive his son home. I offered to drive them, and even drop his car off later. He declined rather harshly, but at least I tried. Later that evening, people were posting pictures of the pool party, and I made a comment on one of my daughter and her female friend that they looked cute together. Drunk guy, who clearly went home and didnt stop, started calling me a pervert. I blocked him and went to bed. Situation dealt with.
    A few days pass, and I start getting friend requests, four total, from young looking girls. Totally out of the blue. Curiosity got the best of me, so I accepted one. Hours later, she messages me and asks if she can talk to me. She is looking for companionship and comfort. She saw me post somewhere and thought I was “hot” ( I’m a graying 45 yo, but thanks miss ). I only lived one town over, she said, and wondered if she could come over. She’s almost 18 she said. Oh really? Well, maybe you should find someone your own age or talk to a parent. Window closed, unfriended.
    I come to find out from my girlfriend who works as a clerk at the local civil courthouse that the drunken fuckwad from the pool party had messaged our local police dept on a public facebook page that I was some kind of pervert, and posted it with a screen shot of me saying two girls, one my daughter, looked cute. Her and I have different last names as her mom and I were never married.
    So, yes, this story is real.

  • Pete Ponchorat Maddison