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New Research Shows Cannabis Heals Broken Bones and Prevents Rejection of Transplanted Organs

The medical uses of cannabis and its derivatives are continuing to be discovered at an astonishing rate. This is despite the fact that U.S. government clings to an absurd, baseless classification of cannabis as a Schedule I drug, which severely limits research and scientific advancement.

We can add bone fractures and organ transplants to the diverse list of conditions that medicinal cannabis can treat.

A study performed by Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University researchers finds that the non-psychotropic component cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) helps heal bone fractures. They administered the compound to rats with mid-femoral fractures and found that it “markedly enhanced the healing process of the femora after just eight weeks.”

The team had found in earlier research that our bodies’ cannabinoid receptors stimulate bone formation and inhibit bone loss. It was a natural progression to test how this can be utilized to aid bone healing.

“The clinical potential of cannabinoid-related compounds is simply undeniable at this point,” said Dr. Gabet. “While there is still a lot of work to be done to develop appropriate therapies, it is clear that it is possible to detach a clinical therapy objective from the psychoactivity of cannabis. CBD, the principal agent in our study, is primarily anti-inflammatory and has no psychoactivity.”

Back in the U.S., researchers at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine discovered another new field of cannabis treatment. They found that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in cannabis, can delay the rejection of incompatible organs.

The research performed in mice provides clear justification for its testing in clinical trials. If THC can be used to prevent organ rejection, as the authors suggest is possible, it can literally save lives. Again, the work focuses on cannabinoid receptors.

“More and more research is identifying potential beneficial effects of substances contained in marijuana, but a major challenge has been identifying the molecular pathways involved,” said John Wherry, Ph.D., Deputy Editor of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology. “These new studies point to important roles for the cannabinoid receptors as targets that might be exploited using approaches that refine how we think about substances derived from marijuana.”

Scientists around the world are resuming the exploration of medical cannabis that was interrupted in the 1930s and ‘40s by irrational government prohibitions. We are only just discovering its usefulness in treating epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, cancer and multiple sclerosis.

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For centuries, cannabis was used as a medical remedy. The tools of modern medicine are now allowing extraordinary insights into this plant and the powerful capabilities of cannabinoid receptors.

Despite the amazing benefits of this plant, in police state USA, police officers will kill you for it — and they will call it “justice.”

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  • Cannabis just makes you happy, what else do ya need to know

    • Its an illusion of happiness. prove are you happy when you’re not high. I’ve personally haven’t met a single pothead that was.

  • Callum Howe
    That’ll sort ya arm out bro!

  • But it’s bad for you..it must be it’s illegal and only hardened criminals use it..if not why would they be doing prison time? It’s also a gateway drug you know..I know this because the government says so!


  • Emily Welch

  • Jonathan Goodman

    • Such a shame we’ve missed out on 60 odd years of medical research on it. At this rate it will be a recommended vitamin to all haha. I know I want some.

  • How about sprained ankles, Brandin ?

  • Charlotte Hall

  • I was in a bad wreck a few years ago. Broken back, ankle, ribs, face, I was a mess. During my year of recovery, into physical therapy. The doctors were amazed how quickly I was recovering. I had a full recovery “eight months sooner than expected.” Cause I was smoking up while laying around. My pain was subsided, I had more energy during the lazy days. I never took my prescribed painkillers. It was the help from pot that got me through it, in my opinion.

    • Don’t confuse convalesce with the effects of pot. Pain killers only kill pain also.

    • Eric Olander What Medical School did you graduate from? Go preach in church you moron.

  • while i’ totally on board with all of this smokin’ of the good plant, i see to many of these for them to be real OR if they are, then we’ve been being denied something possibly more crucial than food in the existence of our species…

  • Help for people with Osteopor………

  • What does Cannabis not cure? One thing obviously is our tendency to make false claims to promote our own agendas.

    • Yeah, I am for legalisation worldwide, but I think my ‘camp’ is getting a little bit overzealous… On the other hand, it should be legal everywhere already. I get it.

    • Not your body; not your business,…. so what point are you trying to make again?

    • you are simpleton debate troll

    • Adam must be high.

    • The reason it should be legal is because prohibition creates a demand that isn’t there otherwise.

    • >doesn’t believe a super antioxidant and neuroprotecant can have panacea like benefits


  • Ahmed Marzouk did you realize now why did Marlboro started production


  • Such a miracle plant

  • Mothers milk leads to heroin , bacon is gate way to meat!

  • Cannabis has always been a natural part of our lives. So have pets and livestock.

  • trolls need stay off tpoics they just hate , but sumit we will never change , haters will be haters , and for ur information , weed isnt a gateway drug to other substances , the gate way is all in the person, not the drug smh , idiots , weed is not a high crime persons drug . rofl u dnt know shit do ya . give up on commenting , im pretty sure u dnt and never have smoked weed , and ur trolling is absolute bullshit, im a smoker of canabis since i was 16 im now 35 , i dnt touch nothing but weed .. so its a gatewaydrug huh rofl moron.. go read tha articles off fox news if u really think so coz to me ur utter noob on this topic . bye bye noob. weed shud be legal everywhere but goverment dnt want it to coz it affects the paharmasuticals… end off

  • topics*

  • Amazing!

  • Kirsten Scott

  • Thats why the US Gov. took out a patent on it. Ignore that this contradicts the DEA propaganda and war on drugs scam.

  • This means making it illegal is or should be illegal.

  • Oh wow I need that cup

  • where are the double blind studies???

  • I actually can’t believe it, because it just sounds like there’s bullshit is in the air, no wonder scientists are skeptical.

  • No wonder it’s illegal.

  • “research” ….. some how i doubt its peer reviewed in long term studies with a statistically significant cross section….. we get it you like weed and want it to be legal…. just be honest. its cool

  • All medicine is good when used appropriately weed has wrecked a lot of lives

  • The lengths stoners go to justify their smoking pot is hilarious.

    • The lengths science denyers go to prove their point… I’ve both read and seen proof that it helps. Do I smoke? No, I don’t even smoke cigarettes, over sensitive taste buds prevent that. But I’ve seen how the oil helps babies with horrible seizures from epilepsy live nearly normal lives, I’ve seen the proof eating it help people with eating disorders… Don’t even get me started.

    • Gee I didn’t realize The Free Thought Project.com was a science page LOL!

  • Suzanne Smith

  • The Goverment …Dont want us to live a longer life ….think of all the shit they kill us with ..food …vaccsins …chem trails …wake up …time …

  • To me it seems human beings and cannabis evolved together. In his book “Dragons of Eden” Carl Sagan said humans got the idea of growing food from growing weed.

  • Money in front of the public interest? USA! USA!

  • Doctor told me 6 weeks to heal my broken hand. Smoked the whole time and it healed in 3.5 weeks.

  • Garrett Mercado

  • This is monumental.

  • i do i do….well maybe not the coffee.

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  • Fuck the police, freedom hating assholes

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  • I always knew it was good for you. That’s why it’s illegal

    • We must demand justice be brought down upon they’re heads!!!

  • So even more reasons for pharma to keep it banned eh.
    And we wud be so better off growing more hemp, instead of more fodder

  • I’d like someone to interview the police that are enforcing this so called law , and see if they ( the police ) feel stupid when they do so !!!

  • Anyone else notice the trend toward feudal system policies? Bringing back the dark ages one republican vote at a time.

    • I haven’t heard 1 politician left or right PROMISE legalized weed so your point is moot

    • What does one single promise have to do with a generalized comment about overall policy trends?

  • Is the ‘legalisation of cannabis’ debate deflecting from the bigger issues, which plays into government hands, or is it the crux of all issues, freedom of choice?

  • …..

  • Luke Merrill

    • Interesting!!! I always take what I read with a grain of salt, especially experimental stuff. But if it can be replicated that’s pretty damn cool 🙂

    • Just remember it’s medical “practice”

    • Sure is!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s all they are doing!

    • BTW you know I have nothing against weed right? Lol just personally don’t like how it makes me feel

    • I know it’s all good I just like to show people so I don’t look like some hippy lol

    • You are a fucking hippy lol

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  • Marcos Jerome

  • how much more evidence do these pinheads need to legalize????

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  • Next prank :Holding cannabis in public gone wrong almost died

  • The government has gone rogue and the people need to revolt.

  • What you fail to realize is that government officials make lots of money off you little pot heads. When they sell it to you, when they incarcerate you for it, plus it keeps you complacent while they take away all of our rights.

  • I honestly dont believe all the articles about weed. Are we really supposed to believe it cures cancer, crohns disease, heals broken bones etc.?

    Does it blow you too? Come the fuck on. I love weed but this is getting a bit out of hand.

    • You’ll find wisdom and knowledge comes with age……. So come the fuck on…..

    • Yeah, it also comes with research.

  • Cool! I wonder if we can make up some kind of Cannabis/Comfrey Salve???

  • Khaled Ibraheem what do you think doc? 🙂 😀

  • Iv watched loads of documentaries which convinced me cannabis has potential life saving properties and I don’t even take it myself, but unfortunately whilst u have greedy pharmaceutical giants and governments pumping out scare tactic propaganda to prop them up u will get ignorant people who just wont believe

  • Bi lateral wrist fusions, cervical spinal fusion, bi lateral shoulder replacements, bi lateral hip replacements, bi lateral knee replacements. With an Autoimmune disease. Living proof Medical marijuana and proper surgery can do wonders.

  • Genaro Mendez

  • ‘New recearch’ is a term used to describe ‘more bullshit’. A lie is a lie and the ‘new recearch’ is a lie!! There is no research that ‘shows’ that cannabis is anything other than an addictive depression causing drug.

    • Keep believing the reefer madness propaganda. You’re free to keep being a sheep 🙂

    • And you keep believing you are unaffected by the effects. Oh and of course you can stop any time!! You do not know that you do not know that cannabis alters the mind’s ability to think logically.

    • Beer and junk food you fat hippocrite. Youve had internet for 15 years. No excuse to be ignorant

    • Are you fucking retarded? You must try hard at it…

    • Marcus Ringuet. I know what I know from personal experience. Why do you know what you know? From the reefer madness propaganda?

    • I think marcus is something of a hypocrite.

    • And my point that it diminishes the capacity to reason logically has been proven many times in the comments on this post. Drug dealers find it easy to convince users of cannabis that it has some medicinal benifit and the weed warriors rush into battle to prove the point. Just look what is happening on this post. And the medical profession is part of a world wide conspiracy to deprive users of ‘miracle medical’ cures.

    • It has been successfully stopping transplant organ rejection and bone marrow transplant rejection for years in Israel. Its not new research its old news. Stop believing propaganda and look at the science!

    • Hmmm … so this has been successful in Israel ‘for years’. Please tell me why the rest of the world has not taken it up.?!

    • Because AMERICAs government is all about the money and essentially brainwashing it’s citizens into mindless obedience.

    • Marcus Ringuet then stop engorcing hate. We dont force you to consume it because of your beliefs. That is tolerance. Imposing your lifestyle on others is intolerance

    • The medicine cannabis replaces, ALL OF of which come from opium. Which is worse? And are you God to decide for others? Or are you a beer chugging calorie monster arguing against history and science?

    • Ambroise Chaccaron Not enforcing anything anybody. I did not put up this false post. People who are forcing cannabis bullshit on to young people put these lies up. And that is what I oppose.

    • Candise Roark If AmericaI was to going to befuddle the minds of its citizens into ‘mindless obedience’ it could easily do that with cannabis. Whoops it seems that has happened already.

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  • “Despite the amazing benefits of this plant,” it is still a drug that stupid people like to abuse. “Officers will kill you for it”, when you’re driving around stoned and almost killing people.

  • Maybe we can give this government some brain transplant, that of an ash would be a great improvement!

  • I found studies that proved cannabis helps to fuse back together broken bones three years ago. I’m so glad to see studies on marijuana continue at a snail’s pace. Idiots.

  • Marcus Ringuet I have an IQ of 125, and it didn’t affect me. I am not smoking weed anymore, but I used to smoke it regularly. If you want to blame anyone, blame William Randolph Hurst, and his reefer madness. He and his ilk have caused generations of people to not think logically.

    • So you think an IQ of 125 is some sort of qualification. Well my qualification is higher than yours and cannabis did not affect me because I have NEVER used any illegal drug. The sadest thing I ever see written on post like these is “it didn’t affect me”. And you do realize that the Voltaire quote describes what you are doing.

  • Gregory Parks

  • Just another good reason.

  • The links are nice.

  • Just as one should not ignore medical advantages, one should NOT ignore the medical harms of pot.

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  • Hey Ali Raza prevents organ rejection!

  • What an exciting time for Cannabis research!

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  • papa coulda used that!

  • Omar Perez

  • For a split second I thought this was going to be another “Cannabis Cures Cancer” post. Which it most certainly does not! It may help patients who have cancer, minimising the pain etc. But the curing notion is not true as there are hundreds of different types of cancer. To come up with one single cure for every type of cancer would be Nobel Prize material, and the person that came up with it would be known as a worlwide medical marvel. But I do agree that it would help with broken bones and trasnsplanted organs as I’m guessing that when you relax from the use of cannabis it helps bones to reform and the same goes for organ transplants, it relaxes the muscles to help in the healing process.

  • Helen Allgood 🙂

  • AJ Reyes

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  • Jason Magill it help heal bones

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  • If cannabis was that great some one would have started an mlm with it by now.