Cops Raid Wrong Home Then Humiliate Family By Posting Photos Of Them Handcuffed On Snapchat


New York, NY — NYPD police officers just raided the wrong home and then posted photos of the innocent family in handcuffs to Snapchat. Police claim that they were searching for a suspect in the apartment and had a warrant. However, the family does not know nor do they have any connection with the suspect. It is not clear why their house was targetted, and the NYPD has refused to answer any questions about the incident.

The two photos which later appeared on social media featured the captions “Merry Christmas Its NYPD” and “Warrant Sweeps, It’s Still A Party SMH.”

While the name of the officer and his squad was not released by the NYPD, it was confirmed that the officer was identified within the department and suspended without pay.

Kimberly Santiago, one of the victims of the raid, ended up calling 911 after the experience, and then filing a report with the police department.

“The worst part was the Snapchats. That’s what really got to me,she told ABC, adding that, “The things that he wrote, it’s like, this what you all do? If he did that to, picture how many other families he’s done that to. And he was the only one standing there watching us.”

“Y’all know that when you came to this house, looking for the wrong person that we don’t even know. We thought he was texting on his phone. Because the whole three hours we were sitting here, he was the one standing there. We saw him on his phone, but we didn’t think an officer would do that,” she explained.

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The family sat in handcuffs for three hours as police ransacked their house searching for the supposed suspect, and anything else that could justify their search and possibly land and arrest.

Resident Eric Almendarez told the New York Post that the officers entered the home in full force, with guns drawn.

“It was horrible. They broke down the door and shoved a gun in my face and told me not to look up. How are we supposed to get over that?” he said.

  • anarchyst

    …publish the names and addresses of the individual police officers, judges and prosecutors who “authorized” this raid, and enlist the help of people to “watch” them from a public sidewalk or street. Just having a few people in front of their residences 24-7 can be unnerving to them, knowing that they are being “watched”.

    • Candice White

      What you are advocating is called stalking this will get who ever does it either shot or in jail.

      • anarchyst

        …not entirely true. The “left” (communists) have been using this tactic for decades…
        …they can also be watched from legally parked vehicles…

        • susan.ward

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        • Steve Rusk

          Our cops, FBI and DHS are the ones who do all the surveillance and dirty tricks in this society, I doubt that any of them consider themselves to be “communists”.

          • dillybar

            i do

          • Steve Rusk

            Why do you see them as communists? That’s not the type of social order that they enforce.

    • Michael

      They will shoot you then and claim I was in fear for my life. The camera looked like a weapon. Ect. And will always get away with it

      • Ed

        All Cops can’t keep saying they “Feared for their Life” to justify shooting someone. We must let a jury of their peers decide in each and every case, the prosecutors will have to work to Free a Cop! I can see the shit getting deeper as I write!

      • dillybar

        shoot the judge that let them

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    Do your local police a favour..Beat yourself up.

  • 𝕋heℝacist𝕌ninhibited𝕄ooℙ

    Here come Conservatives in defense of their kind of KKKops.

  • James Williams


  • Michael

    Its to the point where you have to be armed and turn your home into a fortresses to protect yourself not from criminals but from police.

  • peggy.summerlin

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  • dillybar

    if i had the money i would have a person follow every cop with a cam

  • dillybar

    Until the Prosecutors are held responsible for accessory to these police murders and for violating or allowing to be violated our Civil Liberties, police and judicial abuse will only get worse. They are supposed to be subject to the Board of Professional responsibility or whatever it is called in your area. Citizens demands that they be disbarred would do much to bring reform.