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Researchers Treating Addiction, ADHD, and PTSD with Magic Mushrooms, and It’s Working


The bulk of William Richards life’s work was spent dosing people with a variety of psychedelics to research the therapeutic benefits for treating a number of conditions — or even to enrich the lives of perfectly healthy people.

Richards helped to co-found a Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine program 15 years ago, through which hundreds of people have had life-changing experiences. He credits the “sacred molecules” in such chemicals for causing the beneficial effects. While many psychedelics are employed, psilocybin — found in ‘magic’ mushrooms — is most often used by the researchers for its reliable and promising indication in the treatment of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), among other conditions.

Albert Garcia-Romeu, a researcher at Hopkins, working on a study to use psilocybin for smoking cessation, said of Richards, “Bill was part of the pioneering team here in the U.S. doing psychedelic research and psychedelic therapy model,” according to The Guardian.“ Basically, you give someone a really high dose and they have a really transformative experience. And you’ve prepared them for that,” he explained about the program. “And then after the fact, you help them integrate it, and they get on with their lives.”

In 2006, the Hopkins group published their first study of psilocybin, titled “Psilocybin can occasion mystical-type experiences having substantial and sustained personal meaning and spiritual significance” — which Charles R. Schuster, former director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, described as “noteworthy both for the rigorousness of its design and execution, as well as the clarity of its results.” In a commentary about the study, Schuster stated:

“It is striking that majority of participants reported 2 months later that the psilocybin-induced experience was personally very meaningful and spiritually significant. Indeed, most of them rated the psilocybin-induced experience as one of the top five most important experiences in their life. It is especially notable that participants reported that the drug produced positive changes in attitudes and behaviors well after the sessions, and these self-observations were consistent with ratings by friends and relatives […]

“The term psychedelic, when applied to drugs, implies that the drug experience is ‘mind-expanding.’ The paper [reporting the study findings] illustrates the accuracy of this description for psilocybin, and I hope that this landmark paper will also be ‘field-expanding.’”

Richards, who had his first personal experience with psychedelics “in a laboratory basement in Germany, in 1963,” when he received an injection of liquid psilocybin — an experience about which he described, “‘Awe’, ‘glory’, and ‘gratitude’ were the only words that remained relevant.”  Recently, Richards published a new book, “Sacred Knowledge: Psychedelics and Religious Experience” — in which he claims he and his colleagues“ have so reliably been able to induce mystical experience that they have empirically proven Carl Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious — the idea that there is archetypal imagery we all share, regardless of our culture,” reported The Guardian.

Research into psychedelics wasn’t without difficulty; in 1977, Richards led the last legal study before such research was shut down in, as The Independent noted, “the worst case of censorship since the Catholic Church banned the works of Galileo.” But, 22 years later, he regained permission to begin again, with a comparison study between psilocybin and Ritalin — with results so astonishing, even 14 months after it ended, participants continued to report “enduring positive life changes.” One of the study’s participants even “ended up resigning from his job in weapon design and became a Zen monk.”

Richards opts for a different term than psychedelic drugs, instead choosing “entheogens” — meaning “generating god within.” With such extraordinary results, that description isn’t surprising — nor is the government’s concerted effort to squash research into such a promising field.

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  • How do you treat a disease that does not exist? that being ADHD?…..

  • No it isn’t. This is very misleading. It is the “cognitive therapy” part that’s accomplishing the results and it’s bad news. It means they are experimenting combining the mind altering chemicals with other known behavioral modification techniques to literally brainwash people. In case you don’t know what “cognitive therapy” is, think electric shock positive/negative reinforcement, pain response, etc….

    • Seriously, why on earth are you trying to put a positive spin on such a negative thing?

    • Well maybe our govt. is misusing it, but there are definite benefits to these psychedelic drugs. Some experiments have been buried by the governments. Native peoples have used them for millennia to aid in many ailments. Don’t be blind to the potential benefits, just because it is being misused currently.

    • Beth Brucki-Abkes I’m not. Don’t be blind to the fact that this whole field of study is being misused and this type of media attention to it only gives people the wrong impression and gets them on board and supportive of the misuse… Let’s point out the fallacy of this article.

    • Edward Teach Folks like you are part and parcel of our problem. Why would you call this negative. Are you getting your checks from big brother on time ?

    • Peter Benton No, ignorance is your problem. Google “cognitive therapy” then read a few more articles covering the actual research that’s being done you halfwit. This is not new news at all. Just look up the study they mention as so successful on smoking cessation… Seriously bro, do you even read the links and sources in the fluff shit or just base your feelz on the fluff you’re fed. I fully support FTP and VERY rarely disagree with them but this is pure bullshit son.

    • They’re basically using mushrooms to put your brain in a toddler like state then slapping the fuck out of your hand when you reach for candy.

    • Yaaaay, someone who does research

    • Only experience can tell, I tried the stuff. In the correct

    • Correct setting, this stuff is beyond incredible, it unlocks dna informaton otherwise unavailable. Flesh from the gods!

    • Look, I was eating shrooms and LSD in the 80s. A LOT of both. I’m not doubting or questioning the value. I’ve self medicated with them spiritually and physically. What I’m telling you is that this is not a good thing and is basically a clockwork orange type shit you fucking bloody tools!

  • almost all plants are medicinal…

  • I’m sure that nature has all the medicine we need. That’s why the masters make anything we could get for free illegal. You can see it clear as day if you only look. You can’t collect rain or grow a garden in some places and it won’t be long until the population is completely dependent on the toxic shit they force on us against our will.

    • It hasn’t been that long ago relatively speaking that you could not hunt the Kings dear or pick one of his flowers or even eat his grass. Land of the free my ass !.

  • alzhymers also .

  • Of course it is.. Bill Wilson did LSD back in the day before it was classified schedule one…

  • Mushrooms allow you to step outside of your own psychology and view it objectively. Allowing you to make changes to yourself without guilt and other negative emotions.

    • Now combine that with “cognitive therapy” like electro-shock therapy, and you’ll have what they’re doing.

    • Edward Teach I didn’t read it give me a sec.

    • Edward Teach I don’t see anything close to what you are talking about.

    • Ed is nuts

    • Edward Teach needs mushroom therapy.

    • Shrooms help with the death of ego too

    • You do not need mushrooms for that.

    • Mushrooms allow u to look at ur carpet and believe it’s the Allegheny River flowing thru ur living room

  • Down Under, in The Royal Childress Hospital:

  • Loretta Lee not gone through the article but thought you might wanna read

  • Mark Hancock

    Natural medicine is the go mate ;). More fun too haha

  • Žan Jurkovič mislem ja sem ADHD zej glih doba

  • I will stick to pot lol but keep me posted on there long term(3-7years)

  • I have a rare form of brain disease called Hortons disease. Mushrooms are one of the ONLY effective ,long term treatments. Why i can’t get it without illegal sources is beyond me.

  • All psychedelic plants are illegal because of the mental/physical health benefits, not to mention they help us see the spiritual world.

  • Great…mushrooms have the highest radioactivity

    • Wut?

    • Mushrooms uptake the most radioactive particles in nature—they were the first plant infested-like starfish were the first fish we could see affected by the radiation…and they melted—mushrooms grown in nature will give you high doses of radioactive particles.

  • This was known about in the 50’s and 60’s and was smeared and covered up by the medical establishment and big pharma. Having people know they can grow all the medicine they would ever need is bad for business.

  • Rimey Bear

  • Arnaud Couturier pop 5g t’auras plus ADHD gros

  • Shrooms? Never tried it but coming from nature, I’d trust it more than pharmaceuticals!

  • Mushrooms fucked me up for more than 5 years, I was totally insane, stopped believing in reality and heard voices. Would sit having telepathic conversations with people and the tv and couldn’t pay attention to any real verbal communication. Totally lost. A zombie.

    • Dafuq? Lol, then that shit wasn’t just mushrooms hahaha!

    • Sounds fun though.

    • Come on? I know many people who have taken them and nothing like this happened. Not saying it can’t happen. If you are not bullshitting then maybe you got one of thousands of different poisonous muchrooms but not psilocibyn mushrooms.

    • You are a very rare exception. Sorry it was like that for you

  • Some have psychotic reactions, this road no more responsible than big Pharma as pusher, probably worse

  • Interesting I have ADD

  • Alejandro Morales

  • Kearney Bratt

  • Bill Hicks “5 dried grams”

  • Got me over a bad breakup one time

  • Cindy

  • Exploring the inner pathways of your psych is a beneficial journey and one that would help damaged people .

  • Also really good for hospice terminally ill people to face their own death, according to Johns Hopkins Research.

  • Don Driggers-freedom….PTSD

  • James Wolfman Johnson, Shannon Johnson, Chadlin Andrews

  • nothing more natural than a gold top- take an evolved friend with you–straights -piss heads- yobbos- prudes- running the show-making the rules.

  • You mean I can do Shrooms to treat my PTSD?

  • I want a magic mushroom…

  • I was addicted to opiates and watched how Ibogaine root can somehow eliminate the withdrawl/cravings and later found someone who said mushrooms can do the same thing and not as rough as Ibogaine. I never tried either myself. But now know a few people that vouch for it.

  • There’s also ibogaine which had a 93%?success rate last I read.

  • Bill wilson… the a.a. guy. Did pyote in Baja to have his spiritual awaken, that led him to develop a.a.
    Moderation is key when it comes to hallucinogens. . You must know your own limitations before it can be truly benifical.

  • Pretty much not a plant so….

  • i ame in

  • Imagine that

  • If you ever just want to forget all the ugly in the world, and the problems in your life, just go out to some nice secluded nature spot and chow down on a hand full of mushrooms. You will be giddy, and have not a care.

  • The government dont lie.

  • The Greek word Psychedelic means “To see clearly”. Imagine that…..

  • Lennon Stanfield

  • The article states that Richards resumed his studies on entheogens in 1999, but doesn’t say what he’s doing currently. A Google search reveals he had a book published a few weeks ago, and I’m surprised the article doesn’t mention it, as the book publication would explain why the article is timely:

  • Liberty caps ARE the best…to offer.

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