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Hero Congresswoman Exposes Truth on CNN After Secret Visit to Syria, ‘There Are No Moderate Rebels’

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard made damning statements about the U.S. role in Syria in a CNN interview — noting that “there are no moderate rebels” — after a secret four-day fact-finding mission to Syria in which she met with everyday Syrians, and eventually met with President Bashar al-Assad.

“I wanted to see if there was in some small way, a way that I could express the love and the aloha and the care that the American people have for the people of Syria, and to see firsthand what was happening there, to see that situation there,” Gabbard told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Wednesday.

Her message to the American public was clear, and an extremely damning indictment of the steady stream of propaganda the Western media has fed the public regarding the existence of “moderate rebels” during the Assad regime-change operation:

“I’ll tell you what I heard from the Syrian people that I met with, Jake, walking down the street in Aleppo, in Damascus, hearing from them.

They expressed happiness and joy at seeing an American walking through their streets. But they also asked why the U.S. and its allies are providing support and arms to terrorist groups like al-Nusra, al-Qaida or al-Sham, ISIS who are on the ground there, raping, kidnapping, torturing and killing the Syrian people.

They asked me, why is the United States and its allies supporting these terrorist groups who are destroying Syria when it was al-Qaeda who attacked the United States on 9/11, not Syria. I didn’t have an answer for them,” Gabbard said, noting the clear dismay the average Syrian has for the U.S. support of al-Qaeda – a proposition which every American should equally question.

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“The reality is… every place that I went, every person that I spoke to, I asked this question to them, and without hesitation, they said, there are no moderate rebels. Who are these moderate rebels that people keep speaking of?

Regardless of the name of these groups, the strongest fighting force on the ground in Syria is al Nusra, or al-Qaeda and ISIS. That is a fact,” Gabbard said.

“There is a number of different, other groups — all of them essentially are fighting alongside, with, or under the command of the strongest group on the ground that’s trying to overthrow Assad.

The Syrian people recognize and they know that if President Assad is overthrown, then al-Qaeda — or a group like al-Qaeda, that has been killing Christians, killing people simply because of their religion, or because they won’t support their terror activities, they will take charge of all of Syria.

This is the reality that the people of Syria are facing on the ground, and why they are pleading with us here in the United States to stop supporting these terrorist groups. Let the Syrian people themselves, determine their future, not the United States, not some foreign country.”

While Gabbard said she didn’t initially plan to meet with President Assad, she decided to do so as she felt he was an important player in negotiating a peace in Syria.

“When the opportunity arose to meet with him, I did so because I felt it’s important that if we profess to truly care about the Syrian people, about their suffering, then we’ve got to be able to meet with anyone that we need to if there is a possibility that we could achieve peace, and that’s exactly what we talked about.”

Tapper attempted to push the current anti-Assad/regime change talking points by claiming that Assad is to blame for the carnage in their country during the five-year civil war, while failing to acknowledge the U.S. role in assisting the rise of an Islamist principality in the Syrian theater – both through proxies, such as Saudi Arabia, and directly.

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“Did you have any compunctions about meeting with somebody like that, giving him any sort of enhanced credibility because a member of the United States Congress would meet with someone like that?” Tapper asked.

“Whatever you think about President Assad, the fact is that he is the president of Syria,” Rep. Gabbard replied. “In order for any peace agreement, in order for any possibility of a viable peace agreement to occur, there has to be a conversation with him,” Gabbard said.

One of the most important aspects of the interview is that it highlights that without being invited into Syria, by the legitimate and internationally recognized government, the U.S. is violating international law. Under the guise of fighting terror, the U.S. is illegally leveraging to topple a legitimate government without regard for what the Syrian people themselves want.

“The Syrian people will determine his outcome and what happens with their government and their future, but our focus, my focus, my commitment is on ending this war that has caused so much suffering to the Syrian people,” said Gabbard.

Earlier this month, in a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives, Gabbard criticized the U.S.’s “interventionist wars,” noting that our efforts are often counterproductive.

“Our limited resources should go toward rebuilding our communities here at home, not fueling more counterproductive regime change wars abroad.”

Gabbard railed against the U.S. government’s directly or indirectly supporting groups allied with terrorist groups such as ISIS and al Qaeda in the name of overthrowing the Assad government, and went so far as to introduce the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act,” which would prevent U.S. funding of these so-called “moderate rebels,” who are largely a propaganda fiction meant to coalesce public support behind another ill advised American regime change operation – as selling the arming of “freedom fighters/moderate rebels” sounds so much more appealing than arming Islamist rebels when selling it to the U.S. public.

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“The fact that our resources are being used to strengthen the very terrorist groups we should be focused on defeating should alarm every American,” Gabbard said. “I urge my colleagues to support this bipartisan legislation and stop this madness.”

The fact that a sitting congresswoman has gone on record after visiting Syria to note that “there are no moderate rebels” should be a red herring to the American people that they are being sold a fabrication by the mainstream media in regards to the events that have transpired in Syria.

Please share this important story to help Rep. Tulsi Gabbard expose the Syrian regime change operation for exactly what it is! With a member of Congress now telling the truth to the American public, the lie can no longer be maintained by the war-mongers and their media cronies.

  • john smith

    smh the little girl from syria is propaganda clearly
    hopefully its for the right reasons.

    • Wayne Johnson

      Oh PLEASE STOP!! Why does it bother ppl like you so much to let other countries decide their own fate?? NOBODY needs or wants the U.S. butting into their affairs and the sooner you get that through your thick ass head the better.

    • Kpennett

      This Bitch wants to Run For President…
      She’s Trying to Make a Name for herself, Using a Fucking Child, Of Course…

      • Daniel Weber

        Dip shit TWAT FUCK. She is the only person in our government with a set of balls that is willing to go to a war zone to gather real facts on the ground. She should be commended for her brave actions!

        • Glum

          yeah no kidding Kpennett you fucking dumbass.

          • Kpennett

            Say what you will, I Do Not G.A.F. & I’m not sorry, that I can’t climb on board this ignorance train… Time reveals all, so, let’s keep an eye on this… Then, Maybe you can prove me wrong, without calling me names? But, I feel you both responded, with pure emotion, & no actual facts…

          • John Henry Gunderson

            And where did you get your facts, Kpennett. This woman gathered her facts first hand.

          • J Coleman

            She laid out the facts WTF else do you want. We armed the “rebels” in the hopes of ousting Assad who is standing in the way of a pipeline emanating from Qatar (a country where slavery is legal) to the Mediterranean sea where it will be directly competing with Russian exports. Russia is Assad’s ally..Get it now? This is why Obama and Hillary were trying to draw everyone into a war and trying to convince everyone its about human rights.. Why aren’t anyone concerned about the rights of the slaves in Qatar? As always this is about oil.

          • RL

            Her trip was paid for by Assad supporters, and everyone she talked to were Assad supporters. She is a useful idiot for Assad.

        • Kpennett

          Too bad CNN, doesn’t give Facts…

        • SMH this person up here has spout of useless thoughts .. hope he gets better ..:(

        • RL

          Daniel: Her trip was paid for by Assad supporters, and everyone she talked to were Assad supporters. She is a useful idiot for Assad. And a grandstander who ought to leave the Dems and join the GOP, where she belongs. Except you can’t get elected from Hawaii unless you’re a Dem, so she says whatever works, and her constituents fume.

      • wow , I am pretty sure I am convinced people are wasted on the way to heaven or hell wtf kind of comment is this .. 🙁

      • junktex

        She’d get my vote then.Reminds me of Ron Paul.She talks sense

  • Kpennett

    Cia.N.N Propaganda, Plain & Simple.
    This Bitch wants to Run For President…
    She’s Trying to Make a Name for herself, Using a Fucking Child, Of Course…

    • Lolito Gapud

      we are not talking about your mother, so butt out!

      • Kpennett

        Spoon fed whatever the media dishes out… Sad…

        • John Henry Gunderson

          I’ll agree with you to a point, Kpennett, MSM is not to be trusted, but did you notice how the CNN reporter squrimmed and try to reroute almost everything she said.

    • Glum

      you were a fucking idiot the FIRST time you posted this bullshit.

      • Peace and Love

        He’s a troll– gets paid between 10-50 cents a post, or he’s just an idiot. Either way– not worth your time. His posts (under this particular name) border on retarded nonsense.

    • David Hall

      You dumb fuck…I wish she would run…I would damn sure vote for her. She has more balls than any of those other fools up in D.C. BTW, you need to take your meds!

  • skyp0ckets

    Our government was all about Arab Spring (while hating occupy) until things went south. It’s nearly impossible to sort out the facts when too many mouthpieces have an agenda.

    • skyp0ckets

      Also, how ‘free’ do the citizens in Syria feel, to express any true thought? I’d guess not free.

      • Daniel Weber

        Keep getting your ‘knowledge’ from ‘world news tonight’!

        • skyp0ckets

          Don’t even know what that implies.

          • yeah what is that?? I would like to see these countires just be left alone . No one is gonna help us is Trump turns evil .

          • Em Singh

            Nailed it. And the is what the Islamist in this country are counting on. They headed up the woman’s march recently (a Muslim woman who wants Sharia law in this country of all people). And the paid busing of terrorists, I mean protesters in every major city. They are just feeding the fires so martial law can be put down. Its insane how stupid people are being. When it happens, all those women wanting free abortions and to subjugate men are gonna be in a world of regret.

          • junktex

            BS.Soros and the globalists were behind that crap.

          • Em Singh

            Actually, I forgot to mention him and his lot. I do not deny there is more than one group trying to take over this country.

          • Faceboot

            “women wanting free abortions and to subjugate men”
            Understandable, given the cultural background, as the world has seen the “respect” bestowed on females in India. by their “men”.

          • Steven Brown

            time to come out of the dark ages mate and join the 21st century

      • junktex

        Yeah I guess they need a good democratic bombing that we are so famous for.

    • junktex

      Agendas seem to be oil and more land for Israel to steal.

      • GoddessPatricia Strong

        I am not seeing anything in this written article about oil, or anything remotely related to oil, this is the propaganda that many wish for you to believe. The Truth is well with the Bankers interests and the control of the people through their religious beliefs.

        • junktex

          Oh you never see truth in their stated agendas.Our interventions are always about “spreading democracy” or “human rights”.Destabilization of the middle east is their goal.

  • Genevieve Hawkins

    Good for her! She’s joined the very short list of politicians I like…

    • skyp0ckets

      She seems to not be beholden to either party, which is great.

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    • John

      Tulsi Gabbard is a member of the Rockefeller/CFR. When she returned from her “fact finding” trip, she went straight to CNN where she was “interviewed” by fellow CFR member Jake Tapper. It’s all showbiz. See member lists at cfr dot org.

      • J Coleman

        And obviously she’s jumping ship. She rejected the bullshit party line that we are not arming terrorist, everyone knows we are and that is why they let Chris Stevens die. She is also quite right about what will happen if Assad is defeated. Just like libya it will fall into the hands of isil. This war is about the pipeline from qatar nothing else. Put your little list away

  • Yogi

    A beautiful woman with balls, brain and honesty. Rare combination. Respect!

  • IceTrey

    “America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and Independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.”
    SecState John Q Adams 1822

    • junktex

      That was another America

  • Patrick Hunnicutt

    Not sure but was thinking what she did was against Political rules… She could be classified a traitor or a spy…

  • Kpennett

    No-one is more hated, than those who speak the truth….

  • doucyet

    Good for you Tusli! Keep the pressure on the jackasses…………

    We have no business over there other than to smash the same terrorists we put into play………..


  • Chris Schonfeld

    Hmmm funny how every country we go to war with dosent have a Rothchild central bank

    • djack2112

      Yeah, I noticed that too.

    • junktex

      Smedly Butler said it first.All wars are banker wars.

  • Ty M

    Why cant the USA just MindTheirOwnBusines.get their yankee noses out of the world’s ass-crack and start fixing their own sewer they live in..Fix their Political mess that the Monkey screwed up so bad…or the millions of messes the USA has on-going like their meddling with CIA noses in EVERYTHING and EVERWHERE…
    Maybe Fix the POLLUTED USA’s waters.and the GMO Poisons feed to its people maybe sweep the CHIT off your own doorsteps before you mess with others…
    BUT………keep feeding the Yanks ‘medications’ and GMO food and fluoride and the mindless americans will Dance to the Jew Masters like ‘good little mindless citizens ‘ they are….

    • WisdomOfSilence

      Hahahaha! Yea, I enjoyed that comedic relief there. You talk as if your country isn’t under the control of the Jews, which I know it is. You water has flouride in it and your food has GMOs. So shut up with your moral high ground fool.

  • alexandra

    The Gig is up! The Banking Goblins and their puppet politicians cannot be allowed to bring us into another false war. They create every excuse to ravage and plunder countries of their minerals and wealth that are not under their control. All under the guise of Democracy! We don’t own our country they do and we need to get it back ! Know wonder the Banking Goblins hate Putin so much, he threw them out of Russia and banned them for life. By the way who got all the money and the rights to the minerals they stole from Libya and Ghadafi? Certainly not the Libyan people or the American people.

  • Steve

    I don’t know… out of all this madness we have been witnessing for the past X years… maybe there is some hope. This woman is a small but bright glint of hope.

  • vildechaye

    Author obviously has no idea what a “red herring” is or how to use the term correctly. In this instance she used it incorrectly to mean “warning”. It really means a “misleading or distracting clue.”

  • frenchie mama

    Because the Powers that Rule want Syria for their own. That’s why.

  • John Henry Gunderson

    The main point I took from this interview is, that if Assad is taken out, the Syrian people believe that Syria will be over run by splinter group radicals, just as Iraq was when they took out Saddam. Hell, like Libia and Qadaffi for that matter.

  • Bruce Brandy

    The U.S. has a long-running track record of arming, training, and giving support to foreign countries’ military personnel with whom we end up in armed conflict in the future. Repeating the same mistake and expecting a different result is one definition of insanity.

  • challengeauthority

    Doh! That’s the wrong narrative congresswoman. Didn’t you get the CNN talking points memo before hand? Assad Bad! Rebels Good! America help. Russia harm. – Nothing annoys a pundit more than when his narrative explodes in front of his face. Especially when it’s done by someone who is expected to tow the narrative line.

  • Dennis

    Something is not right here. Congresswoman Gabbard is saying the people don’t want the USA to support the rebels. She is saying the whole Syrian civil war is just Assad’s government forces against al Qaeda. Further, she says the civilians “on the street” don’t understand why the USA is supporting the rebels/terrorists. So, the conclusion she is trying to communicate is that the civilians support Assad. What???

  • Anyone and everyone that believes the CIA and Pentagon BS that they are only supporting “moderate” rebels needs to go look for the video on the Internet where those very same rebels behead a little boy.

  • novictim

    Thank you, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard!
    I say that as a Bernie turned Trump supporter, a patriot and a person who loves Western Liberalism with all its liberty and freedoms. So please, continue to stand up to the imbeciles like Sen. McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham, folks who keep pushing for War against this secular government of Assad and who itch for a showdown with Russia. These leaders in the Senate have cold-war dementia and still have not figured it out that the Afghan Mujahedin fighting the Soviets in the 1980s were the Taliban, are, to all approximations, brothers to today’s ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

    This idiocy of supporting Jihad got Ambassador Stevens killed. And oil is not a resource one needs to fight over in the 21st century. This has to end. Support people like Congresswoman Gabbard!

  • Carl Perry

    I’m a hardline Tea Party type that’s been fighting those blathering about “moderate freedom fighters” in Syria almost since the beginning. While Obama, John McCain, Hillary Clinton were trying to convince us that they were people just like you or I trying to fight Assad, I was reading stories and seeing photo evidence of Islamic Radicals, purportedly the same people the administration was saying were “Moderates”, butchering children with hacksaws after killing all the adults in tiny towns all over the countryside.
    Obama and Hillary Clinton were arming these people and this led to the attack on our compound in Benghazi.

  • mich finn

    Good for her! It’s not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Now hopefully we the U.S.A. can see it to STOP funding the enemy of the Syrian people.