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Police Across the US Show True Colors as They Continue to Attack Beyoncé for Superbowl Performance

Image circulating on social media, giving Beyoncé the ‘blue finger.’


The “Blue Lives Matter” constituency, ever and always alert to actual or perceived insults to the police, was severely aggrieved by the halftime show at Super Bowl 50 – which included a tribute to the original Black Panther Militia. Although unsettling to the delicate sensibilities of “law and order” conservatives, that homage was timely, given that the Black Panther Militia was organized fifty years ago not far from the stadium that hosted this year’s event.

Leading a troupe of female dancers dressed in Panther-style attire, Beyoncé performed a version of her new track “Formation,” which has been described as a “Black Lives Matter” anthem. Following the performance one of the backup dancers held up a sign with the handwritten inscription, “Justice 4 Mario Woods” while she and her colleagues raised their fists aloft in a black power salute.

Woods, 26, was fatally shot by San Francisco Police last December 2nd following a reported stabbing. The official account claims that he “lunged” at an officer with a knife, but this is not validated by video recordings of the shooting. After being surrounded by ten or more officers in firing squad posture, Woods can be seen attempting to walk away – visibly limping after absorbing a beanbag round — as one officer with a drawn gun tries to block his path. A furious fusillade – at least 19 shots in the space of 3 seconds – then erupts.

Neither the video nor witnesses substantiated the claim that Woods was attacking the officer at the time he was shot, yet Chief Greg Suhr maintains that the shooting was justified. Woods was carrying a knife, and matched the description of the suspect in the stabbing. If the police had carried out their advertised function of arresting a suspect to stand trial, it’s possible, perhaps even likely, that Woods would have been convicted. The hasty resort to lethal force by the SFPD stands in stark contrast to the patient professionalism exhibited by police in the UK who confronted a deranged man armed with a machete. That 2011 episode ended with the suspect alive and in custody.

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Police in the UK still see their job as apprehending suspects in order to protect the public. Police in the United States are taught that the use of lethal force is justified whenever they perceive a threat to “officer safety.” The chorus of condemnation directed at BBeyoncé’s halftime performance suggests that the “Blue Lives Matter” movement take a similar view of attacks on the emotional “safe space” of police officers.

Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, a tireless promoter of the long-discredited “war on cops” myth, criticized both Beyoncé’s performance on both ideological and aesthetic grounds: “Let’s have, you know, decent wholesome entertainment, and not use it as a platform to attack the people who, you know, put their lives at risk to save us.” Numerous commentators insisted that the performer, who had received a police escort en route to Levi Stadium, was a hypocrite for “attacking” the same police who supposedly protected her (without mentioning that a low-risk, high-overtime assignment of that kind is highly coveted by police).

At a Super Bowl party in Washington, members of the National Sheriffs’ Association “turned their backs on Beyoncé” and turned off the TV when her halftime performance began, reports the Washington Examiner. Expressing a theme that was widely repeated throughout social media, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke denounced Beyoncé’s performance as racist and compared the Black Panther Militia to the Ku Klux Klan: “Would [it] be acceptable if a white band came out in hoods and white sheets in the same sort of fashion? We would be appalled and outraged.”

Actually, as attorney and legal historian Dave Kopel has documented, the Ku Klux Klan acted as a gun control organization — a kind of police auxiliary to help enforce laws intended to prevent former black slaves from keeping and bearing arms. Whatever else can be said about the original Black Panther Militia (which, with the help of the FBI, degenerated into violent factional struggles and violent street crime), its objectives were exactly the opposite of the Klan’s.

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Many of the same right-wing critics who describe the Black Panther Militia as analogous to the KKK promote open carry of firearms and embrace the view that the true purpose of the Second Amendment is to ensure that the citizenry has the means to repel criminal violence by government officials – including the police. The founders of the Original Panther movement (as opposed to the tribute band-style imitators of more recent vintage) shared that understanding of the right to keep and bear arms. Weary of routine abuse by unaccountable police officers in Oakland, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale organized the Panthers for the purpose of “policing the police.” This led to the famous February 1967 street confrontation between the Panther organizers and Oakland PD officers following a traffic stop in Oakland.

Newton and Seale, as was their habit, were carrying guns in the car. When one officer demanded to see Newton’s firearms, the Panther leader replied, “I don’t have to give you anything but my identification, name, and address” — which was precisely what state law dictated.

“Who in the hell do you think you are?” exclaimed an offended cop.

“Who in the hell do you think you are?” replied Newton, citing the Constitution and California state law in defense of his right to carry a firearm openly.

“What are you going to do with that gun?” one of the astonished policemen asked.

“What are you going to do with your gun?” Newton fired back.

As a crowd coalesced at the scene, one of the officers ordered them to disperse. Newton countermanded that order, pointing out that state law didn’t forbid citizens to observe an arrest or similar police encounter.

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“If you try to shoot at me or if you try to take this gun,” Newton explained to the officer in charge, “I’m going to shoot back at you, swine.”
Owing to the fact that neither Newton nor his associates had committed a criminal act – and the presence of a large crowd of no-longer-intimidated witnesses – the police retreated.

The emergence of a black constitutional-carry group prompted an immediate reaction from the National Rifle Association and California’s Republican Governor, Ronald Reagan — and, contrary to what contemporary conservatives might assume, it wasn’t to defend the right to carry arms, but to limit it. With the NRA’s support, Reagan signed the Mulford Act, which banned open carrying of firearms in California. That law remains on the books today, joined with a host of similar enactments that are lamented by many of the same conservative commentators who revere Ronald Reagan and revile the Black Panthers — and dutifully enforced by the same police whose tender feelings they seek to protect against any public criticism.

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    • Having defended other posts by this group, I will not defend this lunacy…

    • ^^agreed, there are corrupt LEOs out there but there ARE good ones too, just like citizens

    • There is obviously corruption in The Free Thought Project.

    • *photo saved*

    • There are no good police. If they are not the ones committing the crime, they are conspiring to cover up the crimes of their colleagues.

    • The police are the ISIS of America.

    • free thought has lost is relevance over the last 2 years make me think the feds finally got to them so they just keep spinning the same stupid fucking talking points that the liberal idiots and some of the rhinos while telling people to think for themselves while at the same time telling them what they should think thats not free thought.

    • the’ve cut the possibility to share.. phuk the police

    • Missa Melissa, then why do the “good” ones refuse to acknowledge the corrupt ones?

    • that’s not true marla do some research on how many good cops have been harassed and removed from their positions for speaking out it’s kinda like the whistleblower program but for the cops people think the program is supposed to protect whistleblowers it doesn’t all it does is make it easier to target the person leaking the information why do you think the cops investigate themselves lol.

    • Michael Bass Maybe instead of trying to make some random assertion that “the feds got us” maybe you could use that time and energy to actually articulate what you disagree with about this post so we can have a dialog rather than doing a drive by smear…

      Sound okay?

    • Michael Bass this completely debunks your entire last comment in this thread. We suggest paying attention and not just to information that verifies your confirmation bias

      Record Number of Cops Charged with Killing People in 2015 — Not a Single Officer Convicted


    • Can someone explain how keeping public servants accountable is a bad thing? Missa Melissa/ Liz Boudwin?

      After that explain how this doesn’t apply to our mission statement. Our mission from day one was to keep government and police accountable and to expose institutionalized violence, abuse and coercion.

      If you didn’t realize that, than you mistook what our organization is about and committed to

    • Looking at my experience with cops… “Oh the piece of shit cop busted me.” The reason? “Oh I was selling drugs but the narc turned me in.” “I was speeding” generally the people complain about being caught but then turn right around and tell you what they did to put themselves in their position…

    • Yes we absolutely need to keep them accountable for their actions, covering up crimes they or their partners have committed, however…everyone is willing to blast the negative that happens, how about the good that they do as well? Yes, I’m JUST as guilty…I posted an article about cops killing Danielle Jacobs, a 24 women who posted a video of herself having an Aspergers meltdown & her dog trying to calm her down, but only ‘like’ on posts about good things cops are doing. I’ll try to change that now that I’ve recognized what I’M doing too.
      There needs to be training on mental/neurological disorder citizens with LEOs, they need to be demilitarized, they need to stop being so damn trigger happy…but we also need to publicly recognize the cops that are actually doing great for our communities, the ones playing ball with kids, fixing flat tires, buying groceries.
      Everyone is too hyper focused on the negative & desensitizing themselves to anything & everyone around them.

      Marla Seymour I work in the Autism field, I’m not a LEO…but cops willingly put their lives on the line, everyday, in more ways than u, I, or anyone else on this thread ever will.

    • The pic posted here is immature, ones own opinion & NOT factual…she looks like she’s pointing to her TMJ in a court case…

      Continue with ur mission but stay credible by posting factual information & not opinions…

    • Missa Melissa until I divorced, I had a cop “in the family”. I know, on an intimate basis, what goes on in precincts – including the coverup collusion. I also know that cops do good. The good can be undone in a second by a power-hungry person in blue, or by someone simply not speaking up.

    • Shalane

    • So not a good idea to involve me in this lol I know where you stand, you know where I stand.

    • The Free Thought Project.com Hey jack asses how about instead of spreading bullshit and continueing the fear mongering and bullshit you should realize what your are doing and how idiotic it is. Also fuck your bullshit article good job using your own page as a source you idiotic cunts also fuck you i served in the military and know a lot more about how deep this fucking corruption goes due to the clearance i held and this is plain bullshit ass race baiting making you no different than al sharpton and others using this bullshit to latch onto. there is nothing free thought about the shit you spew you follow the same propaganda as a lot of other places just trying to twist it to fit your needs. And people are noticing it.

    • The Free Thought Project.com Where in my statement did I say that keeping public servants accountable was a bad thing? Nice play on words…. a.k.a. PROPAGANDA…
      I will defend MYSELF… but not a post promoting more hate… a post that is not keeping “public servants accountable.”

    • Michael Bass correct. If a cop tries to be good, they get fired or sometimes charged with a bogas claim. That only leaves bad cops.

    • No one is saying bad cops dont do good things. They are still bad cops

    • Ronald Ray Collins Correct just like people miss the part where in 2000 the supreme court ruled it was ok to deny employment to people who tested higher then average on the IQ tests there is alot more going on then people realize thats why i hate when people spew false bullshit grew up living next to a retired FBI agent and chief of detectives in my city was a great man but even he saw that there was a problem in this country with police with the good ones being pushed out similar to the gestapo and the nazis but people miss that or project paperclip which started most of this bullshit and just want to label all as bad which isnt the case. The good ones just have been beaten into silence or have their lives and families lives threatened the same happens in politics and the military its not just limited to the police forces shit it happens in college and schools to this date to but people want to focus on only one part of the problem and not see the whole picture and the problem as a whole instead just cherry picking bullshit that fits their agenda. http://abcnews.go.com/US/court-oks-barring-high-iqs-cops/story?id=95836

    • The Free Thought Project.com If you want to talk about the real issue with police we can lets start with the Low IQs the military training they are recieving from DHS and the lack of training they recieve of desculating a situation while being taught that every one around them will kill them while giving them military training. If any of us in the military did what they do to our own citizens we would of been in a military prison. My issue is not with pointing out corrupt cops. MY issue with you is that your latching on to a racist who used the Super bowl to spread subtle message of hate towards whites and cops while the same stupid skank did nothing but shake her ass on TV and make a political statement in a place where it should not of been made to begin with. If a white person had done the same shit she did blacks would be rioting in the streets and you fucking know it, its a double standard and you are defending taking that stance and being ok with that thus why i called you out wasn’t a flyby smear. Was pointing out how idiotic you sound claiming to be for free thought while spewing the same propaganda a lot of the MSM does so might want to dig deeper into what you yourself are doing. Also if you knew anything about research and proving a point you would know that using a source that comes from your own site is not credible when you are the ones being called out in the first place.

    • Aleczander Smotkin Well I was on my way to work at 7:30 in the morning when a cop jailed me for a parking ticket on my car that was obtained before I ever bought the car. I had my car title with me and he refused to even look at it. The case was dismissed but not before I spent the night in jail and lost my job as a temp to hire at an Engineering Firm. One of the best jobs I ever had. What was I doing wrong??? Be black for one year and come back and tell me the cops ain’t doing shit they got no business doing!!!

  • It is amazing!

  • That attitude is EXACTLY why there’s a problem with police. My guess is it’s the unions/fraternal orders/associations that are mouthing off. These are the SAME entities that support bad cops.

    • These organizations are comprised of cops and prosecutors, and O’reilly

  • Yes…so hypocritical….it was the most racist thing I’ve seen on television in years. And blatant. What show were you watching?

    • Why was it so racist? What is a racist too you? She was just standing up for what she believes is wrong. Why do people have a problem with black folks standing up for justice? I just don’t get it! The only people showing hate or racist behavior is the white people on this thread. So sad! If you don’t care about what’s going on in the black communities, go have several seats. Get over yourselves! Damn. #Black Power Black Lives Matter #Formation

    • A racist to me is someone who puts the needs and cultures of their own race before that of the entire human species.

  • Joshua Burgerstabber

  • I did NOT READ anything into that performance .. it was just a nice “sing and Dance ” routine !

  • I’d like to say
    Fuck Beyonce AND Fuck the police Corruption!!!
    I didn’t think you had to choose one or the other….

    • Thank you

    • FYT !

    • Perfect!

    • Boom

    • Jeffrey Earl Womble FYT?
      If you mean “Fuck You Too” why?
      Do you support Beyonce’s actions and/or Police Corruption? I think most decent police are even opposed to Police corruption…

    • Precisely

    • What did Beyoncé do to you?

    • 100%

    • Lenne Simmer She is a race baiting talent-less tool of the Illuminati.

    • What happened to law?? Not kill as you like!!!

    • Beyonce supports Black Panthers calling for blacks to go out and kill white babies.

    • This page just died and buried itself. What the actual..

    • people think that Beyonce give a fuck about black people hell no,that’s a Jewish agenda to have black people kill white people, while the Jewish banker and aipac are turningthe uUnited States into a 3rd world.

    • I know that. That’s why I called her a tool of the Illuminati and didn’t even mention the idiots in the Black Panthers… again stupid fools being played by the Illuminati.

    • and just cause 15 percent of the cops are corrupt doesn’t, e that all cops are bad if we really want it win yhis war against this tyrant we need to inform all the good cops and let them know what is going on

    • Again why I didn’t just say “Fuck the police” I said Fuck police corruption.

    • Morris Hudson Um when did she do that? Where are these white babies that were killed by black panthers? I think you are disillusion dude

    • Serayah Cristina She didnt but a leader in the BP party did.


    • Now is he a Agent Provocateur? Who knows but the people are buying what he is selling. Racial division. Very Sad…

    • Funny she seems to be supporting the nonviolent organization that was against white supremacy called black panthers & also calling out bad & silent cops. Police brutality is an issue we need to solve now before we cannot cross the street without fearing for our lives!!

    • Oh no….another illuminati geek. How old are you? Have you not learned the true ambitions of them or are you stuck on youtube? Any how continue on. Both of them suck. You had me then lost me at that illuminati garbage. Learn about them…. Dont judge from ipso facto.

  • Time to unlike this page.

  • She’s a big hypocrite she insisted police escort her to the super bowl only to say how police are bad. Not all cops are bad

    • I’m not been smart I watched the video as much as I could, did I fast forward something. I know the customs where influenced by the vintage Panthers

    • I love her but this performance w Bruno was to busy for me.

    • They had some influence yes, I’m surprised I didn’t see a black comb with a fist at the end

    • I love those things!

    • They are pretty cool

    • But where or when did she say police are bad

    • She technically didn’t say police are bad during the super bowl half time show, it’s the black panther power movement that subblementialy suggest it

    • All police are BAD. they get paid to lie. They get paid to KILL innocent Americacns.

    • There is no such thing as a good cop….if cops don’t like people speaking out against them they can get the fuck out of the country

    • Angel Gillenwater She didn’t.

    • You can be anti police violence and not be anti police altogether.

    • She hired her own security. Speak the truth instead spreading ignorant lies.

    • police escorted her little tribe of glamers

    • Fucking stupid. It’s required to have an escort. They also get paid pretty well. I didn’t see cops turn down that money.

      Blah. #BlueLivesSplatter

    • And David Czaster wins the stupidest fucking comment award

    • Actually he’s only repeating the bullshit you tell us anti fascists. Not really a stupid comment. He probably dumbed it down for the cop lovers.

    • Ronald Ray Collins u are on drugs

    • Standing up for and beside the corrupt ones don’t make them GOOD ones.

    • Thank you for answering Dixon Nestrole. That is really sad that women dressed in costumes that are influenced by BP vintage costumes are perceived as a threatening act. Yes I’ve always thought a bunch of curvy women wiggling is an act of violence & questions NO threatens our safety. Damn you you succubuses! We will suck your souls out, look out!

    • She isn’t anti police, neither are BLM, they are anti police brutality. Would it help if I wrote it in crayon.

    • You say not all cops are bad? If any cop is aware of other cops doing wrong and doesn’t do something to prevent it from happening them he’s a criminal just like his pig buddy.

  • What exactly did she do to the person/ officer who created this meme and anyone who supports it’s view. I’m completely shocked & lost & deeply saddened.

  • Really what can they do!

  • Did I miss something? I didn’t see her make any political statement… I saw her looking like she was having a seizure on the field and turned away. Was she miming be tazed?

  • I see nothing wrong with a tribute to the black panthers, nor would I if they had done one for the American Indian movement. The outrage only highlights the extent to which americans are indoctrinated with propaganda rather than educated with critcal thinking skills.

    • What about kkk? If you support one racist group you should support the other too

    • The black panther movement was formed in reaction to racism and oppression. The Klan formed to oppress.

    • Graham Hayward ….you illustrate my point….I did mention crtical thinking as oppossed to propaganda and you respond with more propaganda.

    • The original Black Panthers were pro liberty 2nd Amendment. The fact that they’ve been demonized highlights the effectiveness of the state infiltration and propaganda.

    • Graham Hayward The Black Panthers are an activist group trying to further the discussion on African American life. Similar to the “Black life’s matters” group. KKK wants to kill blacks. The KKK is a domestic terrorists group.

    • The black panthers WERE……

      Now they’re just just as racist as the KKK against the white devil…. even the original members of the black panthers refuse to be affiliated.

      The Crips were a defensive group back in their first days too. Now they’re a violent gang of criminals…. that’s not propaganda either.

    • Any reliable sources you used to base your opinion, other than fox News.

    • Ronald Ray Collins that’s what they were….not what they are….I agree on the idea….but not what they do now

  • Hopefully she reimbursed the local government for the police protection details she is provided. For her own safety she might want to hire her own in the future.

  • Never will trust anyone with a badge. If they arent held accountable who can u trust!

  • “Please don’t kill me or my people anymore.” Reaction: You piece of shit racist! You thug!

  • Police is not a fucking Race !

  • Y’all are fucking stupid.

  • I should have figured, another FB page run by some clueless liberal drones. Your stupidity and eagerness to follow the others that truly have no idea what they are supporting makes me laugh…

  • The police are serial killers/serial lairs, evil.

    • Ok I’m been serious not stirring please tell me how she offended you. I’m lost.. I am aware of the uniforms influence on vintage Black Panthers.

  • Obama should have done to corrupt local law enforcement agencies what Reagan did to Patco.

  • Copsuckers are just pissed because they can’t shoot her to death and get away with it.

  • # fuck Beyonce’

  • The super bowl is no place for Beyonce Knowles and her panther party

  • Beyoncé is scum

  • Fuck you beyonce !!!!

  • The FTP is biased clearly here. Cops SHOULD fight back against these awful hearted racist haters like Beyonce. The black panthers should be destroyed completely. Police are over aggresive because letd be honest many blacks and others are trying to KILL police and rampaging in the streets. Perhaps if blacks acted and DRESSED differently then the incidents with police would drop dramatically. Also teaching kids to respect police would be most beneficial.

    • Conform to what i like or be treated like shit. Your a fkn idiot it doesnt matter what they look like its about how they act. Give respect get respect cops dont give it they wont get it!

    • Cops kill an average of 4 Americans a day. I think their fighting back already. All cops are bad. Film the police. Remain Silent. Those are your RIGHTS!

    • Omg you are both brainwashed white scum.

    • Police deaths are the lowest in decades.

    • The only thing police deserve is a shallow unmarked grave in a cardboard box.

    • Cops kill 4 Americans a day…. but how many of them were commiting felonies or attempting to kill those cops?

      Every one of these situations needs to be handled separately. You can’t take the 10% of asshole cops and act like they’re all the same. Just like you can’t do that with blacks, whites, browns, reds, greens, yellows, etc.

    • Arguing with stupid is like playing chess with a pigeon, doesn’t matter how well you play, fuckers gonna knock all the pieces over, shit on the board and strut around like he won anyway. For what it’s worth Johnny Blazer, your opinion is holding up beneficial evolution, please step aside

    • Its simple treat cops good they’ll do the same. Stop hating you cowards will call POLICE when a crazed black or muslim tries to kill you and rape your women.

    • Louise Dear you offered no substance at all. Wth are you to call me stupid? F off and SIT DOWN.

    • I don’t like the way your mom acts and dresses, let’s destroy her completely. Also she should have told her kids not to be douche bags.

    • Ok i hope yall get crooked cops next time you call 911. Not all of them are bad most of them are not. Idiots. Smh. Black kill white ppl and white ppl kill black ppl all the time.. ppl kill ppl! But lets hate on the FEW law enforcement officers who do it and puth them on blast. Come on! People die people get killed..life goes on.

    • How you act has A LOT to do with it. Offering a simple respect to an officer that you should give to every person goes a long way.

      When a cop tries to step out of his boundaries, you can give push back and still be respectful.

      I’ve been stopped for speeding with my pitbull and my carry weapon and walked away without a problem or even a ticket. Simple respect is all it is

    • You’re the only brainwashed, government loving, bootlicker here. I don’t call cops, that’s for weak sheep like you!

      “Whahh whahh I’m a little sheep who needs cops to save me because I’m a little bitchbaby.” -Johnny Blazer

      You know who I call to save me? A little friend named Glock & his buddy Mossberg. Anything they can’t handle and they have good ole Bushmaster to fall back on.

      I would rather call a crakhead to help, they won’t shoot you and your dog and they’ll probably arrive faster!

    • Niko Daidone you dont know me at all I’m obviously far more intelligent than you. Just because I have respect for police doesnt make me a bootlicker you candy ass. And you got a Glock? Good
      put that gun down and take this ass whuppin then! Foh with that fake toughness please… Trigger tough guy huh?

    • Independent party for life.

    • You mean “less intelligent” correct? People who support cops have a tendency to have a lower overall IQ and critical thinking level.

      Haha me? Candy ass? Atlases I can defend my own life, unlike you pussy. You just call the cops while you’re rolling around with a gunshot wound, see how that works out. Bull shit independent, you conservative, cop loving, bootlicker.


    • Conform to what…what white ppl thnk we are. Look up the panthers they did good for all races and were started to protect ppl from corrupt police. Just sayn why would she do some dumb shit…cmon

    • Hahaha crazzed black or muslim what about the white guys who shot up innocents. Ppl someone is drinkn fox kool aid…move on.

    • Look at what they’ve don’t recently…. like caused riots in two cities….. all races my ass.

    • Congrats Johnny Blazer you win internet Douchebag of the day

    • Niko Daidone I promise you if I ever see you your bitch ass will be beaten. Publicly. Until then piss off loser you are nothing to me. Coward. You bring no substance and anarchy is for those too dumb to THINK .

    • Tasha Pearson i will NEVER support or condone the Bitch Panthers which are a HATE GROUP who focused on killing whites. Also its well known blacks USE other races to progress there own agenda. So basically youre sayin resurrecting an evil group like BP will be good for the world? Please sit down with that bs propaganda. And most black people have conformed themselves into what you see today. Whos your leaders? Lil wayne? Other crap rappers? How far have blacks strayed from MLK? Even Malcolm X became more like MLK in the end and he was killed by…. BLACK PEOPLE. NO ONE should feel bad for blacks anymore. And lets be REALLY honest here… If a white person never encountered a black man, slavery and racism would still thrive TODAY. As further proof of the nature of the black man, look at Boko Haram a BLACK MUSLIM group who kidnaps, tortures, and enslaves many people mostly OTHER blacks. And i guarantee if blacks changed there culture and stopped producing useless thugs the relationship with police would improve… Dramatically. Theres plenty OTHER races who almost NEVER have negative experiences with police so how do you explain that? Does everyone have privilege? The truth is american blacks have stubbornly refused to get off the victim mentality.

    • Id smack you to the ground and piss on you Johnny blazer your a keyboard rasict ignorant wanabe worrior! Go watch fox news or cnbc and find out what the next thing you should cry about you gov’t cocksucker idiots like you are lead by media and believe everything it tells you. You are the sheep you are the coward and you are ignorant. Cops kill 10 times the citizens as citizens killing cops but thats ok for blue line glory hole punk fucks like you!

    • Is that a threat Johnny blazer? I can legally send you to your grave IF you EVER tried some shit like that.

      Funny part is you wouldn’t try shit like that, coward, you bootlickers can’t even defend YOURSELF, let alone try to assault someone.

      People lacking in IQ and valid argument points often resort to threats, guess we know for sure you’re as dumb as a rock.

    • Glad only 52 people can see your ignorant post you fkn ass clown go call the cops you fkn coward!

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    • Heres Johnny!

    • Dave Crandall a fuckin redneck making whites look bad lmao!

    • SF fan?!?

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    • What about the kkk why they haven’t abolished them they are still dressed up in business suits, uniforms, judges, lawyers & doctors. Still killing.

    • Gayle Jackson damn near no sane person likes the KKK but trying to pass off the BP as good is plain bs.

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    • And before i forget dave David Sanders the KKK is just as shitty as BP its fuckin obvious aF.

    • And settin the record straight its clear Beyonce is racist, thats what this shit was about yea?? NO doubt you know all know damn well if whites had KKK type performers out there people would fuckin cry 24/7!!! Tbh people justifying blacks being assholes to the REST of us and were supposed to take it? Its not ok to be racist to blacks but you CAN treat whites and others like garbage f that shit. Heres a perfect example… How is it good to be Pro Black but NOT ok to be PRO WHITE?? Wake the f up world youre all being brainwashed by folks with an AGENDA.

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  • i got 2 words “FUUUUUUCKK Beyonce.”

  • Surprisingly Obongo did break dance

  • Her rant was against the “entrenched powers”, like the police, which in her mind is run by “whitey”, so not only did she flip the bird at police, but at the white race as well. Thats how i took it.

  • American police are becoming just like the IDF. Both are nothing more than tools of oppression. Neither like it when other human beings call them out on their crimes.

  • Hang the bitch !

  • Beyoncé it’s just a business.

  • Here’s an idea #Alllivesmatter black, blue, white and even green if you like. Stop segregation, just an idea coz we all bleed red and we are all made of the same matter!

    • The only problem with this is, no one has ever acted as if white or “blue” lives didn’t matter. Only black and brown lives seem to be expendable in the eyes of police.

      Black people make up about 10% of the population but account for nearly 30% of police deaths and about 60% of prison populations even though it is proven blacks and whites commit crimes at about the same rate. Why is this you say? Because of deeply ingrained racism in the police to believe that all black people are inherently dangerous.

      Essentially what I am saying is the #BLM movement is arguing exactly this. ALL LIVES MATTER even theirs…

    • Yer and blacks kill more blacks than anyone! Next

    • OK and sharks kill mostly in shallow water. WTF does that have to do with cops targeting minorities and poor people?

    • Who commits most street crime?

    • Its like saying Muslims are targeted for terrorist attacks. Why because Muslims are doing the majority of terrorist attacks.

    • None of what you’ve said is supported by true data. And as for the muslim issue, should we run a background check on every christian who buys fertilizer? Because after all they’re the ones using it to blow shit up. No, well then maybe you shouldn’t support profiling a third of the world’s population because they worship a god differently *than christians do.

      If you actually want to see what the stats say.

      ” This is where the misinformation happens. Some people see these numbers and say, “Look! Blacks commit more crime that Whites!” Or, in some cases, “Blacks commit a higher percentage of the crimes compared to the population as a whole!” Neither of these are necessarily true because the stats are for arrests not convictions! All we can say for sure from these stats is that Blacks are arrested at a higher rate, not overall, but as a percentage of the population.”

      ” So it’s inaccurate to make definitive statements like “Blacks commit more crimes that Whites” from FBI or DOJ stats when the evidence does not support the claim.”


    • I came across this today… Food for thought on Muslim’s, it mentions why we are not happy in Nigeria because of some Muslim sect, definitely not all muslim but the bad children corrupts the Parent’s Name, please take time to read below:

      The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim

      The Beltway Snipers were Muslims

      The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim

      The underwear Bomber was a Muslim

      The U-S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims

      The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims

      The Bafi Nightclub Bombers were Muslims

      The London Subway Bombers were Muslims

      The Moscow Theatre Attackers were Muslims

      The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims

      The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims

      The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims

      The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims

      The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims

      The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Muslims

      The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims

      The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims

      The Kenyan U.S, Embassy Bombers were Muslims

      The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims

      The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were Muslims

      The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims

      The first World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims

      The Bombay & Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims

      The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims

      The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims

      Think of it:

      Buddhists living with Hindus = No Problem

      Hindus living with Christians = No Problem

      Hindus living with Jews = No Problem

      Christians living with Shintos = No Problem

      Shintos living with Confucians = No Problem

      Confusians living with Baha’is = No Problem

      Baha’is living with Jews = No Problem

      Jews living with Atheists = No Problem

      Atheists living with Buddhists = No Problem

      Buddhists living with Sikhs = No Problem

      Sikhs living with Hindus = No Problem

      Hindus living with Baha’is = No Problem

      Baha’is living with Christians = No Problem

      Christians living with Jews = No Problem

      Jews living with Buddhists = No Problem

      Buddhists living with Shintos = No Problem

      Shintos living with Atheists = No Problem

      Atheists living with Confucians = No Problem

      Confusians living with Hindus = No Problem

      Muslims living with Hindus = Problem

      Muslims living with Buddhists = Problem

      Muslims living with Christians = Problem

      Muslims living with Jews = Problem

      Muslims living with Sikhs = Problem

      Muslims living with Baha’is = Problem

      Muslims living with Shintos = Problem

      Muslims living with Atheists = Problem Muslims living with ANYONE = Problem


      **********SO THIS LEADS TO*****************

      They’re not happy in Gaza

      They’re not happy in Egypt

      They’re not happy in Libya

      They’re not happy in Morocco

      They’re not happy in Iran

      They’re not happy in Iraq

      They’re not happy in Yemen

      They’re not happy in Afghanistan

      They’re not happy in Pakistan

      They’re not happy in Syria

      They’re not happy in Lebanon

      They’re not happy in Nigeria

      They’re not happy in Kenya

      They’re not happy in SudanThey’re
      not happy in ANY Islamic Country in the World

      ******** So, where are they happy? **********

      They’re happy in Australia

      They’re happy in England

      They’re happy in Belgium

      They’re happy in France

      They’re happy in Italy

      They’re happy in Germany

      They’re happy in Sweden

      They’re happy in the USA & Canada

      They’re happy in Norway & India

      They’re happy in almost every country that is NOT Islamic! And who do they blame? Not Islam… Not their leadership… Not themselves… THEY BLAME THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE HAPPY IN, WTF?

      Then “they” want to change the countries they’re happy in, to be like the scum countries
      they came from where they were unhappy, seriously you silly cave dwellers.













      Palestine Liberation Front: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION



      Abdullah Azzam Brigades: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION

    • Your stats are in total not per capita go away and find more real info troll

  • Lol

    This public service announcement brought to you by the biggest statist piece of shit ever; Sumner Rothstein.

  • These people act like she went out there and sang fuck the police or something. Relax white people she’s a corporate puppet not a black revolutionary.

  • lol..and it’s kkk members that are howling the loudest..we are not fooled.

  • I think she should have to pay the police that had to escort the hag to the super bowl and for her protection!!! If I was a cop I would pee on her if she was on fire!!!

  • lol..Really?,…L.E. is killing people in record numbers, trampling God given rights and liberties and got butt-hurt because of someones costume….WOW

  • Classy.

  • what a great way to use star power, standing ovation

  • Woooowww Wilson R

  • Fuck the murderous rascist ass police, scumbaggs think they can just shoot people and get payed leave, we need a revolution

  • Respect to Beyoncé and Coldplay for making a statement that was long needed. It’s gone viral. It’s got people talking. The police are there to protect and prevent crime not murder.

    • They are there to enforce ordinances and policy. They have zero obligation to protect us. The best thing we can do is be self reliant and protect ourselves.

    • On my honor,
      I will never betray my badge1,
      my integrity, my character,
      or the public trust.
      I will always have
      the courage to hold myself
      and others accountable for our actions.
      I will always uphold the constitution2
      my community3 and the agency I serve.

      Before any officer takes the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor, it is important that he/she understands what it means. An oath is a solemn pledge someone makes when he/she sincerely intends to do what he/she says.

      Honor means that one’s word is given as a guarantee.
      Betray is defined as breaking faith with the public trust.
      Badge is the symbol of your office.
      Integrity is being the same person in both private and public life.
      Character means the qualities that distinguish an individual.
      Public trust is a charge of duty imposed in faith toward those you serve.
      Courage is having the strength to withstand unethical pressure, fear or danger.
      Accountability means that you are answerable and responsible to your oath of office.
      Community is the jurisdiction and citizens served.

    • Beyonce paid tribute to a group that wants to kill all white people

    • That was not my take on it at all. It was symbolic. America is going in the wrong direction. They raised the profile of a problem which needs to be addressed and fixed.

    • Colin Tyson How many white people have died by the hands of the Panthers? Do you know what they wanted? Justice and Peace. Go educate yourself.

    • Don’t shit on the cops when they are the ones escorting her punk ass to the stage! What she did was disgusting not just on the cop front but lets be real if a white person got up and did something for the anniversary of the KKK there would be hell to pay!

    • So you don’t think it’s disgusting that Mario Woods was shot 20 times. You despicable human being. We should all, whoever causes it, speak up against injustice and inequality and you just stand up for the police. Sure most police are good but there are psycho cops too and killing black peoples IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AND PEOPLE ARE GOING TO STAND UP FOR JUSTICE.

    • Colin Tyson Wrong, the Black Panthers were the perfect illustration of the 2nd Amendment in action, the right to have heavily armed civilians fighting back against state tyranny.

  • Yet she wouldn’t go anywhere near a venue without full police protection…

  • I could careless about Beyoncé or the backlash from the pigs. I saw about 1 min. worth of her performance and I don’t get why this person is so famous. It’s the same stupid performance over and over again. Maybe just not my thing but I think it looks silly.

  • I’ll just leave this here…..

  • Beyonce’s performance was bs fasho… The lack of class coming from the police community even more so

  • She’s a hypocrite.. Anti police but has police protection..

  • Free thought you are taking a stupid stance on this while there are issues with corruption in law enforcement the super bowl was no place for this does that mean next year the KKK gets to host it how would you fucking feel about that you fucking idiots. It’s a double standard issue nothing more specially since the skank who twerked while millions watched also asked those same police she bashed to escort her ass and shut down roads so fuck that dumb mulatto bitch and i’m not racist i served 4 years in the Navy and am a fucking mutt and have seen this divide and conquer bullshit going on for the last 25 years.

  • Just some punks with bad attitudes – Please do society a favor and retire early.

  • Who cares? As Beyoncé makes millions by doing this!!!

  • I would expect the many fine police officers in this country would join those of us condemning the reckless regard for life of some officers.

  • wonder how the traitor feels now. bitchsay.

  • I would back beyoncé on thia, except she is a huge hypocrite due to getting a police escort to the super bowl and for showing pride for the black panthers

  • you can take Beyonce out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of Beyonce, piss off the cops, and then wear “bullets” on your uniform?? you might qualify for a “taxi driver”….

  • #whitetears…better than koolaid!

  • It’s all a skit to keep your interest. She’s a puppet…LET ME REPEAT…Beyonce is just a mouth piece puppet. She’s trying to rile the people to act, but these vague inferences are meant to stir individual responses. There’s no unity. If the BLM group are killing themselves in the streets, how can she be seen as promoting solidarity in the group? EVERYONE needs to act with one purpose. Every camera should be out when the police are interacting with anyone. The government has gone rogue and I think they give us spokespeople so people will think, “Oh Beyonces takin care of this, I don’t need to worry about it”….NO SHE”S NOT, SHE DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU, or anyone else, she cares about money and EVERYTHING that she does pushes the boot down harder on our heads. She’s not doing anything to stop the police. Doesn’t it make sense the system would give you the idea that rich people with clout are worried about the same things as us, so it eases our minds a little and gives us the impression that we’re all in the same boat? We are not and she doesn’t experience life like we the people do. She is working for them.

  • Hopeless ass country! People are so dumb that they think the world would be a better place if everyone looked and thought the same. If there was just one race in america, they’d fight amongst themselves. It’s all about who controls what, which is a more elaborate process of Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” theory. We obviously aren’t that much more evolved than our animal relatives. This is why people don’t really understand that organizations such as the black panther party exist as a consequence of the injustices that blacks still face. Animals seem to understand the consequences for their actions better than most americans. I wonder how many more centuries it will take us to use the thinking hemispheres of the brain more than we use the limbic (emotional) and reptilian (survival) parts of the brain. America needs to start engaging in more intellectual conversations. I hate blacks and I hate whites is not intellectual and requires no thinking–it’s animalistic.

  • F*** the police if they were not killing innocent people people wouldn’t protest against them

  • Her performance was horse shit. Get over it. Nothing you say even closely represents the statistical truth. Also you get angry when people say that the very racist black panthers she was openly paying homage too are the same as the KKK just a different color??? As if only white people can be racist??? Get over yourself.

  • Shere Dore

  • People actually watched that halftime show??

  • She has never murdered anyone let alone defenseless people. We can’t really say that about the police.

    • And let me guess Mike Brown was innocent? SMH

  • screw Beyonce. there’s bad people in every walk of life just as there are good people. i am not a cop nor is anyone in my family a cop but, for the most part, they deserve more respect. if you want to criticize them, make damn sure when a thug is breaking into your home, carjacking you or whatever, you don’t call 911.

    • We don’t call 911. We call the Panthers.

    • Everyone deserves respect. I didn’t see police showing much respect in all those videos. And since we pay for 911 service (it’s right there on our phone bills & property tax bills probably too), those not doing their jobs should have same repercussions private citizens get…terminated. No one is against the avg cop, except when it comes to covering for each other. People want to stop getting killed. It’s reverted back to the civil rights movement days, where people are sometimes more afraid of the cops. It starts at the top. If the brass don’t put up with bad behavior, it will stop. Rein in the ones out of control, people want to support their police. The avg private employee doesn’t back up the ones who aren’t doing a good job.

    • definitely agree with you about those videos, Marsha and i am NOT trying to justify their actions. it is deplorable but to vilify every police person isn’t the answer either.

    • Respect is earned not given. Once police step up and stop their colleagues from breaking the law and quit covering up corruption then they deserve respect. Until then they’re just as culpable as the police who actually commit the crimes.

      If one of my friends or coworkers broke the law and I knowingly helped them get away with it, I’d be arrested for being an accessory, why shouldn’t police be held to at least that standard?

    • Travis, i agree with you as well. i am defending good, honest cops and they do exist.

    • I’m arguing as long as those “good cops” sit back and do nothing about the bad cops, then those supposed good cops are no better than the bad ones.

    • argue on with someone else because i totally agree w/ what you’re saying. have a great day!

    • Are you serious!! That’s like saying I should never use a bank because I’m against corrupt bankers. Just because there are bad people in ever walk of life doesn’t me we should stop calling them out! It’s your kind of idiotic mentality that causes the government officials that caused or didn’t report the water contamination issues in Flint to still be in office. And for Michigan to be ruling against stupid nonsensical stuff like sodomy instead of real issues!

    • You obviously don’t understand my argument if you think we’re in agreement.

    • wow. all i am saying is there are good cops too. eeesh. no argument. i agree there are issues with corruption but it exists in all facets. no, i did not say do not call them out but let’s not vilify every badge out there.

    • If your mad about this but not mad about what the bad cops are doing, then you are what’s wrong with America.

    • you’re*** AND, i am most definitely angry about sorry assed cops shooting innocent people left and right but all cops are not bad. David, go pick a fight w/ someone that wants an argument. you, sir, are simply a malcontent and can’t see good in anything either. YOU’RE a big problem with this country and i would hate to be you. i am finished here.

    • the only person who has ever assaulted me, or kidnapped me was a cop so, I dont think im missing much

  • Black bitch!

  • When did the Police become such a powerful entity? The are the ARN of the law, not the actually law!

  • Oink

  • Does it surprise you this is how order followers react when a TAX-PAYING** celebrity speaks out against their state subsidized careers?

    The Free Thought Project.com (y)

  • Ok let’s see JZee and Beyoncé police the streets lol!!!

  • It was RACIST!!

  • If you stand up for equality by supporting a racist organization. You are part of the problem that is dividing this country and setting race relations back 50 years

    • Racist organization to whom? You just have a problem with blacks standing up for injustices. If we would just be quiet go along with whatever is happening to our people we can all get along. Wow! If MLK felt that way or Malcolm X where will the black race be? I’m sure being treated equally and fair and with equal justice and voting rights! NOT!!!!

  • The should be pissed at the Prius ad or Hollywood action movie that make them look BAD

  • I cannot stand her and I’m sick of her being glorified

  • I know some exceptional police officers, like Lee Vance of Jackson,MS, but as a group across the US they need to do some serious house cleaning!

  • Us: Stop shooting us
    Police: Fuck you

  • You know FTP it is VERY possible to be against police corruption. At the same time I don’t support Beyoncé showing solidarity for a group that is racist in nature. Especially during a game that the majority of Americans watch. To have their mind on something other than political and sociological BS all the time. I found the performance disgusting to say the least.

  • She is only a tool used to persuade the masses.

  • Wait did Kanye post this on FTP? I mean he’s always coming out of left field to support this talentless ftard….

  • Another black woman’s wardrobe malfunction, I guess. I didn’t catch the show because I was binge watching Fear The Walking Dead on Hulu.

  • So it’s OK for her to glorify an organization dedicated to domination of the white race?

  • FTP I usually agree with most things you post, but Beyoncé hypocrisy in this situation is too much to overlook. She demands police escorts and gets them in cities all over the country, yet she wants to be anti police in front of millions of viewers. I’m no fan of police brutality and corruption, but they are not all bad and you can’t have it both ways. She wants the police there to protect her when it’s convenient, but when the masses are watching she is all too quick to be anti-police to make a point. It’s BS if you ask me, but all this does is divide us even more. So in that aspect Beyoncé is no different than the politicians and the 1% that everyone complains about. Her actions do nothing but divide us even more, at a time when we must stand united!

    • She doesn’t demand police escorts they get paid pretty good

    • I am almost sure that it is required for safety. Cops make bank been paid to do off duty jobs like this. My local police do side jobs while in uniform to make extra money. They are not allowed to “double dip”.

    • She didn’t say all cops are bad though. She’s calling out the the bad & silent cops, yes. She’s asking for accountability, yes.But she’s not telling everyone to never dial 911 when in trouble. So how is her using police for protection hypocritical? It’s ridiculous to think that because I’m against corrupt bankers, I should never use another bank again. That’s what you sound like anyway.

    • If a cop doesn’t stand up for the corruption that is going on in their departments. They are just as corrupt. Guilt by association. Thats what they call it for us thats what it is called for them. A GOOD COP WILL STAND UP AND OUT THE CORRUPTION. How many do you see doing that?

    • So, maybe next time, before criticizing someone for performing and speaking truth to power on a stage being broadcast around the world, just because it’s difficult for you to hear and wrap your head around. Maybe, just maybe, listen to what’s being said. Maybe, just maybe, realize there’s an epidemic of police brutality that makes all the good officers look bad as well, and something needs to be done. And maybe, just maybe, realize the person who you are criticizing is a person you should emulate and appreciate for all they are doing for communities, those around her, and pretty much all of society. Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll see something you’ve never seen before — faith, hope and love. The pillars of the Christian faith that conservatives boast so proudly, but have failed at actually achieving.

  • Ta Da, another idea about Beyonce came to me, as I mentioned earlier today about the Dixie Chicks getting black balled from music because what they said about the president of the United States, same thing should happen to Beyonce, with 1 exception, let her perform on Soul Train.

    • Soul train hasn’t been on the air for years and Don Cornelius committed suicide a few years ago….

  • They should just refuse to provide any more escorts or security at her local events. Let some stalker get a hold of her. And fuck the police too. I won’t choose a shinier of two turds.

  • Now the police is targeting her,,,for speaking the truth…

  • Propaganda for divide and conquer. It is working

  • Yeah why do I need to address the corruption in law enforcement by calling for killing cops? Why should I support racism from a black power movement, while I and many others condemned white supremacy groups. White supremacy and white pride are different, just like black Panthers were a black supremacy group while what dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Was for equality and black pride.

  • The most suprising thing is that this racist pos was in the superbowl

  • Police across this nation have proven they serve only themselves…at our expense…This IS America…the first amendment gives her the right to say what she wants…these asshole cops that have such thin skins…you know…the ones who shoot…hit….kick…or stomp first…and ask questions later have no right to complain when citizens point out their reprehensible…cowardly behavior….and don’t talk to me about ‘the good ones’…IF there were any goods ones…the general public wouldn’t be getting killed at will by the ‘bad ones’….As long as the ‘good ones’ don’t arrest and try their murderous…cowardly ‘brothers in arms’…they are as culpable as their dirty peers…

  • Well if we all kno all cops arent bad dont take offense….clearly the upright police arent the ones she is talkn about…duuuh no one bashes good cops the assholes make them hard to find. Why dont ppl assume its bad cops i did becaaause..say it with me….ALL COPS ARENT BAD

  • I don’t have a bad opinion of law enforcement. I understand with any group there are good and bad and those in the middle.

    However the irony I see on forums is those people who feverishly defend the police and rant that it’s only a small few who are bad are usually the same type of people who Crap on Muslims and paint all of them with the same brush of being bad. Doesn’t your logic on bad cops apply to those bad Muslims who don’t speak for the vast majority.

    Also the irony is more Americans are dying at the hands of cops each year than terrorists.

  • Fuck the police

  • Here’s a thought, don’t want to have a problem with police? Stop breaking the law. Pretty simple really

  • I’m more concerned that she is going to perform a concert in apartheid Israel. She can bag all she wants on the bitch ass police. The police kill innocent people of america everyday in every state. Fuck a bitch ass cop!!! But crossing a artist boycott of apartheid Israel is a no no. Performing for a people who are themselves performing a genocide against the people of occupied Palestine is horrible. Shame on you Beyonce.

    • Not everyone in Israel feels that way though? It’s not fair that they should miss out on an artist coming to perform in their country.

    • Seems like Palestine like’s to kill and not face any repercussions. That is not how it works. You can’t run the street stabbing people or launching rockets and not expect the same in return. It is a shame both side’s can’t just exist. I don’t see either side as the innocent.

    • Do some historical research. The Jews have always been there except when driven out. Are you crying for the Armenian genocide that Turkey has been completely left off the hook for??

    • Scott Bessette, contrary to your delusions, Jews, an invented prople, have not always been there.
      Rational and moral don’t support the recently invented, colonial, theocratic crusader state of foreign invaders or its evil acts of ethnic cleansing, apartheid, war ctimes, occupation, etc.

    • Scott Bessette ay men

  • The thin blue line is in reality a middle finger… somehow I always suspected that

  • Police have no obligation to protect the public. All they have to do is follow orders and enforce laws. Every cop across the country is crying about Beyoncé but when the order comes down to escort her they will blindly follow those orders, even if those orders directly conflict with their own personal beliefs. To me that shows a lack of courage if you don’t stand for your own beliefs

  • It’s us against them and they are pissed off because black people are waking up wising up and are rising up. Soon that blue finger will be up America’s collective white racist ass.

  • Destroy the KKK should be the cry but the racist will always support anything that make them feel superior because they are inferior. BLACK POWER NOW AND FOREVER!

  • Grow up Police, and act lawfully, or a bigger axe will fall

  • What did she do?

  • I’m almost ashamed to be half white ._.

  • Paying tribute to the WOMEN of the Black Panther Party, an organization that was formed to combat the systemic aggression against African-Americans by police during the 1960’s, is an unpardonable sin, but white people flaunting THEIR hate and aggression through openly carrying guns in public around other people is acceptable, right? Beyonce’s performance did not offend me in the least. I believe the outrage coming from whites is the result of being forced to look at themselves in the mirror and not liking what they see. By the way, I am a 61 year old white male.

    • Thank you

    • Well said!

    • aww that white guilt is getting to you!

    • I salute you, sir.

    • Brandy T Ricci Not at all. I just have a very clear sense of right and wrong. And you?

    • You’re a special kind of stupid. Aren’t you? -signed… A non black, non white american-

    • Augustine Ray Delgado Care to elaborate, or are you merely being an ignorant, trolling jerk?

    • I watched the super bowl of course, but I really didn’t see anything bad. I saw that the performance went into an X, but that’s all I really saw. Maybe I’m missing something I don’t know. If there is more. Maybe they should get to the core of why things happened and start from there BC I just didn’t see enough to be acting the way some people are acting about this.

    • Ur the man Ralph

    • The problem is the blank panther party had a lot of people like this in it

    • Eugene Bunn I don’t get it either. Eugene. Perhaps it simply has to do with criticizing the police. What folks need to be aware of is that there are good and bad people in all walks of life, including authority figures. Fortunately, there are far more good cops than bad. We can support police officers and still hold them to a higher standard of conduct. The Daily Show two are not mutually exclusive.

    • Problem is the so called good cops let the bad cops continue to break the law and this makes them all bad cops.

    • Albert Veytia Gonzalez right on the nose

    • Terry Moore

  • How was she directly “anti-police” for just having them in black panthers like outfits?

    I mean it wasn’t like her song was fuck the police or they wore fuck the police shirts.

    I mean black panthers really are against the government more than police I feel.

  • She’s Black. She Dosen’t have any FRIENDS in law enforcement!

  • Didn’t she get a police escort on the way to the halftime show? I smell hypocrisy

  • Fuck the police bitch copsucker

  • It just goes to show that Beyonce knows something that the general public dont know. Why else would they speak out against her…its just a song

  • i agree in this case i agree with the cops…imagine a white doing the same

  • I say that there should be an investigation in every police officer who supports that fuck you symbol. Perhaps those people should no longer be paid by our taxes.

  • She’s just a pawn used for race baiting to create division within society for the elites. Don’t be so easily manipulated.

    • The only folks creating division is the racist white folks per usual. Don’t get it twisted! Showing love and support for your people is not being a racist. You”ll just don’t like it because it doesn’t include you. Get Over yourselves! Damn

    • ok that’s a little presumptuous. You don’t know me or what I stand for. I’m simply saying this is a form of divide and conquer by the elites (yes, old rich white men in power), the oldest trick in the book. We shouldn’t be fighting black vs white or people vs police. It’s us vs. establishment as the big picture with a trickle down effect that lands on black people more than white people obviously, and she is pushing the elite agenda. Black or white, all of us are pawns in this society, I’m not the person to fight just because of the colour of my skin. You and I have much more in common than we do with the people attempting to divide us. We need to focus on the roots not the branches to fix racial systematic inequality.

  • Shameful and no surprise… You go B…

  • ohohoh my feeings is hurt!!!

  • So let me get this right . Beyoncé loves some boys in blue when they are protecting her en route to concerts , etc., but she is anti police when she’s looking for album sales ? Yup, sounds about right. Sad part is people are used as puppets by this money hungry one percenters. Thinking she gives a shit about the cause of ” her people” or any people for that matter. She could care less about anyone’s life mattering when she’s being escorted to keep her safe but she cares when people are upping her financial value. Wake up people. These artists don’t give a shit about you or your causes…they use you for their cause which is green

  • People who are calling her a hypocrite are clueless white people, unsurprisingly. The state was against police corruption and police violent against black people. You should understand it, but no, you’re so insecure that you hate to look at yourself in the mirror.

    Police escorts are doing their JOB and she clearly isn’t against the entire police state. I suggest removing your heads from your asses.

    • Your a fucking tool. So your ok with supporting Panthers right? Overly sympathetic imbecile that you are. So it’s ok for Black people to be racists and flaunt it all over national tv? Fuck you, Fuck panthers, fucking loser. You’d be the first little bitch crying if was the other way around. She’s a fake, a hypocrite just like you.

    • You mad? Haha

    • Ha ha …..he mad.

    • Harry Potter, did you really just post that?

  • This is propoganda designed to divide people. Its amazing how well it works.

  • She deserves it. Shes in no position to say anything bad about police when they are the ones who escort her to events, etc..

  • I have been fascinated w aggressive out spoken groups such as the Blank Panthers, Ruby Ridge, Charles Manson. Her performance DID NOT push the envelope past the collective thought “Together we stand divided we fall”. Standing together to unite people isn’t as scary as people like to imply. Nothing she did, nor wore than night was violent.

  • Fuck the police! Freedom grows where cops are planted.

  • only the mainstream media would turn an occult ritual performance by a mind controlled slave into some sort of faux revolution ..Beyonce is part of the establishment not Malcolm X

  • That’s because they understand the black panthers were a violent gang. They inspired hatred and killed people, they weren’t peace keeping as police are supposed to do.

  • I just love my Facebook friends you are telling the truth you guys rock

  • Cops just cope with it. Backattcha

  • That’s it, you’re done.

  • Talking about Beyonce is the same as talking about Karadashians NO ONE FUCKING CARES!? So heat up a nice cup of tea, get your head out of your ass, and file your taxes.

  • fuck her

  • What really shocks me is that they are suppose to enforce law not break it themselves by killing regardless what the victims they are killing have been accused of??? What happened to gong to court?? What kind of world is this? Oh I forgot…… killers of innocent poor people all across the Middle East because they can!!!!

  • Right Turn Clyde!

  • BLM is a race based hate group so no, I am not with her anymore than I am with the KKK, another race based hate group.

  • Wow. That’s a female they’re hatin on. Smh

  • Just another racist black entertainer lashing out against the ” man”

  • Nope, sure doesn’t.

  • Who cares? She’s hot.

  • bottom line, cops like these are straight up cowards and blood thirsty criminals

  • All I saw was a black jacket and her ass in a leotard.. I didn’t get the controversy.I think that this is a distraction for what’s actually going on in this country..you’re all in an uproar about a perforby a singer at a Superbowl halftime.. Kids are being poisioned in Flint right now..where’s the outrage for that

  • If you did anything more than just roll your eyes you need a chill pill.

    But the black panther pose with the fists raised for black power is a little distasteful, just saying, I’m not offended by it, but I can see how some people are.

  • There’s the optional words Sam Baker-Reynolds…suppose to do!! Maybe if the police were peace keeping, as WE THE PEOPLE pay them to be, and NOT cry baby pussies that murder children & unarmed people at the drop of a hat, they would get the respect the sooo feel they deserve. They commit crimes, blatently & on camera, repeatedly, without consequences! What’s to repect? And good cops? Not if they turn the other cheek to what their brothers in blue are doing! They are just as culpable!

    I personally don’t understand why anyone has their panties in a twist about any of what went on at the half time show! Don’t people have better things to do with their time, their lives then just be so Damn offended all the f@#king time?!

    So what if the Black Panthers were a “violent” gang. So were the friggen KKK! For more then a century the clan raped, murdered, beat & dehumanized black people, at the encouragement of our government & enforced by our police! If it weren’t for them & their treatment of HUMAN BEINGS, who just happened to be of African descent, there would never have been a need for Violent Gangs of Black men fighting for the rights our US Constitution gives them!!

    And Michael Bass, racist misogynist much?! How dare you claim to not be a racist, when you say something as asinine as “fuck that dumb millotto bitch” and then claim you’re not a racist! You are, own it! How ignorant can one comment be? Those POS cops got such a problem with escorting her to her destination, they shoulda boycotted, instead, they got PAID! They are sell out cry babies…she shoulda pointed that out too! You don’t like the “divide & conquer” BS, instead of calling people names and whining about a stupid football games halftime show, stop being a racist. There’s a start!

  • FTP, however booty bouncing baphomet is pushing an agenda

  • 50 year anniversary of the black panther party m. Pick up a book and realize what the panthers did

  • we need the black panthers to re-form now, we need their help


  • Beyoncé is a witch

  • She had police escorts………….

  • She’s an Illuminati whore, and she’s trying to start this kind of crap to distract us from doing what needs to be done about our country and the CROOKS running it…just stop watching these stupid shows and t.v. in general…full of divide and conquer, mind-controls and propaganda!

  • Love and peace everyone! Cmon we are better than this! And shame on you FTP!

  • She’s waaayyy overrated anyway. Aretha, Billie, Gladys…now they were talents that didn’t have to rely on their buttocks to sell music

    • Yes and they also had to deal with a great deal of racism. Those women paved the way for women like Beyonce.

  • Beyonce is a piece of crap…but any policemen that get behind the thin blue line bird flip is a pig…not a cop. Flip one off and he will go bat shit crazy

  • Classy

  • that’s why I made the comment. Go figure.

  • Why is this a problem it was a song and dance at a football game holy shit

  • Everyone says “fuck the police” until you need one to come save your lives, so who is a hypocrite?

  • Justin Rossano

  • Hurrah for the Police, she is trash

  • My long standing tradition of not watching superbowl halftimes is unbroken.

  • divide and conquer, divide and conquer, divide and conquer, divide and conquer, divide and conquer, divide and conquer, divide and conquer, divide and conquer, divide and conquer, divide and conquer, divide and conquer, divide and conquer ………………………

  • Beyonce is Illuminati NWO Zionist scum

  • Nappy headed skank

  • Beyoncé is showing her true colors and hypocrisy by supporting apartheid, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, war crimes, colonialism, theocracy, racism, and occupation by planning to perform for Israel.

  • Meanwhile, Hillary is dealing with email scandals and figuring out how to win an election without the popular vote.

    “We need more time! Call up Jay-Z and see if his girlfriend can run a screen for us”

    “Yeah and tell Trump we don’t need his media fiasco anymore. We are switching gears.”

    “Don’t worry, checks are in the mail”-HRC

  • Much of police society is a trashy corrupt culture and so is football culture, along with pop stars that need an entourage of talent around them to make anything. Nuke it all from orbit.

  • Fuck police and fuck Beyonce. Both racist

  • caught with their pants down again???

  • Fuck her and her supporters.

  • So glad the police in the uk aren’t like this … Yet

  • She was only talking about the police who are committing the crimes. It is something how they say they stand for justice but in truth they do not show it.

  • The so call sport event is nothing but pure bullshit anyway.
    Total waste of money time and resources, never have watch one or followed any sport team for that matter. Could never see myself as wanting to be apart of something that proudly show cases bad behavior.
    Now all you jocks go shower together and slap one another’s ass.

  • Sick stuff


  • What really bothers me is all of the comments about how ‘she should’ve/could’ve honored the troops instead’. I think thats ridiculous, military active duty and veterans know they are appreciated, and don’t need to be hailed at every single sporting event. Beyonce can honor/recognize whoever she wants and does not need this bs criticism.

  • I find these arguments almost irrelevant. Statistically if you are a man color you are more likely to be killed in a black on black shooting. Almost as many black persons die in month in such cases as died from lynching in the 86 years prior to equal rights and the end of segregation. As regard to Beyonce and her part in the super bowl performance I thought it was worthy of a strip club, not center stage in America… Really Coldplay? You had to befoul your music with that? Really?!! I guess it shows where America is going…

  • FTP-until THEY can fucking BEHAVE!

  • Since when was Louisiana only black? White, Hispanic, and other races lived there when Katrina hit. Are we implying there lives don’t matter?

  • Why are they not upset about the KKK,SKIN HEADS,and all the HATERS ? It works both ways.

  • you know whats akin to the kkk police killings of unarmed black men

  • I’d take the side of the police before I take the side of that road whore Beyoncé.

    Fuck Beyoncé.

  • Your wife.


  • Good for Beyoncé.

  • Disgusting !!!

  • They did the same to Tarantino so Im not surprised XD

  • this is a turd cunt

  • The question is, what is going on in the world right now that we’re too busy talking about Beyonce to notice?

  • Black people have no friends in law enforcement, only enemies. Embrace Islam and join together in solidarity.

  • It’s okay for white men to openly carry assault weapons and threaten and intimidate people on the streets of America but just let someone of color do an updated Janet Jackson performance at the Superbowl and all Hell breaks loose. This is all BS pure and simple. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Hey white America pick on someone worth picking on not a very talented black woman like Beyonce. Make no mistake this is all about racism. When a white Republican governor in Michigan can poison a predominately black city of 100 thousand people just to give his rich buddies a 1.7 billion dollar tax break and still walk free? I’m white and I’m sick of this white privilege Bullshit~ WJU #Beyonce

  • They need to attack all the fucked up things they as police do to the citizens that they should be serving.

  • Unlike you now. Continue with the bullshit. Good luck

  • I hope she has her own security what with the way police behave when someone criticizes them .

  • Police should be as accountable for their actions as any other citizen. I can’t understand how they get away with the murders that they commit daily in your country. Some of the videos on the news of police shootings in the US are almost unwatchable in their disregard for life.

  • Cause that bitch isnt privileged. Im sure she gets pulled over and harassed. Or she probably just sees it on the Internet like the rest of you dumbasses

  • Blue lives? WTF about everyone else – the police uniform is a licence to kill indiscriminately.

  • Hey you UN-educated monkeys in the blue uniform , Beyoncé put on the best show that the white mans stage allowed her to be on.If ridiculing you thugs in blue offends you, imagine how offensive your presence is any where in public. FUCK THE THUGS IN BLUE.

  • Why does singing about or dancing with dancers who look like black panthers automatically mean Beyonce is raging war with the police. What occurred with freedom of speech? Since when do we have to check with everyone’s feelings before we make a song or video about something that we are passionate about? There are many songs that I hear on the radio that I find offensive in one way or another but all I do is change the station. I personally do not care much for Beyonce so I choose not to listen to her or watch her on TV and that is that. Why are people getting so booty hurt over a performance? I mean, I find football offensive in many ways. I find commercials offensive as well so guess what I do when I am offended….Yep , I turn off the TV or change the channel. This is very simple people.

  • I personally believe that Beyonce is not capable of tying her own shoe laces never mind having a political agenda these people just dress her up and send her out there # performing bear.
    She probably came of stage asked for her dolly and a glass of milk and went back to bed.

  • You have a knife in your hand ..you are told many times to drop it and keep still.You are hit in the leg with a beany bag.you dont stop or drop the knife but walk towards an officer holding the knife..YOU GET SHOT..whats the problem..let him stab the cop…?????

  • I hope the cops have 2 words for this bitch next time she want protection! Who TF does she think she is?!

  • I see absolutely no difference between these people and the Zombies from the Walking dead. They follow mindlessly any other zombie walking and show no signs of critical thought until they someone they can Kill. smh

  • If say most people who care about this are morons, hello is just another distraction. Black Panthers and Police are the same. Some are bad some are good. Fuck you and your white privilege and black solidarity

  • So it’s ok for black folks to b racist but shit woulda hit the fan if someone was saying white power, I’m Italian been called a whop dirty dago, grease ball all you can think off my ppl where discriminated against when we first immigrated and look at Italians now. Don’t forget the Irish, Chinese where also slaves they built our railroads

  • I used to be very supportive of the police in general. They are out of control. Settlements need to come out of their pension funds.

  • Fuck the popo!!!!

  • Fuck the pigs

  • Now she knows how some people really feel about her and that are not loyal fans like she thought. Thank God for her enlightenment!!!!

  • Teena.

  • Silly Liberals

    You are a moron. You simply obey what you are told.

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  • Belle

    I’m not a cop, but I found Beyonce’s show incredibly offensive.
    Do I get to have an opinion on the matter?
    Probably not since I’m white.
    Apparently in the new world order whites, cops, Christians, Southerners and conservatives are all evil and not worthy of the same rights as blacks, muslims, liberals, illegal immigrants, etc…