“I couldn’t pass, you low life piece of s**t n****r!”

The Free Thought Project
Matt Agorist
July 6, 2014

A Clayton County police officer, Thomas Sheats, has been arrested and is on leave for a disgusting fit of road rage last week.

Henry County police said the incident began June 29 on Highway 155 in Locust Grove.

Michele Griffith, 27, said that’s where Sheats followed her for miles, blowing his horn, driving erratically and bumping her car.

Griffith told WSB-TV News  that when they pulled into a parking lot where she was going to get pizza, Sheats approached her car and angrily shouted at her.

“Why the fuck you going 35 miles per hour on a 45 mile per hour road,” Griffith said Sheats told her.

She told Sheats he could have went around her. She said that’s when he really exploded.

“‘I couldn’t pass, you low life piece of shit nigger’ … and (he) spit on me,” Griffith said.

Witnesses to Sheats’ fit of rage claim to have seen the same thing.

“He was in her face the entire time. It was wrong. Everything he did was wrong in my opinion,” says Tristan Holt, who works int he shopping center.

Rightfully so, Griffith would like to see Sheats lose his job. But this is not the first time he’s been in trouble.

Two years ago Sheats was arrested for domestic violence, and he’s been a cop ever since.


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