Solvay, NY – The Solvay police department are refusing to remove decals of The Punisher, a vigilante comic book character, from their vehicles, a department lieutenant said Wednesday afternoon after complaints about the symbol.

“The Punisher symbol on the patrol vehicles of the Solvay Police Department, while similar to the symbol featured in Marvel comics, is our way of showing our citizens that we will stand between good and evil,” the statement from Chief Allen Wood and Lt. Derek Osbeck said.

The Punisher is a popular Marvel comic book character, with an upcoming Netflix series release, who exacts punishment in the form of murder, kidnapping, extortion, and torture on those he deems guilty in his war on crime — the Punisher essentially acts as judge, jury and executioner.

Despite this reality, the police department have no intention of removing the decals from their vehicles, Lt. Osbeck said in a phone interview Wednesday afternoon with Syracuse.com.

“There would be no reason to,” he said. “Why would we remove it?”


Perhaps one good reason would be the fact that during a similar controversy earlier this year in Kentucky, Punisher co-creator Gerry Conway weighed in on Twitter, explaining why his anti-hero Frank Castle shouldn’t be a model for police — specifically noting that he was “morally compromised” and “not to be emulated by cops.”

“If a cop killed an innocent man and tried to cover it up, Frank might not hesitate to kill him. Not someone police should root for. As Castle himself said in my recent Punisher Annual story, ‘I’m not a good man.’”

Further explaining the depth of the problem as it relates to our modern policing paradigm, sociologist Matthew Hughey told Salon:

The Punisher employs such tactics as threats, extortion, coercion, blackmail, kidnapping, torture and murder to achieve his ends. Over the last few decades, American police forces are increasingly being caught (even more so on camera) using these very same vigilante tactics and are criticized for acting as through they are the law (rather than being servants of the law). The use of the Punisher as an avatar by local police departments and other law enforcement agencies may also worsen the well-documented psychological phenomenon where police are faster to shoot African-Americans than they are whites. It is reasonable to suggest, therefore, that the adoption of a vigilante killer’s logo (who murders with impunity and without consequence) could worsen and entrench this already extant pattern.

In spite of the clear disconnect between what The Punisher represents, and the job police are expected to fulfill within society, the Solvay police are resolute in their decision to use the symbol on their police vehicles.

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“There is no vigilante justice that takes place in our community or within our department,” the statement said. “The insinuation is insulting to those that stand up against evil and are willing to fight for and protect those that are in need.”

The thin blue line symbol on the decal shows the department believes in the unity and support of police nationwide, the statement said.

“There is clearly a war on police and the criminal element attempting to infiltrate and destroy our communities, lifestyles and quality of living requiring men and women willing to stand up to evil and protect the good of society,” the statement said.

On Tuesday, Solvay Mayor Ron Benedetti said that he hadn’t been informed of the decals before they were placed on the police vehicles.

“I’m looking into this and if I feel it’s inappropriate it will be coming off,” Benedetti said.

In the Kentucky case, police chief Cameron Logan of the Catlettsburg Police Department removed the car decals after receiving several phone calls admonishing the department’s use of the logo. Logan said he regrets using the image and said in the future he’d do “a little more research” on the history behind some of Blue Lives Matter’s more popular icons.

The Punisher clearly represents a force that will not hesitate to kill those he personally deems criminal, without the need for evidence, a defense or trial – for all intents and purposes he is the antithesis of justice.

Is this really what Mayor Benedetti wants his police force to represent?

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If you want to let Mayor Benedetti know your feelings regarding his police force’s use of The Punisher imagery on police vehicles you can contact him using the information below, provided on the Village of Solvay website.

Jay Syrmopoulos is a geopolitical analyst, freethinker, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs and holds a BA in International Relations. Jay's writing has been featured on both mainstream and independent media - and has been viewed tens of millions of times. You can follow him on Twitter @SirMetropolis and on Facebook at SirMetropolis.
  • The Cat’s Vagina

    So, if someone starts behaving like Frank Castle, they’ll totally get away with it ’cause the cops are such a fan of that kind of thing? Didn’t fucking THINK so!

    • doug murphy

      Hey Cat’s Vagina..about as inaapropriate a screen name as the stickers so no suprise..but Anne Frank and her family are hiding in the attic if you need to let the SS know. Would not want them getting away with anything.

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        You’re very confused, dear. I’m NOT on the cops’ side here… just pointing out their hypocrisy.

        • doug murphy

          Sorry..so many trolls here..missed the Frank Castle reference as I was not originally familiar with the works. Sorry for assuming. Yes..the hypocrisy is outrageous..

      • Anonymous

        ::reads doug murphy’s comment and scratches head:: hmm…::reads doug murphy’s comment and scratches head some more:: Ok…We don’t get it.

        • doug murphy

          I thought she was in approval of the logo..I misunderstood.

  • Gordon Klock

    Stubbornly clinging to some goofy ‘logo’, seems really petty, & childish to me, & given the nature of the comic book character, it’s based on, psychologically creepy, as well. One could easily invent some ‘cool’ & ‘badass’ logo with skulls, hammers, & lightning bolts, eagle wings,etc, with just a little bit of drawing skills, & imagination..(which I guess they lack, hence the need to stupidly keep an ‘appropriated’ logo, instead)….(& even the original artist thought it was inappropriate)….

    • PJ London

      ‘ clinging to some goofy ‘logo’, seems really petty, & childish to me’
      They are the police, what did you expect, quotes from Jefferson and Plato?

      • Gordon Klock

        Maybe more like Joseph Goebbels, & Yosemite Sam ?

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    Aren’t there copyright issues at play here?

    • PJ London

      They are the police, laws don’t apply.

    • palvadore

      28 USC 1498…could be worth several hundred thousand.

  • tom browne

    if only they could punish the filth that is infiltrating and corrupting our society. i live with it. pimping and weed.

    • PJ London

      Absolutely brilliant, you choose two victimless crimes to demonstrate your point.
      If you want out, stop pimping out your girls and don’t smoke weed anymore.
      The future is in your hands, you can turn your life around.
      Find Jesus.

      • tom browne

        they are not victimless. i live in black housing – these illegal pimping are rampant syphillis – airborne with a strain that is super deadly.
        weed – victimless you say. our govt has a disease in colorado – if you smoke it alot you get the disease. read about it. not only that but if you are uneducated its extremely foolish to smoke alot. you become lazy as hell and an alcoholic. i live next door to a dealer. i hear these fools – they are incredibly idiotic. guys walking down the street – their hands in their pant pulling off.
        then the so called muzak – people who are tone deaf trying to sing like beyonce so far off key its sad and the lyrics filled with hate and sex degradation – “lewd” they call it.
        Add Littering and jaywalking to this and you have society being trashed by filth and foolishness. victimless!

        • PJ London

          I happen to be on the computer and saw the response come in.
          I am fairly old, and have never had anyone put a gun to my head and force me to have sex with a hooker. If someone chooses to have sex with them and gets Syph, well ain’t that a shame.
          Only time i was offered ‘weed’ was in the US. Course I was offered coke and girls as well, but you know what, I made it out alive.
          As a young child, I often saw men with their hands in their pants. My favourite story was when a young girl went to her mother, “Mommy, the gardener is masturbating behind the shed.”
          “That’s nice dear, why don’t you go and play in the front garden.”
          If it troubles you, don’t watch them.
          All music since Mozart has been crap.
          Littering is messy, but then I presume that you have decided to stay in the neighbourhood because it is better for you than elsewhere. Or has someone put a gun to your head and made you stay where you are.

        • Anonymous

          “these illegal pimping are rampant syphillis – airborne with a strain that is super deadly.” We are unable to confirm that there is airborne syphilis.

          • tom browne

            I would not pull out my dick in a room where 50 tricks a night are done. nfw no day. there is a super deadly strain and guess where it is prevalent. in my turf. What does a fool do? get his money to buy a whore / picks up syphillis / then gets tired of it or goes broke … gets a girlfriend and she gets super syphillis / then they break up and its spreading all over….. she gets a new guy / he gets a new girl …. on & on – the stuff cannot be cured like type 2 diabetes. cooked up in a govt lab. marijuana disease cooked up in a govt lab. I see 50 cars an hour driving in here for pimping. on weekends. there are 3/4 girls going non stop. I saw the girls too. high on meth/coke/booze flying high blabbing motormouthing – sure they make some dough but in the long run its more wasted lives ……… here is a true story
            I have type 2 – howd I get it? I was poisoned by a doctor. So I get a diabetic attack where your blood sugar spikes 430……… I am in ER getting insulin to lower it.
            A guy gets brought in next bed. black 20 something with type 2 spike 530 (you are almost dead) he was passed out when they found his meth pipe. He refused treatment because they threw his pipe away! His kidneys totally shot from meth. refused insulin and got up and left!

          • Anonymous

            We aren’t telling you to have sex with a prostitute. But, we are saying, we cannot find any confirmation of an airborne super syphilis.

            As for the girls being high, that is common. They call it “being on retainer.” Their pimp gives it to them as “motivation” to perform.

    • Anonymous

      It is the corrupt police who are corrupting our society. But, then you probably cheer when the police plant drugs on suspects, right?

      • tom browne

        no I am against police crime. drunken driving, domestic battery, sex with kids – police are out of control — people keep saying I’m a police worshipper. thats bull. police have only themselves to blame for destroying our trust. stealing money, lying in court,
        I got arrested – the cop never gave me miranda statement and lied.
        I got stopped here doing 35 in a 30 zone. the cop said I was doing 42. I told him “you just lied. Why did you do that?”
        I live on the street. he wanted to inspect my DL. it was clean.
        Police LUST for money is terrible. they are working several jobs and defrauding time sheets. that should be a Year automatic – no plea.

        • Anonymous

          Oh, ok. In that case we take it back. However, the problem with “busting all the drug dealers” often involves planting drugs on suspects, because “they SHOULD have had drugs on them!”

          • tom browne

            the muzak is so vile with hate whitey that in itself needs to be snuffed out. but the hate becomes murder. as far as pimping you are not confirming there is airborne syphillis – well I can tell you that its cooked up in a govt lab as it is then suppose it is airborne…. huh? Then you got massive amounts of black people getting poisoned and poisoning others. massive amounts of kids born with syphillis who are doomed to mental illness for life.

            There are too many people in the world. that is why the govt is cooking up diseases. There is no need to “plant” drugs – their pockets are bulging with the stuff. We need more super max prisons and more and more and start locking people away for being in gangs. conspiracy.

            even the people in jail admit it. That filth muzak gets you right there for 10 years. I hear the stuff its unbelievably filthy & ignorant. but these people know all the words and sing along as if it was a church hymn. hate whitey & more hate. until your mind is so full of hate you can’t even function.

            black jesus rapper hates whitey


          • Anonymous

            Yes, we know about the muzak.

            However, we are not confirming the airborne syphilis, because we are unable to confirm it.

  • Rob Okray

    Some folks need a beat down. As for the decal, I have them all over the place. If we actually had some punisher types running around it would give thugs some pause.

    • Zackknowitall

      If their was a puinsher he would be busy for years cleaning up and killing the dirty cop problem, If the punisher was real the cops would not be a fan.

  • Zackknowitall

    Too bad the punisher is not real. He would have killed thousands of cops last year. All them videos we see or cops shootings unarmed ppl then lying about it, or beating down ppl and lying about it would be dead.

  • Anonymous

    So…these cops are declaring themselves to be vigilantes! Ok… Good to know!

  • Ibcamn

    these terrorist cops even wear the punsher blue line patch on their vests and tactical gear with pride i may add,they think they can now go out and go ape shit on everyone for nothing and get away with it,oh wait,they do murder innocent people and walk……