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Prosecutor & Police Blame Murder Spike On Pot Decriminalization – Admit it’s a ‘Theory’

Prince George’s County, MD – The top prosecutor for a DC area suburb, Angela Alsobrooks, is refusing to speak with the press after she made some outrageous and unfounded claims about how the state of Maryland has loosened its marijuana laws.

Alsobrooks recently told WAMU radio host Kojo Nnamdi that marijuana decriminalization was responsible for a spike in murders in Prince Georges County. During the interview, she explained that due to decriminalization, a turf war between the gangs has deepened, which doesn’t even make sense. She also said that due to fewer police searches, more people were getting away with carrying guns, and thus more murder, another claim that does not make any sense and was not backed up by any solid evidence.

“The decriminalization of marijuana has really driven the violence we have seen this year in Prince George’s, what we’re seeing is they’re fighting for turf. The marijuana dealers are fighting,Alsobrooks said during the interview.

“We no longer have the ability to search individuals who have small amounts of marijuana. We’re also concerned were having individuals who also possess guns who are not searched and we are not able to search incident to arrests and to recovers guns. And so were going to have to find a new way to get some of the guns off the streets,” she added.

“I have seen too many lives destroyed by marijuana. I may as well go ahead and say it. I’m so concerned about what I see with young people who are using marijuana and who are in our courtrooms for violent offenses because they are selling it they are killing each other because of it, but they are also dropping out of school. It is a very big problem that we have to address as a community,” she said.

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When questioned on her outrageous claims, Alsobrooks said that her ideas are “only theories that have not yet been proven by crime statistics.”

The Prince George’s County Police Department quickly issued a statement supporting the prosecutor’s statement and claiming that “the illegal drug trade” was responsible for homicide and other crimes.

“The Prince George’s County Police Department constantly analyzes crime trends. The illegal drug trade is a contributing factor to our homicide rate this year, as is retaliation and domestic violence among other factors. We will continue to strive to arrest those who choose to solve their problems with violence,” the police statement said.

The notion that the illegal drug trade increases crime is certainly true, but the department neglected to mention in their statement that this violence is only taking place because the drugs are illegal. If they were legal, the businesses surrounding them would be legal and they would operate peacefully in the light of day.

According to statistics recently released by the government in Denver, instances of robberies and violent crimes significantly decreased since marijuana legalization went into effect.

These statistics are especially convincing considering the short amount of time that this drastic reduction in crime has taken place. In just one short year, the number of homicides dropped by 52.9%. Sexual assaults were reduced by 13.6%. Robberies were down by 4.8% and assaults were down by 3.7%.

The statistics measured the first few months of the year for both 2013 and 2014 and then compared those numbers with one another to determine whether they were higher or lower after legalization went into effect.

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John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page and purchase his books at his website www.JohnVibes.com.

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  • and by theory the police officers mean a stupid guess to make them heroes

  • The only thing pot heads kill are snacks and meals.

  • Lol and by a stupid guess you mean propaganda

  • so all the violent crime rate drops here in CO are just a coincidence lololol. I didn’t know this level of stupid existed.

  • More like people who drink are more violent. How many bars do they visit on a weekend?

  • Just shut down the border.

  • if you look closely at these people you’ll always see that religion is guiding their ignorance. especially true for catholicism.

  • Wow I didn’t know they legalized in Chicago!!!

  • Fear Mongering and Propaganda are powerful tools used by Law Enforcement Agencies and Governments that they believe their own Bullshit

  • Ridiculous. It is time to end the drug war!

    My mother is currently in jail, a victim of this same drug war. If you have time, please read and share: http://fnd.us/c/613mo6/sh/a5GXe2 I think we can reach the right lawyer who will give her the defense she deserves with enough shares. Thank you!

    • What did she do?

    • It started with an NSF check, and she wasn’t given proper summons, then when they arrested her for failure to appear they searched the house she shared with two young men, and charged her with everything they found. I think the summons was intentionally sent to a wrong address though, because the collection agency had sent all letters to her correct address, and the clerk of court had recently sent her a jury duty notice to her home… Also, they didn’t go to an old address to arrest her. She thinks it was all a setup, and I tend to agree.

    • One of the roommates moved from the house, leaving several items behind, only a week before her arrest. Her charges can be found by searching her name on ND’s court search if you’re curious.

  • End the drug war. #Drugpolicyalliance

  • Unbelievable

  • Bull shit it’s because they have to squeeze every penny out of everyone.

  • nobody should be locked up for a plant less harmful than wine

  • Two guys after smoking weed. Dude we need to go kill Joe. No lets do it tomorrow. Pass the potato chips.

  • Such bullshit. The drug most commonly connected to violence is alcohol. Domestic violence, child abuse, sexual abuse, assault, murder, etc etc etc. Alcohol. Cops like to cite that a suspect had marijuana in their system when a violent crime is committed, yet fail to disclose that alcohol was also present. And marijuana can be found in your system for a very long period. That’s not to say that marijuana users never ever commit violent crime….assholes can smoke pot too. Pot is just very unlikely to be the leading cause of violent behavior. Anyone with common sense and intelligence knows that.

  • That was the basis of “Reefer Madness”, 1936.

  • What murder spike?

    Violent crime is at a 40 year low!? #CutTheCrap

  • Stupid dopers XD Runnin around smoking the pot and killing people

  • They’re the ones that watched reefer madness in the 50’s and believed it.

  • We live in a stupid country.

  • Because I sit around all day getting high and just say to myself…

    You know, I think I’ll go murder someone today.

  • Really? Dangerous people are dangerous with or without a joint in their hand. Anyone who believes this propaganda is ignorant.

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  • Well it’s not a scientific theory…

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  • This gets the bullshit button

  • I bet the cops hurt more people while on the job than people hurting people while high on pot, even though the stonners outnumber the cops 50 to 1… get a grip

  • Oh good grief. This idjit isn’t smart enough to be a Walmart greeter.

  • Prosecutors and police are the bigest criminal organization in this country!!!!!

  • The drug war is the second longest war in USA history (another Republican FUBAR) only the war on the American Indian was longer. Strange both wars were against American people.

  • It’s money. We’re on the edge of collapse and a large percentage of people can’t provide for themselves without violence against other people.

    • Exactly. A financially hurting nation can quickly become a violent nation. I often feel like I could hurt somebody just for a piece of meat that required a knife to cut. It’s been four years since this carnivore has had real meat. I’m non-violent…but I’d really really like some meat. 🙁

    • Already have a huge number of people that don’t get help with mental health. Imagine when people don’t get their pills.. I also believe our species was given teeth not to identify as omnivores but to be equipped for survival. Almost time to eat the rich we’ve fattened up and start over.

    • LOL. I must say, Trump looks like he would have a nice marbled quality.

    • The reality is it’s all been done by design and most will put their hand out and the problem makers will be looked at like saviors. We’d be better off using weed as a currency then their control system. Trump would be tough like an old goat. Worth maybe 2 crappy joints. Lol

    • I’ve always liked the idea of the barter system, trading goods and services, rather than cash for needs. Weed would definitely be a valuable trade commodity. I haven’t smoked in almost a decade, but not because I don’t want to, I just can’t spare the cash. Long ago I used to babysit and clean houses in exchange for weed. It worked rather well, as my “boss” grew their own and they also saved money. The barter system is much healthier in my opinion. Few people would kill you to get your zucchini or bell peppers. They will for $20 though. SMH
      And you’re right, Trump probably wouldn’t even make good fertilizer. LOL.

    • Things go downhill to where people are killing each other for food I’m just going to put a sign in the front yard that reads ‘pop tart tree ->’. Bartering is a great system. Truth is most people would gladly help each other except we’ve all got bills to pay. Ask your kids to take the garbage out for $5 and they say how bout I don’t call the cops and have your dog shot for $20? Times sure have changed.

    • True words! Family, community, wages…all seem to be decaying beyond repair. Going “to hell in a hand basket” now seems like a leisurely trip….we’re “on a rocket to the dark ages” and I worry for my grandkids. They are all just starting out in their careers and have no true sense of just how bad things really are. They still believe in the American Dream. It will be a rude awakening for them when Hopes and Dreams turn to Nopes and Screams. For the first half of my life, things steadily improved. Then corporate greed took over our country, and so far the second half of my life has been a steady decline.
      I took one of those Longevity Tests last week. It said I still have about 25 years left in me…I found that so depressing! LOL. 25 meatless years! Nooo!
      I wish you better luck with your life. 🙂

    • Wish you the same. There’s hope. More people come around everyday and good has always endured evil in the past. Important to stay happy with a good sense of humor. Never know who you’ll have to meat. Lol

  • Guess they haven’t been paying attention to Colorado? Crimes gone down. Your drug ear is almost over, going to have to find another way to generate revenue steal lives and bother people

  • This theory Trudeau is using to take Canadian citizens weapons of self defense…

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  • But guns dont kill people. How does pot kill people. People kill people.

  • Someone please help her, she is obviously off her meds.

  • If her theory’s are so wrong, then why do idiots continue to listen to her? just a “Theory”!

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  • In almost every case there is one thing in common, antidepressants there is your culprit !

  • This is a created problem , this government is so insane they will incite riots manufacturer mass murders in an attempt to stop this plant from becoming legal , now having said that you have to ask your self one question . WHY ? BECAUSE ALL OF THE GOOD THINGS YOU HAVE HEARD ABOUT THIS PLANT ARE OBSOLETE TRUSTS !!! AND THEN SOME !!!

  • This plant single-handedly will bring down 7 of the largest major markets in the world. When you have a criminal government they need criminality . First they tell you at the problem is all the guns that one that hasn’t worked . They tell you it’s because of several states legalize marijuana . Riiiggghhhtt tell me another one .

  • And the biggest most powerful will not let it happen Big Pharma will not let this happen .

  • Not to mention oil , everything is made from petroleum can be made from the oil that extracted from the hemp marijuana cannabis plant pot plant whatever you want to call it . And it’s non-toxic biodegradable renewable and sustainable 6% of our nation’s land arable land would give our nation its energy needs for one year if you grew hemp on 6% of our land . It’s really simple once you clear your head of all the government garbage that they’ve been feeding you from 85 years . Do some research all of the answers are there .

  • BS

  • Funny when I smoke it calms me down. If I didn’t I may have murdered someone by now.

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  • These men have wasted their lives.

  • Idiotic war on drugs

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  • You couldn’t script such shite. Wait……there is one place where shite is so abundant, governments and there spin merchants.

  • I don’t know how to respond. I have seen alcohol turn my dad into a raging monster turning the dinner table over, and I have seen people use cannabis for 50 years. To say cannabis cause violence is totally insane and false.

  • The federal government has had a marijuana program giving patients as much as 10 joints a day since enrollment. This had been happening for 20+ years. Every month they get a shipment from a secure facility at the university of Mississippi. The government just renewed there contract from 10 billion recently. The program was shut down in 1992 with George bush sr. But given that this is a lifetime supply given to people with certain conditions the program will be alive until the last patient is gone. It’s all there. The program’s called compassionate investigational new drug program. Check it out

  • Are they fucking serious?


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