The world needs something different. It needs something new and fresh; something that translates the theory of freedom into real, everyday action.
John Agorist
July 11, 2014

Be the change you want to see in the world

Historically, this change has been radical, innovative entrepreneurs that have given the world real actionable liberty, wealth, and, more importantly, results for finding solutions for everyday problems; not politicians, bureaucrats, or legislatures. That tradition continues with Peacekeeper .

Thanks to the capital investment by individuals and businesses for the last 2000 years (and longer), humanity now has the tools (like the internet, and tiny super computers in everyone’s pocket) that people can use to innovate systems of immediate emergency response, arbitrating justice, money creation, and other world altering, decentralized, market based technologies outside of the cronyistic central plans of politicians and bureaucrats.

As Peacekeeper is adopted en masse, saves lives, prevents disasters, and erodes the mind share of state monopolies by doing what it does best: Emergency response, the world will be changed in such profound ways our posterity will never recognize the fascist, authoritarian political system that bog down today’s society.

 The Vision

Not only does the Peacekeeper Vision offer a decentralized solution to ancient socio-political quandaries between citizen and authority, over time it will expose the failures of modern crony government apparatuses like the prison system, the police state, the very idea of “public service”, and taxation. I’m personally convinced this new market will help to actively prevent their further encroachment into our lives. For this writer, that grand, long term vision is extraordinarily stellar. Anything to lessen the impact of plutocratic political democracy on the people is a step in the right direction.

To properly comprehend the Peacekeeper ethos, it’s important to recognize how the world’s governing institutions have developed into the tyrannical self-aggrandizing parasites the way they have. The incentives the politically powerful have given themselves through the established status quo to rule over “their citizens” via legislative edict and extortion would never be favorably received in a market free of government intervention. We are told it is this very intervention, by government, into peaceful interaction between people that gives us order and peace. Bullshit. Peacekeeper will destroy the idea this evil intervention is necessary for order to be maintained.

We have to recognize that all too often agents of the state do nothing other than hold a position of privilege – positions only declared necessary by archaic, obsolete edicts by long dead politicians. We can thank the last 100 years of state education systems for the mass acceptance of indoctrinated belief that taxation, legislative edict, and “social contracts” are necessary evils that secure the social order of a “free” and prosperous society. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the only thing this nonsense does is keep people in a state of obedience. The time is coming for that to end.

The easiest way to look at innovative solutions like Peacekeeper is it’s an alternative — a competition — to the dysfunctional state that provides services nobody can rely on.

People have been coerced into thinking the state’s rent seeking institutions are required to procure the social order. But it’s not true the government is required for the social order to exist. The services the state has monopolized and commandeered, however, are. We just need different providers. And there’s nobody better than us, We the People.

But Peacekeeper is also more than just a competition to crony government “providers”. Peacekeeper is a better, more effective way altogether, a decentralization of power – out of politicians’ hands and the agents they hire, with your money no less — and into your hands. It’s a voluntary, market based way founded in civilized humanity, responsibility, preparation, innovation, and progress through the power of good will and benevolence. These are the qualities and standards of civilized freedom, something the state can only restrict, but never grant.

In its core, the Peacekeeper vision is to change the world for forever, in ways unimaginable to the innovators and entrepreneurs behind it.

 The Peacekeeper Revolution

The premise of this little smartphone app is quite simple, and the revolutionary nature easy to comprehend once the consequences of adoption are understood. The basic idea is the app will alert people you have chosen beforehand to come to your aid during an emergency situation, obviously with the intention of giving you the best chances of success in a life or property threatening situation – something local, state, or federal governments and their agents could never dream of providing. State agencies will forever be in the business of mopping up messes in the aftermath.

There are a few fundamental reasons Peacekeeper will work better than any state agency ever could:

  • 1.    Proximity to your location.

The people you have chosen to be in your group should be close to your home. If they live next door to you or in the same complex as you, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that they have the potential to reach you well before a cop, ambulance, or fire truck could – even if they are stationed nearby.

2.    Peacekeepers have a responsibility.

If you have approached a neighbor, friend, or family member and asked them to be in your “ERG” or “Alliance”, then they have already given you their word to help you in an emergency — and visa versa, you have given them your word. This creates a mutual relationship of benevolence founded on responsibility. It’s part of the peer to peer connection and relationship that Peacekeeper fosters, but it’s not a random, impersonal social media or anonymous connection. The people in a group actually care about each other, and have an emotional investment in the security of their members. This is why the people at Peacekeeper are encouraging its users to get to know each other and become friends before completing a connection.

3.    Preparation

Apparently, the Peacekeeper Company is prepared to invest heavily into bringing ever increasing training opportunities to every single group that establishes themselves in the network. The hope, they say, is to make every Keeper as effective as they can when responding to emergencies. Makes sense, but that’s quite a task. Only time will tell if they are able t deliver on those promises.

Once the impact of how the app works is understood, its full potential as a crime response and prevention tool, a medical and fire immediate first response system, and if you’re like me, a way to sidestep state authorities when faced with any scenario you might require help with can be properly utilized.

Peacekeeper gives me all of that, and the beautiful thing is they aren’t forcing me to pay them for the lifesaving service they give me in exchange for a tiny fee (as low as $0.89. per user for large families). The wonderful thing about markets that render actual services I use is if I don’t like whatever I’m paying for, I stop paying – unlike the taxation the state keeps piling on me in exchange for their non-service. And not only that, thanks to competition, the profit motive, and its corollary: self-improvement, services like Peacekeeper will just continue getting better and better — always working and figuring out smarter, more intuitive ways to accomplish their goals, lest they lose market share.

But, here’s the thing…for those of us unwilling to speak revolution, the far reaching effects of the demonopolization of services the state renders is totally irrelevant. The Peacekeeper way works just as well if you choose to defer to state authorities after you have responded to or sent an alert.

Regardless, the reality people will eventually notice is the Peacekeepers, the everyday men and women — “We the People” — will be the lifesavers and first responders to life threatening situations our own “ERG” members and Alliances find themselves in, while the state is left with the inessential role of following protocol or whatever bureaucratic things it does to waste tax victims’ money well after the situation has been swiftly handled. Essentially, Peacekeeper is the faster, newer, and more effective 911.

If all goes as I would hope to see it, eventually the people who call themselves law creators and purveyors will no longer be seen as “public servants” that are just “doing their job” while they mercilessly and unnecessarily beat their victims senseless because they believe they are upholding “the law” – when all they are really doing is conserving archaic and unnecessary authoritarian power trips. They will be exposed as political cronies that are nothing more than special interest groups receiving our money to fail at the one job that is needed: Protecting the people. Even if you don’t want it so, innovations like Peacekeeper will provide ample evidence we no longer need them, if we ever did.

Every single person that opts in to Peacekeeper is paving the way for the crumbling of the state. The more people that opt in, the quicker the state bleeds out. That’s my prediction anyway, and only time will color me right or not.

 The question no longer is “can it be done?”

Here we sit on the cusp of an entirely new and different reality. The reality won’t be ushered in through an uprising or violent revolution, not through burning down Washington D.C. or the assassination of political figures. No, the changes on the horizon will bubble up through the cracks in the mortar of the foundational core of statism and authoritarianism: People’s belief in the system.

The concentrated attack is on people’s own minds, and the final blow will be the crumbling of the dogmatic belief that the social contract exists between people and document s declared as foundations for government and the authority vested in its agents. Peacekeeper, an idea born in the market – and in the minds of people that have declared themselves free, will finally properly render that belief what it is: A fairy tale.

What’s next is the last and most important question: When will you opt out of the crony, political, state extortionist system and into Peacekeeper?

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.