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Putin Just Exposed US Election Rigging By Trolling The State Dept. In The Most Hilarious Way

Proving he does, indeed, possess both a caustic wit and sharp political acumen, Putin just shut down the raging rigged elections controversy in what could best be called an epic prank to prove the point — Russia requested, and was unsurprisingly denied, permission to monitor the U.S. presidential election.

Think about it. This somewhat tongue-in-cheek offer, although likely made with the expectation of futility, makes several critical points on the true farcical nature of the American electoral process.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner, cited by USA Today, dismissively condemned President Vladimir Putin’s suggestion as a “PR stunt,” and Meg Casper, spokeswoman for Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler, noted, “We’ve allowed observers from overseas in the past from other countries, never from Russia,” adding both the FBI and Department of Homeland Security “told us not to do this.”

But the swift rebuke from the U.S. aligns more with its unprecedented since the Cold War anti-Russia propaganda campaign — a sensationalistic and proven fictitious narrative meant to inculcate Americans into believing Russia poses an imminent threat.

In fact, with the Clinton campaign thoroughly capitalizing on the laughable narrative to warn Russia might attempt to rig the elections, and Donald Trump, rightly pointing to the former secretary of state’s efforts to rig the system from within and being accused of having ties to Putin, the State Department’s rebuke seems more a hypocrisy-tinged joke.

As USA Today reports, “Toner noted that U.S. officials participated in a similar observation mission for Russia’s parliamentary elections in September.”

How the U.S. State Department expects anyone to ignore this blatant moral duplicity — It’s Perfectly Acceptable When We Do It, But Not For Someone We Don’t Like — was not made immediately clear.

Russia would, by any measurable standard, have every reason to act as an election observer, despite being “categorically rejected” — all talk of the country’s fixture at the center of the U.S.’ own negative PR smear campaign aside — particularly as Putin, himself, has noted the undeniable evidence of fraud points to rigging.

Citing RT, USA Today noted, “Russia was invited to participate in routine monitoring conducted by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, in which Russia is a member, but the level of access was unacceptable to the Russians.

“The European group said it will observe the U.S. election with a delegation of 439 people from 10 countries deployed nationwide. The delegation includes at least one Russian.”

As Wikileaks’ continued release of Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s cache of private files evidencing the depth and breadth of collusion undertaken to ensure Clinton would be installed in the White House, the United States seems to be in an epidemic-level state of denial.

And the deflection of blame by the Clinton campaign, a number of politicians, and, of course, the State Department, to target Russia as responsible for a number of hacks — and possibly colluding with Wikileaks and founder Julian Assange — to ‘rig’ the U.S. election almost certainly wholly because myriad leaks have indeed proved rigging cannot be overemphasized.

Were any other nation but Russia to offer to monitor the proceedings on November 8th, the U.S. would now have to accept the offer — or risk potential allegations of actively attempting to defraud the vote.

Russian officials also offered to monitor state-level election proceedings in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana — but as Russian state outlet Izvestia told USA Today, they were rebuffed in “harsh” terms.

In an election year not markedly tainted by absurdity — the creators of the film Idiocracy, for example, declared this year they didn’t believe they’d see it manifest into reality quite so soon — the collusion by corporate media and DNC officials exposed by leaks of the Podesta and hacked Democratic National Committee files to ensure Hillary Clinton would win the Dem nomination might be subject to criminal investigations.

Instead, FBI director James Comey seemingly inexplicably refused to recommend the State Department charge Clinton — in the face of massive evidence she should be — because, for a lack of a better way to put it, reasons.

So, perhaps the State Department’s refusal to accept Russia’s offer makes sense — perhaps the U.S. government has its own ‘reasons.’

Julian Assange, a political refugee, recently had Internet access cut by the Ecuadorian Embassy he calls home — at the near certain behest of the U.S. — because, as Ecuador claimed, Wikileaks has interfered in the American elections through the aforementioned damning leaks of thousands of documents, including transcripts of paid speeches Clinton gave to Big Banks.

Earlier today, Assange echoed the cagier among us refusing to fall for attempts to divert attention away from staggering political corruption in a simple tweet through the Wikileaks account, saying:

“There is no US election. There is power consolidation. Rigged primary, rigged media and rigged ‘pied piper’ candidate drive consolidation.”

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It would appear Russia, the American empire’s latest in a string of ‘enemies number one,’ further proved the system is, in fact, rigged.

  • T. Mohr

    Unless the entire Judicial Branch wants to go down in flames with this most corrupt presidential candidate, namely, Hillary Clinton, someone in that department had better charge this freaking woman before the people of this country demand all of their heads too.

    • TangledWeb

      Yup we can only hope, either way. Do you, mister Mohr, sometimes wonder if this country will decend into civil war within a few decades? Seriously, i would appreciate your take on that.

      • T. Mohr

        TW, I wouldn’t call what is coming as a civil war. I would call it a revolution against the establishment government. And, I believe it will be less than a decade. Much sooner, if the NeoLiberals drag us into another war or insist on regime change around the world. The youth in our country need to be the driving force behind the revolution. It’s their future which is going to be defined by supporting tyranny if they do not revolt.

        • David Lewis

          I thought it was the republicans that dragged us into the war in Iraq???

          • Steve

            The military complex knows no party.

          • candice baron

            Not just some GOP voted for war HRC and some democrats voted for supported the war in Iraq Forget their propaganda HRC and Jeb were the ones suppose to win the primaries When the elite few found it was going to be Bernie and Trump. The pay to play liar HRC + few very wealthy went on attack lies false stories negative adds and not true comments 24 hours a day and paid rioters

          • T. Mohr

            Republicans yes. And a whole lot of Democrats in Congress that voted to support the mass murder we inflicted on that country. Men, women, and children. All innocent. Murdered because of a lie. And these are the best we can find to run our country. This must not continue for much longer.

          • billdeserthills

            Iraq wanted to base their oil sales on the euro, the oil companies here in the US were gonna lose money–No choice but to raze the whole area and spend billions rebuilding the whole place, was my take

          • Christine Mackenzie

            The U.S. is protecting the middle east oil fields(lol), they want to build a pipeline from the middle east fields through Syria to Europe, the Russians don’t want that to happen. It would make Europe less dependent on Russia. That’s the latest tale I heard.

          • Steve Rusk

            The Republicans started the war, however the Democrats took it and ran with it. War is good for business and the profits have been rolling in.

        • Steve

          “less than a decade…”
          That is the reason the soon-to-be Clinton administration will take us into WWIII. It will put down any uprising and also effectively clean the cooked books (the Fed and Wall St finance).

          The die-hard Clinton supporters will not believe… they will have no part of the revelations of corruption and collusion. “She hasn’t been charged” is their push back.

        • Sam

          If we’re relying on the youth of today to be the driving force behind a revolution, I’m more scared about that than I am about this election! These kids want everything for nothing. What built the US was the strength and determination of the men and women willing to sacrifice everything, including their lives to free themselves from British rule. Hell these kids know little or nothing about making a sacrifice. They’d rather smoke dope, get high and chill out because their completely overwhelmed by how unfair life is!

          • T. Mohr

            A bit cynical, aren’t we Sam?

          • junktex
          • Steve Rusk

            What else do you do when you’ve been cheated out of any significant participation in the economy? Their jobs went to China and other places, the money they should have been paid with is hidden in secret off shore accounts. The best they can hope for here is flipping burgers at McDonalds or stocking shelves at Walmart.

          • Sam

            Well what YOU an do about is stop providing them MORE excuses for their complacency! Complaining is easy. Doing something about the situation requires people to get up off their butt and change the things that are wrong. “Chilling” is NOT a solution!

          • Steve Rusk

            Like most people they believe the lies. When the news tells them it’s not that bad, they switch to a movie, football game or play a video game. We are not an informed society, we are an entertained society. The deeply troubled go to a megachurch and pray for society. All past times that work better for those in power.

          • lourdes.amon

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          • Steve Rusk

            Take your spam and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!

          • Hycy

            True to some extent,except it’s more like the determination of men and women to kidnap almost 50 million African people, then brutally subject them to 300 years of free labor. Millions were killed by the unprecedented level of cruelty they experienced. I respectfully submit to you, that’s the real sacrifice that built America. How then can we expect this generation to scarifies any more than their founding fathers?

          • AzOCAllDay

            Fun fact. White Europeans didnt go tromping in the savanna. They bought them from black and muslem slave traders. Your ancestors sold the worst Africa had to offer.

          • Mike Seven Andrew

            Youth of today checking in. I opted to serve my country, in the best way I knew how, by enlisting in the United States Marine Corps in 2008. I went as far as to choose the most physically demanding MOS, infantry, even as I was offered a $65k bonus to enlist as an intel analyst. I served 4 years, deploying twice, conducting humanitarian operations in Haiti, anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aiden, trained with foreign militaries to assist in the GWOT and then rounded it off with counter-insurgency operations in Helmand province. When I left the service, I dove into EMT school and spent then next 20 months eyeball deep in field reports, medical text and bodily substances to become a paramedic. I was good enough to carry the political will of this nation on my back around the globe and I’m good enough to help your generation compensate for their poor health decisions, but somehow I am unfit to be a driving force for change? I’m trained, passionate, informed and engaged. Remind me, Sam, what you have done for this country lately that makes you more qualified than me to take up this call?

          • Liz O’neill

            well said young man, I’m not American, but I watch and I listen and I cant believe that the American people are allowing a crook like Hilary, who answers only to the banks and big business, and a racist, sexist bigot like trump, stand for election to rule your once great country. if there is a world war 3, it will start in Washington, at the request of the banks, the arms dealers and big business, fronted by Hilary Clinton, or it will be started by a total waste of space like trump, because he couldn’t build a wall somewhere. the one small glimmer of hope for the American people, are young patriots like yourself, who will end war for the sake of war, war for profit and war for oil. its time the young people of the united states, stood up to be counted, if you want a more equal society and not the police state your country has become, then you will all have to say so, in a loud and clear voice.

          • JJS

            Sam, I guess all of those who volunteer for the military and have served several times in Iraq and Afghanistan were all middle age. All those killed or maimed in battle were of what age. All over fourty? These kids aren’t drawing welfare and collecting fraudulent social security disability. Generations are that much different from one to the another only in the minds of some disillusioned people.

        • JJS

          You have the wrong party who leads us to war. It’s called creating jobs and spending money which they feel is part of the trickle down effect Reagan preached and still doesn’t trickle down far enough to reach the lower percent of the work force. It fact it dries up and dissipates before it quinces the thirst of the lower masses.

          When democrats go to war they don’t redact official papers proving there is no just cause for war. They make sure there is just cause before asking for senate approval.

  • billdeserthills

    I want to thank President Putin for any help he is willing to provide the people of the US, after 8 years of the current clown,
    the US has less credibility than ever with the rest of the world. Kick all the globalist funded scum out of the government

    Free people are better producers, I’m not a pack animal to be steered around by elitists

    • TangledWeb

      Well said sir.

  • dustbusterz

    The Russians proved nothing. Simply because they refused their offer to Monitor the process is not proof of a rigged election that is a far distance to travel to come to that sort of conclusion .

    • TangledWeb

      But surely it proves that putin has a teasing sense of humour. Credit where it is due, eh.

    • Steve Rusk

      I think the question is: Would our ruling elites permit any outsiders to monitor this election?

      • T. Mohr

        Hell no! That would expose their corrupt practices. Paper ballots are the only means to keep corrupt politicians in check.

  • oggologgo

    That’s a lot of fucking words, to say almost nothing. What an awful article.
    I still stuck through it, hoping to find the information, that shows that Putin exposed US election rigging. It never showed up.
    I doubt many of the people, who like and share it, actually read anything but the headlines.

  • JJS

    Trump hasn’t a clue how to run this country let alone navigate the international landscape. He has as big a handicap in that respect as he has on the golf course. He even cheats there according to one who played with him has stated. He does however, make a perfect fit for Putin’s purpose and I am more than closed minded in my belief he definitely has ties to Russia. Look at staff. Look at his daughter photographed vacationing with her husband and Deng Murdoch, the rumored girlfriend of Putin. And Michael Flynn, ex Lt. Gen. who attended a gala held for Putin and was seated two chairs away from Putin. Flynn also was paid 15,000 dollars for speaking before a group just hours before the gala. Suspect that was to pay for traveling expenses. And Manafort, who had a brief run as Chairman of Trumps campaign. Then there’s a guy named Page, a financial adviser who does business in Russia, as did Manafort. Page’s office is just around the corner from Trump Tower. Quite a tail one can weave.

    Trump as president makes sense how and for who?