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Putin Just Signed Documents Declaring the United States and NATO a “Threat to National Security”


Russian President Vladimir Putin considers the aggressive expansion of NATO as a direct threat to the national security of Russia.

In response to the threat, Putin signed an official document updating Russia’s national security posture on Thursday.

“The buildup of the military potential of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and vesting it with global functions implemented in violations of norms of international law, boosting military activity of the bloc’s countries, further expansion of the alliance, the approach of its military infrastructure to Russian borders create a threat to the national security,” the document states.

“The independent domestic and foreign policy conducted by Russia triggers counteraction from the US and their allies seeking to keep up their domination in global affairs,” it adds.

Prior to release of the document, Russia moved to counter the expansion of NATO and its deployment of troops and equipment in Poland and the Baltic states by adding 40 intercontinental missiles to its nuclear arsenal. Russia also announced it would develop and deploy state-of-the art weaponry and equipment to its troops.

Russia and NATO ended cooperation following a referendum held on March 16, 2014, to integrate Crimea into the Russian Federation.

NATO’s Expansion

Since its formation in 1949 NATO has expanded from twelve members to 28. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War NATO continued its expansion and added Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, and Croatia to the alliance. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Macedonia, and Montenegro are currently recognized as aspiring members. Following the staged Euromaidan coup in Ukraine in 2014 installed Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said the country was considering NATO integration.

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The US State Department and globalists connected to the Council on Foreign Relations and other NGOs have proposed expanding NATO to include “democratic states from around the world,” including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and India.

In 2007 former New York Mayor and Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani called for the expansion of NATO to include major allies of the United States such as Australia, Singapore, India, Israel and Japan.

NATO missions and operations include support for the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan and Kosovo. Since the 1990s the alliance has linked up with the Euro-Atlantic Partnerships Council, the Mediterranean Dialogue, and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative.

NATO continues to enlarge its agenda well beyond its original mission.

In December it issued a “cooperative security” statement that listed “terrorism, piracy, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and cyber warfare” as threats of concern to its “global network of security partners that includes over 40 countries from around the globe, as well as international organizations including the United Nations, the European Union, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the African Union.”

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  • This has always been true

  • Hector Herrera

  • what do you mean maybe he is write with the actions of the united states and criminal mates it screams national security

  • US is the most dangerous county on the Globe

    • Israel is more dangerous. They’ve got their hooks in all our politicians

  • Not sure why he doesn’t like us.

    • why do U think, he don´t like U?
      Because he don´t like the war criminals in Langley and Washington?

    • But I am a red head, thought they were the land of the red. Geesh, discriminated there too.

  • Mister Putin is always right!;)

  • Putin sends weapons to North Korea and Iran. He’s a scumbag dictator

    • And the US sends weapons to ISIS, what’s your point?

    • And the US kills children…bigger scumbag

    • And you are a troll fake Mike I see your bigoted coments all over the place

    • A scum bag dictator? Who can more clearly see what a criminal Government we have than most of our own citizens.

    • It was Cuba who sent weapons to North Korea!

    • The Turks and Israelis gunned down two Russian planes fighting ISIS. Seen Putin start any wars against those two countries lately? Seems more like he is just doing his job stopping real terrorists.

  • He is right NATO keeps creeping up on his doorstep! Why we still have NATO is a damn mystery, didn’t the Warsaw pact dissolve?

  • Fred Broecker

  • Sadly he’s right in doing so as my country ,the US, has been taken over by a fascism that is a threat to freedom everywhere.

    • Well said Edward

    • and yall voted it in twice…. and two times before that and it all started when george bush sr went on tv and declared the new world order will take over the world … stay safe guys

    • Corey Ronson I didn’t vote this shit in and it started back when I was born in the 1940’s

    • Corey Ronson Twice is not enough; voted it i at least and probably more than eight times.

    • The U.N. was started in 1948. But it began with Rothschild and The Federal Reserve

    • jeez!

  • We are scared of ‘Murica too…

  • Black Dog Survival School

  • Way to go Vlad, nice move

  • He’s right.

  • Article 51 of the UN Charter.

  • Certainly if Trump gets in.

  • 2016 finally

  • kinda wish Canada would dump the states and join up with Russia instead

  • US is the biggest arms dealer on the Globe bar none

  • U.S. and Nato are a threat to the whole worlds security

    • I agree, but so is Russia and China. They both bully smaller Countries and ignore their borders just like the US does, well, maybe not quite as bad as we do but you know, we have to use drones to bomb those Countries for our safety. Smh.

    • “For our safety”? The U.S. does it to steal oil soooo….

    • Vincent, I enjoyed your sarcasm.

    • go on please,good reading lol haha

    • US trying to rule the world, good job Putin.

    • Russia might not agree with the US ‘world order’ But for sure he would like his own.. All world leaders a cunts that includes putin

    • Kevin Peter Cleary Wrong

    • Truth…..and I’m a US citizen who knows wtf the gov is doing in my name……

    • btw it’s not the US doing it, it’s the bankers doing it in the name of the US people- so they have somewhere to run and so there’s a scapegoat for them.

    • Its the U.S. government and military doing it under the banksters orders or not they are still the ones doing it

    • How do you know it’s wrong Dragon ? Putin is acting like he is is Syria for the safety of Russians at home. When it’s pretty clear he is there because the us want to run a gas pipe threw Syria cutting Russia out of the European energy market.. Putin would not be there if it was not something in it for Russia .. It’s not that I don’t like Russian I just hate all world leaders . They all make out like they are doing good for the people when it’s so obvious that they all have their own agendas and it’s not to make Normal citizens better of.. Putin was going to show evidence of 911 being a inside job but he won’t because it shows he is just an arsehole like the rest of them. Cause if he could prove it would just shows he didn’t mind the massacre of nearly 2 million people aslong as things were benifitting him in someone way. Like a child he was going to pull that out of the bag when sanctions were placed on Russia .. I haven’t got anything against most people but world leaders like I said are cunts. I could go on for hours about how these leaders are nothing but power hungry ficks

    • Well he’s the only one with the balls to go after the elites and there’s a lot more to it than a pipeline the U.S. have been surrounding Russia with its bases for yrs now and he’s not going to let that happen with Syria who is the aggressor here its not Russia

  • USARMY + nato a source global tension and terrorism

  • Like this was news.. US is a terror threat to the whole world.. omfg.. why is this even hard to belive?

    • what about Israel,Switzerland etc.???

    • Israel deosent exist.. Its a mob that hijiacked Palestina.. Self pro claimed state… Switzerland? i have no clue about them… and that must be good.. :> Netanjah = Hitler reborn.. imao..

  • Its in all fairness since we regularly declare Russia a national security threat.

  • He is right. Of that there is no question. Just look at the missiles in countries bordering Russia. Almost all US missiles. If this isn`t an aggressive stature by the US then I don`t know what is. Think about the threat of the USSR putting missiles in Cuba.

  • HE is the terrorist threat! He is a Zionist puppet who is poisoning our air, food and water! Arming and funding known Islamic terrorists! And burning our constitution! Arrest the traitor now!

  • Add Iseral to the list as well.

  • I happen to agree with Putin… I don’t know what’s in Putin’s mind & heart but I do agree with him on this……

  • The United states and NATO are a threat to the entire planet.

  • Updated2015 state of the Earth. The Zionists, Obama and their UN are already spraying us with chemical and biological weapons for new world order domination and population reduction(genocide)……http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=15986

  • i have adored him for 2 years <3 He said "Russia will become beacons of hope for the world." http://www.rense.com/general82/hope.htm a Cayce Prophesy abt Russia

    • You’ve adored Putin? Or am I misunderstanding?

    • Wait-Edgar Cayce?

    • Connie Mandac yas…like drawn to him…like been feeling hopeful abt him & i even imagined he will be demonized because he is against the NWO….they say he plays their game, but i don’t believe it because of the natural & pure love i feel for him…like the way Ur Daddy makes U feel when U r scared,…hard to explain…

    • Who the fuck put you on this planet!? He’s a former KGB, murdering, oligarchy sustaining, commie douche bag to the core and you feel natural and pure love for him!? What Kind of daddy issues does one need to think like this? He is against the NWO? Who the fuck told you that? He is a part of the mid-game catalyst that creates the NWO! Holy fuck!….
      Please say that you were just fucking with me. Fucking please….

  • It’is more like “what took him so long”….US and NATO are a threat to humanity, they are the biggest terrorists in the world and we will not know peace until they are gone. We need a new system with a new paradigm that is in accordance to natural and universal law, not the destruction of humanity, it has to be beneficial to the human condition and the health.of the planet~ Enough is enough…

  • Yep/…

  • He is right, USA have been bombing and killing any countries that serve a purpose to them since WW2. they’ve killed more people than the Nazi’s and no one says anything!!!! Good on u Vladimir, you’re the World’s biggest hope

    • No different to Russia then.Where America went . Russia created the problem. Korea =Russia. Vietnam =Russia. Cuba=Russia. Africa =Russia. Afghanistan =Russia. Middle East =Russia. South America =Russia.

    • Yeah, just what we need a homophobe
      Megalomaniac taking the place of Nato. Can’t wait for that one. Lol
      The world is definitely getting sicker not better
      I’ll stick with the Rothschilds HA HA !!!

  • of course he is right. anything the US is involved in is trouble

  • exactly what the politicians want… WWIII to thin out the herd… which seems to need thinning anyhow considering all the trump loving bastards and communist tards … i hope they all sign up for front line battle and have themselves a jolly good time..

  • He’s not wrong. Now, if he can just get control of the organized crime in Russia.

  • So like if they come over here, is there a sign I can hold up saying “I DIDN’T FUCKING ABOVE OF THIS SHIT!” so I can like join or not die.

  • The problem with Putin, is he has an agenda, just like everyone else.

  • He’s right, cause we keep provoking him….

  • Turkey is in NATO and they are helping ISIS.

  • Duh…

  • Its not a maybe ANYMORE ! Its a FACT

  • He’s NO HERO, but he is correct.

  • He said what has been obvious for way too long. Not all Americans are dumbed down and supportive of our criminal Government. What do we do about it? Citizens United made sure our threat of not voting for them wouldn’t matter.

  • what do I think? nothing. The headline wasn’t complete.

  • You can damned sure bet that if Russian officials were caught organizing and carrying out a coup to oust the government of Mexico and then proceeding to pour military and financial aid into the region, the USA government would regard it as a threat.

    • That’s a great point and an accurate comparison ??

  • A threat to the whole world!

  • The blue sphere alliance, solar warden, the blue avians and the agent of the awakening !! People get on it !!

  • I tell you what I think if we actually lived in a free country.

  • Slavs are usually right about this…

  • yes he’s right

  • Putin is right.. and the US is simply the military hand of Rothschild..

  • Fuck that bitch Putin! Fucking hypocrite. The Free Thought Project.com don’t like the pimp they got they want a new pimp. Pimp Putin.

  • I dunno what the fuck Putin is talkin bout, he’s no different.

  • Agreed!

  • What I’m worried about is if us, the citizens, will also be considered threats to national security.

  • I’m not to concerned with what the Russians are concerned with, but the United States is certainly the single greatest threat to U.S. national security!

  • worry about your own country Putin take care of your states first ie Ukraine and Chechnya instead of bitching about others

    • State Department spokesman Admiral John Kirby’s year in review “Official Blog” comments focus on reinventing history.
      It’s hard taking rubbish he wrote seriously, substituting fiction for facts, ignoring America’s endless war on humanity at home and abroad.
      Claiming America reestablished diplomatic relations with Cuba, Kirby failed to explain its imperial objectives – to return the island state to colonial status, exploit its people and resources under officials it controls, the same dirty scheme it has in mind for all independent nations.
      Positive steps were achieved in the war on terrorism, Kirby claimed. The so-called “war” is the greatest hoax in modern times.
      ISIS and other major terrorist groups are US creations – armed, funded, trained and deployed as imperial foot soldiers, doing America’s killing and dying for it.
      Ecological destruction is unrestrained.
      Fossil fuel use continues unabated. Dangerous nuclear power is expanding. A Fukushima-type incident on US soil is just a matter of time.
      Foods and ingredients permitted to be sold are hazardous to human health – GMOs and others saturated with dangerous chemicals.
      Many rushed to market with inadequate testing prescription drugs cause more harm than good – drug industry bandits allowed to push them the way illicit traffickers sell their wars – often at unaffordable prices.
      Perhaps his most outrageous claim was saying America is “bringing peace (and) security to Syria – aiding) the Syrian people during their time of need.”
      Obama bears full responsibility for one of history’s great crimes – launching war in March 2011, continuing it unabated without mercy, using ISIS and other takfiri terrorists as imperial foot soldiers, bombing Syrian infrastructure and government targets, wanting Assad replaced by a US-controlled puppet.
      Preventing “peace and security” are central to Washington achieving its aims.
      Admiral John Kirby is Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Public Affairs, serving as the department’s spokesman.
      His job involves disseminating propaganda and other misinformation, suppressing vital truths. I THINK WE SERIOUSLY NEED TO TAKE CARE OF THE U.S. AND NATO FIRST TO KEEP THE WORLD SAFE AND HOPEFULLY ONCE BOTH DISAPPEAR THE WORLD WILL KNOW PEACE AND PROSPERITY FOR ALL OF HUMANITY ~ http://www.globalresearch.ca/delusional-us-claimed-2015-success-stories-reinventing-history-on-the-official-state-department-blog/5498874#st_refDomain=www.facebook.com&st_refQuery=/

    • His grandfather was a snake-oil salesman who sold ‘cancer’ cures to the public, mostly women, as he traveled across the United States, calling himself, ‘the celebrated Dr. Livingston.’

      There’s nothing like good press and propaganda to make a decent living. The same man was also indicted for rape, but never formally charged. The Rockefeller duplicity of character and complete disregard for public health have carried into almost every aspect of modern corporatism. We no longer make laws based on the well being of the public at large: Rockefeller amassed his wealth almost entirely with a global strong hold on oil production – a habit common to companies that rape foreign soil and instigate war, and are still practicing today.
      Corporations are allowed to dump toxins like oil into oceans, and are free to grow and market GM foods when they are proven to cause cancer, stop organ functioning and cause infertility.
      Banking systems, via the Federal Reserve, and other fluffy brokerage houses are given carte blanch to rape us, by gambling away our money, sucking down cash through tax dollars, and shoving huge debts off onto the people of multiple countries.
      We are also sold ‘cancer’ cures in the form of chemo and radiation when they are being proven to cause death while definitely supporting a booming industry monopolized by a small handful of pharmaceutical companies.
      We’ve been sold snake oil, in the very least, and it appears more likely that we are part of a greater plan, which the Nazis first introduced pre-WWII, and which the Rockefellers sympathized with.
      Eugenics, or population cleansing and control are happening whether you want to use that specific terminology or not.
      Others have suggested returning to a simpler way of life, choosing to purchase fewer things, and invest more in people and experiences. Ultimately it will have to be a system of governance that honors both the individual and the whole. http://humansarefree.com/2016/01/the-shady-past-of-rockefeller-family.html

    • Barbara Colon you should look in to your web sites like globalresearch It’s no surprise then that the site has long become a magnet for radicals, fringe figures and whacko elements from the left in general.http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Globalresearch

    • and you humans are free Humans Are Free is a website that promotes pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, and other miscellaneous bullshit. Whenever these guys say “scientifically proven”, you can bet that it’s wrong. and those are just 2 websites not gonna waste any time researching on any of them if its all bullshit … http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Humans_Are_Free

    • Lets keep in the here and now please

    • Well putin puts out a lot of propaganda in so many outlets and I think he uses a lot of the harsh realities that Americans don’t want to acknowledge. A lot of what Barbara says is true. I think the question of how to address these issues is necessary to keep putin from having any issue he can use to point out our denial. We mess up we have allowed corporations and big money to have too much influence over our politics. I’m just saying we should deal with the legitimate subject matter that’s become a black eye bc a lot of people r going to the far end of the spectrum that will use the truth as a reason to turn on our own govt.

  • whish he would have pointed firectly Obama, and Hillery! and the whole of united nations!

  • Stuff Putin. Power crazed nut job.Once KGB always KGB.Trying to rekindle Soviet union era.Putin is an expert at grabbing the moment. But usually rubbish at the long game.He is great at being at the right place at the right moment. But has little idear on how to get out of the situation when it goes wrong.

  • I bet he is , but only time will tell how far Obama and benksters will go and how much will Putin push back

  • People all the sudden act like Russia is some great shit. Bunch of idiots. They are a corrupt nation with corrupt leaders run by the wealthy as an oligarchy.

    • yea, not like america where the corrupt rich don’t rule huh?

    • About Russia it’s 100% accurate – it is extremely corrupted and run by the wealthy ..

    • Jay Cryer I was just saying they are the same

  • Works for me.

  • He ain’t lying though.

  • The US and NATO war machine is a threat to World Security not just Russian, its time to take the profit out of war, stop selling weapons

  • Job opportunity


  • If you watched the last Republican debate, you know that he is absolutely right! Trump and Christie are both warmonering lunatics!

  • Mr V. Putin IS RIGHT. No ifs and buts.

  • It’s true of course, but NATO is just the firearm of the Federal Reserve.

  • He is absolutely Right!

  • This guy jails or disappears his opposition. There are no redeeming qualities He was head of the KGB in Eastern Europe

  • And people assume Donald Trump is dangerous . . . he’s got nothing on Putin; jailing journalists, an acknowledged homophobe, jails dissenters, arranges the murder of those who seem a threat and is complicit in the corruption in FIFA and systematic doping of Russian athletes.
    How anyone can have even the slightest liking of anything this megalomaniac says or does is beyond me.

    • Stop watching Fox and CNN. And don’t forget your govt is in bed with the Saudis and the apartheid regime of Israel.

    • I watch neither. CNN are outdated, Fox is just a mouthpiece for Murdoch and his friends, Al Jazzera although newish are the better source, I’ve formed my own opinion based on reading a lot of unbiased, confirmed reports. How can Putin say Blatter deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, he’s openly endorsed Trump as someone he could work with. Trump is nothing short of a populist with no backbone.
      Israel has gone too far in some of its actions in what it says is defending itself. The Palestinians also have gone too far in its desire to form its own , and deserved, state.
      Don’t automatically assume what I believe in without knowing me first.

    • Myles Smiley Just stop talking, I am sure whatever you got to say can wait until you are smarter,

    • Point taken Ian I do know that there isn’t a good guy in the entire bunch. They’re all assclowns.
      Thanks Jeff, I will take your opinion under advisement, geez I wonder how I’ve even functioned at all for 50 plus years.

    • Oh and Jeff this is for you

    • The Zionist controlled, mainstream media seems to have been quite effective, in your case.

    • For f*cks sake! Not everyone’s opinion that doesn’t match your own means it’s been hijacked by the Israelis! People are capable of forming their own opinions. I’m neither pro Israel or pro Palestine but some of the garbage that’s ladled out, (as

    • John’s post shows), is ridiculous.

    • Lol.. you think Putin dopes athletes..? Please man.. and do you recon Snowden and Assange would have any comments on your other statement? The USA is perpetually bombing and killing.. use the Google machine

  • That is good for you Putin – that may in fact be true.

  • As long as he remembers that the government policies do not reflect the will of the people.

  • Why are you even asking this? The US and NATO are the biggest terrorists on the planet. Certainly the most dangerous.

  • NOT ONLY ‘United States and NATO a “Threat to National Security” BUT ALSO FOR THE WORLD PEACE AND STABILITY .

  • about time…

  • And this is what it’s all about; The American empire is dying (exactly as every empire in history has died) and is engaging in a “poison the wells” exit strategy.

  • Didn’t putin occupy crimea for no reason…us isnt problem leaders and political bodies are …no?

  • I think Putin is right!!!

  • he’s right.

  • Not just national security, world security. If Clinton gets a chance, she’ll start a world war.

  • This government that the US of A has now is a threat to every nation. It is the most crooked government in the history of America

  • Of course he’s right!

  • He’s totally fucking right.

  • Really, Putin? He is a dictator. He rules with total power. Like our congress.

  • Russia is now joined with China are killing the shit out of Isis Obama, nato and Turkey are not happy about it that should be enough to wake people up but the links that the media will go to to cover some things up is disturbing

  • Those with even with 1/2 a brain knows this..

  • No duh. NATO is a tool, like the genitals of a horny deranged beast. We should not be fooled to think Putin is a hero, though. Satan is in charge, & like I once heard Santa Claus say: “we’re toast!”

  • Growing up in New York we ALWAYS knew the U.N. was full of CRIMINALS and THUGS!

  • What exactly does this mean? Is America about to pay for its past and present sins?

  • 🙂

  • Sick of the BS going on?? A free world is waiting for those in need. The technology is here now to supply the necessities we need to survive, we only have to create this free world. Out with the old and in with the new. Its time for change. Join this group to be part of the change>https://www.facebook.com/groups/265603456982790/ .

  • who cares this little fucking fagot russian bitch

  • What if we change the way America is run? Why not be ruled by a Queen or king instead?

  • Absolutely!
    And international security…

  • May be right? I think he’s spot on. But we all know that, right?

    • He’s using truths to manipulate. He’s right but he’s a totalitarian. We shouldn’t give him any credit for pointing out facts that many others already have.


  • Now he’s bullying them. That’s real scary.

  • Why not include th UN?? It’s as terrible, if not worse.

  • Oh the totalitarian dictator Putin is going to point his finger. Yes he’s right but its the pot calling the kettle black. There are many legitimate folks who have pointed out the corruption in U.S govt. Do they get a meme do people care when they speak out. No but when the corporate thug tyrant points out his competitors are doing what he wants to do but better. Everyone goes oh well he’s right, that’s a good point. Putin will only gain from dividing Americans.

    • And that is why America must stand united against the rest of the world! Great speech :))) Are you a comedian?

  • o crap cold war 2 putin cry

  • Add the WHO, World bank and a bunch of others to that.

  • India in NATO ? Last time I heard they were in this Brics thing

  • He is right.

  • China wants their money back two…

  • Unfortunately, Putin has demonstrated he wants to emulate the imperialism of the US. With growth-consumption economies environmental destruction and endless wars are guaranteed as everybody seeks to have the too much we have. There needs to be a grass roots movement to do with less, stop competing for resources to make stuff we don’t need. Voting Bernie is a start but only a small start

  • Thats the United States Whitemen Government!

  • America is a much greater threat to the world than Russia. They at least had the integrity to defy orders and not nuke another nation. We on the other hand, will enable, finance, and even initiate violence against ourselves for the privilege of proactive “self defense “

  • And Putin is 100% correct! Russia have right to defend against USA criminal hegemony. Wich will end very soon…

  • sounds like “axis of evil” kind of stuff.

  • He’s 15 years late. But we already know……..

  • Of course he’s right.

  • Putins a man we have women

  • Putins a man we have women

  • NATO followas america and they are terroists

  • Wish he was our president

  • FUCK PUTIN , He’s not to be admired, he has no interest in Civil rights or his countrymen, only the expansion of his KGB agenda and the restoration of the Soviet Block. How stupid are these people, we bailed them after the fall with billions in investment and loans. Not since Gorbecheck has there been any interest in trying to cooperate with the west they did during the end of the cold war. he {Putin} wants to dominate,all of what was the former Soviet Block, but now because of falling petrol prices,preferably with his puppet Assad the Levant.

    • A man who cares about his country and the future of his children and grandchildren. Wish we had a politician with that sense. Instead of giving it away to anybody that wants to swim run or jump here.

  • Putin: #MeAgainstTheWorld – #ThugLife

  • Of course he is right!

  • I think he’s right.

  • I think that putin is the most dangerous person on the planet. And he is as insane as hitler and stalin.

  • He is always right!

  • He’s got a point we’ve destabilized the Middle East and put American airbases in all of the former Soviet States. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the missile defense system that’s almost certainly medium range offensive tactical nukes. America pooped bricks when Russia wanted to put nukes in Cuba in 1962. Fifty-two years later Russia is surrounded by NATO and American bases.

  • Putin is a hell of alot more right than most americans care to admit thats for sure

  • On this one, he’s right.

  • Russia AND the usa AND nato are a threat to humanity lol

  • Chris Coles putin or cameron? I know who my money is on!

  • on wie go gada.,

  • No, the scary thing is, you’re just as stupid as Mr. Putin.

  • Everything to start WWIII 🙁 study history GUYS because WWII was created and controled by the WEST!

  • He is right.

  • He is right, but he needs to be clear, it is “not the people” it is the ass holes in office”

  • he is right our Government has become what we swore to defend from.

  • All of you pro-Putin useful idiots should relocate to Putin’s Russia. After a month you’ll be begging to return to the tyranny of the west.

  • the truth will still be true even if no one believes it…..sad for us that he is right…

  • Kennedy was almost responsible for wiping out the world as we know it due to having Russian missiles in Cuba but we are putting them right on the Russian boarder. Kennedy was in violation of international law but If he could do it Russia should have every right to be the same.

  • And so it begins ….well done to all politicians who voted for war ..give yourselves a big pat on the back ….nobody’s going to thank you for it

  • these crown corporations are a threat to all worldwide murdered hundreds of millions already

  • Putin kettle black

  • he is 100% right

  • He’s right.

  • Threat to world security is more like it!

  • sounds right to me.

  • may be??

  • We are so outgunned by Russia it’s insane . Example : bombers that cost 70,000 dollars that go 1000 miles per hour faster than out 2 billion dollar bombers that can’t fly in the rain

  • Job security

  • Putin is a DICTATOR !!!!!

  • NATO must be Awake to Stop Russia Agression.

  • If he really did this? Then it is correct in all ways.

  • Well, hell, that’s nothing new! he’s alway been our enemy and don’t you forget it!

  • As each individual experiences enough pain and suffering they slowly come to the awareness of self governence..

  • absolutely

  • May..?

  • You know those movies where you see the Russia Mafia? The one with the ruthless leader ? This is he