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Elderly Couple Evicted, Thrown Out on the Street, for Failing to Pay Property Taxes on Their Home

Albion, ME — Maine Governor Paul LePage wants to rewrite the law after becoming incensed at the plight of an elderly, disabled couple — one of whom is a veteran — who were evicted from their home of 33 years because they are too impoverished to pay taxes.

According to the Portland Press Herald, in December 2015, the town of Albion moved to foreclose on the “rundown camp” of National Guard and Marine veteran Richard Sukeforth and his wife, Leonette, when taxes went unpaid.

Then, the town put the couple’s home up for auction — it sold for just $6,500 — and the new owner, Jason Marks, kicked the two 80-year-olds to the curb last week.

LePage is irate — and wants to ensure this can never happen again.

“He’s living in poverty,” he said of Richard in an interview with the Morning Sentinel. “Now, we’re throwing him out on the street. That’s just awful.”

“I’m livid about it,” LePage asserted of the ‘legal’ but seemingly unscrupulous eviction, “and I think we have to have laws to protect our most vulnerable.”

LePage appealed to nonprofit Pine Tree Legal — an advocacy group providing free legal advice for Maine residents with limited income — but, it turns out, the eviction followed the letter of the law.

As the Sentinel reports,

“LePage said he thinks it is immoral that a veteran and his sick, bedridden wife, who are at the end of their lives, were kicked out of their home and he is going to fight to ensure the practice is prohibited in the future.”

As he explained in the interview,

“I’m going to ask for an ombudsman to mediate disputes between communities and taxpayers, not just elderly. I want to change the foreclosure law as it relates to poverty, and one of the things I want to do is force them (communities) to sell property at market value and any revenues above taxes and revenue and foreclosure fees go back to the original owner.”

Typically, Maine communities work with disadvantaged citizens to solve tax difficulties — through tax abatement and reverse mortgages, for example — in order to avoid evictions like the Sukeforths experienced.

“As mayor of Waterville,” LePage explained of his position prior to becoming governor of Maine, “whenever we had an issue of poverty, we never threw people out.”

While the town of Albion indeed followed the law, as far as morals are concerned, LePage remarked, “What they did is unbelievable. It’s just not the way it’s done.”

Before the Sukeforths were evicted from property, located on Lovejoy Pond, Leonette — a retired nurse with diabetes — had been confined to a hospital bed under doctor’s orders. Now, the elderly pair has been forced to live with daughter, Yvette Ingalls, in a trailer park in Holden, where a nurse attends Leonette on a daily basis.

According to the Sentinel, daughter-in-law Rachel Sukeforth and son Rick had to essentially rescue the ailing couple in the middle of a snowstorm on the night the new owner kicked them off the property. They’ve had to temporarily house the couple’s beloved Jack Russell terrier and black cat since the trailer park does not allow dogs.

Richard questions the morality of the eviction, telling the outlet in a phone interview,

“That deal was very underhanded. I don’t care what anybody says. It weren’t right. They came down and evicted us when my wife was right in a hospital bed. We’re both 80 years old, so they done it and got away with it and they’re happy.”

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An attorney for LePage attempted to negotiate with Marks, the new owner, but was told it would have to take place in his own lawyer’s office with his attorney present. LePage says he prefers to combat corruption as directly as possible, and did not want attorneys involved in such a discussion.

“I never meet with lawyers,” he explained, adding he’d planned to ask Marks to allow the Sukeforths to live out their lives on the property they’d inhabited for over three decades. “When I ask for a meeting, it’s me, alone. When I go after corruption, I go after corruption head-on. I don’t need any help.”

Marks agreed to allow the Sukeforths to continue to reside at the camp as long as they paid rent — but says they never did. He explained he had no choice but to force them out, and is being unfairly portrayed as the bad guy in this controversy.

Town officials stand by the eviction — saying they attempted to work with Richard for several years and that the back taxes were minimal. Albion Selectwoman Beverly Bradstreet owed $4,000 in property taxes for the dilapidated building and the land more accurately described as a camp.

“It’s three years before we foreclose, and we paid his taxes, like two different years to avoid foreclosure,” Bradstreet told the Sentinel, “but then he just let it go. He knew that we were going to do it. He would come in the Town Office, but he did not pay. I don’t know why. He just waited until it was too late. We foreclosed last December, 2015. We gave him six months to still pay it off and he made no effort to pay it off. He didn’t try, and there were other people in town that could use some help, too.”

While that seems a justifiable reason for the town to act, Rachel says no one in the Sukeforth family was aware her father-in-law — who has begun to suffer from dementia — had failed to pay. In fact, when asked, the veteran had affirmed he’d visited the Town Office and paid the bill.

A notice printed in a local paper announcing the auction of the property first alerted family members to the dubious situation.

“As soon as we found this out, we called the Town Office,” Rachel told the Sentinel. “My husband and siblings and our neighbor all tried to pay the taxes up to date, and they refused payment. This wasn’t sitting well with any one of us. Every town has the right to refuse payment, but can also accept the payment as well. When we tried to pay selectmen, they said when an auction is posted in the newspaper, they can no longer accept payment, but that wasn’t true.”

That refusal to accept payment from other parties doesn’t sit well with the family and concerned neighbors — nor does it with the governor.

“It’s never too late until the deed transfers, and the deed had not transferred,” said LePage, who has even offered to take the couple’s dog, Pee-wee, if they are unable to have the canine designated as a service animal to allow the dog to reside the trailer park.

“Richard Sukeforth said he and his wife receive $1,252 a month in Social Security payments. He worked in construction during the summer for many years, operated a snowplow for the Maine Turnpike in winter and later worked for Bath Iron Works until he was injured when he fell off a crane boom in 1982, he said,” the Sentinel reports.

Neighbors, family, and friends took umbrage at the seemingly callous eviction of such a frail and kind family from the property they loved — particularly given Richard’s mental state and that several people tried in vain to make good on the taxes owed.

“He is a … vet. There’s just so many reasons this shouldn’t be able to happen,” said part-time neighbor MaryAnn Sawlan-Neiman, who alerted the governor to the tragic situation after exhausting all other options.

“Every day, he would come down, stay a couple of hours, and I’d go to his house,” Sawlan-Neiman said of Richard. “We just became really good friends. Another neighbor told me in July they were going to foreclose for taxes. I went to the town hall and I said, ‘What does he owe? I’ll pay for it right now.’”

But by that time, Albion officials said, the public announcement meant the tax bill could not be addressed by anyone —  and the town refused to work with even Governor LePage, himself, to halt the eviction.

“It’s just devastating for them,” lamented Sawlan-Neiman of the Sukeforths, adding, of Richard, “He’s just like a lost man now.”

And there you have it. A couple, who owed no one anything, had their home stolen from them by government because they failed to pay the state an extortion fee for their right to live —  and we still call this place the Land of the Free.

  • LadyDonnalands

    That is very sad…Shame on the group including the new owner.

  • Blaine

    All real estate is rented from the Govt and when you stop paying rent you get tossed. This is to prevent you from living free of the cash economy and to make sure the dollar always has a minimum value – they accept nothing else in lieu of taxes.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Actually, property tax is (mostly) used to ensure that school districts are properly funded. You don’t actually expect teachers to just show up every day on a volunteer basis… or are you one of those people who thinks children only deserve an education if their parents can buy it for them?

      • Blaine

        Actually (at least where I live) only half of my property taxes go to fund public education. I support public education. I live in one of the best public school districts in the country and my kids attend there. I’ve owned my own home(s) for twenty years now and have paid heaps of money into my local school districts long before I had children of my own, and considered it money well spent. Keep in mind even if renting you are paying property taxes and therefore supporting your local school district, so in that respect I’ve been supporting public education since I was 17 years old, the year I moved out of my father’s house.

        I don’t support people being thrown out of their homes or off their property when they cannot pay the tax bill. The only tax that makes any sense to me is on income of all types, and that should be flat. You only pay if you are earning money to be spent. Property taxes are when you pay the govt for the privilege of owning something you already paid for, whether it makes any money for you or not, or costs them any money in relation to your ownership.

        The fact is property taxes are how the govt CHOOSES to fund public education – why wealthier school districts have orchestra class, swimming pools, 18 kids or fewer to a classroom and many have additional teacher aides, and poorer districts are literally falling apart, additional classroom space = an old trailer parked where the playground used to be, textbook pages run off as needed on a copier etc. Public education could be financed in other far more equitable ways, and there should always be alternatives to being thrown out of your home when you’ve established you have don’t have the means to pay the bill.

        • thecraziesarerunningtheasylum

          Taxation is thief… period, why should anyone be able to take what you worked for?

      • Kountry Bumpkin

        I am one of those people, nowhere in the constitution does it guarantee anybody a free education or one at the expense of other citizens.

        • The Cat’s Vagina

          Yeah, I’m already well aware that you’re a twat, so believe me when I say I Do. Not. Care. what you think about anything.

          • thecraziesarerunningtheasylum

            YOU are a moderator and you are on here calling people names… grow up!

        • Blaine

          “…and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States…”

          If ringing the planet with military bases, starting wars of aggression in foreign lands and losing 9 trillion dollars falls under the heading of “provide for the common defense”, then is not a stretch to claim public education falls under “provide for the…general welfare…”

      • martymarsh

        No, we just expect teachers to live within our means. Whining and making my taxes go up isn’t cutting it any more, people are paying them that don’t do as well as they do and they think they can just keep raping them for more.

    • Deborah Tucker

      Yet the government does not want you to stock pile food or live off the grid. The government are a bunch of leaches

      • Maggie Jones

        I interpret “bunch of leaches” to mean legalized criminals. Because it WAS a despicable criminal act — in the eyes of man and God. Sometimes I am so ashamed of “the laws” in this country. (Perhaps more than “sometimes.”)

  • Viride Faenum

    Odd that the community didn’t work with third parties to settle the bill. In my community a few years back a county commissioner pushed a foreclosure so he could scoop the bargain in the fire sale. He was called on the underhanded dealing and was embarrassed but not tossed from office. Just a thought.

    • Kweden

      Read again. The family tried to pay it and the city refused payment. By the way, anybody can buy a property for failure to pay taxes for the unpaid tax price, and own it in 7 years, eve if the people are living in it. I know of people who’ve done this for small farmers and such, and let the people remain on the property. Truth is probably religious discrimination that should be investigated.

    • Seth Tyrssen

      And the local IRS office is still standing? Tsk, tsk.

      • cruz_carol

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  • doucyet

    Death and taxes……you know the saying. Prepare for it folks, one day you too will retire and possibly own a home. Rent a room out if you’re short on bucks, there were many things that this couple could have done. It’s sad sure, I’m not heartless. Simply prepare for your old age, that’s all!

    If Mr. LePage is so tore up and wants to make sure that this never happens again, then abolish property taxes in your state Mr. Governor LePage………..Stop grandstanding.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Either that or bring the standard of living up to where two old people don’t have to live on $1200 a month – ESPECIALLY when they’ve worked their whole lives!

      • doucyet

        No doubt, 1,200 is not enough, even if everything is paid for.

        • The Cat’s Vagina

          No, it isn’t. As you mentioned, even if the house is paid off, there’s still utilities, food, medical care, transportation… and of course, property taxes!

          • doucyet

            Have you seen the list of taxes that didn’t exist in 1940 (I believe that was the date). In-freeking-crediable……. And the PTB still don’t have enough money to run the machine.

        • Robi Akerley-Mc Kee

          Try living in California on $860 a month! I’ve been waiting over 8 years for the VA to finish my remanded claims. House is paid off, but property taxes are 4 months worth of money for me. So I have to live on $575 a month!

          • doucyet

            19 bucks a day, can’t do it. I think I would sell my house, buy a van and live down by the river 14 days at time. Because you know, after 14 days you’re a squatter.

          • Deborah Tucker

            My neighbor gets $701.00 a month for social security and $33.00 a month food stamps. The roof leaks like a sieve, no heat and a small air conditioner. Because the area is not considered rural no help is available. We help her as much as we can. I would never tell her to get rid of her 2 pets because they are her comfort. Her family? They have their own problems or so they said.

  • Kountry Bumpkin

    I don’t know that this will solve the problem but atleast somebody out there recognizes there is a problem. This happens every day in this country and for a lot less then these people owed and it’s not right, morally or ethically. This will be me or my husband if we can’t work until we drop dead, not having had any children atleast one if not both of us will face this in a couple more decades, we’ll have spent all these years paying taxes to send illegals and other peoples kids to school only to have everything stolen from us when we’re no longer physically or mentally able to pay the extortion fees anymore. What younger generations fail to realize is that old ages comes with two things, failing health and a butt-load of medical expense that always seems to fall through the cracks of being covered by anything and the more time passes the less and less these safety nets for the elderly protect them. I’ll tell you one thing, when it’s my time they’re not going to steal anything from me I’ve worked all my life for even if it means I have to burn it to the ground.

    • Patrick Borush

      exactly! if they want to take YOUR LAND then they can have it. AFTER you burn all the structures the fucking ground and salt the god damned soil with rock salt and watered thoroughly! you have enough time to do that np too. I mean you know what day and time they are coming to steal your shit. So you rent a tiller from the local rent hall a week to a few days in advance. If you cant yourself operate said tiller yourself hire someone to till the entire property. Once completely tilled you come out (donning your farmer hat if have one) with your bulk salt/herbicide and so forth and cover said land completely. Once covered if its not going to rain that night turn on sprinklers to melt all salt into earth. They are now welcome to vacant dead smoldering lot now! ENJOY!

    • Gnostic Warrior

      Kountry, not being provocative…..but your precious country was sold out to the Federal Reserve and the Bank of International Settlements in 1913. Not ONE PENNY of the taxes that get extorted from your or ANY ONE’S pay check every pay period goes to “(insert racist slur her) on welfare, or roads and schools”. This is a (racist) myth repeated by people who are allergic to books and thinking. If the US is over $20 Trillion in debt as of Jan. 1st of last year, and as of the start of the third quarter of last year there was about $1.4 Trillion of actual US dollars in circulation…..what does that tell you? Your “taxes” go to that national debt that came from the banking families of Europe, not brown or black people you dislike….best.

      • Abe Martin

        Well presented and geez people don’t even have to read books anymore for the real facts but they do have to have some get up and go to assert themselves past repeating the propaganda rhetoric they memorize from propaganda corporate bankster extortionist owned news sources. But this all requires mental effort and we ‘hard working class folks’ are so busy working hard that we suffer from extremely lazy brain syndrome, which serves the vipers enslaving and robbing us. Gnostic Warrior did you get some of that info. from the “Money Masters”? I was given those old vhs video’s and took 6 hours to get through nearly 20 yrs ago and wow what a historic documentary on the fed reserve ponzi scheme hack geez. Now it is in dvd and I really do not know how those guys have stayed alive and up and running still but thank you Money Masters !

        • Gnostic Warrior

          Abe, not patronizing you at all….what you said and your tone are right on the money, pardon the pun. Yes, I have seen the Bill Still documentary and wish every single soul in the country would just watch it. However, I have been at this for many years and worked in securities in a ‘past life’ for Lehmann Bros. Aside for that period in my life, I started with a great book written by a guy who was a lieutenant in the US army in WWI. Like many who go to war he came back broken, he wanted to know what the war was all about. Of course he found it was about cold hard profit. The book is called “The Empire of the City” and his name is E.C. Knuth. You can find the PDF online for free. He wrote this way back in the 1920’s about what the City of London and the Fed. Res. System was all about. Way ahead of the game. Get the book Abe, and thanks for the humbling kind works. Much love, man.

        • Gnostic Warrior

          Plus…..we have to give credit to and respect the way ‘the enemy’ has gone about this beast system we are all enslaved too. They really did a number on us and we are dealing with a formidable enemy. My point is……the social engineering/mind control is strong, Abe……strooooong. Like you said, they start in on us when we go to pre-school and by the time we graduate from the indoctrination camps aka, “school”…most brains are irreversibly damaged. Hence, people like you and I struggle in a world full of PROUD to BE dumb types…..

      • Kountry Bumpkin

        Yes, thank you but I’m very aware that everything citizens own, everything they produce and all present and future generations was sold into slavery by the government as collateral against the debt. As far as the rest of your comment what your talking about is income tax, what the story and myself are talking about is property taxes, two different things. Where I live the majority of the sum of our property tax bill is school taxes, taxes we are forced to pay to educate other peoples kids because we never had kids, so if at any point in our old age we can’t pay the extortion bill they will steal our home and be more then happy for us to die in the street, the ultimate F you for a lifetime of hard work to pay for a home. And yes it already bothers me that most of the reason for this tax is to educate other peoples kids and it especially pisses me off that one dime of it is being used to educate illegals, BTW, illegals are not the same thing as brown or black legal citizens.

        • Gnostic Warrior

          Kountry B, you and I agree on just about everything. I mentioned the income tax “paying to educate others kids” only to state none of your tax/extortion money in any form goes to educate anyone (clearly, we are a nation poor thinkers). Also, not saying you are, but it….the narrative of “the white working class” paying for everyone to be on social programs is not only factually incorrect, but truly (and not PC) embedded racist thinking that permeates too many minds in this country. Not calling you a racist though. It, just that one incorrect assumption has been the source of so much racism and hate for generations, and it is not the truth in any way. You and no one else here in the US corporation is paying for anyone else to do or have anything. Sorry, I did not make that clear at first. ALL of the money they take literally goes to pay the interest on physical currency printed against what are essential bond/debt swaps the Dept. of the Treasury pays to have the demonic coin of the realm printed in the first place. But, it sounds like you have done your homework and know this. Also, my wife and I are childless as well…so I hear you….

    • Abe Martin

      Make plans Bumpkin you got the info and not any smooth talking “Pollyticion” is going to fix it or save you. As for ” paying taxes…. only to have everything stolen from us when we’re no longer physically or mentally able to pay the extortion fees anymore” That is right in this American Myth the Money Changers are in charge and never thrown out and everyone is but a hybridized slave and if you are older not as productive, your as valued, as ready for the glue factory. Two years ago we purchased a trailer to do that snowbird thing and mark my words I found people from everywhere and Canada. I found people older in their 70’s 80’s who had sold their houses and are living full time like Gypsy’s and younger people doing nurse rotation jobs, plus people are figuring it out: how best to survive realizing that it is thee only way they can, given the entire corrupt corporate greed driven ran government. And I don’t care which side (dem, pub’s, libtards teapotters) their all the same whether fast cancer and or slow cancer, all puppets for the Oilygarchs and it goes WAY WAY back.

  • William Dubree

    The few people among the scores of willfully ignorant state worshippers who know their history might understand why the founders resisted the idea of taxes, especially the income tax, which criminalizes those who resist the theft of their livelihood and means of survival. Unfortunately, the insouciant citizens have been brain washed to believe the higher moral authority resides with government.

  • Texxtyn

    people over 65 or on disability have very reduced property taxes if they make under 40K a year

    • Anonymous

      Really? How so?

      • Texxtyn

        People on disability can apply to have very reduced prop taxes if they make less than 40 K per year. Call your prop tax office and ask for the form. Also over 65

        • Anonymous

          We shall look into that. We know someone who is disabled. Perhaps she may benefit from this information.

          • Texxtyn

            In Wa state it says it right on the assessment card you get every year. I know people that have it. It’s real. I dont’ know what the deal is with this story but I know a woman who got years of back taxes returned to her because she was eligible for years that she paid.

    • billdeserthills

      Wow, if I can just endeavor to survive for another 15 years

  • Mike W

    How can the Government sell stolen property? Oh wait it’s the group of men and women providing a service at the barrel of a gun. Lysander Spooner was right – You get treated better by criminals than the Government.

  • GuessWho?

    If you have to pay for permission to live in some place you do not own that place.

    • billdeserthills

      My last house sold for twice what I paid for it. Sure felt like I made a profit, I guess if I can buy & sell
      a house, I owned it

      • martymarsh

        How much did the government get for doing absolutely nothing?

        • billdeserthills

          Seems like it was about 7%, the realtor got 3% for listing my house under it’s actual value. In fact it was listed on friday and I had 3 offers by monday, so I lost money on that deal.

          Thing about making money on a house is you can’t be paying for it 2 or even 3 times with a big mortgage
          or you won’t make a dime.

  • Pat Engness

    Living in Senior Mobile Home Parks is just as bad. We passed a law here in my County that new owners can’t just come in and Hike Up Space Rents. You wouldn’t believe the $$ that Owners spent to defeat it! Now you know what they REALLY spend their Profits on! Our Park Manager was a Stooge for the Third different owner we’ve had in 8 years (maybe HIS Job was threatened) and sent around a letter in our August 2016 bill telling us not to vote for the Proposition to put a cap on what these Owners can do, fear mongering by insinuating that our rent was going up $150. a month right away if it passed. After Four DECADES of the Arkansas Clinton Crime family, I am so sick of LIARS! No more patience for them. Everyone knows they can only charge that kind of extra rent on New Occupants, they can only put it up a certain percentage each year on long-time residents. So be careful is you live in a Mis-Named “Mobile” Home Park…..you can’t really move them…..sometimes to even just move it to another park, never mind an expensive piece of land with no electricity, water, etc., it Cost More than the house did! They might try to find bogus reasons to Evict YOU just so they can charge extra rent from the New Occupants! it’s all a racket. They’re following the Baby Boomers who are getting to be a bigger and bigger part of the population. From Mobile Home Parks to Nursing Homes to Assisted living Complexes…..it’s a growing market that unscrupulous Criminals want to cash in on! Someone more Twitter-Savvy than me should send this video/article to Trump.

  • Astral Dansex

    In America you live in fear of being shot, robbed, suffer racism, lose your job, and even being evicted for being poor, oh but the F-35 must be completed and the new Air Force one fleet must be replaced.

  • martymarsh

    These people are some of the lowest forms of life on this planet, these corrupt maggots actually have to look up to a slug. So you don’t believe there is a God, hold on you get to find out.

  • Chris

    income tax and the irs is a joke t only benefits the bankers and government and is unconstitional.watch aaron russo documentary on yotube from freedom to facism.explains it all

  • Ibcamn

    there is a special place in hell for this guy,and it will be waiting for him.

  • Sheila Hill

    I hope someone finds out who the buyer is and gets real violent with them. That’s just not right.

  • Fernesque Golan

    Illegal laws and corrupt institutions are a matter of fact. You can live on your property for 1000 years, but fail to pay a $100 tax liability and it will be stolen out from under you by all of the vultures just waiting to deprive you of one of the most treasured assets — LAND. This is the law and the way it works in ALL 50 states.

    I have been in a tax dispute with our county for years. They just notified us that if we do not pay by the end of this month, they will auction off our property. In essence, you never really have complete ownership of your property as a new debt is assessed upon it EVERY year. Welcome to AmeriKKKa!

  • Arthur Brooks

    Real Estate sharks don’t consider the weakest members of society, and isn’t the society judged by how it treats its weakest members.

    • billdeserthills

      Unfortunately it looks like Our capitalistic society judges everything by net worth. Perhaps you should
      let Habitat for Humanity know you need some help–Maybe they will give a damn. I have a Habitat for Humanity
      eyesore near me where I now live, most of the inhabitants are rumored to live on section 8 & food stamps.
      A mailman told me that only one address in the building hasn’t received mail from the local jail, so
      yeah, Habitat for Humanity is really helping those disadvantaged folks

  • AlphaLady777

    News Flash! The house was not “theirs” — if the gov’t can take it away so easily. If you HAVE to pay taxes – it ain’t yours!! This is why the rich do not pay taxes – they OWN their property – everyone else just rents……………

  • Sarah Langston Sebring

    As a veteran with disabilities, even non service related, he should have been exempt from state taxes including property taxes.

  • Harold Smith

    Taxes on residential property are immoral and unconstitutional.

  • dumpster

    If you pay taxes for your land, you’re just a tenant to the gov’t, and you can only ‘claim’ to own it. But if you research and get ‘allodial’ title, or a land ‘patent’ for your land, then you don’t have to pay land taxes, and you will truly own your land.

    • Lainy

      Allodial title know longer exists in the USA. All land is subject to taxes and emminate domain if the government so chooses

  • Gingerbread2

    Reading this, I didn’t hear that their children could not have come up with payment – they are two children as I read and they couldn’t have collectively paid it for their aging parents?

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      It seems they didn’t tell their kids until it was too late – the kids did try to pay the back taxes, but the city was all “nope, once the auction is posted in the paper, we can’t accept payment,” which I’m not entirely sure is true. If they can’t, it because they don’t want to.

    • maryann718

      The children did try to pay but was turned away from the town. I am their neighbor and I went down to the Albion Town Hall and they would not take payment from me either.

  • Keith Blevins

    Welcome to Pottersville. LePage is a generally disgusting bigot, but on this one he is absolutely right.