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After Profuse Contamination Found, Russia Bans US Corn & Soy, They “Pose a Real Threat to Russia”


Corn and soybeans from the United States will no longer be allowed to enter Russia as of February 15, because those foods failed to meet the country’s biological standards, announced Rosselkhoznadzor, Russia’s food and safety watchdog, on Wednesday.

According to RT, Rosselkhoznadzor discovered dry rot in U.S. corn, and weed seeds mixed with the U.S. soy.

“Since the products shipped from the United States pose a real threat to Russia, and the U.S. guarantees are not valid,” said the group’s spokesperson, Aleksey Alekseenko, “we reserve the right to introduce temporary restrictions on imports of U.S. corn and soybeans.”

U.S. officials have reportedly explained their evaluation of corn does not include a microbiological assessment of its condition.

“We were dumbfounded,” added Alekseenko. “Every batch of products should come with a microbiological certificate that guarantees food safety. It turns out the products are not being tested.”

As RT reported, Rosselkhoznadzor discovered 64 cases of bacterial contamination of soybeans in 2015, and four cases so far in 2016 — including “a bacteria non-existent in Russia.”

Russia previously banned genetically-modified food products and seeds in 2014, as Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said at the time, “If the Americans like to eat GMO products, let them eat it then. We don’t need to do that.”

The U.S. soybean export to Russia between January and October 2015 totaled 300,000 pounds. Rosselkhoznadzor claimed the possible cost of quarantined food would approach  15 billion rubles, or $188 million.

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  • “Rosselkhoznadzor discovered dry rot in U.S. corn, and weed seeds mixed with the U.S. soy.”

    Of course, then you have to buy their Roundup to kill the weeds. The U.S. health system works the same way.

  • So, let me get this straight… Dangerous bacteria laden crops were made by the same company that gave us Agent Orange, and then sent to one of America’s “enemies”? Sounds perfectly normal, actually.

  • When a country with lots of starving people turns down your food time to re-address your policies on food.

  • Yuck! This is why I sooooo want to buy some land & grow my own food that way I know where it’s coming from.

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  • Monsanto obviously has paid off the proper Russian officials to make their way up to controlling agriculture like they have here in America.

  • There’s a huge problem with the American food farming factory/complex… All American beef comes with fecal matter now, and cattle cows are being fed chicken poop among some of the problems, and it’s all being censored in the American media.

    • As a rancher, I just want to point out, majority of your statements are not accurate. Not all beef has fecal matter in it, butcher houses are regulated to the gills, with inspectors on hand round the clock. If a carcass tests outside of the safety parameters, it is discarded & the producer can be fined & always eats the cost. If you look hard enough, you could probably find fecal matter in your produce as well because that’s what provides the nutrients for it to grow. In your next statement, you are referring to urea which is most frequently in a liquid feed form. Most farmers/ranchers & even a majority of feedlots either grow their grain, or buy right out of the field from the farmers around them & mix their own rations. It is more cost effective than the first. No chicken poop. You are more likely to find molasses in it. Just thought I’d give you some info straight from the horse’s mouth so to say.

    • Every day there’s always some kind of problem, always recalls of food in the America. The America Food Farming Factory is absolutely atrocious.

    • Some of that lies with the processing & distributing of it after these processes. Not always, sometimes mistakes are just made. Most don’t realize that less than 5% of the population in the U.S. Feeds the rest of the population & beyond. In a smaller area than even just 20 years ago. We have less farmers & ranchers feeding an ever-growing population. Learning to be more efficient with less & less to work with & stricter regulations is going to come with trial & error. Most people are 3-4 generations removed from farming & ranching & have no idea what it takes to produce it. What they don’t understand scares them. Having a plethora of misinformation doesn’t help either. With the phrase factory farming being tossed around, I just want to clarify that over 95% of farms/ranches are family owned. Most are generational & go to great extent to provide a safe & healthy product. As I am typing this I am out on herd watch with my cattle because we’ve had coyotes killing our calves. Will be out here till sun up & it’s 20° right now. Did the same thing yesterday & won’t see sleep until tonight. As with any industry, you always will have the ones that cut corners, but that is not the majority by any means. I think the bigger issue is people being disconnected with where there food comes from.

    • Again, I believe this is part of the problem. You can share all the links to,( majority of the time), overhyped & biased media reports you want. At the end of the day, I & people like me live it. I can tell you my family eats what we raise & secure in the knowledge it is healthy & safe. Why don’t you go check out & talk directly to the people that grow your food? Most all of them are excited to have an opportunity to connect with the consumer. And again, reread my previous post.

    • Danielle Hopfer “”For many farmers, the FTA [free-trade agreement] could be a death blow” Do you understand where I am coming from?


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