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BREAKING: Outspoken Vaccine Skeptic, RFK Jr. to Head Federal ‘Vaccine Commission’

President-elect Donald Trump has undoubtedly ruffled feathers in staffing his administration, but the choice of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. — known for his skepticism on the safety of vaccines — to chair a commission tasked with studying the efficacy of and issues concerning vaccinations, will undoubtedly raise eyebrows from both sides of the issue.

Kennedy, according to USA Today, will chair the presidential commission “to make sure we have scientific integrity in the vaccine process for efficacy and safety effects,” the environmental activist and politician told reporters after meeting with Trump on Tuesday.

Kennedy noted the incoming president requested the meeting, as he “has some doubts about the current vaccine policies and he has questions about it. His opinion doesn’t matter, but the science does matter and we ought to be reading the science and we ought to be debating the science.”

While advocates of the heavy vaccination schedule might find the choice of Kennedy — who has been castigated as an anti-vaxxer — quite startling, he insisted Trump remains “very pro-vaccine, as am I,” and only seeks to ensure “they’re as safe as they can possibly be.”

Corporate media hastily attacked the appointment of a skeptic to such an important commission; however, Kennedy insisted in the press conference public health and safety remains the topic of concern.

“President-elect Trump has some doubts about the current vaccine policies and he has questions about it,” Kennedy said, as reported by NBC News. “He says his opinion doesn’t matter … but the science does matter, and we ought to be reading the science and we ought to be debating the science.”

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Vaccination has frequently been a topic of bitter public dispute over the last few years, as parents of autistic children have pegged the ingredient thimerosal — which, in part, contains notoriously toxic mercury — as the culprit for the affliction.

President-elect Trump has, himself, spoken out about blindly supporting a medical practice without thorough and long-term investigation, as he stated in 2015 during a Republican primary debate,

“I am totally in favor of vaccines. But I want smaller doses over a longer period of time. Same exact amount, but you take this little beautiful baby, and you pump–I mean, it looks just like it’s meant for a horse, not for a child, and we’ve had so many instances, people that work for me. … [in which] a child, a beautiful child went to have the vaccine, and came back and a week later had a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic.”

Countless anecdotal cases of the onset of autism coincidentally following a certain round of vaccinations have left a growing population of parents excoriating the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for failing to diligently investigate effects of contents of certain vaccines.

For its part, the CDC scoffs at such comparisons and has painted the anti-vaxx movement — and anyone daring to question vaccination — under the broad brush of hysterics.

“Research does not show any link between thimerosal in vaccines and autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder,” the CDC’s website advises — and the conglomerate agency has ostensibly ‘debunked’ the autism link numerous times.

A vocal movement of parents whose children’s autism abruptly took hold after immunization, however, find grave fault with the CDC’s failure to at least address their concerns.

Autism Speaks, an advocacy organization for individuals with autism, which aligns with the CDC, told NBC News in a statement, “Over the last two decades, extensive research has asked whether there is any link between childhood vaccinations and autism. The results of this research are clear: Vaccines do not cause autism.”

Kennedy stated about vaccines at a documentary screening on the subject in 2015,They get the shot, that night they have a fever of a hundred and three, they go to sleep, and three months later their brain is gone. This is a holocaust, what this is doing to our country.

Coming under intense backlash for the capricious use of that term, Kennedy later apologized, stating,

“I employed the term during an impromptu speech as I struggled to find an expression to convey the catastrophic tragedy of autism which has now destroyed the lives of over 20 million children and shattered their families.”

Indeed, with the growing pandemic of autism — and the increased number of immunizations deemed necessary through childhood — it would seem the appointment of someone who finds safety and study relevant would be crucial to the interest of public health.

Kennedy is not, as the mainstream portrays, an unabashed anti-vaxxer — rather, he would like further study to prove or disprove either side in the issue.

After all, as the new chair of the presidential commission to study vaccines, Kennedy said in 2015, “They can put anything they want in that vaccine and they have no accountability for it.”

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Perhaps more imperative than sounding alarms over skepticism, it would behoove the public to give Kennedy’s commission a chance to either prove vaccinations safe and viable — or deleterious to the children they’re supposed to immunize from disease.

  • MrRetloc

    I do not care how anyone feels about whether to subject their child to immunization of any description. That said, anyone that proffers the existence of mercury is okay, must be a f**king idiot! There can only be one reason for including mercury…making profit easier. Big pharma and the Private corporation – Federal Drug Administration, also Centers for Disease Control – work together to make drugs available in spite of the negative side effects. Am I the only one to notice the disclosure documents…for every page of efficacy information, there are several pages of negative side effects and user warnings?

    • skyp0ckets

      Crazy how many parents are willing to turn a blind eye and I bet the majority could not even tell you what the ingredients in an immunization are or where it was manufactured and honestly don’t give two shits. I think everyone of us knows at least one child who was directly injured by an immunization.

      • Di

        The drug store near me advertises flu shots and asked the pharmacists what the shots had in them and he said he did not know.

    • hawaiiguy

      I have been saying for well over 10 years the corporations and governing bodies have turned almost every product we consume, inject or inhale into “Happy Fun Ball” Remember kids discontinue use if the following occurs: Dizziness, vertigo, constipation, explosive bowel syndrome, tingling in extremities, loss of coordination, temporary blindness, forgetfulness, profuse sweating,, extreme cotton mouth, forgetfulness, explosive eye sockets, bovine growths, excessive skeletal loss, flatulence, FROM HAZBRO!!! forgetfulness. RIP Phil Hartman, ironically, his wife and he succumbed do to horrid side effects from multiple prescription meds!

      • mara.scher

        Read through following information to figure out how a single mother was able to generate $89,844/year in her free time on her computer or laptop without selling anything>>>

      • tamajam10

        You know, I think of this every time I see the dozens of commercials for ‘legal drugs’ revealing more dangerous side effects taking the ‘legal drug’ than the SYMPTOM the drug is designed to alleviate. Utter nonsense. They have been ‘killing us softly’ for decades….at least since the days wnen Wonder Bread, Kool-Aid, and HFCS were introduced.

      • ahughes798

        How did she manage to get cocaine prescribed to her? Because she was a freaking coke-head.

    • tamajam10

      Agreed. All anyone has to do is to go directly to the CDC site, which is obligated to disclose (a) the ingredients to the ‘vaccines’; and, (b) the “adverse reactions” to the vaccines. These are also included in the ‘inserts’; however, I have never known a doctor, PA, or NP offer a parent such an insert prior to ‘telling’ parents they ‘have’ to vaccinate. It is nothing less than obscene.

    • ahughes798

      Every drug you take has possible side effects. Doesn’t mean that any, or all, are going to happen. I thank Jah every day for “Big Pharma,” because their anti-depressants are literally keeping me alive. And their meds for Multiple Sclerosis have kept mine from progressing. So you guys can keep banging on about Big Pharma….but they do save lives. I guess you’d prefer it if people who need meds provided by “Big Pharma” just died, instead?

  • Jamie Hall

    The next Kennedy to be assassinated? But Big Pharma would never do that. Right?

  • palvadore

    Maybe he can find out why Cobb county Georgia is forcing, through restraint and violence people to be injected with undisclosed substances?!

  • Bill Fleming

    I would much rather see a skeptic in that position than a cheerleader.

    • Mark Skinner

      Scepticism holding back Trump’s lack of judgement is one of my fervent hopes……that the guy will educate himself ! God knows, and people can see, that this president’s knowledge is pretty much just about buying a company, tearing it up and selling it off in bits, then claiming a loss on his tax return. That is why he WILL NEVER allow even a glance at his tax records. America ?…….What have you done ?

      • Mash Draggin

        One, I think you misunderstood the original comment. Two, your comment is interesting in light of Obama sealing his school records and everyone even remotely interested in knowing whether he was actually born a U.S. citizen derisively labelled a “birther” despite abundant evidence for a real investigation being blocked.

        • ahughes798

          Why should his school records be of any import? OBama was born in Hawaii, which, last I checked, was a part of the United States. You are derisively labeled as birthers because you’re nuttier than fruitcakes.

          • Di

            It has been scientifically proven that Obama’s birth records were altered.

          • ahughes798

            No, it hasn’t. Even your hero Trump said OBama was born in the US, comrade.

      • junktex

        Hopefully we’ve aborted WW111.

  • anarchyst

    A CDC “scientist” spilled the beans recently when it was stated that vaccines were administered to infants, even when vaccination immunity against diseases was ineffective in infants, in order to “train” parents into taking their children to medical professionals for vaccinations. This, in itself constitutes medical malpractice of the worst kind…
    The CDC and so-called “medical professionals” think that parents are stupid, when parents recognize a change in behavior and demeanor in their children after having vaccines administered. They automatically dismiss negative side effects, often claiming that parents are “making things up”… and that the “changes” in a child’s behavior are “imagined”.
    The “problem” may not be the vaccines themselves, but in the way they are administered…multiple vaccines administered at one time (for the convenience of medical professionals) tend to overload a child’s little body with triggers to the immune system that cannot handle the amount and types of vaccines given at one time.
    It might only take “spacing out” the administration of vaccines to help reduce the negative side effects of vaccinations.
    It is long overdue for the medical profession and the pharmaceutical profession to tell the TRUTH about vaccines…

    • Susan M.

      Doctors think that parents are stupid anyway. They haven’t caught up with the fact that the “Doctor is God” model went out in the 60’s. They are supposed to work together with us, not demean and dismiss us.

    • junktex

      And then there’s the reality of the composition of vaccines.

  • ahughes798

    Oh great. An anti-vaxxer in charge of vaccines. You know mercury/thimerisol isn’t allowed in vaccines for children any more, right? Must be one of the dumber Kennedys.

    • Anna Van Z

      Wake up, clueless. Or better yet, go back to your msm, and believe whatever big pharma tells you to think. RFK has more brains and integrity than you’ll EVER have.

      • ahughes798

        RFK had more brains than I’ll ever have. His son, I don’t know. Look, asshole…Big Pharma is, whether YOU like it or not, currently keeping people alive. Like people with AIDS, cancer, MS, depression, bacterial infections, heart attacks, strokes, and on and on and on. I’m sure if you get really ill, you’ll turn down all drugs made by “Big Pharma!” If you’ve ever taken a medication in your life…that makes YOU a fucking hypocrite. Seems like you’re the one who’s clueless….and ignorant to boot.

        • skyp0ckets

          Why was thimerosal ever allowed in immunizations when it was a known fact that it was a neurotoxin? Think it is not in immunizations today? Do a little research and you will find out in short order that if a child gets every recommended immunization they will actually end up getting MORE mercury than before they decided to ‘eliminate’ it. It is also in the annual influenza vaccine, if it is a multi-dose vial.

        • skyp0ckets

          If you feel comfortable injecting your infant with formaldehyde, aluminum, extracts from bovine, monkey, and human fetus lungs be my guest.

          • ahughes798

            And if you feel comfortable letting your or someone else’s infant die from whooping cough or measles, sure, don’t vaccinate. I had measles as a toddler, before there was a vaccine, and almost died. If you think polio is something that needs to come back, don’t vaccinate. If you think your kids sound great with whooping cough, don’t vaccinate, you special snowflake you. P.S. There aren’t human fetus lungs in vaccines. That would be illegal.

          • Rob g

            Baa Baa Sheep have you any wool? Vaxxes are designed to slow brain development, to undo the bodies natural immune system.. some are used to sterilize large sections of population, almost all will cause a sick child either immediately or to have ongoing health problems for the rest of his or her life.. this equates to More profit.. They make you sick then they sell you half cures and potions.. not to fix you but cleverly designed to milk you of all your money for many years.. And the very young age and Baby vax programs are there for ONE reason and thats to Train ignorant parents like yourself into getting into the habit of listening to their masters and to the masters of their children because god knows Parents have turned into non thinking zombies believing Pharma that an UNTESTED concoction of chemicals that has proven to be causes of a great many health problems Can be in any way GOOD? for the defenseless children? I pity the children of these ignorant parents they deserve better.
            Ill say this once to you. Nothing is better than a Bodies NATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM for fighting disease. and if you believe otherwise then you are one of the gullible 97%

          • ahughes798

            I’m not a parent. However, I DID have German measles when I was 4 and I had a 106F temperature. Dr.s made house calls then, and there was nothing they could do but throw me into a bathtub full of ice water to try to break the fever. I almost died. I was left with a limp that I’ve had all my life, and I’m lucky. Would my mother have had me get that vaccine if it was available at the time? Hell yes she would have. Remember all those people who contracted measles at Disneyland? Just because one science -denying baboon didn’t want their precious snowflake to have vaccines. Whooping cough is on the upswing, and had killed at least one baby last year. But you don’t care about that. All you care about is your wing nut big Pharma hypothesis, and your master’s degree in Google.

          • skyp0ckets

            Hyperbole much? What a ridiculous comment. If you knew about immunizations you would know that the last people to have polio got it from others who had been immunized with the live virus. It was so risky, in fact, that by the early 2000s, a person receiving a polio vaccine could only receive the live option if everyone else in the household had been immunized against polio already. The attenuated vaccine was eventually replaced by the inactive or killed virus polio vaccine. You also don’t know that it is a FACT that cell lines from aborted fetuses are used in immunizations. It is not in the least illegal.

          • tamajam10

            Agreed. I wonder how many parents, if given a cup containing the very same ingredients in the vaccines (cells from cows, pigs, chickens, monkeys, dogs and aborted human fetuses, formaldehyde, thimerasol, aluminium, etc…) and told to give it to their child to drink (‘for their own good’, of course) would agree to do so. Yet, they are so quick to ‘offer their children up’ to the pharmaceutical ‘gods’ as human sacrifices for this toxic cocktail to be injected directly into their muscle tissue.

            Question, do any of you ‘vaccine’ proponents have any idea what the long-term ramifications this mad science has on the DNA of your child….or your children’s children? Seriously….think about it beyond the hype and fear mongering put out by the pharmaceutical companies earning hundreds of billions of dollars a year off your fears – and their sinful bedfellows at the CDC.

            Please, just stop believing what you are ‘told’ and begin to actually investigage opposing viewpoints. You may be surprised (and horrified) by what you learn.

          • Rob g

            The first step for these zombies would be to turn off the TV, and learn how to think again.

        • Rob g

          Big Pharma ???i you think they are wanting to cure? hmmm and i thught they only wanted to keep you alive to make more profit form their poisonous potions… .
          But you are joking arent you??children and adults with AIDS, cancer, MS, depression, bacterial infections, heart attacks, strokes, and on and on and on., the cause of ALL these is the ongoing onslaught against the populations health by the very same companies.. heavy metals in atmosphere, Aluminum in Deodarants (mostly women). hmm food for thought on how breast cancer starts dont you think? Fluoride now in even socalled healthy bottled Spring Water.FLUORIDE look it up if you dont know how that damages the brain.Come to think of it perhaps you should empty out your fridge of bottled water and buy a filter it may not be too late for you to gain some discernment and intelligent thought
          Freefact, The Number one cause of AIDS is Chemotherapy, The Number 2 cause of Aids is Irradiation…and in the top ten list of what causes Aids there is NO sign of sexually transmitted disease…And guess what there is NO such thing as HIV this is another fictional word that has no merit and absolutely no science behind it..But your friends CDC will tell you otherwise wont they? But theyre your friends Ok maybe they did give syphillis to about 13000 Negro males in the seventies, doesnt matter does it? And so what that through acceptance and support of Mr Eugenics himself helped to Paralyse 25000 children with polio in Africa after vaccination but thats ok right? and more recently was found that the new Flu Vax has DSG in its mix which is a highly dangerous sterilisaiton gene, Go ask the 2.5 million teenage girls on how they feel about never to be able to be a parent if they think Vaccines are nice. they will all tel you CDC is their friend and so is big pharma.. woohoo we should sing about them “)?? not
          Nearly forgot Italian Supreme court RULED last year that Autism has a DIRECT correlation with Mr Gates Vaxxes…. in other words he was sued by the Italian government and he LOST.
          So best get your facts do some independant research, and i dont mean watching CNN .
          All Western Media is controlled by the same people and they have been telling you how to think for a long time now. its a little embarrassing as a human to read your irrational quite stupid thoughts on this matter.
          Like i said do some independent and im sure you will have a Eureka moment. 🙂

        • Blaine

          I’m a very happy recipient of advanced surgical procedures. A lot of the maintenance medications currently being pushed (vaccines included) are worthless and many are potentially harmful. Some have benefit but this comes on a case by case basis. When the editor in chief of the Lancet comes right out and states the bulk of advocacy research is out right fraudulent one and all should take heed.

          I am still amazed at the rage of “illnesses” kids are being vaccinated against and with no evidence of a net benefit – the varicella vaccine led to a huge increase in cases of shingles in adults. Who ever got seriously ill from chicken pox that we had to justify nationwide vaccination with serum of unknown efficacy or side effects, that now necessitates use of an equally unknown vaccine for adults to prevent…shingles.

          More people are hospitalized from adverse reaction to the measles vaccine than used to be hospitalized from the illness. Possibly not for issues of the same severity, but harmed by the cure nonetheless.

          It would all be academic but for the Govt forcing vaccination, which makes zero sense. If the vaccines worked, the unvaccinated would be at the most risk. My dog doesn’t get the rabies vaccine to protect other dogs or wildlife – is for his protection. Mandatory vaccination schedules make no sense – the pathogens still circulate and will never entirely disappear. Herd immunity is a pipedream. Many of the recent mumps outbreaks were almost entirely among folks with the full schedule. Let people make their own medical decisions based on the evidence and dictates of their own will. Or at least end blanket immunity for vaccine makers and let the insurance underwriters figure out the risk/benefit like they do with every other medical procedure and product.

    • skyp0ckets

      He is hardly antivax. He says he is for immunizations in smaller doses, spread out over a longer period of time. Maybe you should read the article before commenting.

      • Sophie

        Unfortunately, he knows less than nothing about science, medicine, human biology, or the immune system, nor anything about how vaccination works. Vaccines administered as Trump suggests, without benefit of any idea what the biological and chemical process entails is both incorrect and foolish.

        • I am so happy for you. You know what the man is aware of. Good trick – don’t say what he comes up with is bogus when you utter total drivel.

  • alexandra

    In 1983 ten recommended vaccines for children from birth through six years old. Today, that number has risen significantly to 29 vaccines and counting, many of which are now administered all at one time or in combinations like the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine.

    And yet the mainstream medical system and its allies in the government and media are willfully ignoring this glaring fact, blaming “unknown” causes and “genetics” for causing autism, which are the two most common catch-all scapegoats. And in explaining the drastic rise in autism rates over the years, the talking heads actually claim that there is no rise — the seemingly elevated autism rates are merely the result of improved autism screening methods that are now identifying more cases….LIKE fking hell..

  • AN
    • James Peters
      • tamajam10

        That’s the best you can do in the face of uncontroverted GLOBAL evidence to the contrary – a one-sided blog spouting pharmaceutical-sponsored rhetoric and propaganda? Dig a little deeper.

        • James Peters

          ”Uncontroverted GLOBAL evidence to the contrary.” Care to cite some of it?

      • Rob g

        Good to show, a classic example of Big Pharma Propaganda. compare it to this site.. Freethought.!. So your gonna believe the greedy elite in corporations that they are there for our health?
        to be honest if i was making big bucks id probably spew the same false crap that vaxxes are good for you.. i dont have kids to worry about and ive all but given up on humanities chances to make the evil stop i do feel that there has been to much poisoning of the majority of the populations brain because i find it incredulous that people really DO actually believe that this is about health and not about profit, control, sterilization, genocide and more profits, friggin AMAZING!

        • James Peters

          Dr. Thompson to my knowledge still works for the CDC and has never been given official whistleblower status. I completely agree with Orac as there is no good evidence of a cover-up at the CDC to hide any links between the MMR vaccine and ASD.

  • James Peters

    Not only has Kennedy previously said that there was a “holocaust” of children hurt by immunization. But also lobbied for vaccine exemptions and written anti-vax books as well.

  • hawaiiguy

    Is he trying to get taken out by the deep dark state? Cause megalocorp won’t care who he is when those fraudulent billions stop coming in.

  • Thimerosal was banned in Europe a while back, and the US has been removing it as an ingredient over the last decade, but there are still some vaccines which contain it. This Mercury based preservative was added to vaccines in an effort to save money, fatten the bottom line, all at the expense of the public’s safety. So for all of those out there that think corporations only care about your best interest, better think again. Bottom lines and profit margins always come first.


    • skyp0ckets


    • James Peters

      ”This Mercury based preservative was added to vaccines in an effort to save money, fatten the bottom line, all at the expense of the public’s safety.”

      Try reading it in full. From the link: ”Thiomersal’s main use is as an antiseptic and antifungal agent, due to the oligodynamic effect. In multidose injectable drug delivery systems, it prevents serious adverse effects such as the Staphylococcus infection that, in one 1928 incident, killed 12 of 21 children vaccinated with a diphtheria vaccine that lacked a preservative.[13] Unlike other vaccine preservatives used at the time, thiomersal does not reduce the potency of the vaccines that it protects.[12] Bacteriostatics such as thiomersal are not needed in single-dose injectables.[14]

      In the United States, countries in the European Union and a few other affluent countries, thiomersal is no longer used as a preservative in routine childhood vaccination schedules.[4] In the U.S., the only exceptions among vaccines routinely recommended for children are some formulations of the inactivated influenza vaccine for children older than two years.[15] Several vaccines that are not routinely recommended for young children do contain thiomersal, including DT (diphtheria and tetanus), Td (tetanus and diphtheria), and TT (tetanus toxoid); other vaccines may contain a trace of thiomersal from steps in manufacture.[13] Also, four rarely used treatments for pit viper, coral snake, and black widow venom still contain thiomersal.[16] Outside North America and Europe, many vaccines contain thiomersal; the World Health Organization has concluded that there is no evidence of toxicity from thiomersal in vaccines and no reason on safety grounds to change to more expensive single-dose administration.[17]”

  • ARRIA86

    he couldnt find a anti vaccine republican?

  • Linda Brocato

    Take “mercury” out of EVERYTHING…dental amalgams, vaccines, medicine, make-up, pharmaceutical drugs, etc. It has NO PLACE being in these products, devices etc. I am paralyzed and in a wheelchair since 1987 because I am “mercury” poisoned. Let’s SAVE the people today and future generations.