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Watch Politicians Snap When Alternative Media Journalist Asks them One Short Question

Jan Helfeld is a political journalist who has been traveling around and asking politicians some of the same awkward questions that work to expose the illegitimacy of their authority. His questions were extremely simple and many times ridiculed as “stupid” by the politicians that he interviewed, because he was attempting to establish moral principles using the Socratic method.

One of the best and most crucial questions that Helfeld has asked over the years is simple enough: “can you delegate a right that you don’t have to someone else?”

This simple question has caused dozens of politicians to either become aggressive, run away, or both because it points out that they do not have the right to do the things that they do in the name of government.

To use an example, if an average citizen does not have the right to steal from his neighbor, then he can not go ahead and vote for one of his friends to do it. Furthermore, if a particular group, even a group with a majority in a certain area decided to vote for themselves or one another, to steal from innocent people, they would not be justified in doing so. In this situation, these people would essentially be granting a privilege to another person that they themselves did not have, which is obviously a ridiculous idea.

However, this is exactly how democracy and representative government works. The power of the politicians is supposedly granted by the people. However, average people don’t have the right to do things that politicians and agents of the state do on a regular basis. Therefore, the people living in a democracy never had the authority that they allegedly gave their government to begin with, which means that this authority does not exist and that the government does not have a right to use it.

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Helfeld would lead the people he interviewed to this conclusion, which resulted in an incredibly entertaining encounter nearly ever time.

In the following video, Helfeld interviewed Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii and walked him down the same path of logic that was laid out in this article. He asked Inouye first whether or not people had the right to steal from one another, and then if they had the right to delegate that authority to the government, then finally he asked, “can a person delegate a right that they do not have.” Inouye sat frozen like a deer in headlights realizing that he had just been backed into a corner, and that’s when the interview gets really interesting.

Inouye is not alone either, many other politicians and news pundits had similar reactions when faced with the same questions. Check out some of the most interesting below, including an encounter with Bernie Sanders where he gets angry, demands to know by whom Helfeld is funded, and runs out of the room.

In the video below, Helfeld explains his style of interviewing, and how he used the Socratic method to point out contradictions in people’s reasoning.

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  • Just say no to old dinosaurs. If they were going to make an impact on this country. They would have done it during the 30 40 50 gazillion years they homesteaded that position!

    • And with advancements in medicine they will be in those positions much longer. A pity.

    • Yes it’s unfortunate they aren’t under the same health plans as the rest of the country. Then that wouldn’t be the case!

    • They get Cadillac Healthcare and we get the Pinto.

    • Todd Benz don’t you mean it’s too bad we all don’t have their healthcare plan ?

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  • John McCain looks scary as fuck.

  • The interviewer is a nit wit… he just doesn’t seem very bright. It almost seems like he’s drunk or on some kind of medication.


  • Jan’s very clever, it’s interesting to see how the politicians can swimming in their own shit, when somebody put them behind their contradictions, in the same time it’s funny to hear their shit and very sad, not for politicians, but for the US people who can’t protest against that.

  • the interviewer has the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard

  • I don’t follow this interviewer. Our predecessors established a government which explicitly provides the right of the government to perform select actions as a governing body which the individual does not have the direct right to perform. The declaration of war is a clear example of this which he appears to be using as an example. We have a due process to declare war which is performed by the federal government and we, by proxy of our elected officials, have our input on this by electing officials who we believe align with our beliefs. We do not have a direct vote on the declaration of war. We, as individuals, cannot declare a legal war. Either I’m missing something critical here or his semantics don’t actually make sense. I’m all for logically deconstructing the overstepping of the government beyond the powers it has been provided but this video hurts the cause in my eyes.

    • We can’t individually declare war, but we can defend ourselves from an attacker. Collectively declaring war is the equivalent of self defense on an individual level.

    • Not all war is self defense though. We make preemptive moves at times based on perceived threats. If the individual did this it would prosecuted. I can see your reasoning and it comes close to the mark but I can’t agree 100%.

  • Basterds

  • “How does something immoral, when done privately, become moral when it is done collectively? Furthermore, does legality establish morality? Slavery was legal; apartheid is legal; Stalinist, Nazi, and Maoist purges were legal. Clearly, the fact of legality does not justify these crimes. Legality, alone, cannot be the talisman of moral people.”

    ― Walter E. Williams, All It Takes is Guts: A Minority View

  • I didn’t watch the videos so I can’t comment on the interviewer or how he acted but the article made perfect sense. A govt or any “sELECTED” official should never have more rights than anyone else they represent…especially having the right to declare war!!! Government literally means control of the mind, and from some of the comments posted its evident of this fact. Read the 9th and 10th amendments of the Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers certainly knew this!!!

  • Enough with the constant reloading adds. Can’t read or listen to anything you’re trying to say when every 30 seconds the page refreshes for new adds. Just another cog in corporate America, eh?????????

  • First of all he endlessly repeats the same leading question word for word until they answer (I should confess now that I only watched the Sanders one) He answered it because the interviewer was not going to qualify or explain his question – this is a typical component of a trap question. Once it is finally answers, he follows up with another, similar trap question. The whole point is to lead the interviewee down an alley. Trapping them into saying that either A) the government is corrupt and evil or B) Everyone is allowed to do as they please regardless of the law. Either point is stupid. This person should not have the kind of access he does to people. Either that or he should ask better questions.

  • When you’re watching a video, it stops and reloads every two minutes, I think we’re onto something. Just a thought.

  • Thankfully, none of these politicians realizes that the correct answer is yes, individuals have a natural right, pre-politically, to any action they desire to further their own survival and quality of life. Which is why people came together to form societies and relinquished some of their rights to a “government”, in order to secure protection of themselves their families and property from their fellow human beings. It gets more convoluted as you go along, but Thomas Hobbes explains pre-political, natural, rights very well.

  • Love it !!

    A celebrity roast is ok, but they know when they are getting roasted.
    These politicians are unaware of how ridiculous they really are, this journalist is a roasting master. All hes doing is pointing out logic! This is entertaining and educational.

  • I would argue, pre govt people had the right to throw out and dispossess people who were not contributing to the group but just leaching. By this logic, we should throw out billionaires into outerspace and take their assets

    • If we do not recognize their money they’re broke. We just have to collectively agree to do it.

  • Rodney Jingle-Jangles id like to hear your thoughts on this

  • David Fonseca

  • This interviewer is stupid. The senator from Virginia makes a good point about taxes, the rich got rich because they used the resources the government provides, who’s gonna pay them? While I do agree that taxes are a bit high and the government should disclose every detail about where our money is going I still think taxes are necessary to run a government. I can use the bait questioning technique to prove almost anything “do you like child labor” ” then why do you have an iPhone?”

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  • Fucking crooks with no conscience..that were interviewed

  • I love this guys logic .. love it , good to see politicians squirming when they are exposed for the sham they run

  • well. striking nerves and just getting on nerves is tricky business. I give tthe dude a C minus

  • here’s a right no one has. No one has the right to set as system in motion and set it adrift. This is what we the people have done. and it’s not right. and it’s eroded our rights. and it’s tarnished our so called righteousness and the time is right to set some shit right. En masse. I have the right to remind you that you’ve ignored your rights and this is what you get. Right ?

  • Rights are established. Implementations are mapped out on the fly. When the deal get’s hinkey, we’re supposed to have a handle on it. We just think that’s not doable, so we moan and play word games like this guy, wasting time on building little boxes . That’s freshman stuff.

  • The alleged journalist is an obnoxious prick, trying to make his antagonism appear to expose the “Basic Lie” of government. He did expose the lack of intelligence and perception in some of his victims. I did notice that Bernie Sanders saw where he as going with it and headed off his building an empirical house of cards to attempt to embarrass. That was not journalism, not even a good ambush. Just a bullshit attempt to promote an untenable political position.

  • “disagree” why don’t we see how much agreement we can get by holding a de jure vote to use physical violence against agents who disagree with truth.

  • #DeathToTyrants

  • We do not need the “heretic collar” brought back….just saying.

  • All power in the world comes from force of arms. It has always been so and will continue as long as we believe that we must destroy any who are different from ourselves.

  • Power is the source of government not rights. Politics is the regulation of that power.

  • If this question was to be taken seriously by politicians it stands to improve politics.
    Very intellectually stimulating and sadly for some reason assumed to be philosophical.
    Also, I have expected more from Sanders.
    Everyone else I understand that they are crooks but Sanders, I expected more.

  • Bernie Sanders video popped up and the was suddenly replaced by an ad….. conspiracy??? I think so

  • Truth is hard to swallow sometimes.

  • Muddle, Muddle, Muddle thru all this stuff on the world stage. <3 God be with us all. Now there is some free though

  • I understand that politicians have to be careful of the words that they choose to use under certain circumstances, but I can answer the question. Yes people have been given the right to use force against other citizens with rights. Ever heard of Jim Crow? Ever heard of Japanese internment camps? Ever heard of the African AMERICAN Holocaust? Ever heard of police brutality? Where do you think the civil RIGHTS movement came from? Ever heard of African AMERICANS being 2/3 a “man” understand that when the word “man” is used in a legal since were considered subordinate. People who choose to ignore, downplay or disregard the foundation of nationalization understand that rights of people are not only infringed, not only subjunctive, but they are systematic. Systematic in the sense that laws which were once clear are, in today’s terms, diluted into privileges and dishonorable context of what it is to be a citizen of that nation.

  • Let’s spend millions & millions on campaigns & not get anything done ! The whole system of government needs a face lift our criminal system needs change & we all have to pay closer attention to what goes on in our own states,counties & local governments to get to Washington! Start small go big & for damn sure posting anything on here really doesn’t do much good talk is cheap ! Get out their & do something about it stand up for your selves! Dnt be afraid of the government!

  • all of them, they don’t like to be proven lyars…..

  • Click bait page

  • Seraphiel

    I don’t think these politicians understand the democratic system, nor does the interviewer. Everybody has the right from birth to do whatever they want. This includes stealing from people, kill other people, you name you can do it. One can question if this is really beneficial in the long run, but that’s another discussion. It is the right of free will. But…. we have collectively decided to vote for a government. And by voting for a government we delegate the right of free will as well. So a government can do what it wants to do and as long as everybody agrees with the government it is all fine and dandy. This also implies taking away your freedoms. If the government chooses to take away your freedom or right to steal from other people or to kill them and the majority of the people agrees then this becomes law. The problem arises when government decides to take away so many freedoms that it doesn’t represent the peopels view anymore.

  • Chill Will


  • WoundedEgo

    This is silly. Jan Helfield is using a leading question: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/leading-question

    • Jherson Lopez

      He is using a question to lead to another, with the intent of exposing what they privately believe. He has a point.. if you miss it put a label on yourself that says “sheeple”. The government in not the people or an entity, it is THE CONSTITUTION, and should not be leading wars for profit, we have not delegated that power to kill for an agenda

  • Toxophilite

    Did I hear Sanders make a Freudian slip as he was ending the interview? I listened to it a couple of times and Sanders said ” …I’ve tried my best not to answer your question.”

    Tried his best to NOT answer his questions. Yep, let a little truth out there Bernie.

    • Matelot1

      Like Hillary said, they have a public opinion and a private opinion.

  • It’s not about rights. Rights are a mental construct, they do not really exist, never have. It’s about power. When the majority gets together, they have the most power and can therefore make the rules.

    With that being said, one could make the argument that the people did have the power to exert physical force over others, then they got together and transferred that power to elected officials.

    • Jherson Lopez

      ¨We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are (1) endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That (2) to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, (3) deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.¨

      -The Declaration of Independence

      From this one paragraph, we learn three foundational principles of our Constitutional Republic:

      1. Our rights are unalienable and come from God.
      2. The purpose of Civil Government is to protect our God-given rights.
      3. Civil government is legitimate only when it operates with our consent.

      The U.S. Constitution is the formal expression of our consent.


      • SuperMichael

        There is no god.

        • Patrick Borush

          Gold Oil Drugs G.O.D. of America!

  • Tesa Hayashi

    What a supercilious asshole this guy is…

    • WoundedEgo

      Cool word, supercilious!

      behaving or looking as though one thinks one is superior to others.
      “a supercilious lady’s maid”
      synonyms: arrogant, haughty, conceited, disdainful, overbearing, pompous, condescending, superior, patronizing, imperious, proud, snobbish, snobby, smug, scornful, sneering; More

  • fisharmor .

    You have to realize that these people generally have spent their lives as leeches on the state. They don’t know any philosophical reason for what they’re doing: they do it, and they get lots of money. I don’t think it goes beyond that. Bernie pretends he’s against corporations, McCain pretends he’s against terrorism. It’s all a giant game to get votes and keep sucking blood.
    I’ve only ever seen one politician, in 30 years of paying attention, who both showed that he had done the homework on the philosophy of government AND consistently worked to apply it. The rest of them are all just drawing a paycheck.