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BREAKING: Police Raids for Removal of Water Protectors at Standing Rock Begin

Police and National Guard forces began raiding camps at Standing Rock Wednesday afternoon, not long after reports stated the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers would be granting an easement necessary for completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Reports from the scene suggested law enforcement blocked the road into the camp at both the northern and southern ends — effectively kettling the entire area, which would leave anyone remaining subject to arrest.

“Law enforcement have evicted about 40 Dakota Access pipeline opponents from a camp the demonstrators set up on higher ground near their flood-prone main camp in southern North Dakota,” CBC reports. Social media reported the number of arrested had surpassed 50.

Among the detained water protectors, livestreamer Shiyé Bidzííl stated on video, was vocal pipeline opponent and #NoDAPL leader, Chase Ironeyes.

Heavily militarized police advanced across Highway 1806’s Backwater Bridge from the north — a boundary not crossed by either law enforcement or water protectors since the barricade was reinforced by authorities in November.

Social media posts indicated Bureau of Indian Affairs police had set up a roadblock to prevent anyone seeking to enter the camps while the raid was performed.

Government forces intend to clear a newly erected camp put in place on ground above the floodplain where Oceti Sakowin, the main camp, and others have been in place since as early as April last year.

But that camp was considered illegal, and as such became the first camp subject to a police raid since last fall.


Energy Transfer Partners, the company responsible for Dakota Access and recently acquired by Sunoco Logistics, halted construction after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers denied an easement in order to perform a full environmental impact statement.

That order, however, came on the heels of another order from the Corps and one from North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple which essentially cut access by emergency services to the camps and deemed anyone present to be subject to arrest for trespassing.

Indeed, over concerns about winter conditions and the spring snow melt flooding the camps, leaders in the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe have repeatedly requested the water protectors who aren’t residents to evacuate.

Just yesterday, Senator John Hoeven issued a statement announcing,

“Today, the Acting Secretary of the Army Robert Speer informed us that he has directed the Army Corps of Engineers to proceed with the easement needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline. This will enable the company to complete the project, which can and will be built with the necessary safety features to protect the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and others downstream […]

“We are also working with the Corps, the Department of Justice, the Department of Interior and the Department of Homeland Security to secure additional federal law enforcement resources to support state and local law enforcement. On Sunday, 20 additional Bureau of Indian Affairs law enforcement officers arrived at Standing Rock to assist local authorities. Also, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council has asked the protesters to leave the campsite on Corps land.”

Fraught with contention, Dakota Access has been the subject of a massive opposition campaign since last spring, which began with a couple hundred people camped near the Missouri River’s Lake Oahe reservoir, and quickly mushrooming to several thousand in the summer.

Though camp population has declined following the multiple orders from authorities, at least 300 people recently started a new camp above the floodplain in an effort to be partially compliant.

As this article went to publication, militarized riot police and National Guard troops backed by armored vehicles and other equipment stood on the road looking over camps, as if awaiting night for another advancement.

This is a developing story and will be updated as needed.

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    Morton County Einsatzgruppen

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  • permalink

    The thing is, w/ all the garbage (abandoned cars, food waste, plastic tarps and unclaimed clothes) left from the Rosebud and Oceti Sakowin camps, the water-protectors are leaving the surrounding land in a worse condition than before the protests.



    Unlike the members of the Standing Rock tribe, these paid protestors have no tie to the land.

    They are just in the protest “for the moment”, as if it were a festival.

    • Mob Squad NYC

      You are a filthy liar.

      • permalink

        What exactly did I lie about?

        • Mary Addams

          “paid protesters” You immediately illegitemize your position because of your use of known dishonest buzz words/phrases.

          I doubt your are lying per se, but am pretty sure you are just another one who likes to repeat anything and everything that supports your position whether it is backed by fact or not.

          • permalink

            Well Mary, there are no jobs at the Oceti Sakowin camp, so the people still trying to live there must be getting “paid” from somewhere.

            That is the simple explanation to my words, “paid protestors”.

          • Kenneth

            Logic! Get’s em every time.

          • permalink

            I am trying not to break my arm while I pat myself on the back…

            Seriously, in the **real** world these protesting water protectors caused far more damage than the DAPL will.

            Most of them do not know there is a natural gas pipeline that has been crossing the Missouri River there since the 1980’s.

          • Matthew Pierson

            so you can’t prove it? lol. go home, permalink.

          • permalink

            Prove what?

            That there is a gas line that crosses there?

            There was also a railroad crossing there?

            That a high-voltage power line crosses there?

          • Benjamin Parker

            ??? What fucking logic? He repeats himself and all of a sudden he’s logical? Fucking moron.

          • Hilary Bennett

            i seriously doubt anyone is being paid to protest. you people really think that? people have quit their jobs, up and left their lives behind to support this cause. as for the porta potties, you really think thats our biggest concern here? they have a system for that ok and they take contamination on their land very seriously. how about the fact that their there to fight for my drinking water and yours?

          • Paul Ronco

            What’s wrong with paid protesters? If they’re being paid, then it’s coming from activist groups receiving money from the American people. Or do you have a problem with certain free market economies?

          • Paul Ronco

            Americans are forced to pay for soldiers who go to other countries to kill and die for– supposedly– their freedom and way of life. We call that patriotism. But Americans subsidizing peaceful protesters on the front line of an anticorporatofascist movement are somehow illegitimate. Mmmkay.

          • permalink

            That’s a great off-topic comment.

            And soldiers are not paid to protest…

            But you didn’t know that because you never served.

          • Paul Ronco

            1. On the contrary, it directly contradicts your uninformed and prejudiced assertion that the protesters have no connection to the land. This land is our land. Or, more specifically, probably a lot of their land. The Missouri River supplies drinking water to 17 million people. Not too much of a stretch to say that many of them might feel directly threatened. Not to mention the legal precedent DAPL will set if it’s completed. You are aware that the House yesterday passed a bill allowing coal ash to be dumped into our rivers? But please, be my guest. Research what’s in coal ash before you post your permanent Internet response under your fake name.

            2. American soldiers are paid to fight for what they believe in. At least, that is what we should hope.

            3. Tell that to my DD-214 and to my Honorable Discharge certificate. 82nd Airborne Infantry (11B1P), 20 jumps out of a perfectly good airplane. You?

          • permalink

            “20 jumps out of a perfectly good airplane. You?”

            No, my job was to shoot aircraft down (air defense).

            I retract my last sentence, and I still feel soldiers are not paid to protest.

            “You are aware that the House yesterday passed a bill allowing coal ash to be dumped into our rivers?”

            And you try to bring another topic in because you cannot back up what I stated to begin with.

            “The tons of feces, urine and used feminine product shallowly buried. They have acres of sewage there that will be going downstream when the Cannon Ball river floods.”

            Btw, the DAPL will be finished soon.


          • Paul Ronco

            What’s wrong with paid protesters? Think about it.

          • Mary Addams


      • permalink

        The tons of feces, urine and used feminine product shallowly buried. They have acres of sewage there that will be going downstream when the Cannon Ball river floods.

        The protesters and their employers need to be fined millions of dollars for this travesty.

        • Randal Patrick McMurphy

          Fuck off, Shill…

        • Paul Ronco

          Or the people of North Dakota could rent porta-potties. This argument is a non-starter.

          • permalink

            There were porti-potties out there.

            But where do you think they were emptied when frozen?

            You can’t pump that…

    • Peace and Love

      You are a fucking idiot.

      • permalink

        At least I do not need profanity and name-calling to present my position.

        • Matthew Pierson

          you don’t use reality for that, either.

          • Paul Ronco

            Nice one.

          • permalink

            The reality is the piles of trash left from the former water protectors.

            The reality is the SRST should not have had to hire a cleanup crew.

    • 12yearoldfag

      Apparently this is what modern Democrats call “a dialogue”. Ignore them.

      • MostOfYouRBrainwashed HAHA

        LOL are you for real with THAT NAME?

        Although trying make this a Republican/Democrat issue is not helpful in any way, (why are people always doing it? Can’t a topic be discussed without trying to pigeonhole people, without taking their individuality away, without desperately trying to categorize them as something?) I see where you’re coming from and you do have a point.

        • 12yearoldfag

          I like my name. It’s the name to render any and all ad hominem arguments useless.

          So far we can assume my educated guess was pretty spot-on. Nobody is arguing with it.

      • Matthew Pierson

        You “laugh” about their common fallacies and then use a different fallacy to attempt to support your argument? lol.

        • 12yearoldfag

          I haven’t advanced any argument and I haven’t used any fallacies to support it since there was no point put forward. Are you here to further prove how non-sequitur you can get and what other sweeping generalities you can come up with? And yeah, I AM just going to ignore this kind of blabber in the future.

          • Humanity1st

            Your whole statement is a fallacy. Obviously you are ignorant to the many ways to burn, dispose, irrigate trash and human waste that the indigenous people and military who join the truth against water pollution and extinction are fighting. Same for your troll buddy permalink. And yes I too am a Veteran who knows Trump/Pense = the polar opposite of what my contract says I am to fight and defend against. Democracy ‘and’ Republic, are polar opposites to Fascism. We fought and died fighting it already in World War 2, and that fight is both foreign and domestic. Far more domestic now than anything. Propelled internationally by the same IMF, ALEC members and Kochs who supported Hitler in that war. Care to share some facts on those points?

          • 12yearoldfag

            You are manifestly stupid and illogical. Nothing you said is related in any way to what I said or to the subject matter. And you call me a troll. That’s ironic.

    • Pleeeezzz

      Lies, lies, lies. Any news coming from North Dakota are lies as North Dakota government and their residents are racist.

    • Matthew Pierson

      like forest gump, you are not a smart man…
      I can respect that you use legitimate sources, but you draw a conclusion that isn’t based on that information. That is a logical fallacy, son.

      • permalink

        I am smart enough to see that the DAPL will not be stopped.

  • permalink

    “Police and National Guard forces began raiding camps at Standing Rock Wednesday afternoon”

    The article author, Claire Bernish, should correct that sentence.

    The “camp” that was raided, the “Lost Child” camp, is what was to be, an entirely new camp.

    Of course law enforcement was not going to allow it.

    The US Army CoE, the state of North Dakota, and the Standing Rock tribe have all said **no** to any new camp.

    The Oceti Sakowin and Rosebud camps are being cleared of trash, food waste, abandoned cars and temp structures.

  • Ivan Pihama

    My cousin said they were going to re route the pipeline what trump view NZ

  • Humanity1st


    1. “… all of the clients behind the video news releases (VNRs) tracked by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD)—47 of 49—were corporations. (The other two were professional associations.) Those 47 corporations were responsible for 34 of the 36 VNRs documented in this report.” “Fake TV News: Corporations” – http://www.prwatch.org/fakenews/findings/corporations

    2. FAKE TV NEWS: WIDESPREAD and Undisclosed Submitted by Diane Farsetta on March 16, 2006 – 2:30pm Diane Farsetta and Daniel Price, Center for Media and Democracy April 6, 2006 This report includes: Video footage of the 36 video news releases documented in this report, plus footage showing how actual TV newscasts incorporated them and/or a related satellite media tours. A map showing the locations of the 77 television stations throughout the United States that aired this fake news. An itemized list of the 77 television stations that aired this fake news, by state. – http://www.prwatch.org/fakenews/execsummary

    3. FAKE TV NEWS: CORPORATIONS – http://www.prwatch.org/fakene ws/findings/corporations

    • Hilary Bennett

      this isn’t fake news you idiot. this is our constitution being torn to shreds. clearly we no longer have the right to protest, let alone clean drinking water