Psychedelics So Much Better than Pills for Trauma, Therapists Now Risking Arrest to Use Them



In study after study, researchers and scientists are once again beginning to extol the miraculous benefits psychedelics offer in treating myriad mental and neurological health conditions — but the vast majority of those scientists, as well as their patients, could be thrown in jail at any time for their efforts.

“Nancy Reagan famously said, ‘Just Say No,’” explained psychotherapist Neal Goldsmith, who helps organize the Horizons conference for scientists who research psychedelics. “But the answer, of course, is Just Say ‘Know’; get knowledge and information.”

Psychedelics have been stigmatized for decades, in part due to their classification as Schedule 1 narcotics — alongside substances such as heroin, meth, and cocaine — for having “no currently accepted medical treatment use” and “lack of accepted safety for use,” even under medical supervision.

But the tide is finally, rightly turning, albeit at a snail’s pace.

Rick Doblin of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) — an organization whose studies have found promising results for the use of psychedelics and other substances to treat everything from PTSD and depression, to addiction or even autism — believes such drug laws are anachronistic and do not keep patients’ best interests in mind. Some of the most auspicious results have been found in the treatment of trauma.

“The results have been extremely promising in terms of outcomes,” Doblin said, according to Al Jazeera. “In fact, so promising that some of the people that have looked at the data said it’s too good to be true.”

Psychedelics offer, for many conditions, something pharmaceuticals have largely been unable to achieve: a cure.

“It’s not meant to be a daily medication that changes people’s biochemistry,” Doblin explained, unintentionally conveying the potential reason such substances remain highly illegal. “People only get MDMA three times in our treatment process. People only get psilocybin or LSD a few times. The goal is to actually cure the problem.

While people may certainly benefit from traditional pharmaceuticals, a common criticism exists in the belief Big Pharma seeks permanent customers to rely on continued use of prescription drugs, rather than cures for their conditions.

One self-described healer, who wished to remain anonymous when speaking with America Tonight, echoed Doblin’s promising results in his use of psychedelics to treat those suffering traumatic memories.

“A vet that I’ve worked with has had four sessions,” the healer, who used the name Simon for the interview, explained. “And now, I never hear from him … ‘cause he’s going to Mets games with his son. I’ve seen examples like that over and over. I don’t use the word ‘miracle’ because it’s so loaded, but it is close.”

Simon, who is not a licensed therapist, nonetheless employs the same protocols used by the FDA for treatment of PTSD using MDMA. His clients have discovered such astonishing results, news of his therapy spread like wildfire by word of mouth — he has seen hundreds of trauma sufferers, and there is no shortage of new patients.

Like other therapists and healers working in a de facto shadow network, he is well aware that despite such results, such therapy remains illegal — but the benefits far outweigh the risks.

“I am breaking the law, I totally understand that,” Simon declared. “But it seems to me that with the greatest respect, there are some laws that are so foolish, so misguided and so based on out-of-date information. That’s the tragedy.”

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Doblin holds on to the hope that current FDA-approved research into psychedelics, such as by pioneer William Richards at Johns Hopkins, will eventually lead to legalization of the therapy — conceivably within the next decade. While psychedelic-assisted therapy remains against the law, Doblin said he wouldn’t necessarily recommend it — “but I’m not going to condemn it, either,” he said.

“I think it’s a point of conscience that everybody has to say, ‘I think the laws are immoral. The laws are wrong. We should have been able to do this research 30 years ago.”

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  • I have no clue on any of the “curing trauma” bit, but I can kinda see why they don’t want you taking em because people can actually lose their shit when on psychedelics. You can’t really think rationally when you’re hallucinating shit. Now, find some psychedelics that don’t cause people to lose their fucking minds and I think I can get behind this.

    • It is all about dosage, the correct does won’t cause people to lose there shit barring unknown conditions but if the drugs are used around the healthcare providers then it can be a none issue. Something a simple as milk can easily counter any ergot based treatments.

    • Youve never eaten mushrooms before then. You dont “lose your shit” off a gram or 2.

    • Then git on it, guys.

    • Ive always been fond of hallucinogens and they have helped me immensely in the past but I have also witnessed close friends take a single hit and never come back. Its not for everyone

    • I’ve taken acid and shrooms dozens of times and have never hallucinated

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  • I know this. DEA is an actual criminal organization that derives its authority from prohibition. DEA manages, perpetuates and profits from the International Drug trade. It purposely deemed hallucinogenic drugs and Marijuana as schedule 1 for the explicitime intent to undermine the therapeutic and medicinal properties and benefits to humanity and the medical community.

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  • Bullshit

    • Cool story bro, got any evidence to prove your assertion?

    • No, you are 100% right. I am wrong about the comparing. But psychedelics ain’t gonna help you with shit. They are maybe less of a risk compared to pills, but they are definetelly not good for using. Period 🙂

    • Никола Рабреновић That makes no sense.

    • Well numerous studies would disagree

    • I could write a paragraph about how psychedelics have been used n the good that has came from them but sometimes some people ain’t worth the energy!

    • Internet studies I suppose

  • Hate mushrooms but love acid. Don’t know about its curative properties but still seems odd that it’s illegal

  • I’ve never dosed but fungus is a manditory for my sanity every few months at least

  • Big pharmacy supports laws against natural cures so they can push their products.

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  • I live in Wales..I,m nearly fifty..I first took Liberty caps ,picked by my own hand on my local mountains and farmers fields..when I was thirteen..and I knew from my first trip this was special..a magical spiritual experience ..not only that.. I truly believe it enables us.humans gain knowledge through thought..I don’t take them anymore due to wife and kids ..but I,m 1000% certain they release your mind..

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  • It fragments the concious into liquid then reshapes it, OF COURSE IT BEST

  • Don’t go buying psychedelics off the street, they’re always dirty, they’re never safe.
    I’m sure that the pure substance can help with many mental issues. But the crap on the street, if anything, will make your ailment worse.

    • Dirty mushrooms? Lol get a grip

    • Do you know how they are grown? Plenty of bad bacteria can come with the fungi that your VERY unprofessional dealer is distributing. Not only that, psilocybin just isn’t for everyone.

    • Actually you have to grow cubenzis in a very sterile environment and then they get dried right away. I’d be more concerned about what they’re spraying on your food

    • No environment is sterile unless you’re in an actual chem lab. And no environment can dehydrate enough to be truly bacteria-free unless, again, you’re in a chem lab.
      I eat organic, because I’m not a dumb ass.

    • You should just stop eating fungi, how about that?

  • Any time my elbows are dry and ashy, I eat an eighth of mushrooms. I trip balls for about 20 hours and suddenly my elbows are perfectly smooth! Mushrooms literally cure everything

    • Elbows are perfectly smooth….man I don’t know if you’re kidding, but that’s effing hilarious

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  • Purple caps

  • All the cures grow from the dirt..

  • They r on to something here!

  • Big pharm want customers not cures..

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  • Peace

  • As a person who has suffered for a long time with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and found no relief from prescribed medications, I look towards things like this with hope. Then I read that after extensive trials, research, tests, it MIGHT be allowed in 10 years… some of us can’t wait that long and need real help right now, not another worthless SSRI or CBT groupt. These mental illnesses are crippling

    • Same disorders for me. Over 150 different, ineffective, meds for me. I’m hopeful about the research being done with mushrooms, ketamine, and acid.
      Marijuana offered quite a bit of help, but thanks to Texas’ stupidity I’m not allowed to have the medicine that works the best for me.

    • Anything that helps the public they won’t approve of right now. Their goal is misery right now

    • Bruce Stoner continued misery and false hope does mean a lot profits for big pharma. SSRIs, what a joke

    • Taking lsd was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life. That and starting my own business. Seriously

    • Kendall Young how did it change things for you?

    • Michael Kittredge well what they are trying to do right now is collapse the world economy so all our banks fail and everyone is in chaos looking for food so they can offer a solution under a 1 world government, 1 world religion and 1 world currency. They have been working on this plan for hundreds of years and came close with nazi germany. Its the same people behind this recession to be more specific illuminati and federal reserve bankers. This financial collapse is not going to get better or recover this time. Why do you think obama has been spending like a drunken sailor in times he should be conservative? The fate of the world rests in the hands of the american citizen waking up to what is going on around them and demand these treasonous murdering cunts are stopped… Preferably stoned to death

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  • I know that mushrooms help me with cluster headaches so I think they can help other people w/ other illnesses

  • Shrooms would probably help depression too.

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  • Makes sense, you have to compartmentalize to enjoy/survive the hallucinations/trip. That same compartmentalization probably helps with a bunch of ptsd and other related psych issues.

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  • Bhagavad Gita

    ‘See, I think drugs have done some “good” things for us, I really do. And if you don’t believe drugs have done good things for us, do me a favor; go home tonight and take all your albums, all your tapes, all your cd’s, and all your mp3 and ipod players and burn em’… Because you know what? The musicians who have made all that great music that has enhanced our lives throughout the years… Rrrrrrrrrrrrreal effing high on drugs.’

    ‘Today a young man on shrooms realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. That we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death… life is but a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves …
    So, ‘row, row, row your boat gently and merrily down the stream of infinite universe consciousness.’

    ‘Now here’s Mr Natural with the stormy weather forecast… “It’s not a war on drugs,.. it’s a war on personal freedom… that’s what it is okay?… Keep that in mind at all times … Thank you!’

    ‘Learn to abandon the ego before its far too late. Crucify the ego before you pine away
    … Prying open the third eye’..

  • “I know a guy” that took LSD and had talk therapy with a trusted friend that cured his depression. He was unable to sleep and spiraling destructive behavior.

  • Nashville Farrell

    Meth and cocaine are actually schedule 2 drugs. LSD and mushrooms are considered more dangerous and less useful than meth and cocaine.