Las Vegas – As Americans search for answers to the questions surrounding reports of a mass shooting at a high school in Florida, the alarming autopsy results from a mass shooting in Las Vegas, which show that the suspected gunman died more than 12 hours after he reportedly committed suicide, are being ignored.

While the official timeline of the Las Vegas shooting has changed multiple times, one thing has remained the same—the claim that after opening fire out of the window of his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Stephen Paddock shot and killed himself at some point between 10:15 p.m. and 11:20 p.m. on Oct. 1, 2017.

However, the autopsy report released by the Clark County Coroner claimed that Paddock actually died at 12 p.m. on Oct. 2, 2017.


The autopsy was conducted on Oct. 6, 2017, by a team of detectives who claimed Paddock weighed 224 lbs. and was 6 feet tall. According to the report, he was wearing a brown long-sleeve shirt and black pants, which match the outfit worn in photos released from the hotel room that showed what was purported to be Paddock’s dead body after the shooting.

However, while initial photos of Stephen Paddock appeared to show that he had the number “13” tattooed on his neck, the photos of the dead man in the hotel room showed that his neck was clean, and the autopsy report’s external examination claimed that, “the neck is unremarkable.

The report confirmed that Paddock died as a result of a gunshot entering his mouth, and he was found with a bullet lodged in his brain, in between his occipital dura and occipital skull.

CAUSE OF DEATH: This 64-year-old man, Stephen Craig Paddock, died of an intraoral gunshot wound of the head,” the autopsy report concluded. “MANNER OF DEATH: Suicide.”

While the mainstream media focused on the fact that the autopsy determined Paddock was overweight and he had anti-anxiety drugs in his system—which was public knowledge within days of the shooting—the claim that Paddock died more than 12 hours after police claimed he committed suicide should raise some serious red flags.

In an updated timeline last month, the Los Angeles Times released what it referred to as “The most comprehensive look yet at how the Las Vegas concert massacre unfolded.” It was based on an 81-page investigative report from the Las Vegas Police, claiming that Paddock had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound by the time officers entered his room at 11:20 p.m.

10:12 p.m.: Two armed Mandalay Bay security officers arrive on the 32nd floor, and the police and security officers on the 31st floor realize that the shooting is coming from one floor above them.

10:15 p.m.: Paddock fires his final shots at concertgoers.

10:16 p.m.: The two police officers on the 31st floor enter the stairwell outside the 32nd floor hallway but do not confront Paddock.

10:57 p.m.: Police breach the sealed 32nd-floor stairwell doorway.

11:20 p.m.: Police use explosives to blow open Paddock’s door, and they discover him dead.

11:26 p.m.: Police breach the interior door to Paddock’s second room, where a police officer accidentally fires three rounds into the room.

When rumors begin to spread suggesting that Paddock may have shot himself after police entered his hotel room, Sgt. Jerry MacDonald insisted, “He absolutely killed himself before anyone got into the room.”

However, while there have been a number of significant changes to the timeline of the shooting, none of them have suggested the possibility of Paddock’s death occurring the next day, hours after his name was released as the only suspect in the massacre.

As The Free Thought Project has reported, the first reports of gunfire happened at 10:08 p.m. on Oct. 1, and Paddock’s name was then released publicly at 3:30 a.m. on Oct. 2, with the claim that he committed suicide before police entered his hotel room.

It should also be noted that Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, who was reportedly visiting family in the Philippines at the time, set her Facebook account to private at 12:38 a.m. and then deleted it entirely at 2:46 a.m.—nearly one hour before Paddock’s name was publicly released as the suspect in the shooting.

The Clark County Coroner’s Office fought the release of the autopsy report, choosing to pay more than $32,000 in legal fees instead. Now it is clear that the revelation that Stephen Paddock actually died at 12 p.m. on Oct. 2, 2017, may have been what they were trying to hide, because it calls the validity of every police officer and FBI agent involved in the investigation into question, and it opens a new host of questions about how the massacre unfolded.

Rachel Blevins is an independent journalist from Texas, who aspires to break the false left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives. Follow Rachel on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Steemit and Patreon.


  1. I could be wrong about this, but it really looks like they ineptly tried to pull some sort of evil, “false flag” with all this, & the sheer scale of it, may have been a contributing factor, as to how it looks to be in danger of self-exposure, hence all these weird side detail stories, that the MSM is trying to ignore so hard……

          • No, false flags more often than not do kill innocent people.

            You have a government that had no problem killing between 100,000 and 1,000,000 Iraqi civilians over a weapons of mass destruction program that didn’t exist, why do yo think they’d be worried over 50 Americans?

            If you stop thinking of the government as a government and instead start thinking of it as a mafia, its much easier to understand the motivations.

          • Not really. Even the Mafia doesn’t kill people without some kind of reason. It might not be a fair or noble reason, but there’s always a reason. Why would the government stage a mass shooting – to “take away our guns”? If that were their goal, you’d think they would make a MILLIMETER of progress but shooting after shooting, and the laws don’t change.

          • Not really. Even the Mafia doesn’t kill people without some kind of reason. It might not be a fair or noble reason, but there’s always a reason. Why would the government stage a mass shooting – to “take away our guns”?

            Maybe they didn’t stage a mass shooting. Maybe they did for a reason neither of us know.

            I’m pointing out our government acts EXACTLY like a mafia. It is a mafia. It invaded Iraq to put it back on the petro-dollar standard when Hussein moved to the Euro. It invaded Libya in part to prevent Qaddafi from launching the gold dinar. It invaded Syria in order to deliver the Golan Heights to Israel once and for all so Genie Energy could mine it. It’s in Afghanistan because when the US invaded it only produce 3% of the world’s supply and now produced 85% and coincidentally the US has an opioid epidemic.

            I don’t have every justification of this mafia. To do that, I’d have to be the head of the mafia.

            If that were their goal, you’d think they would make a MILLIMETER of progress but shooting after shooting, and the laws don’t change.

            People aren’t going to give up on the second amendment especially when they believe the US government is murdering US civilians to get them to give up on their second amendment.

            Even if the US government isn’t, it cannot be trusted. It’s rogue. Just look at the FBI trying to do a coup. They’re pushing the boundaries and when they go too far, it’s going to be hell to pay. Already, if Russia invaded Washington DC and announce “we’re just here to kill every politician and bureaucrat then we’re going to leave” – would you lift a finger to stop them? 99.9% wouldn’t.

      • Notice how the students are already “organized” to have a day off from school nationwide to “protest” guns? Notice how the students, after two days were organized with posters to protest to Trump that, “…wasn’t about him”?!!!!

        These aren’t behaviors of “kids” who have just experienced a massacre less than a week ago!!!! Naw! there’s something else going on! These kids are suppose to be in shock and morning and going to funerals!!!!

  2. I find it interesting how much information we have on the school shooter, including videos, and hardly no information on he Vegas shooter. I still hold that something went seriously sideways in Vegas.

  3. Deep State Operator #1: My God this Las Vegas thing is getting out of control. Now they know we killed the patsy a day after we said he shot himself. NO BODY can believe that. We need to distract the sheeple in a BIG WAY.

    Deep State Operator #2: Well we have been wanting to off Trump. How about we Nuke DC?

    Deep State Operator #3 Too much, too soon; you know the nukes are years away.

    Deep State Operator #4 How about a “school shooting” in Las Vegas? Too late for a CAPSTONE ICE “drill” we would have to off the kids. How about we only kill 20 or 30?

    Deep State Operator #1 OK a Las Vegas school shooting it is but 30 in not enough, we need to set a record here. How about an even 100?


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