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Cops Mistake 81yo Grandma in Her Backyard for a ‘Suspect’ Have K9 Maul Her

Coon Rapids, MN — An 81-year-old grandma was hospitalized this week after she was attacked by a police K9 while cleaning her shed in her own backyard. Police are now claiming that they ‘acted appropriately’ when they unleashed their dog on this innocent woman.

Choua Xiong got up early Sunday morning to clean out her shed in her backyard. She had done nothing wrong and posed no threat, when police, looking for a ‘suspect’, entered her backyard without a warrant and unleashed their K9 on her.

According to police, a neighbor called 9-1-1 after she saw a suspicious person in a black coat in her backyard. The caller said she heard a loud noise outside but couldn’t tell where it came from. As police investigated, they entered Xiong’s yard and saw a person in her shed. That person was Xiong.

Xiong, who is hard of hearing, did not hear the officers calling for her to come out of the shed. According to police, they yelled for the ‘suspect’ to come out of the shed 10-15 times, however, no one emerged — so they unleashed the dog.

Instead of entering the shed to see if it could’ve been a child with headphones on — or an innocent old woman who was hard of hearing — police sent in their K9 to tear apart whoever it was that couldn’t hear their demands to come out.

The officers could’ve simply waited for the ‘suspect’ to come out of the shed as well. However, they chose to rush to violent escalation. From the time police entered Xiong’s back yard to the time they unleashed the K9 was less than 10 minutes. 

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“They didn’t see her in the storage. They just see the flashlight. That’s what they told us,” WaamXee Xiong, Xiong’s grandson said. “If you don’t see nothing and you just see some people inside, why did you let your K-9 go in there?”

To add insult to injury, after siccing the K9 on the 81-year-old grandma, they continued to treat her as a suspect. As she is bleeding profusely from the attack, Xiong was then dragged across the yard with so much force and violence that her knees were bruised and her ankle was sprained.

After they had captured their ‘suspect’, it took police nearly 30 minutes to realize that Xiong lived at the house. Thankfully, her grandson WaamXee showed up to tell the officer she’d been cleaning her shed. Forty minutes after being viciously attacked by a police dog and assaulted by police, Xiong was finally brought the hospital.

When news of the story was posted on social media, naturally, the residents of Coon Rapids expressed their outrage. However, the department responded by calling the incident unfortunate but quickly noted that the officers did everything right.

The department understands there is public concern on social media about the way this incident appears at first glance. However, with the facts the officers were dealing with at the time, including dispatch information and assessment of the scene, they responded to the incident in an appropriate manner. Officers are trained to speak clear, simple commands in the hopes that officers can be understood when they are dealing with people on calls. It is always our goal to have a safe outcome for all citizens and officers, no matter the circumstances….

The Coon Rapids Police Department takes reports of suspicious activity very seriously and appreciates the public’s help in alerting officers to suspicious situations. In this case, officers responded to the suspicious person report that occurred at a time of day and under circumstances that led officers to believe they were interrupting a burglary in progress. In this context, officers acted appropriately. Witness reports state K-9 warnings and yelling could be heard loudly in the area as several neighbors woke up to the noise and began turning lights on.

The family has not yet decided if they’ll file a lawsuit or a complaint. However, it is clear that the police will not be held accountable and the only ones who will suffer for this irresponsible act will be the taxpayers and the victim.

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In the video below, WaamXee is seen confronting one of the officers involved in releasing the K9. He asks a pertinent question, “what would happen to me if I sicced a dog on your grandma?”

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    Police departments need to STOP making a policy of treating every “suspicious person” call like it’s a goddamn hostage situation! I very much hope they sue and complain to high heaven about this!

  • Liz O’neill

    and after the dog had mauled this poor old lady, why did the cops have to injure her further by dragging her around, it must have been obvious that she was a senior citizen. American cowards, cops proving once more that no citizen is safe from them. age, race, sex they don’t give a fk.

    • David Hall

      That is very simple. They are cowards, pussies & POS thugs in the biggest gang in America. Until they do away with qualified immunity and start taking lawsuit awards from the thugs pension funds, it will never change. Community policing has gone the way of the dodo bird. They are nothing but criminal revenue collectors for the State.

      • Meanoldbitter Veteran

        I’ve been hearing some of that from some of the older ex Cops I’ve met. The hiring policies and selection process over the last 30 years or so is one of the bigist factors. Too many pussies are hired that can’t fight. These Scared Pussy Cops didn’t risk even getting a close enought to see who they were attacking.

  • How stupid of them, this poor lady and they are being paid to protect her from violence, pathetic

  • Meanoldbitter Veteran

    Ten minutes is a long time. They did everything wrong and demonstrated not only poor judgement, but cowardly behavior and neglegence as well. What the hell was the reason to delay medical treatment of this poor old lady after the assulted?

  • Kountry Bumpkin

    Actually there are three very important details left out of this story most likely to get a biased response out of people who aren’t informed about the whole story. I hate the SS and they do enough all on their own without lying or misleading readers just so it makes a good story in keeping with the theme of the site.
    1. They called out for her to come out of the storage shed many times but they never got a response from her.
    2. She’s an immigrant, most likely an illegal.
    3. Most important, she doesn’t speak any English, that’s why there were so many misunderstandings in this particular case.
    Now, is that an excuse for their handling of an 81 y.o. woman, NO but it is important information so that the reader gets a full understanding on the side of both parties involved.

    • BK37

      Did you miss the part where it said she was hard of hearing? And why are you assuming that she’s an illegal immigrant?

      • Kountry Bumpkin

        No I did not miss that part, did you bother to do any research on this story at all or just being the liberal you are did you throw all common sense out the window. This took place at 6:45 am, it was still dark and while I’m sure using common sense is new to you that means those SS members where holding their flashlights on the building and the door was atleast open enough for the dog to enter into…. or in your world is she deaf and blind. And I’m assuming she’s an illegal because she’s an immigrant and because she doesn’t speak any English, something she has to be able to do to pass the citizenship test.

        • BK37

          A conservative lecturing anyone on common sense these days is the definition of irony. Please show me any part of this story that suggests she is here illegally.

          • Kountry Bumpkin

            LOL, I’m not about to get into this argument with an open borders supporting liberal, I have better things to do.

          • BK37

            In other words, you don’t have anything to back up your argument. Typical of today’s right wingers.

    • pj

      For your information. Being an immigrant does not always mean they are illegal. I guess if a family was German descent immigrant then they are illegal too!!

    • pj

      Do your research before you start saying immigrants are illegal. My parents are immigrants like this Grandma and they became U.S. citizens in 1994. They came to the U.S. in 1979 as refugees.

  • Wendy Colby

    Thugs,just plain thugs,It could have been a young child killed by their dog and still the powers above would say the cops did nothing wrong.Since when is siccing a lethal weapon on an unseen subject proper procedure?Time to start charging officers personally all costs fines,court awards and costs with actual criminal charges not the softened up ones usually given to cops.Pile charges on like a common criminal because that’s what they do to anyone else who is not a cop.Maybe then they will start using their brains before violence against the public.

  • Hugh Culliton

    In the Army they call bullshit like this “reconnaissance by fire.” These officers showed a profound lack of common sense. Either that, or they just didn’t give a shit about possibly killing someone. Better to put the public at danger than to risk any possible personal danger.

  • Blaine

    I still do not understand how LE can release a weapon that can injure or kill outside the line of sight of the handler without an additional/definitive command of some sort.

    The K9 is not an “officer” it is a weapon. Would the public allow an autonomous robot equipped with deadly force to be released by LE that could not distinguish a threat from an old lady or small child? This is no different.

    I’m sure they were following protocol, but the protocol should be changed. I’d sue.

  • Phil Freeman

    Keep protecting the boys in blue, integral part of security of a civilized society.

  • Stories like these are part of the reasons why I cheer when cops get killed, taste of their own medicine. Government reform of cops is never going to happen (especially with Trump with the helm), the real solution is to support and create organizations like Threat Management (founded by Dale Brown) in Detroit