Cops Who Killed 6-yo Boy Lied About his Dad Having a Warrant & Gun – He Had Neither



Marksville, LA – On Tuesday, November 3rd, 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis was tragically gunned down after being unwittingly thrust into a police pursuit. Now, officials are acknowledging that there may have been no justification for the officers’ actions.

Initial reports claimed that Jeremy’s father, 25-year-old Chris Few, was being served a warrant by Ward 2 City Marshals. However, police now admit that Few was not only unarmed when officers opened fire, but may not have had a warrant at all.

During a press conference Thursday afternoon, Louisiana State Police Col. Mike Edmonson said:

“We have no evidence of any gun found in his car,” When asked about Few’s alleged warrant Col. Edmonson replied; “I am not aware of one but I have not been provided with anything that says otherwise.”

Upon being reached for comment regarding the existence of warrants for Mr. Few, the Clerk of Court for the City of Marksville stated they had “nothing” and that they had never had any warrants out on him, according to KATC TV.

Chris’ step-father, Morris German, has also been vocal in his disbelief of the original police account. He said that he strongly doubted his stepson was armed and that he could not believe he would flee authorities with his son in the vehicle.

“I can’t see him doing that with his son in the car,” He said. “That doesn’t sound like him at all.”

Officers initially claimed that Chris had backed up into a police cruiser several times when the chase ended on Martin Luther King Drive, but officials agree there is no evidence that this took place prior to officers opening fire. The Louisiana State Police are now investigating the incident and reviewing footage of the incident from a body camera one of the officers was wearing according to a source for WAFB.

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The emergence of these details (while unsurprising to those that have followed the cases of Zachary Hammond and Samuel Dubose) certainly leave one with more questions than answers. There is no doubt that many of the deadly shootings we are currently seeing are a result of the 2014 supreme court decision (Plumhoff v. Rickard) which authorized the use of deadly force to end police pursuits.

Sadly, we are now witnessing the outcome of this decision. According to Avoyelles Parish Coroner Dr. L.J. Mayeux, Jeremy was shot by police five times and died from wounds to his head and chest. His father was also severely wounded and is currently in critical condition.

As history shows us. When agents of the state are given blanket authority to gun citizens down with impunity, the end result will always be tyranny. Is this the future we want for our children?

Johnny Liberty is a researcher and investigative journalist. You can follow him on twitter @LibertyUnltd

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    • And what? You’re exposing and exposing and they don’t give a danm and keep on killing people…..

    • i press like bacause of the reporting

  • War against the police is imminent.


  • Kenton Matchell

  • Just makes an honest cop’s job ten times harder. And they wonder why no one trusts them any further than you could kick one anymore.

    • there are no honest cops, they are a gang that kill for each other and stop at nothing to protect their own

    • Actually there are honest cops out there.. just wish they were more vocal and went after the bad ones more.. which gets them ostracized and kicked off the force.. Truly honest people don’t seem to last very long in that profession.

    • a “good” cop not going after the bad ones makes the “good” cop a bad cop.

    • i’m sorry not cop PIG fucking PIGS

    • There’s no such thing, they always conform to the culture of the department, violence and might.

    • so when a police union(300,000 members) makes an announcement that they have “something in store for Quintin Tarantino” that doesn’t make them a gang and that doesn’t make it a conspiracy?

    • Never said they weren’t a gang.. What I am saying is there are SOME people who got into it for the right reasons but the GANG quickly weeds them out..

    • agreed…..Greg..that is a valid point

    • if you are not willing to tell the truth about these lying, murdering bastards, then you need to find another job or accept the fact that you too are a bad cop. period.

    • I agree with Greg McKean. There are cops that are good people yes. Being a good person doesn’t mean you are not a coward the two are not mutually exclusive. So I say those good people who do nothing are cowards. It’s the same as Islam, they say that not all Muslims are radical and yet they don’t speak out against the atrocities. When good man fail to act evil will prevail. So I’m just saying they are cowards good or bad cowards.

  • Sam Jameson

  • Evidence control 101.

  • Toni Cee

  • Of course they did, they’re trying to cover their asses for MURDERING that poor baby!

  • So sad :'(

  • tragic.

  • Civil war against anyone who defends this kid killing fuck

  • I have several questions. I know that being 6 yo means car seat or booster seat in the back seat of the car. So first question is why was the police firing shots that clearly had a child in the car? Secondly if he backed into police car several times to get away then why is that tape not produced? All police cars now have dash cams….. kind of messed up I would have too say.

    • We won’t see any film of this incident. I’m guessing that all dash cams where malfunctioning.

  • :'(

  • Fascist tyranny in action

    • Head shots, Not blocked by Kevlar. Before the kazillion copcars show up. We need to make cops really scared about turning on the citizens and then lying to protect themselves. The only thing that will cause them SERIOUS PAUSE is a lot of police funerals nationwide. Then, out of fear, they’ll respect the people they swore to protect! Beware of any cops with shaved heads … they are facist soldiers, not American citizens like us!

    • Regular citizens do not have kevlar vests. Please enunciate your comment.

  • Wow that’s sad

  • Nothing but murders Nazi Filth

  • Looks like another case of police murder…


  • But cops can do no wrong…..

  • Cortez Callaway


  • No, cops don’t lie or cover for each other. .unheard of

  • Mandy Moore :_(

  • #Copliesmatter

  • Liked and shared on my page. Thank you.
    Armchair Activist

  • If we armed monkeys to be police who would be accountable? Vote monkeys 2016.

  • Lying pigs!

  • Wow! They kill anyone they want!

    • They’re deliberately trying to a start civil war here in u.s. to enact martial law and corral us in fema camps.

    • No Alex jones crap please! Jade helm bs wasn’t real either

  • Do a report on this banned-censored -blockaded by the US news media documentary film”

  • So sad

  • Land of the free as long as you don’t get caught. Then you’re screwed long term.

  • They’re deliberately trying to a start civil war here in u.s. to enact martial law and corral us in fema camps.

    • so far,people are not reacting with violence.I think it’s a good thing and it shows people are thinking about this.


  • Maybe the 6 year old was the one with the gun and warrant?

  • Next will be another media airing event showing cops doing good deeds. I didn’t hear of this on the news.

  • When are we the people going to be allowed to kill murdererous cops?

  • Oh man if I was this cop i would sign up for witness protection asap. If i was the Dad I’d get this over with!

  • USA the biggest lie since they took it away from the true native Americans

  • The SA Murder Squad. Yet again.


  • the death of the boy is on the driver…..cops suck…..but he put his childs life on the line when he fled……it was his decision as a parent……you should now better than to flee with a child in your car……of course cops are gonna shoot……thats what they do…..he made the decision that got his son killed

    • you have absolutely no idea why he ran. just cooperating with these thugs does not guaranty you will walk away unharmed. cops love to beat people up and will always find a way to start some shit .

    • doesnt matter….he had his child in the car…..the cops wouldnt have opened fire if he had pulled over….they may have ended up shooting him, but not his kid……he made that decision……he chose his life over his sons…..end of story……you obviously must not have children….ANY PARENT WHO FLEES LAW ENFORCEMENT WITH THEIR CHILDREN IN THE CAR ARE NEGLIGENT AND RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO THEM DURING A POLICE PURSUIT… me i dont like cops anymore than you do…..but he ultimately chose to put his kid in harms way……no excuses

    • @Jessica, In Europe the police wouldn’ fire in such cases, so no this is definitely on the police. It is the task of the police to protect the citizens, so even if the father was a top criminal, they still needed to protect the child. The police did not only fail in this, they are even the cause of his dead. So since when is it okay to sacrifice an innocent life to catch a criminal? By blaming the father you are in fact saying that it is okay to do so…

    • well this isnt Europe…..and here you should just know better… wanna run solo, more power to you…..good luck and godspeed…..but you involve your kids, thats on you……no one else, you made that choice

    • It’s your way of thinking that allows these situations to happen again in the future and only with one result and that is that innocent people get killed. But that would be okay as long as you can blame someone except the one who made the choice to pull the trigger.

    • I hate this arguement. No fucking duh the driver has a responsibility in this no fucking duh he is an idiot. He however is not paid by the government and given a gun. He is not the one who pulled the trigger. The fact you say of course they are gonna shoot him that’s what they do. That’s the problem. STOP shooting everything. Use police work. Let him go follow saftey , use the helicopter, electric engine stops, don’t just fire freely into a vehicle. What if there is a hostage Jesus lady think first. This is rediculous stop defending the indefensible

    • cops are gonna do what cops do……hopefully someday that will change…..but its no different than keeping a loaded gun in your home around kids……if you dont do your job as a parent to put the proper safety procedures in place and a kid shoots themselves or a friend with it…..its not the shooters fault… were negligent and put your child in danger…..stop shifting the responsibility of the parent……cops shoot people, and for now thats the way it is……you cant control what others do, but you sure can control yourself……so dont be an asshole and risk your kids life over a possible warrant…..stupid af

    • What do you mean don’t blame the shooter what r u talking about. I haven’t shifted blame. We have no idea why the father “ran” so maybe there is a justified reason that I don’t know nor do I care. What I do know is that cops fired into a vehicle and killed a six year old no one else did they did. If they don’t shoot he doesn’t die.

    • I have one simple question Jessica Lynn Powell if the cops knew there was a child in the car would they have acted differently? If the answer is yes(because I know that’s what you will say) then that alone proves my point. They shouldn’t treat the situation any different. With a child in the car they would have ended it without blindly firing rounds into a car right? Then they should always go for that our come

    • Also I wanna she the footage

    • I seen the last cop footage that tried to claim some tried to run him over. It was more like he chased the car down and shooting into it so I hold my judgment

    • As long as police are not held responsible for this kind of policework, nothing will change. In Europe they would have been held responsible and that is why police solve such situations differently. In England many police are even unarmed and they seem to do just fine…

      I recently also saw a video of a police officer claiming that he was ran over. You can clearly see him jumping in front of the car and then starting shooting. The human body can’t stop a driving vehicle, so the only reason to jump in front of that car was to justify his shooting by claiming that is life was in danger. I think they just like to use their guns…

    • Shooting for fleeing come on they knew who he was he was fearing for his life justifiably

    • He most likely feared for his son too n that’s why he took him with him. He knew what these assholes where about so o don’t blame him for taking his son with him. What kind of parent is going to leave their child behind with cops that have a vendetta against him ???

  • USA is a Hell Hole with no respect for its citizens, it could be easier to stay alive in North Korea.

  • oh my goodness you’re not saying the police lie and makes up stories oh wait Hell YES they do and Will frame someone in a heartbeat

  • Let’s also pay tribute to the good cops out there, they are never mentioned and their good deeds are seldom mentioned. Yes we have bad cops and its inherent in any system that give ANY individual and not well selected candidates, the task of policing. Policing has evolved into such a state, that it takes tactful and highly intelligent people to do policing. Lessons learned are being ignored. You have to have a Commerce degree to handle money, but you don’t need to have a degree to confront human behavioural systems on a see, hear and touch basis. Now that tells me that the present system of economics and socia economic structures are there to divide and enslave the people with debt. Then remove their source of income at the whim of a board meeting and move on. This will create poverty and a very high imbalance of wealth and personal ownership in society. Thus creating crime …and let anybody police them for crimes and public upheavel. There’s nothing wrong?. You were just not told about Marginal Utility of the labour force….basicaly with the present system……to put it in colloquiel English……we are fucked.

    • As far as I’m concerned they are all bad because the so called good cops sit back and do nothing so they are cowards

    • If there are good cops why are they hiding like cowards why not condemned these actions and call it what it is fucking murder

  • Im shocked

  • MURDER!!!!!!

  • Despicable and disgusting. That is all

  • a cop on the street with a gun is just another killer

  • If this proves true they need to be sentenced to the maximum penalty! If that is death, so be it. if that is prison, no protective custody. they know the penalties better that everyone.

  • Those cops should be charged with murder

  • Born liars.

  • If that were my boy, I would spend every second of everyday, and every last breath. Wiping the earth clean of such vile pieces of Shit. Truly heartbreaking.

  • And what? You’re exposing and exposing and they don’t give a danm and keep on killing people…..

    • maybe they are trying to terrify us into total submission,or they are trying to start “the war on the police”that they have been advertising.?

  • Most city marshals are cops that have been allowed to resign from the force for medical or disciplinary actions. Marksville is one messed up little town…i know its down the road from my town

  • I’d kill those fuckers if that was my boy

  • The gangs have been loosed, just like in Gaza what it looks like. No one is safe.

  • This must be another example of that “freedom” that I hear our soldiers are killing people for in the middle-east…

  • This happened about 45 miles from where I’m at…the law all around here is crooked as a dogs hind leg!

  • That’s what I said yesterday. It sounded like BS the first time around. Smells even worse now.

  • if i recall right,,,,they did investigate this and found no wrong doing

  • Can we just all agree and get a national law passed, that if you kill a child PERIOD you face jail time? True accidents aside, what in the hell reason does a “trained” professional have for killing a child?


  • That cunt of a spokesperson, regarding him not having a warrant: “I am not aware of one but I have not been provided with anything that says otherwise.”
    Because it’s always better to kill people JUST IN CASE.

  • Bang bang officer ” suicide “

  • The reason is they can and WON’T get prosecuted…

  • Shooting for fleeing come on they knew who he was he was fearing for his life justifiably

  • So I’m driving my motorcycle with suspected license police tried to pull me over I take off its ok to kill me right

  • No warrant, no weapon, no evidence the adult victim backed his car toward the killer cops. We do know at least one of the killer cops had a personal vendetta against the father. Let me guess…no charges, shooting justified. Come on cop apologists..explain this child’s murder.

  • The cops lied. They murdered him. What’s the question?

  • Why was he even running from the police? The only thing I know about this story was that a guy was driving away from cops, and they fired a barrage of bullets into the car. What was even going on?

    • According to his girlfriend, Few had been involved in an ongoing dispute with one of the marshals involved in the shooting.
      So he obviously ran because he was “in fear for his life”. Turns out he had reason to be afraid.
      This was an obvious premeditated murder.

  • Media black out!!??? Must be a white kid

  • This is what happens when you call the cops….

  • Fox and Hannity will defend the cops.

  • The fact that anyone is even questioning what the guy was doing just shows what kind of people this society is breeding. He didnt have a gun, so he couldn’t have shot at any cop. Running from police does not give them the right to shoot you unless you’re playing GTA. Especially if there are children present let alone in the same vehicle. You can argue that the guy shouldnt have fleed having his kid in the car as much as you want, doesn’t make the cop who murdered the kid any less accountable. I welcome the police or anyone for that matter to try and harm someone in my family, especially kids. Will gladly take a life sentence for justice. Im not sure who deserves it more murderers in uniform or the assholes who get a hard on defending them? Fuck it, get rid of both!

  • So very,very sad!!!Rest in peace little one.Condolences to the Father that had to view the brutal killing of his son!!!

  • Look at all the cop suckers trying to blame the father

  • POLICE GANGSTER THUGS WILL MURDER YO FOR NO REASON NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • According to his girlfriend, Few had been involved in an ongoing dispute with one of the marshals involved in the shooting.
    So he obviously ran because he was “in fear for his life”. Turns out he had reason to be afraid.
    This was an obvious premeditated murder.