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Ron Paul Just Destroyed Trump’s Hypocritical Speech in an EPIC Tweet Storm

Champion of freedom and liberty, Dr. Ron Paul, decided to grade President Donald Trump’s speech last night, in real time. The final result of his series of tweets is nothing short of incredible and highlights how blinded some have become to the grandiose persona of The Donald — ignoring all his broken promises and audaciously excusing his championing of the police and warfare states.

When I saw the following tweet in my Twitter feed last night, I got giddy like a kid on Christmas as I know that Ron Paul is the one person who refuses to compromise on principle and is unafraid of backlash for calling out the hypocrisy and warmongering of the establishment — including Trump.

Opening up his speech, Trump promised to increase military spending. In fact, he announced this week that his administration will increase the already massive and bloated military budget by a whopping $54 billion. 

Trump then promised that “Crumbling infrastructure will be replaced with new roads, bridges, tunnels, airports and railways, gleaming across our very very beautiful land.”

This sounds fine and dandy, however, Paul pointed out the obvious:

After expressing his support for the massive creation of debt using the Federal Reserve, Trump went on to champion his executive order that granted Energy Transfer Partners permission to take treaty land from Native Americans and grant it to big oil. Again, Paul called out the hypocrisy in such a move.

“To protect our citizens, I have directed the Department of Justice to form a task force on reducing violent crime. I have further ordered the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice, along with the Department of State and the Director of National Intelligence, to coordinate an aggressive strategy to dismantle the criminal cartels that have spread all across our nation,” Trump says.

As we reported yesterday, the Trump administration just announced that they will abandon DoJ investigations into police as Jeff Sessions, who hasn’t bothered reading any of the investigations, thinks it’s a waste of time. Instead of taking problem cops off the street, the DoJ, under the tyranny of Jeff Sessions, will blow wind back into the sails that is the immoral, inhumane, costly, and deadly war on drugs.

“We want all Americans to succeed, but that can’t happen in an environment of lawless chaos. We must restore integrity and the rule of law at our borders,” Trump exclaimed to be met with applause. “For that reason, we will soon begin the construction of a great, great wall along our southern border.”

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In under 140 characters, the brilliant Paul completely dismantled Trump’s entire delusional Chinese emperor-esque arguments for his “great wall.”

In perhaps my favorite tweet of the night, Ron Paul answered Trump’s fear mongering of “radical Islamic terrorism” with logic and reason instead of islamophobic emotion. As the Free Thought Project has reported on extensively, US foreign policy creates terrorism.

These people don’t “hate our freedom” — they hate our bombs blowing up their children. It’s called blowback Trump, you should research it. 

“According to data provided by the Department of Justice, the vast majority of individuals convicted of terrorism and terrorism-related offense since 9/11 came here from outside of our country,” Trump spewed his carefully crafted sentence to make it seem as if terrorism in the US mostly comes from Islam. However, as we’ve pointed out on many occasions, Trump’s travel ban did not restrict individuals from the countries who actually committed the acts of terror. And, white Americans who carry out mass shootings and horrid acts of terror are almost never charged with terrorism.

Ron Paul went on to warn against Trump’s ominous promises to strongly vet those who want to travel to the US. As the travel ban has already shown, innocent Americans are ensnared and humiliated by its aggressive implementation. This will only get worse.

In true neocon fashion, Trump then went on to swear his allegiance to the state of Israel and promise more war — this time with Iran, who hasn’t attacked another country in centuries.

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“I have also imposed new sanctions on entities and individuals who support Iran’s ballistic missile program, and reaffirmed our unbreakable alliance with the state of Israel,” he said.

Then, Trump went on to shamelessly promote the police and warfare state by carefully selecting audience members whose violent inner-city tragedies he could exploit.

Again, Ron Paul blew his police state argument out of the water.

On top of the victims of inner city violence, Trump also shamelessly exploited the widow of the Navy seal who died in the botched Yemen raid — as a disgusting and overt blasting of warfare propaganda. Trump went on to lie and call the raid in Yemen a success, in spite the slew of backlash he got for it and the fake ‘intelligence’ the Pentagon got exposed for promoting — that was a decade old.

Again, Ron Paul shredded him.

After running on a platform to get the US out of NATO, Trump, like all politicians do, switched his stance and began to promote it.

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“We strongly support NATO, an alliance forged through the bonds of two World Wars that dethroned fascism,” he said.

Trump then hilariously claimed that the US respects the rights of all nations, while simultaneously supporting the massive military industrial complex spreading through more than 100 countries across the world.

“Free nations are the best vehicle for expressing the will of the people –- and America respects the right of all nations to chart their own path.” he said.

Ron Paul took that opportunity to state the obvious.

At the end of the speech, Ron Paul gave Trump letter grades on his visions and how he intends to get there. Trump failed.

Thank you, Ron Paul, for your unwavering support of liberty, even in the face of popular ignorance.

As for those who supported Trump for all the items he’s since reneged on, it’s time to wake up. Trump, like all other puppets before him, are subject to the unelected shadow government which maintains control no matter who’s in the White House.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. , Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • john smith

    …….more of the same
    i think this is the straw

  • Thomas J. Butman

    How about when you grow up and invest a billion dollars of your own money to become the elected President of these United States then MAYBE you will get it all perfect your first time through. But I doubt it.

    • Thomas Pace

      huh? Trump invested a billion dollars of his own money….hahahahah you do realize he took out loans from his own company that he will never pay back right?

      • Matt Agorist

        Exactly, he used all of his campaign donation to enrich his own companies.

        • MagicMoose

          So he should have had campaign events at a place owned by a Hillary donor? Libertarians are living in a bubble. In the real world, security matters and Trump like a careful General, chose his terrain wisely.

          • gininitaly

            If security mattered they wouldn’t go around warring on people for profit and control… and then imprisoning Americans as the solution to the very blowback they created.

            Right now you have more odds being eaten by a shark than killed in a terrorist attack in the USA… but Trump will keep it up as our last 2 presidents have done…. so that the whole world will be in flames. I’m sure our Bilderberger owners are thrilled at the prospect.

        • billdeserthills

          I hope he isn’t the first politico to have found a way to enrich himself–Horrors

      • billdeserthills

        He’ll default on his own loans, sounds like a tax dodge
        Man I gotta loan myself some money soon!

    • ThomasJefferson

      How deluded can you be. Dump didn’t spend a dime of HIS money. Ron Paul couldn’;t help but get it right were he given the chance because he would do the right thing, regardless of what the evil bastards that jerk Dumps strings (just as they have his predecessors) want. It’s the reason he nor anyone like him can succeed in politics. Quit making excuses for D. Dump. He should have never been elected president and when he destroys the last shred of liberty we have, it will be the idiots of this country that voted for him’s fault!

      • Dalton

        Yeah, but Ron Paul was part of that Washington DC establishment for decades…

        • Dexter Morgan

          yeah he voted against all their wars. some ‘establishment’.

      • Joe Trigueiro

        ThomasJefferson- exactly

      • Melinda

        #never Hillary so that leaves Bernie Sanders. Trump is the lesser of three evils, sad to say. That’s the way it is.

        • cerebalconnection

          SERIOUSLY… the orange menace is the LESSER of 3 evils. Take your meds and go back to be Melinda the world is passing you buy.

    • Matt Agorist

      LOL, I would do a far better job than Donald Trump if I were elected president. On my first day in office, I would fire everyone, then quit. Problem fuckin solved.

      • IceTrey

        Trying to fire a career bureaucrat is like trying to charge a cop for shooting an unarmed man in the back. It rarely happens.

      • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

        ^^^^^^Best answer of the week!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Hell, you’ve got to be psycho to want the job.

    • libragrant

      Nobody’s asking for perfection but I’m sure Ron Paul would be a lot closer than Drumpf.

    • Dexter Morgan

      Care to make a similar analogy about Obama? Of course not, because you know that’s a dumb argument.

  • Michael Saenz

    I live in so cal and have noticed a bump in activity from the U.S. border patrol up and down interstate 15, so Ron Paul I think got this one wrong. Somethings going on.

    • You mean Paul got 1 of 10 points wrong.

      • Michael Saenz


    • gininitaly

      The Donald has told you that he’s building a wall and hiring 10,000 new border patrol agents to keep the Murdering Muslim Mexicans out…. now they’ve got to justify their fiat dollar budgets. What did you expect?
      But here’s a thought…. what if they’re building that wall to keep us in?

  • Lee O. Welter

    Far better than the career criminal candidate, Donald Trump is still short of the Libertarian ideal.

    • ThomasJefferson

      Far better than the career criminal canidate… How so? Its 6 of 1 and a half-dozen of the other as the old saying goes. Never has it proven more true than now

  • MindFury

    Sour Grapes……

    • Dexter Morgan

      Yeah the only reason he doesn’t want to launch more drone strikes is ‘sour grapes.’ sure.

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      Really? Not wanting to continue to blow up children is sour grapes? This country is screwed with people like you “voting”. They should do lobotomies on your type to make us all safe.

      • gininitaly

        It’s never real to some unless the local police start tasering and shooting their kids.

  • Steve

    Yeah, Im not a fan of these kind of cheap shots. It’s too easy from the sidelines with nothing to loose or gain.

    • Lord Humungus

      Sidelines… this is the same shit Ron Paul has been advocating for years including in debate. You make no sense.

      • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ


      • Steve

        And what has Ron Paul been able to do about it? Chicken Little, with no results.

        • Lord Humungus

          And your point retard? His ability or inability to get elected is irrelevant to my point.

  • David B Fullerton

    Don’t spend the 54 billion on military spending and get rid of a few carrier groups. They are sitting ducks for the high speed missiles these days.

    • Melinda

      Instead of increasing the military budget, how about tightening it up? One example of thousands: Building a new Navy base in Jax Florida that is not needed, knowing all the while it will be torn down next year. If they don’t waste all the money they are granted this year, they will be cut off next year when they might actually need it.

  • Dalton

    I have to admit it…Ron Paul is 100% right….Trump said an “unbreakable bond with Israel”..which means we Americans pay for with our blood and money…israeli hegemony in ME

  • musimann

    Unfortunately Trump has turned to be a Neocon in populist clothing. It looks like the lunatic is trying to start WWIII for Israel.

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      ^^^^^^^He’s right you know^^^^^^^^^^^

    • He always was a neocon in populist clothing. ;^)

  • Dexter Morgan

    Ron Paul seriously had some awesome and hilarious tweets all night.

  • Lynette Johnson

    I have been an avid follower of Ron Paul for 20+ years, Yes..I even voted for him in vain when he ran for President of the United States of America. The biased narrative given between each of his tweets here makes what I just read disgusting to say the very least. But I feel Ron Paul bombed with most of his “observations” maybe he was tired and cranky. Maybe he is feeling still bitter over his son’s loss of this world prominant position, no idea. But he was not looking at this with open eyes or heart. I do agree that our military/foreign policy has in the past chosen to unnecessarily destroy countries (he seems to grasp that we are the issue for creating migrant problems) however he fails to see the very real Radical Islamic Terrorism we have in our own backyards and the issues created through PLANNED mass migration. Here in this Nation we have multiple dozens of Terrorist training camps [these don’t go away by ignoring them] President Trump is addressing them. Islam teaches to migrate in order to infiltrate societies and conquer countries IRREGARDLESS of our military interactions overseas! The Muslim brotherhood has ALREADY planted themselves into our school /educational systems, Civil rights and law systems, our congress & all throughout our Government they are changing laws and direction of our founding fathers intent. President Trump see’s this and is doing something about it. The “drug war” is not his top priority in first months of presidency so what? He has already got 1500+ pedophiles off our streets and scaled back many useless Government programs saving us billions and billions of dollars. He’s definitely making strong headway on many issues and cant possibly be expected to address and or fix everything on Ron Pauls wish list immediately, lol Audit the Fed I know is a huge one for Ron that likely will never be addressed well by really anyone. It’s not something Trump made an issue of nor ran his campaign on this time. It’s a HUGE HUGE HUGE project and commitment no one wants to touch.

    • IceTrey

      Irregardless is not a proper word. It’s just regardless.

      • JP102586
        • IceTrey

          And it says “nonstandard”. The prefix ir- means “not”. So “irregardless” means not regardless which is the opposite of what you are trying to say. Like when people say “I could care less” which means you do care.

          • JP102586

            It’s fine to use. May not be your preferred choice (clearly), but it’s fine to use.

          • IceTrey

            Not if your intention is to say you take no regard. Again, irregardless means not regardless or regarded.

          • JP102586

            You can’t say irregardless means not regardless when clearly reputable dictionaries define it as otherwise. I’m not suggesting I even prefer its usage, but you strategically chose to attack one word in the post as a means of discrediting a POV. I’m just trying to help you out in the future, i.e., at your job, etc. Before you go ahead and try to dismantle someone’s credibility based on a single word/grammar, you should tread lightly and check your sources.

          • IceTrey

            I’m not discrediting. I’m trying to help her not look like an ignoramus in the future. Did you read your own link?

            “Its reputation has not risen over the years, and it is still a long way from general acceptance. Use regardless instead.”

          • JP102586

            Trust me, I get it. It’s not preferred by the masses/purists. But the English language is littered with words that create debate over usage. My point is that you would’ve been better served criticizing a point in the argument than a word in the argument. Especially one that, at a minimum, is used informally and colloquially. It’s all I’m saying.

          • IceTrey

            Again I’m not criticizing I’m trying to impart knowledge.

          • Darren Blough

            That is proof Idiocracy was an accurate prediction of future populations. English is whattevah us warnts it two is. doesn’t bee eh speekin nOtsi! lol

          • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^He is right you know…Idocracy is a documentary of the current state of affairs. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

          • Fernesque Golan

            It may be fine to use by those who do not know the difference, and it may be acceptable in conversation, as many grammatical errors fill daily conversation. But, when you have the luxury and time to write, it would look better for the writer if they used correct English and grammar.

            Many people will use speech and writing as criteria in judging another’s intelligence. I’m not saying this view is correct, it is just the way it is. In our society people will believe what a lying politician or banker says if he is wearing a slick suit and just embarked from a Mercedes Benz, rather than believing an honest street dweller covered in soot and pushing a shopping cart.

            It is all about false images and illusions.

          • Boehme417

            If we’re going to be picky, said banker would DISEMBARK from a vehicle. You don’t embark from, you embark to. You disembark from…

          • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

            Sort of like calling an engine a “motor”. Or a piece of paper a “dollar”. Or saying inalienable is the same thing as unalienable. Lenin said if you can control the peoples language you can control what they think. And if you can control what they think you can make them your slave. So, no, it isn’t fine to use. We need to get back to the proper way of speaking and that means fake words need to be abandoned.

          • MichiganFreedom

            You missed the enlightenment entirely, didn’t you.

          • Fernesque Golan

            Right, It is a double negative which adds up to a positive, which means it is used incorrectly. This word came about when some illiterate yahoo made up his own word, synthesizing it from two other words and it stuck, and was soon to be repeated by other and equally illiterate yahoos.

            It is similar to those who rather than pronounce NU-CLE-AR correctly, they emulate one of our dumbest presidents to ever fart in the Oval office, George “Dubya” Bush, and pronounce the word as NUKE-U-LAR (incorrectly). You can now hear his word being mispronounced by Yahoos and “intellects” alike on TV and on hundreds of YouTube videos.

            It is difficult to nurture the seeds of justice, fairness, and reality when planted. In contrast, the seeds of stupidity seem to need no watering and are as prolific as so many unwanted weeds which only need an occasional blast of bloviating hot air from one of our demagogic leaders to flourish.

            I’m sure all of this is a reflection on the AmeriKKKan educational system and the many AmeriKKKans who dozed and day-dreamed through most of their inadequate school years.

          • vivian greer

            oh shut up.

          • IceTrey

            Suck my left nut.

          • vivian greer

            fucking bully.

          • IceTrey

            Suck my right nut.

          • vivian greer

            from the way you were talking to the other woman, i don’t think you have any nuts. and i bet your dick is tiny too.

          • IceTrey

            It’s good enough for your mom.

          • vivian greer

            nah, my mom’s dead. but you would probably go there huh?

          • IceTrey

            Oh that’s right I meant it WAS good enough for your mom.

          • vivian greer

            reaching aren’t we? visited any good cemeteries lately?

          • Robby Maraglia

            your a fucking idiot

          • IceTrey

            Says the guy who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re. 😛

    • Fernesque Golan

      I would have said that you are wearing rose colored glasses to see Trump as being a positive and the glowing way you described him. But, on further inspection of your statements on Trump’s achievements, I would have to say that you are blindfolded and unable to see reality, and being deprived of sight, you can only HEAR what Trump is saying and cannot see what he is doing.

      The sad fact and reality is that Trump has achieved nothing that will benefit this country. He and his Zionist Bankster troop of Trumpanzees have been successful in creating a lot of confusion, turmoil and many enemies, even within their own party. If I were you, I would definitely keep the blindfold on for if you were to remove it and see the disaster that is Trump, it may just be too much for your heart.

    • Darren Blough

      The terrorist training camps belong to us. The rest of the comment is just laughable. You are completely brainwashed.

      • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

        I think the correct description is brain dead.

      • acudoc1949

        Not an argument rebutting Lynette’s comment. Just shaming.

        • Darren Blough

          Ok what has Trump done to put us on the right path? Bombed Yemen where 80% of the civilians are starving and children dying in the streets, Drained the swamp by appointing bankers and oil men? Why the hell does he need a vacation every week? Using ten year old statistics to convince people we need more police and a war on drugs to increase the already ridiculous prison slave population. I’m gonna hold my breath while I wait for him to cancel Obama’s executive orders. Definitely gearing up for war with Iran which will give us almost a clean sweep of the Middle East. (except for his buddies in Saudi, You know where the terrorists came from.) Not to mention he sounds like a buffoon every time he tries to talk. I could go on for days. To put it like Trump “Less than tremendous. Not very smart, He has the worst verbiage. Sad!” I apologize for the “shaming” next time I will include a trigger warning.

          • Jazz Mann

            verbiage? like obummer? smooth talking means nothing.

        • cerebalconnection

          but so very true are Darren’s words.

        • Michelle McCall

          You married to her? No shaming there.You commented nowhere on this thread.Just banging her? Just a special friend?Conveniently chimed in on just one post mid way through.What a coinky*dink* No shaming either, unless you’re calling Lynette unattractive.

          • Michelle McCall

            I also took the liberty of reading your comments from other posts.you have no problem shaming folks.Or is Lynette special?

    • gininitaly

      Omg. This is who Trumps fan base is.

      • Jazz Mann

        Have you ever fought for anything believed in anything ? no I suppose not.

        • gininitaly

          Oh indeed I have, and still do… but I always have marched, protested, occupied and voted for things or people that made Americans more FREE and not more imprisoned.

    • Nick

      I`m appalled at this comment “I do agree that our military/foreign
      policy has in the past chosen to unnecessarily destroy countries” and
      then you talked about terrorism. I guess it is not terrorism when it is done
      to others. I urge you to read statistic and numbers on the matter

    • Rand Cottrell

      I love Ron Paul but he seems to only pick out what’s wrong for the last 35 years and nothing about what is right. Just an observation.

      • junktex

        He’s focused on the right issues.Not much has been “right”.Indeed it looks like Trump is “Hope & Change” part 2.

    • Michael Moore

      First time actually on “The Free Thought Project.” And I got to tell ya, people on here are really against free thought. Calling you, and anyone not against Trump, “brain dead/washed” and so much “shaming.” Like their on some kind of high horse. Come on people, don’t we see enough of that already from Clinton/Obama warriors?…

      You laid out a comment pretty similar to a comment I was gonna lay out. This article and Ron Paul ignored the fact that Trump recognizes that our Defense spending hasn’t been getting spent for our defense. Been completely wasted very strongly for the past 8 years and that’s what he said he’s going to send a new budget for… Defense. Trumps been shredding prices for our military’s equipment and making sure the money goes where it need to… He’s avoiding the WWIII with Russia that the Obama/Clinton machine was shooting for… We can see by the fact that Iraqi forces are actually allowed to fight the fight against Radical Islam and re-taking their airport in Mosul, that Islam has not been receiving the kinds of funds they were getting under Obama and were going to get under Clinton.

      When it comes to the problem with the Fed… We have massive industry with tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars Coming Back into our nation, and that says a lot being that he’s only been in there for a flippin month!… WHY!?! Why why why would you audit the Fed before we regain our industry that Bill Clinton/Obama made flood out of this country. Once we’re on our own two feet, that would be a time to Audit the Fed!

      What he’s wanting to do about insurance blows my mind and I can’t wait because that’s going to take the system back to the way it was, before Clinton Care in the 90’s. And don’t even get me started on what he’s already done about sanctuary
      cities/States and how much money will be saved from that. Education is
      going to get a rework as well… The problem with the pipeline and Big Oil. Uh, do we wanna keep giving our oil away and buying oil from the hands of terrorist in the Middle East. I think everyone here will agree with “NO.” That is the Big Oil way… There’s a reason why Obama played God and didn’t let something like the Dakota pipeline and the Keystone Pipeline happen for 8 dang years… We could actually get away from oil in the middle east and use our own. Big Oil in the U.S. will be nonexistent… The massive amount of multi-layered taxes doing it the way it’s been done could not be there. If we use our own oil like we used to, a long long time ago and a galaxy far away, then by the time it made it to the pumps, once again, it would be astronomically cheap, and American wouldn’t have to spend a large amount of each paycheck for Gas.

      What was once can be again, and that’s talking about either side of the spectrum… Trump (who I voted for) seems to listen to people. While I, and many others, am worried about the Police State mentality that has done a quite a bit of work in dividing this country, I believe we as American can make that change under Trump where we didn’t even have a voice under Obama. I would love Police to know their place… I would be fine with a million cops in 1 city if they became Peace Officers again, instead of a mafia for government to intimidate and control people. BUT, getting the bad cops out and stop the way they’ve been getting trained relies very heavily on States doing what they need to do without the Federal Government telling them otherwise. Under the Trump administration, I believe it can be done, because that’s something we need to hold Trump to, “Returning State’s Right’s.”

      To sum it up; I must agree with you, in that, I hope Ron Paul is just a little butt-hurt and can actually still see reality when he wants too. Trump has and will do a lot of good for America. We do need to remain vigilant. Criticize where it’s needed, and make sure he never forgets who elected him… America.

    • Jazz Mann

      Make believe money/reality can never be addressed; keep rearranging the chairs on the titanic; keynsian economics are voodoo which equals total whimsy. keep arguing semantics when any thinking person knows we were all screwed a long time ago. The great whore is laughing.

    • junktex

      You have a Koolaid IV.The muslim migration will continue under Trump.Hillary will not be prosecuted.The elite pedophiles will continue their predations unfettered by prosecution or even investigation.Israel will continue to rob us blind via our beibed congress and the Federal Reserve.Trump is “Hope and Change” part 2.Ron Paul right again.

    • Guest557755

      Lynette Johnson, I agree with you totally! Thank you for speaking up on Trump’s behalf in this particular speech, in spite of being a Ron Paul fan. We have to remember that this time Trump did not write his speech. So it could have slanted a little more or less in some areas. I think Trump is better off writing his own speech. Who cares if he “looks” presidential? Not me. It’s what he does that counts, not whether he fits into a visual mold. I wish Trump would get rid of Sessions, Paul Ryan, and Sean Spicer. They were all 100% with Obama, except Sessions. But Sessions don’t care what the people want.

  • cooper

    Wow the ignorance is incredibly strong on this. Trump was talking about the same stuff that Ron Paul has said many times over the years. The raid in Yemen was planned while Obama was still in office so if you want to blame someone blame Obama. I also notice that Mr. Paul isn’t volunteering any of his money to help pay for all the illeagle in this country. I could go on but I won’t because you can’t use facts on liberals it just confuses them.

    • IceTrey

      Trump green lit the raid.

      • TheGardenMaster

        Yes he did. However, he did not plan it or execute it. The Team gave the go.

      • cooper

        Yes he did but he didn’t have anything to do with planning it. If people think that kind of raid canot be planned in a week then I have a bridge to sell you

        • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

          Yea, I’m sure Obama sat down and pulled out a strategy map and laid out the attack in Yemen. My ass.

          • cooper

            You are right you are an ass with no concept on how long a raid like that takes to plan. If you think that Trump and crew are smart enough to plan a raid like that in less than a week then you need to wake the hell up.

    • Pffft Paul and Trump are nowhere near being on the same page. Trump can’t even spell Constitution.

      • cooper

        Its ok snowflake you can go back to your safe space. Ron Paul has been running his trap for way to long maybe he should put his money where his mouth is. Oh wait he did and had his butt handed to him because he is a total idiot.

        • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

          No, he isn’t an idiot. Your type make up the idiot section of the population. The problem is that there are more of your type.

          • cooper

            More of my type. Hummmm you mean the kind that fall for the crap that guys like Ron Paul put out. Keep on drinking the liberal cool aid. Do agree with everything Trump said no but Ron Paul has no room to talk because that is,all he is talk. Just like most of the Democratic party a bunch of whiners and hypocrites.

        • Libertarianism is way bigger than the Pauls. So you’re okay with Trump appointing a former Soros employee and a bunch of bankers and big oil fat cats?

          The truth is more nuanced than your name calling I’m afraid.

          • cooper

            Nope I’m not and if you have seen any of my other post on that subject you wouldn’t ask that question. I absolutely dispose Bannon and his picks for most of his cabinet but I’m not the one who is on Twitter being two faced Ron Paul is.

          • Hey fair enough. I will look into Ron Paul being corrupt or yet another status quo politician. Any links you have would be appreciated.

      • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

        Trump is showing us what he is thinking with his actions…”Constitution? We don’t need no damn Constitution”.

    • “Trump was talking about the same stuff that Ron Paul has said many times over the years” — can you provide some examples of Trump agreeing with what Ron Paul has said many times? Trump has clearly positioned himself as a Progressive Populist Interventionist — the exact opposite of Ron Paul. We need to resurrect the TEA Party and demand that the Trump (G)OP stop raising the Fed Debt. Then all of his other schemes will disappear for lack of resources. If the Trump (G)OP cannot tax and borrow enough for its Progressive Populist Interventionist agenda then, I suppose it will just inflate the US Dollar some more… and then they can all pretend that there’s no Market Bubble about to burst…

  • marhlfld

    Oh well, I guess we should’ve got Hillary in. I would’ve loved to see his tweets on her address….

  • Trump showed his true colors at AIPAC in March 2016. Anyone who expected a good presidency was overly optimistic or ignorant. Zionists right, Globalists left, US citizens last.

  • TheGardenMaster

    Substantial misnformation here by both Ron Paul and Matt Agorist. Much opinion without fact based support. Spin for click attention.

  • Jose Miguel Baduy

    Politicians and the media have been too harsh with @POTUS. He has only 4 weeks in office and have achieved lots of his campaign’s offers. Usually everybody waits the first 100 days to criticize or approve his/her administration. Ron Paul is a politician and beside all his righteous ideas, he’s still a politician and think as one. POTUS is a business men and that’s his priority, make USA a profitable and powerful country. If RP real concern is the combat and the defeat of the “system”, well he did mention it, but in hidden words. When POTUS mentioned his battle with “the cartel”, he really meant the System. Watch the following video of an interview made to him many years ago and find it out by yourself https://youtu.be/fjXOPspEGuw

  • TheGardenMaster

    Substantial misinformation here by both Ron Paul and Matt Agorist. Much opinion without fact based support. Spin for click attention.

  • AntiCommon Core

    If Trump can dump the electronic vote or enforce a voter ID and also enforce our laws on entitlements for CITIZENS only, he will have done more for saving citizens Civil Liberties than any previous administration.
    If that is all that he can achieve, I would be EXTREMELY happy!

  • NA

    I need to say that I am not buying that Ron Paul wrote these tweets, let alone went on some kind of tweeting spree.

    It’s just not his style, at all.

    • builder21

      That’s just what I was thinking. He has his forum, and it’s more about educating people.
      This twitter blitz just isn’t like RP. He has higher standards. (I would hope)

      Whoever is behind it, sure knows how to stir up the Jarheads and NeoCon worshippers.

      It’s not like Trump doesn’t do that well enough on his own…….

  • James Dodson

    Of course, I am not going to discuss politics based on Libertarian’s philosophy. If you believe in it then you will never change for any reason. That is fine. But give other slack who do not totally agree with your philosophy. Conservative political values are not a mirror image of Libertarian philosophy. I didn’t expect an A from any Libertarian. I do expect some to think out of the self-created box and consider a Conservative policy is incredibly different than a socialist democrat who could have won the election and how lucky we are to be headed in a much better direction than Hillary’s America. I also hope that Libertarians consider the border to be very historic questionable on the issue of illegal immigration and law. Lets objectively consider jobs and the future of jobs in this country, infrastructure, crime, and so many other other main issues. If the Middle East war is under control in six months and quality jobs begin to be created then we will save incredible resources from our national budget to invest in this country. Yes we do not need to spend it because the money is there to spend. I don’t know you philosophy on war and world banks, but I am tired of all that unethical behavior from President Obama, the Clintons, HR Bush, and George Bush. The Constitution is our foundation, but I must realize that we live two different centuries in the future of its birth and we must focus on solving our national and international problems using the Constitution while not being completely destroyed by other cultures. When ex-presidents screw everything up, drastic measures are called for to solve real issues. Libertarianism (Latin: liber, “free”) is a collection of political philosophies that uphold liberty as a core principle. Libertarians seek to maximize autonomy and freedom of choice, emphasizing political freedom, voluntary association, and the importance of individual judgment.[1][2][3]
    Libertarians share a skepticism of authority and state power. However, they diverge on the scope of their opposition to existing political and economic systems. Various schools of libertarian thought offer a range of views regarding the legitimate functions of state and private power, often calling to restrict or to dissolve coercive social institutions.
    Some libertarians advocate laissez-faire capitalism and strong private property rights,[4] such as in land, infrastructure, and natural resources. Others, notably libertarian socialists,[5] seek to abolish capitalism and private ownership of the means of production in favor of their common or cooperative ownership and management, viewing private property as a barrier to freedom and liberty.[6][7][8][9] An additional line of division is between minarchists and anarchists. While minarchists think that a minimal centralized government is necessary, anarchists and anarcho-capitalists propose to completely eliminate the state.

  • Ralinos

    I have a problem with the BS defending Islamic terrorism. First Islamic radicals use their women and children as bombs & defences. & Second Islam has been attacking “the west” since recorded history. The crusades(all 3 or 5 however you see it) have been responses to Islamic haughtiness, unlike revisionist proclamation to the contrary. Do I agree with the installing of “Israel” as a nation state after WWII? No, but I also don’t agree that Israel doesn’t deserve to exist either. I would have more sympathy for “palestine” if their agenda wasn’t the total destruction of the Jewish state. If they actually wanted just their own home state, I’d support it. But alas they want to whine their way into dominance & that I can’t support

    As for the drug war: totally against it. Banishment is ineffective at best & inflammatory in general

    • ian biutler

      are u for real?..the crusades were an act of aggression.The European popes sent 000s of people to their deaths in an attempt to colonise Jerusalem.You do realise that the middle east isnt one of the 50 states of America?I know that’s hard to believe as the west has been invading and bombing it for decades buy it’s actually comprised of sovereign nations.Now think if this,if you continually bomb the shit out of a nation and murder innocent people to justify your war then eventually you are going to radicalise the people and can u blame them for wanting payback?

  • David McElroy

    Always have to give Ron Paul a respectful ear. It does seem Trump is not merely going to practice “Peace thru Strength”, but more intervention in other countries. And refusing to investigate or prosecute any cases of police wrong-doing is a clarion call for increased brutality from the boys in blue. Then there is Trump’s support for asset forfeitures even before a suspect is tried in court. Very bad.

    • zonsb

      boys in blue… but not girls in pink. Why do yo suppose that is?

      It’s their PR scheme to get you to use their benevolent sounding narrative labels rather than something more accurate like criminals in blue or criminals with badges in blue.

      • MichiganFreedom

        Or Bullies in Blue.

    • Trump was never going to hold police accountable, remember in one debate he said that cops are the biggest victims in the country

  • Bob Btme

    Ron Paul just gave FTP a shout-out for this article! NICE job guys.

  • Will Warnick

    I wonder if Twitter will now become a tool of candidates for Campaining/Elections? Wasmt too excited about Politicians politacally Tweeting when Trump did it( but he is a moron). Ron Paul definitely changed my opinion though by Tweetin that FIRE!

  • Once again Ron Paul, The Conscience of the Constitution, warns us about the risks we face by trusting another Progressive Interventionist in the White House!

  • christophercilley

    The military budget should be the largest expenditure the Congress enacts! After all the military is the one aspect of the federal government which is, or should be it’s greatest concern, to protect the United States! The welfare, Obamacare and or Trumps’ replacement thereof are ALL unConstitutional!!
    Infrastructure rebuilding is important! We shoud build another major refinery in WY or ND, then we would have all our eggs in one basket-Houston, TX. Which would eliminate having to pipe the oil all over the country! An added bonus would be the number of jobs, meaningful employment for thousands!
    The clause that allows police and law enforcement have special privileges should be revoked, and even doubled sentences if any law enforcement is found guilty of breaking the law (such as the murder of LaVoy Finnicum).
    I don’t agree with meddling in other countries affairs, but that problem is already there and dealing with it will take time to disentangle from it. One thing I see is that the Laws of the United States are not being enacted; such as the Public Law 414, The Immigration and Nationality Act passed by Congress and signed into law on 27 June, 1952. this essentially BANS anyone who adheres to the Islamic faith and way of life from even entering the United States!!

    • Leah

      Our military spending is the highest in the world. In fact, combine many of the countries directly below us and we’re still higher. They don’t need a larger budget. They need a full audit and crack down of fraudulent fund usage. I’m prior service. The same as any household with a budget, they need to account for every penny and ensure it’s being spent where it needs to be spent. Definitely not wasting money, just because it’s in the budget and they must “use it before we lose it.”

      Perhaps if they chilled on the wasteful spending, they would find more money to throw to our vets. VA treatment is shameful. We should be doing better, and that should be a priority.

  • chuck

    Ok, caught Paul with two lies right off the bat. More political BS.

  • MagicMoose

    Ron Paul would have called George Washington a Tyrant. Good luck with that passive peacenik nonsense that let the warmongering Fed run the world for the last 104 years. You gotta give Trump credit for the fact that he is actually trying to do something about it instead of arguing for armchair libertarianism.

    • gininitaly

      You don’t know much about Ron Paul do you? He’s been pointing his finger at the FED for decades.

  • Dannz

    Fake news again, who’s paying for this drivel?

  • Newtronic

    Infrastructure, military, Great Wall of ‘Merka…

    This is “stimulus package” all over again. I’ll give him this much (and it aint’ much):
    printing money and building things with it is a slight shade better than printing money and handing it directly back to the bankers who trashed the economy. At least this time around we’ll get MUH ROADS!, more fancy ways to kill people in countries we have no business being in, and a 2000 mile long pole vaulting park for Mexico to practice on before the 2020 and 2024 Olympics.

    Nice to have something to show for putting the next 3 generations of our children into crushing debt.

    So yea, we got that going for us. America… F**k yea!

  • smart man! recommended!

  • Will

    stopped reading at “treaty land”. Fake, not treaty land, that land was north of the reservation. garbage news.

  • patriot156

    Finally I was worried Ron had turned. When Trump first took office Ron was all over him and seemed as if he’d turned Glad to see he hadn’t. Rand his son though not sure on.
    In other News Sessions Lied under oath during his confirmation hearings, and should resign.
    As much as I hate Nancy Pelosi she’s right when saying he should resign.

    • Rachel

      Sessions did not lie under oath. He’s the best AG we’ve had for at least 8 years!

      • theoacme

        Not only did that Nazi Klanswhore Jeff Sessions lie under oath, Jeff Sessions is a traitor, just like Donald Trump, and I pray that both of those Nazis get impeached, convicted, arrested, tried, convicted, and executed, along with all those who support their Satanic Nazi klanswhore asses (including Obama, the DLC, the DNC, and the Clintons, as they’re left-handed corporate Republican Klanswhore Nazi traitors, too), and publicly lynch, in the manner of the Ku Kulx Klan, each and every one of these terrorists.

        • Bell

          Jeff Sessions is a good man and will be the greatest AG our country has ever had! 🇺🇸🙏

          • patriot156

            where? I could tell back in the 80’s that he was a cock smoker when Reagan Tapped him for some Cabinet job. He was a POS Fascist then and still a POS Fascist now.
            Calling to undo what hard work the states have done to undo a failed Drug war and return us back into a Draconian minded Empire where the only Freedoms left are those that the state allows. Bush Started this crap after 9/11 Obama pretty much left it in Place and Trump with Sessions is hell bent on Escalating it.

      • patriot156

        HAHAHAHA He said under oath during his Confirmation hearing that he did not have meeting with Russia, but later it is found that he did, wtf you call that? I call it a lie.
        And a tyrant. The best AG we’ve had for 8 years? Try a lot longer than that But Sessions is a Power hungry POS who when you look at him he’s always got a shit eating grin.
        He goes against the will of the people like he’s getting ready to that makes him a fricking tyrant in my book.

        Holder Lynch and whoever else has been in there the last 20 years or more have all been no good so I guess there’s that. But unlike most Conservatives who decry tyranny under Obama I still fight tyranny even when the Guy is white.
        I didn’t like Obama because of his socialist Progressive stance not because he was black.

        • Mark Skinner

          “Fricking”……is that like “fracking”? Or are you just too two faced to say “fucking”.

          • patriot156

            You like Fuck I give you fuck Fuck off!

          • Michelle McCall

            FUCK YEAH! FUCKING GIVE IT TO Mark Skinner, I’m gathering he’s an uncouth lout who decided to pick on you for showing a bit of class.I too have some class, and not every one WANTS to read the word FUCK.However, I decided I’d best give Mark what he so desperately NEEDS, and hope my 90 year old Nana doesn’t read this. No worries Mark, I’m ready for any barrage of insults you feel the need to throw at me for agreeing against you. I’ll consider the source.Same with baiting.

          • patriot156


          • Guest557755

            Patriot156, you were right to begin with to show some respect for others who don’t like reading post full of vulgar crap. I know we have free speech but I don’t respect those who don’t care there’s different audiences out here who don’t like hearing those words. Don’t let a jerk manipulate you into changing your choice of words to one of his from the scum bag. I like your word better. Just saying.

          • Guest557755

            Mark Skinner, The word “Fricking” was his way of showing some respect for those who don’t want to read stuff with cuss words. What if a 12 yr old girl is reading these post & don’t want those words messing the whole thing up where it’s not fit for kids to read? Maybe, hopefully, you’re a nice person & just didn’t think of those things. But maybe you don’t care about others at all. I would rather we sensor our own writing than to have to start putting some post in an area for offensive adult language. It don’t make a person cool to cuss. There’s no one who can’t cuss if they wanted to. But we each choose. I think it shows self restraint and wisdom to not cuss. Any idiot can cuss. It doesn’t make a person bigger or more bad to use cuss words. I like the word fricking…because it gets the point across. Just my 2 cent opinion.

        • Rachel

          Oh, please. Where did you get your information from about his “lies”?

          • patriot156

            Something called the News Duh! before you call anything other than Fuax news the truth they’re running it too.

        • Guest557755

          Patriot156, I agree with you about Sessions seems to be power hungry and seems to enjoy going against the will of the people with like you said “that shit eating grin” and big eyes of excitement like he’s getting off on the power. I think we went from one extreme left to way too far right. Neither are good. Where’s the normal common sense line between left & right?

          • patriot156

            Finally someone who gets it thanks. and thanks for the not using the F word too thanks.

            Yes I voted Trump because I think i twas important to keep Hillary out of there. But this way far right stuff isn’t what I voted for, and its maddening that vote one you give up something to gain something. OR vote the other and the same.
            I hope if something doesn’t happen before then someone who represents the liberty movement better comes up. Jesse Ventura maybe? Rand again maybe dunno?
            But changing the face of tyranny didn’t help.

          • Guest557755

            Jesse Ventura

      • junktex

        And he hasn’t even done anything yet.Amazing man.lol.

      • Mark Skinner

        Lying by omission is still lying.

        • Rachel

          By your self-serving definition, it’s not in the dictionary. You haven’t said lots of things. Does that mean you’re lying?

  • patriot156

    Daniel 11 vs 21 fits read it. That’s my way of warning people.

  • patriot156

    If Flynn had to resign for being misleading but Sessions doesn’t have to then somethings wrong!
    Get him to resign!

  • terry mcclinton


  • Ezra Poohonus

    if you are a Christian and a believer in God, then you know how important it is to protect Isreal. If you are an atheist, then you will be against this because it’s what Trump proposes. Just like all the Un-Americans in the USA, you will continue to oppose the POTUS. Not realizing that you are only hurting yourself. These people in the Middle East think the USA is a joke, because of your activities. They will use YOU in their efforts to achieve their agenda.

  • Stuart Bass

    Hey Pauly boy……. the money is already there…… we’re collecting it finally from NATO, UN…. and we”re not giving 6 trillion to the Middle East…….. go back to eating your “TRIX”……….

    • Madamegar

      More Fiat Money!

  • anglicus

    Your Statue of Liberty has been renamed the Statue of Hilarity.

  • Madamegar

    <3 I miss Ron Paul <3

  • Madamegar

    As We The People that are Awake to what the NWO is all about,we know that both parties sleep in the same bed aka The Left Wing and The Right Wing come from the same bird,The Dodo Bird! Our Presidents are not Elected,but Selected!! Obama was set in place to stir up Racism/Religion. Trump was set in place to “Pacify” !!! When are the American People gonna Wake Up,To The Agenda of The NWO !!! Need I say more?

  • Madamegar

    It is always gonna be… The Sheep vs. The Deplorables = “Stupidity”

  • Its great that Dr. Paul never bought into Trump’s bullshit unlike other former liberty leaders (or as Angela Keaton and Ben Stone used to call them celebertarians) who continue to drink the kool-aid.

  • junktex

    Ron Paul right again.