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Draconian Bill Will Allow Cops to Arrest Peaceful Protesters & Seize Their Assets

Arizona — Anyone caught planning or simply participating in an otherwise peaceful demonstration could be arrested and charged under state racketeering laws — but, far worse, authorities would be free to seize their assets — should a new Arizona bill become law.

Police would be granted the power to arrest protesters on the assumption alone that the protest may devolve into a riot — even if it hasn’t.

Republicans answered the alleged problem of professional, paid protesters by introducing the draconian legislation — incidentally aiming a flaming arrow directly at the Constitution.

“When people want to express themselves as a group during a time of turmoil, during a time of controversy, during a time of high emotions, that’s exactly when people gather as a community,” noted Senator Martin Quezada, quoted by the Arizona Capitol Times. “Sometimes they yell, sometimes they scream, sometimes they do go too far.”

Quezada, however, feels the proposed legislation would quash First Amendment rights at the root — striking doubt into the minds of planners, who might succumb to fears a planned protest could turn ugly, and cancel the event. 

Proponents of the legislation claim the bill only targets specific groups of demonstrators — not law-abiding citizens gathered to exercise free speech and free assembly rights.

“You now have a situation where you have full-time, almost professional agent-provocateurs that attempt to create public disorder,” asserted Senator John Kavanagh, adding, without providing any examples,

“A lot of them are ideologues, some of them are anarchists. But this stuff is all planned.”

Again, a reckless politician chooses the fraught, popular perception of anarchists, conflating political anarchism with activists and others who employ the tactics of black bloc — dressing indistinctly and in all-black clothing to assumedly make individual identification difficult for authorities — usually in order to perform a purposeful criminal act like property damage.

With the premise for a rights-crushing law resting on wildly biased mischaracterizations — a tactic of broad-stroke language — politicians plainly seek to ensnare everyone not intimidated by the bill’s chilling language on planning.

“Wouldn’t you rather stop a riot before it starts?” Kavanagh asked during a debate over Arizona Senate Bill 1142. “Do you really want to wait until people are injuring each other, throwing Molotov cocktails, picking up barricades and smashing them through businesses in downtown Phoenix?”

By appealing to the base emotions of fear and anger, these politicians have crafted a legal cage for the First Amendment — by further curtailing rights under the guise such acts of destruction weren’t already illegal.

And that’s the catch — because myriad destructive acts are considered rioting under current law — politicians expanded the definition of rioting to include “actions that result in damage to the property of others,” the Capitol Times reports.

Kavanagh and other supporters of the bill believe — or at least publicly pontificate — on the imperative to protect property from even the possibility of harm, over the constitutionally-protected right to exercise free speech. They insist the law would help thwart malicious plans by a few truly rotten seeds, but the actuality is murkily-defined guidelines which can be easily exploited by authorities to further curb growing dissent.

“I have been heartsick with what’s been going on in our country, what young people are being encouraged to do,” Republican Senator Sylvia Allen explained, adding that, although current laws do theoretically cover criminal damaging and the like, they’re impotent in practice.

“If they get thrown in jail, somebody pays to get them out. There has to be something to deter them from that.”

Senator Steve Farley disagrees with the Republican solution to deterrence, and admonished colleagues the law could equally target right-leaning protests. For example, Farley explained, a Tea Party protest against property tax, for which organizers obtained appropriate permits and planned accordingly has as much potential to go south as any other given demonstration.

“And one person, possibly from the other side, starts breaking the windows of a car,” Farley said, reiterating not every participant in a planned protest actually supports the cause.

“And all of a sudden the organizers of that march, the local Tea Party, are going to be under indictment from the county attorney in the county that raised those property taxes. That will have a chilling effect on anybody, right or left, who wants to protest something the government has done.”

Because the proposed legislation misunderstands the dynamics of disturbances, Senator Andrea Dalessandro explained, politicians backing it appear to be motivated by something other than fears related to the general act of protesting.

“I’m fearful that ‘riot’ is in the eyes of the beholder and that this bill will apply more strictly to minorities and people trying to have their voice heard,” Dalessandro cautioned.

Senators expectedly voted along party lines on whether constitutionally-protected demonstrators should be considered on par with mafiosos, with the resultant 17 to 13 count sending the legislation to the House — and one step closer to becoming law.

  • uglyamerican

    FTP could lose me and other people on this one.
    Our present crop of protesters is far more violent and prone to riot and destroy property than the people who used to just march down the street chanting slogans, When they destroy property like that and cause all kinds of disruptions and problems the cost for all that is passed on to the rest of the people through insurance premiums and government rebuilding programs.
    Tearing down the town because they are angry about something does not come cheap for rebuilding and they should have to pay for it! Hell yes, the state should seize their assets and throw their childish asses in jail! And that is what this law you are calling “Draconian” is all about.
    “You break it you buy it” is a good policy anywhere because peoples livelihoods often depend on the things they think they should be able to tear up because they disagree with Trump or the police or anyone else. I don’t care what you are protesting. If people burn or loot my store and I am going to want somebody to pay for it, preferably the people who did it.
    Many of us old-timers used to call that “personal responsibility” and it should damn sure come back into style.

    • IceTrey

      What about rioters after their team wins the big game? It’s not a protest so the law doesn’t apply?

    • Tmoney

      Red Summer, Matewan, Draft Riot during the civil war, Kent State ect. How many protesters or rioters have been killed or killed anyone in the last two years or more? Your comment seem like Alternative facts or feelings that things are much worse, when they aren’t. If you want to talk about taking responsibility, what about a political, economic, and judicial system that screws over millions of Americans? Are they not culpable as well?

    • JoeMurica

      Let me tell you something buster, as a veteran Marine who served this country and to defend the rights and freedoms of constitution. I for one will not stand by and allow this to go on with out organizing my own protest against such an assinide law!! Unless I misread something that you wrote, you sir are not just an ugly american but un-American and you sir should be picked up and shipped out of this country and dropped off somewhere more suitable for you such as North Korea, Iran, or Saudi Arabia where you don’t worry about people exercising the freedom of speech. There are already laws on the books to go after and punish those individuals involved in violence, property destruction etc. And if you want to increase the penalties for those individuals fine, but how dare you support a bill that would make it illegal for those who wish to plan to and peacefully go out to exercise one’s first amendment rights. If someone wishes to organize a peaceful protest for whatever reason whether its about police brutality or to support anti abortion policies, gun rights or just protesting political corruption, No one should nor are they able to be responsible for the actions of an agent provacator or some dumbass anarchist who engages in violence or destruction. This law will be shot down in a heartbeat by the courts. Which makes it very tempting for someone like me to plan and organize a peaceful protest on the steps of the Statehouse there in Phoenix against this very piece of legislation should it become law. It would be the easiest way to get rich after suing the state for a clear violation of the 1st amendment.

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      • I support the intent and action but I do not support the law has it is written the point being is something must be done and it has to start someplace

        From my experience it is these paid organizers that are indeed encouraging the violence by words and actions they are the ones actively recruiting ‘extremist’ and then act shocked when those types act out ………….

        In my opinion those that travel from outside a community to protest should be held to a higher accountability for example in Ferguson the majority of those arrested had traveled 50+ miles to participate and many arrived via Organizer provided transportation the reality is they had no dog in the fight and should be held accountable for the damages .

        To be clear I have no problem with protests and i have no problem with violent protest when the violence is perpetuated in self defense ..when a cop or counter protestor is bashing your head in with a billy-club you have every right to defend yourself and those around you . but you never have the right to destroy property or to attack bystanders and the innocent.

        It is a complex and complicated situation and it is only going to get worse the more unhinged the left becomes especially with our LEOs being authoritarian scum of the earth with no moral values integrity .or accountability .. I support Trump with 75% of his agenda but the blind support of criminally corrupt law enforcement is a no go for me .

    • avelworldcreator

      So you are all for taking people’s belongings before they are brought to trial? Seriously?

    • 174thandvyse

      “Old-timers”? I’m an old-timer and you should’ve seen me on that hot, August night in 1977, when the lights went out in New York!!! I, and many other TRUE, liberated Americans initiated a…what could you call it? Oh yeah, a Re-distribution of wealth! We just TOOK what was OURS!!! I wish that I would’ve seen you that night, trying to run your “Archie Bunker” mouth! I would’ve taught you some respect!

      • shots

        what you did was looting…. which at one time or another was punishable with a gunshot…. too bad they didnt enforce it

        • 174thandvyse

          I wish that you had the backbone to walk through the South Bronx, the “Ghetto of Ghettoes”, that night! I would’ve put my foot so far up your ass that you would’ve been shitting “Pumas” for the rest of your life!

          • shots

            big talk… ya know it is still stealing no matter how you swing it… come out in my area and you wont be seen …

          • 174thandvyse

            Of course it is STEALING. I’m not excusing it, I’m just saying that when the so-called “conservatives” push us too far, they get a nice, DANGEROUS riot for their trouble. Don’t want riots? Then be respectful, that’s all.

            As far as going into “your area” is concerned, well, let me say it this way. I grew up in probably the WORST Ghetto of all time. Now, if I’m not scared of Black and Latin areas of New York, which are the toughest, I’m sure not gonna be scared of a lily-white area. Think about it.

          • Arglebargle6969

            boo hoo. i remember when liberals weren’t pussies who threatened people with violence because they got “pushed too far”. you ain’t grown up in shit, kid. if you relaly was in the hood you would have seen the real face of the little guy. do you think people who are poor and down on their luck think that committing crime is “sticking it to the man”? hell no, they just see it as a way to get by, albeit unsavory. i know what it’s like to be mad at the people in charge, but stealing from other people who arent even in charge and breaking shit does not stop the men in charge. in fact, it FUCKING EMPOWERS THEM. it lets them go “oh look at all these minorities committing crime! since they are so dangerous, let’s increase the police presence in their neighborhoods, and crack down on their rights!” you’re a kid with a big mouth, and you ain’t helping nobody but your own ego when you riot, cuz you just giving Big Brother another excuse to oppress the people you think you’re fighting for. and for a kid who’s been in the “worst ghetto of all time” (by the way, new york isnt the worst hood to be in) you seem to like being a bitch. you think stealing from minority-owned stores and destroying property gets anything done? you got a LOT to learn.

          • shots

            yes by your own word you are excusing it… thing is where you are at they have the honest citizens hogtied that they can not defend themselves.. here where I live at pull your shit try to take what don’t belong to you and see what happens. One guy thought it was ok to steal a man riding mower.. got halfway down the street got shot right off of it.. No charges to the shooter…

          • 174thandvyse

            Yeah, and I don’t blame the “shooter” either. That dude stole something, and he paid the price. Back in my wild, young days, don’t you think that I wanted to catch up on guys that stole from me? If I caught them, they would pay through the nose. Trouble is, in a big city like that, it’s easy for these dudes to get away.

            No man, you don’t understand my point at all. I’m not excusing lowlifes…God knows that I dealt with hundreds of them in my life…I’m just saying that the conservatives should moderate their policies toward the poor. Most of them are working-class and some of them are not. It makes no difference, each man wants the respect that is due him, and that will never change. When men feel that they are being disrespected, they react. Why implement policies that put one group of people at the other group’s throats?

          • shots

            Yes I agree the conservatives should take their damm bibles out of their asses along with their heads and serve the people like they were voted on to do and not try to destroy this nation .. the same goes for the democrats.. Why can’t these politicians think of the county and the people first instead of their dam party lines.

          • 174thandvyse

            “Why can’t these politicians think of the county and the people first instead of their dam party lines”.

            I have no answer for that.

  • aliswell

    It specifically targets violent “protestors” (rioters), not peaceful protestors. However, I still think they need to go back to the drawing board on this one.

    • 174thandvyse

      Why target the, ahem, “rioters”? A riot has a way of waking Republican LOWLIFES up, and teaches them that the control they THINK they have is an illusion! Fuck conservatives!

      • aliswell

        You, little one, are delusional. While you do make a useful tool, you have no idea what you’re “fighting” for.

        “Wake” us up? We are already awake and painfully aware of reality. Wish you were, too. You want a revolution? Be careful what you wish for, child. It won’t turn out the way you think it will.

        • 174thandvyse

          Ahh…where to begin? For one thing, I am not a “little one” — I’m probably older than you — because you THINK that you’re an adult. Now, you must admit that a violent riot does SCARE the shit out of so-called “conservatives”. The only thing they do…after cursing Blacks and Latins that is…is to sell their houses and move to the suburbs! However, they learn that they must “reckon” with us because we mean business! They can’t just treat us like shit and keep getting away with it. Their bill is overdue, and if you side with them, then so is yours!

          • aliswell

            “…because we mean business!” Lol! Yeah, you’re terrifying, kiddo.

            FTR, a violent riot does not “scare” conservatives, it makes us angry.

            You are treated according to your behavior. Obey the laws like everyone else or suffer the consequences like everyone else. Pretty simple stuff.

            “Their bill is overdue…” oh, do grow up, child. You are your own worst enemy.

          • 174thandvyse

            Again with the “child”. As they said in the Twilight Zone, “No change, no change at all”. Oh, so “conservatives” — oh, TOUGH, little “conservatives” are angry, are you? Well, now you got me scared!!! I’m “shaking in my boots”! Isn’t that what you SO-CALLED “conservatives” said about us, ahem, “lib’ruls” in 1980, after Reagan, and his bible-thumping fellow travelers seized power in this country?

          • Arglebargle6969

            yo i ain’t no conservative but you are acting like a child. grow up dude, life isnt a “us vs. them” situation, you are no hero.

          • 174thandvyse

            Who’s talking about being a “hero”? This isn’t about who is a hero…this IS an “us versus them” situation, big time! Don’t you see what’s going on? The American government is being run by fascists. What am I supposed to do? Just sit back and accept it? No way, Bubba…we are going to resist, just as we did in the 1960s. It worked then, and it will work now.

    • rtb61

      Hey, dummy, if they are violent they have already broken the law, so what the hell are you talking bout. No, what they want is a undercover cop to cause violence at a protest and then they blame and arrest all the other protesters, obey or we will destroy you and your family financially.
      Mind you this law does not even target the poor, no assets to lose, it targets the middle class and is all about stealing their homes, throwing their families out onto the street, should they dare protest the corruption in corporations and government.
      Seriously sick and dangerous stuff.

      • aliswell

        Here’s a tip: Starting a dialogue with “Hey, dummy” is not a winning strategy.

        As for the rest of your post, you appear to have issues with paranoia. Seek help.

  • agrosuramerica

    This is MISINFORMATION! It is for individuals that are RIOTERS!!, NOT peaceful protesters. …………………..AZ Senate Passes Bill To End Paid Defiance, Allowing Police To Now Seize Assets Of Rioting Liberals ……….. https://conservativedailypost.com/az-senate-passes-bill-end-paid-defiance-allowing-police-now-seize-assets-rioting-liberals/

    • john

      You are grasping the wrong end of the stick. This law could and would be abused. Look at the patriot act. Completely used almost entirely against U.S. citizens. Now you can be arrested ‘in case’ a riot starts. This in a country that refuses to hold it’s Police force accountable as it is. And it’s not misinformation, that’s exactly what is proposed. Sieg heil anyone?

      • 174thandvyse

        John, why do you even bother to argue with right-wing FILTH like “Argonaut”? You won’t get a coherent response, so don’t even waste your time!

    • Liz O’neill

      crap, a blind dog can see that this is just another nail in the coffin of the constitution, little by little peoples right are being denied, crooked cops, of which there are a great many, will seize assets from people they decide are rioters, all you have to do is be in the wrong place at the wrong time and everything you have worked all your life for is gone. hell mend people if they allow this atrocity to go through.

  • Gordon Klock

    This was crafted by folks who are eager to abuse it, for their own purposes, like randomly arresting & taking the personal & home assets of a large crowd (including innocent pedestrians) just because there ‘might’ be a vandal, or three, “within their ranks”. They are always so damn eager to misunderstand/misrepresent people’s true intentions, I don’t believe they are really so arrogant & stupid so much, as evil & greedy…..besides anyone paying attention already knows that the vast majority of vandals at riots & demonstrations, are in the secret employ of the police, in the first place…
    Kind of weird how our own government hates the constitution, & bill of rights, with such intensity, (shows how monumentally corrupt it all is)……

  • Heretic Jones

    This bill, if it becomes law, will be just another means to generate revenue. This is standard operating procedure for the state. What is truly draconian here is the misrepresentation of anarchy by the politician quoted in the article. The author does a good job addressing this misrepresentation in the article. And yet one of the participants in this discussion – the former marine- still doesn’t get it. The notion of free association, voluntary interaction, and self ownership apparently remains difficult to grasp for those who have been conditioned as tools of the state. My hope for freedom in my children’s lifetime diminishes when I see the only true path from slavery – a voluntary society – misrepresented as chaos and violence by henchmen of the state.

  • 174thandvyse

    As always, so-called “conservative” FILTH try to stop dissent!
    The REVOLUTION is coming! So-called “conservatives” will be squashed like the bugs that they are!

  • permalink

    Another TFTP article designed to rile-up the masses?

    These laws are “riot” situations, not peaceful (permittted) protesting.


    • The Cat’s Vagina

      There are already laws against rioting. THESE laws want to charge hundreds of people with being rioters because one or two dipshits showed their asses. Get your tongue off that jackboot, man – you look pathetic and ridiculous!

      • permalink

        What part of **the definition of rioting to include “actions that result in damage to the property of others,”** do you not understand?

        • The Cat’s Vagina

          What part of “that’s already illegal” is bouncing off of YOUR stupid forehead?

        • more new laws never solve old problems

      • Forrest Carlton Lackey

        I agree. Nobody likes a riot, there’s rules against riots, most protesters are against riots. What the media does is take agent provocateurs, many of them cops or from the government, to misbehave so they can scream riot, when like 3 out of a thousand people break shit. If the vast majority of people are peacefully protesting, it’s not a riot if a small group go off and do something stupid.
        You can tell a tree by it’s fruits. In the same way our government has funded terrorists to undermine the rights of arab nations that did us no wrong, the government is going to fund paid rioters to undermine the peaceful protesters, so that all protests will be seen as riots and criminalized, especially minorities.
        The police are ok with riots happening during black friday, that shows slavish devotion to corportations.

        • The Cat’s Vagina

          Don’t forget the riots that happen when some sportsball team loses.

        • there is another much larger issue being ignored that is much more disturbing……if you notice at most of the riots the past few years the Police stand down until well after the violence has started and in some cases never intervene we saw this first hand here in Albuquerque during a Trump speech protestor’s got violent attacked attendees threw rocks broke windows even fired 2 gunshots at the convention center the police did nothing for hours just stood back and watched has it happened ……In Ferguson the police had actually been ORDERED to stand down . why is this happening ? and why has no one police or the bosses ever been held accountable ? could this be more evidence of “deep state” control ? are factions of our government at all levels be it local state and federal working in concert with these agent provocateurs and the ‘grass roots’ organizations that facilitate them?

          Remember folks NO government actually fears peaceful protest any more so than you would fear being mugged by a 2 foot tall midget armed with nothing more than his penis and a flower……..protest accomplish nothing .it is only through revolution that actual and real change occurs………. there are many levels of and forms of revolution and not all require bloodshed but the one thing they have in common is they hold their ground …….Occupy came close right or wrong that has been the only movement that has even made a mark The election of Trump could and should have been but unfortunately after November his supporters went home and back to sleep ‘trusting’ the new boss to somehow be different than the old boss. .

  • Lawrence Bender


    • permalink

      Nice use of profanity!

      I am in suspense waiting your next profane comment…

      • 174thandvyse

        How about this simple, non-profane comment…if these so-called “conservatives” wanna stifle dissent from us liberated, TRUE Americans just because they are in power, then they should consider this…when we Liberated, REAL Americans come back to power…and that is guaranteed…then we will stifle their dissent as well.
        Be careful what you wish for.

        • permalink

          What makes you a “TRUE American” and profane word using Lawrence Bender not a TRUE American?

          • 174thandvyse

            Well, to begin with, I am an embodiment of everything that was right about the 1970s. Now THAT was a real American decade. That’s when all of our labors of the 1960s came true…Multi-ethnic pride, the Sexual Revolution, the post-Woodstock Generation, the legitimizing of reefer, Equal Rights, the Separation of Church and State, DOCILE cops and right-wingers. Yeah, WE liked it even if the racist, prejudiced, bible-thumping, bloodthirsty, so-called “conservatives” didn’t. It appears that the 1960s and 70s WILL make a comeback, and the conservatives had better learn to respect us, or it could lead to civil war.

      • Arglebargle6969

        keeping everything profane is a much better alternative to making things sacred, to be fair.

  • Philip Cockburn

    You have just got a police state like Russia a thing you always fought against.

    • permalink

      How do you know Russia is a police state?

      Have you ever been there?

      • it is the reult of almost 70 years of anti soviet propaganda…………….the average sheeple have failed to grasp the fact the Soviet Union ceased to exist near the end of the last century and Russia is in fact a democracy almost identical to ours ………

  • Think a little further

    America, the land of… everything we don’t want to happen to anybody.

  • Daniel Gol

    This law would allow preemptive attack of constitutional rights and is unconstitutional.

  • Foil’d Revolutionaire

    This is just another way for the government to vacuum up the people’s assets. Take away the financial safety net, and you get chaos. So, it’ll more than likely create more rioting than it will prevent. The only ones ‘safe’ are the ones who give in…that is until they become next in line. Greed doesn’t stop.

    The sad thing is that we have these laws in the states, backed by reps (John Kavanagh) with ties to ALEC. While at the federal level, we have an authoritarian regime with direct ties to many of the same companies and billionaires that comprise ALEC (Exxon, Koch Brothers, PhRMA, etc). Many of these companies share common corporate interests that have more to do with controlling the masses in order to generate further profit, rather than actually creating the public-private partnership that they boast about on their website. This is just another piece of that agenda.

    This is why we need to start spending our money wiser (myself included), by researching where our money is going and what happens with it once in their hands. Here we are ranting against this proposed law, while giving our money to companies that helped create it. So, in essence we are funding our own suppression and extortion. Boycotts work because it hits these assholes where it hurts them most.

    And start getting involved in the political process. Know what’s being proposed and the potential impact on you, your community, state, country, world. Extreme vetting does have a purpose, not against immigrants, but against those who seek to represent us. Gut these bills at their source: the men/women who propose them for the benefit of their donors.

    And for the love of whatever you hold dear, realize that what goes around comes around. It may not impact you right now, but it could and more than likely will at some point.


  • Victoria Seeley

    They make the law! The law says anyone can have a gun, any kind of gun, but then when we protest them they think we all have guns and they are afraid we will shoot them! The laws they are making now are the most outrageous they have ever put into writing before. They think we believe them when they smile and say this law is good for you. But we don’t, at least half of us don’t. Don’t know what has happened to the rest of our country? Something in the water, air, food? they have tried to screw all of them.

  • Arglebargle6969

    the bill presumes guilt so it’s shitty. does anything more need to be said about it?

  • Joy Herrmann

    The ignorance of Arizona politics ……….

  • PickyBiker

    “Draconian Bill Will Allow Cops to Arrest Peaceful Protesters & Seize Their Assets”
    That headline is a lie. The target is rioters not protesters. Hysterical and lying headlines are the problem trump is trying to address with media.

  • bucks

    They will use undercover agents as they always have to stir up trouble so they can arrest everyone. That has been proven many times over during the 60s.

  • Marty Sunderland

    Let’s see: First amendment, freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. Fifth amendment, due process. The proposal here is to seize assets of people for what they might do. Arizona proposes to establish fascism in the state.