Police State Insanity! Cops Assault and Arrest This Man for Saying ‘F**k’

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“Stop cussing in the street or you’re going to jail too!”


The Free Thought Project
Matt Agorist
July 27, 2014

(Wakeforest, N.C.) — A video uploaded to youtube Wednesday by Janell Gill, shows a man being arrested and tasered by the Wake Forest Police Department for allegedly saying the word “fuck.”

At the beginning of the video we can see that police are tasering him and claiming that he is ‘resisting.’

He is face down on the pavement, with 3 cops on top of him, with taser prongs in his back, while cops are twisting his arms into painful positions, and because he is not completely limp, they are calling it ‘resisting.’

Since the video doesn’t begin until after the man is on the ground, it could lead the viewer to assert that he could have done something else to be in this position, other than say ‘fuck.’ However, at the 2:00 mark, one of the arresting officers explains why he is arresting this man.

“Right now he’s being arrested for disorderly conduct…he’s cursing in the street…”

When the onlookers begin voicing their complaints to the officers, they are threatened with arrest as well.

“Stop cussing in the street or you’re going to jail too!”

Apparently Wake Forest Cops think that the First Amendment does is not applicable in this neighborhood.

Kudos to Mr. Gill for filming this incident and using such professionalism with the police.


If the Wake Forest Police Department is so concerned with the language of an individual  they should send a SWAT team south into Dalton, Georgia to arrest Officer John Gurrieri, who dropped the f-bomb several times, on a school bus, full of children.

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