These Power Hungry Cops Were on a Mission to Arrest Anyone that They Could

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Like a bully on a playground, searching for someone smaller to pick on, these NYPD Cops were compelled to claim a victim.

The Free Thought Project
Matt Agorist
August 4, 2014

A video shared with The Free Thought Project, via Facebook Saturday, paints an onerous picture of the reality that is Police State USA.

The video starts off with an NYPD cop demanding ID from a young man. The young man’s friend then pushes him out of the way to save him from arrest and they walk off.

After smelling the blood in the water, this shark….ahem, cop, had to feed. He grabbed the closest person to him, which happened to be 16-year-old Nasheri, and demanded an ID, again. Having done nothing wrong, and not wanting to be assaulted, she told the accosting officer not to touch her.

Not receiving an instant submission to his ‘power’ was a direct blow to this officer’s authoritative ego; he must now throw a tyrannical temper tantrum.

As the power-tripping NYPD cop begins to manhandle a 90 lb teenage girl, her brother steps in to stop the injustice. As if they had been waiting for this glorious moment, the opportunity to escalate the violence had been granted; it was now time to bash some heads!

The young man is thrown to the ground by the large NYPD cop and quickly finds himself subject to the standard, 200 lb knee on the neck, face on the pavement, ‘stop resisting’ maneuver.

The siblings were subsequently arrested and charged with multiple ‘crimes.’ According to the person who posted the video, they were released the next day.



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