Have you ever asked yourself why it has been decades now since the Catholic church has had any high-profile sex scandals involving pedophile priests? Apparently, it’s because they’re doing their best to keep it quiet, at least until now.

According to FoxNews, “Pope Francis acknowledged Saturday that the Vatican has a 2,000-case backlog in processing clerical sex abuse cases and says criticism of the slow pace was justified. But he says more staff are being added and insists the Vatican is ‘on the right path.’”

For victims of the alleged abuse, “on the right path” probably translates into, “we’re doing nothing about it.” For the Catholic Church, arguably the largest religious organization on the planet, to know about 2,000 cases of alleged pedophilia in its ranks, and to be doing nothing about it, may be as egregious as the heinous acts themselves.

The renewed pressure on the Catholic Church, and specifically the Vatican, stems from the resignation of Marie Collins, an Irish pedophile-priest-sex-abuse-survivor who resigned in March from Pope Francis’ sex abuse advisory commission.

Collins said she quit because her commission, formulated to root out pedophile priests was being met with, in her words, “unacceptable” levels of resistance from the Vatican. In other words, they were ignoring the recommendations set forth by the investigative and reform group.

Speaking with reporters on his plane, Francis said of Collins, she’s “a great woman” and was “a bit right” about her criticisms. “Marie Collins was right on that point. But we are on the right path, as there were 2,000 cases backlogged,” he said.


Did you catch that? There are at least 2,000 more cases, assumed to be previously absent from the high-profile now decades-old scandals of the 80’s and 90’s.

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FoxNews wrote;

Francis didn’t respond to the other issues raised by Collins, including the refusal of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith — which handles abuse cases — to create a tribunal to judge bishops who covered up for pedophile priests. Instead, he focused on explaining why cases can take so long to process… He won praise for having created the advisory commission and for promising “zero tolerance” for abuse. But his advisory board has lost credibility following Collins’ departure and its failure to implement key recommendations that even Francis had approved.

It’s safe to say, with the departure of one of the leading figures comprising the advisory board, that the Catholic church is stalling. Instead of taking down the pedophiles, and turning them over to authorities for prosecution, they’re simply content on maintaining a 2,000 case backlog.

The church’s inaction on pedophilia may signal to some critics as well as survivors of pedophile priest abuses, that the emotional development of its children is of little concern to the church, who some have said are protecting pedophiles instead of rooting them out from among their ranks.

It’s unclear if the latest revelations that the church is still doing nothing will further drive Catholic Church members into Evangelical abuse and Protestant churches, but in our opinion, doing nothing about the backlog is just as bad as pedophilia itself.

As the Free Thought Project previously reported, this scandal has long affected the Catholic church. In 2014, Pope Francis admitted that “about two percent” or 1 in 50 Roman Catholic priests are pedophiles. He then promised solutions to the history of the church essentially condoning the horrid practice. However, it appears that his solution is to sweep it under the rug.

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According to a report out of the AP, Pope Francis has quietly reduced sanctions against a handful of pedophile priests, applying his vision of a merciful church even to its worst offenders in ways that survivors of abuse and the pope’s own advisers question.

One of the child molesting priests given clemency by the Pope was later arrested and sentenced to more than four years in jail for abusing multiple boys aged 12-16. The Rev. Mauro Inzoli is now facing a second church trial after new evidence emerged against him, according to the AP.

It is no secret that the Vatican has been sweeping the issue of pedophilia under the rug for many years. In 2014, the UN issued a scathing report, blasting the Vatican for protecting pedophiles.

The U.N. committee’s main human rights investigator, Sara Oviedo, led the most intense grilling the Holy See has received on the issue, according to a report by The Associated Press.

Given the “zero tolerance” policy of the Vatican, she asked, why were there “efforts to cover up and obscure these types of cases?”

Another committee member, psychologist Maria Rita Parsi, added: “If these events continue to be hidden and covered up, to what extent will children be affected?”

One such event that was covered up by the Vatican and the Western media at large was the reverend Gino Flaim, who claimed to “understand pedophilia” and said it’s caused by the child’s attempt to find affection.

He told Italy’s La7 television channel, “I’ve been to lots of schools, and I know children. Unfortunately, there are children who seek affection because they don’t receive it at home and I understand that some priests can give up. Pedophilia is a sin, and like all sins has to be accepted.”

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When the interviewer asked Flaim, “So, you actually mean that most of the time it’s because of the kid’s fault?”

Flaim responded by saying, “Yes, most of the time.”

After condoning pedophilia and blaming it on the child, this holy man went on to bash homosexuality, calling it a “disease.”

Many canon lawyers and church authorities argue that defrocking pedophiles can put society at greater risk because the church no longer exerts any control over them. They argue that keeping the men in restricted ministry, away from children, at least enables superiors to exert some degree of supervision.

However, as the case of Rev. Mauro Inzoli illustrates, these people need to be locked up.

In November, an Italian criminal judge showed little mercy in convicting Inzoli of abusing five children, aged 12-16, and sentencing him to four years, nine months in prison. The judge said Inzoli had a number of other victims but their cases fell outside the statute of limitations, according to the AP.

With pedophilia scandals rocking the elite right now, is it that surprising to learn that the Pope is attempting to downplay the church’s role in the horrific practice?

As the AP reports, Francis scrapped the commission’s proposed tribunal for bishops who botch abuse cases following legal objections from the congregation. The commission’s other major initiative — a guideline template to help dioceses develop policies to fight abuse and safeguard children — is gathering dust. The Vatican never sent the template to bishops’ conferences, as the commission had sought, or even linked it to its main abuse-resource website.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • Marten

    The Pope is the “Problem” …..period

  • Gaylen Anderson

    If Trump really wanted to clean up the swamp he could start by directing tomahawk missiles at the Vatican.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    One such event that was covered up by the Vatican and the Western media at large was the reverend Gino Flaim, who claimed to “understand pedophilia” and said it’s caused by the child’s attempt to find affection.


  • The Cat’s Vagina

    The judge said Inzoli had a number of other victims but their cases fell outside the statute of limitations, according to the AP.

    There should NOT be any kind of “statute of limitations” on the sexual abuse of a child. In some states, it’s as little as three years! That means if you rape a 5-year-old and keep them quiet about it until they’re 8, you’re completely off the hook. The world is a sick place!

  • Mesa Breez’n Wind

    the Catholic church is one powerful arm of the global luciferian pedophile ring and this practice of pretending to clean it up while stalling and sitting on it is the same as what is happening to the child ponography cases against 5000 Pentagon employees and the Parliamentary 1500 cases which they say they can’t prosecute because there’s too many to jail. All the scandals that have been covered up for decades getting nowhere. Duttreux Affair, Presidio Daycare,  Franklin Cover-up and a dozen high level others with victims and evidence and testimony. Jersey Island owned by the queen and the orphanage that Seville trafficked his victims
     Justice will never be meted out by those complicit. If anyone’s stonewalling and blocking , you know they are guilty too, just haven’t been caught . Stop allowing the foxes to be in control of the hen house.

    If you research the luciferian rulers you will find out they actually do believe in God and use the left hand path of power and ritual to  walk a fine line of karmic balance.  They need the church as a buffer for the dark practices.   And normalizing pedophilia is a goal of theirs as proven by that reverence Gino’s quote.
     Pedophilia is the norm at the top not the exception

    I’m glad that woman resigned and this needs to be more widely known so people can wake up because we are all being played


  • Raimundo Gant

    irony is religion is a form of control on the population while the ones at the top are the most corrupt

  • Amor Terra

    I had high hopes when this pope was elected. He seemed like a decent man. But either my “decent” radar was on the fritz, or he’s somehow been corrupted. The coverup of pedophilia, and the blithe acceptance and refusal to take 100% blame, without excuse, for the Catholic church’s many evil deeds tells it all. The Roman Catholic Church is simply and apparently irretrievably evil.

  • anarchyst

    As much as homosexuals vehemently deny it, homosexuality and pedophilia are inextricably linked. Almost all homosexuals have had their first homosexual “experience” introduced to them by an ADULT homosexual as pre-teen males. This, in itself constitutes homosexual pedophilia, which is criminal behavior in itself and is a way to destroy a pre-teen child for life.
    The so-called Roman Catholic priest “child abuse scandal” was actually homosexual pedophilia in action. Of course the “mainstream media” could not afford to offend the “homosexual community” by calling what it really was–thereby, the “play on words”, calling it “child sex abuse” rather than homosexual pedophilia–the true definition of their sordid behavior.
    I must play “devil’s advocate” when it comes to the Catholic church homosexual pedophilic priest “problem”…The Catholic church was “caught between a rock and a hard place” and had every right to be concerned about how many false claims would be made by those parishioners who belonged to the parish at the same time as this behavior was going on. Follow the money… Of course, there is (and was) absolutely NO EXCUSE for this homosexual pedophilic behavior…
    Sad to say, the homosexuals are at it again, encouraging the “psychiatric community” to change the definition of pedophilia from a psychiatric “disorder” to a mere “lifestyle”, not unlike what was done for homosexuality. Sick, huh??

    • Kathie Lanoue

      You’re an idiot. 90% of sexual assaults go unreported. Of those that do get reported less than 2% are false claims. So tell me how many homosexuals did you get all this info from? Priest’s raping children has nothing to do with homosexuality. How many homosexuals vs. priests have been accused of child rape ?

      • anarchyst

        pedophilia IS a homosexual CRIME. The priests who went after young BOYS are homosexual predators. Your name-calling exposes YOU as someone who cannot ascertain TRUTH. You must be a homosexual yourself…

        • Kathie Lanoue

          No I’m actually a medical professional who has researched this topic. Here’s a shocker! There are pedophile men who abuse young girls and pedophile women who abuse young boys, therefore pedophilia IS NOT a homosexual crime. How about the LDS Fundamentalists that have multiple wives and are marrying 11 year old girls. That’s homosexuality? You in fact actually are an idiot and you proved it with your comment above. The most common type of child rape committed by priests isn’t even literally “pedophilia” by definition. It’s also amusing how you get all worked up about me calling you a name and then name call back. So tell me, if the priesthood is having such a problem with homosexuals, why don’t they kick them out? And where’s your source for this accusation that homosexuals want pedophilia classified as a “lifestyle”? The truth is the priesthood attracts, empowers, promotes, and protects child rapists. If you want to live in fantasy land and blame homosexuals that’s a YOU problem.

  • anarchyst

    The rate of incidence for sex criumes is about 1 %.
    That is Far less than that of Protestants, Rabbis, Boy Scout troopmasters or certainly Public School administrators. The leader in sex crimes against children is usually inter family related ie Step Fathers, Friends, uncles etc.
    A certain “group” (the “chosen”) made a crisis, than brought suit against the centralized Catholic Church and in so doing, forever tarnished the clergy who was their arch-nemesis.

    Free Republic

    Pedophilia Only a Catholic Sin?
    August 14th, 2009 | Kevin Roeten

    Pedophilia Only a Catholic Sin?

    It turns out pedophilia is an incorrect term, and Catholics aren’t responsible for most of it.

    Shockingly, AP breaks out of their typical liberal mold and reports Insurance companies shed light on extent of sex abuse in Protestant churches, that sexual abuse of minors has been rampant. But in their statement, they indirectly say members of the Catholic Church are not the majority abusers.

    AP discusses the raw numbers from three companies that insure the majority of protestant churches in America (Church Mutual, Guide One, and Brotherhood Mutual), and typically receive 260 reports/yr of people under 18 being sexually abused. Compare that with ~228 credible accusations/yr against Catholic clerics since 1950 (documented abuse records).

    Together with that information, it is known that the Catholic Church greatly outnumbers any specific Protestant denomination, and the data for Protestant churches is available only for the last seven years. Ever since the first sexual abuse cases had been reported, Catholics have had requirements: 1) police background check done on all volunteers–including priests, 2) a second person be present at all religious functions, and 3) all personnel involved with minors must take routine checks with “Protecting God’s Children”.

    Without a doubt, sexual abuse of a minor is one of the most despicable crimes and sins that man can perpetrate. But predators seem to thrive in an atmosphere where the base congregation is one of the most trusted organizations that exist.

    Philip Jenkins, in his 1996 book Pedophiles and Priests, [[link edited for length]], looked at the problem objectively and dispassionately. Jenkins (who is not Catholic) found that true pedophilia is extremely rare, and perhaps more common among Protestant clergy, and is even more common among married laymen.

    He found that in most sexual abuse cases (under the age of consent), the behavior is actually a variety of homosexuality. This sexual attraction with very young men that combine the charm of boyishness with sexual maturity is actually called ephebophilia. Pedophilia is really a psychiatric term meaning sexual interest in children below the age of puberty.’

    ‘The worst sex crimes against children is in the Jewish communities and protestant churches’
    Tomasi was not reserved with criticism either and citing data published by the daily Christian Science Monitor, which was founded a hundred years ago by the Christian Science Church, said that the Catholic Church cleaned its house, Jutarnji List writes.
    According to their figures the majority of the US child abuse cases happens in the Protestant churches and Jewish communities, says Tomasi.’



    A Penn State historian, Philip Jenkins, has done an in depth research of pedophilia and sexual abuse among the clergy and has come up with some rather eye opening facts. It seems that while 1.7 percent of Catholic clergy have been guilty of pedophilia (or sexual abuse particularly of boys), a whopping TEN percent of Protestant ministers have been found guilty of pedophilia!

    This is all the more interesting, notes Jenkins, since there has been NO media term “Pastor Pedophilia” coined at all!

    Jenkins theorizes that the media, proving the ‘point’ of the ‘necessity’ of sexual promiscuity, overemphasizes any instance of pedophilia found among the Catholic clergy since it can use this to criticize the entire idea of celibacy. But it is interesting that the NON Celibate Protestant ministers have a MUCH GREATER problem with it than the celibate Catholic priests!

    Protestant pastor pedophilia is not within the frame of our ‘social constructionists’ as Jenkins calls the media:

    “In the 1980’s, [Pastor] Leyva had abused perhaps one hundred boys in several Southern states, but few of us ever learned of it. Leyva had the distinction of being a Pentecostal minister and was, therefore, not within the ‘frame’ of those who were busy constructing reality. The same is true of the three brothers, all Baptist ministers, who were charged with child molestation in the 1990’s; the public learned little about this highly unusual series of cases because it was not deemed worthy of dissemination by those fixated on Catholic scandals.” [1]

    • Kathie Lanoue

      Not being the Gold Medal Winner in the child rape Olympics isn’t really anything to be proud of. But the Catholics certainly are experts at hiding, cover-up, and protecting the perpetrators. Stop pointing fingers and clean up your side of the street. Tell me do all these other churches spend MILLIONS to keep laws from changing that would allow more perverts to be prosecuted? Like over $2 million in NYS alone to keep the statue of limitations on child rape from changing. It’s disgusting.

  • RomertL

    When and where did the Pope admit 2 %. Of priests are paedophiles? Can only find the statement that he did in2014 but not where. I personally think the number is higher but having the Pope admit it is huge if true

    • Dan Quixoté

      That 2 percent number is from a June 2014 interview by pope Francis with the outspoken atheist founder of La Repubblica. The original is here: http://www.repubblica.it/cultura/2014/07/13/news/il_papa_come_ges_user_il_bastone_contro_i_preti_pedofili-91416624/. It’s a fairly candid interview. It’s in Italian, so use your favorite translator. But as frequently happens with this pope, the next day the Catholic news agencies all said that Scalfari misquoted and misreported the pope, and people should ignore the article. I never saw francis himself say he was misquoted or misrepresented, though.

      • RomertL


  • system criminals – kingdom of God

  • Alleged Comment

    THIS should be proof ths is NOT the Church of Yahusha.

  • alexandra

    It is HUGE business child slavery/sexual abuse with a giant monetary gain $$$$$$$$$ associated with it. The biggest problem is when our govts allow it around the world, in order to protect the controlled political/big business pedophiles. The NWO use it to entrap and blackmail the criminals by using the innocents. These monsters need to be eradicated, they hide behind walls of iron yet tell us socialism is best, all the while building a future planned with complete totalitarianism within the next decade. Yet the controllers of this diabolical plan expect to live like kings, so much for socialism!

    • Domina Elle

      When they stop spending millions arresting adults engaging in consensual prostitution maybe they’ll get bored and start doing something about sex trafficking. Note my sarcasm.

  • junktex

    Priests/rabbis are about as holy as a gaggle of tomcats

  • John C Carleton

    The top pedophile protecting his proteges.

  • junktex

    God’s Spirit specifically tells us that in later days there will be men who abandon the true faith and allow themselves to be spiritually seduced by teachings of the devil, teachings given by men who are lying hypocrites, whose consciences are as dead as seared flesh.
    3-5 These men forbid marriage, command abstinence from food—good things which, in fact, God intends to be thankfully enjoyed by those who believe in him and know the truth. Everything God made is good, and is meant to be gratefully used, not despised. The holiness or otherwise of a certain food, for instance, depends not on its nature but on whether it is eaten thankfully or not, It is consecrated by the man who has accepted the message, and thanks God for food.