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Recent Poll Shows More Americans Want Clinton Indicted than Want Her to Be President

RT — Over half of American voters surveyed in a recent poll disagree with the FBI’s decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton over her emails scandal.

A survey of 1,000 likely voters was conducted on October 18 and 19 by the polling company Rasmussen Reports. Voters were asked whether they agreed with the FBI’s decision not to file criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, despite acknowledging that she had been reckless and potentially exposed classified information to hostile countries. The results were released on Friday.

Out of the voters surveyed, 65 percent broadly agreed that Clinton had broken the law by storing confidential emails on her private server, but only 53 percent believe the FBI should have filed charges, while 39 percent agreed with the decision not to. When split between Republican and Democratic voters, the survey found that 85 percent of Clinton supporters stood by the FBI’s decision not to prosecute.

However, 92 percent of Donald Trump supporters disagreed, mirroring the opinion of their candidate, who has been vocal in criticizing Clinton for deleting 30,000 of her emails rather than handing them over to the FBI. At one point, he even promised his rival that she “would be in jail.”

“If I win,” Trump said at the presidential debate held on October 9, “I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation.”

When asked if the emails scandal was important to their vote, 70 percent of survey respondents replied that it was, out of which 49 percent said that it was very important. Only 27 percent said the issue was not important to them at all.

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According to the latest data from Rasmussen Reports, Donald Trump is slightly ahead with a 43 to 41 percent margin over Hillary Clinton. However, other polls have put Hillary in the lead.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted from October 14 to 20 gave Hillary 44 percent support, versus 40 for Trump. Rasmussen has been criticized for overestimating the popularity of Republican candidates in the 2010 and 2012 mid-term and presidential elections, and been accused of showing bias towards the GOP.

The 2016 presidential campaign has been an eventful one. In recent weeks, Trump has lost some supporters over remarks of a sexual nature made back in 2005, but has fired back with claims that the election system is “rigged.” If Hillary wins, some 70 percent of Republican voters believe it will be because the election was rigging by Democrats, according to the results of a Reuters poll released on Friday.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has accused the Russian government of attempting to tamper with the Democratic campaign, a charge Moscow strongly denies.

  • T. Mohr

    I say, we put it on the November 8th ballot. Do you want Hillary Clinton prosecuted and jailed, YES or NO? How’s that for Democracy?

    • Steve

      Slow down, Mister, that doesn’t fit the narrative.

    • Carrie

      That’s the best idea through this whole election.

    • BILL3000

      BETTER Idea,T. Mohr,and you Don’t have to Wait for the Election!!
      T.Mohr,PLEASE,A.S.A.P. : Eat several Box Car-Loads of Ebola Virus Infected ,Crawling with Maggots and Liberally-Laced with Large,Jagged Sharp Glass Shards.
      And No,after you’ve finished eating,you May Not Take ANY Antacids.
      Thanks so much,T.Mohr!!!

      • junktex

        From Lila York,OP-ED:The most critical questions in this election were pointedly never asked. Do the candidates see nuclear war as “winnable”, as neocon think tanks now postulate (and the Rand Corporation has claimed) – and are they willing to use nuclear weapons, regardless of the consequences for humanity? Do they understand the consequences of demonizing Russia and its leader without producing any real evidence to support those charges, of replacing diplomatic relations with expanded economic sanctions and threats of attacks on Russia ? Do they seek a war with Russia in spite of the risk of global devastation ? If so, why?
        The world knows Mrs. Clinton to be a war hawk with an atrocious record for failed regime change operations, for destroying societies and leaving the hapless citizens to fester in post-bombing chaos and filth. The devastation of Libya and the civil war in Ukraine, the coup in Honduras were all Hillary operations. (She was also instrumental in continuing the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia). The horrific consequences of these failures have given pause to Obama as the Washington foreign policy elite clamor for more wars across the planet (examined in depth in Pepe Escobar’s book, Empire of Chaos). Mrs. Clinton now harps on – promises – a no-fly zone in Syria, which everybody understands means war with Russia and its ally China, both nuclear-armed powers. She appears to be willing to risk nuclear confrontation in order to overthrow the democratically elected leader of Syria and balkanize the nation for the benefit of both Israel and the Saudis. Syria is already shattered, with hundreds of thousands dead and displaced, a catastrophe almost entirely attributable to US intervention and support of terrorist factions. The release of DOS emails has given us all a sickening wake-up call. Not only is the public being duped and manipulated with lies and propaganda, but the amoral lust for unchallenged power and endless war seeps from every communication. How could any woman support another female who had such a dearth of empathy and human dignity that she could cackle with glee as she murdered and exiled millions of innocent civilians; as she overthrew a democratically elected leader in Honduras for the “crime” of raising the minimum wage; Who could vote to give this woman the power to initiate a global war ? Not me.

      • T. Mohr

        What happened to you BILL3000? Did your daddy touch you, 3000 times? But not before he instilled in you how important it is to vote Democratic, I bet. You’re the good Democrat! Your daddy will be proud of you. Is he there with you still? I bet so BILL3000.

        • lourdes.amon

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        • henrybowmanaz

          Have you noticed that every one of BILL3000’s posts have ONE upvote, and that voter is BILL3000? What a lonely sap. But it tells you all you need to know about taking election advice from BILL3000.

    • Mettā

      Yes let’s put the educated, articulate woman who served the country 30+ years in jail and elect the misogynistic, psychopathic, openly corrupt clown who exhibits no remorse, shame whatsoever.

      • La-La-Love

        No. Let’s put the criminal, lying, physically unfit to be on her own feet, murderess in Prison. Send the misogynistic, racist, mentally deficient, reality tv celebrity back in it’s box and elect Gary Johnson who will actually get some things done with his PROVEN TRACK RECORD OF SUCCESSFULLY WORKING ON ALL SIDES OF THE AISLE. For pete’s sake people, you don’t HAVE to vote for Trump OR Clinton. There IS A PERFECTLY NON-CRIMINAL Third option.

        • Mettā

          The tongue guy? He will never be president. We have two options, let’s not be delusional.

          • La-La-Love

            No, we don’t have two options. It’s delusional to think you’re bound by the main stream media. We have three options. One of which is neither criminal nor corrupt. If you’re so uneducated on that simple truth maybe YOU should not be voting for the next leader of the free world because clearly YOU don’t understand how government works with an HONEST person in office.

          • KittyKat27

            La-La, Metta is just being realistic. No 3rd party candidate has ever come close to winning an election, and probably never will, at least in our lifetimes.

          • La-La-Love

            Perhaps there hasn’t been one yet. That does NOT mean there never ‘will be’. It’s just stupid and short sighted of people to assume that. We could have had a completely different race if WE THE PEOPLE had taken back control of the process. But no, you’re all busy whinging about the ‘two party system’ and ‘political corruption’ but not willing to actually CHANGE it.

            Technically our very first president was third party. He was a Federalist but won the presidency as an Independent. Since then parties have shaken up the status quo many times. I mean at least twice seeing as the parties are not still ‘Federalists’ and ‘Whigs’ and ‘Independents’. Though the Independent party still exists.

            Furthermore, evidence IS showing a trend toward 3rd party wins as proof that it CAN and likely, actually WILL happen in the NEXT presidential election based on who wins this one.

            In the 302 governor elections just since 1990, six 3rd party runners WON their elections. And then in the 2012 senate elections both Bernie Sanders and Angus King won their states as 3rd party candidates.

            WE THE PEOPLE can change the course of history. We just need fewer people like you and more like me who are willing and ready to throw all in for the RIGHT choice.

            REALISTICALLY, WE can change things. Why won’t you get off your ass and take that step INSTEAD of sitting there telling me I’m rooting for the impossible. It’s NOT impossible. It is only currently improbable.

            WE can change ‘improbable’. Unfortunately, it seems there are too many people like you who can’t think for themselves anymore and still buy the ‘brand name’ article without ever realizing that the ‘cost cutter’ version is the exact same stuff with a different label.

            You all need to watch more Adam Ruins Everything and Less Jersey Shore since you’re all stuck to your TVs anyway.

          • Lexington Goyle

            The reason for that is because of the mindset of people like Metta. There’s a difference between being realistic and being part of the problem in the first place. People like Metta ARE part of the problem that perpetuate the nonsense we only have two viable choices.

          • Lexington Goyle

            That was your best retort to La-La-Love’s response? Shit. You do realize on my ballot alone I have 9 choices for President. You need to get off this nonsense that America only has two parties and quit being some sort of brainwashed sheep. Unless you support the establishment you are not winning any points for helping to dismantle it which means you are part of the problem. If you are for the establishment you are part of the problem. Quit being part of the problem.

          • Mettā

            Realistically, yes America only has 2 parties capable of winning the elections, the rest are distractions.

      • Ken

        Think Billy the perv who you are referring to can’t run again

  • Soltanto

    America is slowly waking up. Please share this article and read more!

    Just like the 5th of November was the day we shouldn’t forget in the UK history – the 8th has to be the one to mark some revolutionary change in the US!

    Again, don’t vote through emotions but use critical thinking. Facts, not just words and soundbites!

    • BILL3000

      Better References,Soltanto: Two Books_”Complete Speeches of Josef Goebbels and “The Mind and Heart of Chairman Mao”.
      Those are Much More Convincing Totalitarian Propaganda than ANYTHING from the Free Thought Project !!

    • tamajam10

      Trump was supposed to be a joke candidate next to Killary; but, as you said, people are waking up (shaking off the fluoride, etc….). The 1% cannot contain the 99% unless it does so by propaganda and fear to maintain ‘status quo’ – otherwise they are clearly outnumbered.

      Thing with Trump is this: He is our best hope. Like it or not, it’s a fact. He may not be the best of the best, but there is no denying he cares about his/our country….that he would do what he could to avoid WWIII here in the U.S.

      It’s also important to remember that JFK was supposed to be a puppet who would lead us into WWIII. It didn’t happen because he changed the plans. https://newrepublic.com/article/108575/how-john-f-kennedys-appeasement-strategy-averted-nuclear-holocaust

      I believe this is what led to his infamous speech about ‘secret societies’ (full speech here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdMbmdFOvTs) …..and his assassination.

      Heads up People…..

      The rest is up to us…..

      • La-La-Love

        No. Gary Johnson is our best hope. That’s why you don’t hear anything about him and that’s why he wasn’t allowed to participate in the debates. If people really knew and understood Johnson’s politics they’d see exactly how much a threat he is to both T and C. They don’t want to risk him getting attention because he could absolutely burn them both down with his policies. Of course, not everyone is going to agree with all of his policies, but everyone CAN find enough there TO support while working to get their will done against the stuff they don’t like. JohnsonWeld.com I’m In.

        • tamajam10

          I consider myself a Libertarian; however, I am not getting the Johnson/Weld ticket -though I believe Johnson was selected because he was the only LP candidate with political experience. As governor of NM he did a decent job up against a Democratic state Legislature, and his 739 vetoes is certainly impressive. However, I think he lacks a certain determination we need to lead this country away from WWIII, which we will see if KIllary is elected.

          Also, I am not getting Weld as his running mate at all. Weld began his tenure as governor of Massachusetts with some strength in addressing a terrible economy left in the wake of Dukakis – though he was helped tremendously by a multi-million dollar payout from the federal government that he referred to as a ‘goony bird’ at the time. In the end, however, Weld ended up being somewhat more of the same and was less involved in his job as Governor of the Commonwealth than he was pursuing more national political aspirations. There used to be a running gag in the papers because he was out of the state so often: “Where’s Weldo?”

          All that being said, it seems LP was looking for candidates with the most political experience. Unfortunately, if these two are the best they could come up with, I’m left feeling disappointed. I’m all for less government (our government is flat broke and cannot afford its inflated budget that is paid for off the blood, sweat and tears of the dwindling middle-class); I Just don’t think that Johnson or Weld have what it takes to pursue a Libertarian agenda at this point in time in history.

          We are too fragile in too many ways and on the verge of sweeping, global devastation in more ways than most people can possibly comprehend. I want someone at the helm who actually cares about the country (it’s not Killary – who is already setting up Russia as an antagonist…’Russia did it’) and who is not afraid to stand up to TPTB to say ‘You’re Fired’.

        • Hannes Coetzee

          Gary is not in the race and will never be, so forget it.

          • La-La-Love

            Listen asshole. DO NOT tell me what to do. You can PoLITEly disagree with me but you have ZERO right to TELL me what to do. Gary has been in the race from the beginning, but fucking MORONS like YOU don’t see that he’s the only one LEFT that can do ANY good for this country. Go ahead. Vote for the Criminally Corrupt ones they’re throwing around as ‘the only choices’. It’s SHEEPLE like YOU that keep them in power and empowered.

          • La-La-Love

            Yeah? Probably because SHEEPLE like you made sure to believe the triped you were being forcefed. Well done. BAAAAAAAA

  • BILL3000

    Following up on my comments on the Free Though Project’s stories a Few Days Ago,Prompted on your Obscene Shit on Prosecuting Clinton,,which,UNBELIEVABLY WORSE.
    Posing as a Liberal,Leftish “Aternative news source for dissident views,the Free Thought Project is a Manipulative,Conspiracy-Belief,Paranoia-Purveying SHAM. It is as Bad,as False,as the Wing Nut Newsletters/Sites,such Barb Wire,World Net Daily to name but two of the worst,a Compendium of Lying Propaganda !!!
    Periodically,I share some of more Egregious Article on Facebook,noting their Insanity.I shall share this current Free Though Project on Facebook as a Sick Example of Paranoid Propaganda NOT from om the extreme “right”-Wing. Then I shall Unsubscribe.

    • mark rafferty

      Gibberish from a gun nut. yawn

  • palvadore

    Since we vote to enforce our laws, D.B. Cooper can now come out of hiding.

  • DuckingGold

    Lol, more right wing nonsense. Rasmussen is heavily right wing, of course they’d get those results. The fact is, trump has no chance of winning because intelligent people don’t vote for the follow back rapist of a 13 year old.

    • henrybowmanaz

      Instead, they’ll vote for the lawyer that got such a rapist off, right?

    • wadecox

      The Sydney Sun conducted poll during the Primaries asking who they would vote for and 70% of 120,000 people said they chose Trump and said they wished he was Australian so they could vote for him. The US media published nothing of that poll.

  • henrybowmanaz

    “potentially exposed classified information to hostile countries”

    No “potentially” about it. She *exposed* classified information — just like a trenchcoat flasher is still exposing himself even if there is nobody around to watch. The only question remaining is whether any hostile countries were watching.

  • Marie

    That’s funny considering the fact that she’s winning

    • wadecox

      So the media polls would have you believe. I believe nothing the US media says or publishes.

      • T. Mohr

        Wise man.

    • billdeserthills

      Actually it isn’t funny and she is losing, more and more every day

    • T. Mohr

      If I controlled all of the media and most of the polling, I would be winning. Clinton is a corporate concubine of the worst sort. Those who refuse to see her true record of embarrassments, are complicit in whatever comes next.

  • tamajam10

    “Over half of American voters surveyed in a recent poll disagree with the FBI’s decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton over her emails scandal.” I am one of those Americans.

    As to some of the comments I’ve read here…..wait, what?

  • Chris Ralko
  • DavidNZL

    Then ALL secretaries of state should be treated the same way, including the Republican ones. Colin Powell has said that he and every other secretary of state have done what Clinton has to some degree or another with their emails. The focus on Clinton is a political beat-up.

  • Gunny Thompson

    T. Mohr and Bill.3000, has either of you heard of the term” “Dived and Rule?” The CIA, the Democratic and Republican Parties, for years, has played the people, while they control how we thank by always providing us with an enemy to diverting out attention from what is really happening The divisions are false flags!!

    Thank about this: Although Nixon as vise president, was disqualified as as sitting official to resign his position in order to qualify for an unrelated public office, Eisenhower was the last legally elected president. No appointed or elected official may qualify for an unrelated position, unless and until that official has been out of office for at least one-full term. (quoting USSC) What we are being fed is slop that they expect us to suck-up. Just saying!!

    • T. Mohr

      Gunny, Did you mean “Divide and Rule”?

  • Amor Terra

    And yet, a substantial portion of the population will vote for her. Scary, isn’t it?

  • Chevylovr
  • Cboo

    Then why is she whipping his ass bhaahah this is BS at the worse form… And before you say it NO RIGGED SYSTEM that is for losers…

  • Dave K

    James Comey could restore the faith that the American people have in the FBI and in equal justice under our laws if he appoints a grand jury and an independent prosecutor to look into the allegations of wrong doing here.

  • candice baron

    Hiding their crimes blaming Russia Sorry crooks Vote Trump

  • InfantryScout7

    Now that Hillary has lost the election, someone needs to get her Prison cell ready for her.