One of the joys of small town living is being able to socialize with one’s neighbors without harassment. But that simple pleasure of life was made much more difficult when an overzealous officer of the law, North Enid Police Officer John Miller, decided to write a motorist a ticket for stopping to say “hey” to a friend.

While there are signs all along the road for no one to park on the side, one lady decided to stop her Jeep, roll her passenger window down, and say “hello” to a good friend, Physical Therapist Gary Duckworth. Duckworth had been mowing the lawn but killed the motor on his push mower to say hey to his friend, Kali Wood.

Little did she know she’d be targeted for a ticket, for parking, not stopping to spread some community cheer. Officer Miller wasted no time, it seems, in writing Wood a ticket for parking on the road.

Duckworth then attempted to rationalize with the officer, who simply wasn’t standing to reason with the health professional.

“The car’s running, and we’re just talking,” Duckworth said and then he approached the officer again attempting to come to an understanding with him. But Miller simply responded, “Man, I’m not here arguing with you.”

It must be noted that the roads, neighborhood roads, have no double yellow lines, and may not even be within the jurisdiction of the police department as state maintained roads. Nevertheless, the officer followed through with presenting Wood her ticket and telling her the fine was $25.

The heavily redacted video (done so by the police department), doesn’t show the entire interaction, nor the discourse exchanged between the two. But, before leaving, however, Duckworth decided to take the opportunity to lecture Miller on what he could have done.

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After reminding Miller he’s a taxpayer, knows everyone in the community, and declaring, “I pay your salary”, he asked, “You can’t even answer my question?”

“Your job is to protect and serve,” the physical therapist said. “You could have at least come by and at least told her, ‘you need to move’.There are signs up, really?” Wood asked.

Miller ignored Duckworth, even after he said, “Excuse me!” Again he said, “Excuse me!” and approached Miller on the side of the road.

“Back up, or you’re going to jail!” the jittery officer said, and then he pulled his taser, pointing it at the yardman. “You better holster that!” Duckworth told him. The officer then replied, “I ain’t holstering nothing.”

“If you think you’re justified to pull a taser on me, just because you don’t want to answer my question, that’s a bunch of (inaudible),” the healthcare worker said. Duckworth told the officer he’d be hearing from his lawyer and promised not to let the issue go away quietly.

To many, who saw the video on Facebook, it seemed like a reasonable request. But to Officer Miller, the law was a little more cut and dry. Stop and get a ticket.

That’s precisely what Wood got. She has a court date, and will surely be accompanied by many of her fellow Enid community members who are a little more than outraged by the trigger-happy ticket pusher and his speech with a long-standing member of the community.

For their part, the North Enid Police Department is standing by their officer, even releasing video footage of the incident and saying an independent committee of community members had reviewed the interaction and concluded, “acted within department policy and his training.” However, after receiving so much backlash, the department pulled the video.

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It appears as though both the department and the committee agreed that the yardman/physical therapist was a threat deserving of having a taser pointed at him.  You decide. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Sadly this is not an isolated incident. For more stories just like this one, check out this link.
Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • This is exactly why my regard for police personnel has dropped so much

    • IceTrey

      I doubt they have the highest standards for hiring cops in North Enid Oklahoma.

      • Kaeluh Graham

        I live in Enid, grew up in North Enid. The cop that preeceeded this one was way worse, believe it or not. It’s such a small area that you’re right, I’m ashamed to call this my hometown right now.

  • Guy

    To bad the yardman, didn’t fart loudly or reach up and scratch his nose, causing the scared shitless cop to taser him, who was just operating under the guidelines of department policy and training. Then he could have sued all of their fat asses, community board and department, for a cool million.

    Nice to hear about the “Backlash”!

  • Mod8guy

    They are trained nowadays that citizens are the enemy. They look for unhinged order followers

    • Raimundo Gant


    • Horatio Xandre

      Well, as we can see. Citizens are the enemy. If I was approached like that by somebody, I’d pull a gun on them too. Or mace. Or a tazer. if I had one of those things. And I’m not a cop.

      • displacedjim

        If you were in Virgina–an *extremly* firearms-carry-friendly state–if you did that under the circumsances you stated, you’d be convicted of brandishing a firearm.

  • Larry Brothers

    Just another asshole with a badge.

    • itstherecit

      the oinker is stupider than a brick…one of the definitions of park, which is a verb entails this….to LEAVE a car, truck, motorcycle, etc., in a particular place…..to temporarily LEAVE (something) in a particular place…in many cities there are signs posted which state “no stopping or standing” designed to ensure traffic can travel freely without being inhibited by vehicles pulled over for short periods of time….in this case there must have been “no parking” signs located nearby….parking and standing or stopping are different things…a person must LEAVE a vehicle in order for it to be parked….as i mentioned before…this oinker is stupider than a brick….i hope he is suspended and loses vacation time or pay and the judge castigates him when this goes to court

      • avelworldcreator

        You nailed it. The driver was definitely not parked. Hopefully she has a good lawyer and a decent judge who knows the difference since the power hungry cop apparently doesn’t.

        • Vito365

          Good luck with the judge part. I take it this is a small town. In small towns the justice system is incestuous.

          • Bob Johnson

            its true, many towns the judge is going 100% with the cops…to generate funds…but in any case there is a sign! NO PARKING….meaning they don’t want cars on that side of the road…the flipping road is too narrow for TRAFFIC and A ROW OF CARS ON BOTH SIDES.,…. why is everyone being hard headed…. the cops didn’t make up the rule…. if the guy came at me, when I told him to back up…. I can hear you fine, I don’t need you in my face….. I wouldn’t tell him twice, Id defend myself thinking he was going to assault me….. IM NOT LETTING get the upper hand…back off dude….. the road goes 25 feet both ways from the center of the paved section , in most towns…. the guy may cut the grass, buts its NOT his PROPERTY!

          • Vito365

            Bob, I think the overriding point here is that the cop overstepped on the whole situation. In my experience; no parking means no leaving your vehicle unattended. So stopping or standing would have been the rule she was breaking if it had been posted that way. Otherwise, stopping on the shoulder of a road to chat a couple of minutes with a neighbor is pretty benign, and something I would have wanted to give him a piece of my mind about too.

          • Bob Johnson

            you are correct…standing isn’t a big issue and in most peoples minds, just telling the lady to move on down the road or pull into the guys driveway to talk, would have been enough….but at issue here..is NOT the traffic stop….its an argumentative guy and a cop who pulled a taser. that’s what the ISSUE is….. I don’t begrudge the guy for jawing…..its a first amendment right….. but don’t crowd the cop… especially since you are acting angry….back off dude and yell from 20 feet away!!! Ive engaged cops and they have had their hand on their weapon……you got to be smart….don’t show any type of THREAT….. getting close while argueing is threatening to me

      • Mark Simms

        same in UK it only parking if you leave the vehicle… classed as waiting if engine running with seat belt appplied

      • Horatio Xandre

        You got sources on this? Because: https://definitions.uslegal.com/p/parking/. Regardless of the legal definition of parking, the fact is, she and friend are jerks and so he doesn’t waste his time giving her a warning. A very insignificant ticket. Norman Police don’t give out tickets less than hundreds of dollars from what I’ve seen.

        • Trillionairejc

          you cop cock suckers come to slurp again

        • Keith Parker

          ( she and friend are jerks ) she was polite.

        • hang3xc

          Jerks? She was smiling and polite. How is that being a jerk? Or is it pulling over to talk with someone briefly on a side street with zero other cars driving on it what makes her a “jerk”???

        • kurgen99

          Thank you officer.

    • IceTrey

      That’s the only type of person they hire.

      • qweztionz5

        That’s right. Dopey, cowardly and sadistic.

    • Phasung Baccam

      that what taxpayer pay for assult murder rape innocent people they get special treatment no charge go back do the same thing again we give them too much authority badge and guns don’t grants extra right

      • Horatio Xandre

        Wow! 25 dollar ticket and a move to protect himself from an assailant, yeah, that’s rape, murder, and innocent people. If I were approached by some random, guy that had nothing to do with my business, I’d pull a gun, because I can’t afford a taser and a gun.

        • Alfred E Stacey

          The vernacular you are using is all wrong. First of all your calling the gentleman speaking to the officer an assailant. He is not an assailant he is a citizen voicing his opinion. He is also not using any tactics to intimidate the officer. Which means he is not harassing him.

          • Bob Johnson

            wrong….when the guy approaches to get close to the cop, the cops back away, the “gentlemen” follows, the cops back away and says Back off… and the :gentlemen follows… he is encroaching into the cops safe zone over and over…after being told to back away…. if he stodd his ground and didn’t follow the cop and yelled…id be behind your thoughts…but he follows the cop…. EVERY cop that’s worth his salt, will draw a line at some point and say….don’t come any closer to me!….you’ve been warned, if you do it, suffer the consequences of YOUR OWN actions

        • Pootay

          Then you’d only be another shitty police officer, just like the one in the video. I think you should stay away from people if you’d pull a gun if “some random guy” approached you.

        • Richard N. Theis

          The problem is that the $25 dollar ticket may seem insignificant, but the court cost can well be over $100 if you plead guilty in addition to the fine and the points against your license and increase insurance cost is not trivial, either.

          • drhaasmn

            agree that the ticket is ridiculous, but it is a non-moving violation. So no impact on her insurance or points against her. Surprised he even wrote it up. And he had no reason to request her license or run it – all he had to do was run the tags, print out the citation and hand it to her.

          • James Benjamin Shaw

            No the tags will give the registered owner, you are assuming the driver Is the RO. In police work, you do not assume, you check and you verify.

    • Horatio Xandre

      Gary is harrassing the law enforcement officer and the officer is the ASSHOLE?

      • clay6000

        You might be an asshole too. Is that what we pay police to do? Really? Then I want a refund… Fuck off with that spinned verbal bull shit.. ‘Assailant’ my ass… He has no business being an officer because he does not know how to conduct himself to the feneral public. proof – this video.
        Get your fucking eyes checked

      • Pootay

        Yeah, no. The police officer is harassing the taxpayers with an unnecessary ticket. He did this precisely to piss people off, just because he can. Disagree with him and he’ll pull a Tazer on you. That’s the way this guy rolls.

      • hang3xc

        You need to look up and learn the spelling and definition of harassment so you don’t look so stupid with your comments

  • Tony

    The officer said it was done. He shouldn’t have been raising his voice to the officer and approaching him. If you want to exercise your freedom of speech, go for it. But don’t approach an officer yelling especially if he/she has said we’re done….

    • Mike

      That is something a coward would say, not an American, otherwise we would still be under British rule! We pay their salaries with our taxes, we can yell at them, curse at them. The guy was not being threatening at all, the cop is just a coward pussy, no wonder people hate cops!!!

      • Tony

        I didn’t say he couldn’t yell at him. Read my comment… You must not work with the public

        • Mike

          As long as the guy does not touch the cop or brandish a weapon with intent to harm the cop, the cop cannot do anything as they were on the homeowners property, he could have got right in the cops face and as long as he was not disturbing the peace the cop has no right to threaten him or threaten arrest.

          • avelworldcreator

            American law allows people to argue with cops. The cop does not have the authority to end an argument that way. All he had to do was say “I’m done here and leaving”, enter his car, and go. He was out of line to brandish his weapon.

          • Michael James Riley

            The guy was also on his own land!!!!!

    • Susan M.

      Blame the victim. He wasn’t yelling.

      • Tony

        The victim? I’m sorry, I thought the lady got the ticket.

        • Bryan ĸ McDonald

          Depending on OK law, the drawing of the Taser on the innocent bystander could be charged as Assault.

  • Sharon Tobe

    So, I guess it’s easier and safer to harass good people than it is to catch real criminals. And, our safety declines everyday. Must be our fault. Apparently, if you are paid buy the government, anything you want to do to people will be legal and part of their “screw the public then blame them” protocol!

  • The two friends could have been conspiring to overtake their local government… remember Big Brother told us that terrorists could be anywhere.

  • Bob Johnson

    I think the cops was reasonable….. cops get attacked all the time and people who are angry and yelling are the exact people who do attack cops…. the cops doesn’t have to explain anything to that guy…he performed a traffic stop with a third party….. when the guy approached the cop with anger in his voice.. the cop has a right to pull the taser and warn the guy to not approach him!…. his own property or NOT!…..back off!!!….yap all you want…but back off!!!……UNDERSTAND…BACK OFF..people and youll be fine…. I hate that cops kill so many people who don’t deserve it…. we see that a lot…but that didn’t happen here…here is a guy yelling that his friend is getting a ticket…. and he wants to mouth off…I guess ok…mouth off, but DO NOT APPROACH the officer…. he is NOT or SHOULDNT let you get with in lunging distance……. you break that space…you SHOULD get tazed

    • Christopher Allen

      You are full of shit and probably a trumpinski voter! There was no “traffic stop” in the first place and that cop was so far out of line it is ridiculous! Get a real life!

    • Nathan Ebbesen

      First off, it’s Oklahoma, Oklahoma has castle doctrine. Under castle doctrine if anybody threatens you on your property, officer or not, without viable legal cause.. you can shoot them in the face and walk away without prosecution. Also being his property he has every legal right to question what the officer is doing there. Second, police officers are public SERVANTS, most of you morons forget what that word means, but it means they work FOR the community. They are in no way above the law nor do they have any legal authority to bark orders at you unless you are violating the law, which this man was not. Third, by law she was not parked. If you are in your vehicle and it is operating you are not parking, you are stationary but not parked. Otherwise cops would be walking around at red lights passing out parking tickets for everyone who stopped in a no parking zone.

      This entire interaction is an overzealous cop who thinks he has more authority than he does. I bet 10 to 1 the ticket gets thrown out by any judge with half a brain.

      For the record. legally speaking, that officer drawing his taser on a citizen who had not committed any crime and was not a direct threat to him is assault with a non-lethal weapon. The department’s claim that he is following department guidelines is just trying to cover their own asses – federal justice department guidelines dictate officers are not to draw their weapons unless they are in immediate danger or they have reasonable suspicion that you have committed a crime. Obviously, neither of those is happening here.

      • Bob Johnson

        without getting in a tit for tat….because you have your experiences to draw on and I have mine. Ill address your comment that the police are SERVANTS. There sir you are dead wrong…. they work for the community that is paid by our taxes, but we have NO authority over anyone in community service. the police work for the POLICE DEPT…NOT YOU! the police dept is part of the town government. the taxes are a one way street!.. you can VOTE and you can go to meeting and voice your complaints, but you give ZERO orders and zero commands!…that’s just the facts…. if the police or a specific police officer offends you. you can file a complaint and you can write letters to the paper, and you can vote for someone else to run the town and hope they choose a different police chief who hires different police officers…..that’s all you can do

        • Nathan Ebbesen

          Seriously? You need to look up the definition of public servant. Nobody said anything about being able to order the police around, however, by law if they are on your property they have to tell you their cause for being there.

          Every duty and responsibility of a police officer is to SERVE their community by serving the public trust and public safety. That is literally the entire reason police officers have jobs. They work for the police department, yes, which the department works for the city, the city is funded by city and state taxes.. in a government by and for the people. The fact that you don’t think police officers work for the communities they police shows a woeful ignorance of how government structure works.

          For shits sake “To protect and SERVE” is in their motto. Are you really that dense?

          • Bob Johnson

            so much for avoiding tit for tat huh Nathan……. did you win a trophy for last place in soccer when you were 10?….. its YOUR mind and you are always right…right Nathan??? sooo Nathan the Army is paid for with your tax money go tell the generals and the majors and the captains what YOU WANT THEM TO DO!…get back to us how that goes…. you demand the police know you are paying their salary….let us know how that goes in getting them to listen to your commands…. you are in dream land… and I seriously hope you don’t have children!

          • Nathan Ebbesen

            Seriously you just keep diggin the whole of how little you understand. The army are not public servants, they serve in the military… they serve the public trust and safety by defending our country… most military funding and military actions require senate and sometimes house approval… senators and congressmen, elected officials that represent the will of the people. Maybe not always faithfully represent their constituents – but again… You obviously have no idea wtf you’re talking about, yet instead of offering any kind of informed, rational argument you sling pathetic attempts at insults. Yet you dont even know the basic civic structure of our nation. Disgraceful.

          • Bob Johnson

            what a punk you really are….. you twist everything to fit your views…first if our taxes pay their salary you say, “they work for us”, well our taxes pay for the military, but oh no….. youre changing your tune…the military is DIFFERENT…. right, just like your thinking….. good luck with yourself and keep up telling the cops what to do………I hope they video it….. NOBODY knows anything just Nathan!…hes Mr Know it all…..

    • Maria Mitchell

      So, just because cops get attacked, they’re allowed to treat their employers like criminals and be rude to them? What a load of nonsense.

    • Thomas Loscar

      By ALL rights the cop had to answer the man when he was questioned, otherwise the phrase “To protect and SERVE” means nothing. You might want to do some research because apparently you dont understand the word SERVE to well.

  • Richard Blaine

    I think the cop is a powertripping homosexual!

    • Christopher Allen

      Don’t insult homosexuals that way! Are you in the closet? Homophobic much? Nothing better to say? Idiot!

    • Nathan Ebbesen

      Literally the most pathetically ignorant homophobe I’ve ever seen. So all these cops violating people’s basic civil rights are homosexuals now, eh? Yeah, that logic is flawless considering most of them are defended by their departments as “family men”.

      Reading through some of your other comments you are truly the epitome of a scared little man-boy, so afraid of losing his privilege he’s throwing temper tantrums. By the way, you keep referencing judeo-christianity and then bashing Islam… Even though you worship the same god, you halfwit. Allah is arabic for “God” and Islam is an Abrahamic religion, they even recognize jesus as a prophet. White Christian males have killed more Americans than any islamic radical. After all don’t forget – Hitler was a white christian male.

      Somebody needs an education in history and facts.. and also some serious counseling.

  • Alice Reville Tomlin

    The driver was not PARKED. The car was still turned on and the driver was still in the car. This is STANDING. Standing is not the same as Parking. DUH. Now if the sign said NO STANDING, that might rate a ticket. But the driver was not PARKED OR PARKING, she was in a car which was still turned on and was STANDING.
    The cop was a big nut and super wrong to draw and point his taser. He completely over-reacted and is the kind of bad cop who will eventually shoot and kill an innocent person.

    • alex_ward

      So I agree the cop overreacted, but I just pulled Oklahoma’s statute and the definitions of parking and standing cross reference each other so that standing does mean the same as parking.

      • Horatio Xandre

        Let’s pretend that’s you. And you’re not a cop. And a guy approaches you all angry like that. Don’t think for a minute, that if you had a gun, mace, or a tazer, or anything you can put between you and him, that you wouldn’t pull it out.

        • James Cooke

          Suck a dick fgt noone cares about your cop sucking

        • Pootay

          So, what would you do if you did not have any of those things, mace, gun or Tazer? You could use words and try to deescalate, or choose to not have given an unnecessary and harassing ticket in the first place. I live in an inner city and do not carry a weapon and walk with good sense and confidence at all hours. Why are you so fearful?

  • Charlotte Ziegler


    • George III

      So many of them choose to be pricks! Cops have the power to brighten one’s day or make one’s life a living hell. They usually choose the latter. What angers me is that they ticket people for infractions they do themselves: illegally parking, speeding, sex in their car, rolling through stop signs and littering. Yes, littering! If I can be ticketed for flicking a cigarette butt out of my car window, they should be ticketed for throwing snuff out of theirs.

    • avelworldcreator

      They say in the article that the police released this video and “redacted it”. That means it’s not in original form apparently. Makes you wonder what the police agency is trying to hide.

    • Ebonybull

      Revenue Enforcement agents are the worst kind of people with a badge

    • kim

      The days of the police being helpful or kind are long over. We have to fear them now because they can kill us at any moment and get away with it. Life is tough enough without this type of worry from those who are supposed to protect and serve.

  • Abz B Zbas

    There is a difference between a “No Parking” sign and a “No Stopping” sign. Apparently the Officer doesn’t read much.

  • Carol Savoy-Fox

    Dick move officer. I’m sure there are better ways to spend tax payer money, like catching legitimate criminal. What an ass.

  • Ray Flower

    Cops are cowards. Cowards. Cowards.

  • Scott Windsor

    The cop escalated the problem. All he needed to do, was to ask the lady to move her car. There was no need to give her a ticket. The cop was a jerk. Most cops are jerks.

  • Rex Roy

    the stinking COP was parked on the wrong side of the road facing the wrong direction, BUT HE DIDN’T WRITE HIMSELF A TICKET/

    • Brad Owens

      To cross a lane of traffic, into oncoming traffic, to park is a serious offense here in Georgia.

  • Maria Mitchell

    If he acted according to training, they need to train them better. That officer should have answered the questions, and by pulling his taser, he could have escalated the situation if the man had not been a reasonable person.

  • You are all a threat…Just wait for your turn…

  • Dogbreath

    I hope some punk gangbanger walks up to this a-hole cops squad care with a stolen heater and puts a big f’ing hole in his pig head. The reason police are like this: Bush invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and LOST BOTH OF THE WARS…so now they turn the police into military police and beat the hell out of their own citizens. We have zero respect for this bullshit and its our job to take back our freedom.

  • Timothy Russell

    I no longer refer to them as cops. I call them ARCs

    • b4integrity

      Police officers are no “peace officers” who keep the peace.
      Today’s police officers are often “violence officers” who initiate violence against citizens without probable cause of a crime.

    • LawrenceNeal

      I call them SA; SturmAbeitlung, Brownshirts, Serpent’s Assholes.

  • Jeff Sanders

    who’s a bigger cunt, this cop or you for this piece of shit website that i have to find all the running ads and shut themthe fuck up before i can hear the video

    • Lorne Allen

      The ads pay for the website to be here.

  • gimp4930

    Another dullard enforcing the law without question or reason.

  • Michael Exile

    The cop needs to have an accident and disappear

  • Dennis P Ginther

    A taser!!!! This cop is gonna hurt somebody one day soon. A lunatic with a badge. He is wired way to tight to be carrying a Gun or a taser. This cop and maybe all cops have been brainwashed into believing we are the enemy. I wonder what would happen if another officer pulled one of his family members over and treated them the same way. What he would have thought or learned.

  • Michael D. Trythall Jr.

    At the time that the cop pulled the taser I would have a asked to see a shift Sergeant on scene because I would have absolutely considered that to be assault the fact that the officer hopped in his car and left is fleeing the scene of a crime which is a felony the fact that you wear a badge technically makes me your boss if I ask you a question you need to answer it

  • Michael James Riley

    Please make sure that this case takes more police department time and money than is necessary, creates more adverse publicity and ensures that, hopefully in the future, the police department can recruit more than a moron. The only thing these people understand is when it hits them in the pocket hard. unfortunately that also means us (taxpayers) – but it also puts reputations and careers on the line, which is a good thing.

  • Makanui Green

    That women should have had the book thrown @ her . How DARE she stop and talk to a neighbour on the side of the road . What is this world coming to ?!?!? This is scary shit. Get her off the streets . I am so glad there are brave and intelligent
    cops like Miller who risked his life to give her a ticket. That bitch should have went directly to jail. Thank you Officer Miller for keeping society save from people like her . You do your JOB so well 😉

    • billdeserthills

      You sound like a real copsucker pos

      • displacedjim

        Easy, dude, Makanui was obviously being sarcastic.

  • Police Unions should be outlawed!

  • Jon Rushing

    that should have been handled completely differently the Absurd part is where he said she was blocking traffic yet not one car passed in either direction during the entire video. hopefully this was thrown out and possibly some additional training and anger management for that officer.

  • Larrybarnard13

    Well ts obvious from the video they both were ISIS…

  • patriot156

    the guy may have been agitated but didn’t warrant a taser being drawn on him.

  • Amor Terra

    PLEASE challenge the ticket. This lady was STANDING, not parking. And get 20 or 30 people to go with you to every City Council meeting and sign up to speak for your allotted token time (3 minutes times 30 people will ensure a couple of hours every meeting) until that asshole cop is FIRED for pulling a weapon on an innocent and peaceful person trying to converse with him.

  • Ibcamn

    this is a ”move along mame,can’t park here,have a nice day”…..but no,look what the cop said to here after asking for a license,he said”tell it to the judge”,a ticket……cops earn every bit of hatred the american people have for them,every bit,they earn every bit of the hate they receive……

  • Amor Terra

    Coward cops have removed their Facebook page–probably because like most cops, they can’t stand to be told they were 100% WRONG.

  • byrdland49

    White privilege allows one to mouth off to a cop without getting killed. Just sayin’…the gentleman was completely justified in everything he said to this ridiculous officer, but there isn;’ a black man in the country who would look at this and think “oh good idea…I should do the same thing next time my friend gets a ticket for talking to me”.

  • Sandra Mika Milewski

    I think that cop has serious issues and shouldn’t be allowed to have that job, no telling what he would have done in an actual situation, he’s a bit off his rocker

  • Robert Zemojtel

    power-trippin, politicin, pig of power….

  • Valentina Mitova

    He should be fired!!!!

  • Rude and arrogant. the officer should be fired. We the people want less *ucking Rambo and more Andy Griffith.

  • palvadore

    If the man had a rake in his hands he’d be dead.

    It’s the CHIEF that should be fired. The only way that will happen is if the city manager is FIRED!

    People must start hitting back! Fire those allowing these idiots to have a gun and badge!

  • Tariq W. Vlaun

    I know for a fact, that if Gary was black a LOT of you guys would be singing a different tune.

  • A.r. Honeycutt

    Good thing the neighbors little Puppy didn’t run out, The cop would have shot him !!!

  • Mike Pepper

    i guess if momentarily stopping on the street constitutes parking and deserves a ticket, the mailman must be damn near bankrupt for all the tickets he/she have received.

    • Mike Pepper

      not to mention all the money they must be making handing out tickets at traffic lights when they turn red.

  • Norman Hirsch

    glad this video made it out. Hope that means the “officer” either was fired, demoted or sent back to school.

  • Shoreline1

    The cop parked on the wrong side of the street and exited his vehicle. However, it’s not only the cop’s fault because he is doing what he is instructed to do. I mean, when your superior tells you to shoot innocent people, that’s what you do, right? And just what is the superior’s role in this, do they require that cops be so anally retentive? I believe there is a term for this in the English language, something like aphole, asphalt, or something. It will continue until they are held accountable.

  • Rick Lawrence Sr.

    Cop was a jerk !

  • RL

    This is typical of Enid, OK. Give chief Brian O’rourke a call. He’ll imply you are lying and will not look into any misconduct his cops do. 580-242-7000 or his LT Greg Gordon 580-233-6233. D.A. Mike Fields, Asst D.A. Irene Asai and Hope Bryant will lie and coerse people to take plea deals by refusing public defenders.

  • DScott Scattergun Hewitt

    Uh, the ONLY person on a “power trip” was MISTER ENTITLED. The officer showed a GREAT deal of restraint not making him ride the lightning when he would have been fully justified in doing so. Guy acted like he has some SERIOUS mental health issues. Interfering in a traffic stop that had NOTHING to do with him. Interrogating the officer about a traffic stop that had nothing to do with him. Continuing to come at the officer while obviously agitated and losing his temper. Lightning ride would have been justified, quite clearly……

  • Ebonybull

    Bad policing, Standing is not parking.

  • Chris

    Its not just in bad neighborhoods police are just getting worse. Totally uncalled for.. Go do some good. That road is not a busy road , she was posing no harm to anyone else, clearly she wasn’t “parked, parked”. Just a douche move. The laws or code are so vaguely written that of course an independent board can and will find the cops actions within the guidelines. Doesn’t make it right! What a bullshit system we’ve created!

  • Darin Johnson

    No way that guy was a threat to the cop. The cop knew it, and got his thrills by being aggressive and feeling superior. Take away his badge and let him work night security at the home depot.

  • Alex Knight

    Sue the department’s ass off, and never rest until this motherfucker is fired. AND get that ticket thrown out too.

  • Nan

    I was just talking about how I do NOT miss driving to work via small town after small town where the cops have nothing better to do than constantly entrap and harass motorists. I’d creep through every stinking town knowing they were lurking, just looking for the slightest infraction. One prick used to stand at a local business and shoot his radar gun around the corner of the building at oncoming traffic with his car hidden in back and I’ve heard he did the same from his own yard (where he purposely bought that place because it was on a main road for just that reason). He would throw anyone in jail for the slightest ‘misconduct’….I’ve lived most of my life in small towns and they’re all the same. A bunch of ignorant, egotistical govt TOOLS.

  • Ricochet

    Well….seems to me theres 3 rules to roadside stopping
    You have no stopping signs….then you have no standing signs…and you have no parking signs…I believe they mention there is a no parking sign…I dont think what she was doing is legally defined as parked…She was standing…never left the vehicle

  • George Swift

    The signs would have to say “No stopping this side of street” at least in California, anyway. The Jeep was NOT parked. I don’t care what state it is. When the driver is in the car, engine running, the car is “standing”. MAYBE parking, but NOT parked. I am glad that cop is nowhere near me.

  • The land of them freeeeeeeeee

  • Mike Schroeder

    It would be nice if the the video didn’t go black 2 minutes in. Lousy Web site.

  • Eva Guajardo-Cullen

    homeowner guy is a huge jackass..

  • Don the welder

    What she was doing is called “Standing” if the signs said no standing then she would be guilty of that infraction.

  • Shane Shaw

    he was probably bullied as a child and thought a badge and a gun would give him courage..

  • Ken Cannon

    I’ll be staying out of that town
    Cause I would be teaching a lesson on manner.

  • Victor Brown

    I suspect he thought she was a hooker until he saw she was dressed in professional clothing. 1. He was wrong to give her a ticket, that is all there is to say about that. 2. How did the court appearance come out? 3. The guy did just as I would have done and defended the woman’s actions because he was involved but he should have listened to the police officer and followed directions. An agitated man (justified or not) approaching the officer allows and demands the officer prepare for a potential confrontation. The officer pulled the trigger on this event as soon as he got out of his car. PS – Never approach a police officer while he is setting in his car these days. You will probably be shot no matter your skin color because he is aware the same could be his fait.

  • Austin Hill

    I would of holstered it for him. you wonder why people are losing trust in police

  • Jeremy Flanders

    Since my first attempt at a reply was disappeared because of the site randomly refreshing I’ll just post it here.

    The guys was not at fault for asking a question and being frustrated. He was not random, he was there the whole time. He never got closer the 15 feet of the officer. If the officer couldn’t draw his weapon from holster and fire in that distance then he’s a piss poor officer. No call for having a taser on him outside of the officers lack of spine.
    As well by the legal definition of park at leas where I live, vehicle has to at the vary least not have its engine running. At the vary least.

    I just saw a home security officer shoot a dog who was just energeticly greeting a new guest. Seem the quality of police officer is going way down. My friends a cop here and he’d never do what either of these cops did. It’s deplorable.

    Just to add and get it off my back. If you shoot a persons dog that isn’t attacking you or not aggressive where I leave. That dog is the least of your worries.

  • jabwocky

    It appears as though both the department and the committee agreed that the yardman/physical therapist was a threat deserving of having a taser pointed at him.
    That committee and department need to rethink their jobs, that was out of hand…

  • kurgen99

    That cop is a total dick. I would have been tased for sure. He seriously has nothing better to do then to hand out tickets for that BS?

  • Philip Buddy Tracy

    asshole.that cop needs more training before he kills someone.maybe a old lady, lady,arguing with him.i just can’t believe this guy or big asshole.

  • Nelson Swiger Jr.

    Well she was not parked, it’s called ‘Standing’ when you are in the auto with the engine running. So she should go to court to fight this. And the police are supposed to work for us, but they think we are below them. This comes from being trained by the Dept of Justice.

  • OzCop

    Obviously the officer and the town council do not know the difference in No Parking, and NO Stopping. There IS a difference, and to ignore that fact shows ignorance. I was a cop for nearly 30 years, and this is a classic example of why so many of my brothers and sisters in blue are hated in today’s society…not only was this action unnecessary, it is indeed a pathetic display of ignorance…

  • Michael Spagnuolo

    The fact that the police dept. pulled the video tells me all I need to know.
    One cop on the street who’s a power hungry asshole and a police dept. run by authoritarian idiots.

  • nd4spd

    Citizens don’t create the divide between police and public, police and politicians do.

  • Brad Owens

    So the officer crosses a lane of oncoming traffic, illegally parks in front of her car, also blocking oncoming traffic, and then writes her a ticket for being illegally parked? This rookie cop needs to be given something to do with his time.

  • Kenny Thorson

    They officially declared it’s time to move on for this subject on their facebook page lol…

  • N0TaLIB

    Fire that asshole prick!
    Maybe that stupidshit should learn the difference between parking and stopping.
    I support cops, but not assholes like that.

  • Jon Horton

    This was nothing short of harassment by the police officer. Are things that slow in your town that you have to harass hard working citizens who are being neighborly? Your ticket could have been for unlawful stopping on the road at best. I still think a judge will throw this out. She never park the car.
    Pulling a taser on a guy on his property voicing his opinion that is protected under the constitution..officer you took this way too far. You deserve to be benched for a while or maybe some community service might be good for you!
    Didn’t the police officer park illegally against the flow of traffic for this? Shameful! Shame…shame…shame

  • Roger Griffith

    It’s cops like this one that give cops a bad name