ROME | The B-52 Stratofortress – the backbone of American nuclear response during the cold war is currently deployed in Operation Saber Strike within the NATO exercises codenamed Operation Atlantic Resolve. This is more proof that the Cold War rivalry between the United States and Russia has new life. Amidst these rising tensions, Vladimir Putin just gave NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg a slap across the face in an awkward attempt to ease fears of a global conflict.

While Stoltenberg was in Washington making his case against Russia to the “American War Party” he declared Russian advances and military exercises on the Ukrainian border as part of an emerging threat to Europe.

As we’ve been following in the news room – both US/NATO Forces and Russian forces have been escalating military exercises and testing each other’s border security.

Most recently a Russian SU 24 attack fighter buzzed the USS Ross in the Black Sea.

Now Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera has quoted Putin’s insult of Stoltenberg:

“Only an insane person and only in a dream can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO.”

Obviously Stoltenberg and his advisors have considered such a scenario.

Rhetoric is rhetoric but on the world stage accusing another world leader of riding the crazy train is another form of posturing. Another move on the chessboard if you will.

With NATO troops testing Anti-ballistic Missile defense systems and 13,000 coalition forces at the ready, deciding to insult them all isn’t the wisest of moves – which begs the question… Who is driving the Crazy Train, Stoltenberg or Putin?

If you ask me, I’ll get off at the next stop.

What about you? How long can the world ride the crazy train before it goes off the rails?

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Reporting for the New Media Coalition of the Next News Network and the Free Thought Project I’m Gary Franchi.