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Police Kill Innocent Unarmed Grandpa for Holding a Crucifix in His Own Front Yard


Bakersfield, CA — New details have emerged regarding the shooting death of an unarmed 73-year-old man by Bakersfield police. It now appears that police are attempting to justify the killing of an innocent unarmed grandpa by claiming he had his hands in his pockets and was also in possession of a crucifix.

At 12:30 am on Monday morning, Bakersfield police shot and killed 73-year-old Francisco Serna as he stood in his driveway. Immediately following the shooting, police released details noting that Serna was killed for ‘brandishing a gun.’ However, early Tuesday morning, we’ve now learned that there was never a gun and police fabricated that vital piece of information.

When police arrived on scene, they fired multiple shots at Serna, hitting and killing him. According to police, the time that passed between a neighbor pointing out Mr. Serna as ‘suspicious’ in his own yard and when the shots were fired was about 30 seconds.

Francisco’s daughter, Laura Serna said she was jolted out of bed when she heard the gunshots. “Less than five minutes later, my mom was knocking on the bedroom door, saying ‘Something is happening. Something happened to your dad.’ I got downstairs and went outside, and my dad was laying in the driveway across the street dead and bloody,” she recalled, according to TIME. “There was no explanation.”

Laura explained that her parents were watching television when her mother got up to do a load of laundry. When her mother returned, Fransisco was gone and the front door was opened.

“She went outside and she called him, ‘Francisco!’ And he did not respond. But she did notice that his body was across the street,” his daughter said. “He was slumped over and bloodied.”

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“I said, ‘That is my father! Is he injured?’ An officer pushed us and said we needed to leave—that we’re in a crime scene,” she said. “It was horrible. I could not believe it. I could not believe what was going on.”

Aside from trying to justify the killing by claiming Serna had his hands in his pockets, police are also noting that he was in possession of a crucifix.

“During a search of Mr. Serna a dark-colored simulated woodgrain crucifix was recovered,” read a statement from the Bakersfield Police Department. “Mr. Serna was not armed at the time of the shooting. No firearm has been recovered.”

According to Bakersfield assistant police chief Lyle Martin, Serna was acting strangely as he approached a woman in the driveway of her house while she was being dropped off by a friend in a car just after midnight on Monday, as reported by Reuters.

He kept his hand in his jacket pocket and the woman believed he had a gun so she ran into her house, Martin said.

Her boyfriend or husband later called emergency dispatchers to report a man with a gun was outside, Martin said.

When police officers arrived and spoke with the woman outside her home, she pointed out Serna as he exited his own property across the street, Martin said.

She told the officers he was the one who had approached her. Serna was walking toward the officers with his hands in his jacket pocket, Martin said.

The officers, fearing he had a gun, took cover and told Serna to stop and take his hands out of his pockets but he did not obey, Martin said.

One officer opened fire seven times on Serna, shooting him to death within 20 to 30 seconds of the woman pointing him out, Martin said.

On Wednesday, police identified the officer who killed Serna as Reagan Selman who has only been on the Bakersfield police force for a little over one year. He’s since been placed on paid leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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Rogelio Serna, Francisco’s son has been outspoken about the police killing his dad since that tragic evening.

Rogelio described his dad as a mentor to his grandchildren and noted how he raised a beautiful family.

“He had time for all of us,” the younger Serna said. “We’re of course angry and upset. We just want answers. We do not tolerate violence. We were not raised that way,” he said.

“We’re going to miss him dearly,” the son added. “He was at the age where he was getting sick. He should have passed away surrounded by family, not surrounded by police and bullets.”

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit
  • James Latham

    9 bullets? These police need to be fired and charged with murder. Of course the officer who murdered this man will be on paid leave while the investigation will take years and in the end he will be back on the streets to murder someone else.

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    • Ed

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  • cbanalyst

    I’m generally always on the side of the Police; however, if these facts are correct, the officers involved should be discharged & charged with the appropriate crime.


    All paranoid people with guns need to be shot and buried.. especially if they are gang members..

    • Levi Silveira

      That would only validate any paranioa

  • Guy

    This comes as the result of The Police Departments across America’s collective mentality of we don’t serve you, We Are In Deadly Fear Of You And Will Kill You For It ! In other words boy’s and girl’s, we are going to get you first, befor we give you even a ghost of chance or a thought, of getting us ! You are all dead meat !

    The police departments have been the cause and creator of this preception, making us pay for there paranoia, with our tax dollars, and lives, viewing us as being expendable and cheap to produce. Now there is truly a war going on, because we are not going to take it any longer, we are angry and deeply suspicious of them, because of broken trust and instances such as these !

    There is no quick fix or easy solution to the problem. Clearly to me, the solution will only come from them, once they admit and recognize that they, not us, are the creators and perpetrators of Police Violence towards us, and that we, are the ones who are responding to it, after decades of abuse and heavy handed authoritative police rule being the operative.

    This is no different than what is going on in Countries like Syria, Africa, The Sudan, Iraq, or anyplace else that there is oppression of the many, by the few who are in power and wealth !

  • Sillywilly

    if some nutjob neighbor of mine got my grandfather killed we would be having a very short and decisive encounter

    • Guy

      You know that is what really blows my mind ! That often these type of police shooting’s are the result of some nosey s.o.b. neighbor reporting to 911 about a suspicious activity or person doing something they consider odd, next thing cops show up with guns drawn ready for action. Result, people get beat up and arrested or shot and killed. As the case of paralyzed Indian Grandfather, taking walk in sons neighborhood, not knowing english, cops show up, and gramps ends up in Hospital paralyzed from cop beating. Cop get’s off, because it seemed reasonable !? WTF ?

      Now it’s if you see something, report something ! Just like Natzi Germany was in 1940. Neighbors reported that Jew’s lived next door. SS. showed up, people hauled off to extermination camp !

      • Ed

        It’s also the cops using the picture you draw for them and not thinking it out

      • Natural_Texan

        You are so right! .. what is it with people? they don’t know the neighbors? Couldn’t they have just talked to the old man? I have had the Cops come onto my property and demand ID.. ‘someone reported a suspicious person’. Really? I’ve lived in the same place and done the same stuff for 40 years. I guess if I had been using an axe I could have been shot!

      • Sillywilly

        Since 911, they, meaning the establishment, have waged a war of fear against their own people. I refuse to give in to that mentality. That guy walking down the side walk is just that not some terrorist ready to blow everything to hell and back or some gangbanger looking for an easy mark. But yeah, its gotten so bad a guy cant even take a walk around the block without 5-0 showing up to do a pat down…or worse yet, a put down…the permanent kind.

  • billdeserthills

    You religious folks should stay far away from simulated wooden crucifixes while police are around

  • Ibcamn

    cold blooded murder………plain n simple.

    • Brent Fisher

      The worst part is that he’s white and his life already matters and they still shot him anyway.

      • Ibcamn

        to cops.a kill is a kill,they still get bragging rights..

  • 9 shots on an old man….the cop deserves to die he literally is a serial killer nothing more, police stations like to hire anyone these days, cops who cant handle guns should not carry gun at all.

  • beancrisp

    FACT: Reagan Selman murdered Francisco Serna in cold blood just for kicks. This educational comment has been brought to you by THE GREAT JAMES MABRY.

  • Brent Fisher

    If he was a Christian in Iraq they would have sawed his head off with a dagger. Apparently being a Christian in America is a death sentence. “Tyranny by any other name…”