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BREAKING: RT’s Bank Accounts Frozen, Assange’s Internet Cut In Apparent Move to Silence West’s Critics

In a major development being described as a brutal blow to free speech, RT — the Russian outlet formerly known as Russia Today — has now found its bank accounts allegedly blocked by the U.K.

“Our accounts in Britain have been blocked,” tweeted RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan Monday morning. “All of them. ‘Decision not to be discussed’. Hail to freedom of speech!”

According to RT, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said London abandoned any obligations to free speech when it moved to exit the European Union, as clearly evidenced in the inexplicable move by The National Westminster Bank.

In a statement from its press office on Twitter, RT announced:

“RT has received a letter from Natwest, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, which has a significant shareholding by the UK government, informing it that its UK banking facilities with the bank will be withdrawn without explanation or redress.

“The decision is incomprehensible, and without warning. It is however, not at odds with the countless measures that have been undertaken in the UK and Europe over the last few years to ostracize, shout down, or downright impede the work of RT.

“RT UK will continue its operations uninterrupted.”

In the letter announcing its decision after reviewing the media outlet’s “banking arrangements,” NatWest indeed provides no explanation for the cancellation of its client relationship with RT, except to say:

“We assure you that we have only reached this decision after careful consideration, however our decision is final and we are not prepared to enter into any discussion in relation to it.”

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Given the secretive nature of the sudden termination, speculation naturally must include RT’s function as a state-run media agency — and the worsening situations between the West and Russia in Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere — particularly, as RT notes, the U.K.’s ‘significant shareholding in NatWest.

Perhaps the baffling move would not be as suspect were it not for another apparent act of extreme censorship which began to unfold yesterday evening.

On Sunday night, Wikileaks announced via Twitter that Julian Assange’s Internet connection had been purposely cut in his sanctuary-turned-prison home inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London:

“Julian Assange’s internet link has been intentionally severed by a state party. We have activated the appropriate contingency plans.”

Prior to this accusation, Wikileaks had tweeted a string of three tweets appearing to reference its ongoing October Surprise document leaks — including cryptic codes naming U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Ecuador, and the U.K.’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office — in turn setting off alarm bells by those concerned the tweets indicated Assange’s ‘dead man’s switch’ had been triggered.

Although neither the cutting of Assange’s Internet access nor that a state agent was responsible have been proven, if factual, speaks to the power wielded in the government transparency Wikileaks continues to provide when, for instance, President Obama’s administration has failed.

Wikileaks assumedly already has possession of whatever documents Assange might have obtained and plans to release in the future, but the attempt to silence the controversial and vociferously debated public figure are at least concerning — and at worst disturbingly indicative of the trouble an unknown will go to silence free speech and press.

Attempting to gag RT — no matter its Russian state association — also presents a troubling aspect about increasingly limited and denigrated press freedom.

“We have no idea why it happened,” RT’s Simonyan told RBT, “because neither yesterday nor the day before yesterday, nor a month ago, nothing special happened to us, nobody threatened us in any way. Hypothetically, this may have something to do with new British and American sanctions against Russia, which may be announced soon. It may not. Our legal department is dealing with the issue now.”

Publisher Marcus Papadopoulos echoed that surprise, as well as concern for what amounts to abrupt censure.

“I sincerely hope that there’s no political motive for this, because we know that the British government isn’t happy with RT in Britain,” Papadopoulos asserted to RT.

“RT has a lot of viewers in Britain. Many British people now tune in to RT to receive information on major topics around the world, including in Britain. And many British people believe that the alternative accounts that RT puts forward and covers are more truthful than what they’re hearing from, for example, Sky News.

“If no bank in Britain would allow RT to be a customer, then that could spell the end of RT broadcasting in Britain, which would be a catastrophic event for freedom of speech in Britain.”

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Russia, currently home to asylum-seeker and controversial whistleblower Edward Snowden, might indeed face additional sanctions by the United States and U.K. if American politicians infuriated over a false narrative of Russian aggression in Syria and elsewhere have their way.

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May responded to outrage over the sudden proxy censure of RT, stating, It’s a matter for the bank and it’s for them to decide who they offer services to based on their own risk appetite.

However, as Zero Hedge pointed out, with both RBS and thus NatWest essentially acting as ‘wards of the state,’ such a politically-significant mover surely had prior clearance from the government.

As the already-chilled diplomacy between the West and Russia continues to deteriorate, an announcement from White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Obama is considering a response proportional to alleged Russian state hacking into the Democratic National Committee servers — despite the lack of unassailable evidence backing that claim.

On Friday, unnamed and unverified CIA officials told NBC News the “Obama administration is contemplating an unprecedented cyber covert action against Russia in retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election.”

Whether or not any state agent — of the U.S., the U.K., or Russia — is responsible for any of these events might never be known. But the circumstances and timing are worthy of consideration.

  • Reid Iford

    Do you realize what this means? The primary news sources revealing the rigged electoral system are being shut down.

    How long before Russia forms “Radio Free America” as a tool to give US citizens the information their government is censoring?

    FYI – If you do not get the reference, Google: Radio Free Europe

    • cheryl-johnson-92

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    • TangledWeb

      We did kinda sleepily drift beyond Orwells I984 scenario a long time ago didnt we.

      When will the storm troopers grab assange i wonder … war is peace … privacy is subversive … propaganda is truth… nuclear mushroom clouds will save our democracy from the evil empire … Psychopaths in power are our saviors … truth telling is a crime … what anti-freedom anti-truth anti-life insanity will pop up next?! How facetious am i being

      Goebbles would have just creamed his pants over where we are heading …

      • obadiahorthodox

        fuck assange, i hope they execute the filthy bastard

        • Keysbum

          dunno if the CIA will kill one its own….

          • TangledWeb

            Please explain …

        • TangledWeb

          Oh yes, let us shoot the messanger blah blah yadda yadda

    • Razedbywolvs

      RT is not a Primary news source and not the most credible source of information for Americans, But in the UK were television and Internet are directly run by the state, this is a big problem. Americans don’t have Internet filters, the same tricks wont work on us as easily as they have the rest of the world.
      BTY quit using Google, their censoring your search results.

      • junktex

        West is controlled by the Rothschild banksters

  • Ed Wade

    Those in control of the US government are not Americans. They are globalists with no respect for the sovereignty or people of the United States. Their immediate goal is war, thus, suspending the American elections and giving Obama his 3rd term. This is precisely why they put two horrible candidates up for election. The New World Order agenda is fully implemented. It’s about to get real messy, folks.

    • billdeserthills

      That would also explain why obama wasn’t backing hillary’s run for president until lately–If he has no intention of leaving office

  • Ed Wade

    I wanted to share this site with others but it’s littered with pornographic advertising. Why must you promote such trash?! It diminishes your credibility.

    • Patrick Borush

      its called adblock =P

      • Ed Wade

        Thanks, I have adblock. I’m talking about all the ads images surrounding this site, “Totally awkward pics,” “Perfectly Timed Dirty Moments,” etc. There’s tits and ass everywhere. Personally I just choose not to click on them, but there are friends and family that would be very offended.

        • Patrick Borush

          I dont see any of that stuff… i have adblock adblockplus and ublock origin running on chrome, they all even block annoying facebook ads

    • Blacktothefuture

      If you are looking for credibility you wont find any on this website.

      • DemandSider2

        Golly, we’d better just read the “liberal” CNBC, then, where my speech is censored on Disqus.

    • gininitaly

      try… adblockplus.com

    • Slant420

      ads are smart now…educate yourself….it will show ads of things you most frequent on the internet. So you are the one telling on yourself…lol

      • Ed Wade

        Educate yourself dickhead. You don’t know what I know, I’m not telling anything. I’m talking about the common “softcore” crap so many sites put up these days. By the way, go fuck yourself.

        • Slant420

          lol….ya mad bro?…haha…you get outed for porn watching and you get mad?…priceless 😀 …this some funny shit you tool

          • Ed Wade

            i’m not talking about real porn dickhead. I’m talking about exploitation stuff. The sick shit that sells shit to preteens like your girlfriend.

          • Slant420

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          • Ed Wade

            I Love pizza. You must love preteen scat.

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    The US Constitution Has Been Murdered


  • katherine cassell harvey

    And obama wants to control.the internet. He is dispicable. He wsnts only what he wants to reveal news wise out there.

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      He is a despicable sock puppet over a vampire hand.

  • M Green

    There is a coordinated attack against Wikileaks with Ecuador’s complicity after release of text of HRC’s Goldman Sachs speeches. They would like to drive Assange to despair and suicide from fear that his asylum will be revoked and he will be tortured by his American captors; hopefully he will not oblige. RT, the “terror” network that dares to tell the truth, is told it cannot do business in the UK any more. The truth is forbidden to the public.

    The one small note of better news is that Peter Lavelle is mistaken that its funds have been frozen. As Lavelle’s popularity grows he has become increasingly more dramatic and less accurate. RT bank accounts have not been frozen, nor had RT claimed that they have been frozen. In the companion Duran piece by Alex Christoforou, we learn from an October 12, 2016 letter that the banking arrangements are being cancelled for all branches of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group and that RT has until a date in November and another in December to make other arrangements. This is bad enough as it is without the hysterical lie that its funds have been frozen.

  • gininitaly

    The UK elitist imperialists passed the Empire baton to the US after WWII, but they’ve been conjoined at the hip ever since… so I’m sure this was a mutual decision to keep any alternative viewpoints from infiltrating the ‘fear, hate and war propaganda’ meme perpetrated by corporate brainwashing media.

    Russia has dared to want to maintain it’s sovereignty in a world being attacked by the new world order of fascist psychopaths, democracy and nation states are being murdered at an alarming rate, we are all being owned, indebted and operated by madmen.

  • willynilly

    CIA officials told NBC News the “Obama
    administration is contemplating an unprecedented cyber covert action
    against Russia in retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the
    American presidential election.” shh don’t tell anyone….and who is messing with the elections?? russia? seems like it’s the UK and obama….lies are coming home to roost. .How long do they think they can continue to mess with the human race….shit is going to hit the fan soon.

  • Tom Moody

    Any criminal tries to destroy the evidence

    • gestutes

      A criminal will destroy the evidence IF they can get it or get to it. In the case of Assange, that might be a long reach, especially if he has supporters out in the world ready to complete his ‘work’ should anything happen to him. Hillary, Obama and friends will have to go slowly on this one and there’s no guarantee they would ever know (til it’s too late) if Assange has accomplises.

      • TangledWeb

        He has

  • PattyFromTexas

    Assange is in a very vulnerable position. The US govt probably already has a plan to silence him. Clinton has already threatened to drone bomb him. It’s not like they don’t know where to find him (or his significant others)

  • Nishi

    I have a problem with other nations hacking our servers and sending the dump, including classified information, to Assange where he then releases tranches to influence our elections.