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Horrifying Video Shows Cop Torturing Restrained Woman With Mace Until She Falls Unconscious

Dayton, OH — “I thought I might die,” said Amber Swink of her harrowing experience being pepper-sprayed while in a seven-point restraint chair in the Montgomery County Jail in Dayton, Ohio, on November 15, 2015.

Video footage of the torturous incident shows Swink so tightly restrained in the chair, she is hardly able to move her head; but that didn’t stop Sgt. Judith L. Sealey from entering the isolation cell and unleashing pepper-spray in the 25-year-old’s face — at near point-blank range — for seemingly no reason but sadistic pleasure.

Swink acknowledged to the Washington Post she had, indeed, been drinking heavily at home that evening when police arrested her, and was still somewhat intoxicated when cameras recorded what happened. But she doesn’t understand what brought on the senseless attack.

“It felt like somebody just crushed up fresh peppers and made me use them as face cream,” Swink told the Post. “It took my breath away. You’re fighting for air. I remember my mouth was filling with a thick slobber, like foaming up — and that was also blocking my airway.”

As the Post described, “In the four-minute clip captured by a camera in the isolation cell, Swink can be seen struggling and coughing; she appears to pass out after her face is covered with a bright orange substance.”

Officers had already coated her face with the thick, orange substance once — and despite being a bit drunk, Swink recalls the jailers laughing outside the sterile isolation cell immediately before Sgt. Sealey’s inexplicable act.

In fact, it takes quite some time for officers to even attend to Swink — and when someone finally enters the cell to douse her eyes with a cruelly sparing amount of water, the air is so thick with pepper spray, he’s forced to vacate the room more than once.

Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer agreed in September that — even though he had yet to view the surveillance footage — pepper-spraying a restrained individual violated departmental policy.

But Plummer characterized Swink’s experience as an “isolated incident.”

“Thirty percent of my jail is people suffering from mental illnesses,” the sheriff told the Post by phone, unintentionally highlighting one of the most critical issues surrounding America’s prison- and police-industrial complex. “There are a lot of situations that the police officers should not be dealing with, but everybody wants to blame the police.”

Police — including officers working in jails and prisons — in the overwhelming majority of departments across the United States do not receive proper or sufficient training to manage encounters with people suffering a wide variety of mental illnesses; and the resulting lack of understanding means those individuals are often subjected to excessive force.

Swink has filed an excessive force lawsuit in U.S. District Court accusing the sheriff’s department of acting in a manner “that amounted to torture,” and alleging law enforcement attempted to hide wrongdoing by destroying evidence.

“We will definitely oppose the lawsuit,” Plummer asserted unsurprisingly. This isn’t that egregious where she’s walked away with any serious injuries. The officer she spit on should sue her.”

Describing being subjected to torture as ‘not that egregious’ simply because the victim did not sustain permanent injury shows a chilling level of callous cruelty and lack of comprehension Sealey’s actions constituted misconduct.

As the Post pointed out, a National Institute of Justice memo says pepper spray has been used by law enforcement in the U.S. since the 1980s “as a use of force option to subdue and control dangerous, combative, or violent subjects in the field. OC [oleoresin capsicum], with its ability to temporarily incapacitate subjects, has been credited with decreasing injuries among officers and arrestees by reducing the need for more severe force options.”

Swink — with arms, legs, and body restrictively strapped to a restraint chair — obviously posed no threat to jailhouse officers, however, and video proves the motivation to spray her must have been akin to unadulterated sadism.

“You cannot find any training manual that will tell you it is allowable to pepper-spray somebody who is restrained,” Kamran Loghman, a U.S. Naval Academy professor who helped develop pepper spray for law enforcement use, told the Post. “It is used to avoid confrontation or injury, so you don’t escalate to higher levels of confrontation. Pepper spray, therefore, should not be used if the subject is expressing verbal disagreement or anger.”

Ironically, if police deployed pepper spray more often in confrontations with the public — rather than immediately pulling the trigger of a gun — needless deaths could be reduced dramatically.

However, in the incident involving Swink, video proves an absolute lack of cause to deploy pepper spray, despite — as Plummer, Swink, and her attorney agree — her belligerent behavior prior to landing in the restraint chair.

Swink had yelled, banged on a window, kicked at an officer, and generally caused a disturbance after being brought to the Montgomery County Jail — for which officers justifiably used pepper spray the first time, and then strapped her to the restraint chair in the isolation cell.

“Shortly thereafter,” the lawsuit states, “Defendant Sealey went into Plaintiff Amber Swink’s cell with another can of OC spray and intentionally and maliciously sprayed Plaintiff Amber Swink’s face and body with the OC spray until she became unconscious and suffered permanent, serious, and debilitating injuries.”

Plummer told the Post Sealey had been disciplined for the misconduct — meaning she had received a write-up that would remain in her file for six months. Nothing more.

“We don’t tolerate once you’re secured using pepper-spray on you because the threat is neutralized,” the sheriff explained. “That’s the mistake that Sgt. Sealey made.”

Sealey has, in fact, since been promoted to Captain.

Attorney Douglas Brannon, representing Swink, asserted Sealey should have been criminally charged and immediately fired.

“I can’t fathom that the sheriff would even consider keeping this employee in light of the fact that her conduct was intentional, deliberate and abusive and directed towards an individual that was completely unable to protect herself,” he told the Post.

Now, Dayton Police are investigating to decide whether or not criminal charges should be filed against Sealey, who was placed on paid administrative leave last week for the duration of that investigation. On Wednesday, Plummer said,[Sealey] is not exempt from criminal prosecution, she is not exempt from termination. She is going to be treated like everybody else.

Swink, who suffered with asthma as a child, said the unnecessary use of pepper spray has brought back some of those breathing difficulties.

“My whole life, I looked up to law enforcement,” Swink told the Post. “They would come into our schools and talked to us and they were supposed to be some of the best people you could trust and call on.

“But now I wonder if there’s really anybody watching out for me and my family.”

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  • Blaine

    —–“Thirty percent of my jail is people suffering

    from mental illnesses,” the sheriff told the Post —–

    Is he talking about inmates or the jailers?

    • llienomot

      Only thirty percent so he’s must be talking about the inmates.

    • dmprisk

      Excellent post. You nailed it.

    • Wagner Alex

      Epic!!! and yes, probably jailers and much more than 30%

      • gertrude.lewis

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    • Edward The Great

      As to the jailers, it’s quite obvious that those who remain cops even when they see how evil cops are or are evil cops themselves have a 100% rate of mental illness.

  • Erica Sahara

    —–“Thirty percent of my jail is people suffering from mental illnesses,” the sheriff told the Post —– Is this his justification for using pepper spray on a restrained person??

    • Hugh Culliton

      No, that’s his weasel-logic for escaping responsibility. “Look at the my horrible situation – I’m not responsible for training officers in psychology, so the situation is at fault – not me.” As evidenced by the amount of similar behavior he’s tolerated under his command, he’s very much responsible and should be held to account just as much as his barbaric employee in the film.

    • A good leader neither blames, nor accepts or avoids responsibility… they simply acknowledge wrongful behavior, and pursue corrective action.

      Mind you, I said corrective action, not punitive action. Sometimes that corrective action means the removal of a person from employ, sometimes a person can actually learn from their error and be better for it. Sometimes everyone around them can become better for it too.

      If I were the sheriff, I’d acknowledge that what she did was wrong, and I’d take action to make sure all current and future employees in her position knew what the correct response would have been, so that it would be easier to determine the appropriate corrective action moving forward… I’d also cooperate with any legal proceedings, fully, and put her on a desk until they such matters had been dealt with.

      It actually makes entirely more sense, to dedicate our resources, as a society, to instituting the educational and testing programs needed to ensure this kind of behavior is weeded out of the industry, rather than doling out massive amounts of money for lawsuits brought by people who suffer through such incidents.

      What that woman endured is near unfathomably horrible. But these things do happen, and they will always happen. Best we use such events as tools to better our society, not profit ourselves.

      • bletchley

        She should have been fired. Instead she has been promoted. So what do you propose now?

        • Unless there’s ACCOUNTABILITY for police/jail& prison guards–which includes our ELECTED OFFICIALS doing their job & DEMANDING IT…I suspect there will be MORE killings of random police officers. Sad to say that the SPECIFIC abusive ones aren’t necessarily the ones targeted. Another solution would be for the so-called “good cops” & “guards” to HOLD THE BAD ONES ACCOUNTABLE: turn them in, SHAME & SHUN them etc. But, We The People are FED UP with this LEGAL VIOLENCE against us.


    Being a schizophrenic there is very little the police have not done to me over the years., including several attempts to outright kill me just for their sport. One method is often used by the police is sitting on the restrained prisoners chest until they die.They tried this on me in Laredo Texas.The above pepper spray is just one of the torture methods used by police nationwide. In Greenville S.C. they used what they call”the motorcycle’, Prisoners are stripped naked and placed in solitary confinement with shackles behind their back and forced to wear a motorcycle helmet with a loop attached to the top where the chains are placed through them. With their hands tightly restrained behind their back the victim can only writhe about on the freezing floor barely able to move. .In Daytona Beach for a very minor of traffic violation I was Taken into the police department where I was gagged,hog tied and left in restraints on the floor for the entire officers shift.. It took a angered judge to finely demand my release. All the while the police officer mocked and laughed at me while he made many derogatory statements to his fellow police officers who also made sport of me.. The Federal Marshals are also adept at torture. Here they place Duct tape over my mouth. Several have died this way from suffocation. I almost did.Almost all police like to place the handcuffs very tightly behind your back. Pressed so tightly that your hands soon turn black from lack of blood flow. They have done this to me many times. After You are finally released and after about an hour your arms and hands began to tingle as the circulation returns and after several more hours the color returns leaving no evidence of the torture.Almost always the prisoner has various false charges placed on them. This way they are sent off to prison,sometimes for years just to cover the police crimes. A check will show there are many serial killers wearing police uniform. The perfect crime.

    • Hugh Culliton

      I just watched an On Contact where Chris Hedges interviewed a former Florida prison psychiatrist, George Mallinckrodt, who has a book on this subject out called “Getting Away With Murder”. He was fired for speaking out about the ongoing and horrendous abuse of mentally ill prisoners. (Link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JOTuQ2dnuM)

      What happened to you is sickening, yet it seems to be standard operating procedure across America. Torture has been a tool of empire used by America around the world, so it’s not surprising that eventually it would be used on citizens. But it’s criminal, unconstitutional, and needs to stop. It takes a lot of courage to share such a story, but this is how we make change happen. Thank you for your bravery in coming forward.

      • John Cokos

        There was a movie called the “Parallax View” (parallax meaning you change perspective by moving your observation point) with Warren Beatty about a fictional Corporation, The Parallax Corp who would hire potential assin’s
        by psychological by testing to find the most aggressive and psychopathic
        Ring a bell ?

        • Potential assassins? via psychological evaluation?

          • John Cokos

            Hunt around for the movie, it’s a psychological thriller to watch. Google it. The mysterious Corp specialized in political Assassinations from what I got from the movie .
            It’s a disturbing movie to watch. Also in a book from.

          • John Cokos

            Ed, You need to expand your view on this. President Johnson hinted toward this right after the JFK Assassination.
            The Permindex Corp in Canada( model for Parallax ?) was named by Jim Garrison as an assassination cell, among other long standing groups in history.
            Your understanding of Police Unions needs to include the influence of the Masonic Order and other influences in the formation of Fraternal Order’s within the Police Departments.
            Ever heard of GILEE out of Gerogia ?

      • debycox

        “Eventually” used on citizens? Torture and violence has been used on many people, especially the poor and minorities, forever.

        • Hugh Culliton

          Absolutely true. I was confining my remarks to the incident at hand.

      • Mary Wink

        The video was taken down from youtube. I found it here…………………………https://www.rt.com/shows/on-contact/362201-us-mentally-ill-incarceration/

        • Hugh Culliton

          It’s worth a watch.

      • Edward The Great

        It makes me sick to my stomach when people try to justify or outright deny any of this goes one, even with all the overwhelming evidence. I think the apologists win when it comes to the most disgusting in my mind. Always blaming the victim of these sociopaths, and claiming the victim had it coming or that they were clearly a thug even with no previous criminal record. These asshole will use a traffic ticket from 15 years before as the “criminal history”.

        • Hugh Culliton

          It’s shameless and cruel. Expect this and more in the years ahead.

    • David Wilke

      https://twitter.com/DSWilke1 and see that HRC committed perjury on her financial statement for presidency. She is still a director for the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. She started her presidency with criminal acts of perjury on FS and on Tax Return 2014, signed 11/13/2015 declaring on the documents that she stopped being director on 4/12/2015 another perjury and tax fraud. EPub has all legally filed corporate documents showing proof. Find on twitter and at Lulu com of Thy Clintons’, Thy Grand Master’s.
      you need knowledge on Title 42 Section 1983 & 1984 civil redress for constitutional violations.

      • Reinhold Von Kirschmann

        Your comment has nothing to do with the criminal cop problem we have here

        • junktex

          Yeah but he’s right.

          • debycox

            Or, he’s not.

          • junktex

            Naw,he’s right.The Clintons represent the very worst of what’s wrong with DC.

      • THE ELECTION IS OVER Move along.Your guy Cheeto Mussolni won. STFU about Hillary alreaday (& NO I didn’t vote for EITHER OF THEM)

    • tamajam10

      It’s ‘standard operating procedure’……until it isn’t, or it always will be.

      • TOPDOG1


    • I honestly mean no offense, but since you’re a schizophrenic, how can we tell any of your stories are true?

      Note: This reinforces the point that disadvantaged people are easy prey for abusers.

      • TOPDOG1

        Obviously you know very little about schizophrenia. There is a large gap between honesty and naiveté .Psychology was my first major in collage.Or must I show you copy’s of my academic endeavors also? Just like most police and others, people are falsely under the opinion that Schizophrenics lack intelligence. Nor am I delusional.There are five different types of this disorder.Albeit my study’s are probably obsolete by now. It has been many years since my university study’s. None of my low function tormentors acknowledged my intelligence level. I honestly doubt you would fully understand me even if I were not schizophrenic. I communicate with many metaphors and analogy’s I have always followed logic. As ever and since ancient times skeptics were the only reply. Even now, when dealing with blind authority, I find it necessary to inform them of my high IQ, otherwise they immediately jump to false conclusions. This sounds much like the authoritarians, quick denial to cover any evidence of their wrongdoings.I am also a Toastmaster, must I give you a speech? Usually it is the guilty party’s who deny the facts. I am not the topic here.Unless you have a good reason to question my credibility S.T.F.U.

        • lifelonghalo

          Wow talk about offended. His question may have been ignorant but at least it wasn’t rude as fuck like you were. Maybe you just weren’t yourself when you posted this

          • TOPDOG1

            Nope,,,That was me alright. Too many times I have been the victim through others ignorance. I have very little tolerance for it or them. However I will closely evaluate your opinion or observation..

      • Jenni Lee

        You can’t be abused unless you are at a disadvantage.

        Hence why the numbers are higher for women then men in domestic violence. You’re average man is physically advantaged over your average woman.

        Being at a disadvantage, obviously you can’t stop what’s happening to you. Being at an advantage, you can.

        Also, abusers are very entitled. It’s almost like the position is creating the entitlement in these officers.

        • debycox

          Bullies always pick on people less powerful (physically and otherwise) than they are.

    • Jenni Lee

      I believe you. I have had my own experience–

      I was calmly arguing while detained and was not only pepper sprayed, but drug to a cell and surrounded by COs who told me to fold a sheet and if I touch any of them they were going to beat me down. I then fell to my knees crying and begging for them not to, because they left me no room to fold the sheet–it was impossible. They were planning to hurt me. I guess me being on camera didn’t look as good as whatever cover up story they would of came up with while I was folding a sheet. I was then thrown in section 7 (the place for the angry and intolerable people–people screamed all night).

      The cause? I told an asshole CO who took my pillow just because he was an ass, that I didn’t respect him. They all tackled me when he started yelling at me. I tried arguing what happened when I was peppered sprayed.

      I was in jail after my abuser lied and said I hit him too. He had bloody knuckles from punching the ceiling and said I did it. All charges were dropped. But the trauma, that will last forever.

      • Jenni Lee

        I was also mocked and laughed at when I said I was reporting them. Their entitlement is unreal.

      • zip alegria

        I’m so sorry that happened to you.

      • TOPDOG1

        These Authoritarians demand intimidate absolute and blind obedience. Thousands have been gunned down by police simply because they did, or could not not, react fast enough for these screaming aggressors pointing weapons at them. Many simply panicked and were unable to react fast enough. Fight or flight,(panic), is the first reaction of all living creatures, yet the police use this excuse to murder thousands. I moved to Mexico where the people have managed to eliminate over eight thousand State and Federal law enforcement officers and countless other government officials as well as a hilarious number of politicians. It is quite idyllic a near paradise for the vast majority of the people. Albeit a very violent culture. This serves well for stopping excessive micro-management by government.

      • Blake Boustead

        I’m so sorry this happened to you. You deserve respect and dignity, as a prisoner or otherwise.

    • Raquel Brinson

      That is so horrible. I am so sorry that happened to you and I hope that you will never have to endure such torture ever again. I hope the evil devils that did this, suffer…. Their torture should be much worse than anything they could imagine doing to you or any other prisoner

  • Ohio. Another red state with military style police, and they still believe that have it better than in Blue states…lol

    • bletchley

      It a problem that all states have to deal with because cops are allowed to break the law with immunity.

  • Abz B Zbas

    an “isolated incident” doesn’t make it any less of an offense. it still happened, so stop patting yourself on the back for a good job Sheriff.

    • Yeah; I killed a kid once, by holding them under water till they couldn’t breathe… but I only did it once, so I got a pass.

      • bletchley

        You have mastered the police attitude. It only happened once, the one thing we are talking about, so we should ignore it. And as a result, on average the police kill more than 3 people every day in the U.S. The Sheriff is despicable.

        • debycox

          I truly hate when I hear people say that it’s just a small minority of police who are bad, who abuse, harass, torture, kill, whatever. Actually, any “good” cop who doesn’t stop this behavior in their fellow officers is not good at all.

  • Rick Elizzo

    It is hunting season…….cops are overpopulating the atmosphere

    • bletchley

      There are too many of them. But the solution is to defund them, not hunt them.

  • LawrenceNeal

    Drunk is not a mental illness.

    • billdeserthills

      I beg to differ, anything that is taken too far is a mental illness. For example, let’s say someone likes to gamble–Of course gambling isn’t a ‘mental illness’ right upon it’s face, but what if this person can’t stop gambling, what if they lose everything they own, including their house? What if that house was jointly owned by someone else as well?? So hopefully you can see that anything taken too far can become a mental illness

    • If one is drunk, they have lost their good judgement. They can be held accountable for their choice to drink, but they may not have even been aware of the actions they took after they became drunk… it’s why they call it an impairment (defined as: having a disability of a specified kind).

      You’re splitting hairs when you argue the difference between a temporary, possibly self-imposed, mental disability and a ‘mental illness’ (synonym: disorder; defined as: a state of confusion).

      FYI, drunk itself is defined as: affected by alcohol to the extent of losing control of one’s faculties or behavior.

      So many words in this language can be used to mean so many different things. And while some are defined more specifically within certain fields, others can actually be used to mean one of two opposites. I assure you, I don’t think any less of you for your confusion.

  • Sandra Makey

    Barbarous Trement ; She is Strapped in the Chair ; yet she was Spayed at close range ;in the Face ; the smell was that bad they couldnt even stand it them selfs ;add to cover there face ;and still they left her sat there ; Nothing justifys this kind of trement ; That a Torture Chamber –

  • David Wilke

    https://twitter.com/DSWilke1 and see that HRC committed perjury on her financial statement for presidency. She is still a director for the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. She started her presidency with criminal acts of perjury on FS and on Tax Return 2014, signed 11/13/2015 declaring on the documents that she stopped being director on 4/12/2015 another perjury and tax fraud. EPub has all legally filed corporate documents showing proof. Find on twitter and at Lulu com of Thy Clintons’, Thy Grand Master’s.

  • Reinhold Von Kirschmann

    Scumbag corrupt rogue cops. Blue criminal gang members. Domestic terrorists

  • dmprisk

    She actually looked dead. She is lucky she didn’t die. And it is because the woman jailer is black that they didn’t do anything to her? This woman jailer needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Lose her job and pension.

    • MOST brutal cops are WHITE MEN & they are RARELY held to any kind of accountability.Ususally are put on “admistrative leave” (time OFF WITH PAY). In other jobs, we call this VACATION & it’s considered a REWARD–NOT a Punishment. So your sexist & racist comment is IRRELEVANT

  • 2broke4 her

    reading the the lawsuit. it was stated the Sheriffs Department tried to cover this up, no use of force report made and supposedly the original tape disappeared.. but the cover up didnt work so good,

    • John Cokos

      Just my point…..


    Until you citizens that are so outraged by the jailers actions or the lying coward sheriff cover up stand up and stop voting these type of people into public office like this sheriff and stop letting the few cops that are brought to justice off for their outrageous acts when you serve on a jury nothing is going to change. The only thing is you just might be the next victim of some Rouge cop who beats, pepper sprays, taser or worse of all takes your life so there’s no one left to testify against them.
    And for those of you who want to defend cops and say it’s only a few bad ones who in the jail that saw this woman being tortured came forward to stop the torture or report it. And what happen when the sheriff found out, he promotes the person who commits the felonies act of torture to captain. Name ONE just one single cop that has stood up and exposed one single act against a citizen, prisoner, child or animal.
    What happen to the cop who left her 4 year old who died from heat exhaustion in the back of the cop car. Oh she’s on paid vacation while the investigation goes on. If you did the same you would be in jail so fast you wouldn’t believe it. Double standard for them vs us and will be until enough people demand change.

    • And why do cops have unions anyway? Aren’t they voluntary public servants?

      If we, their employers and customers, aren’t taking care of them, they should just quit. We’d be bound to change our practices eventually in order to retain desirable servants. They shouldn’t be demanding anything as a group… they should be REQUIRED to act as individuals; as far as matters of their employment are concerned.

      Once they team up like that, they can start making demands for special privileges.

      “If you don’t pay us more, pay us even when we’re suspended for not doing our job, or grant us immunity for our on-duty crimes, then we’ll strike!… then who will protect you?” Um, the ethically upstanding citizens we hire to replace you, probably.

      I mean, aren’t protection rackets illegal because they are unethical, not just because cops want job security.

  • Giovanni Pincoletti

    Is there anyone who viewed this video that does not think that what they have seen is outright TORTURE? We have become so callous in our beliefs that this poor woman was categorized as being “pepper sprayed.” This is a lot more than that — this is TORTURE which is becoming so prevalent that it is being tolerated by the morons in AmeriKKKan society. Unfortunately, those morons are the majority.

    Say hello to Police State AmeriKKKa!

  • tamajam10

    “Thirty percent of my jail is people suffering from mental illnesses,” the sheriff told the Post by phone, unintentionally highlighting one of the most critical issues surrounding America’s prison- and police-industrial complex. “There are a lot of situations that the police officers should not be dealing with, but everybody wants to blame the police.”

    Okay, RED FLAG!. Why are police still arresting non-felon ‘offenders’? The ONLY reason is to fund the ‘criminal justice system’. Color me fed up.

    • Absolutely correct. Booking and releasing those suspected of a crime is certainly appropriate; it allows for identities to be verified, and for more skilled individuals to evaluate the danger the suspect poses to society. But if they aren’t deemed to pose a direct threat to society/others, within reason, then there is no acceptable reason for them to continue to be detained.

      Being suspected of committing violent felonies, would most often be a reasonable place to draw that line. At no point of time should bail ever be required.

      Exceptions may be made for temporarily holding intoxicated people, who are not charged with felonies, as they could pose a temporarily danger. Addicts and mentally ill people should not be in regular jails or prisons, in general, but could be held in jails temporarily while awaiting transfer, so long as there were special agents present to ensure they receive proper treatment throughout their stay.

      Imprisoning people for non-violent crimes, like hacking or theft, does not work to resolve the problem that allowed or encouraged those acts to be taken.

      Imprisoning people in order to ensure they don’t flee our so called ‘justice’ system, does not resolve the problem that encourages those suspected of–or guilty of–committing crimes from running away.

      We need to spend more time and money on, and put more focus on, actually working to solve problems, not just addressing the symptoms of our problems; or punish people or society for having problems.

    • TOPDOG1

      Most police use the quota system.(they are ordered to arrest a specified number) It is especially prevalent during election time or when they need to bolster the prisoner numbers for additional and inflated funding. These are usually called, “round up’s”. It is mostly the homeless and schizophrenics who suffer these illegal arrests.Also; one third of all police murders are schizophrenics, a far higher percentage than blacks..

  • 1312

  • John Cokos

    One point that is still a little confusing is that the “documents” that the lawsuit requested and “could not be located” in the law suit, were in fact located. How do you do that magic trick?

    Those fellows in the Montgomery County Jail in Dayton, Ohio are either very good at what they do, or are very stupid at what they do and could not fool the Law Firm in their request for discovery.

    Can anyone help me out on this one, never was that good with magic…..

    • bletchley

      They lied.

  • liberalinlove

    Mental illness should never, ever be treated like this. EVER! Enough huge lawsuits and law enforcement may get the message that city and county governments are not interested in paying out.

    • bletchley

      They keep paying out rather than stop the cops’ criminal conduct.

  • Jamie Hall

    Throw that pig bitch in a vat of “OC” and let her sorry ass drown in it.

  • Free_Willey

    This is torture. Unbelievable!

  • Matt Tillman

    “Thirty percent of my jail is people suffering from mental illnesses,” the sheriff told the Post by phone, unintentionally highlighting one of the most critical issues surrounding America’s prison- and police-industrial complex. “There are a lot of situations that the police officers should not be dealing with, but everybody wants to blame the police.”

    Think maybe that’s because the people are having a hard time dealing with being tortured? Maybe?

    Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/sadistic-cop-tortures-restrained-woman-spray/#0AIXJIjBr4E1kPfD.99

    • Can’t cops just say no? Can’t they just go, “This guys is mentally ill, this isn’t my job. Next call please.”

      I mean, they can wait for backup before running into a bank that’s being robbed, why can’t they just say no to handling mentally ill people.

      If they have any rights to shoot people when they feel threatened, then they should logically have the right to walk away instead of engaging with those situations in the first place.

      Call SWAT, hang back. Call a psych ward, hang back. Job done, I say.

  • Jonathan Wint

    “isolated incident.”… How common that statement become.

  • “But now I wonder if there’s really anybody watching out for me and my family.”

    Not really; not unless they can get paid for it, and avoid any personal discomfort while doing their job…

    welcome to the McDonalds of public service.

    Note: McDs probably provides better service–statistically–than police departments nationwide, but McDs is known for hiring young, inexperienced, and immature people who have few other options than to work there, and that has it’s consequences. Luckily McDs doesn’t give their new-hires guns–or other weapons–to use on the customers when there’s a conflict. US Police departments could probably learns something from this example.

  • ted

    Somebody needs to fry these pig’s bacon and then we can watch them all cry and wail about what a good little piggy they were. Eff’m!

  • Logan Rollo

    I wonder if the writer of this article has ever been dosed with pepper spray? I’ve seen people take it point blank and still put up a hell of a fight. It isn’t as bad as most might think. Tear gas is much worse.

  • Jenni Lee

    While detained I was also abused. They’re sick individuals in power. Entitled little fucks.

  • bletchley

    “Sealey should have been criminally charged and immediately fired.”

    Exactly. And because this did not happen, oversight should also be fired. There needs to be consequences for police misconduct, not immunity.

  • > “My whole life, I looked up to law enforcement”

    Well, that was pretty dumb. Hope she realizes that now.

    > “But now I wonder if there’s really anybody watching out for me and my family.”

    Nobody that you didn’t personally hire. Like a private bodyguard or a private neighborhood watch/security company. Certainly not the police: according to US Supreme Court, the job of the police is not to protect the public but enforce the “law”.

  • enoughisafeast

    The US is becoming an unfit country to live in.

  • Allistair Lafferty

    This is why the police are in the crosshairs of every tom dick and harry out there….one out of ten can be trusted….instant assholes…just add a badge. I can’t believe what the police are trying to do out in public…trying to up each other by one to say you got away with killing an unarmed perp. They all need to be taken out and put through a truth device and if found to have a even the slightest tendancey to try to be dishonest…..fire there ass….they should even be in uniform….I bet you 9 out of ten cops will get fired….we just hire new one…..lots of people looking for work.

  • tracy Smith

    In Amerikkka there’s nobody to protect the citizens we have to protect ourselves because those race soldiers called the police sure aren’t going too.

  • Capt Turk

    I can only chalk it up to just plain ignorance that most people don’t recognize that torturing prisoners is an everyday occurrence. It can only be, because at least most of the time, police try to destroy any evidence of the abuse before it can be seen. I really don’t understand why they go to so much trouble to delete the evidence since nothing ever happens to them other than a paid vacation.

  • aHorseCalledMan

    Death to fascism!

  • Butch Taylor

    Dayton, Ohio’s Montgomery County Jail “pet nigger”, Sergeant Judith L. Sealey demonstrated on 11/15/2015 how a feeble minded black coon’s character can become contaminated with evil while interacting with and vying for approval from her white racist slave driver superiors. Temporarily she has been promoted to honorary captain until the outcome of a criminal investigation of her insane actions of that night against
    Amber Swink. Very little if any justice at all remains in the American system. The only justice one can expect is that which you extract for yourself. Just make sure not to get caught.

  • This is undeniable TORTURE. As article states, if cops would use pepper spray more often “in the field”–INSTEAD of shooting people, things would be safer for BOTH cops & the public. FIRE THIS COP NOW. And they wonder WHY more police have been shot this year! Here’s your answer on this and so many other videos. The ONLY solution is for ELECTED officials to HOLD BRUTAL COPS ACCOUNTABLE. (We should start firing mayors & city council people with out votes, for continuing to COVER UP AND PROTECT brutal cops.

  • Terry Pie

    Publish where the abusers live. Real simple.

  • brian nunziato


  • Shaun Moth

    Describing this torture as “not that egregious”………….Seriously?
    What would be considered “egregious”………..pulling out fingernails?