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The Only Person Going to Jail For Eric Garner’s Death is the Man Who Filmed it, and He’s Getting 4 years

Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed the most infamous police killing of Eric Garner – and was thereafter targeted by police in a barrage of “false and/or trumped up charges” – was sentenced to four years in prison for gun possession and drug charges.

While many of NYPD’s finest will celebrate the silencing of an activist who helped expose police brutality, the reality is that another man is being locked in a cage for victimless crimes, while the one who murdered Eric Garner walks free.

“Ramsey Orta told his family “it will be okay” in Staten Island Supreme Court as Justice Stephen Rooney read out his sentence.

As court officers put handcuffs on Orta, protesters stood up in the courtroom, holding their fists in the air, flashing peace signs and chanting, “No justice no peace! F–k these racist police!”

The only two charges that stuck were possessing a handgun and selling heroin to an undercover cop. However, according to Orta’s family, no fingerprints or DNA belonging to Orta were found on the gun.

We can only hope that Orta does not suffer physical and mental abuse while in the confines of a prison. He endured a short time in jail last year until a grassroots fundraising effort bailed him out, but while there Orta found rat poison in his food and refused to eat.

“My biggest fear about prison would be not coming out alive. I fear for myself being behind enemy lines,” said Orta. “I’m going in there with a level head. I’m praying that I can come right out and continue my life as an activist.”

We can’t help but be reminded of another police brutality activist – Sandra Bland – who mysteriously died in jail after being pulled over for improper lane usage.

“We’re feeling really upset,” said Lisa Ricardo, Orta’s aunt. “I would tell the police, don’t touch him. Hands off Ramsey. Leave him alone in jail.”

Orta’s video of officer Daniel Pantaleo putting Eric Garner in a banned chokehold which brought him chest down on the ground and caused his death — for the “crime” of selling loose cigarettes — was one of the most disturbing, yet important, moments in police accountability. “I can’t breathe” were Garner’s tragic last words.

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The world watched as American cops singled out an innocent black man and murdered him in broad daylight on the streets of New York. Garner’s death and the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson woke up the nation to the problem of police brutality.

Ramsey Orta was instrumental in the movement, and now he will be shut away by the very same forces he fought to expose. The relentless pursuit of Orta by vengeful cops has finally come to an end.

“Orta said in July he was “tired of fighting” and would plead guilty to criminal possession of a weapon and criminal sale of a controlled substance.”

While Orta will be locked in a cage for four years for victimless crimes, the NYPD officer who murdered an innocent black man will be enjoying his freedom and his blue privilege.

  • Steve Thompson


  • john smith

    since when is possession of a gun a crime?

    • JennaTrull

      If it’s a handgun that’s not licensed and registered, that’s a crime in several states.

      • john smith

        wow i was mistaken i though this was in the united states
        because over here the right to bear arms cannot be infringed

        • Yes if you legitimately acquire the gun and have it registered. In order to do so the gun shops have to run a complete background check that takes 3 days. This is why criminals buy “hot” guns, aka stolen.

          • john smith

            i don’t see a registration clause can you point that out to me?

          • Go do your own homework and educate yourself on state laws if you feel so inclined to do so, I’m not you little errand boy. I don’t see a single bit of intelligent thought within you, can you point that out to me?

          • john smith

            how dose having a gun equate to it must be stolen?

          • Can you not read? Or you are just trolling. Either way, you are extremely ignorant to how laws work.

          • john smith

            you didn’t point out the clause..is there no clause?
            is it you who is ignorant of the law?
            i can point out a law that says there can be no laws that infringe on the right to bear arms.
            do you want to see it or are you going to make some more stuff up?

          • Chuck Thom

            It’s right in there with the first amendment clause that says you can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater, Derp.

          • TechGump

            You know that argument was first used in a Supreme Court ruling (now overturned) Schenck v. United States which held that the defendant’s “dangerous” speech in opposition to the draft during World War I was not protected free speech.
            Ouch! Perhaps you ought find another example.

          • It varies from state to state. An example would be in Florida you must take a firearms course(usually at a gun shop), receive a certificate for that, then if you are interested purchasing a weapon, they must do a hard pull on your background, taking a minimum of 3 days to come back. After all that, to actually get your firearms license, you must take a test, testing you on what you learned from the firearms course. Nothing I state is “made up”. Again, amendments were altered before, they will be again. Lots of things happen over the course of 150 years, thus the need for change.

          • john smith

            im sorry that you fall for this stuff but none of those laws are valid the constitution is the law of the land

          • LoL righto. Just believe in that, it will take you far, lol. Like straight to jail. As stated before by another person, those are simply empty words now, and they WILL be altered eventually.

          • john smith

            The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, Molon labe

          • Yes, it will be your foolish blood shed indeed, patriot. Pride in a land mass is for ignorant people.

          • Tim Gingell

            The USA’s slavish adherence to an oumoded decree puts it right at the forefront of modern barbarity. The US should grow up out of its teenage violence it holds so dear.

          • john smith

            the second amendment is about anti violence
            and the having the ability to thwart violence
            ,your words are hollow and filled with tyrannical rhetoric
            from lack of historical education or direct subversion

          • Righto. Man this ignorance is astounding. Like I said to Ed, Go prove it! Get out there and start breaking these “non-valid” state laws to make a difference!! The difference would be you would no longer be typing on a computer in your comfortable home, you’ll be using a shitty shared cum stained computer with a bunch of thug criminals, if your lucky. Have fun with that.

          • billdeserthills

            New York makes their own rules on handgun ownership, just like california, illinois and other sanctuary states

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            “in Florida you must take a firearms course(usually at a gun shop), receive a certificate for that”
            No, that’s not true. I purchased three guns in Florida over the years, and I didn’t have to go through any of that.

          • Maybe it has changed since you purchased them? I know that was the case for me when I lived in FL a few years ago. The course was appointed necessary by the state. They would not let you take the final test for your firearms license without a certificate from a gun safety course. At least that’s how it was for me. Anyways, my example was to provide the other guy with a reference point, since it does vary state to state.

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          • Charles Batchelor

            Look, we all know that gun restrictions should be found unconstitutional but they haven’t so your droning on on it does nothing but make you sound stupid. He was charged with possession of a unregistered firearm, a requirement in that state. He was also charged with and convicted of selling Heroin, both felony crimes. He wasn’t convicted for filming or other such nonsense that you want to use but two serious crimes. As for the “banned” chock hold, that was proven that the hold the cop used wasn’t the banned one and that the suspect died because he was obese and fighting with the cops. Also, the victim wasn’t a victims, he was a criminal selling illegal cigarettes without the tax stamp, a crime in every state.

          • cosmopolite

            The possession and consumption of all drugs should be legalised ASAP. The War on Drugs does more damage to our society and its freedoms than drug use does.

            “As for the “banned” chock hold, that was proven that the hold the cop
            used wasn’t the banned one…”
            What is “proof” and who did the proving? I believe that all cases of possible excessive force by police officers should be investigated by the office of the state attorney general. Otherwise, the potential conflicts of interest are huge.
            Force was used to arrest a suspect, and as a result of that force, the suspect died. This is gravely deplorable; the rest is detail.

            “…and that the suspect died because he was
            obese and fighting with the cops.”
            Resisting a violent arrest should not cost you your life. That some ghetto residents are obese is a fact of life that police procedure must take into account. Just as police procedure needs to take into account that some citizens are deaf, autistic, or mentally handicapped.

            “Also, the victim wasn’t a victims, he
            was a criminal selling illegal cigarettes without the tax stamp, a crime
            in every state.”

            That is not a crime deserving death on the spot, without trial. A human being can break the law, and still be a victim of police brutality or of corrupt law enforcement. Most important of all, is that a law enforcement officer is not an executioner.

            I have seen the Eric Garner video, where the cops acted as if they were on steroids. I agree with Garner’s daughter when she said on TV news that her father was killed not because of racism, but because the police officers involved had this mindset that anything sort of immediate and total submission to them is a personal insult deserving immediate violent punishment.

          • hehe

            Person died because he was obese??? and fighting with the cops? You believe that shit and call other ppl stupid? So this chock hold was quite something than eh? Man you just act smart but below no wisdom. Try to think a little about what you said…

          • Stuart Carilli

            Statism is strong with this one…

          • lawmanjed

            Charles Batchelor – Are you seriously defending those cops in the Garner incident? Over selling single cigarettes? You need to check your priorities and your morality. Just leave the guy alone. Oh, no the city state doesn’t get it’s 1 cent in taxes, sounds like a capital offense. Wow, put it in perspective would ya!

          • joe foley

            how tell us about your wonderful war of independence when you broke free of foreign tyranny ..you know that bossiness of the 1% tax how… much you pay now suckers??

          • Ignatz

            ” that the suspect died because he was obese and fighting with the cops.”

            He wasn’t fighting them. He was complaining and they threw him to the ground and jumped on him. FIVE cops at ONCE.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            Man, I gotta wonder what color the sky is on your planet. It must make for some amazing sunsets!

          • junktex

            Or don’t work i..e. Hillary

          • joe foley

            “how the law works” well we are getting an idea of how it of how it really works and it doesn’t look so pretty….

          • When is it Supposed to “look pretty”? Never. Laws are in place to keep a civilization civil period. Pretty simple if you ask me.

          • joe foley

            laws are made by people in power largely to protect those in power ..property laws are made to protect those with property to protect ..those with privilege and property wish to protect their position I know I have some property and life to protect however when we have laws made to raise revenue or to fill your truly evil prison for profit slave system you cant claim that the law is now about protecting civil society. Further than that the laws may be just but the enforcement may be corrupt . Laws may be selectively enforced on the basis of race or class . Undue amounts of violence maybe employed because of the deliberate employment of vicious unstable persons . That in itself should open many questions even for one as simple as you Mr Slave

          • Not really. Point out what laws deem an individual to commit a crime. Which specific laws are you speaking of that “raise revenue” directly? I’ve understood the concept that we are ALL slaves to a system for quite some time now (thus the name, as we are slaves to many things, hunger, our jobs, the interenet(lol), etc…), and that prisons MOSTLY exist to profit from, which is definitely unjust. The fact is there will always be some corruption within positions of power. There are good people along with the bad. Another fact is that we are too far within the development of our current system for any actual reformation to occur, currently. Complete civil unrest would be the only thing that would change how things work in America, and other corrupt countries, like all of them lol. As civilians, and personally, it is not too hard to stay out of prison, as long as you follow the laws. I don’t know about you, but a prison sentence or possibly being murdered in the process not worth trying to make a change/difference in the system. Each to their own though.

          • joe foley

            the US is one of the most taxed countries on the planet …(no I dont have the figures) and you are not getting much for the money.. The money is going to your military you know the terror and mass murder industries because thats what the military is. Alright you cant just abolish the military because everyone else has a terror and killing machine too however what you have to consider is that now the military are calling the shots and creating enemies because thats their job to fight enemies. So this discussion is about what police strong arm methods and its all part of the same machine. The police are not

          • Funny question at the end there LOL…. The answer would be no. Regardless, I do get what you are saying. After researching some serious topics, and seeing for myself the “type” of corruption in certain sectors of the government, the CIA in this case, it’s truly sickening. There’s proof all over youtube, just recently, about the Newtown massacres in Connecticut being a completely staged hoax to stricken gun laws and to have people give 12million in charity to these “families” when no one was murdered what so ever. The kids are ALL still alive, proven on youtube as well. They were at the fucking Superbowl for a performance, like we wouldn’t be able to put the pieces together. They think we are all that stupid. Thankfully some civilians are speaking out though and summoned the chief of police there to civil court proceedings attempting to prove falsified documents, as well as the fact that it was a complete set up. One of the “fathers” of a dead son was on the scene of the Newtown massacre in a military uniform, unprofessionally carrying his weapon, in which later he “having his son die in the massacre(bullshit)” went in front of a court to ask for stricter gun laws. Why would a father be in a military uniform? He was a crisis actor, paid to be at the scene of the crime. You can tell simply by the way he was speaking in these court proceedings that he was coaxed and guided to do so, attempting to and succeeding in making Connecticut gun laws stricter. We have things like these crisis actors WAITING at events to be interviewed by a specific media outlet in order to provide little to no generic evidence of what really happened. Just the fact that these crisis actors are in waiting at “terrorist” events such as the Boston marathon bombings, proves to me, at least, that the CIA planted those bombs, not some Arab guy. We are under attack by our own government in order to retain a consistent state of chaos and possibly put us all in Fema camps if a state of emergency was declared country wide. The provocations and generally the turning of their heads the other way towards the movements calling for the deaths of police officers and white people means to me that they want it to happen. A race war, in order to have an excuse to murder by the masses. It’s worse out there than I ever thought before, and I’d truly love to leave this country at this point, but I have too many ties here to do so. That might change soon enough though. I’ve seen the light at this point so to speak. Check out that shit if you haven’t already. I’m also arming myself now, and totally get what what you were saying about our rights being impeded upon. We live and we learn, sometimes the hard way, and mostly on our own accord. This shit is serious.

          • lawmanjed

            True enough about Sandy Hook being staged! At least they got the two Boston Marathon brothers, who of course were the only two actors involved: two bombs = two perps, and only two perps, of course!

          • Glad to see others with their eyes wide open. Sandy Hook was staged for sure. The thing is, one crisis actress in particular is seen and interviewed as a concerned “neighbor” of a parent whom “lost(got paid)” their child in the hoax. She is again seen and interviewed at the Boston marathon bombings, directly after the event had taken place. This means she was in waiting to be interviewed, by CNN in this case, with the knowledge beforehand of where the bombs were going to go off to stay out of the melee. With the fact that this crisis actress had this knowledge beforehand, it was for sure a set-up, CIA style. She is also seen at many other “terrorist” type events and interviewed by CNN, yet once again. She dyes her hair and poorly tries to switch up her image, yet its painfully obvious that it is the same person, always in waiting to be interviewed. In other words, many atrocities that take place across America are simply the CIA spreading fear and blaming it on “terrorists” that do not exist. Those “Brothers” you saw as the “perps” were never there. Those were coroner pictures of Arabs already dead, most likely from the Iraq war. One specifically has an ak47 wound in his chest, in which being as close to the bombs as they said they were, they would have been obliterated. Those bombs were placed on the scene by CIA agents, and then remotely detonated, with crisis actors and actresses waiting at the scene to be interviewed, supplying vague generic information in order to not give away too many specifics, SINCE it was a CIA set-up. Basically, as citizens, we can now assume that any “terrorist” act labeled out by the media is an inside job, and not terrorist what so ever. I will post links to all of the evidence.

          • 1. Sandy Hook ‘Dad’ Caught Playing Two Roles • Crisis Actor Parent and Swat Team Member • Part 1 (part 2 reveals a little more, part 3 is not as relevant, but part 1 is the main one you must watch in its entirety.)



            2. Crisis Actor Caught For The Fifth Time In The San Bernardino Shooting Hoax (The Female crisis actor that works directly with CNN)



            3. OMG! SANDY HOOK KIDS “ALIVE” CLEAR EVIDENCE!!! (2013 Super bowl halftime show honoring “the dead” children from the newton “massacre”)

          • Ray Zupp

            How do 6 people like this comment?

          • Geoffrey Ritchey

            infringe: act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on.

          • Yes that is the definition. And?

          • Geoffrey Ritchey

            Background checks, licenses, fees, waiting times, and tests all limit and undermine your right to possess arms. It’s pretty obvious isn’t it?

          • Nope. These steps are in place to Attempt to not let those whom gave up their own permission to poses a firearm. AKA felons, criminals, etc… That is pretty obvious to me, not what you are stating.

          • Geoffrey Ritchey

            Nope. It’s irrelevant why you think these steps are in place. The highest law in the land says “shall not be impeded”. That’s why it’s so important to include the definition of impede.

          • An old document forged to protect the people at that point in history is BOUND to see some changed/additions/alterations as our society developed. We started out with territories, then when the population severely increased, we made the land mass in to states, so that the governing of the civilians was easier. Then the formulation of state governments meant the introduction of state laws, as the population increased more. Thus since the constitution has ALREADY seen changes/additions/alterations throughout the years, it will continue to. With this clusterfuck of issues that have risen from these past few years, I wouldn’t be surprised if they take out “Shall not be impeded” or add to it “dependent on the state and its laws/requirements”. Wait and see. History will repeat itself.

          • Patrick H.

            Or police can plant one and say its yours but that would never happen Right?

          • Sure it could. Does that mean it happens every time? Nope. There will always be corruption since some cops are bad, others abide the laws and genuinely care about others existence. I have encountered both in life. Easy to tell which ones are corrupt.

        • billdeserthills

          That’s a funny story

          • Jail/prison must be a fun time for Mr. john smith here.

        • Logic Johnson

          Owning a rifle: apples.
          Carrying a concealed handgun: oranges.

          All I have to say.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            military weapons for police: fruit salad.

        • Joseph Edward Bodden

          define infringed. then argue against rich lawyers and politicians who are going to insist THEY know what infringed really is…

      • junktex

        Second Amenment is our license

        • In the wrong state, it is also jail time. Wake up to the truth. The government has ALWAYS been corrupt. We the people can barely impact their decision making process what so ever, if not entirely. If you ONLY live by the constitution, you will end up arrested eventually. Some state laws make a ton of sense, as to where some other state laws are complete trash and bonkers. Every time I move to another state, I take the time to learn the laws of that designated territory in order to make my life free of any persecution or jail time. Common sense.

          • lawmanjed

            Stubborn Slave is the perfect name for you. You know it too. Just sad.

          • Sure assume the meaning rather than ask me. We are ALL slaves to many things. Nature, Hunger, The internet, Work, etc… I’m just stubborn about being a slave to anything.

          • junktex

            Well I live in Texas,the right state.

          • Awesome. And if you feel so strongly about these feelings, maybe you should formulate an organization to defect Texas from America and become a part of Mexico, because you know, things are soooo much better there than America. Oh and the cartels LOVE guns so you guys would fit right in. Or just never leave Texas for the rest of your life, which is mostly a desert with oil rigs everywhere. Not a life I’d like to live personally. Having options outweighs isolation.

          • junktex

            LOL.You might do some research into just how the cartels came into possession of many of those guns.You might also look into crime statistics in Chicago,gun control caoital of theUS.Or New York city.Sounds like paradise to me.And by the way,DC is busy trying to remake America like Mexico/Somalia,all with the help of the neocons.

          • We started out this discussion talking about state laws lol. I already know where the cartels got their guns, us. I remember. And that’s fine, let DC do what it wants to do. Our interjections won’t change shit, just go vote if you feel like that makes a difference. Regardless, I was simply being satirical and sarcastic on how you believe Texas is “the right state” to live in. I have no ties to any one particular state, and keep my options open so I never feel like I’ve isolated myself in life.

          • junktex

            Given a little time I’m sure that DC will turn this whole country into more of a dystopian nightmare.Seems to be trending,huh?See you at the FEMA camp.

          • Exactly my point. Catch ya there bro.

    • When it is unregistered, which most likely leads to the gun being stolen.

      • john smith

        unregistered guns do not mean they are stolen or even could be stolen
        forcing registration of guns is a crime

        • LOL maybe to you it’s a crime. In MOST states it is entirely ILLEGALLY to carry an unregistered firearm. Nothing more to it.

          • john smith

            The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

          • OvidiuGOA

            Those are just empty words now

          • john smith

            not at all
            there are millions of supporters that are ready to die for those words

          • Chuck Thom

            And the first amendment says we have freedom of speech, yet we accept restrictions on that speech for the public safety. I still haven’t figured out if you’re a run of the mill idiot or a troll.

          • Thank you, I believe he is just an idiot.

          • nick98514

            Thank you, you’ve proven to everyone your a spineless, ball-less wanker!.

          • Not sure how you get that but ok… You’ve proven your a complete ass hat 🙂

          • TechGump

            There is a distinct difference upon punishing for speaking words that cause direct harm when spoken, and cutting thier tongue out as to not ever speak again.
            Stripping men of arms is to the 2nd amendment what cutting out tongues is to the 1st… and no, we don’t cut out tongues so as to proactively prevent deadly speech by those profiled most likely to commit it. We merely punish for the act if and when committed.
            Despite it (speech restrictions) being often used as a comparison, it’s actually a terrible one.

          • nick98514

            At least he’s not a spineless wanker!

          • Millions in your mind. Doubt they would stand a chance with their guns when the feds are dropping bombs on ya. Good luck with that.

          • TechGump

            “Doubt they would stand a chance with their guns when the feds are dropping bombs on ya.”
            You haven’t paid much attention to past and current events have you. You do realize the exact same was said by many about a rag tag group of men about to square off with the largest military of thier time? Today we know them as the American Framers.

          • Sure but how is that relevant? I was simply stating that if millions of people, as john smith put it, were to “square off” with the military, they will decimate them from a distance so none of them will be killed. AKA bombs.

          • TechGump

            It’s relevant becuase your scenario is far to clean for the reality of war.
            1. Some of those “millions” will be men active in the Military, with access to the same tools as the rest of Gov’t.
            2. Where are they going to bomb and how are they going to chose targets? Are they going to level DC if even tens of thousands of armed men raid buildings and take stronghold? Or are they going to magically know to target specific homes across American towns and cities, mind you housed of women and children too. And will those bombs targeting homes in cities and town not ruin massive destruction upon many not involved, or even in support of Gov’t?

            My point is relevant in that your comment is irrelevant (not realistic), per continual historical examples. War is very messy. No, there wouldn’t be some clean and clear “Just remotely bomb them all” solution. In fact, I’d argue millions with small arms across America stand a much better chance than bureaucrats (concentrated within the halls of only a very few specific buildings everyday) with drones.

          • Right we don’t have hundred’s of super secure underground governmental bunker that only the feds and high officials will use during a time of war, if that were to happen. Then they would not care who got killed. It would be easier for them to wipe the slate clean. Your opinion vs mine. What I have said is completely realistic, regardless of historical examples. This is 2016 where we have hundred’s(if not thousands) of Nukes chilling underground. Past historical events have shown that our own government killed its own people to start wars, pearl harbor, 9/11, etc. If you are unaware of this, you might want to do some research and consider all the facts for yourself. In my opinion, the feds won’t mess around with a messy civil war, they will just end it. Small arms can’t stop nukes or cluster bombings.

          • Charles Batchelor

            We don’t, most of those bunkers were decommissioned in the early 70s.

          • Not what I learned while I served in the military, each to their own though. That’s most likely what they want you to believe.

          • Kevin Patrick Green

            They are called “DUMBs” – Deep underground Military Bunkers, and with the magic of today’s technological prowess, you can look up the machinery which tunnels for miles underground a system of tunnels and interconnected DUMBs and high speed bullet trains in between. The elite have always, ALWAYS hid in their castles and lairs throughout time, why wouldn’t they just make a FALLOUT SHELTER (like in the video games) and try to rule a nuclear wasteland when they fail to rule this current wasteland of America?

          • My point exactly. The general population is ignorant to this truth.

          • lawmanjed

            They’ll go underground for 100 years go mad and eat each other.

          • LoL. Not if the luxuries are top notch! ;P

          • lawmanjed

            Dr. Strangelove’s ending, you mean? A possibility. 100 years underground they’ll go insane and eat each other.

          • nick98514

            You are what we call in Britain a complete and utter “Wanker” I don’t think you even poses a spine? do you have any balls?

          • Do you have the ability to say anything different? I don’t need a gun to protect myself. That is far from a spineless, ball-less, wanker lol. Do yourself a favor… instead of trying to make a point with a poor attempt at insults, maybe lay down some relevant opinions on the matter? I can tell you don’t like what I’m saying lol, but the poor insults do not indicate what you believe. Its a far better approach to get your point across lol.

          • Charles Batchelor

            half of those millions “squaring” off with the military would be the military.

          • Yes with small arms only. Even if they snag some tanks, that has nothing on cluster bombings or nukes.

          • billdeserthills

            Actually it is fairly easy to find out exactly what happened to the Bonus Marchers, just after WW 1 ended. They wanted the money they had been promised for finishing off the war, they marched upon washington dc and formed a camp, in their determination to actually get the money & the feds were glad to kill as many as they could find. The Bonus Marchers made a big mistake–They left their weapons at home and were peacefully trying to solve their problem

          • And history shall repeat itself if the public tries anything like that with arms this time. When will humanity ever learn? Without some sort of structured government, regardless of how shitty it is, we would exist in complete anarchy. I’d personally like my life to not exist within anarchy. IF they bring their weapons this time, MORE will get killed lol. Since 9/11 has passed they simply would put them on the terrorist list and murder away. Case closed, no one charged with murder except maybe citizens. There is no SOLVING anything by force, and we the people face a monster of munitions all while we are the ants they step on. Thanks for the example. Wake up people. If you let the government help you, as in abide by all laws, pay taxes, etc… Then the government will provide assistance(as in aid), security, justice, etc… NONE of which will EVER be PERFECT. Get over it.

          • Blaine

            I’m not going to argue the nature of the Revolution or 2nd amendment, but from a material standpoint two things stick out relative to the Revolutionary War. At the onset and for a good bit of time the Revolution was not supported by the majority of Americans – arguably the fighting caused folks to become polarized.

            And, without massive amounts of aid from France it would have failed. There were more French soldiers at Yorktown than American. It takes more than a bunch of folks with small arms and a cause, though you certainly cannot get started without them…

            “By the fall of 1776 a fictitious trading firm had already procured and
            shipped to the rebels nearly 300,000 pounds of gunpowder, 30,000
            muskets, 3,000 tents, more than 200 pieces of artillery, and clothing
            for 30,000 soldiers.

            From 1776 to 1783 France supplied the United States with millions of livres in cash and credit. France also committed 63 warships, 22,000 sailors and 12,000 soldiers to the war, and these forces suffered relatively heavy casualties as a result.”

          • TechGump

            “At the onset and for a good bit of time the Revolution was not supported by the majority of Americans – arguably the fighting caused folks to become polarized.”
            100% agreed. I’m not sure what relevance this has. Even 1% of the population in America is over 3 million people.

            “And, without massive amounts of aid from France it would have failed. ”
            Likely true. But whose to say there isn’t another nation willing to fund & supply arms for the collapse of the US empire today? (Of course there is!) Again, this leads to my point… war is messy. There isn’t some clean cut “Just remotely bomb them all” solution as Stubborn Slave argues would be available to State.

          • Blaine

            No, the situation would be extremely messy. There are a couple of issues though, that illuminate just how messy it might get, with current examples.

            Once you start killing Marshals, LE, Natnl Guard, the media is going to smear you and yours as complete whack-jobs. Active duty and other members will not be on your side, and even if the Govt began to use bombs etc many would not come over. They would remain loyal to their post and chain of command. And I personally believe they could be persuaded to fire on their fellow citizens if properly conditioned (and many are). Look at how many join the service, yet they know they put themselves at the disposal not of the average American, but of Congress and the Pres – two of the most reviled institutions in the country!

            Locally, many armed Americans are going to be far more concerned about feeding their families than uniting under…who exactly??!

            Additionally, The State could easily hire contractors – American or otherwise to operate drones over American skies – for certain they would have even less compunction about killing Americans.

            Still, I believe SS overestimates the Govt ability to shut down widespread civil uprising, and I believe you overestimate the likelihood of that uprising reaching a critical mass to be effective. Remember, the Revolution succeeded not only due to massive foreign aid, but the ability of the Founders to actually pay their troops cannot be overestimated.

            Far more likely – the Fed govt essentially collapses into fiscal disaster and even more corruption, the economy tanks, corporate interests ally with the govt to stamp out meaningful citizen representation in reforming the Govt, Right Wing militias and elements within the military control by death squad and keep their paychecks coming. Plan Colombia.
            In that scenario, many of the 2nd Amendment crowd might be all too happy to repress instead of defend – we all gotta eat.

          • lawmanjed

            Dropping bombs on Americans? You are that stupid? It would be over. Govt would have 0% support after that. It would be over for them. We are not some disarmed uneducated starving people. This is our country. Look at Vietnam. Starving commies with sticks defeated the most powerful technologically advanced military on earth. There are guerilla tactics, and strategies. Russia and US militaries both failed to fully defeat Afghanistan, we’re still there trying, like the war-on-drugs it’s not working. 50%+ of the US military or much more than that will side with the people if bombs drop. It would be a last-resort type thing that would spell the end for the current foreign occupiers. It’s already over for them, all this kicking and screaming is just pathetic, we know they are a bunch of criminal occupiers. Their days are numbered.

          • I agree with most to everything you are saying. It is not far fetched what so ever though. Hiding in their elitists bunkers, Bombs would be easy as pie to drop. What other country/organization would intervene? None. It would be just like pressing the reset button. Yes the government WOULD have 0% support, for they would just wipe the slate clean, world wide possibly. Check out the zeitgeist movement, you WILL learn how corrupt our government is and what they will do to make their lives comfortable as hell. I agree the kicking and screaming is completely childish, and yes their days ARE numbered.

          • lawmanjed

            Zeitgeist is atheist misdirection. Yes, the majority of religious hierarchies are man-made and corrupted but
            G-d the Creator is real. I’ve seen Zeitgeist, was not impressed. I’m already aware of how corrupt the world is, and I know far more than you probably assume I do about “the power that be”. I don’t blame you because most people don’t have a damn clue.

          • Yup, and they will concede and make a deal as well. Neither of us can precisely spell out the future though, we shall see.

          • Blaine Barrett

            And not one of them belongs to a “well regulated Militia” unless its the Aryan Brotherhood or the Trump Troops!

          • OvidiuGOA

            They better wake the fuck up cause they seem to not exist for the last 15 years at least, as in the time the us went from faking a terrorist attack to being the police state oligarchy, that threatens the world with ww3, it is now

          • billdeserthills

            They only think they are–I used to think so too, but I sure don’t any longer

          • Amendments have been altered in the past, what’s going to stop them from doing so now? Nothing.

          • john smith


          • You are an ignorant fool. Please just stop making yourself look dumb and shut up. Thanks.

          • Charles Batchelor

            3/5 of the states.

          • john smith

            I dont see anything about registration.

          • It varies from state to state.

      • taguit

        The problem here is that they are claiming it is not his gun. As in the gun was planted on him to create charges. They said his fingerprints were not even on the gun.

      • Ray Zupp

        ha ha you really are stubborn man eh? Tell ’em!!

        • Yup. Its not the late 1800’s early 1900’s anymore, and people want to reference documents that pertained to THOSE moments in time. The “laws of the land” are always bound to change, and it has. Most of these sheeple just can’t understand this, and have something to prove. I bring simple logic to the table and have nothing to prove, just facts.

    • Vincent D’Emidio

      “since when is possession of a gun a crime?”
      Only if the pigs — oops! I meant, ah, “cops” — consider you to be a “Lib-rul”, then they target yo’ ass relentlessly.
      There’s a Revolution coming, and the so-called “conservatives” will be squashed like the bugs that they are!

      • lawmanjed

        You have everything ass backwards. The libs are dependent on govt handouts and do not have the guns. You are hoping foreign troops and sleeper agents will do the trick, or…? Won’t take long to wake the sleeping giant, the American patriot, no matter how fat and stubborn. Too many “zombies” for the machine to process as well. The Collectivist Revolution has already failed, you are tools of the Anarcho-Elitists, the NWO. I suggest you listen to Yuri Bezmenov, ex-KGB defector to USA in the 80s. You’ll see…

        • Vincent D’Emidio

          Really, “liberals don’t have guns”?!!! For one thing, I have two guns!!! Now, let’s take a good look at MY people…you “white”, ahem, “conservatives” (if you wanna call yourselves that) live in all “white” neighborhoods, even “gated communities”, primarily because you are so scared of us Po’ Whites, Blacks and Latins, with good cause…believe me, we WILL take your money and your women, away from you, and ENJOY them…especially the women! They would appreciate making it with REAL men, I’m sure.

          Now, lets look at a typical “liberal” neighborhoods…UN-GATED ones, to be sure, because we ain’t scared of you…like the South Bronx (the Ghetto of Ghettoes, where I came from), or Harlem, or Bed-Stuy, or Chicago’s South side, or Soundview (another old block of mine), or Watts, or Compton. If you weak-willed imbeciles could actually find a “backbone” to walk through those areas, as we po’ folks (true Americans to you!) do everyday, out of necessity, you would discover what the word “Gun Country” really means!

          As for you’re depending on the “American Patriot”, you had better re-familiarize yourself with what the term really means. We TRUE American Patriots smoke pot, we have sex without the burden — oops! I mean the, ahem, “benefit” of marriage, we are not bible-bangers, we get along with…and MARRY…people of all races and lifestyles! We DEMAND that the government TAX (SOAK, actually) the rich, capitalist ANIMALS, We got no problem with Gay folks marrying, or Transsexuals using any bathroom that they wish…and we HAVE GUNS!!! Not many of you “Archie Bunker” types of, ah, “patriots” around anymore! We TRUE Patriots have annihilated them, and we may hafta do that to you!

          Now, do you have a problem with that? If so, then I would call it a “personal problem”! Can you dig it?

          • Ray Zupp

            Good on ya cunt.

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Look at this…another right-wing fool running his (her? its?) mouth again.

          • Ray Zupp

            Yeah I’m a girl named Ray ya deadset fuckwit. Regardless, why would I be left OR right-wing? Can’t I just be one Human going about ‘his’ business peacefully? Not to mention I live in Australia, where we’re all laughing at you Americans with the rest of the world!

          • Ray Zupp

            And one more thing; It’s people like you that lap up whatever bullshit your government and their marketing agency tells you, regardless of how much evidence there is exposing their lies. Are you a fuckin potato? Your two guns won’t do shit against nuclear war after you and your dumbass fucktard mates take the polls. In fact, I’m holding you personally responsible. The worst part is we have to back ya’s up! It’s like me punching my mate in the face, because someone i don’t like told me to!

          • Ray Zupp

            Plus ya go around likin’ your own shitty comments. ha ha you’re a full-on fuckin shit cunt ya grub.

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Wow! Three IGNORANT comments in a row!!! Hmm…I must’ve hit a nerve, eh?

          • Ray Zupp

            Yeah, my psychologist had to call in for back up on this one bro, ya got me. How do you get ignorance out of any of that? Especially the first and third comment..

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Yo Bubba — I mean, ah, “Zupp” — obviously, you have absolutely no idea what Socialism is all about. It means that I side with the people over the pigs; that I want the rich, Capitalist FILTH to pay their fair share in taxes; that I do not want to live under anybody’s religious, ahem, “morals” (if you wanna call them that); that I DEMAND the right to control my own body…drinking, smoking, sexing, whatever…my business is MY BUSINESS, period; that ALL ethnicities, races, religions are EQUAL; that we choose our enemies, we don’t let lowlifes like PM Binyamin “There will never be a Palestinian State” Netanyahu choose our conflicts for us.
            Now, what is so wrong with those things?

          • Ray Zupp

            I dunno what’s going on there at the start..was that a joke or a pun or some shit? Anyway…Nothing’s wrong with that, that’s what everyone wants.

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Well, if there’s “nothing wrong” and “that’s what everyone wants”, then why all the hostility toward me? I’m just the messenger, so why are you trying to “shoot the messenger”?

      • Moronic.

        • Vincent D’Emidio

          Who are you talking about? Your stink-hole mama, perhaps?

          • Nope just your ignorant thought process. A revolution is coming? PPFFffttt that’s fucking hilarious. Have fun being murdered in the masses.

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Yeah, yeah, just keep on repeating that SHIT all day long if you wish. Notice that only you Republican LOWLIFES are the ones to say that there will not be a Revolution. You do know that “white”, ahem, “conservatives” (if you wish to call yourself that, punk) are in the…what is the word? Oh yeah, the M-I-N-O-R-I-T-Y! Now, the non-whites and liberated folks (the majority) are getting very ANGRY, and they will remember you when they reach the tipping point. Do you really want to risk that?
            Yeah, keep on trying to convince yourself of that, while my people SQUASH your people, just like the insects that you are!!!

          • Wow you need some mental help bro. Just the fact that you think the feds would put up with anarchy breaking out in our own country is hilarious. They’ve stopped every single riot in America ever, even those lengthy ones in LA. They WILL bomb your ass, and probably ours as well. Enough anarchy and they’ll just jump in to their extremely secure bunkers, and start dropping bombs. Common Sense. They won’t let you “rise up” ever lol. They just murder. It’s not a numbers game here, its a munitions/technology game. Our current government has technology we have not even seen yet, to the realm of 50+ years or so ahead of where we are now. Bombs>Guns all day. Fuck the world needs a reset button, so maybe “majority” (<— not true at all btw lol, google some population figures in America.) It would not be Democrats vs republicans, it would be people of color lashing out on random whites. We have some user tag on our head saying, I'm a republic! or I'm a democrat! NOPE LOL. One of the first things necessary for war to break out is a clear differentiation must be established between two parties. You guys got your democrat uniforms ready? Nope lol. This shit is just so laughable. Look back at history, study how wars/revolutions actually go down. It will never happen like that these days, for they simply have too much firepower behind them. Anarchy breaks out, were all dead. SOO I sit here comfortable with not a single worry on my shoulder…. BTW I don't put my self in any political category… I don't even care to vote… Because your vote means jack shit. The corporation America(Big banks) choose how to run this country, not the government, that's just the puppets on strings to distract you from the actual truth. Wake up bro, We're all slaves, We have no power to defeat them, And they will decimate all if they see fit.

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Well, if our government kills all of us, then who’s left behind to clean up the mess? You seem to be more down on humanity than I could ever be.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            once we have accomplished our self extinction Nature will clean up the mess and some other species will claim the Crown of Creation.

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            I’ve got a friend who talks like you. He says that humanity is like a virus, and the only way to stop a virus is to exterminate it. So, one day when the Aliens pass by our planet, they will detect the infestation, and just “spray” the planet to exterminate the virus.

            Then they could take over.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            I think that HUMANS may be the aliens… we stick out like no other organism on this planet. And we have been spraying the planet with many things for many years, notably tetra ethyl lead in leaded gasoline for over seventy years even knowing that TEL was classified as a toxic weapon of mass destruction (see Cosmos, the Clean Room) for the entire lead story. Lead poisoning killed the Roman Empire, but that lesson just wasn’t clear enough.

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Really? Did “lead poisoning kill the Roman Empire?

            I never knew that. I always thought that Emperor Constantine’s imposition of “Christianity” on the mostly secular Romans is what weakened, and finally destroyed the empire. As the Proconsul said in that Star Trek episode, Bread and Circuses (where the planet was ruled by a Twentieth-Century Rome), “The Games have always strengthened us”. The so-called “Christians” abolished the Gladitorial Games, against the wishes of the majority of Romans.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            have you not noticed a curious parallel between idiotic, stupid and insane decisions, laws and policies that led to the downfall of the Romans, and the ones leading to the downfall of ‘modern’ civilization? The romans channelled all their water through lead pipes and plumbing (plumbum is latin for lead…) and since the rich and influential made all the important decisions and coincidentally had all the fancy lead plumbing and lead poisoning… and now us, spraying lead atomized through automobile engines all over the earth for over seventy years… Like I said, see the Cosmos episode, The Clean Room.

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            Well, we got a big problem with pollution, that’s for sue.

    • A1701

      when you’re not a C.W.A.B.W.T.H.I.A.T.F.L.

    • kirkland sewell

      …was it a legal gun tho??…doesn’t one need a permit to carry a gun in NY???…I don’t know…just asking???…

      • john smith

        legal gun? what is a illegal gun?
        do you need a permit to bear arms ..no
        i do not have the full details of the case and i have many questions myself

        • kirkland sewell

          …if you don’t need a permit to bear arms then, on what basis then was he convicted for gun possession???… I don’t know NY law as I said, but if his lawyer(s) didn’t “contest” the gun possession charge and he as much said he wasn’t going to fight the case, doesn’t it mean/implies the STATE has the legal “footing” to so convict him???…just asking???…

          • john smith

            “on what basis then was he convicted for gun possession”
            you can be charged with possession of chocolate and if you dont fight it then you face the consequences even though it is ludicrous

            i dont know what the details are i have the same questions.
            this system is based on presenting evidence and if you do not present the evidence to defend your self ..well you lose

          • john smith

            He took a plea deal so we will probably never know

  • Bobby McNamara

    This article is way too incomplete to comment on in one way or another. Did he sell drugs or possess them while carrying a firearm? If not the NRA should be on this. If he sold he is a perpetrator. If he used he has a health issue and he should not be locked up for possession. If he sold H while carrying he is completely in the wrong and should sit in jail. I’m a lifetime member of the NRA and an advocate for treating substance use disorder, not punishing people with it, including dealers, but reality is thata law abiding gun owner would not drink and carry or use and carry. In regards to the police retaliation, it is wrong and the feds should be looking at that.

    • TechGump

      It’s very important to note that possession/distribution is not the same as using. He’s not being jailed for use, an important distinction.
      I conceal carry, and yes, sometimes i am carrying a box of beer with me on my way home. That doesn’t mean I’m drinking. And I sell alcohol at my store while carrying too. The only difference between me and Orta is the state has criminalized the substance he possessed. As it turns out, the substance I sell kills many thousand more every year.

      • lawmanjed

        Great points. While I’m not sure heroin should be legalized as I understand the devastation it can cause to entire generations, some form of opiate pill such as Vicodin or Percocet should be legalized for over the counter purchase in smaller doses. I believe if recreational users and/or addicts had access to these lower-dose, standardized medicines they would chose a safe, legal transaction instead of going on the street, and still get their fix, or their high. As you said, the alcohol users (aren’t we all at some point) are certainly getting their fix. Also, the drug Suboxone which is used to ween addicts off of opiate addiction should be made available over-the-counter in low doses.

  • Hill Billy

    If it weren’t for the H I’d be in total agreement.

  • David Arulnathan

    USA…..’back to the law of the jungle’!!

  • Ed

    I’m going to have to jump in real quick and shut up those who are more ignorant than than they think they are lol. John Smith is 1000% right. We have the right to bare arms without any retarded, state made, county made, UNLAWFUL LAWS. You just don’t get his point. The constitution, although severely violated, is the acting law of this land. So although the CRIMINAL politicians have been pissing all over it, doesn’t mean it’s righ or ok or that we have to accept their rackets. The fact is that unfortunately the general population of this country has become so severely sedated on medication, television “Programming” (know what you’re up against), an idiots trap of the Left/Right paradigm, Consumerism, Capitalism and a whole host of other time wasting, mind numbing garbage, that they are too ignorant, tired, slow, complacent and PU$$y, TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!!! The very circumstances we are in, is the PRECISE REASON THE SECOND AMMENDMENT EXISTS. Wake the Fk up!! STATUTES ARE NOT FUCKING LAWS! And that’s a fact. They have no real standing or jurisdiction. But if everyone keeps bowing like the slave/serfs they’ve been groomed to be, like Mr. “State laws” over there, then get ready for a rude awakening my friend. Your heads are so far up your asses, you wouldn’t know if you were being swindled if it was right in front of your face with a play-by-play in slow-mo, with the plan of the perpetrators in your hand before it even happened. I could continue and educate further, but I have to keep Researching and gaining Real knowledge… Freedom is all of our rights, but since it has not been given, we must demand it. But that won’t work if only 5-10% of the people have a clue as to what’s really going on. What you think is the “Law”, is not even freaking real and doesn’t even pertain to you. Learn the difference between Admiralty Law, Common Law, Natural Law, and which one governs you and which one has literally Stolen and Subgugated you. Then you can speak. Peace.

    • Ed

      And don’t even get me started on the Nazi education system we have. (Charlotte Iserbyt, she’ll tell you).

    • Kk. You go ahead and break the laws mandated within your state. In fact, break all of them just to show you’re “making a difference”. Since they are “UNLAWFUL LAWS” what do you have to be worried about? Go out there and make a difference!! You’re a retard whom will end up in jail/prison, if you aren’t already. Have fun with Bubba up your ass with his dick. The feds have control, and they always will. State officials, The president, VP, etc… are simply faces told what to do. A puppet on stings if you will. If you believe in what you see as far as the government goes, you are severely ignorant to actual truth. Our votes mean absolutely nothing.

    • lawmanjed

      Agree totally Ed. I wouldn’t call it “capitalism” though, at least not free-market capitalism. It is corporatism/fascism masquerading as capitalism.

  • nick98514

    Hopefully, because of this blatant injustice, Officer “Daniel Pantaleo” will be constantly looking over his shoulder and sleeping with one eye open!…I don’t believe for a second that this piece of ‘human excrement’ will get away with what he has done and caused to happen to an innocent man, Mr Orta, having to spend any time in jail!…not for a second, you see “What goes around, comes around”…Karma!. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if this piece of ‘excrement’ “Daniel Pantaleo” is being scraped up off the floor & off someones shoes ‘before’ Mr Orta has even completed a year of his sentence?…now, that! would be justice! and I believe in justice….as do we all!.

  • Have the police in this country become the Gestapo? Is this the world you want to live in?

    And no, voting for Trump or Hillary is not the solution.

    The solution lies here:



    • Wow I thought the zeitgeist movement died out already. Learned all about it 8 years ago, in which it is very insightful. Moronic sheeple like ED and John Smith should educate themselves with what zeitgeist is. They might actually understand what is REALLY going on in America, as far as how the government operates precisely, rather than putting their faith in the constitution(which is extremely laughable and ignorant.) Kudos, good human.^

      • lawmanjed

        Zeitgeist has a strong left-lean and is utterly atheist and “new agey”. I find it to be controlled opposition.

      • Still around, still in the education phase of the movement. Don’t take the lack of forum activity on the main site as a sign that the movement is dead, we are still moving forward and growing.

  • TC

    This dude needs a gofundme account set upso that he can get a lawyer, quick. The are going to kill him in there.

    Lord, help him.

  • palcau ioan

    fawk this American police!

  • Ibcamn

    sadly,this man will pass in prison,if not by a paid for convict…it will be by the guards themselves….all cops are criminals

  • cosmopolite

    He lacked the money to mount a vigorous and effective defence. He also was naive about how the police plant drugs or pose as drug dealers to harass the people they want to harass.
    Anybody who heroically takes down law enforcement the way Orta did, should move promptly to another state and consider a name change.

  • feetxxxl

    in the real world of new york and new jersey you bring bad publicity to one of their own, they look at your rap sheet and figure a way to come after you……………………….surely he knew this……………………………..why didnt he leave?

  • billdeserthills

    I think selling heroin is still a crime…
    4 years sounds like a pretty small sentence for selling heroin to a cop

  • Codrin Stavri

    Selling herroin…innocent black man….ok

  • Kevin Patrick Green

    I guess what is frustrating no matter how you look at it is the FACT that this could happen (however unlikely/likely) to anyone, regardless of if you are actually committing a crime. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong corrupt cop, it will be his/her and their department’s word against yours and THEY can be given the “benefit of the doubt” aka “innocent until proven guilty” (assuming they let you prove anything and not throw out or tamper with evidence or LIE under oath, things which would add YEARS to a non cop’s sentence)

    AND in the event you get your “fair trial” (because the justice system isn’t biased or racist either right?) you sit and wait for the bail money to cone through hoping you don’t die in a cell waiting (because lots of people have been meeting “mysterious accidents” in jail or in this case POISONED FOOD)

    Take into account that they have all the time in the world to get their stories straight and to cook up evidence or make up charges and do their best to look into your life and point out that in high school you got caught smoking a joont. MEANWHILE the cop who assaulted you is getting a raise and an award as “officer of the year” at best, PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE at worst (yeah you are missing all those days off work possibly losing your job too or lost all your vacation/sick leave if you are lucky) and if you do a good job showing he was an incompetent officer he/she will just transfer or retire, basically an entire support community for cops INCLUDING (for those that get convicted of murder and conspiracy and such) having special treatment in prison in protective custody.

    So the fact remains that police are no longer officially there to “serve and protect” they are there to “enforce the ‘law'” and to generate revenue for the state. Because of this it is in the government’s own interest to look the other way for the police unions because what the rulers want is controlled chaos – “ordo et chaos” to rule you they must control your mond and your fear, the fear of having corrupt cops, the fear of not having cops at all, the fear of having a corrupt government, the fear of not having the system/matrix to live in.

    Ultimately what Stubborn Slave said is that the outcome of any open rebellion has been planned for decades now, small arms and even tanks and a military coup (btw the administration already did a purge of high ranking generals and upper officers who were loyal to their oaths in all the branches) cannot overrule the fact that this government has nukes and their launch codes, drones, cluster bombs, a multinational militarized police force (the UN troops are already here as well as hired mercenaries from around the globe) including armored transports vehicles, a GIGANTIC spy program that has already recorded all necessary info to list everyone on a list of some kind, reactivated and newly built FEMA camps complete with MILLIONS of disposable coffins, stockpiles of billions of rounds of 9mm, AGENDA 21, operation Mockingbird/MK Ultra programming, weaponized weather warfare, weaponized ELF towers being disguised as more ‘cell’ towers (this is why they dont need nukes anymore) the Patriot Act and Obama’s emergency powers enable him to become a dictator if he declares a national emergency effectively shutting down congress for Months.

    THEY KNOW WE THE PEOPLE have the numbers, this has always been the case, they plan on crashing the economy on purpose and rebuilding it into a cashless society, this is to have more control over everyone and everything, it will force you and your families to comply or get sent to re-education…

    There might be a brief period of time of a ragtag patriot-led charge on washington, and even assassinate some well known corrupt political leaders while those who pull all the strings laugh and laugh because none of you know where the head lies in all of this….

  • Chief’s Counsel No Duty to Protect: Two Exceptions By L. Cary Unkelbach, Assistant County Attorney Representing the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, Centennial, Colorado

    Law enforcement generally does not have a federal constitutional duty to protect one private person from another. For example, if a drunk driver injures a pedestrian or a drug dealer beats up an informant, agencies and their officers usually would not be liable for those injuries because there was no duty to protect.


  • June 16, 2016 Supreme Court Ruling: Police Have No Duty to Protect the General Public

    However, did you know that the government, and specifically law enforcement, does not have any duty to protect the general public? Based on the headline and this information, you might assume this is a new, landmark decision. However, it has long been the court’s stance that, essentially, the American people are responsible for taking case of their own personal safety.


  • Just another day in police state USA! Jul 12, 2015 Eric Garner video – Unedited version

    The Daily News presents the full, unedited version of the Eric Garner video. WARNING: This video contains graphic language and content.


  • Jopseph Siejack

    why doe,s the cop get to walk free??? can,t he be charged with murder? after all he did kill someone for selling a few loose cigarettes .

  • DonLaurie Moore

    Stfu are you serious. Surely he was setup. Get him a good lawyer and paybacks a bitch for them murdereous cops.

  • Ray Zupp

    “Guns, constitutions, right to bear arms, more guns, this that”. Mate, you fuckin Americans are dumb as shit! Ya’s sound like fuckin idiots and the rest of the World’s laughing at ya’s and your fucktarded freak-show of a country. Sorry, not sorry. Fuckin Idiots.

  • MagnaCharter

    A man goes to jail for exposing an injustice and all the Americans on here can talk about is gun ownership. Land of The Free.

    • Ray Zupp

      Aye. More politely put than my comment that was just removed ha ha. But same sorta gist.

  • Jo Walsh Dukarić

    Only good cop is a dead one

  • I’m starting to wonder if the deep state ditched Hillary and played the Trump card because they hoped it would deepen the ideological divide and further separate the statists. I don’t really have an ideological dog in this fight but I can see how those who do feel like they are all in, on both sides of the ideological divide.