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6,000 Cops, Checkpoints, Snipers, K-9s – What Celebrating the New Year in a Police State Looks Like



New York City, NY — Like an Orwellian wet dream come to life, the NYPD has announced that more than 6,000 cops will be herding Times Square attendees into spectator pens this New Year’s Eve while violating their Fourth Amendment right prohibiting unreasonable searches and seizures. Instead of deterring further acts of violence, the excessive show of force merely reinforces the notion that the terrorists have already won by utilizing fear to turn the state against its own people.

Armed with rifles, radiation detectors, and bomb-sniffing dogs, over 6,000 uniformed NYPD officers will descend upon the one million spectators expected to attend New Year’s this evening in Times Square. Roughly 1,200 probationary cops and plainclothes police will also be assigned to either watch the perimeter or infiltrate the crowds while working undercover.

Instead of being allowed to walk freely, the crowd must enter Times Square at one of the 14 checkpoints and submit to body inspections with magnetometers and hand wands as counterterrorism officers armed with long guns stand by. After enduring a secondary screening, people will be allowed to watch the ball drop from one of the 65 massive spectator pens while surrounded by snipers and K-9 units.

“We’ll have over 5,000 officers assigned to Times Square,” NYPD Chief James O’Neill stated. “There will be hundreds of traffic agents, plus additional mobile cameras, chemical and radiation detectors, specially-trained police dogs sniffing for traces of explosives, cops on horseback, helicopters, and police boats.”

Although the NYPD and FBI claim that there are currently no threats against Times Square, the additional security measures are clearly a knee-jerk reaction to recent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. With police militarization and mass surveillance both having failed to prevent a single terrorist attack, the state continues to justify using these vile weapons at home and abroad in the name of fighting terrorism.

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On December 20, Lakeisha Holloway intentionally drove onto a sidewalk in Las Vegas, killing one and wounding 30 other pedestrians. On April 15, 2013, security at the Boston Marathon failed to stop two brothers from setting off bombs that resulted in 3 people killed and an estimated 264 wounded. Throughout 2015, several videos recorded Israeli soldiers failing to prevent multiple knife attacks throughout Jerusalem.

Even with Big Brother having access to over 1,000 surveillance cameras covering Times Square, the police cannot stop a psychopath armed with a gun, a car, acid, a homemade explosive device, a kitchen knife, or a Molotov cocktail from suddenly attacking the crowd. This excessive show of force is merely an illusion of safety that actually diverts resources from other parts of the city, leaving many neighborhoods virtually unprotected in areas with high crime rates. When asked about these vulnerable neighborhoods, NYPD Commission Bill Bratton replied, “The ability to protect everything all the time is not possible anywhere.”

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  • freedom is only in your mind.

  • looks like Israeli security in Palistine

    • Go figure, right?

    • Sleeper cell are called mentally sick we don’t call them Terrorist if. !!!!!!!!

    • No, they are Taliban, al Qaida cells!! ISIS too?????? Has Boko Haram not snuck in yet so I can wring my hands in FEAR terror attack threat attack terror fear????? And demand that my government archive every keystroke I type and word I speak to KEEP ME SAFE?????

  • Y

  • This is so sad. The terrorists have won.

  • You know we are fucked this year if people are killed on New Year’s Eve

    • If anything “terrorist” happens, 95% odds that it will be US Intelligence engineered.
      First check to see if a “drill” of similar event is occurring simultaneously. Eyewitness variance of initial narrative from the police is another detail to attend to.

    • I agree…..No answer if he was handcuffed before police killed him or after …..

  • Thank u for posting

  • Actually if current statistics on police killings are to be believed, I feel less safe with their unconstitutional intrusions.

  • the government just wants to see how accepting of checkpoints you are before imposing martial law, thank you New York for being the willing guinea pigs!

    • Yep. Add gun confiscations in California and the pot is stirring.

  • (y)

  • More worried about trigger happy gestapo than terrorists. More americans have been killed in the last year by cops than in the last ten by terrorists.

  • Its a shame that the pigs are so afraid of the public but they did bring it on themselves

  • Paranoia and a waste of Taxpayers Money at the Big Apple on New Year’s Eve.

  • Security from ??????

  • No credible threat so why all the show of force?

    • The public is being conditioned to accept force but so are those using force.

    • Sadly we are, the public is being taught to fear, the enforcers are being taught to be brutal.

    • It’s the war on the American people and your liberties, and your loosing

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  • With all the nuts out there, I think it’s a good idea…that place is crazy on New Year’s Eve…

    • All the nuts out there? ISIS killed 3 Americans last year. Police? Killed 1100 Americans.

    • I’m thinking the ISIS figures are a bit off and since this page bashes ALL police no sense arguing how many of those deaths were justified. I’m not about a police state, but i do think some kind of security there is warranted, no different than they did for the pope’s visit in phila.

    • Fear the terrorists…..

    • again…is this a reliable source and again how many police killings were justified…

  • It’s not bad idea. Already few terror incidents happened around the world. Still waiting Europe and USA for new year. Can blow anything yet. Don’t need to afraid, but to stay alert is worth:

    Kurdish – suicider 18 died;
    Huge hotel in Dubai under fire;
    Dagestan – terror act shooting, resposibility taken daesh;
    Brussels at all afraid to launch fireworks via to large population of islamists (probably next Islamic state will be there)…
    In new york one terrorist suspect arrested in restaurant

    • Brussels did there thing so you need to update your message

    • Somehow fb stuck that listed only my own shared messages for few mins. Maybe will see update later 🙂

    • An the new york dude never man it to any resturant the caught him before he did anything, again wrong

    • But maybe via high security won’t happen anything big. Let’s hope.

    • One more just reported:

      Munich terror attack warning

    • More worried about the gestapo than any “terrorists”.

    • I understand this, but don’t want to sleep when terrorists could be at my house doors.

      Just tracking everything into fb note about what happened yet:

    • Lock yourself in a cage then and throw away the key. You’ll be very safe there 🙂

    • Cage possible to blow. Always exist causes and consequences. You offer to focus on causes and to ignore consequences, while mainstream media offer to ignore causes and to focus on consequences. And both they are wrong! As both those things are important. We can’t hide like ostrich our heads in sand and ignore everything else, like doing ones or another ones.

      Need to understand both things. You can fight causes, but as well you need to focus on consequences that some consequence not beheaded or blown you or your family too.

      And of course we need to fight causes, those who organize who backing terrorism and take humanity freedoms using it and as you say police state. As i am not from USA we still not militarized at the same level as you in USA so from my point of view this is not very relevant.

      As one proverb saying: Satiated man don’t compassion to the hungry man, where in EU rare who understand how serious threat is possible.

      P. S.

      I understand things, i know almost all possible coonspiracy and other theories and plenty russian information as well (as i know 3-4 languages, including russian), various independed experts opinions and a lot of everything and researhing everything from multiple points of view and etc….

      I probably 10 times know more of everything than most of you. Even specific mechanics how all those things working, including some secrets. As well as military analysis and etc.

    • I completelly support you and understand what do you mean. David Icke often supporting this point of view about taking feedoms with terrorism and i listened plenty of his info as many other things. But this doesn’t mean that i need to do nothing if someone wish to kill me.

      Basically it was just an experiment to track all events today, what will happen, how efficient was isis leader’s call to act. As most of muslims said no, but who knows do all of them…

      I often do analysis and experiments from various directions. Possible danger levels, various effects what doing some information and other experiments 🙂 I researching very a lot of themes, eg. world control mechanics, even UFOs or aliens and many more.

    • So what your supposed to live in fear everyday? So ita ok to give away your freedoms for fake safety do you want to know how many terrorist attacks the police of stopped im gonna guess its either 0 or really fucking low people like you are the problem

  • I think we should all refuse to go to the events until they tone it down

  • Well it seems like the terrorists have won!!! No more freedom for you!!!!

  • Happy Police State. Do you NYers feel safe yet?

  • I hope no ones shows up. just a big FU to all this terror media bs.

  • We need to not be such pussies this yr an take back our country instead of crying about it on facebook. You have whined enough on here an nothing got done. So either step up or shut the fuck up….

  • Bill Bratton said it best, “The ability to protect everything all the time is not possible anywhere.”

    This is why an armed citizenry is best… Nobody should have a monopoly on your safety.

  • good way to make the city go broke

  • It’s not appreciated .

  • I’ve been to a lot of gatherings that were totally peaceful until the cops showed up and began deliberately inciting violence. Having swarms of cops around is never a good thing.


  • We see how many people they shoot tonight…

  • Maybe if less people decided to drink and drive we wouldn’t have to be treated like children.

  • Im staying safe this year by helping small business a.k.a. The bar down the street.

  • This is the war on the American people and their liberties, and you’re LOOSING

    • You are absolutly right they want us to start a war with them

  • We outnumber them by the billion.. They should be afraid.

  • (Y)

  • What’s left of our freedom ??All our freedoms would fit in a knats ass.

  • hope you checking under ground advantages as well.

  • 🙂 Conoce la mejor ayuda a este planeta en Inglès y Español en el sitio http://www.Peace-and-well-being-worldwide-Paz-y-Bienestar-al-Planet.com

  • Sounds like fun.

  • This show of force is just to generate overtime, and charge “We the Tax Cattle” with it.

  • Happy new year.

  • I highly sugest 100,000 people open cary and enforce our second amendment

  • When the fighting begins these traitors die first and no quarter will be given

  • What a load of crap. If we live in fear, the bad guys win.

  • Right

  • Glad I won’t be there….

  • the buildup of storm troopers / pushing fear was first step for hitler. now they are recruiting high school kids to train indoctrinating these kids to think they are going to protect

  • Feel the freedom in the air?

  • The facts are that if there is a reduced police presence and something awful takes place, asshats in the liberal left and your so called ‘ free thinkers’ will be pissing all over the place about that! Grow up and understand that you can only vilify the police until they serve YOUR purpose. And they will.

    • Fuck cops, I never have and never will call them for anything.
      I’m sure they have their purpose but they have forgotten just what that is.

  • Well we had fun here in canada lmfao

  • Just as a matter of interest, what would you be saying if they weren’t out there!

  • Did the notzies lose or not you be the judge ?!!!

  • Land of the Free to do what you’re told.

  • We should fear the state more then our neighbours.

  • All security is based on illusion.

  • So, any Acts of Terrorism before, during and after the Ball Drop?

  • Take a page out of Australian gun laws, US government, and you might learn something (for once) .

  • “Instead of deterring further acts of violence, the excessive show of force merely reinforces the notion that the terrorists have already won by utilizing fear to turn the state against its own people.” quote