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Cop Arrested for Pulling Woman Over, Kidnapping, then Raping Her

Fort Pierce, FL — For the majority of people who see those red and blue lights turn on behind them as they drive down the highway, your adrenaline spikes, your heart races, and the last thing going through your mind is, “I am being protected right now.” While most of these stops end with a promissory note of extortion for a victimless crime, sometimes, especially for women, things can get quite dangerous.

As the Free Thought Project has reported countless times, all too often, police officers will abuse their authority to force unwilling victims into performing sexual favors in exchange for leniency. Also, many times, there is no quid pro quo and police officers will simply rape people they pull over — case in point, Daniel Holtzclaw.

A young Florida woman has learned the hard way about police rape last week when she was stopped by St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Deputy, Evan Cramer, 28.

According to Sheriff Ken Mascara, Cramer pulled over his latest victim last Tuesday night for a minor traffic violation. However, instead of simply writing a ticket and moving on, Cramer proceeded to use his authority to rape this woman.

Cramer is accused of telling the victim she had multiple warrants out for her arrest and said she could avoid jail time if she granted sexual favors, Mascara said.

According to police, Cramer then kidnapped his victim, threw her in the back of his cruiser, drove her to a vacant car lot, and raped her.

Immediately after it happened, his frightened victim then went to the local hospital to report she’d been raped.

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“She was terrified,” said Sheriff Ken Mascara. “You could hear it in her voice. You could see it. It was palpable.”

Cramer was arrested the next morning after a brief investigation. He was charged with sexual assault/battery and unlawful compensation, the sheriff’s department said. He is currently being held on a $850,000 bond.

Mascara told the media last week that it is, indeed, likely, that Cramer had done this before and urged any potential victims to come forward.

“He made comments to this victim that support that he’s done this in the past,” the sheriff said. “He actually compared her to other victims. It’s apparent there are some other victims out there, based on his own statements.”

“During a time in our nation when respect for law enforcement is at an all-time high, incidents such as this quickly erode that trust and respect,” Mascara said. “I want to apologize to our community and other members of the law enforcement family for the dishonorable actions of this one person.”

While this apology sounds okay, perhaps Mascara should apologize for hiring this officer with such a troubled past in the first place. After the arrest, WPBF looked into Cramer’s past — what they found was trouble.

As WPFB reports:

We’ve obtained Cramer’s personnel file for when he worked for the Sandford Police Department. He started there in March of 2015 and in January of 2016, three of his superiors recommended to the chief that Cramer be fired.


A Lieutenant in the department cited multiple reasons for the recommendation, including “using inappropriate language in public” and “using his authority to gain compliance.”


Cramer resigned from the department in January before he was fired.


Less than four months later, he was hired at the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit

  • Mark Skinner

    Classy guy.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    Let’s hope the charges aren’t pled down to something insulting, like misdemeanor harassment!

    • Guy

      Are you taking bet’s and at what odds are you giving, if you are ?

    • Mark Skinner

      Probably will be ‘pled”. Coppers do as they please sometimes, and they need to learn that some people fight back.

  • blowyourhorn

    I can figure out how to post this to their Facebook page. Their FB community should know about this officer also. https://www.facebook.com/FortPiercePD/?fref=ts

  • Kevin Leonard

    “respect for law enforcement is at all time high”

    is he being serious with that?

    • [email protected]

      Right! Wishful delusion on the part of the police chief. At first, I thought it was a typo. He should have preceded the phrase with a capital “NO.”

    • Abe Martin

      Exactly ! wth is that bs propaganda? I cannot begin to count how many officer rapist and child porn officer stories I have read in the past year. That is only the tip of the ICE BERG not to mention how much bully EXCESSIVE force nazi fascist style conduct events as well and not to mention within the Industrial prison business abuses and deaths within that branch of so called law enforcement. And never forget RIP Keaton Farris age 24 WA, literally starved to death as per coroner while in custody having had no criminal history and they deprived him of meds for mental health basically just tortured him to death for kicks !

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    • Guy

      It comes from drinking your own form of koolaid and believing piss is good stuff !

      You all know the story of the “Emperor Wears New Clothes !” don’t ya !

    • i think he MIS-SPOKE

  • doucyet

    Now this guy you can call a pig and it would be appropriate. I’ve always thought that sentences for rape were far to lenient and should at least carry 15 years.

    • Abe Martin

      Nah I vote 5 yrs and forced castration.

      • doucyet

        Not a bad idea……

  • Domina Elle

    Was the victim white? Or?

    This has happened many more times than most are aware. The only reason the Holtzclaw case was reported to the degree it was can be attributed to black lives matter. Had those victims been white I doubt his case would have gotten anywhere near the level of reporting it did (which of course I’m glad about).

    No mass public outrage over these cases unless there’s a narrative needing suppprt. When the victims are prostitutes, people care even less. That part was all but sanatized out of the Holtzclaw case.

    Is he a serial rapist? Others will have to come forward. Will there be mainstream coverage? Will there be mainstream outrage? Will the victims be worthy of outrage?

    • palvadore

      My neighbor is a white retired Army officer, pilot, top secret clearance, vetted by the most rigorous standards, clean cut…he was abducted by Ga police, threatened, forced by threat of torture to sign false documents, and forced under threat of harm to recieve a compulsory injection of an unknown substance. And STILL the chief is lying about it! Even with 300+ people watching film of his officer’s openly fabricating evidence…he still lies! Right in your face.

      Why? He dared to walk away from a concentual encounter with a female officer and she didn’t like it. An encounter that he initiated to report a crime! They arrest him!

    • Of course, I am very GLAD that Officer POS Holstclaw was found out & prosecuted to fullest extent of the law. But, the one thing that bugs me is that the WAY tat case is talked about it’s as if ONLY Black women (or other women of color) are raped by police (you know, “white privedge” & all is a blanket protection for us low-melanin women).In my life, I’ve known FOUR women who were raped by police (3) in Texas and (1)Minnesota:ALL of them were WHITE women. I was threatened with rape by a Houston cop after arrest for driving without license. I was able to talk to my way out of it NOT because I am white but, because I used LOTS OF LEGAL TERMS & LIED saying my father was a lawyer.

  • Domina Elle

    Law enforcement guilty of raping, extorting, pimping, murdering sex workers: http://www.policeprostitutionandpolitics.com/pdfs_all/posters_all/Cops_rape_solicit_prostitutes_Rogues_Gallery.pdf

  • Domina Elle
  • Domina Elle

    This cop had 35 victims! But how many people know his name? As compared to Holtzclaw? His case was 2013 https://www.google.com/amp/s/sacbee.relaymedia.com/amp/news/local/crime/article41086659.html?client=safari

  • Domina Elle

    Alaskan cop Anthony Rollins was only charged for 5 of his assaults though dozens of women stepped forward (30+) but many were prostitutes and we all know a prostitute cant be raped right? (Please note my sarcasm) Anthony Rollins is black and was a highly decorated officer https://www.adn.com/crime-justice/article/anchorage-rapist-and-former-officer-transferred-outside-federal-prison/2013/11/09/

  • Domina Elle

    Read the comments from his friends when he had yet to be found guilty below the article: highly decorated black cop Anthony Rollins was found guilty of raping 5 women (but there were many more). Abuse of the badge knows no ethnic bounds http://alaskapride.blogspot.com/2009/07/anchorage-rogue-cop-anthony-rollins.html?m=1

  • Badcopwatch

    Never ever trust or talk to the police. Ever.

    • jeffhanson1

      When I do track you down, you’ll be saying otherwise you racist antisemitic, black hating poor excuse for a existence.

  • Badcopwatch

    There is a hate that is not about to go away for the police. People despise these lawless-brainless idiots. It’s no wonder they’re getting shot and killed today.

  • Mark Skinner

    Just shoot the bastards !

  • Ibcamn

    all cops are criminals,the ”god complex” drives them to be the best criminal tax dollars can by…cops are nothing more than bottom feeders,scum…they abuse their authority at every moment of every day..what do you expect from people who willingly and knowingly work for a corrupt court system that needs bodies in the prisons to make money.no one has respect for cops,fear them,i believe so,but respect,no….cops are criminals,nothing more.

  • Real Truth stings

    Bad cops. Is there really any other kid?

  • A1701

    Typical Cunt-With-A-Badge-Who-Thinks-He’s-Above-The-Fucking-Law

    Fucking hang the bastard!!!!!